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Marcos Farabellus

Riven 'Jolly' Roger's page

110 posts. Alias of Stiehl9s.

Full Name

Riven "Jolly" Roger




Rogue (Pirate) 1







Special Abilities

Sneak Attack


Common, Polyglot

Strength 14
Dexterity 18
Constitution 10
Intelligence 13
Wisdom 10
Charisma 12

About Riven 'Jolly' Roger


Standing just at tad under 6 foot and built with a wiry, lean strength that could only come from hard days climbing rigging and hoisting sails; Riven was sundarked and bald as a babe. excepting of course, the brissly beard he kept. He wore loose, light clothes and often went shirtless when at sea. He had a ready smile and an infectuous laugh which he excersized often even at his own jokes.


AC 14, touch 14, flat-footed 10 (+4 Dex)
hp 8 (1d8)
Fort +0 - (Base 0, Ability 0, Misc 0)
Ref +6 - (Base 2, Ability 4, Misc 0)
Will +0 - (Base 0, Ability 0, Misc 0)


Base Atk +0; CMB +2; CMD 16
Spd 30 ft.
Melee Unarmed Strike +2 (1d3+2/20/x2)
Special Attacks - Sneak Attack +1d6
Initiative +4


Canter - If someone uses Bluff to give you a secret message, they get +5, if you attempt to intercept a secret message with Sense Motive, you get +5.
Stormrunner - gain a +2 trait bonus on Acrobatics checks to keep your footing on uneven ground or unsteady surfaces.
Eye for Plunder - +1 to Perception to find concealed/secret objects (including doors/traps).


Armor Profenciency Light
Rogue Weapon Proficiencies - Simple weapons plus hand crossbow, rapier, sap, shortbow, shortsword.
Sap Adept - whenever using a bludgeoning weapon to deal nonlethal sneak attack damage, gain a bonus to damage equal to twice the number of snaek attack dice rolled.
Sea Legs - + 2 to Acrobatics, Climb and Swim checks.
Sneak Attack - +1d6 damage if you flank your target or your target is flat-footed.
Sure Grasp - Roll twice when climbing or rolling Relfex saves to avoid falling and take the higher roll.


Skill - Total - (Ranks/Ability/Trained/Misc)

Acrobatics +10 - (1/4/3/2)
Appraise +6 - (1/1/3/1) (+2 see Stormrunner)
Bluff +1 - (0/1/0/0)
Climb +8 - (1/2/3/2)
Disable Device +6 - (1/4/3/-2) (need tools)
Escape Artist +8 - (1/4/3/0)
Perception +4 - (1/0/3/0) (+1 see Eye for Plunder)
Profession/Sailor +4 - (1/0/3/0)
Sense Motive +4 - (1/0/3/0)
Sleight of Hand +8 - (1/4/3/0)
Stealth +8 - (1/4/3/0)
Swim +8 - (1/2/3/2)

Riven Roger's background:
He stood leaning against the rail up in the crow's nest scanning the horizon. The oppressive heat and stale, non-moving air caused the distance to be blurry and his imagination to run wild. With nothing but sun and waves to watch for the time it also had him reminiscing...

...he remembered well the look of relief on his mother's face as she clutched the handful of silver and the rough looking men lead him away. She didnt even look back as he protested with wails of how much he loved her. He had always know that being sired by a sailor and born to a whore; his future didnt look too bright. But Riven was an optimist with an ever present smile and held out hope that things would turn around for him. Although he had doubts when just a few weeks later he was chained to an oar bank on a large galley...

He snapped out of it as a huge whale broke the sea in an impressive display of strength and grace. With nothing else in view he slipped back into the past...

...the storm was the kind that seers spoke of weeks ahead of time and if they'd had a seer on board they mightve sought shelter in port or at least anchored up on the lee side of the island they'd passed three days afore. As it was they'd had no warning and the gales, waves and lightning had the Captain scared and making poor decisions. 'The Whip' lashed out at the oar bank slaves but no amount of rowing would save this ship and its crew. He could still feel the air burning in his lungs and the gurgle of the sea in his ears when they went under and he thought he was dead...sure as thar be salt in water and sun in yur eyes, it is... Waking up on a beach still chained to the others and with no Bosses in sight was a welcome thing indeed and Riven smiled all the wider...

...Two Knuckles was bellowing at the fellas below to get back to swabbing and Riven was thankfull he had pulled the long straw and gotten the Nest duty. Again...hohoho, they never be guessing that I be holding me own straw every time... Still it reminded him he had a job to do so he put the fancy looking glass to his eye and swept the horizon again. There it was! Off the port side, a dark spire almost hidden in mist and the illusions that heat caused. Land Ho! Land Ho! Port side half past da Greco! Land Ho!...his excitement grew as they had all heard the Capt'n tell the stories of treasure hidden somewhere on the Isle of Moreau. He started calling out the distance to Two Knuckles who kept the bellowing going with orders to trim sails and start counting the depth...

There were a few years that were a blur after being 'rescued' by a pirate capt'n named Long Toof...I still swear that it shouldve been Long Tooth but when the Capt'n is missing the two front ones beside it and says it like 'Toof' no one dares correct him, you heard?... Rescued that is if you consider being taken on board still in chains with the scurvy and dysentary prevalent. A week later Long Toof and most of the crew was dead and tossed over the side. Riven and the others were freed from the chains to help sail the ship back to port. Another week later and they were part of the new crew under Capt'n Drexin Bishby and life was good...

...10 fathoms! came the cry from the bow even as Riven yelled One league to dry land! and right behind him Two Knuckles was easily heard Landing crews to da wherrys and ready to strike dem you worthless dogs! Look sharp up dar Jolly!...

and that was three months ago this half moon coming. He'd never know what happened to those that went ashore or why half of the crew that didnt went mad and had to be put to the knife and fed to the fishes. Good thing they'd been able to pluck the bounty from that silk laden ship and sell off in Drenchport afore coming here to Port all I be needing is some dark rum and to pinch a plump wench whar she be da most plump, it is...

Lost equipment:

Leather Armor
- Silk rope 50'
- Sunrod x5
- Empty sack x2
- Thieve's tools
- Waterskin x2
- Whetstone
- Belt pouch 1
-- Fishing hook x5
-- String 50'
-- Sewing needle x2
-Belt pouch 2
-- 5 platinum
-- 19 gold
-- 7 silver
-- 4 copper

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