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Cover Image

Pathways of Ruin!

How can you say "No" to a FREE collection of Pathfinder templates, digital realms, interviews, encounters, and another new Comic by Jacob Blackmon. If you say no designer Steven D. Russell and artist Chris "Soundlust" Smith will send a Ruination Ogre Barbarian after you!

Rite Publishing brings you Pathways, a free 'zine packed with plenty of Open Gaming Content for you to take to the table. You'll find articles by Steven D. Russell (1001 Spells), Liz Winters (Lone Wolf Development), and Creighton Broadhurst (Raging Swan Press). You will also find reviews of the best 3PP material available, plus an interview with Joshua "KTFish7" Guillion of

Get your copy for FREE HERE!

Cover Image Preview

"Victory without courage is chance. Victory without risk is hollow. Victory without loss is impossible."[i/] —Kung Fu Tse

Get your copy at the Paizo Store

Far to the East, where the Silk Road leads you will find those who blend the arts of warrior and wizard serving strange local Factions. Such as the [i]Beautiful Silk Tigers a uniquely gifted guild of courtesans who cater to wealthy and powerful clientele in need of bodyguards, assassins, and seers; The Order of the Ashen Dragons whose research methods of containing and using corruption, curses and spellblights; And the Stone Monkey Path a collection of revolutionaries and masked vigilantes. These and many more bring added detail and a sense of immersion to those adventuring in the Lands of the Jade Oath or for use in any campaign set in the exotic Far East.

New magus favored class options for all the new races introduced in Heroes of the Jade Oath such as the Dahren giants, the Mandragoran plant folk, and the accursed Verrik, so you can make even more unique characters. It also introduces new Ofuda and Spells.

You will also find a host of new magus archetypes including:

    Curse Eater: so you can play a magus who has conquered a curse and made its power work for you.
    Lantern Warrior: who champion a personal cause, allowing you to take up the role of an errant champion
    Martial Alchemist: who blends alchemy and martial arts so you can play a truly unique mystical warrior.
    Mnemonic Warrior: which allows you to tap into the collective memory of the greatest magi in history, allowing you to play a truly exotic warrior poet.
    Threadcasters: patient spiders who blend in to their environment while appearing to be harmless courtesans or simple maidens awaiting the pleasure of their guests, allowing to truly be a Beautiful Silk Tiger.
    Warrior of Fortune: a truly unique archetype that blends the arts of the magus with the karma of the Far East so you can play a mercenary who drifts on the winds of fate.

Author: Frank Carr
Cover Artist: Yvan Quinet
Pages: 29

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On an impossible island far across the Slumbering Sea, there churns a shadowy marketplace known as the Tarnished Souk. The motley faces of this bazaar of the bizarre include merchants, mages, and walking nightmares, each providing their own unique goods and services, each selling dreams, buying miracles, and trading lives as readily as coin. After entering the Souk's weird and winding aisles, the question for a dreamer is not whether they have what you want, but rather: are you willing to pay their price?

Faces of the Tarnished Souk provides:

    A host of complex and unique NPCs that a GM can easily drop into nearly any campaign.
    Each NPC features ingenious stat-blocks crafted using a staggering array of classes, templates, magic items, feats, and traits, including dozens of wild new elements and combinations, that will surprise and challenge nearly any PC.
    Every entry includes game statistics for low, middle, and high challenge ratings, so that they are suitable for all levels of play.
    Each comes with easy-to-use tactics, personal histories, motivations, lore DCs, secrets, and insights into each NPC's most carefully guarded dreams.
    This product presents each NPC so that it can serve as either friend or foe, as well as providing a service or product so they always help to generate evocative encounters for anyone who steps up to see what they have to offer.

The Faces of the Tarnished Souk Kickstarter is seeking money to add an additional 57 pieces of art to this product (We already have 30+ pieces). The manuscript by Matt Banach and Justin Sluder is already complete, the editing is done, plus the initial layout is complete. All we have to do is insert the additional art and then go to press. We expect to release on or before Oct 2014. This will be a 271+ page, 8.5x11 B&W Hardcover.

You can find out more HERE

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That's Rite :)

Thanks for the mention!

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I want to thank Liz for making sure this went up on time and that we got to do a same day release for both the print and pdf.

The preview images are left to right.
cartography by Tommi Salama,
Auralcat by Jack Holliday,
Deathstalker by Gordon Napier,
and Grenneck Shieldfist by Ian Greenlee

The Adventure Quarterly Relaunch!

Cover Image Preview

Cartography Preview

Welcome to the latest issue of Adventure Quarterly, now with new hand drawn cartography by Tommi Salama and all original art to help create encounters and stories you want to be a part of. Where creative designers cut their teeth, or continue to sink seasoned canines, into the meat of what makes an enjoyable adventure.

Ruins Perilous, Level 3, The Sensodrome: Immerse yourself in the Sensodrome. At one time this magnificent subterranean concert hall that has been transformed in to puzzle traps for all your senses A location adventure for 3rd level PCs that tests the mettle of adventurers by Mike Welham.

Legacy of the Fishermage: A unique new quest adventure for 9th level characters from Michael Allen, The Salmon of Wisdom who ate the acorns that fell from the Tree of Knowledge has spawned again and the ogre, Grenneck Shieldfist, is close to finding it and succeeding where the Fishermage who long sought for it, failed.

Paradox: This gauntlet of combat and temporal conjecture, throws the PC into the midst of a disintegrating multiverse, can the PCs set things right or will all they have adventured for be for nothing? A great capstone adventure for long running campaigns and 18th level characters by Bret Boyd

FREE Pathways #36: Endzeitgeist's Best of 2013, come and read the list of the best 3rd Party Pathfinder Products according to the subject's most prolific reviewer. Trust me its your shopping list.

You can also check out all the new and free content HERE!

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Greetings this is our biggest sale of the year.

We are doing 30% off all our PDFS products at the paizo store

We are also doing 30% off select print products including

The Secrets of Adventuring (PFRPG)

The Demolished Ones (FATE)

Lords of Gossamer & Shadow (Diceless) .

The sale runs till March 10th!

Come and see the true power of Faith!

The Unarmored Cleric simple archetype lets you ditch the armor for the divine protection of your deity.

The Devoted Exemplar cleric archetype makes you rely on perfecting your ties to your deity using strict adherence to their deity’s teachings and physical training. By combining prayer with exertion, you bond with the very essence of your deity. Your strict discipline and complete devotion grant you a favored status amongst the divine.

The Missionary Priest cleric archetype you seek to spread your religion’s teachings to other people, using honeyed words, violence, force of personality, or deceit. You focus on select races to win them over to your beliefs, knowing that understanding is important to changing faith. You lead through example, integrating yourself into many aspects of the races you study.

The Sacredos cleric/inquisitor archetype you preform the sacred rites your church; learning the powerful ceremonies, rituals, and traditions of your religion. Your mastery of rites enables you to manipulate your deity’s energy when channeling in new and interesting ways.

All of this is backed up by a collection of 16 new feats that support these archetypes.

Author: Thomas LeBlanc, Cover Artist: Świtezianka, Pages 11.

You can get your copy HERE

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40 Things Rite Publishing is currently working on getting published, some of these are working titles (and one has no title).

22 of them are Pathfinder so feel free to check it out.


I wanted to thank Megan Robertson for taking the time to do a review of our product.

I also want to thank liz for getting this up.

Thanks to Liz for getting this up today!

You can get it right [HERE at the paizo store. (hey its been three years now!)

Why are you still here?

Thank you so much Paizo!

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Coming Next Thursday the 30th for free! An open playtest where you get to play a dragon; balanced for use along side any other race/class combination for use in any high fantasy campaign setting. Playtest to run till July 1st 2014.

Cover Image Link

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I am not here to promote anything, this is just a thread to support my friend and Colleague Louis Porter Jr. and pass along my useless condolences on the death of his wife.

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I forgot to link to our annual statement over HERE

The short of it is BEST YEAR EVER!

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No, I asked if you're Alliance.

Rite Publishing and Perram’s Spellbook bring you 134 Magus Spell Cards from the critically acclaimed and best-selling 1001 Spells. Now you don’t have to hunt through a book, search a website, or print a pdf page every time your magus wants to cast a new and evocative spell!

Fully compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, these are casino quality US Poker-Size 2.5” x 3.5” (round corners, double-sided, UV coated) with the same card stock used on some of the most popular trading card games (Arjo-Wiggins Playper 305gsm matte with blackcore layer).

Come on over, check out the free preview, and/or preorder your cards today, they go on retail sale January 16th 2014 HERE

[b]Come Explore the Mysteries of Heaven and Earth!

I was inspired to write this product by such products as Faiths and Avatars 2nd Edition by Bret Boyd, Book of the Righteous by Aaron Loeb (published by Green Ronin), and the Volo's guides by Ed Greenwood. So there is some really fun and strong religious flavor in this product.

There are a host of new game mechanics in here but some of my favorites are Divine Vessels (Summoner Archetype) gives you the chance to play He-man or Captain Marvel (Shazam!)

Windrider (Dragon Rider Archetype) I like rifing off of owen's work, and I love the image we have of a wretch (half-orc/half-hag) riding a lightning breathing manticore. r

Artisan of Hallowed Vessels (Rogue Archetype) become an artificer of divine magic items

Come on over, find out more, check out the full-sized free preview or get your copy here at thePaizo Store

A second sneak peak at my newest work for Questhaven and the Pathfinder Roleplalying Game. (Illustration by Ian Greenlee) as I touch the flavor of the 6 new archetypes and 1 cavalier order this product will introduce.

Check it out HERE

This is a sneak preview of "The Secrets of the Divine: Pantheon, Love, Sky & Wright" coming out this month from Rite Publishing, if you liked the idea of the artficer you should love the Artisan of Hallowed Vessels Rogue Archetype.

Enjoy Questors,


The Pathways of Kingmakers!
How can you say "No" to a FREE collection of Pathfinder templates, spell lists, adventures and enviormental encounters, interviews, and advice columns If you say no designer Steven D. Russell and artist Nick Russell will send a Kingkiller Lizard King after you!

Rite Publishing brings you Pathways, a free 'zine packed with plenty of Open Gaming Content for you to take to the table. You'll find articles by Steven D. Russell (1001 Spells), Liz Winters (Lone Wolf Development), Mike Myler ( and Creighton Broadhurst (Raging Swan Press). You will also find the top 3pp reviews by Endzeitgeist plus an interview with Charles Marleau of Rocks Fall Games.

Get your Copy HERE

What awaits you in the limitless multitude of worlds?

Are you bold enough to take the first step, and embrace the possibility of an open door to the unknown? Become a master of strange gifts. Wield deadly weapons and wondrous artifacts against a horde of foes from the edge of reality. Discover eldritch sorceries and cast potent magics.

But first, you've got to walk through the door...

Tell me, do you think you'll survive your adventure on the Grand Stair?

Lords of Gossamer & Shadow is an original sourcebook and role-playing game using Erick Wujcik’s Diceless Role-Playing system (used in Amber Diceless Role-Playing). This is a standalone product with an original setting, though it is compatible with Amber Diceless Role-Playing .

Find out more, check out the full-sized free preview, or get your copy in full-color print or pdf HERE

Thanks Liz for getting this up.

Here is the Full-sized Free Preview

Owen K.C. Stephens and I talk with Chris Pramas of Green Ronin Publishing about the Advanced Bestiary, its history, the history of Chris Pramas and the History of Green Ronin plus how Warhammer is like the Publishing Industry.

Check it out HERE

This is one of my top 5 favorite Rpg books. If your a GM of Pathfinder you need to get this book. I backed this kickstarter, so should you.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Rite Publishing’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale!

This is Rite Publishing’s biggest sale of the year, and is running from November 21st through December 1st, there is never a better deal on Rite’s products than during this sale!

If a PDF is normally $3.00 or less it’s $0.99
If a PDF is normally $5.00 or less it’s $1.99
If a PDF is normally $9.00 or less it’s $2.99
If a PDF is normally more than $9.00 its 30% off .

You can get these great deals right here at the Paizo Store

Only 33 Hours left to go on the Adventure Quarterly Kickstrater! We are 265% funded, and 83% toward our current stretch goal, Better check it out while you can.

If you back this project for $10 or More youe get the following PDFs for the PFRPG: Adventure Quarterly #5, Coliseum Morpheuon , Infernal Romance at Moon Temple, The Breaking of Forstor Nagar, Five Room Dungeon: The Rabbit Hole, The Living Airship, Ruined Gate, and Ruined Guardhouse.


A Storm is Coming to Pathways!

How can you say "No" to a FREE collection of Pathfinder templates, alternate traits, environmental encounters, interviews, and advice columns If you say no designer Steven D. Russell and artist Ramses Meledez will send a Tempest Elysium Titan after you!

Rite Publishing brings you Pathways, a free 'zine packed with plenty of Open Gaming Content for you to take to the table. You'll find articles by Steven D. Russell (1001 Spells), Liz Winters (Lone Wolf Development), and Creighton Broadhurst (Raging Swan Press). You will also find the top 3pp reviews by Endzeitgeist, Mark Knights, and Megan Robertson plus an interview with Mike Myler.

Get your copy at the paizo store right HERE

Hey Greg A. Vaughan's first adventure.

Cover Image by Victor Ptitvinc

Come and delight in the mess you make of mortal lives!

The First Folk, servants of Auberyon the Solstice King, they are race of mercurial essence and yet they are timeless, a race that cares very little for the consequences of their actions yet they keep the bargains that they make. They are the uncaring eldritch powers of nature, yet they are quick to take offense, all the while living with abandonment. They value entertainment, humor, and take on the aspects of various forms throughout their immortal existence.

Create the fey you want to play in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. This product includes the new race The First Folk, alternate racial traits, favored class bonuses, two new archetypes as well as the Fey Racial Paragon class. In the Company of Fey gives you everything you need to fully integrate this new racial culture into established campaigns and bring their society to life as told to you in first person by Red Shuck of the First Folk

Don’t wait! Bring this legendary race into your game and show the world what they Fey can do!

Full-Sized Free Preview

Get your copy HERE

Adventure Quarterly Kickstarter Launch coming Oct 18th; Feel free to give me suggestions!

Check out our prelaunch page HERE

With previews of the work from our new cartographer Tommi Salama and the cover for issue #5 by Dallas Williams.

Cover Preview

A Hellishly Horriffic Pathways!

How can you say "No" to a FREE collection of Pathfinder templates, alternate traits, cavern dressings, interviews and advice columns If you say no designer Steven D. Russell and artist Jacob Blackmon will send a Red Jester Balor Demon after you!

Get your copy for FREE right Here

The Demiplane of Gaming # 33: +Dave Gross! Owen K.C. Stephens (who got his first gig in gaming from Dave) and I talk to Dave about the Pathfinder Tales work he has done, we have live viewer Q&A, and discuss the difficulties of writing fiction for game lines. Plus Kung Fu!

Check it out HERE

Cover Image Preview
by Jason Rainville and Thomas Cole

Gorgeous Gorgons!

Want to play a Medusa? Well now you can, for In The Company of Medusa is now available!

Advance in the Medusa Paragon racial class, after choosing from the humanoid or snake form Medusa, or choose the sacrificial shaving alternate racial trait and shave off your snake hair or perhaps you will become a Stone-blind sorceress.

Find out more, check out the full-sized FREE preview or get your copy HERE!

Cover illustration by Henry Toogood

Make Red Dragons Rule Anew.

20 Variant Foes: Red Dragons saves you time while instilling a sense of dread and the wonder of the unknown back into the game, even for those jaded players who have memorized the Bestiary. It cover 20 different variants for each CR ranging from 3 to 30, making it useful for Game Masters at all levels of play.

Find out more, check out the full-sized free preview, or get your copy HERE!

Cover Image

"It’s a lot more than a self-help book!"

Within you will find grimoires such a “Abstruse Arcane Augmentation!” that can imbue a gift for metamagic; “Cultivating Your Talents” a book that enhances one’s rogue class features; and “Hair Pulling, Sand Throwing, and Other Dirty Tricks” teaches you underhanded combat maneuvers.

Find out more, check out the full-size preview, or get your copy HERE!

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Cover Image

Come walk on the many-angled Pathways!

How can you say "No" to a FREE collection of Pathfinder templates, foes, alternate racial traits, and encounters? If you say no, designer Steven D. Russell and artist Richy Sampson will send a Many-Angled Shoggoth after you!

Rite Publishing brings you Pathways, a free 'zine packed with plenty of Open Gaming Content for you to take to the table. You'll find articles by Steven D. Russell (1001 Spells), Liz Winters (Wolf's Lair Development), and Creighton Broadhurst (Raging Swan Press). You will also find the top 3pp reviews by Endzeitgeist, and an interview with Jason Nelson of Legendary Games.

Get your copy for free HERE!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

With things like Lorefinder, the sanity rules of d20 Cthuluhu and the World War I rules of "Rasputin Must Die" all being in the OGL, I have been thinking about this idea a bit, but wanted to see if there was an interest in you purchasing a pathfinder adventure of lovecraftian horror set in World War II.

So I leave it open to the board.

MEGA-SALE: 1001 Spells (PDF) is only $2.99 (normally $19.99) until Sunday 09/01, it will never be at this low a price ever again!

In addition the Hardcover B&W Print edition has sold out, you can't find it at Amazon or Paizo, but its second printing is now available exclusively at DrivethruRpg (updated with errata).

So go find out more, check out the video trailer, download the free preview, or get your copy in Print or PDF HERE!

While I am at GenCon I will be talking to a number of industry folks, so who do you want to see write Pathfinder Compatible material for Rite Publishing (in Pathways or Adventure Quarterly)?

Happy dance of joy!

Cover Image by Nick Deligaris

Equipment as vile as you are!

Sometimes you want to sit down to a full meal of feats, magic items, or spells, and sometime you just want a quick snack for .99 cents. To feed your craving Rite Publishing presents the “10 Series” which will presents 10 pieces for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

This time out we bring you 10 new magical items to supplement the Anti-Paladin alternate class introduced in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Advanced Player's Guide.

Find out more or get your copy today HERE!

Product will be available at the Paizo store later today or tomorrow.

Don't find yourself on the disenchanting Pathways.

How can you say "No" to a FREE collection of Pathfinder templates, settlements, and churches? If you say no designer Steven D. Russell and artist Dennis Darmody will send a Hiveskin Disehnchanter after you!

Rite Publishing brings you Pathways, a free 'zine packed with plenty of Open Gaming Content for you to take to the table. You'll find articles by Steven D. Russell (1001 Spells), Elton Robb, and Crieghton Broadhurst (Raging Swan Press). You will also find the top 3pp reviews by Endzeitgeist, and an interview with Steven D. Russell of Rite Publishing.

Get your copy for free HERE!

It should be available at the Pazio store by Tuesday.

[Rite Publishing] 1 Day sale! 101 Not So Random Encounters: Urban is now $0.99 cents 1 Day sale! 101 Not So Random Encounters: Urban is now $0.99 cents (normally $5.99)! Sale ends August 1st!

You can get it HERE

Cover Illustration by Hugo Solis

The Demolished Ones *Print + PDF Bundle* *Gen Con Launch*

Order your copy today! Come join our steampunk, victorian, noir, lovecraftian horror, dark fantasy, quest for identity, Fate game!

The Demolished Ones by Brian Engard (Fate Core, Bulldogs!) is launching in print at Gen Con, if you don't pick yours up at the Chronicle City booth (our print/distribution partner) your mail order copies will start being dispatched late August after the show. All orders will also be sent a complimentary copy of the PDF of this product! Retail release follows in October.

Find out more, or order you copy today HERE

Cove Image by John Wigley

Beneath the shadows of the towering waves threatening to drown every street and alley, something lurks and conspires while martial artists flock to compete in the celebrated Dragon Lion Dance. A thief has stolen the goddess' Shawl from the Moon Temple and unless someone recovers it before the Wedding of Heng-O and Yi-Shan at the Spring Moon Festival, then the whole city must pay for the embarrassment.

Infernal Romance at the Moon Temple offers investigation, rebellious followers of the Stone Monkey, conniving Mandarin bureaucrats, and scheming Faen pirates. How will your adventurers become embroiled in the search for a run-away bride and the race to avert the crushing doom of water which hangs overhead?

Multiple story hooks provide easy opportunities to incorporate this 7th to 9th level Jade Oath adventure for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game into your campaign. And once involved, how will they succeed? The jilted demon Chang-Wu is devious, and will stop at nothing to gain her revenge against the Moon Goddess!

Check out the Full-Sized Preview, or get you full-color Print and/or PDF copy this Thursday August 1st!

There are folks who just love having a printed book in hand so I thought I would ask publishers to post their links to where potential customers can find their print products.

A real easy referance for Rite Publishing is on the paizo store.

Rite Publishing's Print Products!
This includes 101 New Skill Uses, Adventure Quarterly, Book of Monster Templates, The Breaking of Forstor Nagar, Coliseum Morpheon, Evocative City Sites, Heroes of the Jade Oath, In the Company of Monsters, and Kaidan: The Curse of the Golden Spear Trilogy.

1001 Spells unfortunately is currently sold out completely, we are working on a 2nd printing Print on Demand option with a plan to restock paizo.

Rite Publishing is offering a 176 page Full-color Hardcover version of Heroes of the Jade Oath (PFRPG).

This version was previously only available to the patrons of the original patronage project.

Now be made available for purchase only at Rite Publishing or the Paizo store .

Rite Publishing has these available now and we have already set up to ship copies to Paizo today.

Full-sized preview.

The books have already been shipped to paizo :) The product releases July 25th. Preorder the Print/PDF budnle and get the PDF immediately!

Pages: 79 Full-Color
Cover Illustration by Gennifer Bone

Get your copy HERE

What the ….?

There's often those moments in an adventure when you either look at what's going on, or back at what's happened, and shout out "What the...?"

Within this installment of Adventure Quarterly there are several such moments awaiting your discovery.

Ruins Perilous, Level 2, The Warren: Life in the Warren is in a state of upheaval. The story unfolding among this pack of once noble ratfolk is one of deceit and uncertainty, as lust for power conflicts with a struggle for dignity. This 2nd level adventure by T.H. Gulliver with additional design by Jonathan McAnulty, enjoy the heights of Shakespearian tragedy that will test the mettle of your adventurers. (Level 1 can be found in Adventure Quarterly #2)

Legend of the Huntress: an exploration adventure for 4th-5th level characters by Agoston Petz; it involves the secret behind a recently discovered painting and a quest for a great jewel, where the PCs must contend with a menace in the shadows of the Dire Weald.

Self-Determination: a mystery/location adventure for 15th level PCs by Bret Boyd, in which that is the perfect start up after a total party kill, They wake up bereft of all their gear in an unknown realm, and must determine what has happened to them and why.

Additionally, Creighton Broadhurst offers further dungeon miscellany and our own Steven D. Russell starts a new series on wide-open sandbox campaign design. Enjoy the contents, and stay for the tormenting of your players!

Coming this Thursday for less than a buck for you mistress of fell otherworldly powers! Illustration by John William Waterhouse.

[url=]Cover Image [url]

Opportunistic Hex weapon special ability (infict an offensive hex as part of an attack of oppotunity, and remind folks why they fear witches!)

Amulet of the Witch (Use a hex as a swift action and take your foes by suprise without wasting an action.)

Boots of the Beldam (When someone looks away you disappear, maintaining your air of the mysterious mistress of the dark arts)

Circlet of the Crone (Gain or enhance three of the witch's most vile hexes and maintain that sinister reputation that witches possess.)

Familiar Figurine (Your familiar can become a figurine of wondrous power and become a animal companion for a short time, and show why a familiar is so important to a witch.)

Habiliment of the Harridan (Inflict a curse upon a creature that fails a save against your spells, adding an additional effect without losing an action.)

Patron’s Sark (Make it easier to enhance your patron spells with metamagic feats, and show off the value of your patron over other forms of spellcasting)

Ring of the Virago (Use your spirit to take control of any other creature with the help of your familiar, and remind folks why you have such a sinister reputation.)

Talon Gloves (Your nails become dangerous weapons, more so if you already posses that hex, giving you a weapon on par with the warriors mightest sword).

"The Fragment of Witchery" Legacy Item (Let your magic item level up with you, and provide you with a reason why the world around you will suffer a witch to live!)

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