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Rite Publishing's page

3,151 posts. Alias of Qwilion.


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Terevalis Unctio of House Mysti wrote:
How will we know when the new source book and pdf will be available? Council of Wyrms was once of my favorite 2nd edition settings.

I will announce it here and all over the palace I am sure.

Thank you for mentioning In The Company of Unicorns.

Saint Bernard wrote:

For one of your future spell books I would like to suggest a spell.

Prismatic Sword

Already exists in 1001 Spells

Amaranthine Witch wrote:
Also, no Occult Re'em Heroes?

Nope, they don't really fit a unicorn's mythos.

You can still do a standard Re'em occult class, but I always suggest playing a silvermane rather than anything else.

Lass wrote:
I love this and I'm planning on playing one in an upcoming Hell's Rebels game where I can use the change Shape ability to blend in and then horse-out when combat comes. In particular though I'm considering playing her as a Life Oracle. So I do have a mechanics question, what size am I when starting off in a regular class? I didn't spot anything about size starting out as a non-paragon class.

That is because Spot is a dog.

Perception check DC 10
Re'em racial trait (second one)
Small: Re’em are Small creatures and gain a +1 size bonus to AC, a +1 size bonus on attack rolls, a -1 penalty to their CMB and CMD, and a +4 size bonus on Stealth checks.

So unless you take either Re'em Hero universal archetype for oracle, (or level up like a real unicorn, silly two-legs, with the Silvermane Exemplar) you will stay small (Like Uni).

Hope that helps.

Lorathorn wrote:
Rite Publishing wrote:
Lorathorn wrote:
How likely is it that you will do a 5th edition version? This is very much something I would be willing to playtest.
Probably not for a year as we have a backlog of other conversions to do.
I might be available to do conversion work sooner than that. :)

You can always contact me via if your interested in doing conversion work.

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DaemonAngel wrote:
Funny how this pops up at about the same time as Hasbro (D&D owner)announces that it has given publisher, River Horse, the MLP license to make and RPG version of MLP.

Not really. We went more The Last Unicorn (the book and the movie) and stayed far away from My Little Pony (we leave that for Ponyfinder). This is about the traditional mythos.

Callous Jack wrote:
Did Sebastian write this?

BJ Hensley wrote this (with some game mechanisms assistance from Steven D. Russell) Says so on the cover and in the ad text ;)

Lorathorn wrote:
How likely is it that you will do a 5th edition version? This is very much something I would be willing to playtest.

Probably not for a year as we have a backlog of other conversions to do.

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Eric Hinkle wrote:
Pardon me for asking, but is this meant as a joke? Like the 'Gelatinous Cubes' one?

No this one is dead serious, as we had a lot of requests for a Paragon Class for unicorns (Ponyfinder only gives you a race, not the ability to level up as a unicorn). This one is much more the Mythos of unicorns, The Last Unicorn (the move and the book), including cloven hoves.

Our april fools/humorous products always say they are april fools humorous products, This years was The Secrets of the Metadventurer. (which got a 5/5 stars plus seal of approval).

Pauper Princess wrote:
I have enjoyed these very much!! My apologies for the late gratitude!


The project is running behind as we are still in editing, so it won't ship in June, I will have a revised timeline when we come out of editing (its a big book).

Cover Image by Ernanda Souza

Always be yourself. Unless you can be a Unicorn!

Don’t be the last unicorn to join the party. Level up as a unicorn and grow from a foal to a Large mare or stallion as you embrace your untamable immortal essence and impale your foes with your horn; slay lions and dragons; disappear, change shape, or enhance yourself with the magic of your alicorn.

Create the unicorn you want to play in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game while avoiding the pit falls of vanity and pride inherent to the perfect, immortal, and utterly superior nature of unicorns. This product includes the new unicorn race the re’em, racial traits, alternate racial traits, the core class archetype (which works with 28 different classes), the unicorn sorcerous bloodline, the paragon racial class (where you level up as a unicorn), and unicorn only feats. All so, you can play unicorns alongside any other player character in any high fantasy campaign setting.

First Here is the FREE Preview

Chris Ballard wrote:
I purchased this PDF and am having trouble downloading it.

Hopefully this was only caused by the Humblebumble over load. If you are still having the problem, you need to report it in the Customer Service board HERE with your order #

Cover Illustration

Unleash Your Hunger!

Come discover the secrets of the rakshasa. They are hunger made manifest, insatiable earthbound spirits born in blasphemy. Be the apex predator slipping unseen among the mortal masses, befuddling their mind, senses, and emotions while you dine on all the physical and spiritual tastes the mortal world can offer.

Play the 1st-20th level rakshasa paragon class that allows you to eventually become a Rakshasa Maharaja! Create the rakshasa you want to play right alongside all the dwarven fighters, the elven wizards, and human barbarians, in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.Choose the native outsider race the yaksha, with its racial traits, alternate racial traits, favored class bonuses, and racial feats that will allow you to play minor rakshasa with any base class. Select from among the racial archetypes for the Monk, Slayer (Advance Class Guide), and The Luckbringer (Rite Publishing’s The Secrets of Adventuring) so you can bring the true nature of the rakshasa to bear.

Now come and play a Rakshasa HERE!

Brother Fen wrote:
The softcover is very nice. Picked mine up a few weeks ago.

Excellent glad your enjoying it.

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Philo Pharynx wrote:

*Joins the chanting crowd*

Her-o Lab! Her-o Lab! Her-o Lab!

We did have a guy, then he went silent, so we had to fire him, and have now hired a new guy, who is much more communicative.

We also have someone coding In The Company of Fey.

Liz Courts wrote:
Now available!

Thanks Liz,

Here is a full-sized FREE PREVIEW

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Thanks for mentioning the Martial Arts Guidebook.


Softcover now available :)

My personal favorites that I DON'T publish are:

Advanced Bestiary by Green Ronin Publishing

GM's Miscellany: Dungeon Dressing by Raging Swan Press

The Genius Guide to the Time Thief by Rogue Genius Games.

Thanks for all the folks who mentioned Ironborn of Questhaven (from In the Company of Monsters) and The Secrets of the Iron Titan.


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Insain Dragoon wrote:

Do kickstarted projects bring an overall higher revenue than normally released products?

For that matter how about patreon?

Yes very simply because drivethru takes 25-35%, Paizo takes 25% (or 50% of print), and Kickstarter you loose only 5%, (and about 5% to bad pledges).

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Milo v3 wrote:
And that somehow doesn't favour the company's that do kickstarters over the ones that don't?

The only major player who does not do Kickstarter is Raging Swan. And I tell Creighton every time we chat (we are friends, he contributes to Pathways), that he is a IDIOT! for not doing kickstarter.

But again that is just IMHO.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Thanks for showing the methodology.

1. It favors folks who do releases more often rather than large mega successes like Frog God Games.

2. It also favors PDF publishers.

3. There also should have been 520 points added if you were say #1 in the top selling on paizo, which I Frog God Games has done. Because that's a lot of damn sales to beat paizo.

Regardless, a better way to do it IMHO.

Public money and customer data is out there for ALL Kickstarters. Just go look at who has the most backers that tells you who has the most customers.

1. Deep Magic by Kobold Press
2. Advanced Bestiary by Green Ronin
3. Wicked Fantasy by John Wick
4. Ultimate NPCs by Nord Games
5. Scarred Lands by Onyx Path
6. Southlands by Kobold Press
7. Rappan Athuk by Frog God Games
8. Spheres of Power by Adam Myers
9. The Lost Lands: The Lost City of Barakus by Frog God Games
10. City State of the Invincible Overlord by Judges Guild.

Now some of these like Ultimate Npcs and scarred lands are multi system. But so are a lot of frog god games.

But if you dont' think the biggest sellers are Frog God Game and Kobold Press your crazy.

legoguy4492 wrote:
Good race/class. It's balanced and fun to play. Any plans to make a supplement for modern giants(ones portrayed in modern movies/books/games(the ones without magic))?

We did some minor updating when we compiled this with In The Company of Monsters, and we did a Eastern Version via Heroes of the Jade Oath. But I have no plans for a modern version. Maybe if we got around to do a 1920's Chicago Occult Adventure.

Now Available

Excellent thanks Liz!

Here is the link to the full-sized free preview.

Endzeitgeist wrote:
F*** yeah!!! FINALLY more haunts! :D

Hahahaha, well I am glad you are interested in our product.

The Grand User wrote:
Rite Publishing wrote:
The Grand User wrote:
I really like this, really like playing as dragons. Though any chance it might be ported over to D&D 5E? :)

We have no plans for it at this time. Talk to me again in Jannuary when WotC makes up its mind about licensing.

Ok, it's January... of 2016, but still, and there's now the official SRD/OGL stuff, think it's a possibility now? :D :D :D

Yes I have handed of the file for conversion, its very early in the process but we have started work on the manuscript, I would not expect anything for at least 90 days though.

J-Bone wrote:
Any plans for an additional supplement to expand the rules to allow for animal companions. Having a bear would just fit my giant so well!

I have not had any plans to do so, but it's a good article idea for the Pathways e-zine.

A Dire Friend archetype could be just the thing.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Coming Sunday! From the same man who brought you #30 Haunts for Houses, #30 Haunts for Ship and Shore, #30 Haunts for Objects, and #30 Haunts for Kaidan (Japanese Ghost Stories) Rite Publishing Presents:

#30 Haunts for Battlefields
Cover Illustration by Marek Rakuč

Oliver Volland wrote:
Is it possible to get a printer friendly version of this pdf? There is a big black border around every page that hungers to eat all my ink...

We plan to eventually do a print compilation of all the Terrain Spells.

Free Preview

Saint Bernard wrote:
I am enjoying reading this series of spells. These are some of the best spells I have ever seen. Can't wait until you do mountains, plains, and aquatic. Are you planning on a final compilation of these spells similar to 1001 Spells with Hero Lab support?

Only if we can find a new hero lab coder to do it, we have about broken Andrew.

Cover Image Preview

Coming December 4th to Kickstarter, The Super Powered Bestiary (M&M).

Does your hero need demons and genies to bind too him, does your hero gain the power or transform into animals, or do the heroes in your game just want to punch out a T-Rex? Well then, you my friend need The Super Powered Bestiary!

Brought to you by Owen KC Stephens​’ Rogue Genius Games​, written and fully-illustrated by Jacob Blackmon​ this 300+ page full-color hardback will bring you over 180 creatures Super-Powered by M&M.

Full-Sized Free Preview!

Maneuvermoose wrote:

Just now? It's been on the OBS store since July 20th, and three more issues of Pathways have been published since this one (with the 53rd issue being released yesterday).

It's a really good free supplement, anyhow.

Yeah that was my fault, the paizo store was down when #50 was ready to upload and I forgot to upload it till someone pointed out last week it was not up at paizo.

They should be posting #53 shortly.

6 people marked this as a favorite.

Rite Publishing: is looking for writers for the Pathways e-zine

Project Length: 1,500 to 2,250 words, we will have a need for these articles on a monthly basis from different authors.

Pay Rate: $0.01 to $0.02 USD a word, Paid on acceptance, via Paypal.

Additional Details: Check our submission guidelines on how to send us a query letter.

Respond By: Since we will have a monthly need for these, please check our submission guidelines on how to send us a query letter.

#30 Bloodrager Organizations
Cover Image Preview
Don’t Make Them Angry!

Within #30 Bloodrager Organizations, you will find over 50 pages detailing the complex societies the hybrids of eldritch might and uncontrollable wrath belong to; This product includes first person narratives for each organization, so that you have an immersive guide for interactions with each society detailing their alignment, tenants, entry requirements, leadership as well as custom character options. These included both Alternate Class Features as well as new and exciting Feats so that each bloodrager you create or encounter can be a truly unique individual.

Find out more, check out the full-sized free preview, and/or buy your copy HERE!

Rite Map Pack: Coastal Region
Cover Image Preview
"I wisely started with a map and made the story fit.."

Coastal Region, a new offering from Tommi Salama the gifted cartographer for Kobold Press, Rite Publishing, Raging Swan Press and many more, gives you a new region to use in any campaign! This elegant, coastal region is a spoiler-free unlabeled versions, created in hand drawn gorgeous full-color, This file includes a JPEG plus a printable map pack in Letter pages so you can lay it across the table.

Check out the quick preview and/or buy your copy HERE!

Pathways #53 FREE!
Cover Image Preview

50 page Horror Themed E-zine totally FREE!

You can get it HERE!

Or subscribe and get all 53 issues for free over THERE!

memorax wrote:
A hardcover either in B&W or color of Secrets of the divine.

It will be part of the Questhaven Campaign Setting book that I am still working on.

sepik121 wrote:

I'm also gonna second the harpy thing. I know flight is a hard thing to balance in low level games, but I love that idea. Maybe another style of monster too?

Ok harpies is on my list of pitches to seek out.

SilvercatMoonpaw wrote:
sepik121 wrote:
Maybe another style of monster too?
In the Company of Chimeras (Hybrid Beasts).

Also on the same list now.

lastgrasp wrote:
Compiled book of all your monster entries made into a nice fat hardcover.

Its a possibility I might do a Kickstarter for it after we finish In the Company of Dragon's hardcover. But there are a number of projects we have ideas for when it comes to kickstarting.

limsk wrote:
.. In the Company of Trolls.

I did cover them in In the Company of Giants (which was compiled in In the Company of Monsters).

137ben wrote:
the Secrets of Divine series. and Templates

Yes there will be a non-evil gods book dealing with the 4 main evil churches.

The church of the panthenon subsumes any worship of a diety outside the pantheon, so lets say if you worship Thor, the church will say you are worshiping Our Grandfather of Sky and Star, if you worship Ares they will say you're worshiping Our War Marshal in Heaven.

We do a new template in every issue of Pathways, and we have done 52 issues of that. I am considering a compilation.

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Lady Kali wrote:
Mermaids! After I finish the other pitch. :D

Yes first you have to send me the pitch, and complete the manuscript. :)

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Do not listen to her, Liz Courts is a werewolf!

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Crai wrote:

To my knowledge, "Urban Spells" are a concept that hasn't been significantly addressed by either Paizo or any other notable PF 3PP.


You mean the ENie award winning The Great City Player's Guide , that Liz Courts hack (ninja hack) worked on it with a bunch of other hacks ( Adam Daigle, Tim Hitchcock, Rone Barton, etc.) They robbed me of my ENnie for Heroes of the Jade Oath, not that I am bitter, no not at all.

Thedmstrikes wrote:
Adventures for your products, especially the "in the company of" series.

Well we are doing Adventure Quarterly. And there will be an adventure by ENnie award winner Ben McFarland via In The Company of Dragons Expanded

I would love to see a supplement that augments trusted companions, familiars, and followers without having to go down the feat route.

Animal companion archetypes, Animal Companion magic items, Could be interesting.

#XX Nobility Issues for those kingdom building games.

Noted, though its pretty niche, a rules subset for a rules subset.

sepik121 wrote:
Are we talking about stuff on that list or other cool ideas overall?

I was talking about your cool ideas, the list was just so you did would know what ideas we had going. But its always good to know what folks like either way.

The secrets of the divine is the series that uses example religions isn't it?

Yes it does do religions but the goals is to do modular local churches so that you can drop them right into a section of your campaign.

I backed that "in the company of dragons" thingy a while ago, excited to see what happens with it.

Thank you!

I'm also excited to see the rest of those "In the Company of..." series. I loved the medusa (got someone using that in a campaign i'm running now!)

Liz Smith will be super-excited, I love hearing about actual play.

If it's possible, a revision of the angel class from In The Company of Angels.

Its finished, I rewrote it, and its been re-edited, it just has to be worked into layout and our schedule.

JPSTOD wrote:
Any Cool Map products?

Jonathan Roberts' Hexographer might be a thing (depends on what Jonathan decides to do with it), we have had VERY informal talks about it.

Tommi Salama has been really busy doing maps for us and a lot of other publishers but your right I need to follow up on the Rite Map Packs with him. Or look at discovering another fine cartographer to help us.

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