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3,096 posts. Alias of Qwilion.


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137ben wrote:
It looks to me like it is B, since the '10' is already added into the base DC of all spells. But I am neither the author nor the publisher.

It says a, and it is a.

Author and publisher

The 50th FREE issue of Pathways is now available (and yes you can get all 50 issues for free), and we would like you to consider joining us as a Backer on Patreon for as little as $1.00 a month, So we can create even more content.

Its like a monthly Kickstarter with Monthly content we have proven we can do 50 times over. :)

And we have already passed our first Milestone Goal!

So please come join us.

Thanks Liz,

Here is the full-sized free preview

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101 Subterranean Spells is now available

Before You Go Underground Again...

101 Subterranean Spells widens the spellcasting choices for players seeking adventure in the deep places of the earth, putting new and unexpected opportunities in the hands of GMs looking for ways to challenge characters eager to explore the world below.

Cultures and races from across the globe entomb their dead in the earth; what nefarious powers seep into the rock from those necromantic energies? Weird and alien races, some of them never seen anywhere near the surface, have unusual powers rarely tapped by surface races—what happens when arcanists and alchemists perform experiments on specimens from those dark places?

Entirely compatible with the Pathfinder RolePlaying Game, 101 Subterranean Spells expands the spell lists of casters in the Pathfinder RolePlaying Game Core Rulebook, Pathfinder RolePlaying Game Advanced Class Guide, Pathfinder RolePlaying Game Advanced Player’s Guide and Pathfinder RolePlaying Game Ultimate Magic.

Author: Dave Paul, Cover Illustration: Jack Holliday, Pages 45

Check out the Full Sized Free preview or get your copy HERE

Paizo store should be available later today (IE, I uploaded it on friday).

We scuttled this kickstarter for now in favor of In The Company of Dragons. It is something we will revisit again.

Only a few hours left

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The next one is Stretch Goal profit.

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So while Owen K.C. Stephens of Rogue Genius Games (and Paizo and Green Ronin Publishing) who has written Star Wars d20 and thousands of other RPG products, was not available to be a stretch goal he has agreed to let us use the Dragonrider and and Dracomancer base classes he designed in In the Company of the Dragons (this is beyond regular Open Gaming Content). Now we will be doing a first person point of view write up on these two classes to fit them into The Lost Isles, and it will probably be me as I love these classes.

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Bundle of Holding for Pathfinder,

Pay what you want (minimum $7.95) includes 6 awesome PDFs from 6 awesome publishers with a total retail value of nearly 70 dollars. Come on over and check it out.

It includes as of right now
Dark Roads & Golden Hells (Kobold Press), Fall of Man (Samurai Sheepdog), Path of War (Dreamscarred Press), Anachronistic Adventures (Rogue Genius Games), Faces of the Tarnished Souk An NPC Collection (Rite Publishing), and Gothic Campaign Compendium (Legendary Games)

There will be bonus books added later and buying early is the cheapest way to get these bonus books. The average price, will rise during the offer's run, and you have to pay higher than the current average to get the bonus books the longer this goes on.

Come on over and check it out at

Bundle of Holding!

Mark Hoover wrote:

I have a homebrew campaign at level 2 focused around kobolds and dragons. Will this book help me build dragon NPC baddies? Also shouldn't the original post say "BREATHE fire" instead of "breath fire?"

Looking forward to more info.

What 137ben said. Yes it will.

And thanks for the editing catch fixed that. (now to go beat the editor for not catching it the first time).

In the Company of Dragons Kickstarter (PFRPG) 218% to goal ($13,094.00), 249 backers, 10 days to go, 70% toward our Current stretch goal of bringing you Psionic Dragons.

Check it our here!

Less then a thousand dollars to make Jeremy Smith of Dreamscarred Press give you Psionic Dragons.

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In the Company of Dragons Kickstarter (PFRPG) is currently 199% to goal.

You can currently play Chromatic, Metallic, Primal, Imperial, Linnorm, Ferrous, and the Outer Dragons plus a Mithral Dragon, Dungeon Dragon, even Faerie Dragons bring us 41 dragon types, plus this does not begin to account for the custom dragon you can create. This all before we even hit our current stretch goal (our 2nd, with only a little over 2k to go) of doing Psionic Dragons by Jeremy Smith (Ultimate Psionics, Psionic Bestiary) of Dream Scarred Press. Finally Bill Slavicsek of TSR's Council of Wyrms is writing our Foreword (yes I am a total fanboy), so come on over and check it out.

Ciaran Barnes wrote:


I think I already know the answer to this, but have you spread the word on other message boards?

Yep the Rite Publishing Forums, the, Enworld, The RpgSite, PenNPaper, RpgGeek, TableTopGaming News, Gamerati, But it really breaks down like this for backers.

1. Kickstarter
2. My mailing list
3. Facebook
4. (we pay for advertising there every month)
5. (this message board).
7. google plus

after that its search engines.

Legendary Mythic Maniac wrote:
That indicates that 90% of kickstarters reach a level of funding 10/3 times what they had after five days. After five days, this project was 137% funded ($8220), which is 30% of 27,400 dollars. If the trend holds up, we have a 90% chance of hitting 27,400, well past the Legendary Mythic 17,000 stretch goal. And, hopefully, if we do get that far, there will be an equally awesome fourth stretch goal.

Since the Mythic stretch goal is 17k Id expect to hit it.

183% to goal, 206 backers, And we hit our first stretch goal! 3rd stretch goal announced (Mythic Dragons by Jason Nelson). 18 days to go! Come Join In the Company of Dragons Kickstarter (PFRPG)

IronDesk wrote:
Rite Publishing wrote:

You know you want to play a Dragon!
Not a half-dragon, not a reptilian humanoid, but a DRAGON!

Yes, yes I do!

...But I don't want to wait a year. Is there a reward level that includes a more immediate delivery of the current PDF version?

Yes I am planning to do just that once I have the moneies paid from the kickstarter to all backers.

Also for those who care we have video blog with Wendall, Ben, and myself talking about In the Company of Dragons.

Did what Paul suggested.

JohnHawkins wrote:

Why is there a 5 dollar delivery fee for PDF files if you are not an American.

This looks like an arbitrary charge, if there is a reason share it and I may reconsider my decision to not back because of this apparently unethical charge

As was stated in the comments it was me being a moron ( copy past error).

Please just list your address as the USA if possible so it does not try to charge that, since the kickstarter has started I can't change it. I have a ticked into to kickstarter for them to change it but i expect the kickstarter will be over before then.

In The Company of Dragons Kickstarter (PFRPG) video blog with Ben McFarland, Wendall Roy, and Steven D. Russell

In the Company of Dragon Kickstarter 166% to goal with 23 days still to go!, just a little over $1,000.00 away from our first stretch goal!

Become a dragon and find out if your foes are crunchy and good with ketchup! Play a red dragon, play a imperial river dragon, or heck even play a faerie dragon!

180 degrees out to range.

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Announcement (05/27/2015)

Rite Publishing is happy to announce the author and lead designer of TSR's Council of Wyrms AD&D 2nd edition boxed set, Bill Slavicsek has agreed to write the foreword to the 175 page full-color hardcover In The Company of Dragons Expanded

As of this writing we are 155% Funded! 1st stretch goal 66% funded! 26 Days to go!

137ben wrote:
So Paizo is putting a new type of true dragon, 'Dream Dragons', in Bestiary 5. Since Bestiary 5 is coming out well before the expected release of ItCoD:Revised, what are the odds of us getting five more draconic essences corresponding to the dream dragons?

You idea of well before and mine are probably different because the manuscript has to be finalized before we got to editing, before we go to layout, before we go to proofing before we send it to the printer for a printing proof, before we ship the signed copies, and before we ship the books.


That will be up to Jeremy.

I expect it will be an archetype for the Draconic Exemplar or just new options with a specific essence.

Plus it will mean psoionc class options for the Draconic Hero archetype.

Looks at Alex and Justin. We all know I don't have the time to write it.

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Smoo979 wrote:
I agree with 137ben. There should be listed stretch goals and possible add-ons. I'm a backer because everything I own from Rite has been great and I trust the publisher. You should maybe brag more about previous work and the authors involved. I would recommend copying the campaign formats that Legendary Games, Kobold Press and Frog God have done in the past as they have had very successful kickstarters.

I have added a free preview. And added two of the stretch goals.

1st Stretch Goal $11,000 (+$5,000) 20k word adventure by ENnie award winning game designer Ben McFarland, who has done work for Paizo Inc, Kobold Press, and Atlas Games. This will be a 1st-6th level adventure where a group of dragons sent by the Council of Elders, must investigate an insignificant outlying island that has stopped communicating with the Council.

2nd Stretch Goal: $14,000 (+3,000) 7k word supplement about Psionic/Gem Dragons from Jeremy Smith of Dream Scarred Press Co-Author of Ultimate Psionics, Psionics Unleashed etc.

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JiCi wrote:
Is this gonna work like eidolons or iron titans, where you purchase abilities using points and customize your dragon as you see fit?

Not points but it is very customizable

I have set up a short PDF preview on the Kickstarter and here it is as well PDF Preview

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Here you go, right HERE!

2 people marked this as a favorite.

He totally cried.

Backordered it now for the waiting.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Did I mention its free and its right HERE!

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137ben wrote:

Okay, that makes sense. I know 'dragons' would likely grab me more than 'Lost Isles'. Or at least, I guess it would, since for me the actual things attracting me to this project are the fact that I liked the original, your previous work, and Wendall Roy's previous work.

I have one more question (for now). During the playtest for the original In the Company of Dragons, Jade Ripley released a PDF of psionic dragons, which were eventually part of the Psionic Bestiary. Someone else (not me) asked on the Rite forums if psionic options for dragons were to be included in In the Company of Dragons.

So now that the Psionic Bestiary is out, are options for psionic dragons going to be included as a stretch goal?

I can neither confirm nor deny that our third streth goal is one where Jeremey Smith of Dreamscarred Press is set to write a 7k word supplement about Psonic Draconic Hero's and Psonic Draconic Exemplars :)

Patrick Curtin wrote:
A quick question: I pledged but I didn't get a link to order a hard copy through lulu. Is there any way I could still get one? Thanks :)

Contact me via the Kickstarter messaging system please and we will get you set up.

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For a much crazier kaiju fighting option try the newest FREE issue of Pathways, Issue #49, which has the Daikaiju Creature Template and the Circlets of the Exalted Taskforce (think voltron).

Smoo979 wrote:
I own almost everything Rite has published, but I don't own In The Company of Dragons. This is mainly because I do not like the idea of PC dragons. I never used to like NPC statblock compilations, but I was a kickstarter backer for Faces of the Tarnished Souk because i trusted Rite Publishing. Faces of the Tarnished Souk is now one of my favorite RPG supplements ever made. Anyways, lots of internal conflict for this kickstarter.

The option we are doing here is also similar to Council of Wyrms where everyone plays dragons. Though folks still have the option to do PCs, its all about finding the best balance.

137ben wrote:

I remember seeing the announcement that a Lost Isles kickstarter was in the works a month ago on your blog. I'm definitely going to back!

I was sort of expecting 'Lost Isles' to be in the title. At the very least, I think the title of the final product should be different from that of the original In the Company of Dragons. And, if you ever decide to do something like DSP's "Psionics Unleashed Revised", having different titles makes it easier.

The final title is probably going to be In the Company of Dragons Revised. The reason I did not call it Lost Isles has to do with marketing. Dragons is a much more attractive name.

SilvercatMoonpaw wrote:
So am I right to assume this is your current "In The Company of Dragons" plus new stuff?

The current one is 20k words, the plus new stuff is 30k, plus we are hoping to hit a stretch goal to add a 20k adventure.

Kcinlive wrote:
This is unexpected. Not unwanted, just unexpected. Sadly, it can't come at a worse time for me. My gaming budget is low, very low. I'll definitely support it because I've really loved your dragon stuff so far. It just won't be as much as I'd like. :[

The kickstarter will run till June 22nd.

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Preview Illustration by Michael Richards

You know you want to play a Dragon!
Not a half-dragon, not a reptilian humanoid, but a DRAGON!

Come and find out if those who meddle in your affairs are crunchy and good with ketchup. Level up as a dragon and grow to the size of a house, breath fire, (or other energy types), struggle for territory, win prestige amongst dragons, slay giants, rule the sky, and embrace you true draconic essence right alongside all the other player characters. Create the dragon you want to play in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

This revised compilation full-color hardcover print + PDF product includes the new dragon race the Taninin, racial traits, alternate racial traits, the core class archetype (which works with 31 different classes), the paragon racial class, and draconic feats, all so you can play dragons alongside any other player character in any high fantasy campaign setting.

This revised and expanded version also includes information on the Campaign Setting known as The Lost Isles; Its history, society, draconic rituals and rites, dragons of note, draconic magic items, plus expanded draconic archetypes.

Coming to Kickstarter May 20th.

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Woot, over $600

Has this been posted about in the LoG&S google + group yet?

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Enjoy the day, End.

Now I shall live in hope and dread for your review of The Secret of the Iron Titans.

GM Merchant Zoruugasz wrote:
I will be putting up a new campaign later and will link it here for those selected. Those who were not selected, feel free to remain in discussion, or go to gameplay, and roleplay as much as you like.

You are an insane madman, and I love you.

Steven D. Russell
Head of Rite Publishing.

As a PDF yes, not likely as a print, we will have to see how strong initial sales are.

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In for $25.00, will be spreading the word in a minute.

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Cover Image

Fifth Edition Done Rite!

You must rescue your city’s ambassador from a city overrun by the Hungering Legion, a militant group of cannibalistic demon worshiping cultists. This glacier carved city is lost, there is no saving it, now you must make the hard choices of who to save and who to leave behind.

Welcome to The Breaking of Forstor Nagar.

This amazing 5th Edition adventure from the ENnie award winning adventure designer Ben McFarland (Streets of Zobeck) and with glorious cartography by Jonathan Roberts (George R.R. Martin’s Lands of Ice and Fire), is now available!

Check out the full-sized free preview, find out more, or get your copy HERE!

Print version coming soon!

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Cover Illustration by Malcolm McClinton

You know you want to play an OOZE!


Come slime someone, as a jello that makes room for itself!

Just when you thought that unsightly pasta stains had no champion, and you were comfortable in a world where mayonnaise didn't fight back, comes a Paragon Racial Class for your PC made entirely of the stuff that bursts out of mashed caterpillars. These are the rock stars of downtrodden gravy stains and greasy splotches everywhere; Become a large, intelligent cube of glop that can chase foes down and digest them before they've accepted they are being beaten up by an overachieving dessert.

Fully Compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, from the same folks who let you play Giants, Dragons and Iron Titans, we bring you the product you never wanted. In the Company of Gelatinous Cubes!

Our April Fool's product for 2015, check it out HERE!

"This ability functions as the alter self spell... This
ability emulates additional spells based on your class level"

All of the listed spells have the Polymorph subschool, so they follow all of the rules for the polymorph subschool. (This was done on purpose).

Also the class was updated in The Secrets of Adventuring with all the various feats and magic items and corrected some balance and wording issues.

The Paladins one will be included. As will Agate, as will not so mundane items, things just got busy and I missed those from the list.

Haunts will be in a later haunts book or a traps book, Luckbringer items was in The Compiled The Secrets of Adventuring with the luckbinger, DRagon Items will be compiled in another unannounced project.

1001 Magic Items (PFRPG) Kickstarter coming in April.

Following up on the success of 1001 Spells and The Faces of the Tarnished Souk: An Npc Collection Kickstarter which just completed we will be looking at doing a compilation of magic items, we are looking to create new artwork for the book.

Initial Goal will be $2000.00

This will compile:
101 Magical Armor and Shield Properties
101 Magical Weapon Properties
101 Malevolent Magic Items
101 Special Materials and Power Components
30 Alchemical Gadgets
30 Badges of Faith
30 Battle Standards
30 Cloaks of Deception
30 Cursed Treasures
30 Firearms of Legacy
30 Fleshgrafts
30 Intelligent Magic Items
30 Ioun Stones
30 Manuals of Improvement
30 More Manuals of Improvement
30 Magical Tools
30 Portable Rooms
30 Ring of Defense
30 Staves
30 Unique Magical Blades
10 Witch Magic Items
10 Oracle Magic Items
10 Antipaladin Magic Items.
10 Wizard Magic Items
A Dozen Magical Armor and Shield Properties.
The Secrets of Forgotten Magic Items.

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