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Rite Publishing's page

2,919 posts. Alias of Qwilion.


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I backed it as well.

Thanks Liz.

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Lilith wrote:
Evil Midnight Lurker wrote:
Lords of Light!
Ariel, Ookla, ride!


Zaister wrote:
I keep wondering with all these Rite Publishing products, why is the a '#' sign in front of the number? Does that make sense?

It was a marketing gimick Zaister.

# came up first on the alpha bit on drivethru to display products. Then Owen came alogn and did #1 with a bullet point....

I have no problem with that with the mysterious stranger archtype causing all that to change to Cha.

We are extremely pleased to make this possible!

tbug wrote:

Is this the correct place for errata questions?

The valiant resolve spell is described in the spells lists as providing DR 10/lethal, but the long description says that it gives DR 10/nonlethal (making it much stronger). I'm guessing that the former is correct and that the latter is an error. Am I right?

That is correct the damage reduction is overcome by lethal damage.

The point of the impersonate ability is that it adds an additional untyped bonus to disguise checks. It also can be used with mundane disguises rather than being limited to magical disguises which true seeing would see right through.

You already get a +10 circumstance bonus for using alter self.

Here is a free full-sized preview

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LMPjr007 wrote:
137ben wrote:

Curious for those of you in the know:

do End's reviews seem to have a significant effect on sales?
Yes and no. I think if you have a fan base already built you have people who are going to purchase and support you no matter what. BUT if you are a new and just starting 3PP, those reviews can make OR break you. I have tried out several new 3PP just because thet recieved a good review by End. The reviews can definitely get those who might be on the fence about buying to actually choose to pick it up or not.

What Louis said is correct but I will point out that End has his own fans, and when he puts his seal of approval on things people will buy them, because they are his fans.

This is in my top 10 of class designs besides my own, I really love what Owen did with the idea of a front line tank style character, the 3/4 base attack bonus really sold it for me. You can also see the beginnings of talented classes here.

Kudos to Owen.


I will look a this later.

But I see the Artisan class from Faces of the Tarnished Souk is missing

Ironborn and Lurker did not have a racial paragon classes (I am fixing that).

Did you get Divine Channeler, Luckbringer, Enlightened Scholar, and Kusa?

You got all the Kaidan stuff.

Malwing wrote:

Third party producers; I have a few questions.

1) Which of you products seem to sell more than others?

2) Which of your products failed to sell as well as you hoped?

3) Which of your products, for better or worse, defied your expectations?

And for each of those questions how did that product come about and why do you think it did well or poorly?

1. 1001 Spells. I was doing 6 spells a day for 10 months, then we did a compilations, it was something I always wanted a big balanced spellbook that gave something to every class at every level. People love new spells.

2. In The Company of Lurkers: Its a very niche product of half-gnomes and half cloakers for our races line, and people think of mating rather than a magically created race. It also lacked the paragon class which was my mistake. If I had to do it over again I would do it as In the Company of Cloakers and focus more on that with the Lurkers being a off-shoot option.

3. In the Company of Fey: This was Wendall Roy's baby after I pitched a couple ideas at him, he picked this one, we talked about it for a long time and I felt really great about the development process. I think the attraction of playing fey creatures, Roy's talented design, and some very high quality art made this a very exciting product.

Thanks for getting it up Liz.

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RJGrady wrote:

So anyway, I'm asking partly because when it comes to OGC I have a strong preference not to re-invent the wheel. I think it's valuable when stuff used by one publisher succeeds in becoming a standard. I guess I should add, in addition to my other questions, "How much Open Game Content is in the product, and what does the Section 15 look like?"

For the Ironborn, "All Logos, Book Titles, Introduction text Proper names (excluding class, feat, and special ability names) and Images are product identity all other content is open gaming content."

Leave the setting alone, leave the company logo, the name of the book, and the images alone. That's all we ask.

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Ssalarn wrote:
if you can't love your own material, what's the point of writing?

That +1

We will have an updated appendix with these on Tuesday or Wed of next week.

1. Wizard
2. Time Thief
3. Luckbringer
4. Taskshaper
5. Talented Fighter

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Rite Publishing has a great collection of materials for playing unusual races and you pretty much can't go wrong with anything they put out.

Rite's 101 __ series is really good...actually all Rite stuff is great.

Rite Publishing: great crunch pieces, Coliseum Morpheon (high level advanture in the plane of dream) & Faces of the Tarnished Souk (great NPCs), Japanese Horror setting: Kaidan (check out the free adventure), Adventure Quarterly is Dungeon magazine's successor.

Thanks for all the kind words. .

You can see my list of Good 3pp that are not mine that need more Love over HERE!

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The akashic bit confused me as I thought it was going to be about the Akashic Class from Arcana Evolved.

@Eric Hinkle to fix that wrinkle, all of those monsters are available on the

Also here is the Free Preview

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Cover Image preview

The splintered kingdoms of Berrellis have squabbled amongst themselves for decades or more, with no single kingdom gaining ground on any of the others. Shifting alliances among the rulers has kept the status quo very much the same all this time, but the arrival of fiendish extraplanar creatures, their evil-infused oozes, and their powerful blights and diseases threaten to upheave the forested lands of Berrellis. I have also heard rumors of a simultaneous shadowy power play carried out by a contingent of primal fey who intend to claim some of Berrellis for themselves.

—Melnor, second class Sage of Questhaven

Mike Welham's Design Notes.

101 Not So Random Encounters: Forest Kingdoms follows up 101 Not So Random Encounters: Winter, and with this new endeavor Steve Russell presented me with a new challenge for this book. Many of the encounters presented below derive from random encounter tables in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game’s most popular Kingdom Building adventure path, but the encounters still had to work together as a stand-alone narrative like the previous installments of 101 Not So Random Encounters. Since many of the encounters dealt with plants and fey, those would make obvious elements, and, in this case, I decided the fey would attempt to push the borders of their primal dimension into the mundane world, driving all humanoids out in the process. Fortunately, to help preserve the fey plan's subtlety, a daemon paragon devoted to Pestilence decided to wreak havoc in the same area, providing adventurers an obvious foe to fight, and allowing the fey to grant their own dubious assistance while they further their own plans. As per other installments, you can use this book to create a campaign in and of itself, or to augment existing adventure paths. At any rate, I hope this provides inspiration for your game sessions.

Steve says: This is in layout right now and I hope to have it out Thursday at the earliest, Monday at the latest.

You really need to be posting about HERE

You a bit late and in the wrong thread, since that's owen's book not mine :)

I cannot believe I totally forgot to notate that we had new releases (so much going on.)

Get your choclate in our penut butter and make your Barbarian an Eidolon with The Secrets of the Masquerade Reveler

Also another free issue of the Pathways! This time we bring you the Dread Banshee template :) Check it out HERE!

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I am up for an interview.

Thank you!

less than an hour left.

Only 6 hours left.

We lover our diceless tabletop game :)

We lover our diceless tabletop game :)

We lover our diceless tabletop game :)

Thanks to Liz for getting this up.

Just added new bonus PDFs for Backers who pledge $20.00 or more.

The Coliseum Morpheuon mini-setting and adventure as a bonus!

101 Npc Boons by ENnie award wining designer Ben McFarland, this will help you enhance you Npcs!

101 Npc Grudges, the opposite of boons, because vengance is always personal.

101 Legendary Curses, put the fear of Npcs issuing curses back into your players.

101 Hazards and Disasters, make your encounters not just evocative but dangerous!

101 Mystical Site Qualities because where you encounter folk, is just as important as who you encounter.

Thanks end.

Updated file based on Endzeitgeist's review.

Cover Image

Pathways of Ruin!

How can you say "No" to a FREE collection of Pathfinder templates, digital realms, interviews, encounters, and another new Comic by Jacob Blackmon. If you say no designer Steven D. Russell and artist Chris "Soundlust" Smith will send a Ruination Ogre Barbarian after you!

Rite Publishing brings you Pathways, a free 'zine packed with plenty of Open Gaming Content for you to take to the table. You'll find articles by Steven D. Russell (1001 Spells), Liz Winters (Lone Wolf Development), and Creighton Broadhurst (Raging Swan Press). You will also find reviews of the best 3PP material available, plus an interview with Joshua "KTFish7" Guillion of

Get your copy for FREE HERE!

Thanks for getting it up Liz!

$2,583 pledged, 143% funded, 101 backers, 18 days to go!

And we have two free pdfs you can preview.

Here are a preview of two images from the book.

Beautiful Silk Tiger by Tsutsuji-Sakai

Mneumonic Warrior by Taregh D. Saber

It would be fine for all ranged touch attacks, but not line or cone effects since those don't require attack rolls.

WRoy wrote:

Monkeygod - glad you're digging the paragon class! I don't think any paragon classes from the In the Company of series have unique favored class bonuses. Each paragon class uses unique rules and is only accessible to one race, so personally I'm not sure if there is a need for a paragon FCB. The main purpose of racial FCBs is to make a class have thematically different options by race, and a paragon class by its very nature already does that. If Rite decides to do a print compilation of the series, however, I'll make sure the idea at least gets mentioned.

Yes but I did do some in Pathways articles. Though I did not do them for the Paragon Classes, it skipped my brain I probably should/could have (Parts of that series predates the mechanic.)

It was updated in Heroes of the Jade Oath, I have just not had the time to update those to the individual PDFS yet.

Here are 2 preview image from the book.

Beautiful Silk Tiger by Tsutsuji-Sakai

Mneumonic Warrior by Taregh D. Saber

Arkady Zelenka wrote:
I'm still waiting for manuals of improvement 3.

Mike has been really busy, and we have not given him time to work on this. We have been making him do our Ruin Perilous supplements for Adventure Quarterly, and work on the 101 Not So Random Encounters.

I will see if we can let him out of the Circle of Rites to work on that sometime ;)

Thanks to Liz for the mention of Faces of the Tarnished Souk Kickstarter.

Looks like you found what you were looking for with our Kaidan stuff but if ever your looking for something that is less samurai drama and more Wuxia you can try Infernal Romance at Moon Temple for our Heroes of the Jade Oath setting.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
ruemere wrote:

I would like to mention another of my personal favorites, 101 Not So Random Encounters: Urban.

The shortest way to describe it: The Godfather. With all implications of this being a monster encounter book.


Yeah, Mike Welham said when I handed it to him to do the next one, that I had put an Adventure Path in an encounter chart :)

I am very proud of that one.

Cover Image Preview

"Victory without courage is chance. Victory without risk is hollow. Victory without loss is impossible."[i/] —Kung Fu Tse

Get your copy at the Paizo Store

Far to the East, where the Silk Road leads you will find those who blend the arts of warrior and wizard serving strange local Factions. Such as the [i]Beautiful Silk Tigers a uniquely gifted guild of courtesans who cater to wealthy and powerful clientele in need of bodyguards, assassins, and seers; The Order of the Ashen Dragons whose research methods of containing and using corruption, curses and spellblights; And the Stone Monkey Path a collection of revolutionaries and masked vigilantes. These and many more bring added detail and a sense of immersion to those adventuring in the Lands of the Jade Oath or for use in any campaign set in the exotic Far East.

New magus favored class options for all the new races introduced in Heroes of the Jade Oath such as the Dahren giants, the Mandragoran plant folk, and the accursed Verrik, so you can make even more unique characters. It also introduces new Ofuda and Spells.

You will also find a host of new magus archetypes including:

    Curse Eater: so you can play a magus who has conquered a curse and made its power work for you.
    Lantern Warrior: who champion a personal cause, allowing you to take up the role of an errant champion
    Martial Alchemist: who blends alchemy and martial arts so you can play a truly unique mystical warrior.
    Mnemonic Warrior: which allows you to tap into the collective memory of the greatest magi in history, allowing you to play a truly exotic warrior poet.
    Threadcasters: patient spiders who blend in to their environment while appearing to be harmless courtesans or simple maidens awaiting the pleasure of their guests, allowing to truly be a Beautiful Silk Tiger.
    Warrior of Fortune: a truly unique archetype that blends the arts of the magus with the karma of the Far East so you can play a mercenary who drifts on the winds of fate.

Author: Frank Carr
Cover Artist: Yvan Quinet
Pages: 29

Thanks Liz.

Full-Size Free Preview.

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