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Amin Jalento

Risdin Arramack's page

151 posts. Alias of xiN.

About Risdin Arramack

Medium-sized Humanoid
Paladin of Abadar (3)

HP: 28/28

Str 14 (+2)
Dex 18 (+4)
Con 13 (+1)
Int 7 (-2)
Wis 7 (-2)
Cha 16 (+3)

Alignment: Lawful Good
Deity: Abadar
Movement: Ground 30'; Run x4
Languages: Common
Initiative :+6


Acrobatics 0
Appraise -2
Bluff +3
Climb 0
Craft (general) -2
Diplomacy +8
Disguise +3
Escape Artist 0
Intimidate +3
Knowledge (Religion) +2
Knowledge (Nobility) +2
Perception -2
Perform(general) +3
Ride 0
Sense Motive +2
Stealth 0
Survival -2
Swim 0
Use Magic Device +5

Armor proficiency [Light, Medium, Heavy], Martial weapon proficiency [all], Point blank
shot, Rapid shot, Deadly Aim, Shield proficiency, Simple weapon proficiency

AC: 18, touch 14, flat-footed 14 (Base +10; Armor +4; Dex +4)
CMD: 19 (Base +10; BAB +3; Str +2; Dex +4)
Saves: Fort +7, Ref +8, Will +4

Base Attack: +3; CMB +5
Bow: +8 1d8+2
Bow:(Rapid Shot): +6/+6 1d8+2
Bow:(Rapid Shot, Deadly Aim): +5/+5 1d8+4
Greataxe: +4 1d12 + 2
Aura of Good; Divine Grace; Lay on Hands 4/day for 1d6; Detect Evil; Smite Evil 1/day [+3 attack, +2 damage +3 AC]
Aura of courage
Divine health
Mercy (Fatigued)
Arms: Composite Longbow +2 STR, MW; arrow x100; greataxe; spiked chain shirt, mw
General Gear: backpack; bedroll; blanket, winter; bottle, glass; caltrops x3; candle;
chalk, 1 piece x5; flint and steel; rations, trail (per day) x5; torch x2; waterskin
Potions: Cure Light Wounds x 1, Disguise Self x 1

PP: -
GP: - 314
SP: - 5
CP: -


-narrow teak cigar case inlaid with tiny bits of jade
-2-pound gold ingot bearing the Cheliax coat of arms
-fist-sized scrimshaw carving of a kraken with garnets for eyes
-silver ring bearing the inscription "For Emmah — the light in my nights,"
-highly realistic and highly scandalous ivory figurine of two entwined succubi
-tiny glass tube containing an oily liquid
-obsidian wand
-crystalline vial containing a slightly silvery liquid


Risdin is emotionally unpredictable. He will tolerate something today, only for it to
drive him mad the next. His fuse can be long or short, depending on how he wakes
up. This is in part what led him to the service of Abadar. Now that he has strict tenets
to follow, he has less decisions to make.

Long term personal relationships are very hard for him to form. His unpredictable
mental state drives most people away very quickly, though he can be charming in his
own way. His travels have thus been lonely for the most part, save for a few who
needed his bow.

Risdin hails from Tephu in Osirion. As a child he had been interested in a range of
activities and received lessons from spell casters and warriors alike. Eventually he
decided to follow a deity, choosing the peaceful option above violence whenever he
can. After becoming an adult he was cast out by his people and encouraged
to find his own path. He traveled west and north and visited his brothers in
neighboring cities, until he wound up in Korvosa.

Lately he has been healing the locals at the church of Abadar. After witnessing an
escalating series of deaths due to "shiver", Riz snapped. He now hunts the dealers
and is on a quest to find the source of this scourge.

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