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Umber Hulk

Riko Reese's page

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When you mess with the Bull you get the horns


I must say that now 4.0 allows these guys to be a playable race, and that the character minotaur is medium size, this guy is not too bad to have around. And with a little repaint and some touch ups the colors stand out real well...and with the facial expression..well lets just say that if anyone that was "mentally deficient" had horns like that and that big of a sword..well then I am out of his way and giving him what ever he wants. This guy makes for a great minotaur PC or NPC.

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Another great addition


This set has a few cards that are special repeats of other the longsword,longbow,and rings and such, but they are based more on the elements. However, the best thing about this deck are the other items that are included. Things like pigments, paintbrush, ankh, bowl, and tons more that make it a versitile and useful deck of items. One of the best yet released.

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great idea and double use


I think it is awesome to have a card for all your gear, but these cards also play the part of some really cool and unusual magic items. A bag of mystical magic marbles of wonder, deck of cards (many things), magical dice...and tons more. This deck is one of my favorites because it provides a lot of cool items with none of the typical stuff (sword, wands, etc...)..can't wait for number 2.

Our Price: $19.99

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much better


I can't say enough good about this series of decks. I love using them in my games. This is much better too, to have set decks and not the random. I like this way a lot better and can plan on knowing what I will get in each deck. I am pleased with the quality and the item all together.

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Complete Set: $120.00

Good Stuff....Less Potions

****( )

I love these things and can't get enough of them. My only problem is I have so many potions. Also, maybe two rapiers instead of three longswords might be a good idea. I love the cards, the art, the whole idea. Juat maybe add more variety of items in the packs and less scrolls and potions.

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