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Gelatinous Cube

Ridge's page

450 posts (8,367 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 19 aliases.


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Well, it looks like Hexavos hasn't posted on the boards for a month, so we may just have to wait for this one to expire on it's own in three months. It's been a pleasure playing with you all. I'm going to recyle Dyrm and Omaz into whole new characters

mmm with two oracles types in the running, the healer slot is looking less likely to be available. Anything else you guys are looking for? :)

I'll PM Hexavos and see if he would be willing to close the game formally

I'm thinking end it at this rate. We've been patient

Atresse wrote:
Looks like Karmesh and Nyakushuur still need to go as well.

Did we lose them?

Miss Lori wrote:

it's not letting me edit my post so here's my update to Rory's background once he reached the Stolen Lands. Hopefully this is good enough.

** spoiler omitted **

Just so you know, you can edit your posts but only if you do it within an hour after you first posted.

And I was considering submitting a cleric of Gorum, but given the story you're painting maybe if I try another cleric it should be one that's a bit less violent :)

Maybe someone told her she couldn't become a god, and she became one just to show 'em! :)

It seems to me that a lot hinges on what 'legitimate rule' means in game, and I think that might vary from game master to game master. I can only say that as a player, I'd be hoping the DM would give me some idea of which side of the debate he falls before thrusting me into a possible no win scenario

"You let the slave auction continue? Evil Act!"
"You disrupted a slave auction where slavery is legal? Chaotic act!"


well, like I said, if it's mostly for show it's not as bad.. but it certainly has me curious.

On another note, folks, I'm sorry I fell behind for a day or two there. I'm trying to catch up so I don't slow you all down.

I'm not sure if killing thousands all over the world, ruining crops and live stock with acid rain, etc etc for just 13 points is fair. I mean, if we brush over the ramifications and make it mostly for show, sure, but it sounds like major devastation for very little cost.

Again, IMO

I'd say Pyreous could do a retoractive 'gather power' for the round, but other than that, best to go ahead.

We seem to have hit a slow down.

Okay, technically I think everyone but Eyero has gone in the opening round of the new age. Should we wait for him a bit longer?

Belisous wrote:
Ran out of colors to use with circles for race starting points, so I used a different shape instead.


BTW, the concept of the spirit healers wigs the #$#$ out of me. Excellent work ;)

Pyreous wrote:

Hmm, to be honest I'm getting quite confused as to where everything is, I seem to spend ages checking back and forth through the thread to check before I post.

I'm not doing anything at the far North though?

That latter is my mistake then. I thought i saw something being put down on the map and was worried that as long as I had taken for my moves that I was messing with things you were about to tinker with yourself.

EDIT: Ah, looks like it was Bel's Eternal Dragons there

Wow. You turn your back on a goddess of insanity and destruction for just a moment and BAM... ;)

For my two cents Atresse is right, Hexavos knew the twins would be a set at the start. That could be very dangerous for anyone taking them on but fortunately for her,Bel has means of raising an ally up eventually judging by the way the other game has gone. You make an avatar, then an event or two and they ascend. I think of us those playing two are already filled up so we can't do that, but for those with just one its a possibility. I may have to double check on that, but I think more than one player in the other campaign did it and I think we're still using them as rolemodels.

Though Eyero may get his two last turns as kind of a retcon (for mostly internal matters I'd guess) IIRC, I think everyone else has gone (even if only to gather power) so we're finally at Round one of Age Two.
Prices for landshifting now go up. Prices for races go down, etc etc.

"If you'll all turn to your deity budgeting guide on page seven..." ;)

Okay, turn 8 is up, so get your easy nature acts down before going into the (*Shudder from Omaz Almas*) "civilized" ages ;)

Okay, with our favorite Undead Tyrant Lord unlikely to be able to vote anytime soon, and i'm not sure when Nimeton's player will be on to vote... plus this comment below...

Atresse wrote:
Atresse and Zurakar want one more turn in age one, then we're good to go on.

I'm going to go ahead and start turn 8 as the last round of the First Age. Then I'm going to change my vote (making it 4 votes as thats' when the Twins player will want to change) so that we end the first age after we've all gone (or passed) on turn 8 and The First Round of the Second Age (The age of Races) begins.

That way, I get one more round for cheap land sculpting with Omaz Almas. The Twins players get to do whatever they had planned on Turn 8.

And then, after everyone's done their last turn in the First Age, we move onto the age of races that Belisious and Karmesh are hungry for :)

If anyone objects to this, please speak up in the next thirty minutes after this post otherwise I'm going to consider it a 'better to beg forgiveness than ask permission' kind of thing ;0)

In many mythos, children born of gods are world changers, and often become gods themselves even to the point of replacing their predecessors so yeah, be afraid :)

Atresse wrote:

I think I'm going to be the only one consistently advocating for peace, and I'm the one with the war domain...

(Her war domain is totally wars of self (or country/race) defense, however.)

So, your vote... want to last till round 10 in this first age or move on? :)

I wouldn't worry about trying to sway me. You're very likely to get two more players to vote that way soon :)

Belisous wrote:
Well we need oceans, and we don't have to stop altering the land after Age 1 it will just become a little bit harder.

Oh, I wasn't going to expand in the oceans any more. I meant the blank land hexes. Like the 4+ northern part of the eastern land, frex.

2 out 7 players so far for moving on. Two more, and the vote passes.

Myself, I'd vote for sticking out till 10 but then Omaz is doodling so its selfishly motivated ;) I just hate blank hexes of 'flat nothing'

Oh, and since Eyero's plans to make an avatar and city in the caves don't effect anything for others, my take would be if he wants to recap phase 7 and 8 for those.

Well, I overlooked this, but apparently at round 5, IF the majority wished it, we could have moved onto the age of races. HOWEVER... after round 10, only ONE person is needed to force the next age on. So at this point, with your vote of one, it looks like we move onto the age of races after round ten. :) Sound fair? :)

Okay, Omaz Almas might neglect to say it, but I will...thanks to Zurakar and others who who are filling in the landscape. I may have to stop expanding into the sea just to fill in the blanks we do have before then. :)

Poor Drym has gotten caught up in the metaphysical aspects and building up the Vesper so didn't contribute much there, the slacker.

I think Eyero and the Twins still have their turn 6 to go, and then it's turn 7 first come first serve.

Nimeton, I saw in the write up you were looking for a name for your insects. Maybe something like Bzzkrt for sounds they might make? Or just 'The Swarm'? (Might be a bit too zerg like there but hey)

Hard part might getting said map up. None of us have DM level control on this

Eyero wrote:

I had kind of been hoping you guys would let everyone who did for the next few thousand years rot. That was Eyero's first mistake, I didn't think about you all acting so soon.

I hope that out if character no one is bothered by what I did, and I apologize if they are, I did not mean my turn to be frustrating but I see now that it might have been.

No worries. Like I said, Omaz Almas might have been vexed, but forcing him to deal with souls is like when a guy with a gardening obsession has unwelcome guests at the door. :)

Out of character, I thought it was a totally cool play on Eyero's part. If anything, I almost feel bad we all dog piled so fast and possibly spoiled your fun.

Karmesh wrote:


EDIT: I started a design document on GoogleDrive where we can collect writeups and more details on the world than this game allows for. I PMed Tobaris to put the link into the game description, but in case anyone is interested you can access the file here.

Huh, the link he put up doesn't work for me, though yours here still does. I've been trying some small updates at my stuff. Nothing too detailed, but getting there.

Nyakushuur wrote:


EDIT: I used Event to create flying rocks, but only in one hex. It might be a bit expensive compared to the creation of an afterlife, but I fear influencing several hexes (at least immediately) with 10 points may cause problems later on when more Events will be played. Any thoughts?

I think a lot depends on the events duration as well. For example, if you want an event that lasts for just a few hours or so (The world goes utterly dark all over) that might affect a wider spread than 'This island floats forever'. The latter would be a much smaller area, but the duration makes up for it.

I'd suggest that as a guideline (rather than a rule as one never knows).
Still, that aside, the other campaign has done some wild and wooly things. At one time, there was a day without magic there, IIRC, world wide.

Omaz Almas wrote:

The green upward facing arrows were my clumsy attempt to symbolize evergreen type forests. If anyone wants to replace them with something a bit nicer, feel free as long as I don't lose any :)

And I think after Pyreous goes, we'll be hitting turn 5, first come first serve.

Doh. Make that AND the twins. Sorry

Karmesh wrote:
Or create yet another subrace to increase the potential for conflict. Strix, Vesper, and a third variant of even further estranged bird-people? Sounds like fun - and blood in the skies.

Go for it! :)

Technically, we COULD end the 'First age' on the 5th turn, but I think Omaz Almas will want to build just a bit more on the Eastern side of things, or fill in some of the few blanks on the west. I've looked at the other group's world map, and it is huge!

Edit: Forgot about the angels, they are their own race though.

Okay, I think I'm done expanding the land mass of the western land. Others can, but I think Omaz has contributed his fair share there :) Time to fill in the blanks spaces or maybe play with races.

Nice work, Karmesh. Do you want us to just still filling in details of our own gods and contributions?

Karmesh wrote:
Very nice! I had something similar in mind with Karmesh, but I will go a slightly different route now. We don't really have an underworld/deity of the dead right now, do we? I think the whole concept of what happens to the mortal races in death is somewhat important for the later ages, anyone with some ideas?

I think Karmesh and maybe Pyreous are the only ones who haven't gone for round/turn 3 as of this post? Well, Pyreous gathered but took no action?


I have a few ideas for the afterlife as well. I think, in the other game, events were used for planes and such. An afterlife might require the same. And we could probably have more than one. Nimeton, for example, seems to be into reincarnation for himself, maybe he'll want it for others :)

Nimeton wrote:
I think a key for the map would be very useful. I also cant erase the line in the middle if someone could help.

I can't figure out how to erase either. I turned part of it white to make it less visible, but I'm sure that's not the best way

Okay, five players IS a majority. So I suggest it is now Round 3.

First come first serve seems to be working, but if anyone has a preference for who goes first, feel free to propose it to the rest of us. I think some folks are going to prefer to go later than others anyway to better react, while others will be jumping on it fast.

As long as we keep a current record of our power points and play nice with each other (OOCly even if not ICly) we could keep this going for a bit.

3 players is hardly a majority, for that matter, neither is 5 gods, but I think even if others choose to drop out at this point, this is a go ahead. :)

Hexavos wrote:
I apologize everyone I will have to step back from this project. My life is becoming too busy for me to handle all of my projects and so I have to cut back on some. I will keep the campaign and map up but I won't be participating in this project anymore. I'm sorry for the trouble.

Damn. I was worried about that. You have my sympathies, Hex. I know how it can be when EVERYTHING happens at once in RL.

Thanks for keeping things up.

If the others don't object, I would like to see if everyone else is okay with continuing this 'by committee' as it were.

I'm tempted to put a river north (but in the same hexes) of those mountains over the desert. Of course, there's already a bit of river, so maybe a forest or something instead.

Ooo... I know how cutting down the caffeine can go. After two weeks or so it seemed to get better, but oy the headaches in the mean time.


AH well, it's Monday. Here's hoping Hex can finally catch a break. I admit it, I've enjoyed how quirky and different this whole thing is so I'm VERY eager to get going again.

Heh, I still see the Belisous one there.

Thanks, Nimeton. Like I said, I was just bored, so something on the side to keep the vibe alive as it were is nice.

Eyero, yeah. I don't picture Omaz Almas blurting out stuff like that either but the 'if' part is fun to play with.

Karmesh, giving that you have two deities to cover, I'd say sleeping on it is wise. The other day I almost mixed my two deities up on a post. Which would have looked odd to say the least.

Okay, these have been interesting reads all around for me. Thanks guys. Hopefully Eyreo, Karmesh, Nimeton, and Nyakushuur might take a swing at it. I know Hex is likely going to have to focus on the game proper when he finally gets his power cable back.

Yay, glad someone else joined in, thank you! It was a fun read. I think Dyrm would be amused to be called 'Chaos incarnate' by one twin, then 'a pest' by the other.

Omaz Almas seems to have more respect than he realizes from the twins.

I'm sorry to hear that, Hexavos. We seem to be getting the hang of it, but I doubt that's enough to cheer you up. I hope things turn around better for you soon

Never played it but certainly a title that inspires. or worries ;)

I look forward to it regardless

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