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Gelatinous Cube

Ridge's page

500 posts (11,636 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 20 aliases.


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Are you still going by the original source material where Sarenrae worship is persecuted in Taldor? (I think that was recently retconned as not being the case but it might influence back stories either way)

Are we allowed to use families and other material from the Knights of the Inner Sea supplement? (It's not all about Taldor but has some blurbs through out)

Okay, this is hilarious. I saw the title, first thing that popped into my head was a swashbuckler...
which seems to be the most popular concept ;)


Whoever gets in is likely to be very happy they did. I'm in one of Bigrin's campaigns, and he tries to be patient with me even on my clueless days (I think those are the ones ending with Y ;) )

I wonder if we'll get to KEEP the flying citadel. Usually those things seem destined to fall once the bad guy is defeated. It would be nice if the heroes got one AWESOME high flyin' pad as part of their swag.

My mind races straight towards dwarf
but as orcs will also be a threat, another half orc might bring up some interesting RP opportunities.

UnArcaneElection wrote:
Ridge wrote:

I have to wonder, is this really Cheliax focused or is it more likely Isger? The latter seems more easily liberated

Not that real heroes take the easy way ;)

If I understand correctly, Kintargo is on the north part of the west coast of Cheliax, whereas Isger is to the east of Cheliax (except north of the relatively narrow eastward extension of Cheliax that borders on Andoran). So geographically not set up to have much to do with Isger, unless you end up traveling more for this AP than we think.

Ah! Excellent point, and thank you

I have to wonder, is this really Cheliax focused or is it more likely Isger? The latter seems more easily liberated

Not that real heroes take the easy way ;)

Cayden Cailean because this sort of thing is what he does

Calistria because I just see her finding the overly repressing Cheliax as due some pain for the inconvenience caused chaotic worshipers.

Shelyn, because her church is in one of the few religions of good that's held onto a lot of power and can take an open stand.

And possibly Sarenrae. I mean, the whole nation needs redeemed, but I also like the idea of her getting one up on Asmodeus' plans for once.

Kevin, that is extremely kind. I think it will be awhile before I have to worry about that, but I'll certainly keep the option in mind

kevin_video wrote:

When Gary said "coming soon" a lot of us figured it'd be either last week or the week before. Give him four weeks, kind of deal. Now we're hoping for this week or next.

Thanks. I hope you're right

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I sure hope the PDF for book 3 is available soon. I just started GMing the AP, and while that should mean I've got a long while to go, I'll feel more secure about getting through it when I know #3 is out there to get.


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I'm looking forward to being in a party where a little 4 foot nothing dwarf eyes a 20 foot tall giant, spits and says "Your people and mine, we both know the dance to come. Shall I lead?"


For those of you who were interested in watching my stumbling steps in GMing even if you weren't interested in playing, the discussion thread for the Throne of Night attempt is Here.

I was the guy who had to cut a few campaigns for time and prioritizing purposes. The GM has been very patient and understanding. I played a human cleric of Gorum who had the high priest position. As I've told the GM to feel free to retire said character into NPCdom, or even kill him off as needed, if you want the High Priest spot, it is sure to be yours once he decides on the hows and whys. If you want another spot (We also lost a spymaster a while back) then my former character can hold it a bit longer as an NPC if the GM is going that way. Gorum is NOT the state religion by any means btw if that matters to you.

Well, one of them has to go Jetro. :) But I'll take that as a vote for me to quit Pakak in WotR

Garith- Great speech, actually :)

Thanks for the input guys, part of the problem is, which one gives me more enjoyment varies from time to time :)

Hecktor, Silas- I totally understand. Let us know if either of you ever change your minds as I'm sure we could squeeze you in if that becomes the case.

Anyone else? So far I've got... Niles.

Huh. I'm not sure myself. I thought it would be an option on the players page but I could be wrong

Silas Hawkwinter wrote:

I'm a bit over committed right now so I don't want to take anything new on. If that game has kingdom building rules then I'd like to offer some advice, your players will need a lot of help / structure to make them work in a PbP.

I tried one (modified) kingmaker game here and it died after a few weeks. I found the rules confusing and unwieldy. I understand this is common.

I'd suggest initially having all the kingdom making positions be NPCs and have the PCs gradually take over if that make sense for the plot.

I know you feel spread thin, which is a shame as you're not just a good player, but very consistent (And I think Niles especially wants folks who can keep the pace). I would be okay with one post a day, I think he's hoping for 2+ but is flexible. Even if you feel you can't play, I'd love your advice and input.

Frankly, for a lot of the 'kingdom building' I would be just as good with 'winging it'. "We want to build X..." would have me go "X seems to be doable... sure." or "X isn't possible yet, but you can have Z, or wait instead and see." but that method would mean I'd need folks to trust my sense of whimsy and I can understand how 'official rules' might set more at ease.

The way it is set up, the PCs are kind of on their own at first, but they can make allies who might be happy to help them in the 'day to day' aspects of rulership if need be. I can also throw in a GM-PC to come along, but I know those can become Mary Sues or stand in your way. One option might be a VERY old dwarf aristocrat who is too frail at this stage to do much more than let the youngsters handle the fighting and then ramble about the old days dropping possible plot cues ;)


Obviously, I'm very interested.

Just a point though, I'll not be the GM, Ridge will. I'm just going to help with maps and google drive stuff. I'll also help out with combat posts as needed.

I'd like to play some sort of Divine class, cleric/paladin/oracle/warpriest/inquisitor....haven't figured it all the way out yet.

Edit: Also, kingdom building isn't high on my list of "must haves" so if those rules turn out to be cumbersome, then we let it fade into the background and we just adventure.

One thing Niles knows, but the others of you may not, is that an aspect of this game will be a Divine "Patron" one that the players help shape and form. The adventure suggests that any divine character types follow this patron. With that in mind, I might say that anyone wanting to play a divine class will get 'an extra vote' to help the odds they end up following a faith they can enjoy. However, I'll try to be flexible and there might be more than one angel/deity 'behind the scenes' if needed.

Thank you for understanding. I hope you're all well and have a great time.

PG DM, if you could set me to inactive? I'd appreciate it.

Okay, just to let you guys know, Niles has requested that I gm (or co-gm) a Throne of Night game so he can play. He'll help me with maps and the like. Rather than gambling on an open recruitment, I thought I'd see if anyone here was interested.

The basic set up? It's a group of dwarves (or at least mostly dwarves) who are heading back into the Earth to (eventually) reclaim the lost capitol of a once great dwarven empire. The kingdom building begins even before then. It will be a 25 point buy using pathfinder rules, but not the official setting (This is a third party product). There will be traits to pick from, including some that will allow you to pick a different set of racial mods for your dwarves (So yes, a dwarven bard, sorcerer or other charisma based class suddenly works).

I'm most comfortable with core rule book stuff but with a group I can trust and who'd help me out, like yourselves, I guess almost any class from official sources would be fine.

I can give more details later, but does this sound interesting to any of you?

Let me cut to the chase:

I've been asked to Co-GM an adventure for another group. I'm very new to GMing pathfinder, so this is a good way for me to get the help I'd need to try it. However, GMing takes a lot more effort than playing imo, and with that in mind, I've decided I need to drop a few campaigns. One of them is going to be DM Variel's.

Variel has been EXTREMELY patient with me despite numerous rl problems, and less excusable just plain falling behind on my part. The players in each of his campaigns (That would be 'you guys') are darn nice folks so I only plan on dropping one of them.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure which to drop: Pakak or Xanxan?
Variel is good with either... Xanxan may not be as needed, but Pakak might be replaced faster.

So he suggested I ask my fellow players.

If there's one you're fonder of, or think is more needed, or whatever, I'm interested in your opinion. Think of it as voting one off the island, but without malice ;)

Regardless, I'll be making a choice in the next day or two.

Let me cut to the chase:

I've been asked to Co-GM an adventure for another group. I'm very new to GMing pathfinder, so this is a good way for me to get the help I'd need to try it. However, GMing takes a lot more effort than playing imo, and with that in mind, I've decided I need to drop a few campaigns. One of them is going to be DM Variel's.

Variel has been EXTREMELY patient with me despite numerous rl problems, and less excusable just plain falling behind on my part. The players in each of his campaigns (That would be 'you guys') are darn nice folks so I only plan on dropping one of them.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure which to drop: Pakak or Xanxan?
Variel is good with either... Xanxan may not be as needed, but Pakak might be replaced faster.

So he suggested I ask my fellow players.

If there's one you're fonder of, or think is more needed, or whatever, I'm interested in your opinion. Think of it as voting one off the island, but without malice ;)

Regardless, I'll be making a choice in the next day or two.

The more I look at the liberator archetype, the more I'm tempted by it. I may suck it up and do this one by hand. :)

GM Niles Iron Gods wrote:

Look up the Liberator Archetype on PFSRD. Its from People of the River and is awesomely good for this AP.

You guys are gonna need a way to bypass hardness.

You guys wanna roll for wealth, take max or take average?

I was thinking Breaker, though Liberator looks better, it's not in my Hero lab ;) and I'm lazy

Fair enough, I'll go with Barbarian :) Probably a Breaker with a hate on for the technic league

GM-What's the starting wealth?

Silas Hawkwinter wrote:

The thing about 15 vs 25 pt is the most powerful classes (full casters) only need 1 stat. Granted martials start off stronger.

So we tentatively have: Alchemist (ixos), Barbarian (ridge)

What does everyone else want to play?

If anyone else wanted the barbarian or other martial slot, let me know. I was also considering a sorcerer and could easily switch.

As for Barbarians, if I make one, Breaker, and Armored Hulk both look interesting (The latter might actually suit the 'powered armor quest' Hecktor was going for if he wants that)

I prefer 20 point to 15. Call me power hungry I guess

Yeah, I think there's a big difference between "Scatter" and "Slaughter"

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Icyshadow wrote:
I bet someone will complain about this change, even though it was called for.

Darn it, Torag, you done wimped out! What's next? Hugging your enemy like those soft Sarenrae "Everyone deserves a chance at forgiveness" types? Might as well shave the beards off and hug a tree!!

(Something like that? :))

I was very pleased by Land of the Linnorm Kings. While it all has a nordic (Well, Ulfen) vibe to it, each kingdom has its own flavor, its own challenges and opportunities. Battle with the Winter Witches in Hag Reach, dabble with the fae in the Grungir forest or decide if you plan to help Opir Eightfingers in his quest for self glory, or wish to show him for the fraud he is. ;) That sort of thing. There are quite a few good suggestions in the book itself, of course.

Andoran is my fav as well. While the Darkmoon Vale stuff is good, I really wish they'd develop some of the big cities and interior a bit more, not just the frontier. While I know some folks think it might be dull, I find Andoran a nation WORTH protecting, and it motivates my players and their characters just fine. :) The "Guardians of the Flame" vibe I get from their anti slavery angle means the nation has a much bigger impact than its borders might indicate.

Runner ups:

I find myself intrigued by Isger. The poor country kind of gets it from all sides. Diabolism on the rise, Cheliax's boot on its neck, its few resources going everywhere but home, and goblin hordes as a constant threat! Unlike Cheliax, it's not damned, not yet, but it could end up that way if heroes don't arise (Cue theme music for the PCs)

The Land of the Linnorm Kings's supplement is so diverse (While still holding to the Nordic vibe) and well written that I've really enjoyed it far more than I expected to. And at least one of the kings raids Nidal! Holy ####. Hats off to White Estrid for sheer nerve.

While I wouldn't have originally named it as a favorite, Taldor has become my 'go to' area for more generic fantasy. I don't mean that disparagingly, the whole 'once great empire now crumbling' allows my players a lot of room on putting a mix of concepts all in the same party. Before it was officially rewritten, I quite enjoyed the Sarenrae persecution angle for flavor. I can still use it in MY version, of course, but I am trying to think of a good reason to make the transition.

I eagerly await more glimpses into other nations of the Padishah Empire of Kelesh. Qadira has proven a good 'Arabian knights' area . I tend to down play the mercantile angle some seem to associate with it (I have Kapetesh for that) and bump up the exotic wonders and dangers.

Of course, those are my votes CURRENTLY... all it takes is one good setting focus to make me reconsider my top ten.

With all the multi classing, you guys seem pretty well covered. :) Are there any niches you feel you need that won't step on anyone's toes?

Too bad this isn't Cheliax... it would make dealing with slander a LOT Quicker ;) Unfortunately, here in the River Kingdoms, shutting folks up can cause more trouble than it fixes

1 person marked this as a favorite.

While the mechanics could probably use some work, I have to say I LOVE the concept of the Lion Blades. The Fluff part is great.

Humans- Let's face it, there is a lot of variety here. The pathfinder setting just has some great cultural and ethnic breakdowns to choose from.

Half Orcs- 'Outside looking in' is pretty common now, but half orcs don't have the glamor of half elves and plane touched types often strike me as trying to hard ("It's not enough I be descended from rapacious humanoid, I must be devil/demon blooded...oh, the angst, the sexy sexy angst" ) to which your average half orc is probably rolling his red hued eyes.

Dwarves- I think if I met a Dwarf, blunt spoken low charisma opinionated dudes that they often are, they'd probably annoy me. But playing one is great. I really do like the whole "Quest for the Sky" bit of their history. I do try to shy away from making them too Scottish as that's been overdone. If I have one complaint about them it is that I picture them as being a greater power than they're often portrayed in most settings.

Gnomes- Go you little chaos bringers, go! If I had something like the bleaching over my shoulder, I'd be acting pretty weird as well.

Kobolds- There is something just fun about these little runts I love. Maybe it's because they act like Napoleon of House Targaryen one minute, and then run for their lives like Scooby Doo on speed the very next and seem to have no problem with any clash that image creates.

Okay, another question...
Is the Quest for the Sky over as far as the mandate to live on the surface areas? In short, if a group of dwarves decided to head down to live in the darklands (Assuming they weren't slain by the various nasties down there), would they be labeled as heretics to Torag?

Icyshadow wrote:
I'll leave a dot here, though I know James Jacobs (and maybe the rest of the Paizo staff) care little for the Dwarves.

Dwarfaphobia harms most the souls of those caught in its grip *Tsk*


Hmm, does anyone know if Pathfinder has a list of common dwarven words? I know some words like Hammer or Gold were originally dwarven and then got picked up for the Common/Taldan use

It's been awhile since I've glanced at Dwarves of Golarion but it never seemed to really confirm if there were "High Clans", "Noble Clans" or just plain honored bloodlines. There were certainly dishonored bloodlines, the 'slag' descendents, so I figure the reverse must also apply.

So I'll probably be making my own, but I was wondering if anyone knew of any official ones in the setting? There's little point in reinventing the wheel if I don't have to. :)

This feels like a silly question but just to be on the safe side...I assume archetypes are okay?

Any Non-Good. Mmm. Dotting. I need to think on how 'mean' I wanna be, but I think I can be a good team player with any alignment.

Question: Are we allowed to apply even if we're in another S&S game? The one I'm currently in is very much in the 'good guys' and looks to be more 'free sailors fighting slavers and the like' than pirates.

Shem wrote:
They are working on both Throne 3 and Wicked 7 at the same time. They are finishing them up.

Excellent. Number 3 , if I'm reading things right, will include a part that I figured was very important... that is, drawing other dwarves to help with the empire. That's one thing that had me going 'hey' when I read the first one. It was the realization that

We're going to have a double handful of dwarves at most trying to re-establish a dwarven empire? Not possible if all they have are deep gnomes in their kingdom ;)

So I now can picture some amusing scenes with arranged marriages and matchmaking... Dwarven style.

Lack of communication for a bit aside, I've really liked what I've seen in both books. I'm a bit nervous about starting one up for fear a longer delay might arise. Maybe I'll wait till book 3, but then, they seem to be focusing on some WotW material next and that might be an even longer pause.

I guess I'm dull, I like the classic fantasy RPG and mostly focus on Golarion. Still, even that can lead a lot of room.

1)"Kingbreaker"- A reversal of Kingmaker..."Kingbreaker" if you would, where you work with the other characters to overthrow a corrupt evil nation from within and actually have a good chance to do it. Instead of Way of the Wicked, you might have a "path of the pure" ;) True, A council of Thieves hints at that but

It's not really like that from what I've been told, at least not in the end game
. Or, instead of the forces of good or evil, getting to side with CHAOS! So many games are about protecting the status quo or bringing order... I sometimes feel the poor chaotics must be very frustrated in their lack of real change on a society.

2) Warbrides of Lastwall- there's really not much lore on Lastwall beyond the barebones. One thing they DO say is that there has been a dearth of recent crusaders as most find the Mendev crusade against the Worldwound more glamorous. To me, that sounds like there might be a shortage of troops in Lastwall, and while Iomedae's example means that many women are among the combatants, it does strike me that the majority still might be lonely young men hoping for a chance to wed (Maybe the good ones are already married or taken). heck, maybe there are some lonely young warrioresses fighting the good fight too, who want a nice guy to handle home and hearth while they're away. Maybe there is just societal pressure to GET hitched..etc etc.

So a group of women (And maybe a few men) agree to escape poverty in Taldor or what have you by coming overseas to Lastwall. Things may not be pre arranged so much as a 'we're coming over on Lastwall's dime hoping this works out for all involved". The PCs might be nervously awaiting their arrival, some with eagerness ("Oh thank the gods, a chance with a woman in an honorable way") others with dread ("I am WAY too young for this no matter what mom and dad want") etc. As happens in these things, the caravan/ship etc is kidnapped. You want your brides? You have to go after them and rescue them. Even once you do, they maybe deep enough in a bad area that it will be quite and adventure to return.

Or reverse that, the PCs ARE the "Warbrides" (again, or grooms), hoping to marry well, or escape poverty or what have you, and maybe just barely 1st level at that. So when battle lines shift abruptly, they find themselves lost in a land they barely know and having to get to safety and maybe find their spouses to be. They might even end up SAVING the folks if they gain enough levels.

(Not sure how well Warbrides would work in play, but the idea has been lodged in the back of my mind for awhile now)

3) Ye gads, I've been reincarnated- The PCs are, each and everyone of them, old, we're talking venerable and ready to keel over soon from natural causes. They were adventurers once though, a kick ass party. The decades of retirement have dulled them a bit (Might even have cost them some levels) but once they were great. The game starts with a bit of roleplaying the aches and pains of old age and worrying you're about to star in a 'I've fallen, and I can't get up scene". Then... to no one's surprise (Because they're reading this) , they're murdered!

And wake up in new, young bodies! They've been reincarnated. At least the ones who weren't ready to go onto their eternal rewards (And any player saying they'll stay dead is kind of a kill joy ) that is. While their relations, servants and friends may or may not believe them ("Listen Grandson, I know I LOOK like a goblin, but dammit, I bounced you on my knee so put down the sword!"), hopefully at least one of the PCs will learn the same thing happened to each member of his/her old party. The DM can either make it a murder mystery, or a "getting the band back together" story, or both.

Well, I used to watch Visionaries when I was younger, so this does intrigue. :)

It almost makes me want to play a NE Sorcerer so that when I can finally fly around, I can land in front of people and claim I have come to claim planet Houston.

Question: I take it the gods of Golarian can reach this new mysterious realm the locals call Dirt... pardon me.. 'Earth', and grant spells?

I forget who, but a while back, someone started a Kingmaker game that was all Kobold. It sounded like a lot of fun.

But I think most folks are going to be with Tsiron. They'd rather play that GM it :)

This could be the greatest game since "Cheliaxian Slaves: The Musical"

1 person marked this as a favorite.
AlgaeNymph wrote:

Andoran's may favorite country in the Inner Sea Region; it's good to see a US as it should be, and in a fantasy setting as well!

See, that's what I love about it as well. It's no more 'real' US than Camelot is REAL Middle Ages England, but you can enjoy the better elements being used liberally. Frankly, the whole anti-slavery angle also reminds me of the old Guardians of the Flame series by Joel Rosenberg, and as I liked that (at least the first three books), I certainly enjoy mixing doses of that in.

I know others who look at it more like 'What if the French Revolution was a success" to contrast to Galt (Which makes sense) or Poland's early attempts at Democracy. So if you really want to down play the 'America' angles, it can be done.

I sometimes wonder if the Darkmoon vale modules shouldn't be mashed, tweaked, and then republished in one big book like Rise of the Rune Lords Anniversary was with extra parts for higher level war against the Lumber Consortium or what have you turning into a true AP. Not sure if the effort and cost would be profitable enough from a business sense, but I know some folks would love it.

Course, we still haven't gotten official maps of Almas and many other Andoran locations and I'm aching for the southern part of the nation to get fleshed out.

Frankly, I have little interest in Cheliax myself. It's gotten an AP and a lot of love. Heck, the next Wayfinder mag will be all about it and will be HUGE. So good news for folk who like it.

I, myself, wouldn't mind seeing it start to crumble or the like. Sometimes it seems as if it is presented as eroding and about to fall into a pit of its own making, and other times it seems portrayed as being unstoppable. I suppose that gives GMs more ideas for their own take, but out of the three (Taldor, Andoran, and Cheliax) it needs the least attention right now.

Then there's Taldor. I was very surprised to find out the anti Sarenrae angle had been retconed. I've been using that one to beat the band. Player characters have been smuggling worshipers to safety, befriending the 'underground religion' and trying to help the reputation of the faith in the nation without getting themselves labeled traitors. I guess I'll need to find an in game reason for the turn around.

Maybe the Royal family fears the claim Asmodeous might try to make on them, and have embraced the Church of his old sparring partner to save themselves? That might work. I was never a fan of Asmodeous having such strong hooks in yet another nation anyway so the idea of the Dawnflower helping to 'redeem' Taldor appeals.

Out of all three, Taldor probably needs the most love. I liked "Echoes of Glory" just fine, and Oppara really shines, but other than that, it feels rather barebones. Knights of the Inner Sea at least fleshed out some of the noble families there, and I'd love to see more of that. Brevoy is ready for Civil War, and Kingmaker was about their politics leading to claiming a wilderness. I could easily see where politics could lead to RECLAIMING deserted parts of Taldor.

Better yet, might be a focus on intrigue where the characters can parlay their heroics into forcing more powerful nobles into actually doing their jobs. "Duke Dechutny, I was glad to save your daughter, but instead of coin... there are three small villages that would prosper if a certain canal were cleared and navigable again. Do that, and consider us even."

That kind of thing. The idea of members of the unbeareded and the lower nobles kicking their 'betters' in the proverbial rear to better the nation is one I like a great deal. Of course, it would also make the PCs subject to assassination attempts, deadly missions to reclaim ruins, and shadow wars against those nobles that are actively hurting Taldor. Sounds like it could be stretched into a pretty fun intrigue/action type adventure in the vein of the Three Musketeers.

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