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Richard Twidwell's page

174 posts. Alias of loimprevisto.

About Richard Twidwell

"An unexamined life is not worth living"
~Socrates, 399 BC

Character Sheet:
Virtue: Charity
Vice: Greed
Clan: Ventrue
Covenant: Invictus
Masquerade: Executive
Requiem: Courtier

Intelligence •• Strength •• Presence ••••
Wits •• Dexterity •• Manipulation •••
Resolve ••• Stamina •• Composure ••

Guile 2
Nerve 8
Dominance 7
Defense 2
Health 8
Initiative 4
Speed 9
Willpower 3/5
Humanity 8
Blood Potency 1
Vitae 7/10

Expression •••
Firearms •• (shotguns)
Intimidate ••
Occult • (vampires x2)
*Persuasion •••••
*Politics •••• (local-kindred)
Socialize •
Stealth ••
Streetwise •••• (rumors x2)
Subterfuge • (spotting lies)

*Majesty ••••
Awe Presence + Expression + Majesty, successes > subject's composure to affect. Bonus to social rolls equal to # successes
Revelation Manipulation + Persuasion + Majesty vs Composure (+BP). 1 vitae, on success target will share secrets and confess crimes.
Entrancement Manipulation + Empathy + Majesty vs Composure (+BP). Subject becomes willing servant and admirer for a short time.
Summoning Manipulation + Persuasion + Majesty vs Composure (+BP). 1 vitae, on success may summon any personally known individual.

Auspex •
Heightened Senses - Hone and perfect any or all senses, see in darkness

Masquerade •••• (Executive)
Networking: Contacts (criminals, bankers, iron masters werewolves, autumn court changelings)
Vouchsafe: Retainers (Lawyer, techie, bodyguard/butler), +3 to subterfuge rolls to protect identity
Deep History: False identity, -4 to research background/identity, automatically pass routine checks
Expertise: 9-again for politics and persuasion checks

Requiem •••• (Courtier)
The Gathered Flock: Herd •••• (interns and up-and-comers)
Authority: +4 to social rolls amongst courtiers, may invoke Predator's Taint rule if more requiem dots than opponent
Reputation: Status (Courtier) ••••
Adept: 9-again for Majesty checks

Status (Invictus) •
Status (Executive) •
Haven (Size •) (Security ••)
Resources •••

* = 9 again

Richard ran a gang that specialized in identity theft and money laundering and was very good at what he did... but not quite as good as he thought. In the early 20s the economy was booming and as soon as payday would come for one job, another opportunity came knocking. One day Richard got a call about some 'irregularities' in his accounts- from a bank he'd never done business with, at a number he never gave out. The man on the other end of the call alluded to several bits of information that would merit a rather long jail sentence (or worse) if the wrong people found out and said he'd "keep in touch"; about a month later Richard was approached by a bigwig wall street trader with an offer he couldn't turn down.

The job was an order of magnitude larger than anything Richard's crew had moved before, but there was a larger-than-average cut in it for him and the promise that if he delivered on this he'd be making some very powerful friends. Richard came to know the banker, Nelson Hanford, and impressed him with his attitude and "business" skills. Before the year ended, Richard was dead. It's been a wild ride ever since.

Richard wants to build something that will last. He's not like those Midwest bunker survivalist nuts; community (and power over it) is important to him and if it came to it he'd risk quite a bit to save others with him- who wants to rule over ashes and corpses? Richard doesn't necessarily want to be the king or president, he's perfectly happy being a big fish in a small pond. He doesn't just want the power or the wealth or adulation of being at the top, he wants the legitimate authority- the responsibility of leadership, with people looking to him for decisions out of instinct because he's made himself the best man for the job.

Motivations: Survival & Glory
Flaws: Anachronism, Enemy, Overconfident

The only decision in his life that Richard hasn't been sure about has been the damned mustache. When it was time for the embrace, he prepared meticulously. After hours of grooming and primping he decided to keep it, and in the decades since he's alternated between thinking it lends him a dashing bit of flair and hating the thing and shaving it off every evening. Richard is on the tall side of average and carries himself with authority. He doesn't have anything against the 'traditional' Ventrue style of impeccably tailored business suits- but unlike some he does enjoy modern fashions and only owns two bowler hats.


  • Technical skills have grow obsolete (no dots in computers), and he is largely uncomfortable with modern amusements involving VR/augmented reality. He has made due with clunky goggles and other gadgets to put off getting a cybernetic implant but can see the writing on the wall. When he does finally get an implant, it will of course be the most stylish and expensive available.
  • Prefers to feed on lower class 'huddled masses'. Feels a sense of ownership and odd sort of responsibility for them, but no real connection or empathy. Keeps his ear to the ground for rumors and has kept up-to-date with how things are on the streets.
  • Has actively avoided discovering more about the philosophical or occult truth behind his existence. Lapsed Presbyterian, has a lurking suspicion he wouldn't like the answer.
  • When he led a more dangerous life he often carried a sawed-off 20 gauge. Now he shoots trap and skeet a few times a month (firearms with shotgun specialization).
  • Born 1889, Turned 1923, Torpor 1971, Woke 1998


  • Lawyer: Zack Hawkins. "Someone must represent the accused," Zack isn't just a good lawyer. He is also a good man. He represents, happily, anyone who is accused of crimes. He takes the best paying cases only a few times a year so that he can do pro-bonos the rest of the year. Richard hired him as his attorney mainly because Zack is married to the District Attorney, the perfect in. Or, that is, it was. It became public information only a few weeks ago that they were separated. Even though there are accusations of a mistress, Richard knows that Jennifer left Zack because the lawyer represented, successfully, Nikos Maximoff against a whole list of crimes, but mainly a murder charge. Zack seems to know the whole truth about the city’s supernatural status, but chooses to ignore it.
    Academics[Legal] (7 Dice), Investigation (5 Dice), Persuasion/Oratory (9 Dice)

  • Techie: Sam “Do you know how many words there are in Klingon for f!+& me?” Sam is a Changeling hacker who spends her time hidden away from the public eye; Richard is actually unsure if she is truly a Changeling, as he has never met her in person. Sam makes a living as a data miner, and even though Richard isn’t her only client, she’s said he is her only ‘special’ customer. In addition, she’s hinted at being able to ‘hack’ people’s minds and even their dreams. Richard hasn’t yet called upon this particular service, as it sounds like it would be a ‘one-time’ deal. They ‘met’ after she hacked his computers and offered her services to him.
    Computers 9 Dice, Streetwise [Technological Black market] 10 Dice

  • Bodyguard/Butler: Iranis “I baked almond cookies!” It was about twelve years ago that Richard met Iranis. Met, however, is not the optimal term. He had been at an Invictus gathering when a squad of what looked like commandos burst through the windows and started shooting. Richard was sure he was a goner, but the commandos seemed to ignore him and most of the vampires, instead going after very particular targets; he would later find out they were wiping out the last of the city's Morbus, who had been making a move to infect the Invictus with their filth. The commandos were a mixed team of supernaturals called Department 7, one of whom was Iranis. Richard struck up a conversation with the unusually plucky woman, and they became friends. Two years later, when D7 was dissolved, Richard hired Iranis to be his maid/butler/assistant in all things, a role which the woman took to like a fish in water.

    Although Richard has never completely understood Iranis's past, he has, over the years, discovered a few things from their conversations and her demeanor. At one time, she had been a 'paladin', or assassin for the Vatican, but because of an 'incident' she was no longer in their employ. He also suspects her of covering up her dark past, because at most times, she is quite happy and plucky, but can sometimes become quite withdrawn and serious. Either way, he seems drawn to her multiple talents, and Iranis has proven to be quite loyal, always prompt, and quite precise. She also habitually bakes him cookies, despite his inability to consume them. He has come to assume this as an attempt on her part to adapt a more matronly role within her own life; it sounds like when she worked with D7, she lived in the same space as the rest of the team, and was only at true peace when she cooked.

    Dice pools:
    Stealth 12 dice, Marksmanship 10 dice, Occult 10 dice ...and seems to possess magical abilities that assist her in her night-to-night routines.

  • XP Log:
    Current XP: 21

    As of 1 April: 20 XP awarded, 3 spent on resources 1+2
    1 April: +3 xp monthly award
    6 April: -3xp for 3rd dot in resources
    7 April: +11 xp awarded for wiki activity
    9 April: +8 xp awarded for wiki activity
    25 April: -6xp for 2 dots in haven security
    25 April: -9xp for Occult dot and vampire specialization x2

    things to spend xp on...

    Resources 5 (9)
    Courtesan 5 (10)
    Executive 5 (10)
    Status (invictus) (4+)

    Intimidation specialization (Veiled Threats) (2/6/12)
    rumors specialty to 3 (6)
    subterfuge 2 (6) / spotting lies to 3 (10)

    Implant (willpower dot)/plugin merit (10+)
    Status - City government (2+)/local government politics specialization (2/6/12)
    Retainer - Whisper (?)

    Blood potency (16/50)
    Majesty 5 (20)
    Auspex 2 (14)
    Dominate 2 (15)
    Resilience (5/15/30/50)


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