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Rich2346's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 62 posts. No reviews. 1 list. No wishlists. 2 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Liberty's Edge

Me im down on the south coast. Weymouth in Sunny Dorset ; )

Liberty's Edge

Good Morning

With regret could you please cancel all of my subscriptions until further notice please.



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yellowdingo wrote:
Ambrosia Slaad wrote:
Rich2346 wrote:
Tall Women....brrr
Really? How tall, if you don't mind me asking.
Oh God! Dont say taller than Smufette...please dont say taller than Smurfette...

well im only 5ft 6 inches so uh anything over that really ; )

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Tall Women....brrr

Liberty's Edge

Cant really comment on a FLGS as I dont have one within a sensible distance from where I live on the South Coast of England but ive just got back from a con, Conception XI which had a number of traders from around the country.

Upon speaking to one particular trader he said that he had brought 6 pathfinder core rules with him that had sold very quickly, and another trader had also sold out of the pathfinder core rules that they had bought with them. Neither had sold and 4e PHBs. There were however a number of 4e PHBS which were on the bring and buy the majority of which sold.

On another note however LFR was well subscribed to whilst Pathfinder Society appeared to be virtually non existant. However on the last day we discovered that it wasn't non existant just poorly organised compared to living forgotten realms.

If it means anthing my group played a lot of Pathfinder, some runequest and Boot Hill.

I get my stuff all mail order from Paizo which costs in shipping to the UK but its still probably cheaper than petrol costs etc to get to shops. And as some pure anecdotal stuff my local group plays mainly Pathfinder with a bit of traveller and Runequest throne in. Only 2 members of about 8 are interested in 4e and purchase the books, whilst 4 players including me purchase pathfinder and the rest arent really bothered as long as there is a game on.

make from that what you will

Liberty's Edge

I ordered mine straight from Reaper. They arrived in about 2 and a half weeks and the postage wasnt too bad either.

sorry should have mentioned im in the UK

Liberty's Edge

Ive just seen some of True Blood (yeah i know we are a bit behind in the UK) and it was awesome, realy makes me want to drag out my old Vampire Books and start a new game : ) Charlaine Harris clearly was a VTM fan ; )

Ive played a few Vtr games but it really just doesnt grab me. I loved the OWoD meta plot which I think is what turns me off, Vtr is just...meh.

If I had never played the masquerade then I probably would enjoy Requiem a bit more, likewise if I never played D&d i probably would have liked 4e some more. In both cases I dont. Meh

Oh well ive got plenty of Vtm to last forever, now where is my New Orleans Sourcebook......

Liberty's Edge

My book arrived about 6 days after release so thats pretty good. I know the postage isnt cheap from the states but being a subscriber gets some discounts which help a little bit. I just try not to look at the cost of the shipping!
The bonus is you get your books when it appears other places dont seem to be able to.

Liberty's Edge

I love dming 3 and 3.5 and still do. loved dming pathfinder beta and as will soon be converting over to PFRPG. Its never taken me "hours" to stat out npcs but to be honest I enjoy putting the time in to designing a session.
I ran a Vampire the Masquerade game for about 3 years and that took a hell of a lot more prep work but I find the more you put in in the more you get out.
Ive ran games with absolutely no planning before when we've turned up for a session and the dm has gone last minute sick and they have been fun as well.
Ive only played 4e a few times and im meh about it. ill play it if someone is running a game but I dont think I will ever dm it.

Liberty's Edge

1. Forgotten Realms (pre spellplauge)
2. Golarion
3. Dragonlance (pre 5th age)
4. Old World of Darkness

Liberty's Edge

I prefer OWoD personally but mainly for the fluff and story, history etc. I have run a number of long running Vtm campaigns and really had a great time. Played Mage and Werewolf a bit as well and had a good time although im not as much of a fan as those games as I am Vtm

Played Vtr in NwoD a few times but just cant into it. I dont think the setting is anywhere near as good or interesting. Just doesnt feel right and I dont really like the covenants and just.... well the setting : ( which is a shame cos I used to love giving WW money. Havent done for many years now.

Not too bothered about the rules really its the setting that does it for me!

Liberty's Edge

Arcmagik wrote:
Kevin Mack wrote:

Except Paizo have given numbers admitadly not exact numbers but we do know they have had more than 50000 Unique downloads for the Beta
And the reason the numbers don't matter is variable. How many of those 50,000 unique downloads are actually playing Pathfinder. We don't know... I for one had downloaded the Beta and choose not to play it but we can't just assume that means there is still 49,999 unique downloads that are actually playing it.

Same goes for 4e edition. How many people have bought it but arent playing it. I know im one.

Liberty's Edge

The Dragonlance chronicles were "group" centered novels for the most part. And also the Knights of Myth Drannor series by Ed Greenwood. And esch of those groups had a "classic" makeup including Fighter, Wizard, Cleric, Rogue which sometimes included more than one of each.


Liberty's Edge

Blood stained Sunday's best wrote:
mattdroz wrote:

Ahhh... I see you don't have Response #132 listed in you're guidebook. Please note everyone, this is #132.

Thank you and good day! :D

My guidebook ended at response #87 - Forgotten Realms had way too much stuff to read and unless you read every single book and memorize the material backward you can't possibly run an effective campaign.

uh oh better let my players know then : ( I was sure they were having fun

Liberty's Edge

Hmm my group hits about 8 when everyone turns up!

Liberty's Edge

Chris Mortika wrote:

Sure, Blood-stained Sunday Best. I'll try to explain as best I can.

Reason 1 - If You're Going to Use the Setting, Use the Setting

As you observe, it's certainly possible to run extensive campaigns in the Forgotten Realms and never meet any of the famous Power Player NPCs. It's also possible to run extensive campaigns in the Star Wars universe during the fall of the Empire without ever running into Luke, Han, Lando, etc. Or to play in the Star Trek universe, just after the Next Generation / DS9 arcs, without running into anyone from the TV shows.

But at some point, a Star Trek fan is going to ask, "What's the point of setting this campaign in the Federation if we never hear about Picard or Data or Sisko?" I remember advertisements for the Star Wars RPG which pointed to Random Crowd Guy #137 and asked "What's that guy's story?" And the obvious answer is: "Who the Hell cares?"

As long as the Realms features Elminster, the Seven Sisters, the powerful Harpers, and so on --all of whom are supposed to be active in the day-to-day happenings of the Realms -- it seems a shame to never hear of them, see them, or interact with them.

"I live in Shadowdale."
"Wow. What's Elminster like?"
"Couldn't tell you. Never seen him."


Reason 2: The Lure of Canon

I can't speak for all FR DMs, but I've met my share, and most of them think it's very important to try to keep accurate to canon as much as possible; that's why they liked running in the Realms. We would get bardic reports of adventures in distant places (novels) or rumors of riches and power (published sourcebook adventure seeds). And, for at least a couple of those DMs, the fact that someone else, say, restored the dragons' sanity after they'd all been driven mad, meant that the PCs couldn't. If we had, instead of the party in the novels, that would have broken canon.

In particular, they would hate for their campaigns to go off in one direction, and then be contradicted by a future...

Fair points, however unlike a TV programme the PCS should be the main characters, its their story after all.Its a big world why do you need to hear about all the famous persons let alone meet them?

And although these persons have not turned up in my realms, its still the realms. Guess the question is whats more important to you in your games? Is it the History the lore and locales or is it characters an author has created for his book?

For example my current game is set in Shadowdale, and the characters have been for a tour of the Dales, guess Elminster. Not one of my players has demanded to know where he is or why he isnt doing anything to stop the Zhent threat. If one day I fell the urge to put him in the campaign he sure as hell wont be there to save the day, cos thats the the players are for!again its their game!

As for the canon. Well both I and the majority of my players love the canon, weve read loads of novels and devoured sourcebooks with glee. Doesnt mean I need to be a slave to it to run a great game in the forgotten realms

Liberty's Edge

Blood stained Sunday's best wrote:

Golarion was a great find for me. Finally, a campaign setting with some blank spaces on the map and no multitude of Elminsters, Seven Sisters, and Halasters flying around willy nilly.

Can someone please explain this argument to me? I played in the realms for years. At no point did Elminster or the Seven Sisters or Drizzt come bashing in the door to save my PCs. At no point in time did my PCs ever say, "Geesh, I'd like to accomplish something but so many characters from the novels are running around in the campaign. There is no evil left to fight." At no point in time did we play tavern beer pong because the player characters were waiting for Wulfgar to solve their problems.

Isn't it lazy DMing to invite in these famous characters to upstage the players? Its not a setting problem, its a DM problem. And if your players are complaining that Evil Guy A could never accomplish his plan because Blackstaff would have intervened, well then you have a player problem.

I also fail to understand the argument, that we play Campaign X now because we can finally be the heroes. My players were always the heroes. There were always big bad threats. The big novel characters stayed where they the damn novels.

Sorry...for some reason I get very irritated about this suject.

Yeah it irks me as well. None of these persons have ever shown up and caused problems in any of the games I have played or ran! Amazingly the pcs are always the heroes!

Personally I love the 7 sisters and whatnot and I love(ed) reading about them but not once did I fell the need to have them show up and save the day!

Infact im tempted to start a thread about my current realms game and whats going on and what the PCS are up to. Im sure no one else is interested but hey! It might go to illustrate what you can do in the realms even though there is too much lore and history to be able to get involved and far too many npcs to let your pcs do anything etc etc etc (nb that last bit was sarcasm)

Liberty's Edge

Interestingly I have just read a thread over at the WOTC site, which admitdley I dont visit hardly ever anymore, which was started by one of these alleged "new" realms fans and do you know what his question was? something along the lines of "Where can I find out more about the History of the realms?" He was of course pointed towards the wealth of 2e and 3e matarial.

I thought one of the reasons for this "new realms" was so that the new players wouldnt be "intimidated" by all the history and lore? and the first thing they want is the old history and lore which wotc told us was a problem with the realms! Id link it but I cant really be bothered.

Personally I have been playing and dming in the realms for years and will continue to do so but with Pathfinder rules, and I tend to run my games before the time of troubles!

I would add my thoughts about the new campaign world which wotc are calling the forgotten realms, but I wont because its pretty much all been said, suffice to say I dont like it. I would have a rant about how much I dont like it but I just dont have the energy anymore and am content with what im doing with the realms and I think my players are too.

Liberty's Edge

Mark Peyton wrote:
Zombieneighbours wrote:
Mark Peyton wrote:
Yeah anything in the South might appeal to outside the UK but for those of us here it pretty much rules it out.

Just as having it Brum or further north might well rule it out for some people in the south.

The question should be, where is it best for most of those attending and for any guests who might be booked.

Brum only rules it out if you live really far east.

or really far south!

I went to Gen Con in Manchester once. Never again! Im on the south coast so Conception was a great location (hr away) but im easy.

London would be ok, or Reading or somewhere round there. I could probably do Birmingham but not without a lot of chuntering : )

Liberty's Edge

Im in

assuming I get leave. Shouldnt be a problem though

Liberty's Edge

Paz wrote:

Eye of the Crocodile King (slot 3): I was concerned beforehand that a party of three clerics (inc. one dwarf), a dwarf fighter and a half-orc barbarian had limited options, and might struggle, especially with only one level 2 PC. As it was, we steam-rollered everything! The GM admitted afterwards that he'd boosted one of the encounters to make it slightly harder, but we still had few problems. We had some hairy moments in the final encounter, but all things considered we did well. It probably helped that we were all the same faction - go team Andoran! It may have been Rich2346 and his 'pals' that I played with on this one. If I was feeling a little down after the first scenario, I was far happier after the

ah hah it was indeed and I was that Dwarf cleric Torgar we did hurtle through that, but I thought we were going to die horribly in the last encounter. I wont spoil it but damn half orcs and their saves : )

go team Andoran ; )

Liberty's Edge

Dragnmoon wrote:
Wintergreen wrote:

Looking forward to the next one - maybe we should see about a UK Paizocon?

If you guys were able to set that up and able to get it out. *You have an email list of Gamers in that have been to UK Gencon and Conception?) Depending on the date I might be able to convince a few here in germany to go.

Road Trip!

Myself and at least 4 others would definately be up for it, we are all also willing to dm stuff : )

Liberty's Edge

Just thought id chime in and say me and my pals had a great time at conception, we managed to fit in 5 pathfinder scenairos and managed to reach the dizzy heights of lvl 3 : )

Thanks to Grant and Dan who seemed to be our personal DMs for the week!they did a fantatstic job : )

cant wait for more pathfinder goodness

Liberty's Edge

B_Wiklund wrote:

Ride The Lightning is definitely my favourite Metallica with Justice For All coming in second. But, I do have to say the new album is not bad. It's almost pretty good. It's a heck of an improvement from Load/Re-Load and St. Anger.

As for metal aw how come no one's mentioned Cannibal Corpse?

"It's not over I came back I brought my axe!"

One of the worst yet best metal bands.

mmm think id have to say ...and justice for all is the best!havent listened to any of their stuff since the black album, same goes for megadeath and countdown to extinsion. You also cant beat rage against the machine for some anger!

these days I listen to Bullet for my Valentine, System of a down, scars on broadway, Aiden, dragonforce, and I like what I heard so far of bring me the horizon

I like to branch off into some black metal (cradle of filth, immortal etc)

cannibal corpse were brilliant for a good laugh i wet myself when they appeared in ace venture with jim carey! quality

Liberty's Edge

Police Constable

Liberty's Edge

Laserray wrote:
Rich2346 wrote:

Well, OK, since you asked nicely. I wont tell much about the plot in case there are people who are going to play it...

Thanks, Rich. A great story!

I think it lost something in the translation and i feel really bad that I cant remember everybodys character!

In the next adventure I had a Dwarf Cleric of Torag who again nearly died horribly by drowning in scale mail with his Dwarven brother, a fighter in banded mail. It was so unbelievable it was nearly funny!

Liberty's Edge

Laserray wrote:
Rich2346 wrote:

We thouroughly enjoyed the Pathfinder society games despite the total party wipe in our first one ; ) more on this in another thread later when ive un packed my goodies and eaten a pizza. Oh and washed.....


Now that you've unpacked and washed, keep that promise! Lead us to the thread or tell us here about the total party wipe. That's gotta' be a great story.

Well ok since you asked nicely.I wont tell nuch about the plot incase there is people that are going to play it.

It was our groups first pathfinder outing, the majority of the group were from my local club anyway (including prosteve who posts here somewhere) We were me, a human fighter, there was a human priest, 2 human rangers, a rouge and a sorcererr i think! We were playing the frozen fingers of midnight and it started of fairly well. After a fair bit of faffing and random dice rolling we managed to find the mansion we were after.

the 2 big ulfen guards attacked us and despite not really being able to roll above 9 we manad to defeat them. We continued on with the adventure wondering why the dm was saying "mmm they didnt seem to be too tough perhaps ill use the higher tier ones" we were all level 1.

we continued on eventually finding the warehouse where we assumed we were supposed to go to. The priest managed to "distract" the big barbarian at the front door by pretending to know him and asking him lots of personal questions especially about his "health" in certain areas. This was highly entertaining and would have worked except for those pesky dice rolls which still refused to land in double figures. Th majority of the rest of the party had managed to climb and swim (very badly and slowly) and snuck in to the back of the warehouse and thats where it all went wrong.

suffice to say there were some pretty rubbish roles and a melee ensued.We started off badly and got progressively worse. My fighter was criticalled by a barbarian priests spiritual weapon upon entering the warehouse falling to about -7 without even drawing a sword. The sorcerrerr was quickly decapitated and the rest of the party quicky fell like flies. And this wasnt even the end of game encounter it was only about half way through.

we all lokked around abit stunned wondering what had happened but hey it was only a game. We did the other advenuters and managed to survive by the skin of our teeths and a thouroughly good time was had by all.

we suspect that the DM had got a little confused and had thrown us against a higher tier encounter as we sisnt actually manage to do anything against this group before they totally wiped the floor with us!

ah well life goes on and we had a great con and some great games!

thanks Paizo


Liberty's Edge

Uzzy wrote:
I was honestly under the impression that you were all dead, and not unconscious and being subdued to heck! I'd have tried to help if I knew you weren't, even with the 0hp. Though I think that if it wasn't for the helpful DM with his quick fix, that'd have ended with a TPK.

I was under the impression that we were all dead as well ; ) I was only joking though! Yeah Dan was a great DM who made it really enjoyable!

Liberty's Edge

Uzzy wrote:

It really was fantastic. I did enjoy meeting you all, even though I didn't get to the curry night. Got lost repeatedly on site trying to find Windsor Hall. Take a wrong turn and you're walking an extra half mile, it seems.

Conception seems great, but it's a bit far down south for me, unfortunately. I do hope I get to play some more PFS, but it's sadly unlikely, at least till next GenCon.

And yes, I was Othello, who almost got people killed, and was surprisingly rarely injured. Which was quite useful, given that he had a total of 4hp!

The games were great, so my thanks to all the GM's I had, and all the players I played with. Pleasure meeting you all.

See you next year, eh?

The Othello who was ready to abandon his Dwarven Comrades to the clutches of the Harpies? ; ) ive seen you here and on a few other sites its a pleasure to have played alongside you.

(I was Torgar the Dwarf Priest in the Silken Caravan)

Liberty's Edge

Dragnmoon wrote:
Stebehil wrote:

Thanks for telling us about GenCon UK. How big (or small) was it actually?

The drawing from Wayne Reynolds is very cool!


for me it was small...Especially the dealers room.

the attendance was in the low 1000's and had just over 20 dealers in the trade hall... it was very small trade hall

Conventions I have been to in the past on the east coast of the US have had about 7,000-10,000 attendance for I-Con *My local Con back home* or 20,000 - 30,000 in attandance at DragonCon, both with huge dealers halls.

Though they are very different Cons...

Both I-Con back home and Gen Con UK have the same feel, very Faimly friendly. While Gen Con UK has a dealers room of a little more then 20 dealers, I-Con has a Huge dealers room in a very large Gym with many more dealers. Here is a Pic of the Delaers room at I-Con

Now DragonCon in Atlanta Georgia US is a Scifi/Fanatasy debauchery filled orgy fest!!!... Granted I have much more fun at Dragoncon ;-). here are some pics I found to show you what I mean... and the dealers room is even larger then I-Cons!!!

All and all I still had fun... Though I was surprised it was so small.

My last 2 previous GenCon UKs were back in the early 2000s late 1990s (sorry cant remember the exact years)when they were held at Loughborough and Manchester. They certainly seemed much bigger then, just trade hall wise. Loughborough had a whole university gym (a big one!) to itself and there were lots and lots of traders. Saying that i thoroughly enjoyed this one and im definately going back next year!

Liberty's Edge

Erik Mona wrote:

So pleased to have met you all. Perhaps next time I get out I'll play a round or two of games.

Thanks so much for making our first Gen Con UK such a rousing success!

Hopefully you will be coming back next year with more pathfindery goodness and the release of the full rules?

Liberty's Edge

Cosimo Angelo wrote:

It was a blast meeting you all guys.

I was really glad to meet the paizo team, and wish there was time to talk more with you all. I hope Erik sets into motion his plans to visit Paris at some point. :)

It was really nice meeting the other players, and meeting some of the posters on these boards in RL. Special thanks to uzzy (long live Taldor !). Also, to the druid player, don't forget to ffed the wolf !

Congrats also to all the DMs (Hi Dan !)

Also, I really, really enjoyed playing the pathfinder society adventures, especially silent tide ! It was refreshing, fun, fast played ... just great ! If you haven't yet, jump on aboard.

I saw some people taking pictures today, don't know if it was you Dragonmoon, but you may see my ugly face somewhere on this board or gen Con UK site :)

I hope to make it again for next year, it was really great.

Cosimo was it you who played the Silken Caravan with us today? Im one of the 2 Dwarfs that couldnt seem to climb a rope and then got slapped around by some harpies!!!!!! you saved us!

there was a guy taking pictures at the end of that game who was that????


Liberty's Edge

Erik Mona wrote:

For the record, it's Nick Logue who is moving to the UK, not Erik Mona, who is staying in Seattle and who will continue to run Paizo's publishing business.

Hope that's OK with everyone. :)

The con is over and we had a wonderful time. We managed to survive the show with a handful of the Betas left, but that was only because each of us carted a full suitcase of them to the show to bulwark the smaller amount we sent initially before the Gen Con US tidal wave proved to us that this game is going to be huge. Without that, we would have sold out on day 1 for certain.

I want to thank all of the Gen Con UK senior volunteers, Josh, Nick, and Jason for a wonderful convention.

It's always a treat to meet up with Wayne Reynolds, but this convention brought several "mystery contributors" to light for the first time, including the redoubtable Richard Pett, Eva Widermann, and Rob McCreary.

Lastly, I'd like to especially thank all of the UK and continental European Pathfinder readers who stopped by the stall for a chat, bought some products, inflated our egos with autograph requests, and made us feel at home more than 5000 miles from Seattle.

It was a wonderful trip!

Just got back in from returning from Gen Con Uk and have to say it was great to meet Josh Nick Jason and Eric who were all kind enough so sign my beta rule book, sad fanboy that I am. It was great that they had time to stop and chat to us fans about what they were doing. Myself and my fellow pathfinders from our club must have bought about 10 copies of the beta between us and lots of other stuff as well! We thouroughly enjoyed the Pathfinder society games despite the total party wipe in our first one ; ) more on this in another thread later when ive un packed my goodies and eaten a pizza. Oh and washed.....

Wheres nick moving to?I can thourougly reccomend the south coast ; )


Liberty's Edge

Radavel wrote:

<Threadjack, sorry>

Anyone here play the RPG versions of these games?

I played it years ago for a bit but my group never really got into it. Is it worth looking at the new editions?

Liberty's Edge

No apologies nesseccary at all! thanks very much


Liberty's Edge

kessukoofah wrote:
Rich2346 wrote:

Just started gettin back into GW stuff again. Havent played 40k since Rouge Trader and Fntasy battles since about 2nd or 3rd edition.

Just got me an ultramarine force for 40k and ive got a wood elf for fantasy but im gonna start a dark elf one now that the new figs are out.

what got me back into it was the Horus Heresy novels. they were mostly quite good

oh, beware the novels. the Dan Abnett ones for the IG almost made me switch, and the Horus herasy ones as well. I particularly like the one about the Emporer's Children. That was some damn fine storytelling.

yeah his first one "horus rising" was probably my favourite. Apparantly Mr Abnett is going to be at gencon uk as well : ) I shall have to reprimand him for making me interested in wargaming again....damn him

Liberty's Edge

Just started gettin back into GW stuff again. Havent played 40k since Rouge Trader and Fntasy battles since about 2nd or 3rd edition.

Just got me an ultramarine force for 40k and ive got a wood elf for fantasy but im gonna start a dark elf one now that the new figs are out.

what got me back into it was the Horus Heresy novels. they were mostly quite good

Liberty's Edge


First off thanks very much for my order 10 days from the US to Blighty is great ive had orders take longer from!!!!

unfortunately there appears to be an Item missing from my one of my orders (1007434) It appears to be the curse of the crimson throne map folio. insteaed there is a players guide to the crimson throne.

The map folio is in my pdf downloads so its no big hurry. What is the next course of action?

Thanks very much


Liberty's Edge

I feel your pain. ive never ran an adventure with 4 players all my games have always had between 6-12 players so designing encounters is pretty hard. What ive usually done is either add a few extra creatures in or add classes to most monsters. I also give them max hitpints and then do what is known as "fudging" if its looking the the pcs are going to struggle then i make some weaker and if it looks like they are breezing through i make them harder.

works most of the time but occasionly something is a pushover or could result in a tpk but luckily thats never happened yet.

It is hard work though and very time consuming preparing all the enimies and in my games there is no such thing as a random encounter..there all planned.

Im currently running a Waterdeep campaign and nearly every encounter has been with a group of npcs rather than monsters. they been fighting esentially other parties which is good fun but takes some time to create.

I dont think there is an easy wasy to cope with groups above 4 you just have to wing it!

I cant believe that 4 is an average group......

Liberty's Edge

Also ive just tried downloading and opening the pathfinder companion second darkness and the same thing has happened. ther must be something im doing wrong ive got loads of things in my downloads i cant read : (


Liberty's Edge

Joshua J. Frost wrote:
I'll ask Gary to look into this.

Thanks very much. I havent seen anyone else with any problems and as its any PDFs that i try and download from your site ive a feeling its probably something to do with me : (



Liberty's Edge

Hi guys

Im having trouble downloading the PDF for this, actually as well as all the pdfs I have in my download section : (

I dont know whats wrong im using acrobat reader 9 but everytime i try to open a download from paizo it either is corrupted and doesnt show the full txt or the reader stops working. this happens everytime without fail and its starting to get frustrating.

ive reinstalled reader a number of times and also tried downloading with firefox and internet explorer and no change.

the page comes up with "an error exists on this page.Acrobat may not display the page properly. Please contact the person who created the pdf document to correct the problem" its starting to get really frustrating :( can anyone help?


Liberty's Edge

Cosmo wrote:

I checked your orders and they are in the shipping queue and should be shipping out soon.


thank you muchly


Liberty's Edge

Order # Time Placed Items Total
1011005 Wednesday
Pathfinder Chronicles: Campaign Setting (OGL) Hardcover Print Edition Pending
Pathfinder #13—Second Darkness Chapter 1: "Shadow in the Sky" (OGL) Print Edition Pending
Pathfinder Companion: Second Darkness (OGL) Print Edition Pending
1007434 Aug 1, 2008
Pathfinder Chronicles Ongoing Subscription
Pathfinder Companion Ongoing Subscription
Pathfinder Adventure Path Ongoing Subscription
941765 Jul 31, 2008
Pathfinder #2—Rise of the Runelords Chapter 2: "The Skinsaw Murders" (OGL) Print Edition Backorder
Pathfinder Chronicles: Guide to Darkmoon Vale (OGL) Print Edition Pending
Pathfinder #5—Rise of the Runelords Chapter 5: "Sins of the Saviors" (OGL) Print Edition Pending
Pathfinder #10—Curse of the Crimson Throne Chapter 4: "A History of Ashes" (OGL) Print Edition Pending
Pathfinder #11—Curse of the Crimson Throne Chapter 5: "Skeletons of Scarwall" (OGL) Print Edition Pending

Ref the above orders, they have all been pending for a while, any idea when they will ship or are they waiting for anything in particular?

Thanks very much


Liberty's Edge

Thanks all for your help and advice. once the beta comes out we will probably switch over.

I prefer just the classes from the core rulebook as well but some people just *have* to be different. Weve discussed it and he may when we swap just convert to a fighter/mage or fighter sorcerer.

and yeah after this campaign finishes (or I get bored whichever comes first) I dont think ill be running the realms anymore which is a shame after about 15 years but I wont be touching that 4th edition campaign setting. If I do run anything else in the Realms it will be my version of the realms set around 2e/3e timeline.

guys you have all been a great help many thanks


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Hi guys. Looking for some guidance really.

Im currently dming a 3.5 forgotten realms campaign set in Waterdeep. A few other players and myself have been lured to the darkside by pathfinder and as such have talked about converting to the pathfinder alpha then beta rules mid campaign.

what im looking for is advice from people who have either done this or are planning it and what their ideas are and problems if any they have encountered.

the most obvious ones I can see is the PCS themselves. now for most PCs this isnt going to be a problem, however one player has a duskblade...what are the suggestions to converting a character that isnt in the PRPG or should I just leave him as is? Feats etc should be easy enough as well as skills

the other thing is characters are fractionally more powerful using pathfinder rules. not game breaking certainly but how do other people adjust monsters/creatures appropriately so that they are still a challenge.

thats all I can think of at the moment. Bear in mind that as of yet we havent tried out the pathfinder rules in a game so if there are other issues that people have found please let me know and also if there are absolutely no problems then id like to know too.

My group will be using pathfinder for any forthcoming games but this is the only ne were trying to convert. Im seeing if it is feasable or whether id be better off finishing this campaign before changing.



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1.Forgotten Realms


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Vic Wertz wrote:
Rich2346 wrote:
whats the chance of pre ordering stuff for collection at the con to ya know avoid dissapointment.
Sorry—our store just doesn't work that way.

Yeah I saw the post on another thread sayin you didnt after i wrote that...sorry!

ah well fingers crossed that you got enough for me and my gaming group : )

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Doh ignore my last!just found the answer in another thread!


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Vic Wertz wrote:
Josh is setting the product list now, but we expect to have all of the stuff that you'd be likely to expect us to have. And no, you can't preorder for convention pickup—our store just doesn't work that way. Sorry!

doh just asked that in another thread! ah well ill just have to hope all the goodies are still there friday morning!



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