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Reynard_the_fox's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 910 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 3 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Dread Knight wrote:
I'm just going to say that the Spirit Warden Archetype seems to be more for destroying undead than making them.

True, but as far as I know it's the only way for the shaman to get Command Undead as a spell. I was going to flavor it as him wanting to make other undead either a) a part of his "merry" crew or b) destroyed for being party poopers.

Any suggestions for the build itself?


Hey all! I need suggestions for a build I'm working on: an Undine Shaman (Spirit Warden archetype) for Skulls and Shackles. However, I really don't know much about either shamans or necromancy, sadly. A few questions on my mind:

-If I have the Command Dead spell via Spirit Warden, plus Animate Dead, am I pretty much set for controlling the dead?

-Is the Undead Master feat chain worthwhile? What other feats are good?

-What are good main spirits for Skulls and Shackles, considering I'd already have a swim speed?

Thanks guys!


Step 1: Wolfy wolfy wolfy
Step 2: Two-handed Power Attack
Step 3: Outflank
Step 4: Spend the rest of the build on anything you want, because you're now proficient in combat! (some suggestions: Cornugon Smash for an intimidate build, Weapon Focus and Furious Focus for a better fighter, Iron Will or Great Fortitude for a more resilient character, Skill Focus for a skill monkey...)


If you're going half-elf, may I recommend you take Ancestral Arms to grab Sawblade Glaive (aka Ripsaw Glaive) proficiency? The only thing scarier than a monstrous half-elf with 20 foot reach is a monstrous half-elf wielding a chainsaw on a stick with 30 foot reach. (Plus, what amounts to a once per combat Weapon Specialization ain't too shabby.)


RainyDayNinja wrote:

But depending on the GM, I probably can't use the SLWS to pull out a potion, so it's a difference of a move action. But with that Accelerated Drinker trait, I could carry the potion in one hand and weapon in the other, then in the first round drink the potion of enlarge person, SLWS to get my wand, cast long arm, and have both my buffs up and weapon out, ready for AoOs with 20 feet of reach.

Hmm... *evil grin*

See, now you're talking! Grabbing the Aberrant Tumor feat and Improved Familiar can get you a buffing buddy, too, assuming you can have a pseudodragon or imp tumor.

Heh, a few days ago I actually started working on a character similar to this, though without Combat Patrol. He would be catfolk, and his name would be... LONGCAT!


RainyDayNinja wrote:
Tripping would be cool, but I'd be doing it with no feat support, so it may not be that effective. I think a wand of long arm in a spring-loaded wrist sheath is a good idea for a pre-combat buff. But the action economy on enlarge person (cast or potions) isn't great, unless I can get friendly casters to prep it for me.

Well, I would only recommend it against humanoid foes, particularly ones wearing heavy armor - their AC is likely to be higher than their CMD.

Also, I'm pretty sure it never takes more time than a standard action to drink a potion, even if the effects of the spell don't manifest immediately.


Argus The Slayer wrote:
Kazaan wrote:
Combat Patrol extends your threat range. So, maxed out, you get a total of 20' extended threat range and can move up to your speed to get to the target and take your AoO, off-turn. So it's like getting your full-attack with all attacks at full-BAB if they keep triggering AoOs.

That's exactly my point: you are giving up your attacks for the chance that you MIGHT make some AoOs. I don't see why that is an exciting option, unless your DM is going to spoon feed you a bunch of AoOs.

Combat Patrol sounds cool, but its a trap.

Depends on the module. There are a lot of scenarios with mindless foes that have little recourse except to shamble towards you, particularly if a choke point is involved. In which case you become a whirling dervish of terror.

@OP, though: You should really pick up a reach weapon. Grab some armor spikes or something so that you can make attacks against guys that get in close in a pinch, and you can threaten an absolutely ridiculous range. Get Enlarge Person and perhaps the Long Arms spell and you'll be unapproachable! (and not JUST because your blood is infested with the tainted spirit of the aberrant elder gods)

Remember - you don't provoke if the enemy can't reach you, so feel free to try to trip people with your AoOs, and smack them when they spend a move action to stand up again.


+1 for Haunted! I played a snake charmer Flame Oracle called Cagliostro the Great, and having access to Minor Image is fantastic. I would recommend Silent Spell and maybe Eldritch Heritage if you're stuck for feat choices - nabbing a familiar (which you can later upgrade with Improve Familiar) is really nice, especially if your GM rules that he can grab stuff from your pack for you.

Oh, and the Eversmoking Bottle is really OP with either the Ifrit feat or the Flames revelation to see through smoke. Check with your GM and party members first, because this will straight up wreck encounters.

PS: The Elemental Spell Metamagic is your friend.


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Archer inquisitor is a very viable choice here - with dex to damage you should be amazing. The skills and Detect spells are awesome for this party, too. If you have a Bard you should be free to dump charisma and focus on being the party radar, tracker, and DPS turret, plus divine caster.


Play a Gnomish Arcanist with the high scores to Int and Charisma and scheme your way to victory!

...assuming your abominable saves, HP, and AC don't kill you. ;)


Hey all! Looking for some help in constructing a Thor-inspired Dwarf Magus. I want a guy that can fly around, toss one-liners, and smack someone really hard with an electrified warhammer, preferably to the face.

Here's what I've got so far:

Str 16
Dex 12
Con 14
Int 14
Wis 12
Cha 6

Bruising Intellect (Intimidate as int-based skill)
Magical Lineage - Shocking Grasp

1 Steel Soul
3 Power Attack
5 Intensify Spell
5M Craft Magic Arms and Armor
7 Cornugon Smash
9 Lunge (or Improved Familiar)
11 Weapon Focus: Warhammer
11M Weapon Specialization: Warhammer

3 Familiar (Raven, Owl, or Armadillo)
6 Spell-Scars
9 Arcane Accuracy
12 Arcane Scent
15 Quickened Magic

I'd really love suggestions for magic items, or a good way to make a Returning Warhammer work out.

Also, to experienced magi: How often did you find yourself using Spellstrike without Spell Combat, vs. Spell Combat with a non-touch spell? Did you often need Arcane Accuracy to hit? What did you like best about playing the class?



Dwarf Cleric - get 20 Con and 20 Wis, grab a Guided weapon (to-hit and damage from Wisdom), take Heavy Armor Proficiency, and tank all day long. Dwarf Zen Archer would also be quite impressive.

EDIT: Though it may be tricky to wear heavy armor with 7 or 8 Str... eh, I'm sure there's a spell for that. (It would make a funny character quirk, too.)


Riuken wrote:
Say I hit 3 enemies with a damage spell. Since there are at least 3, I'll assume they're no more than CR = my level (making an APL+3). At that level difference, I expect a blaster (meaning a character focused on it) to drop weaker enemies if they fail a save, and leave them around half HP on a pass. If they have resistance they might survive even on a fail, depending on the damage roll.

Well, once you can start layering Empowered, Intensified, and Maximized on your blasts, you should start to see that level of power. A 15th level crossblooded caster throwing out one Empowered Maximized Intensified Fireball and one Quickened Empowered Intensified Fireball per turn courtesy of Spell Perfection is truly a force to be reckoned with. At lower levels, sadly, you're just not going to get that board-clearing quality against any but the wispiest minions.

It's a tricky balancing act on the part of the developers. They don't want to let you murder everything in a 15-minute adventure day, and they don't want to let you run out of juice 20 minutes into a 10-hour dungeon crawl. "Blast power" is one of the dials they can crank to even things out, and they turned it down a little in Pathfinder to give other classes a chance - now you have to spend a significant chunk of your resources to solo a CR+1 or 2 encounter. :'/

Riuken wrote:
I've looked at magus and ultimately decided I want to shoot lighting, not hit with a shocking sword.

...Well, you could also hit with a shocking hammer. :p Seriously, though, there are a LOT of ways to flavor the Magus. I could see an Azula-style Magus that acrobatics up to a foe, uses an Agile Amulet of Mighty Fists to poke them in just the right spot to deal damage, then fires a Shocking Grasp into their heart at point-blank range. OTOH, I understand wanting to simply blast things - you're just going to have to be satisfied with the capabilities and setbacks of whatever crossblooded thingamajig the boards have decreed to be the most damaging build.


Riuken wrote:

Blasting because flavor/boredom.

I've played many a caster and done my fair share of summoning, controlling, SoD-ing, buffing, healing, etc. I want to do what I feel is a very iconic caster, and yet I have not seen it played due to its clear inferiority. I've also discovered I struggle with playing martial types, though that seems to be rooted in the "I hit it with my sword... again" repetitive gameplay. Even with a blaster I would have other spells to do other things 10%-50% of the time.

The way I envision the "lightning mage" is an extremely powerful and somewhat volatile caster. If my spells/day are limited, but a martial's attacks/day are not, I feel like it should follow that the spells deal more damage on a failed save. I'd be down with having 3 casts/day that aren't cantrips if those 3 spells were as impressive as I envision magic being. Basically, I want the choice to be which targets I fry to oblivion, not what I can find to do that...

Okay, I feel you. I know what you mean about martial frustration - heck, one of the classes I'm most excited about from the ACG is the Brawler with its interchangeable feats.

Sadly, straight-up single target damage is one of the few realms the Pathfinder developers decided to give to martial characters. A two-handed power attacker is going to be doing about as much on every swing at 5th level as your Shocking Grasp does, without even adding weapon enhancements and class features. That's why mages tend to excel at dealing damage to all enemies at once - something the martials can't do without a boatload of feats. However, if you can combine spells AND martial abilities, you can break the rules a little...

Honestly, it sounds to me like you should be playing a Magus. Magi excel at going nova and dealing drastic amounts of damage to a single target a few times a day. Pick up a scimitar or other high-crit wepaon, grab Arcana like Arcane Accuracy, Empowered Magic, Hasted Assault, and Critical Strike, burn some arcane pool points, and watch as you rip opponents to shreds.

I know you want the power to destroy an entire field of bad guys at once, but I'm afraid that's going to be really difficult until higher levels, particularly with lightning. 3 out of the 5 people you put forth as inspiration are quite martial, and even Zeus is pretty darn buff; you really ought to consider Magus.


Riuken wrote:

Thinking about it, I'm kinda irked that blasting is such a trap option in pathfinder.

I imagine many new players come in and want to kill things with magic, but it's just so much harder to be effective at blasting than doing literally ANYTHING else with magic, including melee. I know it's not a great option, but I still want to do it, so I'm looking for a way to make it work, at least to where it keeps up with average melee damage. A past "me" would approach this idea and make a very ineffective character.

Well, remember that these boards are probably the biggest concentration of power gamers and system masters in the world. If the past you was playing with average-built party members (finesse rogues, sword-and-board paladins, low-strength monks, etc.) and fighting CR-appropriate baddies, you'd probably be doing fine with nothing but a metamagic rod.

That being said, you don't have to do crazy cross-crass shenanigans to be a decently powerful blaster. Grab Magical Lineage on your favorite blast, boost your casting stat a bit, pick up Empowered Spell, and if possible grab a +1 damage per die bloodline like Primal or Draconic, and you'll have a pretty competent boomstick. (Sorcerer, Arcanist, or Wizard can all work just fine.) Remember too that there are plenty of things resistant to lightning out there; you'll really want to be well-rounded and have something to do when fighting them.

I know people are badmouthing Lightning Bolt since line <<< spread, but IMO it makes a pretty interesting challenge. Suddenly you need to maneuver yourself and your enemies so that they're all in a line, then you can spear them like Zeus; it makes combat a lot more interesting compared to simply standing in the back and hucking fireballs. Clearly it's not as optimal, but it could be a lot of fun, and an unorthodox build.

The real question here is twofold, I think.
1. Why lightning?
2. Why blasting?

If you can answer those, we can probably build you something pretty sweet.


Hmm, that is a neat trick. Your GM may allow you to let yourself get hit by an attack, since I think most opponents would not be expecting that.

Another thing to consider might be a spell storing weapon with, say, Battering Blast or Force Punch stored in it. However, since normally bull rush doesn't use a weapon, you'd have to use this in combination with Bull Rush Strike or Shield Slam.

EDIT: Or just make your Dwarven Boulder Helmet spell storing, of course. :p


Rather than mechanical nerfing like spell failure chance, there are lots of ways, I think, to discourage one of your characters from cackling for hours at a time.

Does your party like getting ambushed? I sure hope so! Because all enemies will now hear them coming before they enter a room. All NPCs will think they're creepy as all hell. And even the party members may get tired of it - particularly if you force the witch him/herself to end every sentence with cackling.


For Wonder Woman, how about a Bloodrager with the Celestial bloodline? I always imagine Wonder Woman as the type of hero to charge into the fray, rather than stay at the back and provide support to the team. She seems to have a ferocity that befits a bloodrager, and heroism as a bloodline spell is very appropriate. (Though Skald is another reasonable choice.)

Ideally, someone could craft you some Bracers of Arrow Deflecting, instead of the common Gloves of Arrow Snaring...

EDIT: The Blood Conduit archetype might be appropriate too, especially if you're showing some skin (i.e., wearing light or no armor). It lets you pick up Improved Unarmed Strike or other maneuvers as bonus feats, and gives you the ability to cast touch spells as a swift action when delivering a combat maneuver or unarmed strike. Pow!


Unfortunately, being mounted does not give you Pounce.

Mounted Combat wrote:

Combat while Mounted

With a DC 5 Ride check, you can guide your mount with your knees so as to use both hands to attack or defend yourself. This is a free action.

When you attack a creature smaller than your mount that is on foot, you get the +1 bonus on melee attacks for being on higher ground. If your mount moves more than 5 feet, you can only make a single melee attack. Essentially, you have to wait until the mount gets to your enemy before attacking, so you can't make a full attack. Even at your mount's full speed, you don't take any penalty on melee attacks while mounted.

If your mount charges, you also take the AC penalty associated with a charge. If you make an attack at the end of the charge, you receive the bonus gained from the charge. When charging on horseback, you deal double damage with a lance (see Charge).

You can use ranged weapons while your mount is taking a double move, but at a –4 penalty on the attack roll. You can use ranged weapons while your mount is running (quadruple speed) at a –8 penalty. In either case, you make the attack roll when your mount has completed half its movement. You can make a full attack with a ranged weapon while your mount is moving. Likewise, you can take move actions normally.

IMO, familiars are just a bit too fragile to make good combat mounts. On the other hand, there's great opportunity for spellcasters: being able to maintain mobility while using your move actions to control spells like Flaming Sphere or casting full round/1 round spells like Summon Monster or Enlarge Person is hugely useful.

Honestly, I'm excited about it for Summoner and Cavalier - now you can have a medium creature riding a medium mount. This opens up whole realms of possibilities... including some very funny ones. :P


Barbarian fits quite well, I think - the only class more durable is Paladin, but I don't see most Paladins getting along too well with this party. I'm tempted to suggest melee Druid, but honestly you need someone with more HP/AC more than you need another caster. I would put Fighter, Cavalier, Samurai, Bloodrager, Warpriest, or Battle Oracle as solid choices, as well. (You have enough skill points already between the ninja & rogue that Warpriest is better than Inquisitor here, IMO.)

Another thing to consider is that both your other main damage sources (excluding the sorcerer) need sneak attack to be effective. Something with an animal companion (to flank with the ninja) or some kind of Dazzling Display build that lets your rogue get sneak attack (I know there's some trick to it - check Rogue Eidolon's guide to archery rogues) could be quite helpful.

Whatever you pick, though, make sure it's someone that can take the heavy hits! Grabbing Diehard (the Unbreakable fighter gets it for free, I believe) might be a wise choice, regardless of class.


Ooh, I like that solution too. Tell him to use a Gnomish Battle Ladder. :p


A home rule we use in some of my games is that if you're intimidating via threat of physical harm, you use Strength, and the size penalties apply; but if you're using a more psychological threat (e.g., god's vengeance, social ruin, blackmail, etc.) you use Charisma and size doesn't matter. That way, the hulking bruiser with low charisma and the scheming gnome with low strength can both be quite intimidating.

From a reading of Nightmare Scars, it says you "take no penalty on Intimidate checks based on your size." Seems pretty clear to me that it wouldn't matter even if they were colossal and you were tiny.

Otherwise, maybe just try Enlarge Person? A medium-sized gnome would be pretty f-ing unsettling, even without other boosts to intimidate.


Not certain yet, but definitely something that can take advantage of their incredible flexibility. They seem like they could make great summoners, especially using the Occultist archetype. Occultist lets you expend [blank] points to cast Summon Monster [blank] lasting minutes/level as a standard action, which combined with the Swift Consume exploit essentially lets you convert any spell to the appropriate Summon Monster. Combine with the Evolved Summons feat, and you can throw out crazy summons with any 1 point evolution you see fit at the drop of a hat, without even learning the spells themselves! (Only 1 at a time, but it gets really annoying managing more than one, anyway.) Plus Plane Shift as a 5th level spell!

Something like:

Occultist Arcanist

1 Spell Focus: Conjuration
3 Augment Summoning
5 Evolved Summons
7 Improved Initiative
9 Evolved Summons
11 Extra Arcana: See Magic

1 Conjurer's Focus (Occultist)
3 Quick Study
5 Metamagic Knowledge: Silent Spell
7 Planar Contact (Occultist)
9 Swift Consume
11 Greater Metamagic Knowledge: Persistent Spell


You could pick Samurai, and have him be your vassal. He gets Resolve, an Order ability, Challenge 1/day, and even his very own mount.


You get a few fun things, like Fumbletongue, Ill Omen, and Mask Dweomer. Probably some other gnarly debuffs, too. On the whole it's a downgrade, though. : (


That's not quite right. A creature's remaining HP doesn't affect their flight; however, taking damage does.

From the fly skill:


Attacked While Flying

You are not considered flat-footed while flying. If you are flying using wings and you take damage while flying, you must make a DC 10 Fly check to avoid losing 10 feet of altitude. This descent does not provoke an attack of opportunity and does not count against a creature’s movement.

Collision While Flying

If you are using wings to fly and you collide with an object equal to your size or larger, you must immediately make a DC 25 Fly check to avoid plummeting to the ground, taking the appropriate falling damage.

Also, this post should probably be in the Rules Question subforum, not Advice.


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revaar wrote:


Str 16 (14+2)
Dex 10
Con 14
Int 8
Wis 10
Cha 15

lvl 4 boost goes to Cha, all other boosts to Str.

Feats: Power Attack and Fey Foundling.

Pick up the heaviest armor you can, and two hand a big weapon.

For multiclassing, generally the answer is no. Usually it is not worth the delayed progression to your key abilities. However, if you find yourself in the role of main healer, it may be worth it to take a 1-4 level dip into Oracle (Life Mystery). The key here is the Life Link Revelation, which basically gives 1 ally per oracle level fast healing 5, by transfering 5 damage a round to you, which you can then heal as a swift action with lay on hands.

This is very solid advice! This will give you a durable paladin that's pretty potent in any melee battle. I have some other suggestions that are a little more specialized, but you might find pretty fun.

  • Halfling or Gnome, Mounted Paladin - Grab a lance and poke things with it for maximum damage. Minimum strength 14. Halflings and gnomes are better because they can ride medium-sized mounts, and because come on, it's hilarious.
  • Hospitaler Archetype - trade some smites per day for a supply of channels distinct from your Lay on Hands, plus a healing aura at 11th. Good if you're doing lots of healing but don't want to multiclass.
  • Dragon Paladin - become the dragon of justice by going Paladin 4/Sorcerer 1/Dragon Disciple X. Much worse at healing, and you'll have to be wary of spell failure %, but you get strength boosts and sorcerer spells which is pretty dandy.
  • The Silly Avenger - As Revaar's suggestion, but go Half Elf with Ancestral Arms and grab the silliest weapon you can think of. Smite your foes with a Gnomish Battle Ladder or a harpoon or something.

Good luck! Please don't just be lawful stupid mcburlyguy unless that's actually the character you want to play - there are many, many ways to RP a Paladin, even with the same stats and feats. Check to see if your GM will let you be the paladin of a chaotic god like Cayden Cailean, or a neutral one like Gozreh - though even between the paladins of Erastil, Sarenrae, and Iomedae there would be big differences.


DominusMegadeus wrote:
That really doesn't make much sense, but I guess that's the rules.

I believe the intent is that if they make the initial reflex save, it symbolizes them getting their weapon out of the line of fire of your Grease spell, whereas if they fail, the subsequent saves represent trying to hold on to the greasy weapon.


Sorry, that's houserule stuff. There's a spell called Create Demiplane, and with the greater version you can affect the time flow inside it; but only half or double time, and you need to be a 17th level wizard to cast it.

You can read about the properties of the outer planes here.

D20pfsrd wrote:

Flowing Time

On some planes, the flow of time is consistently faster or slower. One may travel to another plane, spend a year there, and then return to the Material Plane to find that only 6 seconds have elapsed. Everything on the plane returned to is only a few seconds older. But for that traveler and the items, spells, and effects working on him, that year away was entirely real. When designating how time works on planes with flowing time, put the Material Plane's flow of time first, followed by the flow in the other plane.


Haha, you're going to have to pick one or the other, I'm afraid. :p Some strong spells from each:

1st: Obscuring Mist, Grease
2nd: Create Pit, Glitterdust, Web
3rd: Aqueous Orb, Stinking Cloud, Sleet Storm
4th: Black Tentacles, Dimension Door, Infernal Healing (Greater), Summon Monster IV
5th: Teleport, Cloudkill, Wall of Stone, Major Creation, Summon Monster V
6th: Ice Crystal Teleport, Summon Monster VI, Acid Fog

1st: Enlarge/Reduce Person, Feather Fall, Expeditious Retreat
2nd: Bear's Endurance, Knock, Pyrotechnics, Spider Climb
3rd: Burrow, Fly, Haste, Shrink Item, Slow
4th: Earth Glide, Obsidian Flow, Stone Shape, Beast Shape II
5th: Overland Flight, Baleful Polymorph, Fickle Winds, Passwall, Telekinesis, Elemental Body II, Transmute Rock to Mud
6th: Flesh to Stone, Disintegrate, Enemy Hammer, Form of the Dragon I, Undead Anatomy III

There are a few divination spells that might help you find things. Detect Magic, obviously, but also stuff like Detect Secret Doors or Locate Object.

Those are all standard fare for magic shops, though stuff like the Ring of Freedom of Movement might be over the pay grade of most shops.

Malikii411 wrote:
also I want to be utility maybe not battlefield controll or blast em dps, just make my party thankful my toon is there. obviously I wanna be somewhat useful in combat, lets face it most pathfinder games we play are 70% battles anyway, but when your stuck between an abyssal demon and a lava pit id like to be the one to save the day out of nowhere, maybe not kill the guy but live to fight another day, or just make the dungeons generally easier on the party

Either of those schools will work great with this. Many conjuration spells can affect the battlefield with NO save for the enemies - putting up strategic Walls of Stone can completely change the flow of a battle. Transmutation's buffs are also 100% guaranteed to work - your party would probably love you even if you did nothing but hand out Fly and Haste all day long.


Hi Malikii, welcome to the boards. : )

First off, while it is tempting to be able to do everything, you really are better off if you pick at least one area to focus in. Most of the arcane schools grant powerful abilities, as well as one bonus spell slot of every level you can cast (I can't overstate how good this is!); the universalist doesn't have much to offer next to that. You can also take the Opposition Research feat if you want, so that you only have one banned school. Remember, even if you pick something as an opposed school, you can still prep spells from it by using two slots.

What does the gnome sorcerer specialize in? Whatever it is, I would suggest picking that as an opposed school, and picking a favored school that does something no one else in the party can do. If you really don't know what to pick, I'm always a fan of Conjuration or Transmutation - there are a lot of really good spells in both schools that are almost always useful. If you pick Illusion or Enchantment, you may find yourself out of luck against undead and other mindless foes, especially if your campaign leans towards a dungeon crawl.

Here are some other recommendations that are generally good all-around, though.

Improved Initiative
Spell Focus
Improved Familiar
Combat Casting
Craft Wondrous Item
Fast Study
Skill Focus
Iron Fortitude
Metamagics (Silent, Persistent, Empowered, etc.)

Pearls of Power
Cloak of Resistance
Metamagic rods
Headband of Intelligence
Belt of Physical Perfection (Dex and Con)
Ring of Freedom of Movement
Handy Haversack
Tree Feather Token
Potions of Cure Moderate/Serious Wounds
Potions of Lesser Restoration


Thelemic_Noun wrote:

Spell resistance, once an important part of the game, is now *gigglesnort* territory. I wouldn't worry about it.

This is why.

Well, that is 500gp a pop... The thing is, though, blasting is best done on a crowd, and I find it's pretty rare that you fight A WHOLE BUNCH of dudes with Spell Resistance. Usually it's just the one dragon or something, and you're often better off buffing your friends anyway because the enemy's saves are monstrously high.


With their flexible casting and access to both bloodlines and arcane schools, Arcanists definitely have the potential to be the best blasters out there.

Your build looks very solid to me. Picking Fire Snake as your Magical Lineage spell will mean you won't really get into top form until you're in the teen levels, but I can definitely understand wanting to pick something other than Fireball.

If I were you, I might trade out Rime Spell or one of the DC-boosters for Improved Initiative, or maybe Extra Exploit: Familiar (and pick an initiative-granting critter). It's really nice to be able to get blasts off while the enemies are still all clustered together, and before your teammates go charging in to beat them with sticks. The Reactionary trait helps with that, too. Your current +2 is pretty paltry.

I wouldn't worry too much about getting Spell Penetration - just use your Greater Metamagic Knowledge to grab Piercing if you're expecting foes with that oh-so-irksome spell resistance, and always have a no-SR spell or two in your back pocket.

I'm curious what the story behind this guy is. :p


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As soon as I saw the elemental bloodline can get you a constant (while raging) 60 foot flight speed, I was hooked.

Now I want to make a Halfling bloodrager that wears Mistmail, can electrify his attacks, and has Flyby Attack, so that by 9th level he can literally just be a stormcloud that flies down to smack/zap people.


Arturius Fischer wrote:
What gets me is you can change this EACH TIME you cast the Summon spell. So you can customize them on the fly. Awesome.

Holy Schmidt, I didn't even see that. This feat just got 10x more awesome. <:D


Eltacolibre wrote:

Doesn't matter for druids, ANIMAL SOUL, DRUIDS ARE ANIMALS from level 1, Animal growth druids with huge weapons, time to slice and dice!

But yeah the evolutions, tho, will make sure that people don't feel like picking up the most optimal animal now, since now your t-rex can have the same abilities as your dire tigers (apparently best summons from level 6 and above).

Careful now - just because you CAN cast animal growth on yourself doesn't mean that you can now stack size changes from different polymorph effects. You're still stuck to Huge at best, unfortunately. On the other hand, Atavism is a pretty sweet buff...


Razal-Thule wrote:
Damn why does it have to be summon monster. This would be a huge boost to druids as well. But i guess only pokiemancers get to have all the fun now a days.

Well, at least they get to buff up their pet. (If they're a little charismatic, at least.)

Evolved Companion:
Evolved Companion

Your animal companion has abilities that makes it
different from others of its kind.

Prerequisites: Cha 13, animal companion class feature.

Benefit: Select a 1-point evolution from those available
to a summoner’s eidolon. Your animal companion gains
this evolution. The animal companion must conform to
any limitations of the evolution. For instance, only an
animal companion of an appropriate size and base form
can have the mount evolution.
If you gain a new animal companion, your old animal
companion loses this evolution, and you can select a new
1-point evolution for the new animal companion.
Special: You can take this feat multiple times. Each
time you do, select an additional 1-point evolution for
your animal companion.


Good suggestions above. Another thing to note is that most giants only have low-light vision, not darkvision, so keeping them in Darkness or Deeper Darkness (something available to many summoned demons & devils) can really cripple them with no save in certain situations. Make sure to coordinate with your teammates if they don't have darkvision, though!

Oh yeah, and Mirror Image is a great defense against them since they don't have many attacks.


Haha, I'll take an Ankylosaurus with claws and pounce please! :D

Seriously, though, giving all of your summons, say, Push and Reach lets you really take advantage of battlefield control spells. Oh look, you're standing next to that Acid Pit and my Dire Tiger is charging you with Push on 4 attacks...


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Hey all. In case you missed it, ACG graced us with this amazing feat:

Evolved Summon Monster:
Evolved Summoned Monster

The creatures you summon have evolved to have even
greater abilities.

Prerequisites: Augmented Summoning, Spell Focus
(conjuration), ability to cast summon monster I.

Benefit: Each time you cast a summon monster spell, you
can select a 1-point evolution from those available to a
summoner’s eidolon. Your summoned creature gains
this evolution. The summoned creature must conform
to any limitations of the evolution. (For instance, only a
creature with a reach of 10 feet or more can have the pull
evolution.) Evolutions that grant additional attacks or
enhance existing attacks can be applied only to Medium
or larger summoned creatures.
If you summon more than one creature with a single
spell, only one creature gains this evolution.
Special: You can take this feat multiple times. Each
time you do, select an additional 1–point evolution for one
of your summoned creatures. If you summon more than
one creature, you can choose to apply all the evolutions to
a single summoned creature, or split them between the
creatures summoned.

Just for reference, here are all the things you can now trick your favorite summoned critter out with (one evolution per feat!):

  • Basic Magic
  • Bite
  • Claws
  • Climb
  • Gills
  • Hooves
  • Improved Damage
  • Improved Natural Armor
  • Low Light Vision
  • Magic Attacks
  • Mount
  • Pincers
  • Pounce
  • Pull
  • Push
  • Reach
  • Resistance
  • Scent
  • Skilled
  • Slam
  • Sting
  • Swim
  • Tail
  • Tail Slap
  • Tentacle
  • Unnatural Aura
  • Wing Buffet

So what are you going to be summoning in the near future?

PS: I can hear Treantmonk's mind exploding from here. :p


Dragonflyer1243 wrote:
I haven't read the ACG yet, but what it looks like based on what you've posted is that the two archetypes overlap, both replacing the Arcane Exploit at 1st level.

Right - you could grab one ability set with the archetype, and get partial access to the other with the exploit.

Incidentally, having Teleportation or Foresight school powers would be really nice...

Shift (Su): At 1st level, you can teleport to a nearby space as a swift action as if using dimension door. This movement does not provoke an attack of opportunity. You must be able to see the space that you are moving into. You cannot take other creatures with you when you use this ability (except for familiars). You can move 5 feet for every two wizard levels you possess (minimum 5 feet). You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Intelligence modifier.

Prescience (Su): At the beginning of your turn, you may, as a free action, roll a single d20. At any point before your next turn, you may use the result of this roll as the result of any d20 roll you are required to make. If you do not use the d20 result before your next turn, it is lost. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Intelligence modifier.

EDIT: Perhaps grabbing the Dimensional Agility feat and School Understanding (Teleportation) exploit could lead to some shenanigans with a powerful close-quarters bloodline? You could suddenly appear right next to anyone at any time!


Hey all. Thanks to the Arcanist's exploits and archetypes, it's possible to have a full bloodline and some access to an arcane school, or vice versa.

Exploits in question:
Arcanist ACG wrote:

Bloodline Development: The arcanist selects one sorcerer bloodline upon taking this exploit. The arcanist gains that

bloodline’s 1st-level bloodline power as though she were
a 1st-level sorcerer. The arcanist must select an ordinary
bloodline with this ability, not one altered by an archetype.
As a swift action, the arcanist can expend 1 point from
her arcane reservoir to bolster her latent nature, allowing
her to treat her arcanist level as her sorcerer level for the
purpose of using this ability, which lasts for a number
of rounds equal to her Charisma modifier (minimum 1).
She does not gain any other abilities when using this
exploit in this way, such as bloodline arcana or those
bloodline powers gained at 3rd level or higher. If this
ability is used to gain an arcane bond and a bonded item
is selected, the arcanist can only use that item to cast
spells of a level equal to the level of spell that could be cast
by her equivalent sorcerer level (limiting her to 1st level
spells unless she spends a point from her arcane reservoir).
If the arcanist already has a bloodline (or gains one later),
taking this exploit instead allows her arcanist levels to
stack with the levels of the class that granted her access to
the bloodline when determining the powers and abilities
of her bloodline.

School Understanding: The arcanist can select one arcane
school from any of the schools available to a character
with the arcane school wizard class feature, but does not
have to select any opposition schools. The arcanist gains
one ability of that arcane school as though she were a 1st-
level wizard, using her Charisma modifier in place of her
Intelligence modifier for this ability. The ability must be
one gained at 1st level and is limited in its use per day to 3 + the arcanist’s Charisma modifier. As a swift action,
the arcanist can expend 1 point from her arcane reservoir
to bolster her understanding, allowing her to treat her
arcanist level as her wizard level for the purpose of using
this ability for a number of rounds equal to her Charisma
modifier (minimum 1). During this time, she also gains
use of the other ability gained at 1st level for her selected
school. She does not gain any other abilities when using
this exploit in this way, such as those gained at 8th level.
If the arcanist already has an arcane school (or gains
one later), taking this exploit instead allows her arcanist
levels to stack with the levels of the class that granted the
arcane school when determining the powers and abilities
of her arcane school.

Arcanist ACG wrote:

Blood Arcanist (Archetype)

Though most arcanists possess only a rudimentary innate
arcane gift, the blood arcanist has the full power of a
bloodline to draw upon.
Bloodline: A blood arcanist selects one bloodline from
those available through the sorcerer bloodline class feature.
The blood arcanist gains the bloodline arcana and bloodline
powers of that bloodline, treating her arcanist level as her
sorcerer level. The blood arcanist does not gain the class
skill, bonus feats, or bonus spells from her bloodline.
If the blood arcanist takes levels in another class that
grants a bloodline, the bloodlines must be the same type,
even if that means that the bloodline of one of her classes
must change. Subject to GM discretion, the blood arcanist
can change her former bloodline to make them conform.
This ability replaces the arcanist exploits gained at 1st,
3rd, 9th, and 15th levels, as well as magical supremacy. A
blood arcanist cannot select the bloodline development
arcanist exploit.

School Savant (Archetype)
Some arcanists specialize in a school of magic and trade
flexibility for focus. School savants are able to prepare
more spells per day than typical arcanists, but their
selection is more limited.
School Focus (Su): At 1st level, a school savant chooses a
school of magic. The arcanist gains the abilities granted by
that school, as the arcane school class feature of the wizard,
treating her arcanist level as her wizard level for these
abilities. She can also further specialize by selecting one
of the subschools found in the Advanced Player’s Guide. In
addition, the arcanist can prepare one additional spell per
day of each level she can cast, but this spell must be chosen
from the selected school.
Finally, the arcanist must select two additional schools
of magic as her opposition schools. Whenever she prepares
spells from one of her opposition schools, the spell takes
up two of her prepared spell slots. In addition, a school
savant takes a –4 penalty on any skill checks when crafting
a magic item that has a spell from one of her opposition
schools as a prerequisite. A school savant cannot select the
school understanding arcanist exploit. This ability replaces
the arcanist exploits gained at 1st, 3rd, and 7th levels.

Never before has this been possible in the same, non-multiclassed character. What are some awesome things we can do with this?


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Remember that the Arcanist has archetypes that open up a full bloodline or a full arcane school at the cost of a couple exploits, which each open up a huge host of potential builds. Plus, you can also take the exploit that grants you a minimal school/bloodline ability to mix and match! No more Wizard 19/Crossblooded Sorcerer 1, no sir.

I think the tricky thing about the Arcanist is that from a flavor perspective it's so close to wizard and sorcerer, so unlike many of the other new classes there aren't a lot of new ideas that immediately spring to mind. Still, I'm really looking forward to playing one! I love versatility, and with the Arcanist's spellcasting mechanism and the Quick Study exploit, you can have access to all of your spells in all of your slots at all times. Heck yeah!

DM_aka_Dudemeister wrote:
You should be a Sharkanist! It's part Shaman, Part Arcanist part SHARK!

Just take the polymorph-boosting archetype, cast Fly, and cast Beast Shape: Shark! Turn your teammates into sharks too for a SHARKNADO ATTACK! Why isn't everyone playing an Arcanist yet?!


Dark Immortal wrote:
Though, I think I draw a line and make an exception at the Arcanist (and possibly the wizard archetype that copies it). That class seems to have decidedly replaced any need for a wizard. The addition of exploits every two levels more than makes up for the loss of metamagic feats and arcane bond while the spells per day are initially higher than a normal wizards are anyway, without having to make yourself worse in an entire area or two of magic. The arcane reservoir puts them well ahead of the arcane bond feature and the school abilities of the wizard, while useful, don't seem to make up for the difference in added value that every single other arcanist class feature has over whatever that weaker class um, oh right, wizard, can do. Wizards strike me as a niche class for very specific things while the arcanist is just the wizard, plus the Sorceror, plus more than it should have ever been. Sorceror, oddly enough, don't seem to lose as much to the arcanist as the wizard and even remain viable as a strong alternative to the class as their bloodline powers are numerous, potent, defining, and in many cases not readily duplicated or easy to acquire or scale to similar power. But wizards strike me as relics, the kind of item that used to be powerful and useful for its time and then was later replaced by a fundamentally superior device with all of the same capabilities, none of the drawbacks, additional features, and new (and better) options for use outside of the scope that the previous device was even designed for doing...and ways to refine 'those' as well.

Well, there are a few downsides to the Arcanist.

  • Delayed spell progression - this is a big one. At every odd level, a wizard will have access to a whole level of spells the Arcanist lacks.
  • MAD - most of the Arcanist's exploits are Charisma-based, making the Arcanist dependent on two stats of which NEITHER improves saves, AC, or HP. This makes him even more ill-suited to combat than the wizard, who can dump charisma in exchange for increased Con, Dex, or Str.
  • Reduced range of spells - While the Arcanist's ability to prepare a few spells and cast any of them spontaneously does allow him a lot of flexibility in certain respects (i.e. spamming one good spell), it DOES come with a sacrifice. A wizard can prepare a wide variety of spells; a 4th level Wizard with 18 Int and a school can prepare up to 5 different 1st level spells and 4 different 2nd level spells, compared to an Arcanist who can prep only 3 and 1 respectively (and cast 5 and 3). Granted, the Quicky Study exploit helps with this, but it still constitutes a full round action, the use of a limited resource, and an exploit choice.
  • Through schools, Wizards still have access to unique abilities. An arcanist can borrow some, but not all, of these for just a few rounds with the School Study exploit and the use of arcane reservoir.

That said, I'm super excited to play an Arcanist. I really, really love versatility in casters, and the Arcanist definitely has that in spades. The ability to combine Bloodlines and School Abilities for short durations has a lot of potential waiting to be unlocked, I'm sure.


@OP: Just use Beast Shape or other polymorph spells! It gives you a Str boost to help with to-hit, and you can manifest your claws & bite in any form. Tacking on claw/claw/bite to, say, a Giant Porcupine's 2d6 tail slap is powerful and hilarious to boot. (Consider bolstering your allies with Haste and casting defensive spells like Mirror Image before wading into combat, though; you're still pretty squishy.)

Do be careful - you probably won't be able to cast spells in most beast shape forms. Ask your GM about casting as a monstrous humanoid, undead, or elemental.


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I would go with Toughness and Scribe Scroll. Melee druids tend to have low AC until they can afford Wild armor, and with a d8 hit die you need all the HP you can get if you're a front-liner. Scribe Scroll is really, really nice to have as a prepared caster with access to TONS of utility spells; when I was playing my druid, it allowed me to use my spell slots on buffs and whatnot while still having emergency Fog Clouds and Stone Calls when I needed them. (and Speak with Animals, and Delay Poison, and Spider Climb, and Gust of Wind, and...)

Oh, and fyi, Weapon Focus has a +1 BAB requirement, so you can't grab it at 1st level.


+1 for mounted builds! Particularly if you can ride your wolf up to the enemy, then get off and use it for flanking & tripping. There are rage powers that let your animal companion rage too, which really helps to get them from "nuisance" to "the thing that's murdering you almost as hard as this halfling with a greataxe."

Also: ask your GMs, but some may allow Gnomes to take Arcane Strike since they have SLAs.


ParagonDireRaccoon wrote:
Since the Devils don't intervene directly, a Devil could approach the wizard to help complete a task. The Devil may already have a patsy delivering a magic item, but wants to wizard to assist to make sure the delivery is made. It could be a series of acquiring items and delivering them, like an old-school computer RPG (deliver this item, and the recipient will give you an item to deliver to someone else, who will also give you an item to be delivered).

Ooh, there's a lot of potential intrigue here! Off the top of my head:

  • The wizard has to find out what's in the devil's box before they deliver it.
  • The wizard has to steal/replace what's in the devil's box without the devil noticing.
  • The wizard has to secretly get in touch with some angels & set up a sting operation on the devil.
  • There's nothing in the box; the devil is an assassin.
  • The wizard has to protect the devil from demons.
  • The wizard has to protect the devil from angels. (Can you kill the good in the name of the greater good?)
  • The wizard has to bargain away favors or even parts of his soul to get what he needs.

The list goes on!


Ooh, tricky. You're going to have to be careful here, because at level 13 if that wizard gets grabbed, he's pretty much dead. This seems like a great opportunity to play around with Planar Binding or True Name - depending on what kind of outsider he wants to team up with and what he's trying to do, things could get pretty interesting.


Hey all! Question: what are the WORST magic items for a bunch of mischievous or malevolent fey to get their hands on? I'm working on a "fey civil war" set between the 3rd and 4th acts, and I thought a fey raid on my PC's magical academy could be quite hilarious and/or devastating.

So what's the worst that could happen if you give a bunch of fae free access to a kingdom's worth of magic items?

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