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Viaren the Apothecary

Rev DM's page

13,057 posts. Alias of Rev Rosey.

About Rev DM

Rough rebuild of the links for all of you. Still very much a work in progress.


Warlords using Commander's Strike roll on behalf of the character they are giving the power to.

Healing to activate Second Wind on behalf of another character may be used to raise the wounded pc to 0 and then enable them to add their healing surge. The wounded pc does not get defence bonuses for Second Wind activated in this way. The wounded pc must have a Second Wind available to use. Think of it as emergency CPR.

Powers affecting BLOODIED characters also affect those with negative hp. Thus, if additional hp are bestowed through a power, and an ally is within range and dying, that ally resets to 0 and gains the hp. That's divine power for you.

I find the carrying capacity of horses ridiculously low. The following house rule applies:-
Normal riding horse can carry up to 315lb as a normal load and a warhorse can carry up to 350lb.


COURTS - How to duel


A duel requires a challenge and an acceptance.

There are social duels (skill v skill) and combat duels.

Declining a duel results in a -1 status penalty unless the challenger has a status 5 or more higher than the challenged party.

No initiative rolls are made for social duels. All attacks are simultaneous and both sides can succeed in an attack on any given round.

For combat duels, you DO roll initiative and each side then takes a full turn (move, minor, standard) as normal.

Each participant strikes three times in a standard duel (although special reactions and dueling powers may increase the number of strikes). The winner is the duelist who lands the most strikes.

The strikes in a duel use the character's combat powers and abilities against standard defenses. A roll of 1 or a miss of 5 or more allows the opponent an unanswered follow up attack (effectively a "fourth pass" during the duel). Otherwise the combat proceeds normally with duelists moving and attacking for three strikes. An AP may be spent in a duel but is not recovered until the end of the dueling season.

For each successful hit in combat, the target takes damage normally. Healing, however, is impeded somewhat. Over the course of a dueling season, frequent duelists become exhausted and worn.

The duel takes three simultaneous checks and the duelist with the most successes wins. Ties are always possible. The winning duelist gains a +1 bonus to Status; the loser suffers a -1 penalty to Status. If the duel is a tie, there is no change to Status.

The players:
Arianwyn - FabesMinis
Kia Rubarka - Thrugnipp
Tutavak - Pat512
Whiteclaw - Amelia
Chary - Cotesia

- Everyone gets a +2 bonus to initiative if within 10 squares.
- If you spend an action point to make an extra attack and she can see you, you get a +1 bonus to your attack roll.
- If you are adjacent to an enemy when Kia's initiative comes up, she can use her Commander's Strike power to give you an extra attack with an extra +3 bonus to the damage roll.


Bravura Presence
When an ally who can see you spends an action point to take an extra action and uses the action to make an attack, the ally can choose to take advantage of this feature before the attack roll. If the ally chooses to do so and the attack hits, the ally can either make a basic attack or take a move action after the attack as a free action. If the attack misses, the ally grants combat advantage to all enemies until the end of his or her next turn.

Dorvin - dwarf warlord - Fabes
Isari - human swordmage - Davi
Rusty - dragonborn fighter - Peasant Railgun
Nayce - half elf assassin - Celestial
Guldarin - dwarf invoker - Bluenose
Amenephus - eladrin cleric - detritus
XP total 26,225
Isari has 2 or 3 coins worth of vomited gold on his person.


Group 1
Darwyn - human bard - vagrant poet
Lyan - hobgoblin battlemind - Pat512
Samson - dragonborn warlord - DizzyDev
Norrin - half-orc ranger - Peasant Railgun
Levana - elf seeker - bmars3
Akemi - human avenger - FabesMinis

MIA:Darion - human paladin - trey815

XP - 42,833
Group 1 game thread

Group 2
Arishat - tiefling warlord - Bluenose
Lynore - half-elf assassin - detritus
Thom - human wizard - Eric Swanson
Barel - dwarf warden - Cotesia
Tavar - deva cleric - Xabulba
Lanthair - halfling monk - Celestial Healer

XP - 40,767
Group 2 game thread

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