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Rene Duquesnoy's page

Goblin Squad Member. FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 1,658 posts (1,825 including aliases). 12 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 23 Pathfinder Society characters. 1 alias.

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Great in smaller settings

****( )

I ran this at GenCon, and then again at my FLGS. The GenCon version was a bit of a cluster, but that's what happens when you get a room full of 150+ tables.

The one at the FLGS went very smoothly (surprisingly). Due to the 4 hour time constraint of playing at the store, I worked with my team of 7 GMs (I was overseer) to trim the scenario down to ~4 hours.


Here were our changes:
* Act 1: Let the players take 20 on their perception check and just get the list of other bidders. Saved a few minutes
* Act 2: Completely removed going into the forest for Aspis Gold. Still kept the Heidmarch de-briefing.
* Act 3: Reduced the time from 2 hours to 1.5 hours for 3A-3H. One group still completed all of the encounters, and most got 2/3s done. I think this actually helped, as if the players would have had 2 hours, no NPC would be around for voting.
* Act 4: Went back and forth with cutting either 4A (battle in the cathedral) or 4B (chase). I wanted to cut 4B, but my GMs were excited to run the chase, so we cut 4A. One table took an hour to get through the chase, which made them not get to fight any waves.

Total running time was 4.5 hours. All of the players and GMs were really happy with the scenario, and how efficient it went. As the overseer, I wish I had more to do as the scenario went on. Also, we need to make the players sing something. That would have been great.

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Fire, fire, and some Fire!

****( )

I have run this a few times, and most recently, it was my first attempt at a play-by-post game. This is a bit of a dungeon crawl, but there are a few tricky areas. The boss at the end is fun, and the room is pretty dangerous. However, once you get to the Citadel, it's pretty RP free. The exception is the NPC you meet which seemed to confuse players more than help them. The faction missions were simple, as most didn't require any rolls. Just do X, and you succeed. Much different than faction missions nowadays.


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Crawl (or should I say climb) that dungeon!

****( )

No plot. No story. No problem. What can be said about this dungeon crawl? I ran this for a group of 6 level 1 characters. Half of which are noobs. I did this according to Pathfinder Society rules (for credit), so I wasn't allowed to go 'off book'. This is a fun intro to Pathfinder. You learn a lot about different low CR baddies. However, there is no real story. Just go here and explore it.

This is a good intermediate step for bringing new people in to Pathfinder. You don't have to deal with faction missions or hearing a long schpeel at the Lodge. My biggest complaint about this beginner mod is that there are a lot of combats, probably twice as many as a normal scenario. This made our pregen cleric Kyra work overtime. She could have ran out of spells and channels really quickly. It would have been nice to have some potions of cure light wounds to make an appearance a little more frequently. Also, some of the rooms (like the stupid bat swarm*) was just a room with something to fight, and no treasure to reward the PCs.

Still, a nice noobie mod, and everyone had a good time.

* I hate swarms

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****( )

I ran this at 6-7. This was good and entertaining, but not great. How many times have we heard a Venture-Captain tell the PCs that they are going to be doing something mundane and shouldn't expect any problems? There should be a better intro schpeel.

I absolutely love Riddywhipple (or Ready Whip as my party called him). The RP with him is fun, and the boon is really awesome. My players had more trouble at the pond than at the end.

2 deaths:
The front liners both jumped in the water, then the pegasi came down to get the people on land. Don't split the party :)

In fact, the players thought there was another encounter after the end because they cake walked through it.

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Double down on this gamble


Exciting. Dangerous. Sneaky. Those are words that can describe this wonderful scenario. This has a lot of everything in it. The BBEG is pretty tough, and for each of the 3 times I have ran it, the players were able to win, but just barely. They also used completely different tactics. The ambush is fun to run, and wishes there are smarter NPCs in other scenarios.

The other encounters here are not typical. A few different thing happen, which some PCs are completely unable to prepare for. The warehouse is cool. The interviews with NPCs are fun, and lead to great RP opportunities. The BBEG can be deadly.

Take the gamble. Its worth it.

5 stars, and lovin it.

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