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Rene Ayala's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Adventure Path, Card Game, Modules Subscriber. FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Venture-Lieutenant, Colorado—Colorado Springs. 227 posts (248 including aliases). 2 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 14 Pathfinder Society characters. 1 alias.

Grand Lodge ***** Venture-Lieutenant, Colorado—Colorado Springs

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Such an awesome idea! Wish I was around Jacksonville at this time. Dang, I'm jealous! I just might "borrow" the idea and propose something similar here. Is that cool?

Grand Lodge ***** Venture-Lieutenant, Colorado—Colorado Springs

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We'll soon see Dire Sharks with freakin' laser beams attached to their heads?

Maybe we'll also experience debates with the Venture Captain who sent us out on who shot first?

Grand Lodge ***** Venture-Lieutenant, Colorado—Colorado Springs

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Cory Stafford 29 wrote:
I get that it's hard. The info about the pre-gens was useful, but not one post addressed my original question.

Not surprised.

I haven't played it yet but I have played hard scenarios. Also, you didn't mention your class (or i missed it) so i can't be class specific. My suggestion is a potion of CMW for everyone. I know you have a life oracle but what if that PC goes down. You'll need a back up to get him up. Get area effect attacks like alchemist fire. And lastly, grab silversheen, oil of bless weapon and cold iron and/or adamantine weapons. Nothing will make combat go sideways than DR and swarms if you're not prepared.

Grand Lodge ***** Venture-Lieutenant, Colorado—Colorado Springs

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It wasn't so bad. Or at least I don't recall it being so bad. I just remember it being a magical place.

Grand Lodge ***** Venture-Lieutenant, Colorado—Colorado Springs

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Andrew Hoskins wrote:
We had some volunteers telling mobs of people to sort themselves out and just let them know when they could seat a full table. I don't believe it should be the players' jobs to assemble themselves, but the responsibility should fall on the mustering volunteer.

Can you explain this a bit more? I have the complete opposite opinion. If the person mustering has to build tables it'll become an auction, "I need a fighter on table 3, fighter on table 3." (seven hands go up) "4th level fighter with 55hps and tanks" (four hands go down), "65 hps, going once, twice, ..." I've seen it when putting the responsibility of table-building with the muster-volunteer created a huge bottle neck. I've also seen tables rejecting a player because he/she didn't meet their power or class standards and the muster-volunteer asks someone else to appease the rejecting table. That is not a situation for anyone to create or experience.

It's faster when players build themselves into a table of six and elects one person to represent that group who alone approaches the muster-volunteer to be sat. This is how I instruct everyone when I muster. It clears the area so everyone isn't mobbed around me and I can easily sit up to 10 tables in less than 10min. I've seen a smaller mob take 20-30 min when their table-building with the person mustering.

I have the firm belief and experience to prove players can call out what PC they want to play, what tier and fill an available slot quickly. The player can also listen to a table call out its need for a certain class to balance it, and if they have that character, the player can raise their hand to be welcomed to that slot.

Grand Lodge

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Pathfinder Adventure Path, Card Game, Modules Subscriber

Hey all, I would like to ask the community here if they have any recommendation for a steampunk RPG. I've done some research of my own and have a list of RPGs. What I'm looking for is feedback by those who played any steampunk. Any pro/con comments would be helpful.

Much appreciated.

Grand Lodge ***** Venture-Lieutenant, Colorado—Colorado Springs

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What I like to do is describe the spell both visually and the physical effect but not by name. If a PC succeeds on a spellcraft is the only time I name the spell. I also do this with readied actions, delay in initiative, and current spell effects. I think describing the visual, in character situation beats technical, meta-game description.

For example, I can say, "(pointing to the BBEG mini) She casts an unholy blight here. (pointing to minis) You need to make a Fort save DC 17." Instead I say, "The priestess of Asmodeus raises her unholy symbol. She shouts an incantation igniting the symbol in a black light. A miasma inky cloud surrounds 'Betty', 'Bob' & 'Jack' (Jack is a paladin and the only good-aligned PC). Jack appears to experience more pain that Betty and Bob. Roll me a Fort save." I then ask their final number and give them their damage. Only if we're pressed for time do I give the DC in advance to speed up play.

For readied or delay I describe their action and not just announce the technical description of the action.

One issue I find with this is players are used to hearing the technical name of the action or spell name. They get confused sometimes and ask follow up questions. At conventions it tends to slow up play until they get used to it. I tell them if the PC doesn't know and the party doesn't have spellcraft they'll need to roleplay. I won't describe the action in meta-game terms unless the entire party is lost, which only happens when the table make up is all meta-gamers. The majority of time it works.

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