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Rene Ayala's page

Goblin Squad Member. FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 203 posts (204 including aliases). 2 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 9 Pathfinder Society characters. 1 alias.


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Grand Lodge ****

There is a weekly Wednesday game.!forum/pathfinder_nyc

Check the The Events link here in the PFS page. There are occasional Tuesday games. I know there are some Monday and Saturday games but the GMs don't post them on a Google group or here on the boards. You'll need to attend or visit the Wednesday game to uncover that signup location.

I planned to run games in either Manhattan or Brooklyn but work has sidelined it until Summer. Here is my Warhorn page to keep an eye on starting in July.


Grand Lodge ****

Smart-aleck. Coulda just said it's in the Guide. I had limited my research to this PFS page.

Grand Lodge ****

Sweet, thanks so much.

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Rachel Hill wrote:
....It's one less person to doze off in his underwear....

Uh-oh, my secret is discovered....

Grand Lodge ****

5 hours is the target. Online play technology is close to face-to-face now. I agree with what was stated previously re: tech issues, frequent afk's and brb's and skipping the optional encounter.

My best input is this:
- to keep everyone on target by limiting the tangent conversations that don't apply to the task at hand. I've sat at games both F2F and Online that takes the session into hour 6 and we're still not close to finishing because people are talking movies, TV shows, other games and comparing PC builds that aren't even at that game table.
- when party decisions arise allow a few minutes for discussion then take a poll with majority winning. Scenario decisions shouldn't be treated as a jury where everyone needs to deliberate and unanimously agree. Get them to a comfortable point where everyone has had a chance to speak then call for a vote - and move on.
- be fully prepared before starting. this can't be stressed enough. With online play it's a bit more complex having to set up maps, layers, stats and tokens.
- lastly, get everyone focused to start within 10-min of the scheduled game time. I've seen tables chit-chat for almost an hour before starting. I understand RPGs are social and we all have friends at the table. I've asked players to put these conversations on hold until after the session.

Good luck.

Grand Lodge ****

Rachel Hill wrote:

Since I got booted off my local table tomorrow night (no hard feelings) I'd like to run something online.

Something as in open book. Is there something someone would like to play?

This would be for Saturday, April 12th at 6.30 CDT. Because of Daylight Savings Time, whatever that is, I'd recommend you convert your time zone to USA Chicago, Illinois, just to make sure we're on the same page regarding the time.

But seriously, was there something people wanted run? A free RPG day module? A 7-11? A random Blackros scenario? Give me some ideas, and I'll happily work with you to prepare a good table.


EDIT: If people want a module, I'm happy to start earlier.

I'd love, love, love any of the following:

Below the Silver Tarn 7-11
The Chasm of Screams 7-11
The Golden Serpent 5-9
Portal of the Sacred Rune 7-11
The Refuge of Time 7-11
The Fabric of Reality 7-11
Words of the Ancients 7-11
Rivalry's End 3-7

(I know a couple of those are being offered in the recently announced online convention but I'm on a project that will probably cause me to cancel the entire list I've signed up for before the end of this month.)

Grand Lodge ****

Searched the messageboards and can't seem to find an answer. Is there any stance or anything said about how to convert season 0 scenarios? Choosing monster A from the scenario with equivalent monster B in Bestiary X is easy and done. Encounters with core races/class/levels I can pull from the NPC Codex, again, easy and done. What about custom stat'd creatures that are advanced with class levels (e.g. zombies with fighter levels, ghosts with barbarian levels). Do I convert that to PFRPG myself without worrying about violating something I'm not aware of?

Grand Lodge ****

AZRIALE wrote:

I am sorry to say that this game is canceled due to personal life coming up.

I was looking forward to it but will run later with more prep work than I was able to do this time.

Hope it's not bad news. I was looking forward to it as well. I would appreciate it if you can keep the table sign ups and just confirm with us when you schedule it next. This way we don't lose our seat and have the option to bow out instead of losing it by not catching the repost in time.


Grand Lodge ****

AZRIALE wrote:

1.Torgrid 89041-12 (inquisitor)

2. Rene Ayala 4061-3 cavalier



ok lets see if this takes off like crypt of the everflame.

Grand Lodge ****

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Cory Stafford 29 wrote:
I get that it's hard. The info about the pre-gens was useful, but not one post addressed my original question.

Not surprised.

I haven't played it yet but I have played hard scenarios. Also, you didn't mention your class (or i missed it) so i can't be class specific. My suggestion is a potion of CMW for everyone. I know you have a life oracle but what if that PC goes down. You'll need a back up to get him up. Get area effect attacks like alchemist fire. And lastly, grab silversheen, oil of bless weapon and cold iron and/or adamantine weapons. Nothing will make combat go sideways than DR and swarms if you're not prepared.

Grand Lodge ****

Jeff Merola wrote:

Current Roster:

1. Jeff Kosky - Cleric 9
2. Patrick Harris - Paladin 9/Ranger 1
3. Charlie Edmond - Fighter 7/Monk 2
4. Wayne M (possible) - Paladin 8/Samurai 2
5. Gerald C - Wizard 11 or Oracle of Life 10 or Monk/Living Monolith/StawartDefender 11

Is a seat still open?

Grand Lodge ****

Wolfspirit wrote:
We had a couple late cancellations and have spots for tonight (and probably tomorrow as well) if anyone is trolling for a game :)

i had hoped to play but didn't get a link. Can I join now?

Grand Lodge ****

Do you have a seat open for Saturday's game?

Grand Lodge ****

Warhorn has always been gracious supporting GM and coordinator needs and requests for all gaming systems. This latest update is fantastic. I wish someone had thought of that when I was coordinating. Wow, was it a feat in itself to constantly add scenarios descriptions.

Congrats to the VC/VL community for improving PFS play yet again. Thanks to the guys at Warhorn for their constant efforts to make the Web site the best for everyone.

Note: Warhorn operates through donations. They are in the middle of a Q1 fundraiser. If every GM, coordinator and player donated $1 per year (that's per year, guys/gals) just imagine what they could do with that budget.

Grand Lodge ****

Didn't see that coming. For a company like Paizo to be the most liberal, most inclusive and the most respectful to everyone's beliefs they actually made someone feel like their Constitutional right was infringed upon? Wow.

I lived in AZ for 18 years where open carry is legal. It took a few years to get used to it as I was coming from So.Cal when freeway road-rage shootings was making the news. I personally would feel better that people left their weapons outside of the gaming tables. I've heard stories of gamers throwning things, slapping and kicking others at the table. I'm talking grown men doing this. I don't care if someone believes they are responsible carrying a firearm - leave it at home or locked in the car/truck. Make a gunslinger to compensate for the next 5 hours.

I support Mike and Paizo on this announcement. Everyone is free to play PFS at home or online where the ruling won't effect you.

Grand Lodge ****

1 person marked this as a favorite.

It wasn't so bad. Or at least I don't recall it being so bad. I just remember it being a magical place.

Grand Lodge ****

I was thinking something similar to what Jussi just proposed. Boons are an option to consider. Local conventions do need a draw. I don't attend them anymore because there isn't a reason for me to spend any money to play a scenario I can play at my FLGS. But I do understand others love conventions and seeing them dwindle and die is heartbreaking. There should be something special offered to draw in additional attendees, or rekindle the desire for those who stopped. But withholding scenarios for conventions to get them first is not the way to do it. Scenarios and players shouldn't be part of a hostage-like situation. Fracturing the player base into regions halfway through season 5 won't work.

I think the answer could lie in boons. At GenCon a person earns a token for each game played. Turn in two to roll a d20 that corresponds to a boon. To answer the resource cost issue, there are 20 boons that are already created. There wouldn't be a resource cost to create anything new. To answer making conventions unique and draw more attendees, perhaps allowing conventions to offer some of these boons could be enticing enough to attract additional attendees.

GenCon is an important event for Pathfinder Society so I would say don't release them all. But perhaps 5 - 10 of the 20 until the next GenCon when a new batch of boons are created for the next PFS year, and this proposed regional boon-convention season. Some may argue the boons aren't that great. But that's a matter of opinion. Some compliment an existing build while others are good for a new character build. If a VC or VL could work with the convention coordinator to pull 3-5 out of a pool Mike and developers want to release perhaps that could generate an increase in attendance.

I played LG and understand the argument why Pathfinder could be better if we created regions. The only reason I got back into gaming was LG and its regional-based model. I thought the concept was fantastic. But I realize that can't happen for the reasons given by Paizo staff and the fans who've replied here. The interruption and gear-up to such a model would break the system I feel is working very well - and improving every year with the leadership of Mike Brock and his VC's.

Grand Lodge ****

June Soler wrote:


To secure a slot, please email me the following information at junesoler (at) gmail (dot) com.

Your name
Character name
Race, Class, and Level
Desired token (if any)(link or attach to the email)

Current Roster:
1. Robert Ashby - Wizard 3
2. Lee Acker - Wizard 1
3. Charlie Edmond - Swashbuckler 1/Paladin 2
4. Miguel junar - Bard 1
5. Janey J - Fighter 2 or Ranger 1
6. Mike Hadfield - Oracle 2


7. Rene Ayala - Warpriest 1

Visit for more information

I will run the next two parts on the following dates.

DEC 26 will be the 2nd Part

Jan 1st will be the 3rd Part

Grand Lodge ****

I will sell my event tickets for...(pinky on corner of mouth) miiillliiiooon dollars.....

Seriously, good luck, folks, hope you find tickets some way, some how. The event didn't sell out until recently. A big chunk sold quickly but then the last hundred-ish took a few days.

Hopefully all goes without a hitch for mustering, judge assignments, session communications between staff and GMs, after game reporting and chronicle completion. I've run the specials and it takes honest prep time, being in sync with the staff's instructions and constant, open communication.

See you all in a few months.

Grand Lodge ****

My Dhampir grew a tail. (sigh)

Grand Lodge

Furious Kender wrote:

This is my pet peeve with pathfinder knowledge rules as I've experienced them.

Dear Furious,

Doug gave an example to help the initial poster. It doesn't wholly represent the rules. In your situation it wasn't a rules problem it seems like a GM problem who defers to dice to make his/her decisions. I've played for many years at many conventions and game days and rarely come across this issue like you explained. A person should have a very good idea what they're facing with 10+ over the DC to identify a creature. That's how I've experienced it when playing.

Grand Lodge ****

Natertot wrote:

Finally got to four stars!

Nathan Meyers
NYC GM/Player

Wanna make 5? I can be your special project as I need pretty much all of year 3. (Wink)


Grand Lodge ****

Michael Brock wrote:

I wanted to take a quick minute to .....

Congrats Rob!

Mike, I was expecting you to say something about the Fresh Prince of Bel Air the way that post started.

Congrats, England's Captains. I was there the first time during these past Olympics. London and the surrounding countryside is wonderful.

Grand Lodge ****

Natertot wrote:
Rene Ayala wrote:
Awesome. Been waiting since the start of PFS for this to happen. Now I need to find a group that hasn't played any APs. All I've played was books 1-2 of Kingmaker but I have all the APs.


Haven't played Rise of the Runelords yet....


I'll add you to the list of players. I started prepping to run RotRL before my table fell apart. Prepped the recent anniversary edition and the group fell apart again.

Anyone else? NYC area.

Grand Lodge ****

Awesome. Been waiting since the start of PFS for this to happen. Now I need to find a group that hasn't played any APs. All I've played was books 1-2 of Kingmaker but I have all the APs.

Grand Lodge ****

Eric Brittain wrote:

3. The GM running the game. A good GM can certainly make a scenario better.

I think #3 is the deciding factor if a scenario is fun or a complete waste of 4 hours. Amazingly written scenarios in the hands of a bad GM are putrid stinkers while smoking piles of ink on paper are fantastic journeys when run by good GMs.

[Excluding Pain's quote for space] I agree with cutting down combats if it causes crucial RP to be cut. To me this doesn't mean skipping the combat entirely but cutting it down. To save time I call out who's on deck, place people on delay if (to give them time to think, of course), I don't take the baddies down to the last hit point (e.g. running away if over half the baddie party is down or retire them to an early grave if below 20% of HPs and no immediate danger to the party). Without telling the story through RP then the table is performing an exercise of initiative and rules look-ups. That's not fun, for me, and I'm sure many others.

My opinion is I rest the entire responsibility on the GM to deliver a fun session. I've had to control bad players, players who try to destroy table dynamics on purpose, expand RP story opportunities if the scenario doesn't detail areas, expand NPC RP opportunities if the table is enjoying the discussion, monologue through important story events (through the eyes of the PC's) if a long combat couldn't be avoided and, above all, conscious time management to know how and when to employ learned tools of the GM trade.

I truly believe every scenario has the potential to deliver RP, combat and story. The GM needs to care enough to deliver it and players need to respect others at the table so each enjoys the "scooby snack" for their PC build.

Grand Lodge ****

Chris Mortika wrote:
Better yet, convince Tracy W. that she wants to use them for table decorations for her wedding, so she can just donate them to you after the nuptials.

An uncontrolled, reflexive loud laugh poured out when I read this.

Grand Lodge ****

Jonathan Cary wrote:

The table numbers turned into a problem for marshals and HQ staff collecting tickets, too. It wasn't really a major problem, but it was a problem.

Unfortunately, we have problems with keeping the numbers visible no matter what we do. Last year, we had them taped to the tables, but they weren't easily visible across the room and would get covered up by battle mats, dice, etc. This year, they were on stands that were visible across the room but would get moved off the tables to make room for battle mats, dice, miniatures, etc...

If anyone has a solution for numbering tables that will:

1) Be visible across the room for players, GMs and marshals
2) Not be subject to alteration or being moved during the weekend
3) Not get in the way of the players or GMs during the slot
4) Not require hanging anything from the walls or ceilings (as we're not allowed to do that)
5) Can be re-used in later years and at other events


6) Doesn't cost Paizo an arm and a leg

... I'd love to hear it.

(hand raised) Oh! Oh! Oh!

Have the GMs wear a cone-shaped hat with the number written on the front and back. :D Wait, if it's circular which side is the front and which is the back? Huh, oh yeah, that's easy. The back is the number the GM can't see. Haha. No, wait.....

(hand raised) Oh! Oh! Oh!

Have the GMs wear bling in the form of a plastic gold chain with the laminated number hanging on the chain in the shape of a goblin's head. :D

- written in memoriam to Ron Palillo (Arnold Horshack)

Grand Lodge ****

Khashir El'eth wrote:


I think I'm playing my first PFS next week (barring extenuating circumstances), I've read through the guides, the FAQ, and a bit around the forums.

What I'd like to know if there are any un-written rules that are simply considered either courteous/good form or expected?

Thank you,


Hey, everyone had very specific pieces of advice , links and great lists. Here's one everyone might be thinking but overlooked mentioning. And that simply is, have fun - and enable those around you to enjoy the game with you. That's it. It's your first PFS game so don't overwhelm yourself with this cave troll-size volume of information.


Grand Lodge ****

Auke Teeninga wrote:
I had Eva Widermann draw Aquila Audax, my Eagle Shaman.

Wow! This was good.

Grand Lodge ****

Ninjaxenomorph wrote:
The only problem I have seen with getting art, is if the characters die! The last two of my characters to not have art were the ones I played today. One was fine, but the other was nearly killed permanently. I was texting my friend to ask how much work she would lose! Fortunately, he was resurrected, and got a nifty giant scar across his throat.

If they die frame the picture with a black ribbon across a corner. It'll be a conversation piece when people visit.

Grand Lodge ****

Mike Mistele wrote:

(In both cases, the model is actress Stana Katic, from the TV show "Castle".)

I'm a fan of hers as well. Too cool. If you follow her on Twitter send it. She enjoys stuff like this.

Grand Lodge ****

Andrew Hoskins wrote:
Don Walker wrote:
Rene Ayala wrote:
Dragnmoon wrote:
For Next year have an Overflow room pre set up with GMs and Musterers (Is that a word?)
It's Musterers in Taldor, if you want to use the term incorrectly but be understood by the masses. It's Musterians in the Lands of the Linnorm Kings or Musterai in Azlanti. Take your pick.
Actually the term is Marshall. Marshalls muster tables.
THANK YOU! You have no idea how much this was bothering me...

pffft, Marshal. That's an upcoming Mystic PrC. It's Musterai, folks, Musterai. Teach your players, teach your children. #AzantiLanguageResurgence

Grand Lodge ****

Dragnmoon wrote:
For Next year have an Overflow room pre set up with GMs and Musterers (Is that a word?)

It's Musterers in Taldor, if you want to use the term incorrectly but be understood by the masses. It's Musterians in the Lands of the Linnorm Kings or Musterai in Azlanti. Take your pick.

Grand Lodge ****

JohnF wrote:
Rene Ayala wrote:
I also don't play the selling your character game. It gets shut down immediately.
I'm not sure what you mean here. I don't see a problem with saying "Have bard, sorcerer, & rogue; looking for cleric, front-line fighter types". Or were you talking about something far more detailed than just broad description of class or roles?

Check out the post made by the person I was replying to. It's all there to save time here repeating the conversations.

Grand Lodge ****

Andrew Hoskins wrote:
I agree that if a table *can* pre-organize themselves it will go faster, but much of the time there are groups of 2s and 3s with the occasional solo player. The best mustering volunteer I saw was quickly able to take small groups of 2 and 3 of the same sub-tier, then add some singles of the appropriate levels...

Oh, yeah, completely agree. When the bulk of people are sat the person mustering should assist the 2s, 3s and singles to form up. Especially when Real vs Generic adds additional complexity. I also don't play the selling your character game. It gets shut down immediately.

Grand Lodge ****

It makes very little difference to me if I'm sat first or the players. Give me a scenario and point me to my already seated table of restless players. When they've read their faction missions and introduced their characters I'll be ready to give them a fantastic play experience. I'm not showing off. I'm giving a different perspective here and have no doubt there are many GMs who do better than me in similar situations. Large shows will never be perfect. GMs should prepare themselves to be as mobile and flexible as possible. That's my approach. Again, adding a different perspective and not trying to discount anyone else's wishes or preferences.

Grand Lodge ****

Matt Goodall wrote:
Glad everyone likes her.

She was a blast to roleplay. I took liberties and targeted players who would fall in love with her and be motherly, protective or friendly with her. A few players got sobbing goblin snot on their trousers when they'd show her kindness apart from all the abuses she lived through.

Grand Lodge ****

Lichemaster wrote:

First off I know nothing of the Pathfinder Society.

How long does a scenario take?

I'm looking for a Pathfinder Society Scenario (or Scenarios) that will fill 5-6 hours of playing to introduce 2 new players to how skills,combat and ROLE playing.

Can someone here point me in the direction of some Scenario(s) that will fill that many hours and have a good mix of ROLE AND ROLL playing?


I think every scenario has the ability to roleplay well. The GM just needs to find the story and highlight that moreso than mechanics and combat. Some scenarios are easier than others as most know who run a ton of PFS. As an example, an NPC had a minor part in a recent scenario release. I took that NPC and made her into a major *story* element that created huge roleplay situations within the party. It didn't change combat, objectives or length of the slot. It just made this NPC more a living character rather than a Diplomacy dice roll to learn where the party must go next.

Grand Lodge ****

James MacKenzie wrote:

"We Be Goblins" is one of Paizo's most amusing scenarios. Released for Free RPG Day last year, it allows the players to take the roles of goblins... vicious, backstabbing, hyperactive, dog-hating, horse-fearing, perpetually-hungry, anti-writing, psychopaths.

If you want regular characters to keep the experience, they can then wake up, thinking "I've had the WORST nightmare..."

Good one about the dream ending. When I ran it the players were required to introduce their goblin-PC using the song on their pre-gen sheet. I'm glad the entire table was into it. It was a fun slot.

Grand Lodge ****

Swiftbrook wrote:

What specific ways can you think of that Paizo and the volunteers can improve the PFS experience for GenCon 2013? Please be as detailed as you can. Also, if you like someones idea, say so.

Top on my list: Get the scenarios out to the GMs at least one week earlier. Next year that would be by August 2nd. Mark M. I think this is your department. I have repeatedly heard and read that GMs were not prepared. I myself was not as prepared as I should have been. I really only had time to prepare my maps, collect my minis and get a good overview of what the scenario encompassed. Real-life commitments and getting ready to leave my family for a week consumes much of my days before GenCon. I didn't have time to look over the stat block and understand how the villains would act.

Just My Thoughts

There's a lot of good feedback and advice on the list Mike Broke started asking for such comments.

Grand Lodge ****

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Andrew Hoskins wrote:
We had some volunteers telling mobs of people to sort themselves out and just let them know when they could seat a full table. I don't believe it should be the players' jobs to assemble themselves, but the responsibility should fall on the mustering volunteer.

Can you explain this a bit more? I have the complete opposite opinion. If the person mustering has to build tables it'll become an auction, "I need a fighter on table 3, fighter on table 3." (seven hands go up) "4th level fighter with 55hps and tanks" (four hands go down), "65 hps, going once, twice, ..." I've seen it when putting the responsibility of table-building with the muster-volunteer created a huge bottle neck. I've also seen tables rejecting a player because he/she didn't meet their power or class standards and the muster-volunteer asks someone else to appease the rejecting table. That is not a situation for anyone to create or experience.

It's faster when players build themselves into a table of six and elects one person to represent that group who alone approaches the muster-volunteer to be sat. This is how I instruct everyone when I muster. It clears the area so everyone isn't mobbed around me and I can easily sit up to 10 tables in less than 10min. I've seen a smaller mob take 20-30 min when their table-building with the person mustering.

I have the firm belief and experience to prove players can call out what PC they want to play, what tier and fill an available slot quickly. The player can also listen to a table call out its need for a certain class to balance it, and if they have that character, the player can raise their hand to be welcomed to that slot.

Grand Lodge ****

Ocule wrote:
Well generally unlocked. Also ever consider buying PrC with prestige points

I like this idea. But how would it get worked out? You need to buy it by a certain level because of the level 12 cap. How many points for what PrC? The tastier the PrC the higher it costs? Or are all a flat cost? If one uses PP for raise dead does it put one out of the running because earning it back will take up too many levels for an effective build into the PrC?

All questions to work out but I really like this idea. It also makes earning those PP much more valuable if you're working into a PrC. It also creates an even field for all PrCs available and doesn't create this "stars upon thars" issue I've read with boons available only at conventions (Which I don't think should stop. I think it makes attending the Con special and rewarding as it should be for a large show like GenCon.)

Grand Lodge ****

A few more pieces of feedback:

FAQ at HQ for 411:
I would recommend a guide or FAQ at the HQ table for volunteers to consult. Having it become a living document they get very familiar with will go a long way. It doesn't need to be paper-based. Having it on a PC or their mobile device (everyone has one) might be better. I know a FAQ can't cataloge every instance or situation but it can provide a framework based on, frequently asked questions. This would give players the impression HQ is the all-knowing platform of PFS and they can zip off to their table or muster area.
Reason: Many times I saw questions escalated (sometimes I was the cause)
Fix: Capture these questions/answers and add them to the FAQ. Escalations are reduced and it standardizes HQ information.

Delegation 4 Rest:
Delegate 2 - 3 HQ members to take specific roles to support Mike and Jon and make the call as if he/she was the event coordinator. These volunteers would have to be comfortable with actually making the call and sticking to it. Of course providing instructuon on what to escalate is important. With the volume of people at conventions delegation will get the non-FAQ questions answered quickly without having to escalate to one person. It will also reduce staff stress levels and allow everyone to rest at night. The last one being most important.
Reason: minimize the number of questions that were escalated to Jon or went straight to Mike.
Fix: training select individuals to become Jon and Mike's right-hand, to spread the responsibility and give back time for rest at the end of the day.

Express Lane Serving 4061:
If possible, have a volunteer express lane to HQ. I know lines aren't possible most of the time as everyone crowds the area but as a GM and musterer I had questions and waited for players asking for Pre-gens and "what can I play" or "where do I go" questions. Yeah, boo-hoo for me, but I had a table or a muster area of people waiting on me. Not to discount the attendee's need but an express line for volunteers will keep the other gears moving faster.
Reason: reduce the time a volunteer spends at HQ and more time running their table or getting people sat
Fix: delegate an HQ member per slot, as needed, that is identifiable to volunteers as the express lane for questions.

Hope this helps

Grand Lodge

@Saint Caleth - the original poster said he didn't want to start a back and forth. Let's leave it as a disagreement in interpreting the rule. He asked how GMs would call it. That's how I would rule it at my table. I don't see anything in the Core book that says one can jump over an obstacle or difficult terrain as part of a Charge action. It clearly says a Charge isn't possible. To me, the Style section in UC does answer that issue. Having a Style exist doesn't pass through to other characters in as much as having a gunslinger doesn't allow everyone to use guns without the feat. I respect your opinion and would follow your ruling if you were the GM.

Grand Lodge ****

Eric Brittain wrote:
Rock on Southern California as we blaze a path of awesomeness!

I think you just hit upon one of your red flags that affects community. Your above statement violates the community rule:

Eric Brittain wrote:
Not sharing spotlight

Therefore, we need to invoke your rules for teachable correction.

Eric Brittain wrote:
If they want spotlight, minimize it.
Eric Brittain wrote:
A gaming community is a community.
Eric Brittain wrote:
Communities can only thrive when all members contribute to the overall awesomeness of the community.

In Conclusion, the community states...

We are part of that Path of Awesomeness and Blaze it together.



Grand Lodge

Sober Caydenite wrote:
Well, the Janni Style feat chain grants bonuses when jumping during a charge, implying that it is a normal thing to jump during a charge.

Hmm, I haven't read this book so I wasn't aware of this ability. I looked it up in the PRD. It appears this style supersedes the Core book definition. If the character had this style and feats I would be fine with it.

Grand Lodge

The Great Rinaldo! wrote:

1. Can a character, as part of a charge, use an Acrobatics roll to leap over a section of difficult terrain / a pit / a prone ally? Does it make a difference if the DC is low enough that the character can succeed even on a rolled 1? (Note that this is clearly legal as a move + attack, if the total movement is less than a single move action; I want to know if a character can leap as part of a charge so as to get the +2 attack bonus and/or move twice his movement rate.)

2. Can a character, as part of a move + attack action, use a DC 20 Acrobatics to leap 5' into the air just prior to the attack to gain the +1 for "Higher Ground"? (And if the answers to this and #1 are both yes, would this allow use of the Death from Above feat to get a net +5 instead of +3?)

Again, not looking for another round of opinions, those are clearly divided. I am hoping that a PFS ruling has been made, and someone can direct me to it.


If I were the GM I'd say no. It clearly states if there is an obstacle or difficult terrain, including an ally (I would say even one that is prone) then the Charge action is not possible. Acrobatics can't be used to circumvent the Special Attacks rule. As far as jumping to get higher ground I would say no as well. That, to me, is a silly way to scrap up another +1 to attack.

Rule included for reference:
You must have a clear path toward the opponent, and nothing can hinder your movement (such as difficult terrain or obstacles). You must move to the closest space from which you can attack the opponent. If this space is occupied or otherwise blocked, you can’t charge. If any line from your starting space to the ending space passes through a square that blocks movement, slows movement, or contains a creature (even an ally), you can’t charge. Helpless creatures don’t stop a charge.

Grand Lodge ****

Paz wrote:
Raymond Lambert wrote:
I think it is hypocritical to ignor special requirements to join a prestige class but require playing a specific adventure.

I entirely disagree. Requiring PCs to do a related mission to interact with that organisation/prestige class/required foe is the best way to simulate the role-playing requirements of the prestige classes in an organised play environment.

I'm not disagreeing with anyone here but want to point out offering PrCs through faction missions or other in-scenario requirements creates issues. For example, if scenario 4-1x offers the Big Damn Hero PrC and one of player Kylee Tam's six characters, Veera, wants the PrC, how is she going to know to play that scenario with that character? She can wave Mr. Universe here on these boards but then we'll have threads giving scenario hints and spoilers. I've seen it happen in a different organized campaign where we were forced to leave even though we were so many.

Now, if joining the faction itself automatically gave access to the Big Damn Hero PrC then I think that'll keep the power hungry spoilers at bay. But then it forces players to create characters belonging to a particular faction that maybe they wouldn't want to play.

Grand Lodge ****

Doug Miles wrote:
Keep the lid on the cookie jar as long as you can. I think that one of the mistakes that Josh made was to open up everything early in the campaign and not control access. It's hard on the players to take stuff away once it is given, as we saw with the recent bans. Keeping the cookie jar on top of the fridge is a policy I am completely behind. Delayed gratification will keep PFS healthier in the long run.

Absolutely agree. The only hard and fast reality is players want everything, all the time and as much as they can get. I'm not saying this to sound mean or negative. It's a simple, true reality. All the old LG campaign leadership will attest to it.

Mike, I think you're doing great. Keep doing what you're doing. You're always going to get players asking for more. You'll always have players say it's not enough no matter how much you access you give them. You have the big picture and can implement your vision. Players can only see things at ground level. Players need to trust in you and your long term plan.

Now, talking about complaints I have only one, access is playing alternate races. I wish that didn't exist. But I know I'm in the minority, perhaps. Please keep that available only as special boons.

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