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Vencarlo Orinsini

Rendel Bladetwist's page

277 posts. Alias of Tark the Ork.

Full Name

Rendel Bladetwist




Inquisitor 2







Special Abilities

see below






common, draconic, varisian

Strength 16
Dexterity 13
Constitution 14
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 14
Charisma 10

About Rendel Bladetwist


Age 18
Looks White hair, Green eyes
Height/Weight 6'6" tall, 245lbs. (Medium)
Homeland Lastwall
Deity Iomedae
Campaign Carrion Crown
Representing TarkXT

HP 19
Current HP

STRENGTH 16 (+3)
WISDOM 14 (+2)
CHARISMA 10 (+0)

Initiative +3 = +3 [Dex]

SKILL Total + Ability Mod. + Ranks + Misc.
Acrobatics* +1 = DEX 1+0+0
Appraise +1 = INT 1+0+0
Bluff +0 = CHA 0+0+0
Climb* +3 = STR 3+0+0
Craft +1 = INT 1+0+0
Craft +1 = INT 1+0+0
Craft +1 = INT 1+0+0
Diplomacy +5 = CHA 0+2+3
Disable Device*†+1 = DEX 1+0+0
Disguise +0 = CHA 0+0+0
Escape Artist* +1 = DEX 1+0+0
Fly* +1 = DEX 1+0+0
Handle Animal† +0 = CHA 0+0+0
Heal +2 = WIS 2+0+0
Intimidate +9 = CHA 0+2+3+3+1 [Intimidating Prowess]
K (Arcana)† +6 = INT 1+2+3
K (Dungeoneering+5 = INT 1+1+3
K (Engineering)†+1 = INT 1+0+0
K (Geography)† +1 = INT 1+0+0
K (History)† +1 = INT 1+0+0
K (Local)† +1 = INT 1+0+0
K (Nature)† +5 = INT 1+1+3
K (Nobility)† +1 = INT 1+0+0
K (Planes)† +1 = INT 1+0+0
K (Religion)† +6 = INT 1+2+3
Linguistics† +1 = INT 1+0+0
Perception +7 = WIS 2+2+3
Perform +0 = CHA 0+0+0
Perform +0 = CHA 0+0+0
Profession† +2 = WIS 2+0+0
Profession† +2 = WIS 2+0+0
Ride +1 = DEX 1+0+0
Sense Motive +8 = WIS 2+2+3+1
Sleight of Hand*+1 = DEX 1+0+0
Spellcraft† +6 = INT 1+2+3
Stealth* +1 = DEX 1+0+0
Survival +7 = WIS 2+2+3
Swim* +3 = STR 3+0+0
Use Magic Device† +0 = CHA 0+0+0

* Armor Check Penalty -2
† Trained Only

Base Speed [ 30 (6 sq.) ]

AC [15] = 10 + 3 [Studded Leather] + 1 [Light Wooden Shield] + 1 [Dex]
Touch AC [11] Flat-Footed [14]

Basic Melee Attack +4
Basic Ranged Attack +2

Weapon Attack Bonus Critical
Father's Sword +6 19-20/x2
S - - 1d8+4 (+3 if one handing)

Attack Bonus
Light Crossbow +2 19-20/x2
P 80ft 10 1d8
Type Range Ammo Damage

FORTITUDE SAVE +5 = 3 [base] +2 [Con]
REFLEX SAVE +1 = 0 [base] +1 [Dex]
WILL SAVE +5 = 3 [base] +2 [Wis]

CMB +4 = 1 [BAB] +3 [Str] +0 [size]
CMD +15 = 1 [BAB] +3 [Str] +1 [Dex] +0 [size] + 10

Intimidating Prowess

Heirloom Weapon (Long Sword)
Subject of Study (Undead)

Light Load: 76lbs.
Medium Load: 153lbs.
Heavy Load: 230lbs.
Lift Over Head: 230lbs.
Lift Off Ground: 460lbs.
Push or Drag: 1,150lbs.
Common, Draconic



Heirloom Weapon Long Sword 35gp
Studded Leather Armor 25gp
Light Crossbow 35gp
10 Crossbow Bolts 1gp
Light Wooden Shield 3gp
Backpack 2gp
Explorers Outfit (Free)
Flint and Steel 1gp
Bedroll 1sp
2 Empty Belt pouches 2gp
10 days of rations 5gp
Crowbar 2gp
Wooden Holy Symbol 2gp
4 Potion vials 4gp
2 Wooden Stakes (just in case)
Small Steel Mirror 10gp
Waterskin 1g

Total Weight: 74.5lbs

5 silver



Spells Per Day: 3
Spells Known: 5/3

0: Disrupt Undead, Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Light, Read Magic

1: Protection from Evil, Cure Light Wounds, Divine Favor

Bonus Feat: One extra feat at 1st level
Skilled: +1 skill rank per level
Bonus Languages: Any (except secret languages)

Domain [Heroism(Glory)]
Judgment 1/day
Monster Lore
Stern Gaze
Cunning Initiative
Detect Alignment


Rendel Bladetwist had an unconventional childhood. Being the child of a Paladin and an Inquisitor of Iomedae he spent most of his early childhood in dark and dreary places where the light of Iomedae was most needed. His bed time stories were of daring tales of slaying the undead and smiting enemies of the faith while his toys were arms and armor used in the battle against evil. For a time his parents felt that the campaign against darkness should not be halted because of parenthood and they were happy.
It was not until a tragic incident involving the ghost of a brutally murdered child forced a seven year old Rendel into the “care” of the ghost child for a number of days before his mother and father managed to exorcise the ghost and rescue their child that the apparent danger to their child occurred to them. The injuries he received coupled with the increasing danger they found themselves in formed an irreparable schism between their parents. His father, a paladin, wanted to continue the crusade. His mother however believed that it would be better if they retired to a quiet life and raise their child. Each side proved inconsolable and thus they left one another leaving Rendel with his mother who retired to a quiet life of the clergy urging her son to avoid adventuring and live a quiet life of study and prayer. His father continued his crusade and corresponded often with his son often sending back gifts and tales from his adventures to the chagrin of his mother.
It was not long after that he met the Professor; who had heard of his mother and father and was particularly interested in Rendel's experiences with the ghost. They corresponded frequently and Rendel learned much about the world outside of the church of Iomedae from their conversations. It was through the professor’s encouragement and strong desire to adventure like his father that he defied his mother’s wishes to live a normal life and began training to become an inquisitor. He studied hard, particularly in the identification and elimination of the undead. It was on his seventeenth birthday after not hearing a word from his father that he received a final package from the professor. It was his father’s ancestral sword, wrapped in his father’s cloak. In the letter the professor confessed that he had spoken with his father shortly before he disappeared several months ago and he was instructed to send this to Rendel should anything happen to his father. It was not long after that he received notice of the Professor’s passing. Feeling strongly that the two events were connected and frustrated that the professor did not tell him the details of either his father's conversation or disappearance he packed his things and left for Ustalav where he hoped to investigate what happened to his father and take vengeance or at least some form of resolution from what he finds. Defying his mother for only the second time in his life he has done what she has always forbidden, gone adventuring.

Rendel is a powerfully built young man with a strong chin and large hands which are all traces of his father’s astonishing presence and as a result he can be quite intimidating when angered. His green eyes and light skin, however, were inherited from his mother. His hair was once red as indicated by thin strands that stand out amongst the white hair that grows now; a scar he still carries with him from his experiences with the ghost. He might have grown to be quite handsome but again his experiences along with long nights of study have given him a haggard and worn look to his face that gives people the impression that he has seen much of the horrors the world has to offer and in some ways they are right. He is a good man at heart but his silent presence and quiet speech gives the impression of aloofness. He only speaks passionately when it comes to the undead or his parents and would very likely kill a man where he stands should an insult about one or both of his parents is uttered in his presence. His life in the church and knowledge of the dark things that seek human sustenance have imbedded a caution into him that might be mistaken as cowardice or hesitancy by the foolhardy or rash. In truth he is no coward, he simply prefers to go into situations with full awareness of what he’s up against and with the proper tools to face down whatever opposition lies ahead. Despite his extensive knowledge and expertise of tactics against the undead he has no particular hatred for them. Indeed his drive to destroy them is not an act of vengeance for the damage done to him or even of faith. Rather, he considers it an act of mercy. Better then perhaps anyone he experienced the pain that the ghost felt, the loneliness, and its despair. To him the destruction of the undead is an act that can only end that suffering and bring peace to both the living and the dead.

At the time the adventure begins he is wearing barely worn traveling clothes with a well worn black cloak draped over his shoulders typically with the hood worn down to better hear and see what goes on around him. He carries a light crossbow strapped across his back and his father’s old but still particularly sharp sword at his side.

When in battle he always mutters prayers and farewells to the soon to be dead asking his god to forgive them even as he cuts them down.

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