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Red Silvers's page

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The Arcane Archer guide posted is a guide about the Arcane TRICKSTER.

Basically I'm wanting to know which of the older Adventure Paths are built for the Pathfinder rules, and which of the them use older rules.

If a composite bow adds the Str modifier, does it still use Dex as well?

I have a Core Rulebook en route so I'll let you know if it's the 5th edition.

However, I have another question! Some of the books on Amazon have different covers than the website here. The main ones I've noticed, because of my personal interest, are the Dragon Empires Gazetter and the Jade Regent books. Are there two different covers of these books? I must prefer the covers here on the Paizo website!

How about a Kitsune brawling cleric?

Because that seems like such a wacky combo it has to be awesome.

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