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Red Mountain Devil's page

26 posts. Alias of terok.


You arrive at the house where Grolik is staying. You soon find out that this is the house of Armivor. You also find out that he has been adventuring in these parts for more than 10 years and has successfully led 3 expeditions into the Expanse.

A local servant answers the door and you are led back to a pretty courtyard. Grolik is there. He is wearing a suit of hide armor that appears to have been crafted for himand is sparring with a man wielding no weapons. They slowly appear to be looking for weaknesses in each other defenses when Grolik attempts a quick attack. The man deftly paries the blow and places a muted jab on him. When they notice you they both stop and Grolik rushes over to greet you.
He places his hand on your shoulder and kneels down so you are face to face...he also appears to have bathed.

Anton! It is good to see you! I was beginning to worrry that you werre avoiding me. The pathfinderrs have been verry kind to me. They have taught me how to wearr what you call Arrmorr. In exchange I have been sparrring with varrious memberrs of theirr grrroup, teaching them to defend themselves against prredatorrs. We have been to the jungle werre I have hunted them and played what they call...warr games. It has been fun and interresting.
They have also been teaching me how speak and I have been learrning about the worrld. What have you been doing?

When you ask him about predators he looks at you surprised, You mean in the city? I have seen some caged but nothing frree. I would think that would cause a lot of...panic with the humans herre. No, why do you ask? he gets a expression of thought on his face.
Does this have something to do with me?

I wish to see otherrr things...experrrience otherrr things. I was once as you the otherrrs of my kind. The made me differrrent. I wish you no harrrm.
This really seems to perk their interest. They nod teir head and start to make some arrangements...they give you directions and the name of a tailor...

Kalir shares with you one other piece of advice, The city is a little on edge at the moment. People that are seen as obvious foreigners or adventurers are being targeted in the city. So far there have just been some incidents, nothing serious. Lay low until we have a chance to speak more tomorrow...and thank you for bringing back our people, and our history. he shakes the journal.

Both Pezcock and Grolik seem a little in awe of the surrounding city. Pezcock probably more from the fact he hasn't seen people in years and is also a little unhinged.

This area is a more of an industrial area of the docks so there are not as many people walking around but there are enough to easily sense the discomfort you see in people's eyes when they view the RMD and fear falls upon them.
You are currently standing in front of the whaling company.

You want to scarrr me to fool these humans?

Drop off the RMD and then find an Inn?

Eleder Map

Map with a Knowledge local DC 20 skill check

Aedalis Omathi wrote:

Aedalis would have been calling for the altar to be destroyed, simply because an altar literally producing blood is abhorrent to him.

I was a hireling of sorts for the Pathfinders; not commissioned like my companions here. Nevertheless, I may have some sway with them.

Despite his misgivings in earlier weeks, Aedalis shrugged and implored the remaining members of the party still considering.

He has had his chance to attack us when we were vulnerable many times over. Grolik has taken a leap of faith and given us the reflector with no strings attached. I say we make our own leap of faith and trust that we can "civilise" him before a ship reaches Sargava. The treasure he has offered will surely cover his passage and we can split the rest.

A smile crosses the beasts face, You have given something back to me alrrready forrr ourrr barrrgain. I will not forrget it. He nods to the party members that appear to have decided to take a "leap" of faith. I will brrring you back this thing you wish. The rrrest we can discuss at your stone trrreeehouse.

He comes back with the reflector, its fairly large and his flight is very ungainly but he makes it back. He drops it before you and flies off again after mumbling something about seeing you later.

You get back to the lighthouse late that day. You spot Grolik flying over you periodically and he lands just after you arrive.
The sentiment with the castaways is similar to the groups, split between distrust and hope.

That night something unusual happens...Mihai groans, mumbles, and starts crying out...he is still asleep when you see it manifest!

I am not surrre...I am no one's pet or theirrr prrrey! The female used her magic on me, I would not help herrr. I had planned to kill herrr for touching the stones that made me. It did show me the thunder though...I would like to find out how to stop that magic.
My hope is that I would meet otherrrs, like you. See otherrr things and decide...decide what I want to do next. I just know that staying not enough anymorrre.

@ Aedalis, You arrre with these Prrathfindgerrrsss as well? The little one says they arrre like a family, but not as close. Do you think they would accept me? He says they know many things and see many things...I want that.

Tragershen wrote:
"If we are unable to arrange something, then were does that leave us?"

Seems like there are some words being said away from the meeting but you are still talking to him, please be sure to specify if you are saying this in front of him or to him.

You mean if the boat won't take me? If you tell me you will trrry, I believe you will succeed.

He turns his back to you once more, one of his claws clenches and unclenches...Keeping this metal shield frrrom you will gain me nothing otherrr than making us enemies...
My insides tell me to deny kill you and take what I want, but this is not what I want.
I will give this to you eitherrr way. Considerrr it my gift to you.
When we firrst met I trrreated you like the otherrr humans I had met in the past. I have learrned you arrre not all like the Cannibals. The rrrest, the shiny things and the magic, I will give you if you agrrree to my barrrgain.

Then I can go to this otherrr place you have sssaid, is this?

I don't fearr yourr kind...though I do rrrespect you. meaning the group here.

I can move with speed and stealth that not many crreaturrres can match. he says with some pride. Maybe I can join the people that the otherrr little one talked about...the Prrrathfinegerrrs? he says with quite a bit of trouble. He says therrre arrre many in that people that arrre differrrent?

Only because I can't fly that farrr. I can go frrrom one end of the island to the otherrr and back but that is about as farrr as my wings will take me.
Beforrre my...awakening I could barrrely fly, I would coast on my wings from height. My size and strrrength has made my rrrange farrrtherrr, but not enough to crrross that.
he points to the ocean.

Most humans I have met arrre grrreedy forrr some of the shiny rrrocks or metals I will give you. Give them a small sharre of what I have, frrrom what Gelik has told me therre arrre many strrrange crreaturrres across the water, if you tell them I mean them no harrrm maybe they will they be okay...

Grolik thinks for a moment, Yesss, I have the thing you want. I have been thinking forrr a long time these past few days.
Thingssss have changed since you have come herrre, you have changed them.
I will give you the thing you seek, but I also want something back.......I want you to take me with this island. I want to see what else is out therrre...this island no longerrr...satisfies me. I don't want to be left herrre...alone...

The creature for the first time seems...vulnerable...

Before you can reply it blurts out, I have otherrr things they have given me as well. Golden metals and colored rocks the Cannibals seemed to think important...and glowing things, I think what you called things of magic.
I carrre nothing for any of them. Take me with you and I will give it all to you, including yourrr ssshiny ssshield.

skill check sense motive DC 15:

His anger doesn't seem directed at you or the group, rather it's situation on the island.

The creature seems to sigh then gain some calm, What is the thing you want?

He speaks as you crest the top, The humansss, they used come herrre and kills honorrr me. Forrr long time that seemed enough...this was all mine.
It seems to mean nothing now!
some anger creeps into his voice...maybe bitterness.

Why do you must want something frrrom me?

What would go wrrrong? he looks at Nim confused. He is about to speak again when Mihai addresses him.

I offerrr my help and you insult me...again. So be it, find yourrr own way to the cave of the witch women, therrre may come a time when you wish you didn't shun me.
No thrrreats...but I could have been an ally.
he leaps into the air and flys about 50' feet up to watch you again from a rock perch...

GM Only:

Bluff 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (18) + 1 = 19

You gather at the bottom of the rope bridges and start to discuss the path over to the door...just then The Red Mountain Devil flies in and lands about 10' from you.

Do you want my help? I can fly each of you overrr therrre fairrrly easily. Except forrr you Nim, but I can still get you therrre. You said I should prrrove my intentions...

Sense motive DC 19:

It seems the offer is genuine, but he is not happy about either bring your ferry boy or helping you in general, it's too hard to tell.

Grolik scowls and growls at your comments maybe not understanding all of the words but at least the intent,
I thought we had moved past petty thrrreats...I have not lied to fact I have only helped you! Showing you things and telling you about things on the island like the birrrd women. You now wearrr herrr vest because I told you about herrr. I have asked little in rrreturrrn, maybe to learrrn morrre of the outside worrrrld.
If you want me gone then say so but what have I done to you to deserrrve such trrreatment? When we firrst met I thought you may be like the Cannibals orrr some of the otherrr humaniods that came herrre and rrresponded only to thrrreats. I have learrrned betterrr. What have you learrrned?

With that he turns and flies off into the night....

You wake up the morning and spend the day working on a rough container. You have some tools and and build as hot of a fire as you can. Without the proper facilities it is slow going and takes you most of the day to fashion the rough and quite ugly gold bowl.

This gives you a chance to sribe a scroll or something like that as well if you wish.
Heading out the next morning to this stone?

That evening Grolik pays you a visit...he lands just outside of camp and stops at whomever is watching for a quick chat then walks in, I see you have defeated the singing bird women. Quite a feat. You go after the magic women next?

Witch did herrr filthy magic on me and made me do things I wouldn't herrr with snake.
You can move arrround easierrr in stone mouth...I can't fly. Would you step off ledge with no wings? If you brrring witch outside and get witch to use up herrr magic like you did with wood witch, I will feast upon herrr. It would be dangerrrous forrr you if witch use magic on me and get me to hurrrt you.
I will be watching when you go in...must be fast or waterrr come back and you not get out of stone mouth.
See I like you, could have not told you ocean secrrrets and just let you get stuck in hole!!!!!

@ Tragershen, I can tell you wherrre it is and take your little frrriend therrre so he can brrring you therrre.

@ Anton, Antorrrn isn't it? You seem to have the best instincts, they should make you theirrr leaderrr. Want me take you therrre?

Back @ Tragershen,, The Fire Mountain is mine. Leave it and you can go to the rrrest of the island as you wish.
The awakening stone is at the base of the Fire Mountain, just off the trrrail this way that the man-eaterrrs made to the Fire Mountain. There is gully down to the ocean and anotherrr man trrrail just down the gulley. It is easy to miss.
Why you look differrrent than the otherrrs, you borrrn bad? Many of the man-eaterrrs borrrn bad, they toss them off cliff, waste young.

Mihai Soarta wrote:

Visage hardening further, Mihai replies in a mirthless tone "Perhaps we should offer the same incentive you gave us? - should we test you beast? - threaten to kill you to gain your compliance?" spitting on the ground before the devil and making a Varisian warding sign against evil. "I will have nothing to do with you om dat dracului." turning his back on the chupacabra and moving away.

om dat dracului - devil

Be carrreful who you insult little god man. Without yourr frrriends with the sworrrds overrr therrre I could easily end you.

But exchanging insults gets us no wherrre.
I dealt with you as I did because I needed to make surrre you would comply, yourrr kind rrresponds to little else I have found. I got what I wanted and so I have given you the inforrrmation you seek, we both got what we wanted.
Now you should go kill the otherrr witch. She summoned the awakening magic and the ocean went away and she went into great the stone mouth. She came out again and gatherrred some things beforrre she went back in and the ocean came back and covered up the mouth...

Mihai Soarta wrote:

Sense Motive: 1d20+8 :P - just for sense of truthfulness vs falseness.

Smoothing his beard as he moves from his state of rest "As we have fought your enemy... would you offer the same service to us?"

DM Only:

No peeking!!!! :]

You believe that the information he has told you so far has been truthful.

@ Mihai
He thinks on it for a second before responding, What is in it forrr me, why should I help you?

@ Anton
I am surrre I will be keeping an eye on you, with the witch gone you arrre my big challenge.

He thinks on it for a moment, Therrre is the singing birrrd female. She also eats ones like you, she is at the rrruin. No otherrrs have come to the island that I know of since you have come herrre. She has two of the man-eaterrrs as pets.
Therrre arrre the waterrry dead that come to land to feed, but they arrre not much morrrre than animals...therrre arrre no otherrrs.

He seems to be thinking on his own response...

I have been watching yourrr grrroup not that one. As farrr as I know they arrre unharrrmed...

Agreed, just meaning you would have had to grapple or attack Anton to stop him but now a mute point, thanks! Moving on.

Anton strikes the Dryad and plunges the hammer into her heart...there is a moment of silence before the huge tree shudders. It suddenly occurs to you that you never checked to determine if the tree is actually dead?
It is hard to tell but with Nim's expertise you determine that the plant is still alive, in some fashion. You quickly hack it a few times to put it down before looking over it again and confirming you think it is now dead plant material...

My name is Grrrolik, not Devil!
Crrreaturrres that eat theirrr own for enjoyment, they arrrre worrrse than any prrredator, I killed them as I saw fit. As for that!
pointing to the Dryad.
I had a lifelong enemy I could not defeat due to it's magic, you werrre my only avenue... it starts in a defensive tone before it stops and seems to contemplate something before continuing...

In it's more assertive tone, You arrre rrrright we did not meet underrr good....seems to struggle for the words times. You can lowerrr yourrr weapons, I have no desirrre to fight with you. Things arrre now good between us, you will see. You have completed ourrr barrrrgain.
What do you want to know? I will tell you what I can.
Errrrr, yes the otherrr one, the powerrrful magic women. I can lead you to the magic rock wherrre she made make lighting and made the ocean go away. She has been underrr the ocean for severrral weeks with her walking human bones. She has powerrrful magic, maybe morrre powerrrful than the witch.
She did magic to me and made me fetch a snake forrr herrr to do something with beforrre the grrreat magic happened. I have avoided herrr since, I don't want herrr telling me something bad like fly into the ocean.
Why do you seek herrr, she came herrre arrround when you did arrre you enemies?

perception RMD1d20 + 13 ⇒ (17) + 13 = 30

He looks at Aedalis as he whispers but says little, I just don't trrrust her to live any longerrr. Fine...then kill herrr now if you will not let me she shouldn't live a moment longerrr, who knows what she can do if you let herrr live.

He then stares at Corbrius, When have I lied to you????

I learned something new today...Chilltouch is one creature per level. Nice spell for a Magus!

Harrrr, Harrrr, Harrrr... it laughs with a tooghy grin at Nim's rebuttal,
I was the one that warrrned you of her trrrue nature, otherrrwise you would all prrrobably be in the trrrees belly right now.
What can she tell you otherrr than lies and attacks, you have killed herrr trrree, she will be desperrrate. What do you have to offerrr herrr?She is dangerrrous, she can not be allowed to live any longerrr. If she escapes she will come afterrr you if she can.

I could take herrr if I wish! it says quite matter of factly,
But we shouldn't be enemies. You have done as I have asked and I can tell you what you want once I have finished herrr...

We are still in rounds at the moment, I am assuming we just passed into Round 7 as this discussion progresses...lets let the others chime in before we get too far with their discussion.

Yes sorry, I reviewed the level changes from the group yesterday and am okay with them, go ahead and update your character to 3. You are 3rd when this occurs.

The Devil snarls at you, maybe you hit a sore responds with anger in it's voice as it lifts off, Go to your doom then, I will find another way to kill the witch after you become her next meal!

The creature appears to be about 6-7 feet tall, it is usually not completely up-right. Maybe as strong or stonger than you with large claws and fangs.
As Aedalis mentioned, they are powerful physically but with no real magical abilities. You know it moves quickly as well.

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