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Red-Assassin's page

RPG Superstar 2013 Dedicated Voter. FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Venture-Captain, Indiana—Indianapolis. 974 posts (984 including aliases). 46 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 13 Pathfinder Society characters. 1 alias.

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Qadira ***** Venture-Captain, Indiana—Indianapolis aka Red-Assassin

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Please give Michael Bramnik a big round of applause!

In less than 2 years he has received his 5th star. Michael has been an integral part of the PFS in Bloomington Indiana. As well as fostering Indiana PFS, attending Who’s Yer Con, as well GenCon.

Most of Michael’s tables have very attentive players that really enjoy themselves, as most of the Bloomington players will testify.

Not only is extremely prepared, his involvement in PFS will have a long lasting effect, as those that are lucky enough to play with him, they will travel to across the country and will become active members/leaders of their future lodges.

If are around Bloomington Indiana, on May 11.
Come to the Siege of Bloomington, where we will be celebrating his 5th star as well as the parting of the class of 2014 Indiana University Pathfinders.


Qadira ***** Venture-Captain, Indiana—Indianapolis aka Red-Assassin

Indiana welcomes its newest VL, Mark Stratton. Mark is taking PFS to the Danger Room in Anderson and will be helping Richard Webb with PFS at the Wizards Keep in Muncie. Mark is a long time player and GM. I am honored to add him to the ranks of Venture Officers.

As always you can sign up for our games via warhorn here.

Warhorn Central Indiana

As well as joining or Facebook here.

PFS INDY Facebook

Qadira ***** Venture-Captain, Indiana—Indianapolis aka Red-Assassin

Indiana Comic Con

Friday, Saturday and Sunday March 14-16, 2014

Exhibit hours are.

Badge cost are 45$ for a 3day badge
Go to Indiana Comic Con

Please see this site for details.


Expect more info soon.

One of the special guests will be

Maise Williams AKA Arya Stark from the Game of Thrones series.


Will this work?

Channel Smite (Combat)
You can channel your divine energy through a melee weapon you wield.

Prerequisite: Channel energy class feature.

Benefit: Before you make a melee attack roll, you can choose to spend one use of your channel energy ability as a swift action. If you channel positive energy and you hit an undead creature, that creature takes an amount of additional damage equal to the damage dealt by your channel positive energy ability. If you channel negative energy and you hit a living creature, that creature takes an amount of additional damage equal to the damage dealt by your channel negative energy ability. Your target can make a Will save, as normal, to halve this additional damage. If your attack misses, the channel energy ability is still expended with no effect.

With this.

Agile Tongue (Grippli)
Your long pink tongue is capable of manipulating small items and even stealing objects.
Prerequisites: Grippli.

Benefit: You have a prehensile tongue with a range of 10 feet. You can pick up items weighing no more than 5 pounds, make Sleight of Hand checks, perform the steal or disarm combat maneuvers, or make melee touch attacks with your tongue.

I basically thinking of having a weak str cleric that will be able to hit and do minimum damage with a channeled smite.

Qadira ***** Venture-Captain, Indiana—Indianapolis aka Red-Assassin

Jan 18 - 19

CommonCon in Bloomington is this weekend.
The Common Room Games store has also relocated the new location is
223 S. Pete Ellis Dr

Go to sign-up.

Qadira ***** Venture-Captain, Indiana—Indianapolis aka Red-Assassin

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Congratulations Brain Mooney on running his 100th game.

He GM'd a great 10-11 tier, Siege of Diamond City game today.

It was a fun tough game! 3 players died in a heroic last stand.

If you are ever near Valparaiso check out the PFS scene.

Qadira ***** Venture-Captain, Indiana—Indianapolis aka Red-Assassin

Pentacon 2013 Nov 8-10 - Ft Wayne

Siege of Diamaond City Sages Shoppe Lafeyette

Indianapolis games Echoes of the Everwar part I and the Beggars Peal at Saltire Nov 9 and No Response From Deepmar Nov 10 at the Arsenal Game Room.

Hope to have some GM's at WYC that have played or GM'ed the special, or both.

Qadira ***** Venture-Captain, Indiana—Indianapolis aka Red-Assassin

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Hello everyone,

If you live in Indiana and play PFS I would like you to list here where you play at.

If you live near Indianapolis you can find our new warhorn.

Central Indiana Warhorn.

We are aiming to cross over to the new Version on the First.

In the past couple month we have had a Southern and Northern Warhorn.

Leslie has one already set up for the Northern Region

Mike has one set up for Laffeyette

Mr. Chapman has one for the Southern Region.

So if you can list areas you play in and if you would like someone to figure out how to list your games on warhorn.

Sound Off!!!

Qadira ***** Venture-Captain, Indiana—Indianapolis aka Red-Assassin

Hello everyone, has anyone tried the new version of Warhorn V2. Do you like it??

Are their any simple guides or instructions for a slow minded Admin (Me)?

I have been frustrated trying to find a "lost" user.

I like warhorn V1 and like the changes I have seen so far.


Qadira ***** Venture-Captain, Indiana—Indianapolis aka Red-Assassin

Indiana has a new venture lieutenant E. L. Warren, out of South Bend!

In fact if you are in Ft. Wayne during September 14-15 she will be organizing 3Con, aka the 3 Rivers Convention.

Our Indiana VL's hit the ground running.

Congrats !!!

Qadira ***** Venture-Captain, Indiana—Indianapolis aka Red-Assassin


I am proud, and excited to congratulate Tracy Windeknecht on earning her 5th star. I first met Tracy in March 2011 when I was running City of Strangers part I. She quickly joined the ranks as a GM, later, becoming Indiana’s second Venture Captain. She has really helped PFS grow in the Midwest.

If you have played at her table, you will have fun. Her games will turn a bad day into a fun memorable day. I observed her 150 table at GenCon, her players had a blast. The players were singing, screeching with goblin voices, squealing with delight the whole time.

Help me congratulate my friend Tracy Windeknecht on earning her 5 star!

Qadira ***** Venture-Captain, Indiana—Indianapolis aka Red-Assassin

I would like to welcome 3 new Indiana VL’s.

Jeremy Chapman –Evansville, (Southern Indiana)

Jim Crase - Beechgrove

Marc Rothenberg – Indianapolis

I look forward to working with each of you. Each of these Vl's has volunteered in various ways that many of our players will never realize.



Qadira ***** Venture-Captain, Indiana—Indianapolis aka Red-Assassin

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Want to GM at Pre-GenCon Events at Scottie’s or the Arsenal on August 14?

Please follow these 4 easy steps.

Step one, create a user-name on the Precon Warhorn.

Go to Precon warhon.

Step two, figure out which slot would be best for you.

Slot 1 10am-3pm
Slot 2 3pm-7pm
Slot 3 7pm-12am

Choose which venue would be best for you, Scottie’s or the Arsenal.

Step three, compose an Email for the subject please title it Precon. List the slot and the scenario or module you want to run, and the venue.


Step 4, wait as I fill all the scenario data place it up on the correct slot and manually place your user name to the GM spot.

Thanks for your time !


2 of the last 3 times I tried reviewing a product, it doesn't get posted. Any clue what is going on?

Qadira ***** Venture-Captain, Indiana—Indianapolis aka Red-Assassin

InConJunction 2013 – Call for GM’s
Warhorn will be here.
Greetings everyone I am seeking GM’s for Incon.
Most Scenarios being offered will be for new players.
I would like some GM’s to offer to run either
4-21 Way of the Kirin
4-23 Rivalries End
I am also seeking GM’s to run a module, or a part of an AP that can fit in 8 hours.
I will also be offering to run a session of Bonekeep Part 1 for the GM’s that are going to be running it at GenCon, If we have enough local GM’s to make a legal table I will offer the GM’s a chance to run it at Incon.
1pm-5pm 4 gm's
6pm-10pm 6 gm's
*Midnight Madness11am-4am
8am-12pm 4 gm's
1am- 5pm 6 gm's
6pm-10pm 4 gm's
2pm-10pm Module/ap 4 gm's
*Midnight Madness 11am-4am
10am-2pm 6 gm's
Convention info and badge price
Link for rooms
Last year we had around 20+ table this year I hope we have around 40 tables.
I invite you to a GM discussion here. ction-2013/

Thanks for your help,

Chris Bonnet

Qadira ***** Venture-Captain, Indiana—Indianapolis aka Red-Assassin

I would like to salute Michael Cleland getting his 4th star.

I am not to sure how long Michael has been GM'ing PFS, but it hasn't been that long, Perhaps 18 months or less. He does an excellent job gm'ing. His players have a habit of having their character die, his player surprisingly end up joyfull of the experience.

He regulary journeys to distant stores as a VL.

Please help celebrate my friends fourth star.

Chris Bonnet

Qadira ***** Venture-Captain, Indiana—Indianapolis aka Red-Assassin

Congrats Mike Brock on his 39* birthday.

We have a really cool campaign co-ordinator.


So on the srd Item cost

Command word item Spell level x caster level x 1,800 gp Cape of the Mountebank

This Cape of Montebank cost 10800

That would be 4x9x1800.

What am I missing on this cost?

Qadira ***** Venture-Captain, Indiana—Indianapolis aka Red-Assassin

Just wanted to let all the new GM'S know you can now get bundles of scenarios by season on the Black Friday sale. Season 0 and 1 looks like the only available bundles.

Just ate some Squelly Nord, happy cooked beast day.


Pistol, Sword cane
775 gp 1d3/1d4 ×3 10 ft. 1 (5 ft.) 1 lb. B and P

A combination weapon, this gun mixes a coat pistol with a sword cane.

Benefit: The sword cane pistol is considered a double weapon for the purpose of creating masterwork or magical versions of this weapon. The pistol attachment makes the nature of the weapon a little more difficult to hide. An observer must make a DC 15 Perception check to realize that an undrawn sword cane pistol is a weapon rather than a walking stick; the DC decreases to 5 if the observer is able to handle the weapon. A sword cane pistol uses either a bullet and a single dose of black powder or an alchemical cartridge as ammunition. The sword part of the weapon must be drawn in order to load the pistol part of the weapon.

Sword Cane 45 gp 1d4/1d6 ×2 4 lbs. P

This slender light blade lies within a wooden container that serves as both its scabbard and hiding place.

Benefit: You can draw the blade from the cane as a swift action (or a free action if you have the Quick Draw feat). An observer must make a DC 20 Perception check to realize an undrawn sword cane is a weapon rather than a walking stick; the DC decreases to 10 if the observer is able to handle the weapon

So really what is this thing?

It is a combination weapon, not a real double weapon? Not really spelled out but I could see arguments to fire and stab the same round. Would the weight be 5 lbs? What would the correct cost be 775? I was thinking of having one made into mithiril. What special materials can it be made from? Darkwood? Then I guess the next question, how do you fire it? Is the handle/sword part the gun, or the scabbard part. I am thinking the pistol is the part of the scabbard. Since you have to remove it from the cane to reload it seams the muzzle must be part of the cane.

So the Sword Cane is ment to be clever DC 20 flat per is a good check, why does the added Coat Pistol remove the DC so low. Since it is infact a very small firearm.

Would it be wiser to just Sleight of hand a coat Pistol, and carry on with a regular Sword Cane.

Would this actually be a nice weapon to use, my future Master Spy wants to know. I was eyeballing the coat pistol, then really looked up on this. I am currently equipend with a bladed scarf. Then bringing up the Ezeren, cane. Would this be considered 3 serperate weapons, a cane 1d6 B a sword 1d6 P and a firearm 1d4x3 B/P?

If the UC allowed a free Coat Pistol instead of a Pistol, I would of just chosen to go with the Coat Pistol. Why wasn't the Coat Pistol ruled as a light weapon?

Any thoughts?

Qadira ***** Venture-Captain, Indiana—Indianapolis aka Red-Assassin

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Congrats to Tracy Windeknecht on her third star.

I met Tracy March 2011 when she was just a humble player in City of Strangers part one.

Now she is a 3 star GM as well as a VC.

She does a damn fine job, I congratulate her as well as Indiana PFS congratuate her.

Other honorable mention Tim, 3rd star as well as the third star soon to be Greg, Tom and Ankur.

Qadira ***** Venture-Captain, Indiana—Indianapolis aka Red-Assassin

I was wondering how long your round takes.

If you are a player, how long does it take you when your turn comes around?

If you are a GM, does your round go longer than the players or less time?

Tiers and classes helpfull.

Also as a player is there anything the GM could do to help you, for instance a GM telling player A your up Player B your next. Do you like index cards with pre rolled initiavies done at the start of the game.

For instance I started using wave initiative, I disliked it when I first really learned about it. If there are 3 different pairs of creatures 2 goblins 2 kobolds and 2 frogs. I find it faster to group them together and have the frogs go on the same initiative. If there are 16 moorlocks I will group them in 4's. If there are 3 rogues I will not put them in wave iniative.

Qadira ***** Venture-Captain, Indiana—Indianapolis aka Red-Assassin

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Greetings Pathfinders,

On August 15, to help celebrate the close of Season 3, this location will be hosting two tables of the Module – The Ruby Phoenix Tournament, playable with characters in the level range of 10-12.

This location will also be hosting the Module – From Shore to Sea, playable with characters in the level range of 5-7.

These Modules will be hosted in private rooms, and are not scenarios expect 8+ hours of gaming. There will also be 4 tables running traditional scenario’s at different times during the day.
Please RSVP to the Warhorn site to guarantee your spot.
The Arsenal Game Room and Café is one mile away from Scotties, on the same street.

28 Days remaining.

Qadira ***** Venture-Captain, Indiana—Indianapolis aka Red-Assassin

InConjunction is going to be having 6 slots with 3 tables of Pathfinder Society.

Come join in the good times, pre-order your tickets here 45$ if you pre order.

Friday slot 1 12 pm Mists of Mwangi, Delirium’s Tangle, Frostfur Captives
Friday slot 2 6 pm Penumbal Accords, Icebound Outpost, We Be Goblins
Sat slot 1 8 am Gods Market Gamble, Black Waters, We Be Goblins
Sat slot 2 12 pm The Cyphermage Dilemma, Icebound Outpost, Frostfur Captives
Sat slot 3 6 pm Year of the Shadow Lodge
Sun slot 1 10 am Voice in the Voice in the Void The Cyphermage Dilemma, Black Waters

If you haven't notice we arranged this for new players.


I have a PC using a ring of blinking all the time. He gains DR/Magic.
Is there a rule in place to have Monster HD a equivilant + to overcome DR. I believe their was in 3.5 not so sure in PFRPG.

He is around 8th level so most creatures that do not have magic attacks offer no threat.


I am playing in the SS AP

I am playing a Goblin Gunslinger with a 15 point buy. My ride skill is plus 12 and my handle animal is plus 3.

Any advice for what I can use this skill for? Trapped on an island, I have been thinking about trying to fast mount an enemy spider, but figure it may eat me, I will likely fail a handle animal. I am considering skill focus handle animal next level I am getting close to level 3.


I am wondering if anyone has GM'ed this, I am planning on running it this weekend and wonder what the expected time frame is, as well if there are any parts that may prove difficult. Seems part 3 may be a planning obstacle.

Qadira ***** Venture-Captain, Indiana—Indianapolis aka Red-Assassin

Title says it all congrats Mr. Mortika on your 4th star.


So I was thinking of running the next AP, I was thinking of having the PC's make characters minus the race. Direct them with a 15 point buy adjusting racial stats later at the first session.

During the first session surprise them having them play all Kobolds or all Goblins. Perhaps creating a list of races on paper and having them draw the races at random.

Now I thought having a hat rigged with all kobolds or all goblins. Or a combination of different non core races.

I am looking forward to the Advanced Race Guide, I also want a nice silly game where there is allot of laughter. With the sucess of we be goblins I would like to mirrior that hilarity.

So what are some pitfalls that I am not seeing?

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