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Shining Child

Red-Assassin's page

RPG Superstar 2013 Dedicated Voter. FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Venture-Captain, Indiana—Indianapolis. 998 posts (1,008 including aliases). 46 reviews. 1 list. 1 wishlist. 13 Pathfinder Society characters. 1 alias.

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Great 1st time Author


Story 5/5

The story was well done.

Setting 3/5

There is a town, a VC a witch a wand some horses some crusaders and a faction leader, then leading to a obscure location.

Role-play-ability 5/5 Most of the creatures have great ability to interact with the NPC's. You have several chance to meet some key NPC's. Also to boot some of the combat encounters could lend to good RP!

Combat 5/5 I would say it in its normal mode, can be pretty easy I have yet to GM this on hard mode. I look forward to the chance. The hard mode dosnt looke like TPK Theatre.

Suitability 4/5 I am not sure how much of this could be used for a none PFS game. This scenario would be great to run along with the Wrath of the Righteous AP. It may be hard to adapt this encounter to most home games, unless they are battling demons with the assistance of crusaders.

Now some of the problems there was or is a problem with the riddle/encounter. Also if the party doesn't have the required skills this could be a hard one.

Stairs there are about 100 feet of stairs for a 20 foot raise. I guess this could be a wheel chair ramp.

A spell effect could of been written a bit better.

During a certain countdown effect, a key NPC, almost appears magically.

Really this could of used some editing, at least to make it a little easier to read and understand. Make sure you read the forum posts. I read this a couple times as well as asked some questions about it. I still ended up making a couple mistakes running it.

I also plan on running a couple more times. I think this will be my travel scenario when I visit cons!!! At least during season 5.

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Way to go Mike Shel


Really as good as it gets.

What we have here is a good module for new players. I ran this for a 4 person party of experienced players all whom were testing out the Advanced Class Playtest.

The settings is great, Belhaim is a great city for new players!
I think this would be a premier module for new players as well as the rest of the Paizo dragon supplements.

Dragons Unleashed

Dragonslayer’s Handbook

This is unfortunately what I think some GM’s will miss. I will try to come around to it again but Mike Shel has really done really well with the content, some of this will be easily be missed by GM’s.

So let’s talk about Belhaim, the small town is really well represented. There is allot here, I would expect the more you let the players interact with the town the more they will appreciate it. This really is a great setting.

I will not spoil anything.

The first chapter is great everything here works. My party was almost died in the first part. They ended up getting robbed of most of their money. There is a very memorable NPC here.

The second chapter is great as well, Maffei is probably the most memorable NPC, I have ever GM’d. I am not sure if it is intended but the effects of interacting with her can really cause some long term effects.

The third chapter the Auction, I don’t think my party enjoyed this part. Then again I robbed them instead of killing them it ended up being very fun for me. So I guess a lesson learned, when a villain asks to talk when 3 party members are down sometimes it is just a good time to surrender.

Combat wise I think I ran all but 4 encounters from the whole module. One of the ones I skipped the party just didn’t encounter. One I rewarded PC for previous actions. The other two were very low levels.

Extra points for Mike that he included morale effects that very interesting, instead of the typical "fights to the death" that I often see. I think about 1/3 of the encounters ended due to morale. It is a great addition.

I think the toughness and challenge rating was spot on.

Grioths, are awesome I hope they make it into some more of Mike Shels works. They work on their first and second appearances. In hindsight I would of like to see more developed NPC’s based on them.

Yangethe a tough new monster, in my play it utterly destroyed the PC’s, a single player fled later retrieving his unconscious party members. Then the true interactions with Maffei presented itself.

Aeterperax very well written, a very nice map for the encouter.

Major Spoilers:

The Crypt of Tula, with her blessings the fight with Alturic was a bit to easy.

Keen longbow caused some problems since it is on the chronicle sheets for PFS.

The three commanders, the hardest for my group was the alchemist.

Lets talk about Maffei, the players loved her, my players used all 3 scrolls of restoration on her, after fighting the Yangethe unfortunately 3 players ended up with CHA of 0. So they ended up having to travel outside the city to get replacement scrolls.

Aeterperax, great dragon, I routinely used the Improved Vital Strike and relocated to the ledges the next round. By the time the PC's would close I had him do a AOO trip against the Barbarian type. Really great to see that the Green Dragon has the right motivations.

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Only as a player


After playing this I would like to give a review this as a player.

Also I had a very prepped GM. This made a fun game.

Story 5/5
The story was well done,

Setting 4/5
So simple put, I think their was allot of Thassalonian lore that will be missed by new players. I would recommend to GM's to have a NPC give some historical details about the site.

Role-play-ability 5/5 Most of the creatures have great ability to interact with the NPC's. This is why season 4 is better than the past.

Combat 5/5 I would say perfect difficulty, my party played up. We are experienced players. Though we didn't complete the last encounter, we ran with zero deaths.

Suitability 4/5 I am not sure how much of this could be used for a none PFS game, a GM could easily change the general location. Though the location is such a great part of this scenario.

List Price: $3.99

Sale Price: $2.79

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Weak 2 star

**( )( )( )

Story 1/5
Setting 2/5
Role-play-ability 1/5
Combat 2/5
Suitability 3/5

What we have here is a weak scenario.

Story 1/5

First story, is basic at best. PC's put into a desert to go into a cave. The title of the scenario is also a poor choice.

Setting 2/5

The Pyramid was a cool idea that never was really realised. Other than as a basic dungeon crawl. An upside down pyramid in the underdatk could of been AWESOME. I am not sure but I hope the scale was off if the squares were 10ft and the map was larger I think it would of been a better scenario.

Role-play-ability 1/5

Lets see every drow "Fights to the Death" except the leader. Why? They are chaotic evil and should betray their mistress. Drow researchers, really? They fight to the death? At 9th level other than summoning their only offensive spell is Magic Missile. They should know better than to fight for to the death. Also why is their a sorceror as a researcher. This scenario does allot of diservice to the drow. Combat enccounters, the drow rarely use the enviroment to their favor. Languages, most of the drow will have little possiblity to even speak to the party.

Combat 2/5 Young Driders really? This is really a bad template to ever use. It also opens up allot of really glaring problems. The young template should be removed from all Paizo products. First lets make a large aberration that is tough but limit it to one size smaller weapons. Lets apply the young template to this abberation and forget to give it small weapons. Now it is a medium sized creature. Then lets explain to the players it is a baby drow with large sized spider legs and halfling sized weapons. But can still dish out lightning bolts like a 6th level sorceror. In a home game this would make a fun twist perhaps an irony of Drow.

Combats missed the mark on every encounter except perhaps low tier encounter 6 and high tier encounter 5.

Suitability 3/5 This is not paticularrly suited for Golaran as a whole. For Pathfinder Society as it doesn't really set out to explore to much of its settings. I think it is more suited for a home game in the underdark. Where a GM could modify some encounters and expand on a cool pyramid.

My players had fun playing this though. I just don't think it is a solid hit.

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Excellent Book


This is the ultimate setting book to date. Among all companies.
Map, setting lore, history and character options as well as religions.

Plus it is Damn pretty to look at.

I recommend a player and a GM to buy this.

It is damn pretty to look at the art and paper are exceptional.

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