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Recruittons's page

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Joe Wells wrote:
Eh, I'd never use Sophie at the table. I'd much rather have three dragons instead. Then again, I'm fairly new at minis and don't have a huge collection.

I'm the same way. The Sophie, while neat and somewhat collectible, just doesn't do much for me practically. Cthulhu can be used as a illithid god, a clockwork dragon would fit wonderfully in a tinker gnome world like Dragonlance setting, but a motorcycle succubus just doesn't fit into my gaming habits. I love the sculpt, but I love big bag monsters more!

Actually, the second Cthulhu is a Christmas present for my friend. He is going to go nuts for it!

Vampire x2
-Sophie x2

+Forces of Nature
+Cthulhu x2
+Clockwork Dragon
+Frost Wyrm

Totaled out to $240. A bargain to say the least.

Joined up because I hadn't seen this posted and I think it should be.

This is for a set of chibi style, Troll Forged plastic miniatures in the likeness of some adorable adventurers from 80s TV.

Here is a link to the Kickstarter!

Highly recommend people check this thing out. It's pretty cool.

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