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Realmwalker's page

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Cackle of the Gnolls pure Genius


Just picked up Christina Stiles Presents: Races Revised Cackle of the Gnolls

What can I say? If you are a GM and want to use Gnolls to put your party through the ringer, or a play wanting to play something interesting and challenging... This book is for you.

A full write up for a 0HD Gnoll, complete with alternate racial traits, archetypes, feats, gear, and spells.
This is the kind of love all 0HD Races need.

The writing by Mike Welham was top notch, The lay out is what everyone expects to see in a Super Genius Games Product, well written, informative, and lots of great options to bring this race to life.

Will I play a Gnoll using this book? Yes.
Will I torture my players as a GM with this book? Absolutely.
Will I buy future releases in this line? Yep.

Overall this book is useful and fun I give it an easy 5 stars.

Our Price: $1.00

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7 Cure Light Wounds Feats


I bought this last night and gave it a look. Like almost all of the Bullet Point series I was happily impressed. These feats let you use the iconic Cure Light Wounds spell in fun new ways.

Bolstering Cure: Allows you to over heal a target hit points healed over max HP become temporary hit points. Allowing you to use Cure Light Wound preemptively.

Cloak of Curing: Allows you to hold a Cure Light Wounds spell and have someone activate it by touching you. I can see all kinds of use for this.

Lay on Cure: Target your self with a Cure Light as a move action. YES PLEASE!

Lingering Cure: Heal more over time, there is nothing wrong with preemptive healing.

Moderate Mastery: Use any of these feats with Cure Moderate Wounds pure awesome!

Shared Cure: Heal them and you at the same time! Very good choice.

Reinforced Cure: Cast a useful 0 level spell along with Cure Light Wounds, You will see a lot more castings of guidance, resistance, vigor, and virtue with this feat.

Overall these are great and with the exception of Moderate Mastery all can be taken at first level. Most having a prerequisite of one rank in an appropriate skill and the ability to cast Cure Light Wounds.

Will these see use in my game? Yes they will.
Will they see use with Divine casters I build? Absolutely.

My over all Rating: 5 stars.
Awesome feats well worth the $1 price point. I want to see more spell based feats keep up the good work Geniuses!

Our Price: $3.99

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Godling Relics


Having just read through this book I must say I was impressed.
The concept of magic items that level with you impressed me.

It includes all the rules needed to include Relics into your game, including alternate ways of paying for them. Sample Relics, rules on how to design your own relics and two sample relic templates Staff and Weapon.

My only want is more Relic Templates such as Armor, Rings, Wondrous Items etc.

These can be used as plot devices, rewards, and more. I plan on using this book in the next game I run.

At $3.99 it is well worth its price much like any Super Genius Games product. It is a fitting supplement to the Genius Guide to the Godling, Mystic Godling and Godling Ascendant books I recommend every book in this line.

My Rating 4.5 rounded up to a 5 (Hint: more templates please)

Scott W. Holmes

Our Price: $1.99

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Not your average lolcat


This book is a solid choice for anyone wanting to make a catfolk character. It was well written and includes everything you need to play the race and then some.

It was well written, the art was good, and will add to anyone wanting to play a catfolk. One of the big things for me was adding either a bite or claws as alternate racial traits. This is something I have always thought a Cat-type should have.

The price of $1.99 is a winner here you get a good value for what you pay.
If you want to play a catfolk character this is a solid buy.

I rate this a five star rating good writing, good art, new traits, items overall very useful book.

PS Write a Guide to the VANARA and it is bought...Just sayin'

Our Price: $1.00

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More love for the Luckbringer


I picked this up tonight, and not only did I get more love for the Luckbringer I got a little gem of a feat for the Time Thief/Time Warden.

Using cross promotion is just plain brilliant, it is exactly what got me to purchase 101 Renegade Class Feats.

The PDF was well written, and it made me want to build a Luckbringer when we run the Skull and Shackles Adventure Path. Not only that but the Auspicious Escape feat will be used by my Time Thief.

Awesome work from Rite Publishing I highly recommend this PDF not only if you have a Luckbringer but also if you have a Taskshaper, Time Thief or a Time Warden, if you don't have the Luckbringer do yourself a favor buy it then buy this, you won't be disappointed.

May rating 5 stars, it will be used at my game table and it should be used at yours.

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