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I should come back as Sun-Eater, who becomes awakened by the magical forces in the area.

T-Rex Barbarian 5, baby!

Anyways, it's been fun guys. I'll see if I can come up with another character idea... But if not, I'm on the forums as Razorstorm, so keep an eye out for me!

I really like this a lot! I'll be using this for the rogue in the game I'm DMing tonight. Though I agree with the criticism of the Talent at level 1. Instead I'm giving them free Weapon Finesse. That also saves me needing to explain the changes presented here until they understand their character better (1st time player).

Regarding the discussion about Weapon Finesse for free, here's my two cents. It's not forcing them into a particular style, it prevents a feat tax for the most clear method of fighting the class offers.

Very very few rogue archetypes put high value on Str. Almost all rogue archetypes put high value on Dex. This means that almost any rogue build without Weapon Finesse is totally boned in melee. I feel that in the new build, making weapon finesse the default talent at level 1 is the right approach. If someone brings a build that really wants a different talent, let's talk about it.

I'd probably just delay giving them the cunning pool until level 2, and thus by default restricting them from choosing any talents that require spending cunning until then?

My two cents.

All-in-all, I really like this!

For the power, how about staggering them with a painful touch, copying the dani power from the Repose domain?

One thing to point out about the beast shape thing, guys: It can ONLY be used to become a unicorn, which is hardly a powerful shape.

I like the suggestion of Wild Empathy.

@Arazni - Thank for sharing yours. I don't care for the horn idea, but it gave me somethings to think about. I stole your feat list completely, and am taking some spell options under consideration.

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I'm trying to build a custom bloodline for my wife who wants to simulate a Unicorn trapped in a human body (yes - a la The Last Unicorn). Here's what I whipped up, just using the Unicorn powers as guidance, and I feel like it worked out pretty well.

I would greatly appreciate any criticisms or suggestions.

Unicorn Bloodline

Class Skill: Heal

Bonus Spells:
3 - 1st - Cure Light Wounds
5 - 2nd - Cure Moderate Wounds
7 - 3rd - Magic Circle against Evil
9 - 4th - Neutralize Poison
11 - 5th - Raise Dead
13 - 6th - Cure Moderate Wounds, Mass or Serenity
15 - 7th - Greater Teleport
17 - 8th - Heal
19 - 9th - Holy Aura

Bloodline Arcana: Constant Protection vs Evil

Bloodline Powers:
1 - Detect Evil at will, Light as bonus cantrip
3 - +2 save vs Charm, Compulsion, Poison
9 - Beast Shape IV to become a Unicorn only, get the constant Magic Circle against Evil when in this form.
15 - Immune to Charm, Compulsion, Poison
20 - ???? No idea, don't expect it to matter

My wife and I recorded the Goblin Song for my game. Feel free to use it if you like it!

It's loaded on my Google Drive.

My wife and I just recorded this version of the Goblin Song. People are welcome to use this if you like it!

It's loaded to my Google Drive.

I ended up buying the PDF, and looking through it I am super happy! This is great content the maps are fabulous and I like some of the fleshing out that you did. Well done!

Starting this campaign soon as a virtual game using

Okay, so here's the scoop. My wife really wants to play a magus with a baby dragon. At first I was just going to play it as a psuedodragon familiar, but she has expressed that she really wants it to be a legitimate fighting companion. I'd like to come up with a "roughly" balanced method to treat it like an animal companion. Allow it to start as smaller, then grow to small or medium size.

I'd really like to figure out a way to make this work, without totally overbalancing her character. I'm already planning on requiring her first feat, and probably her fer Magus Arcana.

Any other suggestions?

I've been just snipping images out of the PDF's but I ju;st tried copying using Adobe, rather than the snipping tool, and you're right! I feel kinda dumb.

Thank you!

Thank you!

Brutal Ben wrote:

I think the map spoilers are technically a separate layer in the pdf so you should be able to copy and paste without them.

The newer aps have player friendly maps as a separate file.

That's excellent news!

I guess I don't know how to copy/paste the map images without getting that layer. Could you possibly explain it?

Also, I can't find the separate files you're describing, but that's exactly what I'm looking for! I just can't FIND them anywhere!

I would really like to buy the new AE edition of ROTR, but not the hardcopy. Is there a PDF of this new version avaialable?

I have purchased several AP module PDF's, and am about to start running a virtual game using virtual game board. I am wondering if there is any way to get clean map images (you know, without the room references and such) that I can use?

If you don't currently offer this, please consider this as an option. I love that I can buy PDF's of everything you make, and will happily pay money for them. But this an area in which WOTC have done well. Every month you can download clean images of the maps presented in the recent adventures.

If you are already doing this, and I simply haven't been able to find them on the website, then please accept my apologies and point me to the right place.

I have the original version, and I may be looking to run it with a new group, in which case I would buy the new version.

Is anything different other than updating it for the new system (relevant skills and such)?

I recommend a cavalier with the inspiring commander archetype. rchetypes/-3rd-party-publishers---cavalier-archetypes/rite-publishing/inspi ring-commander

Back in 3.5, I played an arcane trickster, and carried a wand of Acid Splash as a super-cheap way to deliver easy-to-hit Sneak Attacks. It was a blessing because your attack bonus with a weapon is laughable, even with weapon finesse. Super fun character, with lots of utility, but man, your BAB really gets screwed...

While we explore today, I'd like to hunt/forage for us if possible, to reduce the need of rations.
Survival 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (8) + 12 = 20
Sun-Eater roll 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (19) + 7 = 26

I started a character as a Mechanist Gunslinger, the main gist of which is that it subs Int for everything Grit related instead of Wis, and adds a Deed which adds damage as a swift action based on your ranks in Engineering. And it also adds Trapfinding and Disable Device, so it's a very "tinkery" feeling class. It also makes an excellent dip, since the damage scaling is based on ranks in Engineering and not class level. My questions here are assuming that

My plan was originally to multi-class into Spellslinger Wizard to create a really cool arcane gunman. Getting the great utility of a spellbook and and scrolls, and after 5 levels of wizard, go into Eldritch Knight. I've built it out, and it works pretty well. I like the flexibility the build gets being able to switch damage types to the situation by adding on-the-fly enhancements to the gun. Good blaster, but with awesome utility. However, losing access to 4 schools is pretty painful. Also, he can't wear light armor anymore, but that's not a huge problem thanks to Mage Armor.

I just had the idea last night of instead progressing as an Alchemist instead of the Spellslinger. It still captures that "arcane gunman" feel, but with a definitely different bent, mainly focusing on the bombs. The bombs provide awesome AOE effects, and with the Explosive Missile discovery, can actually be channeled through a bullet, letting me really smack down the pain on single targets, with various utility effects layered on, and healthy dose of blasts (party friendly, of course, using the Precise Bombs discovery). The Mutagen ability provides a nice buff to Dex, which is good. However, the spell list isn't nearly as good. But you also get UMD, which goes a long way towards covering that up. You can add some energy type flexibility to the bombs through discoveries, but that sure takes up valuable resource. You also get to keep wearing light armor which is nice.

Note that neither build will ever see level 5 of Gunslinger to get Gun Training, which adds Dex to the damage of every shot. While it would be so very nice to have, it dilutes the caster effect too strongly to be worth it, IMO.

I'm just curious if anyone has any thoughts/advice on this idea?

I have a level 6 Druid and I raised his companion's Intelligence to 3. Do tricks even matter anymore? I'm not clear on whether they are still necessary for combat training or use as a mount.

Jin Takashi wrote:

For those in the recruitment thread.

There IS a group in the game thread consisting of
Peitry (Admixture Blaster Wiz)
Jin (Debuffer, Striker Magus)
Rogarson (Scout, Sword and Board Ranger)
Tamas Keenan (Archer Cavalier) as one group.

We need a Front liner/Healer,
So anyone Making a
Paladin (with good Mercy choices)
Battle Clerics of Imodae (Holy Vindicators are awesome, Heroism/Archon Subdomain ftw)
Or Inquisitors who know healing spells.(Witchunter Dwarfs with Steel Soul, Glory of Old trait have Mega Saves)

Basically any dude who can kick butt AND Heal is what we need...

I am about to post a fierce Shoanti druid, but he is focused on wild shape and melee. He carries wand of CLW, and could memorize a few heals. Not a great healer for sure, but pretty tough and versatile. He doesn't rely a ton on his magic for combat, so he can have more of it for utility and healing.

Rolling to see stats

6d6 ⇒ (6, 5, 6, 2, 5, 5) = 29 17
6d6 ⇒ (4, 3, 4, 1, 3, 6) = 21 14
6d6 ⇒ (4, 1, 6, 6, 5, 4) = 26 17
6d6 ⇒ (6, 5, 3, 4, 1, 2) = 21 15
6d6 ⇒ (4, 2, 4, 3, 1, 4) = 18 12
6d6 ⇒ (5, 6, 4, 6, 4, 5) = 30 17

Oh my, yeah, I can do something with those!

Have fun y'all! See ya around!

Cool, have fun y'all!

Oh, eek! If we just raised our hand for interest, is it okay if we post the character idea later today?

Cool, I'll post him tomorrow. My computer is getting fixed by my IT, and all I have right now is my iPad.

*raises hand* Interested!

Dotting for interest. I'll post an alias later. Very nifty idea.

Question- would you approve the Inspiring Commander archetype for a cavalier? It is on the d20pfsrd, but is by Rite Publishing. I think it's pretty balanced, losing the mount and the some offense for group buffing.

Dotting for interest. I will probably submit an investigator rogue. He's Part of the Korvosan guard, but a detective, with general freedom in his time. He focuses on getting beyond the front-line thugs to get to the bosses behind them. Lamm is both a personal and professional angst, as he's hurt several people him portably to him, and he's never been able to get to him.

More stuff later.

Apparently it's by Rite Publishing. Here's the link to it in the

For the idea that would go with my question - I'm thinking of a grizzled veteran full of nationalistic pride hungry to conquer for the glory of his people. If you'll allow the archetype I'll flesh him out further.

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Would you be willing to consider the Inspiring Commander archetype for a cavalier? Trades the mount (and other offensive punch) and heavy armor for bardic performance and improved tactician stuff. Combie with Order of the Dragon for a very fun "master strategist" concept.

Chadron B. Land wrote:
Reaching the Rusty Dragon, Chadron strolls into the bar. He makes his way to the bar, and asks, "Can I arrange a room for a few days? This kit, " hefting his pack with bow, arrows, spear, and shield above and beyond basic traveling supplies, "has gotten a bit heavy. A wonderful halfling, name of Dairkal told me you might still have some rooms."

At skinny man with dark skin and a thin-line beard, wearing a fashionable high-collared dark coat, black brimmed hat, and dark spectacles walks up behind you.

With a smirk "My goodness, someone should have hired a valet!" he then laughs at his own joke. He motions with his hand, and his bags float along and set themselves in a nice pile by the counter.

"By all means, please carry on. This spell doesn't last forever, and I'd love to make it up the stairs before it expires."

Ryuko wrote:
I'm fine with that feat. Seems perfectly all right. Alternatively, you could increase Charisma and go the Eldritch Heritage route to get a familiar.

Cool! Thank you! I updated my character in the google doc.

John Woodford wrote:
Azten wrote:
Razorstorm wrote:
One feat queston- How do you feel about the Obtain Familiar feat from 3.5?
Linkified for convenience.
I didn't think I was going to be able to find that anywhere that wasn't blocked from work. Will have to remember that site.

Hey nice site! Looking at that, I had forgotten the pre-req of caster level 3rd. I would be fine starting without the familiar and summoning him with my 3rd level feat.

John Woodford wrote:
Linkified for your convenience: Zurich, Tiefling Conjurer.

Why thank you, sir! My forum-fu is clearly lacking.

I actually decided to submit Zurich, Tiefling Conjurer. 02OTdQX0tueFE

One feat queston- How do you feel about the Obtain Familiar feat from 3.5? I'd really like to take the arcane bond (object) option, but I feel like the familiar is important to the summoner and Acadamae background. If you'll allow, I'd like to use my first feat for Obtain Familiar instead.

Alternately, I'd be willing to swap the conjurer element for an evoker, keeping the same character concept.

@Lictor - How do you feel about the "obtain familiar" feat from 3.5? I would prefer to have the Arcane Bond object option mechanically, but I really feel like the the Familiar is important for the summoner and Acadamae background. If you're okay with it, I'd like to take the object as my Arcane Bond, and spend my first feat on the Familiar?

Note - If you're not fond of a summoner build in gameplay, I'll change him to an evoker.

I would love to play! I've never done PbP, but I've played lots of D&D across multiple editions,and am recently getting back into PF.

I'd like to submit Zurich, a Tiefling Conjurer, also a lawyer. 43MEVKZWpiOUE

I might change the Diabolic Dabbler trait to get something more social, as I'd really like him to have Bluff/Diplomacy as class skills.

I would really like to get involved! I've never done a PBP, but I played a lot of 3.5, and am now digging into PF.

I'd like to play a Half-orc Druid, which will probably mc into Ranger (maybe going Nature Warden), but I'll have to play with the build. I would be happy to lean him more towards caster vs melee depending on the group's needs, though obviously I'd need to take that into account on the build. I'm leaning towards a melee build partnering with the animal companion.

He has roamed the area surrounding Sandpoint trying to keep them safe and healthy for a few years. He was apprenticed to a very old and well-respected human druid that had been in the area for 40+ years, but recently died of old age. He recently buried (cremated? whatever...) his master, and has now come to town to re-supply, and also for some company. Frankly, he's gotten lonely, but he'd never admit it. He's very shy, but fiercely protective of those he takes as friends. Some people in town (especially local leaders or hunters and woodsmen) would have known his master, and are aware of his young and ugly apprentice.

I'll post something soon, but please consider my hat in the ring.

I just wanted to chime in that I really like this approach, and it nicely addresses my frustrations with D&D. I much prefer the idea that the character is mighty, even totally naked, rather than being totally reliant on their items.

I would probably let the martial characters apply the weapon and armor bonuses to any weapons and any armor, not just a specific type. I don't think the added flexibility really hurts anything, and it encourages things like using whatever you pick up, or what's within reach. I would even let the bonuses apply when not wearing armor or fighting unarmed, as it reflects character awesomeness, and makes characters less freaked out to not wear full armor and weapons to ball, or when sleeping, etc.