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Raymond Lambert's page

FullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 891 posts. No reviews. 6 lists. 1 wishlist. 14 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Dark Archive

I look forward to looking these over in time.

Dark Archive

I like playing a mix if barbarian and alchemists. At alc 2, grab a vestigial arm and employ both a shield and a 2 handed weapon. Take armored hulk bbn archetype to get heavy armor proficiency and you can have a serious AC with some staying power. Even at higher.levels, power attacking will miss you on iterative attacks keeping the high AC relevant. Alc extracts and mutagen to buff and heal that others cannot expect you to waste your turn using on them when they don't work on others without a discovery devoted to such. Bbn rage to buff attack damage, though you trade in the AC. Try to wait for a full attack from haste before raging.

Dark Archive

Aghion, thanks for telling me where that ammo was. After reading it in the thread severaral days earlier, I forgot about it. I did go looking for it in the actual PDF but of course it was not there.

I want to say thank you for deviating from the norm and making several new classes, each with a new way of utilizing resources. It really breathes fresh air into the system for me. I am way more excited about these classes, especially the occultist, over how I felt about any of the ACG classes when I saw their final versions. Even the two ACG classes I like, I have small intentions of using.

Useing GM credit and a home version(great to playe a 3.5 Book of Nine Swords class of Swordsage again) of Jade Regent for PFS credit, I jumped into the play test using a 3rd level character in PFS. I am worried nobody will want to play this class while it is so limited at the earliest levels. For example, I will never agree to play an inquisitor again unless I can start at 4th level so I can have at least 2 judgements a day. Likewise I would never play an occultist unless I was at least level 3 so I could have a 1/2 decent choice of focus powers. Mind you, not even a good choice, just a 1/2 decent one.

I unexpectantly found a great joy in the object reading class feature at 2nd level. I developed a new catch phrase for me, "I want to touch it!" I sprung a trap in the process and tried to begin searching for traps more often before doing so. Of course with out the trap finding feature, my ability to do so was somewhat limited. Though I was glad I left wisdom at 10 and didn't dump stat it like I had strongly considered. Having perception as a class skill was also a significant boon. Other players got in on the fun too and started cracking many jokes about it. I loved that I could get info on the person who last used it. I can see this class feature being a regular vehicle for a GM to feed the party backstory and clues! Though next to nothing of the feature as I read the class. It was so similar to the 3.5 Bo9S Swordsage ability that I never got excited about even though I loved that class. In play, the extra info about users was awesome intel collection, I came to love it in play!

I really hope that OA will have archetypes right in the same book like the ACG, instead of waiting for another book like we had to do with the APG classes. I really want an archetype(or the base class itself) that grants heavy armor proficiency. I don't mind havering less offensive potential than other classes if I can stand up long enough in a fight. Then I could swing more often(by not getting knocked out so soon myself), to make up for less class features granting bonus to att/dam. Would be nice for those of us who want to swing a weapon on many of our turns.

I really like a class that sort of has extra gold each level in place of class features. I can use the resonance abilities to get the effects of standard/expected equipment and still have real gold left over to buy more unusual or fun equipment that otherwise would never make the cut with standard wealth by level allotment of funds. I know this is somewhat similar to the free craft magic item feats that an Eberron artificer gets in addition to it's pool to craft magic items without expending xp. I loved that about the artificer and would love to have a way to do so with the occultist. gives me an option in PFS where an Eberron Artificer is illegal to play. In PFS, even a wizard is prohibited from useing it's bonus feats to get crafting magic items. Also a nice way to get such a character style into a game with a PF fanboy fanatic GM that is closed minded to old 3.5 stuff but still open to expanded Paizo published material.

I am really happy and love the opportunity to wear medium, eventually heavy armor and also use bast focus powers/spells. I was never fond of the Magus option for such. I like that an occultist could start at 1st level with heavy armor at the cost of a feat or archetype instead of having to wait till much later like a magus would have to wait and not worry about arcane spell failure. I also hated how much the magus seemed dependent on dex. Considered going a str route for magus and could never justify it. I am not one of those people who complain about dex people needing 2 feats for dex att/dam and still coming up sort but looking at a magus with str not having any decent AC, at least not unless starting with a bunch of levels and GP, I just could never justify going that road. I think I could justify going the occultist method though. One feat or archtype is a cost I have an easier time swallowing. Doing 18str damage on a 2 hander is always respectable damage and enough for me. Especially when combined with a spring loaded wrist sheath and wand of shield along with medium/heavy armor. That type of staying power defensive wise, allows more swings that add up the damage.

I am so keen and super excited about the 5th level energy blast focus power that I felt I had to choose evocation as one of my first 3 implements to make sure I had access to it as early as possible. I really love that I can pick the energy type on the fly! After making knowledge checks on the monster to avoid wasting resources on an energy the monster is immune to!

Looking at the focus powers available at level one , only 2 looked any good to me. I choose the evocation one that allows me to exclude squares in area effects. It is even more important in PFS where friendly fire is prohibited. Sadly, I have no use for it because I choose the touch attack of shocking grasp(and option to later put it into a spell storing weapon vis transmutation ability) as way more important than a mandatory fixed to fire burning hands spell. I feel a little cheated about this. I really need that square exemption focus power in PFS to use energy blast at level 5 to avoid friendly fire shutting down the ability to be used at all. Please consider evocation getting some low level focus powers and/or base power alternatives like a 15' cone or a 5' radius.

I also like the abjuration focus to set up a warded area. Might work nice in conjunction with a reach weapon. Freeze them, smack'em next turn, back away and get AoO when they try to close again. Though the saveing throw may just make an initial readied attack a better option considering the warded area takes a standard action itself to use. This is why I did not bother choosing it even though I had every intention of starting each fight with a reach weapon. Change that warding activation to a move action or swift, and I am sure it will be consider by many more people.

I find there is a big difference between playing this in PFS vs a regular game when selecting spells. I believe in spending prestige to get sort of free wands/potions/scrolls. Comparatively, I would not expect sort of "freebies" like those in home campaigns where I would expect WBL, and thus don't feel I can justify spending gp on consumables beyond a team communal purchase of a wand of CLW. In PFS, I decided to buy 2 spring loaded wrist sheaths and used prestige to get both a wand of shield and a wand of CLW. I expect to get more prestige down the line, even less then full prestige accumulation would still be enough to replenish these two wands with new replacements. With these expectations, I deliberately choose not to take shield and CLW as spells known and am trying to think outside the box and come up with clever uses for the other spells on those implement lists. In a way, I feel like I am meta gaming the system. Some view that as bad, others as a good thing as it is harder to develop teamwork with a constantly revolving door of different partners one PFS game to the next. Anyway, I liked feeling the sort of freebie wands gave me an excuse and motivation to look for interesting ways to utilize other spells I would otherwise never have taken.

Love that psychic magic is like Psionics in that it is purely mental and can be executed even when paralyzed. Sadly my flash spell with a fort save would not work on the undead as they are immune to anything that required a fort save, but it could have worked vs. a spider or rogue with paralysis poison! While paralyzed, I also brainstormed using create water to try to make the floor slippery and harder for that undead to make acrobatic tumble checks. The GM didn't buy into such, but at least I was able to try to be creative and try something. Maybe next time I could use an unseen servant to knock stuff around and trick the enemy into thinking we have reinforcements coming from another direction.

Really excited to have a PC that can somewhat swing a decent melee weapon, and blast, and heal! I am currently ok with not being as good at any of those things as the classes really meant to focus on them. I just love the options to pick the right choice as the sitsuation sees fit.

I _was_ thankful the occultist has all martial weapons proficiency. I really appreciated(emphasis past tense) the option to switch among a large number of weapons in search of the right tool for the job at hand. With all martial weapon proficiencies , I didn't feel I really had to use a feat, PFS boon certificate, or PFS retired faction(Lantern Lodge) trait, Heirloom Weapon trait, 1/2 Elf alt race feature, ect. to get a 1/2 decent(not even good, just half decent) weapon to have a somewhat decent weapon swing option. In practice, I found this makes weapon focus MUCH, much, much harder to use. I was going to go without weapon focus this time, something I never did on any other weapon swinging character before, but with excalibur proxy constantly ranting about how poor of a combatant the occultist is, I thought I better grab that extra +5% chance to hit.

I often wondered if I would have been better off with weapons I usually use: meteor hammer, Dwarvern Dorn-Dergar, kusarigamma, 3.5 style spiked chain and their easier abilities to switch back and forth between reach and adjacent styles rather than having to drop one weapon and spend a move action to draw another(and maybe not have the reach weapon again if I later moved away from where I dropped it). After actually playing, I am really wondering if the all martial weapon proficiencies really matter as I am seriously questioning and now a little doubtful about the gp cost of enchanting two weapons, a great sword and Lucerne hammer for their ability to do more damage than a meteror hammer and similar weapons. This is after playing many PCs useing the various above mentioned exoctics(I tried all of them at least once and still rather just have a 3.5 spiked chain). I really wanted to experiment with just going for better bell curve damage(and crit options) with a martial weapon instead of the meteor hammer and similar crew, but now i am really seeing the value of those exotics, even at the same 2 feats compared to 2 feats comparisons but at least getting better action economy and less gp expenses. I know taking weapon focus twice is almost the same as taking weapon focus and exotic proficiency.

I choose to start each combat with a reach Lucerne Hammer because I wanted the bigger d12 damage over so many d10x3 reach weapons. I also liked that LH does both P/B damage. I found getting attacks of opportunity were very unlikely. Partially due to lack of combat reflexes. Mostly due to lack of partner players willing to wait for the enemy to close and provoke. I had planned to switch to great sword for better bell curve damage once the enemy and I were next to each other. I found I often had some reason to keep using reach so that plan did not work out so well. I took weapon fous in great sword thinking I would be using it more often. I find getting use out of weapon focus to be so much harder when switching weapons now. It really makes me wonder if the possible extra damage from multiple martial weapons is really worth taking over just taking an exotic again. Though I guess us feeling we have to make a hard choice is what is considered balanced instead of one option being purely better, maybe over powered?

Dark Archive

I loved the setting and backstory of the world. I bought several of thei products in the 3.5 era. I have no idea what they did in 4th with it.

Dark Archive

I am personally worried about implements getting destroyed by sunder. Regular casters can just buy 3 spell component bags but I would hate to have an entire school shut down from not having a replacement. Almost makes choosing a school twice a little more appealing but nit fun if done as a needed tax. I would love to walk around with an animal skull as a part of shoulder armor but don't want it out in the open so easily to target & destroy.

I predict time wasted at tables where GMs & PCs argue about if you can put a +1 ability on a weapon/shield/armor before putting a magic enhancement bonus on it. Just to avoid arguments of people wanting to disagree, I ammunition to shoot down either side in clear text.

Dark Archive

Think you are too overloaded on offense early on.

I believe transmutation is helpful for offense but better saved for later on. I am instead choosing abjuration early levels because I want the added survival aspect of the shield spell, especially with a 2 handed weapon. It also has cheap AC boosting resonance for even more AC. People who believe AC is no good later on can redistribute MF to other schools at higher levels.

At level 1, 18 str on a great sword is overkill already. It is very respectable for a considerable among of time. Lowering your expensive str point buy really helps pay for multiple small bonuses elsewhere. I rely think 14 con is important. Especially for 2 handed weapons using no shield.

Also endorse switch hitting between reach to begin and later 2d6 for better bell curve damage. I want a great sword cause I like the 19-20/x2(20x3 is often wasted overkill). Slashing weapons also allow you to cut ropes and clothe. Thought Lucerne hammer on reach to than have all 3 b/p/s damages types available, it is also d12 where most reach are d10. The brace works nice in conjunction with making them come to you through an attack of opportunity. Though the readied action required for brace means you would have to depend on allies with ranged attacks to motivate the enemy to close the gap. Or you could just chuck a javelin and get non race damage when they provoke normally.

Dark Archive

I wanted to say thank you for experimenting with the system and giving us new styles of play.

Dark Archive

I am eager to play one of these.

I love the 5th level evocation focus to do a 20' radius blast that lets me choose the energy on the fly. I hate how vancian casting requires forcing an energy and shape into an inflexible slot. I love the versitility of being able to choose the energy as best suites the fight. Something we to tell as an int based caster with knowledge skills. I love even more that we can do this in medium armor. I am even thinking of taking heavy armor proficiency as a feat or multiclass option since psychic spells have no worry of arcane spell failure. I also need not worry about a free hand for casting if someone wants to go sword & board, though I think 2 hander with the shield spell may be the way to go. Maybe a wand of shield with a spring loaded wrist sheath. I would love to see an archtype with heavy armor proficiency. The ability to shoot several blasts off several times a day helps relieve the 2/3 spell casting number of slots compared to a full caster. Similar to alchemist bombs streaching out the 2/3 spell progression. Having the blast auto scale in damage at no extra cost in point expenditures per use is another plus for me.

I also like that I do not feel a neccessity to spend a feat on an exotic or martial weapon. I am going to give martial weapons a try this time. Saving my Tien Weapon proficiency certs for alchemists.

I am not so sure being less than in the top 15% of gish is really a problem. I don't have a problem with letting some other classes shine in out damaging me. If anything, it gives me ammunition to shoot back with when people say I can do too much. I will point out how the versatility comes at the cost of excellence at any one thing. Consider we do get 2 good saves and 4+int skills in compensation. I knows skills are very weak but knowledge is power.

I am really looking forward to being able to 20' radius blast(energy choice chosen on the fly), use martial weapons with medium(heavy with feat) armor and shield, and heal. I do worry about being expected to waste all of my turns healing others though.

I am surprised the armor ability costs more focus points than the deflection bonus considering a deflection cost formula is more expensive.

I wonder how often people will just focus on only 2 focus powers and invest plenty of points into them so they can expend a bunch of points and still have those two foci in effect most or all day. Right now I am more concerned with having an 18 str to try to consistently hit and do very nice 2 handed damage at low levels than about squeezing out every point that I can. Especially with questions about how good transmutation is early one before you can usr a str boost. With 18 str, I don't need agile. Master work will be enough early on, ad I don't believe the enhance ment should stack on attack till it us at least a + 1 weapon, and questions on if the wrapons/armors/shields can even get +1 instead of an ability. I once again think.ibmay just save points for blasting multiple times a day.

While concerned about the very limited spells known early, I do appreciate the new skew on things and having more high level spells later. And at least a single selection opens spells for wands.

Please put something in early to prevent debate weather the conjuration power will work with augment summoning or not. And/or please add the usual suspects of the summon monster/nature's ally spells.

It would be nice if evocation base power gave a choice between a 30 foot Ray or a 15 cone, or 5 radius. That could make the shape focus power more useful. I currently plan to take shocking grasp instead of burning hands. Rather have the touch attack and/or burst damage of SG with spell storing. This.means my planed first level focus power of shaping will actually be useless till level five when I get blast.

I am worried the very limiting/few implements/focus.powers known early on may keep result in people never wanting to play one unless beginning at level three. I am useing GM credit in PFS to begin at level three and doubt I would ever play another unless I had a 3rd level start. I feel similar about the Inquisitor. Will never do another of those without starting at least at level 4.

Hope to see a revised playtest soon! Before my PC gets locked in PFS as I am skipping to level 3 on GM credit.

Dark Archive

Little surprised you are to 3rd party materials(bug thumbs up as a fan of dreamscared press and new paths) but closed to races of ten points or less from the ARG. Though you explained that.

I would be really turned off by the idea that I cannot buy what I want within reason. I am not exaggerating when I say 99% of items I see in adventures are not the gear i want for that PC. I think a reasonable.guideline is the freedom to purchase any item as long as it's value is less then half total gear expected for the wealth by level table on p. 399.

Good to mention excessive cheese discouraged but I would suggest yu go further by mentioning all such items you know and add that the list will be expaned as cases develop.

By eliminating combat exp & 13 int, you are envourageing massive str/dex/con as the players essentially have an extra 3 or extra 7 point buy when dumping to int 7. The brawler somewhat gets tnis but they are mostly expected to use close weapons group, not 2 handed wrapons for even mire bonus damage.

Dark Archive

Even with the reach evolution, which.can on one attack a turn according to the FAQ, I love the new ACG spell long arms to attack more often with reach. Even on an enlarged bipedal with natural 10' reach, I still like the evolution and the spell for 15' reach.

Dark Archive

I might be trading for one of these soon. Otherwise I will trade for the Tien weapon boon. Never heard about the varisian boon though till a few minutes ago and hoping to get mote info on it.

What weapons does it allow? Some chart in the ISWG hardcover or some chart is a softcover of the inner sea? Primer or player companion?

Dark Archive *

We should not put all our eggs into one basket. It is unwise to keep two infinity stones so close together.

Dark Archive

Has your society banned and hunt down all Psionic manifester s due to their former slavery from them or have they choosen to emphasize Psionic research and development so they can be ready for it should they need to confront it again? Maybe their is a underground movement pushing for secret Psionic advancement and understanding, or trying to rediscover how to use Psionics to become new slave masters themselves.

Dark Archive

Shout out to John for letting me play a sword sage from he Book of 9 Swords! Hopefully I.can play another game with him since OK with Psionics. And he even liked the Binder, need to get advice from him on that front.

Dark Archive

I am soliciting advice for swapping classes and adding encounters to this adventure.

One example was the evil bard with that hair useing prehensile hair witch/magus hex.

Happy to see more suggestions. Feel free to use not just PF but also old 3.5 stuff. I think I will be useing some Book or 9 Swords and some Psionics for example.

Dark Archive

When I saw the spell, my eyes opened wide. I plan to have every society character who can use this get a wand ASAP! I don't care if I waste a few charges prepping for rooms with No conflict. I plan to use several charges every game. If it is still allowed in PFS at least. I live that I can put it on eidolons also.

Dark Archive

Year 0 scenarios might not be the best choice. They require some conversion. That is not actually hard but as you are brand new, you might want to save that for a little later.

Whatever season of Society scenarios you buy, expect things to change up from one season to another. Espcially how they handle faction missions from one season to another. Try to play a few of them first with people who know how it works and can tell you also.used to workbin the past.

These are free adventures you may also want to try.
Dawn of the Scarlett Sun
Hallow's Last Hope (requires conversion)

Dark Archive

That second diagonal really perked my eyebrow also but the text is too blurry to read the details. Surfice it to say I will be keeping a close eye on this.

Dark Archive *

If anyone missed the non boon required tiefling time. I have such a boon, one of the first when they were introduced to the campaign up for trade. I would like a tien weapon training boon in exchange.

Dark Archive

Fruit shish kabob. Mixed fruit like strawberries, melon, cantaloupe, pineapple, papaya, kiwi, grape. Put 4 or 5 on a single plate, then swirl chocolate syrup over them.

Dark Archive

Have to revisit this.

Dark Archive

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I want to buy the AP where Cheliax finally squashes the rebel scum!

Dark Archive

Considering some apes use their arms almost as another pair of legs, I don't know whey you don't put the saddle on the apes back.

I might try this image for a summoner one day.

I don't think you should get a free waiver on a -5 penalty just because you claim you hung out with your animal companion his whole life. Consider yourself lucky if you get it reduced from a -5 to a -3.

Dark Archive

I ask players to keep their race choices to the standard 7 plus ARG races of 10 points or less. I would even let someone power down to a 10 point version of Aasimar, Tiefling, Tengue. Not sure I would allow powered down versions of other races though, I would have to take a look at them before giving an approval. I do this because I don't believe in giving away a bunch of free power away. Though I have noticed that not every race ability will be played out to the max so I might be a little over concerned. I have even considered giving the players the freedom to get an extra ability off their race if the race is normally less then 10 points.

Though I did ban in one campaign and alter in a later campaign the Entobian 3pp race. I was not letting someone have an extra set of arms for free. Getting a third arm costs a minimum of 8 points in the ARG and 12 for a fourth. Plus they had several other features, several of witch did not make sense to me.

I have not banned classes. I have banned the use of undead. I will not tolerate a spell that lasts days, months even at a time. Especially with these bloody skeletons that are likely to rise again an hour after they are destroyed unless someone poured holy water in it during a fight. That is after it goes down, but before the fight is over because the PCs are still alive.

I have a very suspicious eye on the awesome display from the oracle of heavens.

And if you bring me some third party published material and I say no, you don't get to present another ,10 3pp products until I say yes. You only have one 3pp presentation per campaign.

Dark Archive

I'm still not sure if you are talking about the elevens preparing food, you preparing food in real life as if it was an elven dish or if you mean elven cannibalism. I think I may just have watched too many post Apocalypic movies with cannibalism as a theme, add in the fallout quests dealing with the same.

I am just going to say roast beef. I like it hot, rolled up with mash potatoes or cold as a sandwich.

Dark Archive

Any more advice on pack animals? I thought about Hireing a vivisectionist or the alchemist archetype that plants bombs in animals to conduct surgery on the animal and remove the vocal cords so it doesn't make too much noise. Of course it's screams outside the dungeon/cave could alertus something is up out there if he vocal cords are left alone.

Thinking maybe 2 dogs might be good to ensure they have enough weight allowance, then they could fight together outside. Or if we bring them in, they would at least not be so big that they could not manuver inside like a large animal.

Don't forget that quadrupeds can carry 150% weight before becoming encumbered.

Dark Archive *

1 person marked this as a favorite.

The movie 2 smoking barrels had a formula about how many pigs it takes to get rid of a body quickly. Pointed out you should be afraid of anybody with that number of pigs or multiple thereof.

I often try to use knowledge religion to figure out the proper disposal method to try and avoid the spirit from rising as a ghost. Without the skill, I encourage burning the flesh and breaking the bones so they cannot be turned into zombies/skeletons.

You could try breaking it up or throwing into a handy haver sack and then dismiss the eidolon wearing said haver sack to get it away unseen.

Dark Archive

3.5 had rules for buying off level adjustments. Think it was next to a page with artwork of a beholder conducting a ritual. Guessing unearthed arcana(for back in the day when we only had the MMs to get LA+) or savage species.

Did gnolls not get either lowlight or dark vision? Natural armor is not given out cheaply. You also fail to point out the gnoll bite attack. That bite was more valuable before the barbarian rage power and half orc racial option for bite attacks.

I'm not saying I would play a LA race without it being a story over mechanics option because the no hit die levels are really hard on the bulid of a chatacter. So hard i dissmiss them for machanical reasons, but I don't agree that these races should just give all their extra power away for free.

Dark Archive

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I think dipping your fingers into a spell component pouch to retrieve and manipulate the material component is considered part of the standard(whatever) action of casting a spell.

Dark Archive

1 person marked this as a favorite.

As a joke you could multiclass with rogue. When someone complains that eidolons are too powerful, you could say you chose rogue, to water it down. Hahaha.

Dark Archive

Skip the awaken and present the ape as a freak of nature in a traveling circus or carnival.

Dark Archive

I recently began the Jade Regent campaign, we all began at level 3. I played a 3.5 swordsage in light armor but I had so much gear that I was still encumbered, even with an 18 str and masterwork backpack! At forth level, I will have to look long and hard at a mithral chain shirt, handy haversack and leaving some gear in the caravan.

I am also looking for advice on pack animals for when I venture away from the caravan.nright now thinking war dog as it is only medium. Also think pony or mule since it is a halfbreed of horse/donkey I think and my character himself is a halfbreed human of two different human cultures.

Dark Archive

Or maybe the upcoming Kineticist in occult adventures will bring back the Eldridge blast via energy shots.

Dark Archive

Someone admitted they were not the expert on Psionics. I strongly think you were unaware of something the Psion was doing wrong. If a so called expert can make an mistake, it should be easy for you to realize that you could easily make the same mistake. Even experts can be wrong 10% of the time.

My guesses for why you saw a 3.0/5 Psionics user doing way better than full caster :
-Lopsided rolling always in favor of manifester over caster. Weather during ability score generation or consistent spell/power damage/saves.
-They ignored Psionics transparency
-Blasting is the one thing Psionics can do better _if_ you know energy resistance/immunity and make the best tactical use of the freedom to choose the best energy, shape of he blast, and intensity(points spent vs slot level) on the fly instead of being nailed down to precise combinations of shape, energy, levels like spells are. Otherwise the free scaling of casting just adds up to way more damage over time then manifesting.
-One player obviously had better system mastery, example, like realizing an obscure creature had fire resistance so they meta gamed without making a knowledge roll to just hit it with another energy before learning the hard way.
-Cheating, even if unintentional though misunderstanding or lack of knowledge.
-Did the caster limit themselves to core rulebook only with no swift spells?

I am not sure I see how going nova within the rules is a problem as nothing stops a caster from casting there most powerful spells one after another. When dealing with high level characters, how much of a difference is there between casting 2 or 3 6th level spells then using 3 or 4 5th level spells? Maybe this is an issue at the level 5/6 range when the iconic fireball/lightning bolt come on line but that is for what, 1 or 2 levels?

Dark Archive

If you spend the time online, I am sure you can already find what you are asking for by someone not on Paizo's everyday employment payroll. You would rather pay $ then time but so many people would rather just pay that time then even more money, and for what, reprints of what they already bought?

I already feel Pathfinder Society is a micro transaction economy. You have to buy the official Paizo product to use it at such a game. Not even stuff on the PRD by Paizo themselves is considered enough for PFS. I strongly believe most GMs will let new people play a Core Rulebook character without checking that they bought the paper book or PDF because they themselves have that book at a minimum and can check their own copy. don't expect any guarantee they have another book. Once players use something the GM is unfamiliar with, GMs have a right to demand the source material and tell the player they have to play a pregen if they do not have the legal book/PDF. You can wager that many GMs would never even check if you are playing APG, or even some later stuff by now because so many GMs are familiar with that material by now. Or they know the table really does not have time to audit everyone and still get the game finished in a 4-5 hour slot. But a wager is a gamble, not a sure thing. You might end up with a GM who never saw your feat/class/spell and does need to look it up. This is more and more likely the more recent the material is or if it is from a softcover book. If you don't have the legal material, you are at fault. When you sit at a PFS table, you agree to abide by PFS rules, including owning of the book/PDF. I never see a GM refuse a seat to someone who does not own the Core Rulebook. Every GM is cool about giving new players a chance to see what the game is like without having to make that Core Rulebook purchase, same with dice and miniature, but PFS does have GMs who will tell you to play Kyra the pregen if you do not have the legal PDF/book.

Considering the $10 PDF price on so many hardcovers, I don't think it is far fetched to consider them micro transactions or downloadable content. Or are micro transactions always meant to be $2 or less? I could understand the $14 charge for most of the 64/96 page PDFs are beyond micro transaction scale. That is the reason I and many other raerly buy them. The fact they are not on the PRD also contributes to that material being played so less often. Once again, I think the need to pay for them reinforces them as a whatever size transaction economy.

I really doubt Paizo would want to take up your suggestion. They say they like to do one campaign world to avoid completion from them selves. Having different campaign lines proved to be a tough thing to deal with for former editions of Dungeons and Dragons.

If they did a Greek mythology setting, Japanese, European, ect. You know some people would never want to pay another $30 for another system. This makes it even harder to find players to game with and if you cannot game, the chance you stay a customer significantly drops. For some, it may be 2, 5, or 10 years down the road but how many gamers constantly but material when they know they will not be able to play? Putting everything in the same world makes it easier to get a group together so each person can play what that individual likes.

They seem to be pretty slow in even showing us the whole world of Golarion. Some of that must be waiting for the right rules to develop, psychic magic coming down the line for example, hello to more Vudra setting material likely at the same time. Some of it for space to expand later. But saying everything is on the same world or at least the solar system makes it easier mix stuff up. This is good for introducing more material outside the norm and giving creative freedom and exploring different cultures so you don't get board with the same stuff from seeing it all the time.

I think the free PRD really makes your suggestion they people pay a bunch of money for your limited setting something most people will never except, even laugh at you for suggesting. Outside of PFS, I rarely see anyone actually buy Paizo material. Almost all of them just use the free PRD. How many people do you think are going to be willing to buy the next $30 set next year and the one after that? Especially when they see a bunch of the stuff reprinting form one set to another. I love getting a chance to review new classes, but they are on purposefully made to fit into so many genres that would make them viable for so many small scale setting. then who wants to but the Ftr, Rog, Clr, Wiz every frigging $30? Heck, that would really tick me off, I would ask why not just make one generic book and then setting specific ad dons? But that is close to what they already do, so why change it in the first place.

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I think Paizo take on the warlock is that you already have a class with at will abilities. The witch, and now the Shaman. Adding real spells to the class arguably makes them better. I do miss having a class with unlimited touch attacks that scale, something the witch and shaman lack, but the gunslinger also provides virtual unlimited touch attacks themselfs, so once again, I think their take on it is that they already have such. Though I would happy take a look at a pathfinder edition warlock.

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I still enjoy the 3.5 Duskblade. It caps at level 5 or 6 spells but it has full caster level, and full BAB, with an arcane channel that works better than spell strike since it never requires concentration checks and does not provoke.

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For a free app check out PDF-notes!

I like that I can use it to highlight in freehand or text select form, hand write/draw, or type messages/notes in multiple ways right onto the PDF.

To download PDFs from Paizo, I use another free app named downloads. It has a green icon with a white arrow.

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I almost feel betrayed by my friends who went to gencon and did not tell me psychic magic is announced. I know they must have been crazy busy though and we have not met up yet since their return.

Last year, I was so excited about the ACG. Now I am excited about psychic magic and the classes for it even more than I was last year.

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I have been toying with the idea of a pyromaniac gnome summoner from Cheliax. The summoner and eidolon both wear evil clown costumes of black and red with a little bit of white, Chelaxian colors. The gnomes hair likely looks like an afro of hell fire. The eidolon could have big clown feet without actually hindering speed. They don't just laugh at their enemies, they do pointing evil laughing.

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Even though I like vital strike a little, especially on 3/4 BAB like my Alchemist multiclass with between 1-4 levels of full BAB classes, I have to point out that if you know you will have regular access to haste, vital strike goes way down in value. Maybe you cannot reliably get your caster buddies to cast hate or blessing of fervor every combat. Vital strike might be available before you can afford your own personal haste effect via boots of speed. But once you get those boots, your vital strikes will become almost strictly on the move attacks. I like being able to do something like both vital strike and godless healing as a move action in the same turn but there are so few move actions worth doing that it just does not happen often.even the godless healing option is something that you can only do once a day unless you take that feat again.

I point out that Martial Study from the 3.5 Book of 9 Swords as a nice alternative to vital strike. I know the Dreamscarred Press PF version Bo9S also has a similar feat.

Psychic Warriors can get good use out of Vital Strike if they have the feat that lets them regain Psionic focus as a move action. Of course the Psionic attack feat that they could then use along. side VS is another feat cost and would not increase the VS itself. But as a 3/4, and having several bonus feats, I think they could make good use of it. Then again, they might want to instead invest in a Bo9S/Path of War martial maneuver and the feats that does something like toggle back and forth between Psionic focus and Bo9S/PoW style maneuvers.

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Even as a long time player. I don't think running a first campaign as a GM begining at level 8_10. Nit saying to start at one but 3-5 are good choices.

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I like vital strike on 3/4 BAB classes because I suspect the chance to hit at -5 on a 3/4 bab irretive attack is very poor. Plus it is always a benifit when you do not have pounch or a straight line to charge for that pounch.

Can someone.please point me to a lust.of all the.ways to get pounce? I am only familiar with: one high level Barbarian rage power, eidolons, druid wild shape and animal companions. I love summoners(over druids personal taste and preferance) but could.never tolorate 10 or so levels of barbarian.

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You can ask the GM to play a Duskblade from the 3.5 book Players Handbook 2.

You can also try psionics, armor does not interfere with psionic manifesting.

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Many of the regulars I play with have combat monstrosities. they can over kill so much that a fourth player of offense is not needed. Especially in the pre year four PFS games. Consider the make up and system mastery of your party before choosing your spells and action.

I find so many PCs never bother with a shield and or heavy armor. This often gives them more offense in the form of extra damage or speed but leads them closer to being vulnerable themselves and more appreciative of healing. Heavy AC groups might prefer more liberal casting of offensive buffs over spells held in reserve for healing, or that you swing yourself. Again, look at the table when deciding what spells to prepare/learn and what actions to execute round to round.a heavy AC will not care about a single hit confident only half the next full attack might hit later but the light AC will want more consistent healing fearingeveryswing of the next full attack.

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Reach and trip combo for the win.

I personally prefer the biped because it has a higher strength. I figure if you don't hit, you deal no damage at all. If I do not pounce, it results in less complaints of if the eidolon is too strong. When the free trip works, I still feel it was a good single attack.

As much as people say pounce is the god all mighty ender of days. Remember you cannot pounce/charge through people, even allies. Walking through is different than charge/pounce, which requires a full clear lane, even just crossing bases a little would block a pounce/charge. Flight greatly helps at summoner level 5.

Spell focus/greater is good for the pit spells don't expect much use out of augment summoning. Your eidolon will not always die often enough for the class ability to make use of the feat. Augment does not work on the long summoning ritual, only for the special spell that brings it out quickly but only a short period of time. I think another feet could help it out for 10 minutes at a time but you don't want to constantly summon/dismiss/resume on.

Grease/black tentacle are still strong contenders but no where anywhere even close to the same neighborhood as effective as they were in 3.5.

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I just want to remind people. You can find a hell of a lot of minotaur artwork on Magic: the Gathering cards. Many commons worth no value, money or deck usage wise. You can cut out the art work and have a near perfect size large creature for PF/D&D.

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White wolf uses story teller. I suspect a few other games have titles besides game master. Judge is likely to be recognized as the person running the game regardless of the rules system. Perhaps the ability to use it in a generic way for whatever system gave it some traction. Regardless of how rules intensive like PF, or rules light like White Wolf World of Darkness, anyone who has been in the judge seat knows what it is like to have to be a judge, or whatever game system term. We have to improvise on the fly when the players go off the rails, never understand a clue, have to adjust adventures for the specific group, mediate for the players, spend so much prep time, ect.

I also wonder if judge and game master became more commonly used to avoid association with the BDSM scene before such became so popular, and wildly common itself. If you heard someone useing dungeon master back in the day, even if you were not an active member of the BDSM scene, you might know just enough to think that was what people were referring to it as.

I believe there is some sort of copy right on dungeon master. it might be for that reason, Paizo expressly emphasizes GM instead.

I typically prefer to call my self a DM. As much as I like some of the PF changes and additions, it does not satisfy me. If not for the backwards compatibily to add in old 3.5 stuff I enjoy, I would not like the game anywhere as much as I do. Because I think there is some legal issue about Paizo useing the full DM, I try to sometimes take that into consideration. There are also many people who never played other RPGs and would not know a DM was something different then the nefarious lord running the nearby crypt.

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Is this a new line? Sequels/expansions already planned? Or just a real test? See how it sells, then maybe another year or two down the line, might revisit?

Any suggestions on letting a player use the cards at a cost of a feat if the other players don't want to chip in to buy extra decks?

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If you are still looking for more attacks. You might want to try a Summoner base class from the Advanced Players Guide APG, or a druid from the core rulebook. Between the Summoner and Eidolon companion, you could get 4 attacks a turn with no penalties. Same with a druid and cat animal companion.

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