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Raymond Lambert's page

FullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 990 posts. No reviews. 6 lists. 1 wishlist. 15 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Dark Archive

Thanks for the.laughter and smiles.

I tnink the fat status might.actually reduce con.

Dark Archive

Are you familiar with the math behind why it is.usually more effective to forgo defense and just use a 2hw? If you are, and you are.more interested in the style or the extra AC, then at it. If not, ask and someone will take the time to write it out or post a link.

I just want to point out that a shield is somewhat negligible as I think slayers, like rangers only get the benefits of combat syle feats if they wear medium or lighter armor. If you are useing dex for a good portion of AC, then you might just want something like fighter for free heavy armor.proficiency since any heavy dex based AC player would already have a high enough. Dex for 2wf. Then use that dex 15/16 with mithral full plate when you can afford it.

Dark Archive

Any change to reach in eidolons? Is it still a optional evolution anyone can take it us it exclusive to the form you choose, eliminated all together?

Dark Archive

I am very interested in the reach evolution. It is why I loved playing summoners before. The ability to attack adjacent or reach with out the restriction of reach weapons. Would someone please be kind enough to update me on how unchained summoners & eidolons use reach?

Dark Archive

I found what VincentTakeda said very interesting. I am going to ask, players if they want to try something like double HP for both PCs and NPCs.

Dark Archive

8 Loves to pick up local spices and try new recipes.

Dark Archive

Have an NPC with a very thick accent say something unintelligible. If players ask for spellcraft checks, give them a chance and tell them they fail to identify the spell. Mention they fail to notice anything visual except maybe a slight hand motion. Get everyone's linguistics skill modifier without them knowing that was being used to recognize what was being said. It could even bein common so you could GM fiat that even unskilled people can do it.

Dark Archive

Consider house ruling that he can roll to see how.many eagles he would get but anything beyond 2 eagles instead pumps up one or more of the other eagles. Saves on how.many actions are being taken.

Dark Archive

Gloves of storing may be worth a look at.

Dark Archive

Nit sure hiw.much transparancy their is between PF domains and D&D 5E domains but the players handbook for 5E has a Greek mythology pantheon with some game stats, think it was eachs gods favored weapon, portfolio and domains. They have the same info for Nordic mythology, and a few other mythologies.

Dark Archive

Have you considered pretending a bag of holding or handy heaversack(much cheaper than the transformative weapon quality) is the transforming suitcase and you just pull out the weapon you need? If the suitcase has to be manipulated I stead if instant transforming, the move action to pull out the weapon could be your time spent shifting it. Do you really have to have everyone else see it work exactly like the story? Would a bunch if strangers at a.PFS table care? Isn't the important thing that you see your character in YOUR own head as doing what you think is cool?

Dark Archive

It can be very costly if you lose it but I think it can be worth it. I hear.some demons and devils love to steal weapons right before they teleport away.

The advice for searching for a god that will grant you proficientcy is pretty good.

You could also consider just dipping one martial style class level as another worth while alternative. You could begin with a 14 casting stat, dump 4th & 8th levels bumps into casting stat and still get a bonus spell when a 1 le el dip would get you the 3rd le el spells, buy a headband at 10th level for next tier of bonus spells.

Many people make the.mistake of thinking all polearms are reach weapons, but the Halbred does not have the reach machanic.

Bare in mind that heirloom weapon will not have the option to pack a golfbag of one silver, another cold iron, another adamantine. With a +3 magic enhancement bonus, it will defeat both sil/co, at plus 4/5 they.get through either alignment or adamantine but I do not recall what order that goes in. Keep in mind those are to hit/damage, a +1 frost keen weapon is +1, not actually +3 so it woul not.pass through those sil/ci DR. Also, most games don't go high enough le el to easily afford weapons that expensive.

If you do take a reach weapon, make sure to get combat reflexes. I find I almost never get attacks if opportunity but that is because:
-The reach acts as a pseudo defense(at tables I play)
-I almost never have teammates who wait behind my reach "screen", they almost all move up to the enemy

Explain to your fellow players the benefits of reach combat and they maybe they will indicate interest in cooperating. If they suggest they don't want to hold back because of your combat style, don't expect much use out of reach weapons. To be fair, sometimes the enemy gets the drop on the team or their ranged options are better than your teams ranged options, so itis not always a bad idea for your allies to move up to the.

Dark Archive

I wanted do say I do _NOT_ think it is much to go from 5 magic types to 6. I have even more "magic types" since I allow 3.5 stuff like Incarnum soulmelds, Book of Nine Swords Martial Maneuvers, Binders, true namets, etc.

Dark Archive

As similar as PF is to 3.5, I find it is often better to double cheack the current edition(what you are playing at the table, not 5th as is the case of this post) then to just blurt out what is wrong or right. _Many_ things have changed. Letting something slide for a combat so you can look it up better enables you to be right closer to 100% if the time. If you can show your evidence repeatedly, your interruptions are mire often respected than if you are only right 66% of the time.

Remembe that sometimes you have to look at the FAQ or errata, nit just the printed book. As many changes ad there are, unroll PF says it works differently, I still value the wisdom of older additions and would point to it as prescedent, though youshould point out what edition it is from in those cases.

Dark Archive

I never realized this had been updated to Pathfinder. I don't mind useing old.product. love useing 3.5 stuff like Book of 9 Swords but seeing this has been updated generate more interest this round. Look forward to where it goes from here.

Dark Archive

4 people marked this as a favorite.

Some people would.just use (sp?) Prestidigitation to "shower" themselves each day. Makes me think that thread about a 20 level pc being jumped while.bathing seems silly to me.

Dark Archive

I am sorry I don't have advice for you now but wanted to encourage you to continue mixing and matching both 3.5 & PF. Not every conversion is easy but pleanty of good stuff is out there for both editions. Don't give up on the backwards compatibility.

Dark Archive

I think most enemies have such a poor to hit that I often trade out pa for weapon focus.

I'm PFS where I cannot change such, I often don't use pa at all.

Dark Archive

I think that race is too good, unless everyone.else is.getting such.powerful races. You do realize that level adjustment.means you will be one character class level behind the.non la raved right?

I Think option 2 where you get an extra invocation every 3 levels best. The others seem way too good.

Happy to see someone else.also trying an old 3.5 class and maki.g usr of the backwards compatibility PF is supposed to be based on. Not all convertions are easy but there is still a ton of fun available from 3.5 expansions.

Dark Archive

I think it is much to go from the 5 magics I already know to now 6

Arcane prepared through study
Arcance spontaneous through blood
Divine through god given boons
Divine through nature
Alchemist extract concoctions
Now psychic occult powered

Maybe look at the movie dark city for inspiration on Psionics. It is very similar to the theme.of the.matrix.

Or consider it enhanced magic, useing the building bits of spells as Psionic power points to craft as you desire instead of being forced to employ premade parts. Making a pizza exactly as you want it: size, toppings, thin/think crust, ect, instead of buying a frozen pizza locked into more or less of the specifications you would design yourself.

Don't forget about wooshu martial traditions of the nine swords, or Incarnum soulmelds.

Dark Archive

You can also point out the weight of these items. It would be cheating for someone to walk at full speed if they are encumbered. If you want the gear to play with and get a +2 on a skill check, you have to pay both the hp and weight, or get slowed down if carrying too much. Maybe they could argue the feed is on the horses but if they leave pc food on horses also and bandits steal them, they would have to eventually suffer those starvation effects or spend time hunting.

If you want a bonus or to avoid the negative consequences of failing to pay upkeep, pay the price. Whatever it is, gp, weight, time, ext.

Dark Archive **

I think this boat has sailed and will not be diverted off course.

It may be feasible for Paizo to keep track and reward boons for PDF purchases. In a way they already do that by allowing us to download any of our PDF any day we log in. This would be asking them to do extra work for old sales that never produce another penny. But even if people held on to their brick and mortar store receipts all these years, you cannot realistically expect Paizo to be willing to figure out a solution for the headache for crediting all those purchases. Even for new purchases, think how much this would be a.pain for them.

You seem to have faith in the idea that people will pay for a paper book when they get an extra minor boon from it. I don't have that same faih in humanity, not even in the tabletop RPG portion of it. I see way to many who just want as much as they can get for free and never want to pay for anything.

Do you mean the d20pfsrd site? If so, I disagree about how.good you think pfsrd is, especially for PFS which is where you want to use it. That site changes text to avoid copyright infringement. For example, instead of a Sarenrae focused dervish, it has dervish of the dawn presented completely removing the flavor of the was.designed for. Present that to the GM and they have no way of realign people who hate that god, like.many taldans might hate that dervish.of the dawn. I don't necessarily believe every thematic archetype/presticlass, ect has bias towards them as part of the balance factor, but you are preventing that GM from getting the full story. I know you think flavor text if rules ate meaningless but that is nit how Paizo chooses to sell their product. If they did, you would see more than totally generic products and a lot less golarion themed rules mechanics. I dislike how many rules are setting themed instead of generic, the whole Inner Sea Gods book for example but they Re selling those parts as a theme mechanic hybrid, not seperately. It is one thing to present material and get that campaigns GM to houserule away or change the flavor if something, but that is not what PFS is for.

I did like some.of your boon reward ideas. Especially the cameo PCs, though I tnink a level range of 3-7 would be better, too many people ate incapable of handling a higher level character because they misunderstand too many of the rules tbat no one corrected them on whilel leveling up, more likely the higher level you go.Too many boons are so marginal or so corner case that many seem like a waste of paper.

I am thankful I can just bring the PDF. I would expect a printout of those specific used pages to prevent problems at all the.places people game with no WiFi or when someone shows up with a dead.battery.

Dark Archive **

You do not need to own all the books for a 1/2 way decent character. You can have a 1/2 way, even great character when designed well, with just the core rule book. You don't have to use every extra peripheral and shiny spinner to role play.

You already have a device with an app. I am sure you can already or get a free PDF reader for that same device, then get the core rulebook for just $10. Even if you are a kid with less than that for a weekly allowance, telling your parents you want to read a nearly 600 page book will likely encourage them to spring the $10. Even if you have to work it out as a substitute from your regular allowance.

If you keep yourself to core rulebook only, I doubt you will ever be yanked from a table for not owning one. Especially the first level or 2 when you can claim you are giving the game a test ride to decide if it is worth the purchase for you.

Dark Archive

Just remembered, in PFS, you cannot bring undead from one game into the next game. That makes retaining them very hard. You may also find many games where yon never find undead or only in the last encounter. And expect some coplayers will insist on destroying them.

Dark Archive

I don't see much potential in this.

Though I really do like the idea of useing neg channel to motivate enemies to come to you and provoke through reach.

I guess the reach would be a pseudo defense as many GMs I play with almost aways decide to go attack someone else instead of provoke against my reach. But with a 10 str, you are unlikely to hit. When you do, it will be negligible damage. You may feel very board waiting till level 3 for channel smite and level 5 for guided hand. They both seem like a very expensive feat tax to me. Once a GM learns you have a 10 str, they will nit give a Damn about your reach for at least level 1 & 2.

Do you mean the undead subdomain? I cam find that.but would not be surprised if another product has a undeath option also. Ilike that it ould allow you to heal with your neg channeling but the very limited duration and times per day will make that hard to coordinate in fights. It also up that even with an 18 charisma, if you sit at a 6 player table, you selectively channel out 4 coplayers, omit yourself, and now have an unhappy 6th(maybe even 7th) player angry that you are forcing him to save against you. Again, trying to set up moving 30' away from them or useing your standard action to first undead subdomain them is going to be jumping through a lot of hoops. I think it is better to save the idea for a small home group of only 3(could get away with less cha, though hurts saves) or 4 players beside yourself. Animal companions and eidolons bring up the body count even higher.

Channel smite has to be activated on your turn as it us a swift action but says nothing about being able to hold a charge. I think it would be fare but expect some GMs will say you cannot. That means you have to move up to the enemy to use it and potentially lose out on the AoO. Again, setting up the spacing just right can be a whole lot of trouble.

Combat reflexes let's you take an AoO while you are flatfooted. Without it, expect many enemies to beat you on initiative and denie you a AoO. Waiting ti level 9 for it is way to long. Thankfully, it has no requirements so you can take it atevel 1, even with a ckr bab of 0 at level 1. Or do you have something special that allows you to change the regular ckr bab progression like in your writeup?
I expect the poste Magda Luckbender will be here(will be nice to read you again:) with some helpful advice. S/he seems to be lucky to have disciplined coplayers who make use out of reach tactics. I find I almost never have the same luck. My typical teammates all live heading up to the enemy beyond of my screen, denieing me if AoOs. Why should an enemy proke twice leaving a teammate and coming to me when a real threat is already in their face? You may find more discipline at levels 5 and up when it is coomon to see enemies with full attavks. It us unwise those levels to be the one who moves up to engage, giving up your full attack, while they launch a full attack first.

Reminder, while I don't like the original build posted here, I am looking firward to returning and continuing this discussion.

Dark Archive

Can I hold a charged spell/SLA and still make natural attacks with the other limb with out dischargin? l used the ability and held the charge away from anyone else. Next turn the only enemy in movent range already had the nasty, nonstakable SLA from another of the same creature. I thought it would be fare for the monster to move and just do a regular attack with the other limb of it's 2 natural attacks so it could save the charge on the other limb for when someone without the nasty effect came close to engage.

Some players questioned if it was.legitimate but did not actually argue. They accepted it at the time. Sadly, we had to end the combat in the middle of the fight so I am hoping to have a confident answer if this was fair or not.

Way I see it, if a druid has a produce flame in one hand and a scimitar in the other, they should be able to choose which they attack with each turn. Same for a magus with shocking grasp or a cleric with an inflict spell on one hand and a mace in the other hand.

At the same time, if t was something like a druid wild shaped into a wolf with only 1 attack and produce flame I would think the bite should discharge the spell(or one round of it for produce flame). Of course that begs the question if it should be able to bite without doing the fire damage?


Dark Archive

Dark Archive

I reD in a PFS scenario, think it was the Frostfell Captives, one of the early season three(year 4) mods that goblins have a super high metabolism and require extra food. The rise of the Runords book one says baby goblins are thrown into cages with other goblins and given less food than they all need so they learn to fight each other. This leads me to think you would have to get a new born or they may already be conditioned beyond what any orphanage would put up with. Especially considering the lack of any civilized productive members of society from the race. I am tempted to believe they should be considered vermin and treated as such, as in eliminate them.

Dropping off a goblin at an orphanage should not let a paladin off the hook. At the leSt they should make financial contributions for the extra food they require and.extra headaches they would cause the staff. It would be very rare for a orphanage to have the.patience and discipline required to see that goblin baby through before it somehow "ran away" or died in an "acudent."

Dark Archive

The Healer(actual class name) from the miniatures handbook. Do nit recall if it was a 3.0 or 3.5 book. Actually, the channel energy feature in PF Lilly makes the original suggestions better but it would nit be unreasonable for a PF healer upgrade to PF standards to likely include the addition of channel energy. Maybe upgrading the animal companion at a lower level also.

Nothing wrong with looking at older editions for inspiration and contemplation of where to go in PF.

Dark Archive

I see how pressed for time you are. Have you or her considered asking another of your group to help. Even just 1/2 an hour that someone shows up early or stays late after the game should be helpful and could.get at least one or two of those card done each game. As for needing to update every level or even every game when new loot us available, well that is what pencile is for. And each level, you can just skip the all new sheet and then cards to just updating the few spots on the cards.

I don't know how much info you expect on each card but I honestly have a hard time understanding how.hard it could be to transfer the info over from sheet to cards. I guess the card with skills would take up the most space and time but maybe you can cut that down by only listing the skills with ranks in them. Maybe list the others on the back of the same card so she can still see what ability modifier to use for untrained skills.
-One card for defense only requires 7 lines: AC x 3 for normal, flat, touch; 3 saving throws;HP. -One card for offense with 3 to 6 weapon attacks.
-One card for miscellaneous info: age, diety, color for hair, eyes, skin, height, weight, how many levels of each class, initiative modifier and concentration check modifier for casting.
-one card for feats and traits with book page number references.
-I could see spells needing 1 card each (maybe a separate stack/size) or group all spells of the same level together with book page references.
-One card for gear that require body slots, the other side for stuff in the backpack.

This really seems to me like it would take only a little time more than to fill out a sheet.

I have seen index cards sold in multi color packs. Instead of a pack of 100 white, something like 20 each of five different colors. Again, time to search several stationary/office supply stores might nit be in your schedule but you can ask your group to keep a lookout for such. Even if 5 people.bring in a set, index cards are not super expensive and sinc you all love to game so much, they will get used over tim

That 6 page character sheet. Have you considered get each page printed on different color? Stack them so all that needs to be done is flip the page to the right color. I wanted a cheet sheet with all the actions in the game on a chart breaking them down to full, standard, move, swift, immediate, miscellaneous printed on a color page(to stick out from typically white character sheets) and the offcice supply stores of both Kinkos and Staples were happy to do such for me, each had many colors to choose from also. I think each color page was at most a dollar printed, and after the first, photocopying on color paper was cheaper.

Dark Archive

Your description sounds like a home made product. Sure it was a.product for sale.instead? It is not uncommon for GMs to use index cards for quick and easy access to the mist common needed stats of monster and/or NPCs. Some will also use them with a card for each PC to help keep track of initiative order in a stack of cards or bent into a tent shap and lined up so people can all see the.initiative order.

Dark Archive

If the player knew the AP/campaign was over, I don't see anything wring with checking the stats. If anything, it can help him gage how much or little he may feel he can get away with without needing to powergame. And by the way, you can power game and still roleplay, they are nit mutually exclusive of one another. If he thought the game was going to continue, then it was not so wise to do without asking first, but he may have asked. Their is nothing wrong with asking to see the stuff to better understand expectations. You said you have been out of the.loop for a long time.

If people do find changes, don't be surprised when fights are made to be tougher, they often need to be when used against groups that have more players or much more experience, not just playing tabletop RPGs but this iteration of the d20 system and knows the ins and outs of the system.

Knowing how to pull or throw extra weight into a punch as a gm is not always easy. I have been GMing for over a decade and I sometimes doubt myself with weather or not a tweak is now too easy or too hard. Your GM did make an effort, don't criticize that too much. If anything, I think he should have thrown you Shelalu as a 4th body to go in with and/or run some random encounters before going to the Goblin base.

Did your last game have a bunch if easy wins? He may have thought you were all up to the challenge with just the icing taken off, not realizing the top layer should also.

Dark Archive

I thought about 1 or more levels with Summoner. Thought I could use a 2hander for serious damage from level one and use the parry/reposte for defense and or counter attacks. After each fight, get my edge back by sparing with a summon monster after dismissing the Eidolon. One could instead just take the feat for panash that anyone could grab.

Dark Archive

1 person marked this as a favorite.

If it makes you feel any better, I have played many regular summoners but except at early levels, my Eidolon almost never died so I just stick with it. When I did need to use SM 1 or 2, u went with the dog instead. Now that.I am DMing another simmononer and who is level 3 when we began and 4 the last few games, I have semi regularly killed his Eidolon and have like you witnessed how good the eagles can sometimes be. To my surprise! Before this thread, I realised he required to make hover checks but have found this thread helpful with new ideas to take into consideration.

More thoughts:
As a.master Summoner, You know he will be summoning monsters(my player prefers his Eidolon 75% of the time in contrast, I prefer the Eidolon 100% PF the time). Knowing those summoned monsters will have smite, you might want to consider that undead, dragons and outsiders are less of a challenge when you redesign characters. I will consider that when I redesign encounters.

I said it many tines in many threads but it deserves repeating. You have to redesign encounters unless you are running for 4 players with 15 point buy and they play mediocre characters. Or unless you want the.PCs to curb stomp everything super fast to move the pace along quickly.

You might want to offer an trade between multiple creatures summoned or one with more powerful stats. For example, if he rolls for three eagles, offer him the chance to trade out the three eagles for one powerfully one. Something like +2 on att/damage/savez/AC. If he would get 2 eagles, he can add +1 to 2 of those 4 improvements.

Remember, in the PF edition, alignment templates do NOT automatically raise int to 3 and grant an alignment language(as it did in earlier D20 editions). Celestrial eagles do not have a language and do not automatically fight in the best tactics a player would want them to. The other monsters who do have a language take that ability to better order it around as a strength (or balance) compare to another creature with many more attacks, better modifiers, ect.

I still need to look it up but the post about failing to hover may require the
Creatue to move and provoke or more of of the threatening squars could be a big deal. We both need to go read that. Even circling around may prove bard as turns take.up.movement and sharp turns like (90 degrees?) take a fly check themselves.

If you want to limit to one summon at a time, consider also allowi.g 2 summons if the Eidolon is not present. Maybe the extra can only be a single buffed one like suggested above.

I think summoning into flank positions is ok but if the enemy is so far away that they have to fly their, I don't think they would fly the long way around out of attack of opportunity reach and/or into flanking. They are animal int, not smart people. You may want to lookinto the animal archive boom to get a better sense of hiw such creTurex would fight. I will read mine toight!

I commend you on looking for ways to make this work instead of just banning it without much thought.

Dark Archive

Anyone sure on if ou can both fight defensively and aid another. I thought they were ech standard actions nd thus no but if fight defensively sys -4 to all attacks, then I gues it is not a standard action. So what other stuff too like casti ray spells, martial maneuvers, spring tack, cleave, ect?

Dark Archive

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I disaprove. I don't want people getting ten feet away with a 5' and dismount, especially after I move a reach monster right next to them. Sometimes the mount could provide cover and negate provoking an attack of opportunity but 10' is not 5'.

Dark Archive

You could say that animals have no souls do it is not the same as turning an inteligent(3 or higher) creature into undead. The GM should have the right to declare if that is true in their campaign but you could stand by it being your characters belief.

Dark Archive

Ask the players if they want to take on tougher challenges.

Are you making sure they go throu a whole days worth of challenges before resetting stuff like spells per day or rage rounds? For example, they might be expected to take on 4 or 5 EL 4 encounters a day. Or 2 EL 6 encounters or one EL 7 and 1 EL 4.

It is not always easy to pick the right stuff but make sure to at least sometimes employ spell casters. Not just fireball but stuff that slows them down so they take more enemy attacks before.eliminating each enemy.

Use the terrain to the villains advantage. Default encounter design expects the environment to be advantageous to the enemy. If nit, then the EL goes down by one. Or you could boost the enemy up.

If useing premade adventures, expect them to be easy. Most people ate not fans of super hard games like dark souls. Prewitten adventures are made to be easy enough for even brand new players with a 15 point buy and little to no knowledge of the game and meta game to be able to triumph.

Dark Archive

Living Greyhawk had more sleep time ambushes so a chain shirt to sleep in was common gear for anyone who regularly wore medium or heavy armor. Much less common in PFS so when someone does get caught at that time, they are more likely to be caught with no armor at all.

Dark Archive

When he summons, he may be recognized as the one doing it. Should he do it again, he looks like a worth while target, maybe even a priority.

It is not too much to.believe a bunch.of villains would carry protection from good potions. Not every mook but the leaders and some lieutenants would.

Consider keeping a box on hand designated for the eagles. A color coordinated set of dice. One blue or clear for the hover check, green attack and damage for the bite, red attack and damage die for 1st claw, pink pair for se ons claw. Could roll all at once. Might help speed up. As if the other players a actually want to roll those dice. They may prefer to analyze their time deciding what spell to cast on their turn or where to move to. Not having to pass the box to each play can save some time. If you do keep the eagle rolling split amonst players, make sure each player has N index cards with all the modifiers. Making those cards should be the smoners homework. Ask the Summoner to ha e a new index card read(different monster) every game. That could cut on some.of the bestiary page flipping.

The Summoner itself is rather squishy.

Dark Archive

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Your thread title concerns me.

Have you considered something like claiming you are giving the undead the chance to earn redemption? I personally would not buy it but.maybe if you throw a bone showing you ate willing to try to find a way to work, the 2 of you can keep nounci.g off ideas. How.about saying you throw plant paracites on the.dead that take controm if the bodies, similar to the video game the.last of us.

If a, ask if anything 3.5 or 3rd party is allowed, snap up those chances when they present themselves, so many GMs are Paizo fan boys that don't even consider other options.

Dark Archive

Did you drag it out to watch them suffer or so they could get ahold of the situation?

I felt worried a tpk might happen a few weeks back when the Eidolon got killed hard! But the Summoner got.lucky always summoning 3 eagles on a d3 every other round as the eagles picked the girillion to death as they got killed off and replaced. They pulled through it. Had I concentratec on the PCs, at least one of them likely would.have died but I attacked the eagles so.they could run away. Didn't turn out as I expected.

Dark Archive

This thread titile made me laugh!

I guess Sasha from the WAlking dead was nit there to shoot them down like she dud 2 episodes ago.when a pack.of wild dogs.came.up on all the other survivers while they were all prone.

The player and.character both got what they deserved for going off without even telling the othes what the plan was.

Dark Archive

I took spell focus and improved spell focus. Found them good for the pit spells. I found little to no use on augment summoning. Unless you plan to burn a spell known and slits per day on the 2nd level summon Eidolon spell, the feat will not see much action. It is usually better to just have tbe Eidolon out already to go. As for useing the feat on the class ability to summon monsters, again, it is usually better to just have the Eidolon out and ready.

Hard to go wrong with extra evolution. You can even take it multiple.times.

I like toughness since knocking you out takes away the Eidolon also. You can even usr them to help keep the Eidolon around if you ate willing to spend your own points. As a squishy class, the extra hp are good for general survival.

Improved initiative helps shape the.battlefield still matters, before the enemy goes. Though I find the.pit spells.nice, both the PF versions.of grease and black tentacles is far weaker then the 3.5 old ways.

If you want to do damage yourself, definitely use the 1/2 elf alt racial trait ancestral arms to get a decent weapon. In that case, you may want to follow.up with the arcane strike feat, not like PF or summoners have many other options for that swift action.

I like the dwavern dorn-dergar, stole of Spock's playbook from the star treck reboot to explain why a 1/2 elf went to a dwarven training school. He choose them after the elven magic academy considered his human ancestery a handicap. Saw no better way to insult the elves then to go to dwarven traing instead. Got the cold shoulder there and created an Eidolon to be a

I also like the no dachi for the d10 damage and mire importantly the 18-20 crit range. The reach is another factor. I find I almost never get attacks of opportunity cause other players move to the enemy instead of staying by my reach waiting for the enemy to engage. Also find almost every GM decides to go attack someone else rather than provoke against my each. Nit so bad as it acts as a pseudo defense for a squishy class.

Dark Archive

Almost Never watched more than the intro episope off quick. Oddly , I stumbled across the last episode where they were playing D&D. Thought they were discussing battle plans and got a good laugh when I saw they were playing D&D! I recall reading a thread that suggested an Inquisitor would be a good class for the "magical girl" theme. Examples were Buffy, rainbow bright, gem(tech) and the gelfling girl from the dark crystal. Hope that helps, if not for your pc, someone else.

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Are you trying to surprise the GM or players? I really think GMs should.have a look at peoples sheet before they are played.

Have you ever looked at the factotum class from the 3.5 nook dungeonscape. It had inspiration points that can be used in many different ways.

The many different Inquisitor judgements can let you overcu something at swift action speed, add spells for even more diverse options. They do not have many spells known though. You could used favored class.bonus to gain more spells.known. also carry around many different spells.

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The rules will not be able to cover every corner case. Sometimes the GM has to make a tough call and use their best sense of judgment.

Remember Arial combAT is three dimensional. I suspect that the creature moved out of the others threatened area(we should be able to threaten the.squares both adjacent above and below). I would.grant the attack.

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Remember the devotion special ability he would get vs such a save.

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I think it was a mistake to offer the 10k in the first place unless you were expecting that to be the only reward players got for a long time. Or unless you do not care about wbl.

I suggest you tell the.players you made a unforseen mistake and ask the players for their understanding. Own up that the mistake is yours and that you apologize. Express your concerns for the state of the campaign. Point out the old version expected success at level 6 instead of 3. Ask them to understand the way too much gold would be a major throw off the guidelines for wbl and expected challenge rating. Ask them to be grown ups and accept a small reward of 1k now, maybe more later. You could say only so much hard coin is available at the moment, most of the wealth promised is currently in trade goods like grain and cattle.

If the players are not mature enough to understand then you could just accept that such over equiped PCs should have next to no challenge for a while. Consider telling them they just win few fights, don't even bother wasting time on the fights, just hand wave them by. Give them a chance to maybe narrate their victory if they want. Be careful about actually rolling them out. Yes bad/good rolls can still make them a real fight. Clever tactics could come.I. handy but be swear that running so many mostly cake walk fights runs the risk of burning you out ad a GM from being disappointed at how hard it is to challenge them.

As for new players not getting a share, just.make a decision onwrather you want them to have the extra resources or not. Then tell all the.players to deal with it. Either you choose to be fair to everyone or choose nit to give an extra bunch of free hand outs they never earned in Ty he first place. They have no right to complain if you still give those players proper wbl and don't run up the challenges to compensate for the over equipped PCs.

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Too many players complain they ate not having fun because someone else does more damage. Many individual think they are not the masses and can accept better defense as the trade off. After several games of doing suboptimal damage next to the 2 handed user, many end up falling into the crowd of feeling jealous of the 2 handers, especially if they are not shield bashing themselves. Remember it is always better for the 2 hander as their move and single attack is not hampered, but your move and single attack denies that extra shield bash damage.

If you like the extra ac, you may want to take an extreme shield from the 3.5 book races of stone. It is an exotic shield (but the boom says fighters may swap out their tower shield proficientcy for it) that gives +3 ac but no attack penalty, compared to the tower shield with +4 ac and -2 attack.

Have you considered warpriest for the holy warrior role but extra feats? You could take only 4 levels and lose only 1 bab while netting a bunch of stuff. Warpriests can even qualify as their full bab for feat prerequisites so that dies not slow you down too much, though it does delay your power attack progression I think.

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