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Raymond Lambert's page

FullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 842 posts. No reviews. 3 lists. 1 wishlist. 11 Pathfinder Society characters.


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If you are still looking for more attacks. You might want to try a Summoner base class from the Advanced Players Guide APG, or a druid from the core rulebook. Between the Summoner and Eidolon companion, you could get 4 attacks a turn with no penalties. Same with a druid and cat animal companion.


The 3.0/5 Forgotten realms book had a.bandoleer that speed things up but the.Pathfinder bandoleer has absolutely no rule mechanics in the description at all making it a complete waste of space. The only thing I could possibly fathom its use for it to give an idea.if how.many items could be easily reached but it takes.nothing into account for a utility belt, pant cargo pockets, boot knife straps, ext.


You could ask the GM to allow the 3.5 spiked chain that simultaneously threatened both adjacent/reach. Piercing and I think 2d4 scales to 2d6.


Any reason why we could not use pearls of power to recast domain spells?


The witch doctor sounds intriguing.

Amid complaints it was too weak, it was actually the only class I thought I would want to play. Saw some.good mechanics in others but they were nit my style. The ear priest was my style but the mechanics were too weak. Only the shaman had both a set of machanics and style I felt would work well enough together for me to justify playing.


Will there be a subscription or draft we can buy like with Path of War or the mini releases that led up to Pionics unleased? How long down the pipe do you think those might be?

Cheliax *

I want to chime in that I.believe most Summoner(and psionics) hate is based off of people who cheated. Of course cheating characters look to good. They were cheating. As.time moves forward, more and more summoner(and psionic) players are implementing the rules correctly. It is hard for most haters to not constantly complain about what they saw when what they really saw was cheating but didn't even know it.

Summoners have mediocre hp/bab/weapons/spell casting with few per day. They also have mediocre saves with 2 poor categories and 1 strong attached to an ability of no special use to the class. Light armor and no shield means they have weak AC. The Summoner itself is rather fragile and not all that contributing.

Cheliax *

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Kyle Baird wrote:
Yes, play The Confirmation 10 more times in the next month.

Mr. Baird, you should petition for the chance to run your scenario as often as you like at Gencon, as the last official chances to play open access Aasimar and tieflings.

Cheliax *

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I have one problem with this, otherwise, I like what I read.

Many people have already invested in expensive travel and hotel costs for Gencon. They may have had the intention of beginning a new Aasimar and/or tiefling at the con. Not everyone can game every month. Even if we can play between now and then, it might be a high level game and having to use a pregen to apply credit to a brand new PC instead of a real character we designed ourself is not a best solution. The month notice is much nicer than only a week or weekend. I still think the whole gencon convention weekend should be open to both of the races leaving, a fair well send off.


Multiclassing into a magus black blade with int 10 is a horrible idea. If you do, you will not need such a high cha as you would not get the third level spells, where the 16 really shines, for an extra long time. That means you can bring lower cha and boost int up to 12 or 14 so you can at least cast some spells above cantrips on those thee black blade level , get a bonus spell of two on those magus levels also.

In.general I think a magus/summoner is a bad ideal, but if you think you would have fun with it then enjoy. Not everyone has to play a particularly powerful PC. If you do gimp yourself like this, you should realise you have no one but yourself to blame if youfeel the straight forwaRd designed PC makes your PClook irrelevant in comparison. I find most people are unable to keep thinking their PC is cool when they fail their action half the.time. and then watch a solid build wipe the floor. Extra audacity when they then blame the simple straightforward(nit even min/maxed it power gamed, just sensical 18 str with a 2handed weapon) player/pc for ruining their fun.


I still advocate useing real dice and a paper character sheet or at least a reasonable sized screen device. I really love useing my iPad 2 with the free version of PDF-notes for the Paizo PDFs and an PFRPGrd app(both iTunes and android) with all the PRD info very easily searchable and linked, and available offline(subway, con with no WiFi).

In time, buying the PDFs saves you enough money that it may cover the cost of the tablet, especially.if you go with a cheaper one.

If you go to cons, I might be worried about battery life for the day. Laptops have poor battery life, netbooks often have better battery life. I live the battery life on my iPad 2, even now after buying it several years ago. A small android tablet might not work the whole day at a con, especially if you judge off the thing and have to keep the screen on most of the day. Though you might be able to buy to cheap androids for less than one iPad.

I recently bought a super cheap android 7" tablet with case and 32 gig memory card all for a total if $52 bucks via a coupon a friend had for the.New Micro Center stores in NYC, just to get people in the door. They had to be taking a loss on those sakes but they ot people to visit the new store! At such a cheap price for all of tbat, I really cannot complain. I really bought the stuff just to have as a backup portable PDF reader incase my iPad gets list, stolen, broken. The mire I use it though, the mire I realize my old iPad 2 is so much better. I am sure there are android tablets better than my iPad 2 but I doubt I could find one in a super cheap, seller takes a.loss price.

Again, while I love them for PDFs, I still encourage real dice and a paper character sheet.


Guilty of skipping most of the thread.

Your first post gives me the belief there is no way in any of the 9 hells you could.ever finish CotCT, or the.length of any AP for that matter.

If you still decide to run a."normal" pre published adventure. Please reconsider doing one of the much shorter adventures. Both Dragons Demand and Thornkeep (and many the 32 page modules are on a deep discount for PDFs right now and the next 3 weeks). They are somewhat big but no where close to the size of an AP. If you want to try to grin and bear it, take a chunk you have a Chance to actually chew and swallow the.whole thing rather than ruin an AP by spoiling the begining and then never finishing it

If you need more time to decide, tell your group you might need it. Don't keep them in the dark and just tell them you quite after the final fight of the current campaign. Let them know if one of them wants to go sooner than later with their GM turn, they could help the group by getting ready sooner then later.

Maybe you could spin them into your homebrew if you mentionit is a chance to play something like an Eberron warforged or Artificer.


I played the first half or so of the starter set. That, and reading the recent release of the free pdf is where I got the impressions I have. As a starter set, it seems to really be just a tutorial level or two. I wanted to buy a reach weapon and the GM said no because the starter set has no reach weapons and he us trying to gage the starter set on its own. I respect his experiment. It will only be about two games anyway. We cleared out the cave complex and we expect to finish thr starter set in one more game. So far, I hated what I saw in the stRter set and free PDF. I am trying to remember material will be expanded. Not a single attack of opportunity happened all game, even when I tried to position myself so they would provoke as they to get to others. I wad told once you are engaged, they can dance all around you and not provoke as long as they do not leave you.

I do agree poor choices are better left unprinted, anytime.mire is written, it is usually my terrible price of garbage tiny touch screen phone keyboard messing up the word more.


I second the thought of put the burden on the players. I do nit think that burden should have been as costly as buying you an extra full priced book. Let them print/photocopy the relevant pages for your inspection.

I have been pretty sick and tired of core rulebook, both PF and 3.5 for about 7 or 8 years. I do not bemoan them for looking elsewhere. I hope they did not stand you up game night though. No way that could be excused.

Do you know what the number of player limits were at that other table were? It us fair for that GM to pick both how many and who exactly sits at that table. Maybe that GM did nit want as many as 6/7 players or had other friends he choose over somene they did nit know like you.

If you give PF players another try, consider telling them that if they do not present a single one non Core class you are ok with, they don't get to bombard you with another 10 designs. This cuts down On how much you have to analize.If they miss thY one chance, they might then have to pick core.

Really though, while I understand wanting to read the expanded material because so many players get it wrong, misinterpretation, failure to read errata or F.A.Q. again, I understand you want to read their material and it is the right thing to do but don't think that a core only game will nit result in broken games. You can still make monstrous PC that will wipe the floor with everything you throw at them with just core.

Cheliax *

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I would be satisfied if we got a handout from The Paracountess each game. Don't care about the others.

Cheliax *

Not so sure I want someone with only ten GMed games to renew his/her star replay every year without ever having to give back to the society ever again. Maybe a renewal after you GM at least 10 games, not tied down to a calendar year though. So if I GM 7 games this year, I only.have to GM 3 more to reset. In this case, even a 5 star is only getting half as many playbacks as they are GMing. That is a a very fair exchange rate for someone who already gave so much time and effort to the campaign.


I find it really odd that just a little thing can lead into a bunch of background and character acting. My problem is that often, I can come up with something for organized play campaigns where we frankly don't have time for such and half the people you never play with often enough for them to pick up on it. Then when playing in a home group with extra time available since we can pick up where we left off last time, then I can.almost never come up with anything. I really play the game for war gaming though.

I wish people.would realise that despite role playing being on the cover of the book that does nit stop the game from being a tactical miniatures game, at.least not for the people who want to play it tbat way.


I see it was also in tomb of horrors. They tried a Pathfinder edition kickstarter not lo.g ago, might.find one there if it was successful.

Paizo did use many monsters from the tomb of horrors in many APs so there is a chance.

Seems like a nice alternative to owlbears, think I will throw one in if I can track down those ToH stats. Now the question is which mad wizard is responsible for this one.


I never kept up with the playtest so I don't know what to expect in the PH other than mire choices. I think more choices is a good thing. I hated how little choice I saw in the free PDF.

I know it would be unfair to judge the system on this.little bit released so far. While I am willing to examine more, I was extremely disappointed at what u saw so far.

It looks to me like it is really designed for absolutely brand spanking new people who can only be shown so much before their eyes glaze over. At least the first 2 levels seem to be training wheels like a tutorial level or 2 like in many video games. This could be helpful for experienced players who want to introduce tabletop to people who never played before. I understand the best way to make sure somebody learned nothing of a subject is to give them goo much of a data dump that their brains cannot handle. So a slow curve us needed for brand new people. I also understand the masses of experienced players will just start at 3rd level as so many if them already do.

I really hate the restriction on ability scores, both not being able to buy past 15 and capping at 20. I think it is an attempt to prevent characters being particularly effective. This will extend the.length of flights, decreasing how often a fight ends before the weakly built pc gets to take a second turn. That would greatly reduce how many players wine that they are irrelevant compared to the player next to them.

I hate the basic games lack of flanking and the removal of five foot steps. Also very turned off how attacks if opportunity work, or are so unlikely to ever get provoked in the first place. Yes, I know removing 5' steps should thus allow mire AoO but when a person can dance all around you in a single turn, that does nit sit well with me that they can move about so much without. provoking.

I hate how they seem not to know a way to make the ftr look good st fighting so it looks more to me like they choose to make everyone else suck at fighting instead. For example, nearly all weapons have the exact same stats. Non ftr use d6, ftr use d10/12 or 2d6. All weapons have the same crit range/modifier so there is nearly no choice left to the player, again, they make others suck so the ftr can inky comparatively look good by doubling crit range, instead if giving everyone a choice and then give the ftr an extra choice like increase threat range ag or multiplier.

I do like how spells can use a higher level slot to more powerful effect. It is like the augmenting Psionics rules that I like. I dislike tbat spells do not scale from just haveing a high caster level if I recall correctly. Means those low level spells become.good for nothing but clean up phase.

So I would be willing to pick the book off the shelf at Barnes & Nobel to reevau it it so.e mire but currently, the odds are against actually buying more material. If 5e, it.will only be Lilly because I dud nit have a chance to go join a second table.if PF thY week, or try another system like dragon age or Nearly anything post apocalypse.


Have you considered asking any of your older game buddies to join you for a game in another group, even just a one shot? Maybe just one familiar face will give you a comforting anchor with a little slack so you can venture out a little bit.


What is your dex?
Adamantine full plate is 16,500! The adamantine subsumed the mw cost. Do you have that much money to spend even before magic cost?
As sagotel asked, what other ac items do you have? I hate when someone improves their armor from +1 to +2, a 3K cost instead if just buying a ring or amulet for 2K.


Maybe the.low intelligence is to portray that they did not grow up like a person learning for the past 15-25 years. Even as an outsider that may have lived much longer in the cosmos, things like physics itself may work differently here on golarion than where it came from, hence haveing to learn many things all over again. It may have spent time learni.g stuff that has no practical use in golarion physics compared to it's forme cosmos physics.

When any GM says the 7 int Eidolon is too stupid to do something, remind that GM that all the dump stat 7 int fighters and barbarians are also too stupid to do the same stuff.

I like your idea of a new base form with greater mental scores but weaker physical stats. Maybe a class archetype? The alchemists dies have the chance for a sp? cognagion so? For increased mental stats and reduced physical stats.


The 32 page Paizo book Dwarves of Golarion written back when Paizo was still writing by 3.5 rules had the dwarven dorn-dergar. It is a two handed weapon but there is a feat that allows it to be used one handed. It is one of the few exotic weapons actually worth considering a geT for. If dwarf with marital proficiency, you may then wield it without the feat expenditure like a dwavern waraxe in the same circumstance.

MYbe the powerful build racial feature may appeal to you. The 3.5 golieth race had it but they were a +1 ECL, or in other words too powerful for a regular race. It would be like a 15-20 point race in PF where all the CRB races are 7-11 points. Maybe you can use Advanced Race Guide to make your own reasonable pointbuy race with powerful build.


I was bummed that I was traveling at slow speed even in light armor, masterwork backpack and 18/19 str because I had soooo much gear with me. This thread has reminded me to buy an animal to haul some of that gear. Not sure that I would buy a yak, bison, auroch, steer, or what nt. Maybe a pony/mule/donkey. Think the halflings had some sort of cool goat in 3.5.


I specifically mentioned my experience useing Psionics in both 3.0 & 3.5. Pathfinder has been on the D&D compatible bandwagon for many years. It may be it's own system, it may now be introducing a Pathfinder unchained line breaking away from backwards compatibility, but that does not take away the core rulebook's backwards compatible design feature. Pathfinder also alows other companies to make Pathfinder compatible products like the Psionics works of 3rd party publisher dreamscared press.


Just want to point out that Psionic power points from different manifesting classes can be used to manifest powers from either class. Something I enjoyed doing myself in 3.0 before psychic warriors got access to body adjustment in 3.5 themself.

Cheliax *

I dislike the year of the Demon style faction missions for 2 reasons:
1- I loved my getters from The Paracountess. She is the only fictional character I have ever fell in love with.
2- I really feel the faction missions encourage players to say "The heck with what character level or class would be good for the table, I want my faction mission." I am even guilty if it myself. I eagerly played a level 7 PC at a table and they did not want to take on the optional fight against a litch for fear that it would kill the 2 level 7 PCs and without my higher level PCs, the table did not think we could win the fight at all, even if willing to deal with 2,3 or more casualties in the process.


Be warned, I have seen players think they get everything for free! They fail to realize they merely get extra options. They still have to spend an actual revelation to get any of these abilities.


I think it really depends on level. At level 6, gnomes and halfling sorceres would wipe out many with area effects. Halfings have a better chance at 1/2 damage due to dex, which also make their touch ac harder to hit. I think in the long run that out does the gnome average greater hp of 1 per level. I hate to say it, but I think the halflings would come.out on top.


I enjoyed playing psychic warriors twice before. Once as a sword and board, slow but heavy AC style and another as a 2 handed weapon, light on her feet style. Immensely enjoyed both. I wouldn't mind playing them again though it tempting to try something different like a Soulblade, ardent or.lurk from complete Psionics or some of the new classes from ultimate Psionics.

I look forward to playing a Psion blaster type one day. I know blasting is considered weak but I think.I could have fun with how Psionics allow you to choose the energy type on the fly. I also if you know several blast powers, that also gives you the freedom to really choose the shape of the area of effect also. I find this combo so appealing, I am nit even interested in playing an Arcane caster who has to marry thier shape/level/energy all together with very little execution in comparison to a Psionic manifestor.

The 3.5 Expanded Psionics Handbook was going to have a psychic rogue, but it got left on the cutting room floor. It was released as a free web enhancement. Same way I have no interest in an arcane caster, I would much rather play a psychic rogue than any regular or archetype rogue or any prestige class for rogues.

I cuncur with what wrIth strike has suggested. If you know you would rather have less encounters per day. You may want to discuss with the players voluntary reduction of power points per day so they cannot nova. Try to throw in a reassurance that they would have those points left over in an Attack.while sleeping occured to try and make it less harsh for players who already responcibly spend their points in a conservative matter.

You can always give Psionics a trial run. Let the.players know tbat if you feel uncomfortable with the results, they will need to trade in the PC. This way they are wRned nit to get to attached and you have a predefined defense that they knew what they were getting into before they chanced the commitment.


You have mot explained enough for us to give you proper guidance. For example, do 9th lb casters still get the slots for higher level spells so they can fill them with either lower level spells or the same with meta magic feats? If 9 casters never get spells past six, do 6 casterssyop getting spells around the same level?


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I do nit think anyone has mentioned this. I have also noticed that when you have reach, GMs tend to go attack someone else rather than provoke. This is a pseudo defense. "I wear light light armor, low/medium dex, and no shield, all adding up to low AC, but come attack me and I will hit you first."

How often are you taken flatfootet?

Not often at all given the above.


Is this tactics game turn based on a grind the D&D tactics for PSP?


Freehold DM wrote:


I might just have to dust off my PS2 and replay FM4 myself.


I just wanted to add I had a.problem about a month ago on a friday night. I gave my friend cash to use his credit card to buy a gift certificate because I wanted to buy PDFs. I use to buy prepaid cards but got tired of paying a fee, I made a.personal life choice to try to avoid ever using regular credit cards and easily fall into debt. I know I am being extreme but I am pleased with the results. So we did not get a redemption code and doubted we could get customer service on the weekend as those are not in there listed hours. On Monday, they handled us admirably. I am nit discouraged by this and will use the same technique again when the credit runs out. Another time a prepaid card with a balance above my order wad a problem. I encountered a few bumps in the road, but their customer service always took care.if me!


Nit sure I understand. Are you running a sanctioned society game? Or just grabbing a society
published scenario the same way anyone could.grab an old Living Greyhawk scenario, or an Eberron setting adventure and convert it to Forgotton Realms Setting.

Sanctioned PFS are not supposed to have extra stuff through in just because you want to.

If not, I loved some of what I read above and hope you like my addition below for NON-PFS sanctioned play.

In Seven Samurai, they decide not to defend a lone household outside of the main village. You can make a dilemma about the resident refusing to abandon his line home. Do the PCs: knock him out and drag him away the night before, or leave.him to die, or buy him some traps, or a potion of invisible to escape?

One adventure I read had the adventures come across a wagon with 5K go payment for mercenaries to protect the city. We had a choice, keep the money ourself or get it to the mer s to add defense value to the city. We were all at least level 6.I convinced them that splitting it up between the five.of us for only 1k each wad nit.going to buy us anything doe ial at that level, do we hot to the.mercs and had extra help during the siege. Even just one appropriate level wRrior per PC(who could control one each quickly after their regular turn) might make a significant turn in events. To use this, you have to figure out the sweet spot between the extra action economy(most valuable currency of the game) or gold, what looks appealing vs actual pur hadi.g power. A group of levelPCs might think 5k hp is too much to turn down, but would they turn down the help if it was only 500(100 each after slit)?

The same adventure had an issue about it's healers. Should they all stay at a heavily defended church where wounded were brought, or distrbuted about the city far apart from each other with. little to protect them. The argument is they can do more good running down the line of defending soldiers with a wand of CLW, but would be obvious and weak targets. Versus soldiers dieing before they can get help or taking two soldiers out of combat to save one life. A wounded soldier cannot make it to the church by themself, it needs a friend to carry them.

The Romulans of Star Trek once sho ked the Federation and Klingons when they requestex to join them against a common enemy. Have a rival village send a dozen warriors who want to stand together now rather than be the next target. Rival village warriors might be feared as possible allies of the bandits. Insist their help requires entry past the defense walls. This makes it a tough choice. Do not let the rival village defend outside the walls, that would be too easy and no moral dilemma at all. They can say they require entry to the village for fear of being run down by calvary or shot down by arrows without a wall to take cover behind.

When the show Jericho had a small town intimidate away mercs/bandits from raking their supplies, the bandits raided a nearby big town. The town that was once an ally now became an enemy after not getting warned(among other stuff).


I be too late but with so many, 20, you might want to do some classes at something like levels 3,7,10,13. Makes it a little easier to introduce a closer level NPC to the PCs. For example, a 3rd level Psion and a 5th level channeler. Or low psychic warriors on 3/7, and high soulblades at 5/10.

All the more levels we can easily slip these in is more opportunity to introduce Psionics and the other sub-systems easier.

What are you doing reguarding point buy? All 15 like the standard iconics or 20 like PFS? I hope you point this out somewhere along with why the choice point buy number was made. I would.hate people to think Psionics is over/under powered cause they compared PCs that were 15/20 or 20/15 against one another

Please keep these in mind if you think successful enough to do somtjing like a compiled book of dreamscarred press sub-system classes.

Good luck!


I have 4 eidolons in PFS. One retired, another at 10 level, others at 4th/3rd. All of them have reach on the bite with trip. Even with that trip, the number of times they.have taken more than 1 AoO in a round is less than 10 total. It is almost universally used just to take AoO _WITH_REACH_while flatfooted.

Between multiple summoners, eidolons and Bbn/Alc, I have 9 bodies useing Combat reflexes with reach from either Eidolon evolutions or meteor hammer, dwarven dorn deggar, double karma, lance. Again, even with trip from eidolons, I have been able to attack more than once on a round with Combat Reflexes less than 10 times total.

I do nit think anyone has mentioned this. I have also noticed that when you have reach, GMs tend to go attack someone else rather than provoke. This is a pseudo defense. "I wear light light armor, low/medium dex, and no shield, all adding up to low AC, but come attack me and I will hit you first."


PDF-notes is great on my IPad 2. The free version has served me fabulously for years. I can hightlight, write in post it notes that shrink/expand, freehand write.


I think the lite version was free and core rulebook only.

I bought the full version several years ago and it is the.absolute best thing I have on my iPad. I loved it so much, I payed for it again without a second thought, and no regrets when U had a special reason to buy an andrioid phone instead of going iPhone.

It far my favorite app on both my IPad and HTC One S android phone.


I love your app and hope you return to it.


You may enjoy Front mission 4 on the PlayStation 2. It is turn based strategy. With RPG caracter(pilot) growth. You buy vanger(german for walking tank) legs, arms, tourso to make your one mech, or vanger as this series calls them.

PS3/x360 have front mission evolved but it is not turnbased strategy, they turned it into either a fps or 3ps. It actually looks a lot Luke the new titianfall game.


I enjoy summoners and want to add the ability to create your own Eidolon allows you to somewhat have more freedom in character design instead of being force fed into the same forms all the time. Even archtypes do not give you the freedom to chooser which features you trade out and what you get in return. You still basically are forced to look at a menue and pick one with little to no doe ial orders. The benefits of feats are almost always so minor that they are not really all that super customizing.

I think almost every players gets their numbers wrong and has to have them independently checked. Not just summoners. If you are worried about finding every error, we will help. But make the Summoner post it to save you from that time, then just check in.


I think most parties would welcome a healer in their ranks.

I have never seen a table.if PFS that was disappointed with a healer. It is a culture where everybody us expected to bring their own healing in the firm if a CLW wand in hopes someone in the group can activate them, yet u have still only seen healers welcome, often very thankfully, when at a table.

I believe there are so many striker players, that they might actually be.glad when a healer does nit overkill the encounted round 2 as another striker. This gives more chance for each player to actually participate, rather then find the fight us over before their initiative comes up or by the time they move from the back to the front when several tanks result in a rearguard in addition to the strong front.


I like aid another. Not every group has a full bab character. The 3/4 strikers can really appreciate that +2. I hate people who get over zealous with power attack and miss because.of it, aid another helps them also. It is not always the d6 hp arcane caster that would do aid another, it is sometimes worthwhile for others also.

I do not believe there are any rules saying sanctuary prevents flanking, but it just does not add up to me. It seems counter intuitive to me. In PFS, if someone objected, I would not do so, but unless someone spoke up, I would tell the group it does not add up in my head, and ask them not to such a bonus.

Nearly everyone forgets
-they take a -4 for attacking through someone, or the first place how to determine cover for ranged/reach weapons
-they cannot charge through a friendly, and they need a clear path for the entire width of their circular base(cut square base miniatures a little slack) of their miniature movement, this should prevent many pounces

I is safe to say enough people agree the crit fumble deck was a bad idea, and it no longer needs repeated.


Thanks for pointing out those web supplements!


Each player having a random spell like ability is Sking for trouble. Expect one or more players to be extremely happy with a pure lucky roll determining what they get, which just so happens to be good for them. Then watch everyone else act frustrated thier ability java no good use, or situational, it to worthless.

If you really want people to have a "random" spell like ability. Make a list, have Ty Ben choose or draft off of it. Make sure the.last drafter still has at least 3 choices.

You may want to look up the spell like abilities of dragon marks from the 3.5 Eberron Campaign Setting. You do not have to usethe setting or even the idea behind dragon marks or the families associated with them. It is just a list you can look at as examples.

Do not give one player fireball while another get Ray of frost. In itbet words don't give a cantrip level if power to one players and a 3rd level spell to another.

Co.spider giving attack spells to the combat weak players and utility spells to the combat heavy players.


Are these class decks just duplicates of what us in the main game box. So two players could each play a cleric, one support, another battle themed? Or do these class decks have cards only availuble through the class deck? Is each deck the same or is Paizo useing random card placement, aka super rates to get people to rebuy packs all the time for chase rares?


You may be interested in the Duskblade from D&D 3.5 book Playets Handbook 2.

Also may want to look over the BattleScion. Avalible by itself for around $4 PDFor in the New Paths Compendium for around $15 PDF.


There was a time in 3.0 that Psychic warriors were considered weak buy I still enjoyed it very much. For a lo.g time though, that class had moved up to tier 3, do not the dame thing amore.

I can agree to play one, two, maybe even more levels of fighter, but only as a multiclass. Even then, it would mot be long before deadicating more to the casting class.

I would love to play the psychic rogue, a full class intemed for the 3.5 expanded Psionics handbook, but left on the cutting room floor. You can find it for free in wizards 3.5 archive of web enhancements. But I am incredibly unlikely to play a rogue again.

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