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Raymond Lambert's page

FullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 961 posts. No reviews. 6 lists. 1 wishlist. 15 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Dark Archive

I see how pressed for time you are. Have you or her considered asking another of your group to help. Even just 1/2 an hour that someone shows up early or stays late after the game should be helpful and could.get at least one or two of those card done each game. As for needing to update every level or even every game when new loot us available, well that is what pencile is for. And each level, you can just skip the all new sheet and then cards to just updating the few spots on the cards.

I don't know how much info you expect on each card but I honestly have a hard time understanding how.hard it could be to transfer the info over from sheet to cards. I guess the card with skills would take up the most space and time but maybe you can cut that down by only listing the skills with ranks in them. Maybe list the others on the back of the same card so she can still see what ability modifier to use for untrained skills.
-One card for defense only requires 7 lines: AC x 3 for normal, flat, touch; 3 saving throws;HP. -One card for offense with 3 to 6 weapon attacks.
-One card for miscellaneous info: age, diety, color for hair, eyes, skin, height, weight, how many levels of each class, initiative modifier and concentration check modifier for casting.
-one card for feats and traits with book page number references.
-I could see spells needing 1 card each (maybe a separate stack/size) or group all spells of the same level together with book page references.
-One card for gear that require body slots, the other side for stuff in the backpack.

This really seems to me like it would take only a little time more than to fill out a sheet.

I have seen index cards sold in multi color packs. Instead of a pack of 100 white, something like 20 each of five different colors. Again, time to search several stationary/office supply stores might nit be in your schedule but you can ask your group to keep a lookout for such. Even if 5 people.bring in a set, index cards are not super expensive and sinc you all love to game so much, they will get used over tim

That 6 page character sheet. Have you considered get each page printed on different color? Stack them so all that needs to be done is flip the page to the right color. I wanted a cheet sheet with all the actions in the game on a chart breaking them down to full, standard, move, swift, immediate, miscellaneous printed on a color page(to stick out from typically white character sheets) and the offcice supply stores of both Kinkos and Staples were happy to do such for me, each had many colors to choose from also. I think each color page was at most a dollar printed, and after the first, photocopying on color paper was cheaper.

Dark Archive

Your description sounds like a home made product. Sure it was a.product for sale.instead? It is not uncommon for GMs to use index cards for quick and easy access to the mist common needed stats of monster and/or NPCs. Some will also use them with a card for each PC to help keep track of initiative order in a stack of cards or bent into a tent shap and lined up so people can all see the.initiative order.

Dark Archive

If the player knew the AP/campaign was over, I don't see anything wring with checking the stats. If anything, it can help him gage how much or little he may feel he can get away with without needing to powergame. And by the way, you can power game and still roleplay, they are nit mutually exclusive of one another. If he thought the game was going to continue, then it was not so wise to do without asking first, but he may have asked. Their is nothing wrong with asking to see the stuff to better understand expectations. You said you have been out of the.loop for a long time.

If people do find changes, don't be surprised when fights are made to be tougher, they often need to be when used against groups that have more players or much more experience, not just playing tabletop RPGs but this iteration of the d20 system and knows the ins and outs of the system.

Knowing how to pull or throw extra weight into a punch as a gm is not always easy. I have been GMing for over a decade and I sometimes doubt myself with weather or not a tweak is now too easy or too hard. Your GM did make an effort, don't criticize that too much. If anything, I think he should have thrown you Shelalu as a 4th body to go in with and/or run some random encounters before going to the Goblin base.

Did your last game have a bunch if easy wins? He may have thought you were all up to the challenge with just the icing taken off, not realizing the top layer should also.

Dark Archive

I thought about 1 or more levels with Summoner. Thought I could use a 2hander for serious damage from level one and use the parry/reposte for defense and or counter attacks. After each fight, get my edge back by sparing with a summon monster after dismissing the Eidolon. One could instead just take the feat for panash that anyone could grab.

Dark Archive

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If it makes you feel any better, I have played many regular summoners but except at early levels, my Eidolon almost never died so I just stick with it. When I did need to use SM 1 or 2, u went with the dog instead. Now that.I am DMing another simmononer and who is level 3 when we began and 4 the last few games, I have semi regularly killed his Eidolon and have like you witnessed how good the eagles can sometimes be. To my surprise! Before this thread, I realised he required to make hover checks but have found this thread helpful with new ideas to take into consideration.

More thoughts:
As a.master Summoner, You know he will be summoning monsters(my player prefers his Eidolon 75% of the time in contrast, I prefer the Eidolon 100% PF the time). Knowing those summoned monsters will have smite, you might want to consider that undead, dragons and outsiders are less of a challenge when you redesign characters. I will consider that when I redesign encounters.

I said it many tines in many threads but it deserves repeating. You have to redesign encounters unless you are running for 4 players with 15 point buy and they play mediocre characters. Or unless you want the.PCs to curb stomp everything super fast to move the pace along quickly.

You might want to offer an trade between multiple creatures summoned or one with more powerful stats. For example, if he rolls for three eagles, offer him the chance to trade out the three eagles for one powerfully one. Something like +2 on att/damage/savez/AC. If he would get 2 eagles, he can add +1 to 2 of those 4 improvements.

Remember, in the PF edition, alignment templates do NOT automatically raise int to 3 and grant an alignment language(as it did in earlier D20 editions). Celestrial eagles do not have a language and do not automatically fight in the best tactics a player would want them to. The other monsters who do have a language take that ability to better order it around as a strength (or balance) compare to another creature with many more attacks, better modifiers, ect.

I still need to look it up but the post about failing to hover may require the
Creatue to move and provoke or more of of the threatening squars could be a big deal. We both need to go read that. Even circling around may prove bard as turns take.up.movement and sharp turns like (90 degrees?) take a fly check themselves.

If you want to limit to one summon at a time, consider also allowi.g 2 summons if the Eidolon is not present. Maybe the extra can only be a single buffed one like suggested above.

I think summoning into flank positions is ok but if the enemy is so far away that they have to fly their, I don't think they would fly the long way around out of attack of opportunity reach and/or into flanking. They are animal int, not smart people. You may want to lookinto the animal archive boom to get a better sense of hiw such creTurex would fight. I will read mine toight!

I commend you on looking for ways to make this work instead of just banning it without much thought.

Dark Archive

Anyone sure on if ou can both fight defensively and aid another. I thought they were ech standard actions nd thus no but if fight defensively sys -4 to all attacks, then I gues it is not a standard action. So what other stuff too like casti ray spells, martial maneuvers, spring tack, cleave, ect?

Dark Archive

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I disaprove. I don't want people getting ten feet away with a 5' and dismount, especially after I move a reach monster right next to them. Sometimes the mount could provide cover and negate provoking an attack of opportunity but 10' is not 5'.

Dark Archive

You could say that animals have no souls do it is not the same as turning an inteligent(3 or higher) creature into undead. The GM should have the right to declare if that is true in their campaign but you could stand by it being your characters belief.

Dark Archive

Ask the players if they want to take on tougher challenges.

Are you making sure they go throu a whole days worth of challenges before resetting stuff like spells per day or rage rounds? For example, they might be expected to take on 4 or 5 EL 4 encounters a day. Or 2 EL 6 encounters or one EL 7 and 1 EL 4.

It is not always easy to pick the right stuff but make sure to at least sometimes employ spell casters. Not just fireball but stuff that slows them down so they take more enemy attacks before.eliminating each enemy.

Use the terrain to the villains advantage. Default encounter design expects the environment to be advantageous to the enemy. If nit, then the EL goes down by one. Or you could boost the enemy up.

If useing premade adventures, expect them to be easy. Most people ate not fans of super hard games like dark souls. Prewitten adventures are made to be easy enough for even brand new players with a 15 point buy and little to no knowledge of the game and meta game to be able to triumph.

Dark Archive

Living Greyhawk had more sleep time ambushes so a chain shirt to sleep in was common gear for anyone who regularly wore medium or heavy armor. Much less common in PFS so when someone does get caught at that time, they are more likely to be caught with no armor at all.

Dark Archive

When he summons, he may be recognized as the one doing it. Should he do it again, he looks like a worth while target, maybe even a priority.

It is not too much to.believe a bunch.of villains would carry protection from good potions. Not every mook but the leaders and some lieutenants would.

Consider keeping a box on hand designated for the eagles. A color coordinated set of dice. One blue or clear for the hover check, green attack and damage for the bite, red attack and damage die for 1st claw, pink pair for se ons claw. Could roll all at once. Might help speed up. As if the other players a actually want to roll those dice. They may prefer to analyze their time deciding what spell to cast on their turn or where to move to. Not having to pass the box to each play can save some time. If you do keep the eagle rolling split amonst players, make sure each player has N index cards with all the modifiers. Making those cards should be the smoners homework. Ask the Summoner to ha e a new index card read(different monster) every game. That could cut on some.of the bestiary page flipping.

The Summoner itself is rather squishy.

Dark Archive

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Your thread title concerns me.

Have you considered something like claiming you are giving the undead the chance to earn redemption? I personally would not buy it but.maybe if you throw a bone showing you ate willing to try to find a way to work, the 2 of you can keep nounci.g off ideas. How.about saying you throw plant paracites on the.dead that take controm if the bodies, similar to the video game the.last of us.

If a, ask if anything 3.5 or 3rd party is allowed, snap up those chances when they present themselves, so many GMs are Paizo fan boys that don't even consider other options.

Dark Archive

Did you drag it out to watch them suffer or so they could get ahold of the situation?

I felt worried a tpk might happen a few weeks back when the Eidolon got killed hard! But the Summoner got.lucky always summoning 3 eagles on a d3 every other round as the eagles picked the girillion to death as they got killed off and replaced. They pulled through it. Had I concentratec on the PCs, at least one of them likely would.have died but I attacked the eagles so.they could run away. Didn't turn out as I expected.

Dark Archive

This thread titile made me laugh!

I guess Sasha from the WAlking dead was nit there to shoot them down like she dud 2 episodes ago.when a pack.of wild dogs.came.up on all the other survivers while they were all prone.

The player and.character both got what they deserved for going off without even telling the othes what the plan was.

Dark Archive

I took spell focus and improved spell focus. Found them good for the pit spells. I found little to no use on augment summoning. Unless you plan to burn a spell known and slits per day on the 2nd level summon Eidolon spell, the feat will not see much action. It is usually better to just have tbe Eidolon out already to go. As for useing the feat on the class ability to summon monsters, again, it is usually better to just have the Eidolon out and ready.

Hard to go wrong with extra evolution. You can even take it multiple.times.

I like toughness since knocking you out takes away the Eidolon also. You can even usr them to help keep the Eidolon around if you ate willing to spend your own points. As a squishy class, the extra hp are good for general survival.

Improved initiative helps shape the.battlefield still matters, before the enemy goes. Though I find the.pit spells.nice, both the PF versions.of grease and black tentacles is far weaker then the 3.5 old ways.

If you want to do damage yourself, definitely use the 1/2 elf alt racial trait ancestral arms to get a decent weapon. In that case, you may want to follow.up with the arcane strike feat, not like PF or summoners have many other options for that swift action.

I like the dwavern dorn-dergar, stole of Spock's playbook from the star treck reboot to explain why a 1/2 elf went to a dwarven training school. He choose them after the elven magic academy considered his human ancestery a handicap. Saw no better way to insult the elves then to go to dwarven traing instead. Got the cold shoulder there and created an Eidolon to be a

I also like the no dachi for the d10 damage and mire importantly the 18-20 crit range. The reach is another factor. I find I almost never get attacks of opportunity cause other players move to the enemy instead of staying by my reach waiting for the enemy to engage. Also find almost every GM decides to go attack someone else rather than provoke against my each. Nit so bad as it acts as a pseudo defense for a squishy class.

Dark Archive

Almost Never watched more than the intro episope off quick. Oddly , I stumbled across the last episode where they were playing D&D. Thought they were discussing battle plans and got a good laugh when I saw they were playing D&D! I recall reading a thread that suggested an Inquisitor would be a good class for the "magical girl" theme. Examples were Buffy, rainbow bright, gem(tech) and the gelfling girl from the dark crystal. Hope that helps, if not for your pc, someone else.

Dark Archive

Are you trying to surprise the GM or players? I really think GMs should.have a look at peoples sheet before they are played.

Have you ever looked at the factotum class from the 3.5 nook dungeonscape. It had inspiration points that can be used in many different ways.

The many different Inquisitor judgements can let you overcu something at swift action speed, add spells for even more diverse options. They do not have many spells known though. You could used favored class.bonus to gain more spells.known. also carry around many different spells.

Dark Archive

The rules will not be able to cover every corner case. Sometimes the GM has to make a tough call and use their best sense of judgment.

Remember Arial combAT is three dimensional. I suspect that the creature moved out of the others threatened area(we should be able to threaten the.squares both adjacent above and below). I would.grant the attack.

Dark Archive

Remember the devotion special ability he would get vs such a save.

Dark Archive

I think it was a mistake to offer the 10k in the first place unless you were expecting that to be the only reward players got for a long time. Or unless you do not care about wbl.

I suggest you tell the.players you made a unforseen mistake and ask the players for their understanding. Own up that the mistake is yours and that you apologize. Express your concerns for the state of the campaign. Point out the old version expected success at level 6 instead of 3. Ask them to understand the way too much gold would be a major throw off the guidelines for wbl and expected challenge rating. Ask them to be grown ups and accept a small reward of 1k now, maybe more later. You could say only so much hard coin is available at the moment, most of the wealth promised is currently in trade goods like grain and cattle.

If the players are not mature enough to understand then you could just accept that such over equiped PCs should have next to no challenge for a while. Consider telling them they just win few fights, don't even bother wasting time on the fights, just hand wave them by. Give them a chance to maybe narrate their victory if they want. Be careful about actually rolling them out. Yes bad/good rolls can still make them a real fight. Clever tactics could come.I. handy but be swear that running so many mostly cake walk fights runs the risk of burning you out ad a GM from being disappointed at how hard it is to challenge them.

As for new players not getting a share, just.make a decision onwrather you want them to have the extra resources or not. Then tell all the.players to deal with it. Either you choose to be fair to everyone or choose nit to give an extra bunch of free hand outs they never earned in Ty he first place. They have no right to complain if you still give those players proper wbl and don't run up the challenges to compensate for the over equipped PCs.

Dark Archive

Too many players complain they ate not having fun because someone else does more damage. Many individual think they are not the masses and can accept better defense as the trade off. After several games of doing suboptimal damage next to the 2 handed user, many end up falling into the crowd of feeling jealous of the 2 handers, especially if they are not shield bashing themselves. Remember it is always better for the 2 hander as their move and single attack is not hampered, but your move and single attack denies that extra shield bash damage.

If you like the extra ac, you may want to take an extreme shield from the 3.5 book races of stone. It is an exotic shield (but the boom says fighters may swap out their tower shield proficientcy for it) that gives +3 ac but no attack penalty, compared to the tower shield with +4 ac and -2 attack.

Have you considered warpriest for the holy warrior role but extra feats? You could take only 4 levels and lose only 1 bab while netting a bunch of stuff. Warpriests can even qualify as their full bab for feat prerequisites so that dies not slow you down too much, though it does delay your power attack progression I think.

Dark Archive

Almost every character I have uses reach, but I find I almost never get an attack of opportunity. Very few players have the discipline to wait along side me under the protection of my screen. Almost everybody decides to go engage the enemy by moving up themselves. Even if that were not a problem, a reach weapon is almost like a pseudo defense. The enemy decides to go attack someone else instead of th reach weapon pc who would get an AoO.

Ask your gm if you have to ready brace specifically against a charge or if it is ok to just ready to attack someone who comes into your reach. If having to do it vs charge, expect it to almost never happen. Would you even be ready when a charge comes st you? Combat reflexes can allow you to make an AoO even while.flat footed but if you don't have that. They May charge before your initiative. A wRpriest with wisdom would have a chance to make the.perception check and go in the surprise round but will you still be ready before them? As a war priest, you have the extra feats to make it easy to afford combat reflexes or the trip line.

In the end, I find both trip and brace very unlikely to ever go off and believe it is better to just attack and do damage. Trip works better on an Eidolon with (better) reach (both adjacent and reach simultaneously, not one or the other) who can both do damage and get a free trip on such from the evolution.

Dark Archive

Make sure to tell people to keep track of their current hp, spells used, rage rounds, all the limited stuff per day. With such short games. I doubt you will always go through s full day of challenges every game. If you spread a day of challenges over 2 or more hrs, you don't want them at full day resources every game. Unless you want to.make it extra easy or encourage them to fire at will without any thought.of conservative resource management that really makes those limited resource classes so much better if freely recharge so much mite often.

Dark Archive

I concur with Melkiador.

Dark Archive **

Many gms also make people buy any scroll/potion/wand off that same pricing list.

Getting early access to those spells are special features of those classes.

To allow anyone to just buy those spells at cheaper costs would create shenanigans of people.having stuff better than what the wealth by level system hopes to achive by not letting people have too much at once to the point that nothing is a challenge for them.

Think of how many sellers would get violently taken out by competitors if they were always selling cheaper items. And why would a.merchant want to sell it cheaper if they could still sell it for more than formula cost when they know these would be in short supply and still be something people would pay extra for as the more common versions sell at so much more. Evenwhen stuff like castor level is reduced, the general effect is still worth so much more.

You could also turn this into a RP opportunity or reward. A contact that has the ever so rare alternate spell level costed items. Rivals that would hunt you and the seller down. Conmen claiming to have such goods who have to sell them in a back ally where other merchants won't see them breaking the rules of commerce, where an ambush awaits. Alternate spell level casters that trade in secrete with each other. Unfair taxes or tariffs on alt level spell consumables.

Other DM won't care what list you buy it off of. Just check first if the GM is ok first. Do expect some GMs to accuse you of cheating if you do not check first because some will expect you to have the common sense to know better than to just do whatever you feel like with out checking first. So many organized play campaigns insist on the clr/drd/wiz level purchases that it is sort of like an expectation, even with alternate rules.

Dark Archive

I advise you to post up front with all builds what your point buy is. This uses a 25 point buy, ilrgal for PFS, thus not worth suggestion for use in such.

Dark Archive

Published.adventures are written to be. beaten, even by brand new people.with only 15 point buy ability scores.

Dark Archive

Each 2nd level character should only have about 1,000GP worth of equipment. I think bb puts in the way too expensive dragon bane sword to give a party a chance against the iconic monster of a dragon. The full plate alone would be too much for that cav, than an even mire expensive ring of protection also. Then the sword!

Not going to get my book now to check but are you sure the ninja should have that much ki?

Many people get summoners, or more to the point Eidolons wrong. He should.only have a max if 3 attacks a turn. Not 3 types of attacks, 6 total in the above case.

Looks give.max hit.points each level. PCs only get maxhp at level one. After tbat they roll or.go with a formula. Most coomon is the formula of 1/2 hit die plus one plus con bonus, plus stuff like feats or favored class

What are their ability scores? They may be a big deal if one.or mire rolled very high. The game expects a 15 point buy for ability score generation. PFS uses 20 point buy and.I find that is very commonly expected in most groups.

Sure.many.others will be along soon to help you more.

Dark Archive

When the Eidolon gets In Trouble, remember the Summoner can only share sense a.few rounds per day. As much as I love useing the tactical map, those far away fights might not be right to let the player see.everything every round unless they.ate spending those rounds shareing senses.

Dark Archive

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Slivers are very polarizing, most people eith love or hate them. You may want to be careful who you unleash these on. Of course, as monsters, they sort of are meant to be defeated so some players who hate them in mtg would love to stomp them(without playing green:) in d20.

Dark Archive

Funny, I hate campaigns where I the.gear I want. I feel price means that if you can afford to pay that much, it means you can afford to find someone selling it. But your GM's take.on apocalypse setting would.lead somehow.accept that.I.have to somehow.find a way to survive with what I got and.can scavenge or salvage. If society has collapsed, you be worried about just because distribution is now gone. Even if you hunt, an apocalypse means there is little to no safety, makes it a little hard to justify the expectation of finding.exactly what weapon/tool/magic.item you want. The roads were dangerous before collapse, think how dangerous they must

I hate how almost every game I play.where I cannot simply buy.what I.want, I next to never , ever find anything tbat I want. That Leads to either to being.massively under equipped.because I.keep passing.onist.items. hoping something good will come along and is.them cool with cause I passed up much, or I end up with nothing but boring big 6 items.

But somehow, I.all of a sudden would find the lack of.PA equipment choice a meficin I was.willing to get a taste of the setting theme. Yes, I am a.fallout junkie.

Dark Archive

I thought that was a good laugh. Until I read the inappropriate touching part. That went too far for me. Odd how KM is sandbox but burning down the post and killing Oleg & Svetlana had me thinking they jumped off the rails as soon as possible.

Dark Archive

1 person marked this as a favorite.

8 too many. You will likely find players drift their attention to smart phones and side conversations. Are you expecting everyone to regularly show.up? Do you only expect half attendance by most people so only 4/5 players game each time, you might be able to work that out. Ask everybody if they are committed to the game. Explain you have been warned tha
8 is too many do you want to those serious have a chance at a fair Andy decent campaign. You might get 1.or 2 voluntary withdraws if they know the stakes.

If you cannot.cut down on players, co.sided cutting down on classes that focus on an animal.companion/Eidolon. Less bodies should move the action faster. Be careful. How often you use small sized maps where it us nearly impossible to get in on the action

I believe the old 3.5 modules river into darkness can fit an evil group well. Though it can also be.used to.pull a surprise on a good group. This adventure largely takes place on a small boat though so that could be a spaveing problem many players.

Dark Archive

I approve of this F.A.Q. and future errata.

I formally complained that Paizo dropped the ball on this and refused to admit their error. I have been proven wrong on that and respect Paizo more for setting this straight.

Don't forget that ranged attacks also have to take that penalty for shooting through peoplr. It has actually really gotten on my nerve that it seems like nobody ever learns that and like I have to teach it nearly every single game. Though hopefully it is only because I see so many different players between trying out new people in home games and meeting more at PFS.

Dark Archive **

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Sorry if I fail to implement the spoiler tag right.

The squeamish may wish to skip this post.

Thank you for sharing this. I own the book but actually had little interest in reading every bit and part. I am definitely going to take that material and leave the remains in display for adventures to find. Use it ad a random encounter in their travels to set atmosphere. I think I Will string up a body with rope tied around each wrist and then hung over a river with rope for each wrist being secured from opposite sides of the river as the PCs would pass underneath on a boat in the adventure River into Darkness. Beneath will be crocodiles waiting for the victim's disembodied hanging guts to drop low enough for the crocodiles to eat. Maybe an adventure on the savannah could have a body hung from a tree where jackals will scavenge from it.

Dark Archive **

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Thank you for the efforts to make running these games easier. I never had any aspirations to to gain many GM stars.but as I am so close to 2 stars and I see the efforts you make, I begin to wonder if I will hit three just for love of the game. For a, I have.hated having to prep adventures, especially the one with NPC codex or young/advanced templates. I absolutely irritating it was to look up NPC.codex characters on the PRD was. You don't even tell us what class they are. I also cannot express how troublesome constantly having to.remember the young/advanced template modifiers are. I found that just writing a note card with the modifiers was not enough as I still had to go look at the base creature and often just used those numbers forgetting to apply young /advanced modifiers because I was trying to keep the table moving and getting people out by 12 midnight at the 5 hour mark, after begining at 7pm.

Dark Archive

It seems to me that no one buys a +3/4/5 weapon. People don't think a +3 is sexy enough. They rather have a +1 shocking keen. How many games really are ther that feature such high level characters to justify a +3 weapon? With the general guideline no one item should be worth more than 1/2 your total wealth, an 18K item would not be considered till level what, 8/9 level?

I see no one but myself go for silver cause they hate and loath the -1 damage. I never see anyone go for a magic cold iron weapon, people just cannot justify that cost.

I love eidolons but am happy to let the 2 handed weapon person shine vs dr. Though you can put energy damage as an evolution and on the amulet of natural attacks. I don't see Dr mag often enough to justify tthe mag strike evolution but scrolls of evolution surge ate incrediblely versitile.

I want to remind the OP DR is tough in 3/4 bab classes, especially if they only have less than 18 str.

Before leaving, I want to add I think anyone who has weapon focus should carry 2 copies of that weapon, each a differentmetal. I usually go magical silver and masterwork cold iron. If I get sinderef, disarmed or stunned, causing to loose grip, I rather draw my back up then provoke picking the other off the floor. The mear cost of a backup masterwork weapon keeps you in great fighting form, and a little versatile with that second being anothe metal.

Dark Archive

When you decide if gunslingers are allowed, you also need to decide what level guns are at. They have at least two categories. Emerging is one.of the catagories and I tnink the default for golarion. Emerging or widespread will determine what guns are available, that itself is a big part of the gunslinger class and will deeply effect how oid the class is mechanically.

Dark Archive

I once heard someone in the army say that no matter how superior your air power is, you need boots on the ground if you want to hold territory. You might wan to consider taking the few surviving black arrows to sand point would mean other factions take fort ranick while it is unoccupied. Even other giants on their way ther already. the woods, those goblin tribes maybe.

It is one thing to gives players a few days to spend their expected wealth by level guidelines but giving them months will likely result in them finding a sceem or scam to over equip themselves. Do you really have time for them to gave fun fortifying the place? It will not really serve a purpose later on. Don't waste time there.

If they take the black arrows to standpoint. Consider giving each pc one do you don't waste time rolli.g their attacks. Let the players help you their and get a thrill useing them for a battle.

Dark Archive

Really curious, what weapon do you plan on the Summoner useing to fish for crits? Summoners are proficient with simple weapons, not many good choices with wide crit range weapons themselves. Plan on heirloom weapon yourself?

While most tables run eidolons initiative on the summon's turn, I believe ultimate campaign, it officially says eidolons got on their own initiative. This could lead to other people getting a crit with a x2 weapon and a measly str bonus.

Dark Archive

I want the archetype with heavy armor proficiency, and I want that proficiency at early levels!

Dark Archive

If you are right and you wear mithral full plate as a ranger, you take the huge armor check penalty to your attack rolls and skills involving movement for not being proficient in heavy armor. Though someone did say they may take the heavy proficiency feat.

Dark Archive

Mithral full plate still counts as heavy armor as far af rangers or anyone else not actually proficient in heavy armor. Look at the mithral full text.

Dark Archive

A recent study of dice rolling showed tbat d6 with curved corners and pips were actually twice as likely to roll a one then the other numbers. You would need d6 with flat straight edges and numbers instead of pips. Casino gambling dice should be the most likely trustworthy dice.

Dark Archive

Thank you.

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Not exactly regular hp but consider the feat godless healing from the inner sea world guide. It let's you heal 1d8 + character level as a move action. You can also take it multiple times, unlike toughness in Pathfinder. There were several versions of toughness in the softcover from 3.0 called sword & fist, it was mostly for fighters & monks but not exclusively. Stuff like(memory is a little fuzzy and I will not be digging through am old collection mostly in stacks of milk crates):
Dwarf toughness 5hp
Troll toughness 8 hp
Dragons toughness 12 hp
Each had something like a minimum fort save so it was harder but not impossible for non martials to take. Those were allowed on the same pc. You could ask your gm for permission to take more than one.

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I know it is way late but still wanted to add these suggestions.

Since it is tough to determine if the feat for extra MF should be for 1, 2, or 3, please consider letting the feat power it self up. Similar to skill focus that begins at +3 and boosts to +6 if you have 10 ranks. The extra mental focus feat could boost itself up with an extra point or two when the Occultist Class level(or caster level) is maybe, 6, 10, 15? Another way is like the feat for extra power points where you get something like 1 point the first time, and 2 points the second time for a total of 3. Then 3 points the third time for a total of 6.

I would also like to.see a feat where we.could get more MF but it is only.for investment, not expenditures. It would give.more mf than a feat that gives mf that can be used anyway.

The reverse, a feat where we only get a greater number of mf that can be expended, not invested would.also be.nice. Maybe tie it to a specific school when taken it so it can be expended on a one for one scale as opposed to the two for one scale on non designated "open" focus points

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I suspect the movie will still be available on PSN.

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I still love the chance to play old 3.5 material I rarely or never had the chance to play before do I make it a point to offer such to players when I GM. I also try to use them for NPCs if I have the inclination to convert NPCs.

To avoid getting flooded with too much 3rd party requests, I tell players they are only allowed to present one 3rd party class for review each player per campaign. This will encourage them to judge the power level themselves and think carefully about submitting it before I have to potentially waste my time. I do the same thing when people want to suggest their own god or paladin order of ethics. Then I allow each player to submit one feat, or spell, equipment, ect, but only one rule item per level for review.

I also find it very useful for my own defense as a .GM to tell players I am willing to give their 3rd party item a trial basis with the understanding I may ask them to give it up later. If they cannot handle that after being warned of such up front, that is their failure, not mine.

At first, I did not think much of your proposed feat and would have allowed it. After seeing the weaker feats that go about the same thing, I felt I would want people to take them first and evaluate and observe how they work through actual play. Later I would consider letting the original posted feat act as an upgrade like improved marital strike is over vital strike or if I felt the player was substantiall being outshined, maybe just convert the weak feat into the stronger feat. Plain and simple, weapons work better than unarmed strikes. Giving them a.bunch of free upgrades take away their value of being useful when you are denied your weapons for whatever reason, while doing nothing for those who relie on weapons. Of course the cost of a feat I guess makes that moot.

I generally don't believe every player has to be very closely balanced with others so I doubt I would just allow the free upgrade or useing it from the start. Players need to grow up and stop being jealous that someone next to them does more damage. If you think playing a bare knuckle brawler is cool, you should get your enjoyment out of playi.g that concept, not your numbers. Though there is something to be said about character disparity when one player is just so far behind everyone else, such a case I would be a little more open to throwing them a bone.

I don't like how that healing feat works an unlimited number of times and on any type of healing. I would allow a weaker versionthough. Something like pick which type of ability it works on: spells/spell like/supsrnatual/extraordinary, then only allow limited uses per day, something like your spellcasting stat modifier or a simple 3 times a day.

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Adventuring Classes: A Fistful of Denarii (PFRPG) PDF

And I guess I still have room and excitment in my brain for more classes now that I am choosing:
Adventuring Classes: A Fistful of Denarii (PFRPG) PDF

Funny how I thought it odd that Paizo went a few years between books of new classes, and now we will have 2 gencons in a row with new classes. Almost felt like they over loaded us a bit between the late auguest gencon release and early October OA playtest. I felt the ACG was a little much to swallow, 10 all at once. Also not particularly fond of many options in it, though some classes do have nice things, just not packaged right for me. I do look forward to OA, especially the occultist!

You will now have my eye on your company.
Thanks again!

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