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Raymond Lambert's page

FullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 721 posts. No reviews. 3 lists. 1 wishlist. 11 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Cheliax *

Above your action before your roll. Especially which specific spell level when casting requires a caster check, like on the defensive or on a rocky boat or moving horse.

State when you finish your turn. I hate it when you expect me to realise you ate content to just standard action and finish. I supposed to know weather or nit you ate comotemplating a 5 foot step or move action. When done, say you are done

At least have read your own character class. Example, I hate the idea if a player during the intial draft of the play test claim he is surprised a first level swashbuckler cannot use weapon finess. That shows they clearly did not read their own class. Remember, player feedback resulted in ed being added at 1st level, it was not like that when the initial draft was released.

Cheliax *

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I wish players would declare the end.if their turn. I do not want to steal a.move action away because I move to the next player but hate waiting for the player to.just stay quote long enough to finally print me asking are you done.yet? Even after a full attack, they.might want to 5 foot step or do a swift action. Just say you are finished and I can quickly.move to.the next person.


25 point buy is always asking for trouble if you still want to challenge PCs. Having more than 4 PCs also drastically reduces challenge. When running a published adventure, remember
the levels it claims to be for is for a party of 4 players on a 15 point buy. Either run a higher.level adventure or modify the one "on level."


I believe different answers may be available depending on the mount. An Eidolon or unicorn with int above an animal's 2int should be able to do more on it's own or require less skill from the rider.

Cheliax *

I love the jade wayfinder. Unlimited use per day of the guidance spell. All my casters take the actual spell but my alchemists has no cantrips so they use it nearly every chance they get,like right before opening any door in case of combat or a trap on the other side, or doing any skill they have.even only a moment to prepare for. By the way, unlimited use still takes a standard action each time to activate the jade wayfinder.


I think Kurthnaga hit it right on the head. Bard song helps the 3/4 magus and synthesist hit, keeps the blood eager hitting after power attack. Bards can cast a few cure spells themselves if someone really gets hit hard. I also like that a bard would make the whole team arcane. Witch could also get healing and stay in the arcane theme while getting 9th level spells thought the witch spell list Looks a bit weak to me.


My retired society character is a Summoner. He use to have a name, a proud name, a Gnomish name! That named, that person died when he became an adventurer. He called himself the pappa-teer because that his what his children called him. He worked as a puppeteer and travelled to the the capital of Cheliax to buy masterwork puppets when... When those... Those REBEL SCUM murdered his family because his family were LOYALISTS to the Empire!

Many loyal citizens of Cheliax lived in the Eastern lands if the great empire.

If this idea appeals to you, we could become the founding members of a New Woat Order making preparations to reestablish law and order in Ando... Eastern Cheliax. Or at least the lead(my PC is already a venture captain) and assistant of a subdivision of summoners already part if whatever committee is in charge of reestablishing the proper order if things in Eastern Cheliax.

The Gnomish pyromaniac alternate trait is great for invoking Cheliaxian themed Hellfire. Also great as an attack option for summoners as their spell list lacks attack magic spells.


I believe this largely depends on how many monster manuals and bestiaries the GM has. I went search for plant monsters since they are immune to the oracle of stars color spray. Actually made it into a joke that now plant creatures seek her outfit the funky photosynthesis. I still make sure to ice her other stuff she can knock out via the spell.


I know you said no electricity but I don't see why you could not say wizards are techs using technology. A few items would have survived the end, hidden away from where a emp could take it out.


So is this more of a question like what is a magus spell strike worth? Are we talking about combining the damage of both a weapon hit and wand activation on the same standard action? I thought we were talking about action economy only. The choice to strike with a spell(wand) or with a weapon turn to turn without the problem of how many actions we have to swap items in our hands and back again. I would agree getting both weapon damage and wand activation on the same action, or even the same turn would be worth a hell of a lot more than150gp for just havering an action economy free choice between I wand/weapon use each turn.


I have to point out what Oncoming_storm said, you could buy this as a mundane feature of a weapon for something like 1 hundred gold. Why do you believe it would be worth so darn much to cost in the thousands? As important as action economy is, do you really think it is worth that much? Are you guys/gals just shutting your eyes to ground already covered by previous editions? Are you insistent that anything from a 3.5 optional book is broken? Look at Paizo's material and you will see they do not make everything perfectly balanced either. They even admit they do not believe everything needs to be balanced either. I agree on that as it prevents everything from being the same with just a different skin. I do not understand so many people complaining about how much they thought was broken in 3.5 days. You still have caster on top all of the martials in PF just like in 3.5. The weakest classes are still on the bottom of the tier system in PF compared to 3.5 tier system.


1 person marked this as a favorite.

How the heck did this go on for 24 pages?
How many times have people said they wish they never touched this with a 10' pole?


Love that module.


Agile maneuver can use dex to CMB, though I hate downing feats on it and weapon finesse to hit in the first place.

Get a wand of enlarge person. Summoners have a special clause that allows them to use it on an Eidolon while the spell normally would not work on an outsider.

I am not convinced the reach evolution("The eidolon's reach with that attack increases by 5 feet.") and size increase should lead to a 20 foot threat range. I understand it works that way for a medium with a reach weapon enlarged but I do not think the reach evolution works the same way. I should start another thread for this.

Reach on the bite combined with trip and combat reflexes is very nice.


Are you saying serpentine is more flavor because it us the.least popular of the three base? Not sure if it is above/below the aquatic form, but guessing above. What leads you to believe it us mire flavorful? Because pleanty of fantasy has a 4 legged mount or because the biped sort of blends in with the other biped races?


Ate you playing solo? Might slow down but could another PCs mount give you a lift?


You could go for the image with a mithral shirt under clothes. Or get glammered armor. Buy a pearl of power or three and hand it to the arcane caster to cast mage armor on ou.

A katana is only a d8 weapon. 4.5 + str compared to 7 + str might not sound so bad but on a full att or vital strike, you fall further and further behind.

For more hp, consider godless healing from ISWG. You can even take it multiple times.

You cannot depend on a healer to keep you alive since in PFS, you may not have a healer. Even if you do have a healing capable pc with you, they may want to att themself or cast something else. Let you learn the hard way they are not their to exclusively take care if you every turn.

You just might be able to get away with this in year 3 or later mods if your team works well together, do not expect such in year 4 or later mods.

I have to concur with the swashbuckler defense suggested. Even as someone who despises the idea if playing only a martial alone, not even multiclassed w/ a caster. Before going swash or war priest, I would wait for the final version to come out. Too many PFS scenarios to lay them all with only 2 PCs, even on slow mode. So see the final product and use such on a later ox down the.line.


Cool idea. Have you researched how a husk in real life works? Find out about the insects that shed their exoskeleton and reptiles that shed their skin.

Thought this would.look nice as a sentry while sleeping. Even if it cannot do anything, anyone who spots it from afar maight not realise it is just a husk, especially if they do not stck around to monitor and notice it is unmoveing.

I think it should cut off the summon monster ability while the husk is out.

How well you can sleep in it should be addressed. If standing, I could see you waking up with fatigue. Of course some people will say their suite is like a cockpit and allows sitting.

Consider a base husk ability and another evolution for the synthesist.


Consider playing a Gillman for their amphibious trait. The water dependant trait may not be so bad in a pirate campaign. You may not want to try that though unless you can get another player to agree to always take the spell create water just to be on the safe side. Their con bonus is always.good for extra survival, hp & fort. Cha for bonus spells, DCs ans social skills.

It seems to me you picked way too many evolutions. An AP is long enough to get that many but are you starting from level 1 or joining a preexisting group at a higher level?

1- I think so in regular play. Not in PFS because only animalompanions may take thy feat in PFS.
2- Speak to your gm about weather or not a amulet of natural attacks will overcome DR if it has at least a +1 to hit. I think it was recently F.A.Q.ed but don't remember. If you get the ok on that, then a +3 gets past more DR, same at +4,+5. I forgot the order so look it up in the core rulebook. Admittedly, I decided to just go with acid on my second PC's Eidolon. I liked the Eldridge Claws on one Eidolon but skipped it on another and just carry some scrolls/wand of magic fang. Sucks when each only works on a single attack but I fund DR mag to be rare anyway. Greatter magic fang can hit all the Nat att at +1 each. A few scrolls of that might be worth while. You could instead try to just grapple(pincers) /trip/cast spells when DR is a problem. Also ask for the align fang spells from 3.5 to get around DR alighnment, just a scroll or 2 should do fine as you are not playing an AP known for outsiders.
3- evolutions can be swapped out every level. A feat stays with you. Extra evolution could be that one magic evolution, or simthing else. Eldritch claws takes a long time to get. A better question on a non synthesyst since it becomes an ssuw of the summoners feat vs the eidolons feat.
4- all primary att are at full strength, all secondary are at -5 to attack and only 1/2 strength bonus damage. I would say do not bother with the bite evo for damage unless you are really worried about DR, by even then, it would only help with one attack.

5- slam(singular) is a single attack, not one on each hand. It does d8 bludgeon, could help vs DR. Not sure if slam can be.purchased per hand hand or set of arms. Claws(multiple) are 2 att for d4 slash each. Weapon focus claw could easily apply to 4 or more att each turn where as it would not apply to the slam, bite, tail.

As a biped, you only get one free set of claws, popular on feet, even for a biped so you could use your hand for a wand, scroll, longspear, ranged weapon, ect. You have to pay for any other set on other arms, same way you would have to pay for a slam, bite, pincers, ext.
I do not think the rules are written clear enough on rend cincearning if you can rend multiple times if you have mire than 2 claw att.. I believe people are expected to know you can only rend once per turn. I really like the rending fury feat. Note that feat's example is not consistent with the format of the girallon it uses as an example, at least not in my app.

- Combat reflexes, Reach on bite with trip is a very nice combo.
- If the suite gets a statbump at 4hd(cannot recall if they do), consider outing it on con to boost your hp/fort.
- with so few Eidolon hp suite points, rmor evo is good at low.level, same.for.mage armor, DR is valuable at high levels.
- flight all day us one.if the best abilities ever, at level 5 no matter we hat you otherwise have to put off
- accept that move and attack will be very weak, you make.up for it in full att. Also a reason to hit via range, and tempt them to come to you provoking att if op, fromreach/trip.
- gnome with pyromaniac is a.nice race or elf with bow might work with above.
- might want to take.less then maximum number if attacks so you can full att faster. This is also helpful to avoid the rogue.or ftr player, and GM from complaining you do too much damage compared to their weak choices.
- tail/poison is pretty weak, for.late or mot at all. It us a.pian/annoyance to constantly remind gm about poison. will you even remember?
- both swim.and water breathing evo sound like a real boon in shakles AP.
- staff of minor arcane power somewhere around 8/9 k is a nice range att with a fair UMD skill when you can afford it, especially considering both the limited nature of the Summoner lust and few slots per day.


If your players cannot be bothered to remember stuff and resist th
e email/messageboard attempts to remedy that, they do not deserve an AP. Make this clear to them next story. I would encourage you to tough it out to finish the current AP as you are already into book 5 of 6.


I fully endorse Book of 9 Swords. I love the resource management of it. You can somewhat fire away since you know you will get..back your manuevers next fight, but you castill think.your way through to initiate each manuever.
I strongly suggest you look up the 3.5 F.A.Q. and read the topics it had on B9S.


I love the combination if reach and combat reflexes. I have 2 summoners, 4 Eidolons(from 4 summoners total) and 2 multiclass Alchemists who all use this combo. None the less, I think most proponents of such describe it as way more effective than it actually is.

I think most proponents way over estimate how many AoO they really get or have fools/careless/deadicated GMs.

I disagree with power attack on a 3/4 bab class. Extra damage equals nothing when you do not hit at all. If you love to gamble, it works well for those players as long as they are humble enough to understand they have no one but them selves to blame when they miss on a roll of 10.

I think Magda finds herself in a really unusual game environment where she can often spend multiple rounds buffing before combat. How many encounters a day do you gothrough? You are buring many resources per fight.

How long does it take for the payers to complain they are tired of plaing by your tactics? Players only have so much dicilpline to play smart, sounds terrible but it is true.

So many combats put archers / spellcaters in points where you need to get to them, your reach does nothing for those conflicts.

Avoid dropping str below 18. As a 3/4 bab, and your choice to power attack, you need that extra +1 to hit. Highly consider weapon focus to further enhance your chance to at least hit so you can do any damage at all.


I have a hard tome believing character classes can do them justic. These planeswalkers, not just adventurers. D&D/PF and M:tG may influence each other but the two game systems are far apart from each other and do not make the best components to intermix. Or are you aiming for the time/status they were before their spark went off?

I loved M:tG for a long time though so I will return here to see what develops. Even though I am disappointted in your lineup of planes walkers. No Urza, Bo Levar(however it was spelled), the survivors, Lord Windgrace, and Freylise.

What I would be much more interested in is seeing attempted conversion of creatures, legenda, abilities, spells.

Many a time, I have been inspired by the artwork and thought it and some flavor text was a great starting off point for NPCs. I also sometimes cut the cases up ans use the artwork as miniatures. The land card may also be able to paint a pretty picture of the terrain/village.


Calybos1 wrote:

My experiences with a summoner at the table are that they automatically double the duration of any combat, via the following sequence:

GM: "Summoner, your turn."
Summ: "My monster/eidolon/flock of fiendish puffins appears! Yeah!"
GM: "OK, and it does what?"
Summ: blank look
GM, nudging: "It... attacks, for example?"
Summ: "Yeah, that's right. It attacks!"
GM: "OK, roll its attack. What type of attack is it, by the way?"
Summ: blank look "....roll? Roll what?"
GM: Heavy sigh, followed by all the other players getting up for a snack/bathroom/smoke break as the Summoner has to look up his critter's combat stats for the hundredth time, only to discover he doesn't have the book containing them, doesn't know what animal feats are, forgets that his PC can take his OWN action every round as well, etc., etc.

This sounds nothing like a Summoner. This sounds absolutely like an utterly careless and irresponsible player.


Remember that you choose to use power attack and/or combat expertise on your turn. If you did on your turn, those modifiers are locked in till your next turn, you cannot turn them off till your next turn. If you did not on your turn, you cannot simply turn it on when a AoO becomes available.

Cheliax *

I want to emphasize you can buy so much with prestige points. Who cares if you can afford a 30 point island? How much use will that actually be to you? Why care so much about your retirement home when your pc is leveled.out if the campaign?

Don't save pp for raise dead. Spend it to avoid getting killed in the first place!

With 2 pp you can buy:
3rd level potions
A scroll with 2 copies of the same 3rd level spell
A scroll with 5 copies of the same 2nd level spell
4th level scroll(watch out for the.ones with costly material components)
Masterwork darkwood bow with up to +3 str bonus

I suspect it is better to spend $ on a masterwork melee weapon but a 400 ci great sword or 530 alchemical silver great sword might be worth saving the money to full plate one adventure sooner. The bow was lusted higher because the str bonus really amps up the price.

Again, spend your prestige to avoid the costly raise dead.


Any mention of useing fighting defensively with aid another? I always felt.they were seperate standard actions but I see other people doing it. For that matter, if you can FD on a full attack, why nit a spring attack or vital strike?


I think 3.5 had a feat to ignor cover on reach attacks.


A wise player and character worth the wisdom on the sheet will buy several holy symbols. At least two on display and at least two hidden.


Did your players complain about this? If not, don't worry if it is fair or not. If they did complain, have the commander point out that if they don't want him to handle it for them, don't be surprised when assassins begin targeting them, hired from the merchant guild. Also point out, they can get gear at a fair price from the commander while buying directly from the merchants will result in high prices, if they get sold to at all.

Next to nobody likes being told what to do. esoecially when you want to escape with a game. Consider bluntly telling the players life is not always fair, suck it up. Also tell them you do not have time to come up for every contingency in a perfect ending way.

Cheliax *

You may like the feat godless healing from ISWG, you can even take it multiple times, unlike toughness.

I found that my damage was negligible when I played what I thought were battle clerics with 14 str & one handed weapons. Found 18 str & one handers were almost as bad when playing my inquistor, even back when heirloom weapon allowed exotic weapons like badtard sword for 1d10 . Even bane only last a few rounds a day. This us why I love the alchemical discovery vestigial arm so much. I can pack two handed weapon damage and still have the protection if a shield.

I belie e if you are going to struggle with something, you might as well dump the stat and use the bonus points to keep yourself Alive via Con or boosting the stat for what you want to do/succeed at.


My advice is to skip over the use of undead. I have foy.d the use of animate dead and such spells to have made my experience GMing miserable. I have nothing against undead, it us nit a flavor problem. I have a problem with stuff like blood money making it cost nothing and how a low level spell can create 4 times your (caster?) Level of undead HD, or an entire party all by itself. Not exactly a as they all should only have the casters worth.of equipment but that it enough on action economy alone. Then this BS about bloody skeletons being destroyed and coming back after only an hour is just so full of it. Comparatively, casters only get summon spells for a round per level. Even an Eidolon requires another day to resummin unless you have the spell that makes it a standard action.

Maybe with anti pal progression, you might be less an.offender but I still advise against it.


I would.very seriously consider taking these. You may want to look at the various dragon mark tattoo feats of 3.5 Eberron to compare and contrast. They are basically the same thing, feat based spell casting. Also the abberant dragon mark tattoos were offensive while.others nwere not offensive. I think each line had more feats to make them a chain in other Eberron books.


I am hoping to get more discussion on this.

I would think that since each would be a standard action, you not be able to use both. Neither action is listed as swift or immediate.

The text that says whenever you make an attack sounds like it could be done on any of several in a full attack, all in a full attack, or an attack if opportunity but again, it does not say it could be done as a swift or immediate so I think they used poor wording when they said whenever.

I am also curious if one could activate one or both.of these on a vital strike. What about fighting defensively? It is my understanding that you have to pick one standard action or another. Not combine two standard action onto the same roll. Would fighting defensively and aid another be seperate actions and thus not combine able?

Anymore feedback?


I always wondered about the part that states the karma is held in the off hand. Does that mean that is always the part that does 1/2 str damage when wielded as a double weapon? Should we be allowed to choose which is the primary and which is the secondary attack?


Reach Weapons: Glaives, guisarmes, lances, longspears, ranseurs, and whips are reach weapons. A reach weapon is a melee weapon that allows its wielder to strike at targets that aren't adjacent to him. Most reach weapons double the wielder's natural reach, meaning that a typical Small or Medium wielder of such a weapon can attack a creature 10 feet away, but not a creature in an adjacent square. A typical Large character wielding a reach weapon of the appropriate size can attack a creature 15 or 20 feet away, but not adjacent creatures or creatures up to 10 feet away.

It is my understanding that unless the weapon says otherwise(or a class feature, feat, ect.) a reach weapon only threatens reach squares. That would cut them off from being able to threaten adjacent squares simultaneously.

Are you wondering if the usage of the word gain instead of switches to means you could threaten both near and far? I would love that to be the case but I doubt it.

The 3.5 spiked chain ( or chain, spiked) said "A spiked chain has reach, so you can strike opponents 10 feet away with it. In addition, unlike most other weapons with reach, it can be used against an adjacent foe." None of the Paizo hard cover Edition (as I like to call it, as opposed to the alpha/beta test or any future edition) weapons with reach say the same as the 3.5 edition spiked chain. At best it will state you can choose one mode or the other or some are written ambiguously and are less than clear.

Paizo employees have said that the spiked weapon had too many things going for it and complained about too many people using in in 3.5. They removed the option to use it at reach and you can see that no body has used it since. In several years of playing in numerous places in NY, NJ, CT, OH, IN, I have never seen a single player use in play or even advocate in a message board the use of a Paizo hard cover edition spiked chain. In other words they killed it, dead, beyond the reach of animate dead, whatever next extreme of dead comes next.

Paizo tried to do several variations on the spiked chain but seemed to abandon the effort by taking away reach or leaving it up in the air to interpreted like the scorpion whip.

I sometimes wonder how popular a weapon would be with none of the fancy stuff of a spiked chain, except the option to be used to simultaeiously threaten both reach and adjacent.

Cheliax *

It is often the ones with the brightest smiles that have the worst secretes to hide.

Cheliax *

You can play as a PC, then GM, and get GM credit for another PC. You can do it in reverse order as well, for example, running it the first time in your community(or first in a long while in your example), then play it for the second(or third, whatever) time it is run in your community. I recall that in the past you had to give the credit nit only to a different PC but also another faction, not sure if the faction is still an Issue.

To make it short, without a GM star, you may get both a PC and GM credit once each, for each scenario.


2 people marked this as a favorite.

I Kingmaker, I LOVED yelling at the bandits "Hard labor, or DEATH!" I got a sadistic joy every time someone threw away their weapons, put up their hands and shouted "Hard labor!" We managed to "recruit" around 3 "workers" for the labor camp. I wanted to give them a chance to earn redemption, but the campaign dissolved before we could play that out.


Early on G'Kar would likly have some levels of Ranger, favored enemy centauri with stealth to sneak in and out of hit and run attacks. That is a Devine class and his beliefs about the universe could be thought of as a ranger thinks about nature.


This ring of spell knowledge looks interesting. My several summoners will be looking into them!


I sometimes wonder if this was a goof they will not admit to in errata. I find it highly suspicious that it was almost if not instantly banned in PFS, same as 3 of the only 4 good items in the recent magical market place book. Even worse, I sometimes wonder if some of these items are released only to get power gamers to buy them and then take the carpet out from underneath them with errata or PFS ban.

I strongly believe this item should have had a requirement to be worn 24 hours before it gives you the chance to use it. Either that or they were giving a nice thing to the martial. Since martial cannot have nice things, I doubt that was the case, hahah!


Do any of the options to make sleep spells have a higher DC work on the hex? I know elves have an alternate racial ability. I hear the trait honeyed words refers to charms and compulsions but considering it was a 3.5 era product, they may not have felt the need to specify spells since witch was not around back then. Spell focus never works on a hex right?


Those first aid gloves look great, even more so for a non Devine caster. I am kind of tired of all the micro transactions it costs to use so many items from across so many products but I might just pick up that product just for that item alone. It is not banned in society play yet right? Maybe I should wait a while longer to make sure.


Thank you for pointing out that flick mace. Any word on if the chart should also be deleted or is it a viable weapon for selection?


I scorpion whip latest printing in ultimate combat does not have reach in the sidebar on the chart nor the text but still says you can use it as a whip.

A 1d4 20/x2 exotic weapon. Or half/double exotic weapon, how ever you want to think of it.

I think this was one of the attempts to replicate the 3.5 spiked chain, the only weapon that threatened both reach and adjacent simultaneously. Since the Pathfinder hardcover came out, opposed to the beta test or the 3.5 world guide. Paizo seems to have arguably given up on a weapon that threatens both reach and adjacent at the same time. The kusarigama from UC and UE arguably does such but is worded in less than perfectly clear way.


I have also always been curious about the proper usage of the kusarigama since it came out years ago and never found what seemed like a definitive answer.

I sometimes wonder if it was meant to be the replacement of the 3.5 spiked chain, the only weapon that could threaten both reach and adjacent simultaneously. Is it suppose to be able to threaten both reach and adjacent at the same time?

I also wonder if the comment about using the karma end in the off hand means you can only get half strength damage on it. Or can we choose which is the primary attack and which is the secondary attack when using it as a double weapon?

I was going to try using the kusarigama just the threaten both reach and adjacent but decided against it partially suspecting I would have GM table variation on its use at society games and also because I felt a greater need to enchant each end compared to a double karma that I changed my proficiency to.

For the meteor hammer, you would only need both ends enchanted if you want both ends to be magical. I like using it but only ever bothered to enchant the silver end(other end is cold iron) because I never want to use it as a double weapon with a -2 to hit with twf feats and prereqs. I use it for reach or as a two handed weapon for one attack when fighting an adjacent target.

I use the double Kama the same way, as a two handed weapon. I am not interested in requiring 15 dex(or ran2) and twf feat to attack at -2 twice at reg str damage and 1/2 str damage. I would rather swing with any of these weapons once for 1&1/2 str damage. At least until someone casts haste, even then, that dex and feat is a mighty heavy price to pay.


Do you mean just the physical shaft? I guess you could but don't try to save money by using an old shaft. Don't think left over magic should get you any type of discount.

When a healing wand runs out of charges, I like to make a show of it about how it is a symbol of how much we fought. How the next wand is a symbol of much we will continue to fight. I go on about how this is not something you throw away. This is something you keep. Than mount it on a wall in the group head quarters, or group wagon, offer it to a museum or what not. I stole that from an episode of Star Trek Deep Space 9 where the captain and later a lieutenant give such a speech about a phaser emitter or some such being something you keep for the same reasons listed above.


What book is the Lunar Mystery Primal Companion from? Looks tempting to take it myself.


Can someone point me to more about this rage cycling?

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