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Raymond Cundliffe's page

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Question: Why does "Order of the Penitent" say that it adds Sense Motive to the cavalier's class skills? It is already a skill for the cavalier.

Not sure if this was reported or not, but the Aura of Banishment (Su) is missing the DC value for the Will save.

Can someone give the DC value for Aura of Banishment (Su)? I am guessing it is something like 10 + Int Mod, but I am not certain and I will be wanting to use it very soon.

Vic Wertz wrote:
Raymond Cundliffe wrote:
...I wouldn't mind reading about Golarion's Kobolds...

Have you checked out Classic Monsters Revisited, Crown of the Kobold King and Revenge of the Kobold King? (They're all written for 3.5, but it sounds like you know how to deal with that.)

So I found the Classic Monsters Revisited, and it pretty much had the same kind of info that was on Races of Dragon. Though I am wondering about some continuity.

In the CMR, it states that kobolds commonly keep homing bats for communication, and dire weasels and boars as mounts and beasts of burden. However, in the Bestiary, under organization, it states that kobolds keep 5-16 dire rats within a tribe, yet do not identify either the bat nor the dire weasel or boar as being a common sighting in such tribes. Is the Paizo Staff cognizant of this?

I am also wondering what the rats would be kept for, since the bats, weasels, and boars all have their uses explained, and rats can be dangerous due to harboring diseases (a rather risky move for creatures that take -2 to Con to begin with).

Getting rather off topic from the Goblins of Golarion, but I am assuming that this is not entirely a bad thing. Thanks for the time and info!

Vic Wertz wrote:
Raymond Cundliffe wrote:
...I wouldn't mind reading about Golarion's Kobolds...

Have you checked out Classic Monsters Revisited, Crown of the Kobold King and Revenge of the Kobold King? (They're all written for 3.5, but it sounds like you know how to deal with that.)

Thanks for the info. I will track those down now.

Happler wrote:
Sannos wrote:
Nodnarb wrote:
deinol wrote:
I just hope they do a Kobolds of Golarion next. ;)
+1! As the saying seems to go.
I love this book and I would like a Kobold book too.
Woohoo!! I too would love a Kobold book. Stupid Green gobbies get one!

Rather funny situation... I came on to ask if anyone else thought it would be great to see a Kobolds of Golarion. I hope Paizo Publishing considers the concept in the near future! And if they have considered it, I hope that they get enough info to deem it profitable to produce!

As it is, I am working with the D&D 3.5 interpretation of Kobolds in the "Races of the Dragon" book. It is insightful, but I wouldn't mind reading about Golarion's Kobolds, and perhaps get some unique feats and traits for the reptilian humaniods!

Todd Stewart wrote:

Not a problem at all. At a minimum though, it'll have to wait till I've finished the book this week. Also, I'll have to dance around any answers that talk about content prior to the book being released, but I'd be happy to chat over email. I think it's in my user info here.

Epic Fail: I cannot find your email. Could you give me a shout at Thank you again for your time!

Todd Stewart wrote:
That said, expect some obscure references to real world stuff, and a lot of entirely new stuff.

Interestingly enough, I am doing an undergraduate paper on this very fact: that tabletop gaming applies a lot of intertextual theory to their cannons such as allusion and archetypes.

Is it possible I could get an interview of some type with you on this subject? I understand that you are very busy Mr. Stewart, but if you could even answer a couple questions through an email, that would help me immensely with my paper.

James Jacobs wrote:
Raymond Cundliffe wrote:
... is there some reason why Paizo cannot just make larger books for its devoted fan base?

The laws of physics.

We're pretty much at capacity right now. I'd even say beyond capacity. Increasing book sizes at this point is more or less not an option without shrinking the sizes of other books... or canceling books entirely.

And canceling books isn't really an option at all, since they're all on monthly or bimonthly subscription models.

Changing the book sizes would, in other words, require a relatively complicated rebuilding and reworking of how our publishing operation functions on all levels. Certainly, it's a lot less expensive (and thus a lot less risky) to make smaller books than larger books.

And this is why I enjoy Paizo so much: I make a suggestion, and a response is given. Thanks James Jacobs for enlightening me on the situation!

That Old Guy wrote:
I am going to purchase these three titles, but I would so hugely prefer to have one unified hardback Book of the Damned.

I agree. As much as I like Paizo's products, they tend to really kill my wallet by sending out smaller booklets as opopsed to larger hardcover books. if you do the math, each one of these 64 page books rings at abouit 32 cents a page, where as the larger books (such as the Inner Sea World Guide and Ultimate Magic) run at about 16 cents a page... is there some reason why Paizo cannot just make larger books for its devoted fan base? Why did they have to make 6-7 books on the various races of Golarion instead of making one larger book called "Races of Golarion"? Same could be said about these three products, instead of three volumes of the book of the damned, why couldn't they just have one large one?

I know that Paizo is really good at listening to its fan base, that is why I have fully converted from WotC and their combat oriented system. So I hope that if enough of us speak about this subject, they might be more inclined to make their products cheaper via larger books at a slower rate of production...

In the end, I still love Paizo. Their world seems so much more personal and 'epic' than other company products. Again, this is probbaly because they are willing to listen to their fan base. Hopefully they remmeber this as they continue to be sucessful in the RPG table top gaming industry.

Looking forward to all the lore on the Daemons.

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