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Ratzap's page

Goblin Squad Member. 8 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists.


Goblin Squad Member

Virgil Firecask wrote:
Well, the first views of the game are drawing near. Who all is still hanging around our little pub?

The tech demo should be presented to Paizo soon and the video(s) created. Still a way to go from there but progress is good.

Goblin Squad Member

Nihimon: You're right, I remember starting reading that announcement, my eyes hit the pronunciation hints, glazed over and skipped. I stand corrected though and no offence meant 8)

Virgil: Thanks for the clarification, I'm not into hurting folk ala griefing style so I think the Flask sounds like a good match. I intend playing a cleric, most likely a dwarf (again, I stick to what I know ;) ) if you'll have me.

Goblin Squad Member

How dead set or strict are you on that CG? Personally I mostly end up chaotic good but I don't like to be too confined, if a bit of not-so-good gets the job done (or seems like a giggle) then why not so long as it doesn't become a habit.
So far all I've seen is companies catering to good and one suggestive to evil. Something more accommodating to the middle ground would be nice.

Goblin Squad Member

Good to see people organising in advance. Is anyone keeping track of how many of what sort are setting up shop?

Goblin Squad Member

The first few lots are going to be building the base so to speak, bootstrapping the whole process. Maybe a larger initial charge or vary the 2nd and 3rd ones based on loss rates and build milestones.
Basically I think they need to stay flexible. Letting too many in at the start would indeed be a problem, they'd have to deal with a lot of whining about there being nothing built, no gear, nothing to do (except gather and build).

Goblin Squad Member

Personally I detest bards, I just do not like the idea of 'magic music' but this is purely a personal thing. I've played bards before to try and get over my feelings but I still feel they're just a rog/sorc mix with the unnecessary introduction of 'whistle a tune to set the man on fire'.

That said, they are part of the core cannon so like my beloved clerics, will probably be in the initial release.

Goblin Squad Member

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As with all things there must be balance and compromise. If it gets to the point where you spend more money on security than the value of the items stored - people will stop bothering.

The biggest lesson from UO which PFO will need to learn: people do not play a game to be victims.

The easier it is to steal/murder and the more commonplace such actions are the less players you will have. Less players, less victims, less income. Look at the final phase of UO where the anti-pvp servers emerged - they were swamped.

I'm looking forward to PFO coming out but I'd rather put up with a few immersion breaking things than try to play in a ghost town.

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