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Ratclerk2's page

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I would support this and buy it.

I have been very impressed with the material I have been seeing from SGG. I use to stay away from third party because of all the bad 3.0 material that had been released. SGG changed that for me. I like pdf's but to me there is nothing like flipping through an actual book. I would love to see a printed compilations of your material. Especially the feats and the mythic menagerie material.

Quatar wrote:

Well it's a specific weapon, they do not always follow the guidelines to the letter.

You can't make a Minor Pistol of Infinite Sky that's only a +2 or so, it has to be a +5 and then you get the endless ammo thing for cheap.

In other words there is no "firearm auto reloading ability" that you can add, not by RAW anyway. You take the gun like it is or you don't.

The GM might allow you to take it though, if it were my game I'd simply allow the Endless Ammo for +2 to be applied to firearms too.

I also thought about that, and I do understand that ultimately it is the up to the DM, but would this item set a precedence if you wanted a musket with the same ability that if you made it +5 first you could add the ammo ability as a +1 addition. If this was an artifact item I would say no that it really is a specific weapon but if it lists as a regular specific weapon then it would seem that it is something that could be applied to other fireams. Especially considering where the effect comes from is very clear with the requirement of reloading hands which is a very normal spell. Which brings up another question, there are wonderous item scopes that you can attach to firearms, would you be able to make a cartridge for an advanced firearm that is enchanted with reloading hands based on the formulas for crafting items with a continous effect.

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

I am curious as to how the Pistol of the Infinite Sky (Ultimate Equipment) is priced. It is a +5 weapon that never needs to be reloaded, after every shot a bullet and powder magically reload it and it can never suffer from misfire.

The Price is 73,300 gp. Crafting requirements are craft arms and armor and the spell reloading hands.

My question is how did it get the infinite ammo ability. From what I can tell this is priced as a +6 weapon (+5 enhancement and a +1 ability) 1000gp for pistol, 300 gp for masterwork, and 72000gp for +6 weapon.

I would assume this is the case except the ability endless ammunition is a +2 ability bonus that does the same thing but specifically says it can not be applied to firearms. So is giving a firearm the auto reloading ability a +1 enhancment or a base additional cost of 22,000 gp.

Thanks for any help with this.

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