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Rapheal's page

FullStarFullStarFullStar Venture-Captain, Oklahoma—Oklahoma City. 12 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 8 Pathfinder Society characters.


Liberty's Edge *** Venture-Captain, Oklahoma—Oklahoma City aka Rapheal

I do like this GM reward sheet, I think its a pretty cool idea.

Liberty's Edge *** Venture-Captain, Oklahoma—Oklahoma City aka Rapheal

Thanks for all the hard work, and I hope your future is bright.

Liberty's Edge

Hello All,
One of my regular players is a military dependent and is moving to Okinawa, Japan and wishes to continue playing PFS. Does anyone know if we have any players and or a contact e-mail for them in Okinawa?

Liberty's Edge *** Venture-Captain, Oklahoma—Oklahoma City aka Rapheal

Welcome, hope to meet you sometime.

Liberty's Edge *** Venture-Captain, Oklahoma—Oklahoma City aka Rapheal

Congrats and welcome Shane.

Liberty's Edge *** Venture-Captain, Oklahoma—Oklahoma City aka Rapheal

Welcome Matthew!!!!!

Liberty's Edge *** Venture-Captain, Oklahoma—Oklahoma City aka Rapheal

Hello Esteemed Group,
Where do you find rules for running sanctioned modules, ie time slots exp points for players and GM's? I couldn't find any thread on this topic if any of you can direct me I would be thankful.

Liberty's Edge *** Venture-Captain, Oklahoma—Oklahoma City aka Rapheal

OK, question I'm not 100% on this but here goes. It came up at a game day and the rules are kinda cloudy. Can a Magus cast a spell into his weapon then move a standard move then attack? This seems like to many actions in one round. I realize you can cast and move but then to attack seems odd.

Liberty's Edge *** Venture-Captain, Oklahoma—Oklahoma City aka Rapheal

I do not wish more swarms I think they are over used. I know in my home games over half the time I make my players fight other people/humanoids. I would like to see more Orc's , Gnolls , things of that nature.

Kyle Baird wrote:

I spent some time GMing some of season 4's scenarios this weekend for a lot of new-to-PFS players and found myself describing the theme(s) of this season to set the tone for their adventures in Varisia. I spent a fair bit of time describing the common "problems" PFS agents encounter. It all got me thinking about where we've been and what's next. On that note, I wanted to open a discussion about typical Golarion bad guys and how they've fit with PFS organized play. Bare with me, but ultimately, I'm looking for feedback on the types of enemies you most enjoy.

1) Dragons - There are approximately 4 scenarios that feature dragons to date (if you include RftRK Pt 2). These are perhaps the most iconic of enemies, but also one of the most rare. Should dragons be more frequent? Less frequent? Perhaps a large arc dealing with them (either directly or indirectly).

2) Goblins - These little boogers have been everywhere. How's the mix been? Who wants MOAR goblin madness? Anyone actually sick of these guys?

3) Orcs - Can their only place in PFS really be Echoes of the Everwar Part 1? Where else have these guys been? For such a classic monster, they should don't show up much (unless they're cross-bred).

4) Drow - I think these iconic foes have only been featured in a single scenario thus far. I think they suffer from a mainstream burn-out (Drizz't et al.) I know a lot of people love them and a lot of people love to hate them with equal passion. Thoughts?

5) Dinosaurs - They've made an appearance a few times, but never in any force. What say you, should we have more focus on our prehistoric cave-woman stealing enemies?

6) Undead - It seems like one out of every four scenarios includes something that's undead. That's why favored enemy: undead is probably one of the top 3 favored enemy choices (human, evil outsiders). Anyone getting tired of chopping up dead things? Anyone want more dead things? Perhaps there should be more to coincide with the ever growing zombie...

Liberty's Edge *** Venture-Captain, Oklahoma—Oklahoma City aka Rapheal

Thank You, for the kind words Jon. The OKC area is in full PFS mode currently and we have a good growing group.

Liberty's Edge *** Venture-Captain, Oklahoma—Oklahoma City aka Rapheal

Deanoth wrote:

What exactly is legal for purchase as you gain levels? I noticed that when you gain levels the PA you have applies to the amount that you can buy through your faction... what is the limit on what can or can not be purchased through using your faction to buy magic items if I might ask?


In the pathfinder players guide their is a section on purchasing items. You have to have x amount of prestige before you can purchase item (s). Its fairly well explained. I hope this helps

Liberty's Edge *** Venture-Captain, Oklahoma—Oklahoma City aka Rapheal

I think most GM's that are experienced could run it either way. The 2nd person text I think helps newer GM's. I for one will paraphase text to my flavor of running as i think most others will to. The more you run a particular round the more you will do this as well as add character to the NPC's. These are of course my opinions.

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