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Ramza Wyvernjack's page

329 posts. Alias of Tyki11.


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Looks good so far!
Big time envious of your AC and Saves. I keep forgetting how defensive paladins can be!

All right.
I didnt mean that in context with your changes, just thinking out loud :D

I set up the ooc and IC, but I have no clue how to add you guys to the campaign. While I set up a 16rp limit, we have in no way to max it out if we don't need to, it's just to allow a bit more varied non-human character such as Captain's dragonkin.

Yeah, we'll follow WBl. For now. Weapon Focus, Weapon Specializatio, Point Blank, Dodge (can't think of any other +1 feats) are now optional because flat +1 bonuses are boring and should be handled by magic items and such, not flavour worth feats!

Item cosmetics are up to you guys within reason as usual. And I understand that reason might vary between us as people, so worst case we talk it out.

I'm personally gonna be grabbing an ioun stone, implanted with the rules found in Rise of the Runelords for fluff reasons, if you want to implant some of those, go for it.

I keep thinking of things as we talk, darn. I assume it's a given that we're to be good-neutral alignement, and not destructive for each other, so no CN shenanigans, and any LG has to accept that he may try to influence people, but not force them into things just because he's lawful.

I don't think we want/need any Pvp between us, but leave the option up for some if both agree and it fits the situation.

Go for change, as long as we're under 16 rp, you can tailor it to your taste.

All right, we'll give it a go then.
Before I forget, since it was something I worked up with my buddy, I'd like to make sure you guys are okay with this PrC nerfed into a more paladin-ish level of alternate class; Spirit of the LandI'm a bit biased because of the time spent on trying to tone it down, so if you see something gamebreaking, I'd appriciate the input.

Most of his at wills are perception or not much use in combat, expect perhaps Meld into Stone, but that's preferncial (best use is to ready meld against a charge?). Dust form is inspired by Pitch Black from Rise of the Guardians.

If you click the "other viewers" in top right, you can open a chat in-doc to talk with viewers and writers. Fyi

The formatting isn't a problem. I'm just thinking where IC goes, and where OOC goes and such. I'm bit spoiled with rpol because it gives each game it's own subforum, and we can make all sorts of threads, aliases and rolls.

You can pick a race that closest resembles yours or pick a favored bonus that simply makes sense. A winter Fey could grab bonuses from Sylphs or Kitsune for example.

Captain Moonscar wrote:

pally 10 sorc 5 dragon deciple 5

Dragon type
arcane focus 1 rp
pyromaniac 3 rp
Static feat (blind fight) 2 rp

Something tells me you had this done and ready. Can you post a short summary of base stats such as Bab, saves and feats?

Do you guys prefer to play here, or on Rpol? If we're to play here, I need to check up on how it works, this is my first time trying a game trough the forums.

Captain Moonscar wrote:

Im thinking Paladin/Sorcerer (draconic gold)

And building a dragon born like race.

Pala/sorc sounds like a good combo, lots of stuff with just a high Charisma. 20 base in a stat should be highest without any items if people are going to max out something.

Do you want the Dragon type as well, it comes with darkvision, low light, immunity to magical sleep and paralysis effects, but costs 10RP, leaving you with 6RP left.

What do you guys think about Weapon Focus and Specialization feats as requirements? Personally I tend to waive them because they add almost no fluff. Maybe I just find a +1 bonus for a feat to be a bit dull.

Go ahead pick the catfolk claws if you want, and the Gaelic vibe isn't a problem, we don't have to come from the same place after all.

The archery feats are fine too, even with this many feats, it's hard to cheese a character, by broken I mean those min-maxed characters that deal 20d6 each turn. Yours mostly can fire from anywhere, melee or range, shoot fast, shot multiple targets at same time and such.

If you can make a preview sheet that'd be awesome, like, just class combo, race, bab and saves and feats, the quicker stuff. HP I'm tempted to say max all. What do you guys think? Add 4th and 8th stats as normal.

Lemme go for a do over. Gestalt Pathfinder campaign about a group of strange creatures trying to clean a region of undead, evil spirits, and other evil creatures. Fey, nature, magical beast or monstrous humanoids vibe would be fitting best, but a human and any of the standard races work just fine. While we're technically in Golarion, I am not known enough with the setting to make it a canon region, hence it'll be improvised, and the PC's will be helping out a powerful Kami(bestiary 3 I believe) to restore the land he's bound to.

Characters start at level 10, leveling two classes at once using 3.5 Gestalt rules, they will also gain a bonus feat each level in addition to any feats normally gain with gestalt characters.
The stats are 16, 16, 14, 14, 12, 12.

Races: Can be customized or made from scratch as long as they are no higher than 16RP.

Fluff & Cosmetics: Rule of cool, if it's not gamebreaking or cheesy, we're at least talk it out. (Kitsune being more like a nature/fey Catfolk)

Crafting: Crafting feats are removed. Everyone uses their HD as caster level for crafting. Martial classes use the appropriate Craft skill, taking the standard +5 DC for every requirement missing. Casters use Spellcraft checks instead and can take +5 DC for requirements missing. (Have a friend cast a spell from a scroll/his class/wand to bypass these).

Leadership: Can be used strictly for monstrous/animal cohort pets and mounts. Qualifies as druid companion class feature for feats and prestiges. (Druid/ranger can in turn have two pets) these companions can only take levels in barbarian, fighter or ranger, and do not gain bonus feats per level as PC's do.

That is a very good point. I don't suggest taking Fighter because let's face it, we're gonna be powerful either way, the class adds currently little fluff and mostly feats(which will be too many now) and flat bonuses to atk and damage. I think we should remove fighter from the class list unless there's a really fun archetype combination you want, and while it sucks, I don't think we should stack fighter feats with houserule feats.

You can add Curiosity trait if you want, you'll be on par with an Aasimar when it comes to RP, which is below 16 and just fine.

We start at level 10, and level with the story and events, that way we don't have to meet a specific "quota" of random monster events. Roleplay over Rollplay says I.

I do not suggest a summoner or another pet heavy class, besides druid and ranger as such, to shorten the amount of rolling and actions per turn for faster combat.

Any other questions?

I remembered something, if you want to go for the Micefolk Weaponmaster type, we could look at changing out a racial trait for the Master Tinker, which gives you proficiency in any one weapon you personally craft, superbly handy with a few ranks in Craft(weaponsmith) and some exotic weapons.

Tiefling variant ability, if your gm allows you picking it (I don't) allows wielding weapons one size larger without any penalties.

Grind up the statue and snort it up for a Commune spell. For real!

Aldarionn wrote:

Well to be fair, the phrasing in your post suggested a more adversarial relationship between you two. One does not usually try to confound ones DM, as it usually just bogs down the game for everyone if you do. I'm guessing what you meant is that you want some unusual tactics that will force him to think outside the box instead of having his spellcaster pet rain Magic Missiles down on the party with impunity?

If that's the case, there are a number of good suggestions here. I recommend trying them, with the caviat that standard ranged attacks (Bows/arrows/guns) can be foiled completely by a single 2nd level spell. Wind Wall, or Fickle Winds at higher level, can make a spellcaster completely immune to mundane ranged attacks, leaving you in the same predicament that you were in previously.

What the? Finding a way besides "I shoot it with my bow." is the bread and butter of a good PC. Most gm's can appriciate it when a player looks for new ways to solve a recurring problem.

Since he's flying with magic, he doesn't have to roll DC or fall upon taking damage like a winged creature. A Suggestion spell could work, "There might be dragons in the sky, I suggest you fight on the ground."

Ring of Telekinesis used with the Bullrush Maneuver downwards might work as well, it's basically a ranged telekinetic yank, though Dispel seems to be the best solution. Once you get the npc to the ground, have a caster cast Mad Monkeys for the luls.

Heh, your race can be the origin of the bad luck for crossing a black cat's path. First they scout in cat form, then plunder them!

Also yes, it'll be 1 feat per level with 2 at each odd levels, totalling 15 I believe. I'm crossing my fingers it won't lead to any broken characters per se.

For example, I took Whirlwind chain, which allows my character to run and attack and attack around him, as he's meant to be a quick two weapon wielder.

I'll make a google doc to track all the cosmetic/fluff changes. I also don't suggest taking up crafting feats, we'll either be to busy to use them, or houserule it so everyone can craft as per Master Craftsman feat.

I personally am a big fan of fluff and cosmetic alterations, take race/spell/ability Y and make it look like X.

For example, using Vital Strike on my TWF character, visually it represents him striking with both weapons at once.

Just cosmetic. I'd prefer if we came of as good guys, visually, and a fey/magical mice man might look better than a rat for first impressions?
Eastern Bunny from Guardians looks hilarious and cool imho.

A nature fey could easily work with Kitsune. I'd need to double check the change benefits, but mostly you could turn into any bipedal animal that fits better, such as a wolf or cat.

iLaifire wrote:
carmachu wrote:
Frankly the OP was even more in the wrong. *I* wouldnt play at a table with a jerk like that. DOminating a player is no different then killing one's character in their sleep or other PVP items. I wouldnt play at a table with teh OP nor with a DM that allows that behavior.
While you might not like PvP Geno did state that their group does allow it. As such he did nothing wrong in that regard. There appear to be plenty of people who are making assumptions/judgement about Geno's actions based on their own opinion of how games should run (no PvP and so on) while ignoring stated rules/assumptions for that group.

I don't agree, just because your character can't piss on the street and lick the king doesn't mean her character is "dead". The campaign is "dead" the whole time you do something counter-productive on a massive scale. It's tanamont to having a pyromaniac who puts fire on the merchendise if the game's theme was "Selling silk". Sure you can stop him from putting s#@& on fire, but it's just as restraining as not being able to sell anything because it's cinders.

I'll try to remember that.
Could a nicer ratfolk work, more like micefolk, think Alice in Wonderland, or Cat in Boots?

Do I honestly seem like a guy with a plan?
Shall we say, people make a sheet in google-docs and then link it here?
Doesn't have to be fully finished of course, class/archetypes + feats for starters would be great before we fully commit.

Do people prefer running with a theme, for example a bunch of fey humanoids trying to clean a region of evil spirits and undeads?

I always tend to irk at the thought of "do I take first come, first served, or hand pick players?". Mostly because I feel bad if I later a player isn't what I was looking after, oh the humanity ~

While the movie is great, it's not a requirement at all to see it, just saying it made me wanna play a fey character. What posting times are good for people, personally I'm from EU, and can post daily pretty reliably.

15RP Fey characters could be interesting to try.

So far there's a Face, a Gunner/weapon master and psychic dude?
As mentioned the DMPC, mine's a Living Monolith/Wizard(air), perfectly fitting for a fey character though is originally aasimar.

Personally I love Items and PrC from 3.5, and base classes and everything else from PF.

Sorry. Pathfinder with Gestalt rules from 3.5!

Captain Moonscar wrote:

Never played gesalt though I have UA.

No idea what a living Monlith is. prefer to play a fun character over Meta/Munchkin we usually stick to Core when playing 3.5.

Would keep to the few books i have on hand (Core, Exp. Psyonics, Comp. Scondrel, Comp Mage, Frostburn, maybe one or 2 other's been awhile since I used them.) *Edit. Also have OA, Exalted Deeds and Vile Darkness.

(also 24, started with 3.5 about 6-7 years ago been playing ever since)

Gestalt means you level two classes at the same time, taking best of each but not stacking duplicates. So a Rogue/ninja wouldn't get double sneak attack damage, but would get extra talents.

Living Monolith is a earth and defence themed PrC, granting some immunities, and with out edit, no direct combat buffs anymore (it had Rightous Might 3/day before, now a cosmetic dust form).

Now, the feat change means that we'll get bloody 15 feats, which can be a lot in the hands of a skileld min-maxer, but I'm hoping players would pick mostly utility feats that add depth to the characters. The teleporting dervish(or whatever the name is) is a great feat for a fighter/sorcerer who's a magic swordsman type, but somehow stacking 20d6 +100 would be unwelcome.

Them, hmm. I have to admit I'm really giddy after watching Rise of the Guardians a hundred times. I also liked the idea of settling, kinda like kingmaker perhaps?

A group clears out a part of a valley of undeath and makes a base of operation to restore this region back to health? I like the spirits and undeads theme, such as the Kami.

I have to admit I'm not too familiar with Golarion lands, just the vague stuff as we've always played homebrew. I personally allow some 3.5 stuff, especially the Item Bible pdf(collection of all items). Main goal is to have fun, so some rules can be bent.

I have a dillema, me and my friend were interested in running a game, but he's so swamped that the pbp game is really slow paced, which is kinda meh considering I'm itching to play. The real problem is that the homebrew rules are high powered in the wrong hands, but work well for us as we optimize, but try not to munchkin.

Question is, anyone willing to play along DMPC style with these houserules.

Gestalt level 1 game game(3.5)
Stats: 16, 16, 14, 14, 12, 12 (might be lowered)
Feats: Bonus feat per level (adds a lot of utility unless munchkined into doom)
Custom races allowable at 15RP.
We're comfortable with these things because we've known each other for a long time, and try to watch out not to overpower things but add utility and variety to characters (new feats every book, no new slots).

Classes: Nerfed Living Monolith trying to make it on par with Paladin as a base.

I don't have a specific story in mind yet, it really depends who'd want to join, max 2-3 other players, and we could talk out some ideas. I don't know how to play on this forum, and can use Rpol instead, but I can try to learn this place instead. Got skype and Gmail for fast IM'ing.

About me: 24 year old gamer dude, grew up with famicon and everything up to Gamecube, started dnd 3.5 at early age and been loving the system, for post part, since, so Pathfinder was the logical next step. I'd like to think I'm reasonable and open minded. If anything, just ask.

This isn't really a "murdering children" or "innocents". This all happened during or right after combat in enemy environment. This wasn't some random fireball inside the city for the "lulz". If a town is infested with zombies, and four survivors disguise themself as zombies to survive/sneak past the shambling horde, the sorceress doesn't become evil when she fireballs both the disguised survivors and the zombies, only later realizing they were humans.

Same for the fighter that tears down a part of the structure to somehow stop or hinder the bad guy, is he evil if the damage accidently kills the mother and daughter hiding in the floor above with falling and enviromental damage. Not everyone deals with death same way, just because he doesn't drop to his knees sobbing with remorse doesn't mean he's evil.

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DrDeth wrote:
Ramza Wyvernjack wrote:
DrDeth wrote:

From what the OP sez, it’s true that he didn’t constantly make the BBN dance like a puppet. But every single action the Bbn wanted to take was controlled by the Op, even if it was just to allow her to do it. It’s like having to play “mother may I’ constantly. The Bbn specifically wasn’t allowed to get out of range, etc.

And like we said, there were plenty of other ways to stop disruptive actions.

How is that different from one player controlling the whole social aspect of the campaign with her negative influence?

Because she didn't get that choice and they had a choice. In any case, only one player didn't care for her actions, it's not like it was the entire party or the DM.

If you don;t think a PC is being a good member of the party you just ask them to leave, you don;t kill or take their character options away. The Op admitted they never even tried to get her to moderate her actions or get her to pick another pC.

Yes, because players who willingly and knowingly bring chaotic stupid barbarians to a delicate social event always step down when asked to. The OP also stated that she warned the player, which for normal people would be enough signals that you're doing something harmful to at least one player.

They didn't have a choice tho, the op said that the gm made them all Chosen for this grand world saving. How exactly do you leave out the barbarian chosen by fate out? How can you ask a friend to leave the rp table even if they act annoyingly (unless they are douchebag scum by default)?

I just find it a bit onesided that I can ruin the social aspect of the game with skill checks, feats and roleplay, making my partners useless in many situations (that 18 cha won't help if a barbarian friend of yours publicly makes a fool of your group), but the moment a caster uses magic, it's all fire and pitchforks. Next we'll forbid the bard from making a taunting song of a PC he doesn't like, or god forbid he uses Bluff to spread a bad rumour about a player, that's taking control from them, making their charismatic character into a womanizer.

Off-topic, but I just realized how poweful a druid wildshaped into a tiger with his companion being a tiger and the teamwork feat that makes it so when one charges, so does the other.

kyrt-ryder wrote:

Rest while the remainder of the party mops up a defeated foe? :P

(Also, the penalties of fatigue aren't THAT bad, and if I remember right one CAN enter a rage while being fatigued, so he's got two rounds to do what needs doing without getting into means of combating fatigue/exhaustion.)

Mundane means to removing fatigue is 8 hrs rest. Also last part of Rage:

Rage wrote:
A barbarian cannot enter a new rage while fatigued or exhausted but can otherwise enter rage multiple times during a single encounter or combat.

I guess this requires high level and one trick ponying yourself into a high base die for a single attack instead of say, a bunch of +atk/dmg bonuses that could be used with a Tiger wildshaped Pounce?

Ravingdork wrote:
Weables wrote:

yea, you're taking rounds to buff, casting animal growth, strong jaw, etc.

The barbarian has already killed whatever it was you're facing, if he's half as optimized.

I hope you're not talking about my build. :P

My build doesn't require animal growth. That's one of the many reasons it's so good. It doesn't need much, if any, time to get into the action and finish the fight.

What do you do in the round(s) you are out of rage and fatigued after one attack?

I'm curious. How do you plan on taking over the world, affording to hire a bunch of heroes without having minions to watch over you such as making sure you aren't under a compulsion effect or keeping up wards.

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Lumiere Dawnbringer wrote:
Kobold Cleaver wrote:
Lumiere Dawnbringer wrote:
Kobold Cleaver wrote:
Uh, no. Murdering a kitten for clawing you is psychopathic. If you don't like cats, put it in a box and take it to the Humane Society.

true in the real world, where housecats aren't a lethal threat.

but not in a world where your typical domesticated feline can down your average commoner in around 12-18 seconds and claw your unconscious body the rest of the way to death.

Uh, that's a full-grown cat, not a kitten. Like I said. Also, you are not a commoner, you're an adventurer. Finally, a kitten clawing 'cause it's scared is not going to go for blood, it's going to run away.

most unprepared 1st level adventurers are vulnerable to felines, and even more so to kittens.

kittens, on the metagame scale, are deadlier than their adult kin, despite having a lower CR.

even 2nd-5th level adventurers can be harmed by a kitten.

As much as I find the idea hilarious, the cats deal 1d2-4 claw damage, 1d3-4 bite damage.

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DrDeth wrote:

From what the OP sez, it’s true that he didn’t constantly make the BBN dance like a puppet. But every single action the Bbn wanted to take was controlled by the Op, even if it was just to allow her to do it. It’s like having to play “mother may I’ constantly. The Bbn specifically wasn’t allowed to get out of range, etc.

And like we said, there were plenty of other ways to stop disruptive actions.

How is that different from one player controlling the whole social aspect of the campaign with her negative influence?

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Are we just writing up any spells with /personal/ range on wizard list?

magnuskn wrote:

Yeah, okay. If we now need to quibble over the definition of "non-combatants" in regards to children, I think this conversation is over.

And kyrt, it depends on the severity of the action and the intent and what happens after. It's not hard math. ;)

Possible /monster/ children and their mother. Monsters who might need feeding. Feed being humanoids. Like human children.

I think the OP did well all things considering. The barbarian was a disruptive character that was ruining the concept of the campaign and their characters by forcing them to keep the barbarian with them. IC, these characters should most likely drop the barbarian at some town and just leave during the night.

Thanks for the info Troubleshooter. While it's all helpful and refreshing to read, it was mostly the whole "Moving inside enemy reach" kinda thing, mostly for tactical purposes like flanking or bullrushing.

Nondetection spell so they can never know where the plane is in the first place?

Buri wrote:
If another player tried to dominate my character the entire campaign I'm pretty sure I'd want to knock them out IRL. That'd be an instant "I'm changing characters or I'm out" moment. Then, I'd make a character to specifically resistant that effect and have a few more tricks for that specific character in case he tried again.

I bet half the forum would want to knock out a player IRL that thinks playing a retarded character in a social campaign and refusing to change so the game is more fun for everyone as well.

Then again, resolving to OOC physical violence over IC problems is highly moronic to say the least, not to mention the metagaming and double morality of making a character specifically resistant to something, and able to harrass the said character of instead not being Chaotic Stupid.

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magnuskn wrote:
And you seem to overlook that most people who have a big problem with the characters act are referring to the behaviour after throwing those fireballs.

No I haven't, I keep saying that feeling no real remorse for killing children, human or monsters is despicable. What I'm against is that keep making up scenario's that make the char seem chaotic stupid blasting fireballs at random in the strangest places, when all she did, even if it was stupid in hindsight, blast locations inside enemy territory.

It's the gm's job to clearly explain things like "the human sized and shaped cocoon are wiggling and twitching with muffled noises coming from inside" or the paladin/scout should spend a free action to yell "Watch out, we got kids here!"

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I find it weird that so many put the sorcer out of context and into situations that make the character look more evil than she actually is.

The sorc didn't /randomly/ fire off a blast into the tavern, the town, against humans or for the giggles, but because they were in enemy environment and right after or during a fight with things that want you dead.

It's more collatoral damage than "tehee fireballs", not unlike a fighter or barbarian tearing down a wall only to accidently cause a rockslide and bury some bystanders.

Think I found out how this works.
First I find APL, which is ten, because 10 levels times three divided by three, ten.

Then as you guys said, Cr+1-2 because of their utility and varied powers, but not too much because of action economy. CR 10-12 is between 9,600xp - 19,200xp and that's my "pool" for how many monsters I can put out there.

A young green dragon is CR7(3,200), and he might have three harpy vassals CR4(1,200x3=3,600) for a total of 6,800. Leaving me with 2,800xp worth of monsters left. Having the dragon fight in an environment perfect for him and bad for PC's could bump his CR by +1, making him 4,800xp instead, giving me enough xp left to buff the harpies by either cr+1 with loot/stats or a template.

Or something like that?

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Stefan Hill wrote:
Ramza Wyvernjack wrote:

Now, this does not excuse the no remorse aspect, which a good character should have some of, especially when it comes to children.

Just saying that because you as the player know they are kids, don't assume your characters do, there's a dozen of ways this could be lethal, illusions, an enchantment gm rolled and failed for you (You see a pack of goblins, everyone else sees scared children), they could have been brainwashed, or otherwise controlled, or just bait, with a dire spider...

Even if remorseful in a game with things like polymorph, illusions and the like destroying every town you come across because they may all be doppelgängers seems an extreme approach to take.

And it is extreme, but you're taking it out of context. They are inside enemy domain, not shooting fireball in a place they just stepped into. Using your example, if the town they enter into turns out to be 95% hags and evil changelings, and my party just survived a mob attack, I'd fire first then wonder if those people throwing "rocks" at us are innocents or shapeshifters.

I'm totally against the death of innocents, but it's not fair to comparing her outbursts to randomly firing at a new town, when she fired the fireballs right after an encounter in an enemy controlled environment.

carmachu wrote:
Ramza Wyvernjack wrote:

UNTILL you realise they weren't children, but mind controlled haflings with levels in ranger/whatever class and Throw Anything feats.

Oh right, they aren't, but they could have been. Knowing rocks don't harm you feels too meta-gamey. I know a bb gun won't directly hurt me if I have a thick jacket on, but I'm gonna get irritated if you keep pointing the barrel at me.

Now, this does not excuse the no remorse aspect, which a good character should have some of, especially when it comes to children.

Just saying that because you as the player know they are kids, don't assume your characters do, there's a dozen of ways this could be lethal, illusions, an enchantment gm rolled and failed for you (You see a pack of goblins, everyone else sees scared children), they could have been brainwashed, or otherwise controlled, or just bait, with a dire spider...

Except did she even remotely wait to assess that? ANY of it? No its been fire first, ask questions second. They could have been all that. OR, conversely, could have been survivors that are children and one adult that defended themseleves as only unarmed children with no training throwing rocks at whatever comes through the door. Because to THEM, SHE and the party are mind controled people the brain thingies are sending to kill them.

Its called threat assessement. If the door opens and its kids throwing rocks. waiting ONE ROUND to see if its something more isnt too much to ask. Asking party memebers what do they see, goblins or children isnt so much to ask.

And if its bait, rescuing teh children FROM THE dire spider might be in order if you are chaotic good instead of blowing them up. Just saying...

No remorse we agree on. I've seen my own party memeber go from CG to CN(almost NE)given his actions over many levels. There was no way to continue his ways given his actions when they did nothing to show CG.

Now, I doubt the sorcerer was opening the door, as living artillery, she's likely behind the frontliners. If my fighter/paladin opens a door, and the first thing that happens is that I see a bunch of projectiles flying of him, probably a defensive reaction and the sound of something against metal armor after we JUST cleared out some evil monsters and are in fact in their domain, no one would appriciate the caster saying "Yeah, I pass on my turn, I don't know what just attacked my tank." or "I go closer to make sure it wasn't more of the monsters we just killed that attacked my friend."

If foresight isn't one's forte, a fireball makes perfect sense when my comrades are attacked by an unknown enemy to me. In hindsight, it was a stupid thing to do.

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carmachu wrote:
Atarlost wrote:

A few points:

Rocks are lethal. If you're not wearing a helmet and body armor and hiding behind a riot or tower shield and people are throwing rocks at you and you don't stop them or run away you will die unless you're lucky enough to go down to a nonlethal hit and your friends slaughter the rock throwers before they can do to you what mobs always do to fallen soldiers, and if you're outnumbered running has worse odds than fighting unless cover is quite close because you can't dodge or shield yourself with your back to the rock throwers.

Sure rocks are lethal to soldiers and regular people.

But this is fantasy. You are an ADVENTURER. The type that goes toe to toe with horrifying monsters of mythology and dragons and such. WIth access to magic like protection from normal missles and magic items of legend(and no so much legend) that normal folks dont have. Something called an armor class that isnt easy to hit, by CHILDREN. And more HP's then your average peasant.

Rocks, thrown by kids arent that much of a threat, nor leathal, to a party of 5th level, at minium since she's throwing fireballs.

UNTILL you realise they weren't children, but mind controlled haflings with levels in ranger/whatever class and Throw Anything feats.

Oh right, they aren't, but they could have been. Knowing rocks don't harm you feels too meta-gamey. I know a bb gun won't directly hurt me if I have a thick jacket on, but I'm gonna get irritated if you keep pointing the barrel at me.

Now, this does not excuse the no remorse aspect, which a good character should have some of, especially when it comes to children.

Just saying that because you as the player know they are kids, don't assume your characters do, there's a dozen of ways this could be lethal, illusions, an enchantment gm rolled and failed for you (You see a pack of goblins, everyone else sees scared children), they could have been brainwashed, or otherwise controlled, or just bait, with a dire spider waiting on the ceiling. When you can fire bombs from your fingers, don't take things at face value.

Offtopic, but I agree on the prestige classes power levels. Currently using Living Monolith(slightly altered) as an alternate class, and he seems to be slightly on par with the Paladin.

Ontopic: Archetypes are almost like prestige classes in power and fluff, I suggest checking them out, many of them really suit a dwarf way better than the prestiges. Most prestiges now are VERY specific story/fluff elements, often bound to a specific race, nation or faction.

^ What Drakk said. These things are usually made clear, like sorcerer bloodlines (once picked cannot be changed) kind of line, which clearly isn't here.

Fun fact, I just realized that Mobility Archetype is almost better at twf than twf because it let's you charge and attack with all your blades, the -2 twf penalty is removed trough charge bonuses.

Also realized I can use Vital strike but cosmetically, the bonus damage is from striking with both weapons, woop!

Have a Mark of Justice put on her and give paladin the keyphrase. Upon activation, she can deal only non-lethal damage with all her spells.

The text doesn't say you have to pick one and stay with it, does it?
I was under the impression that you can fight with either onehanded/light at +0 penalties, or with two one handers at -1/-1.

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