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Rameil's page

176 posts. Alias of Dragonborn3.

Full Name





Wilder(Blast WIlder Archetype)








Neutral Good


New York, New York


English, Halfling, Spanish


Street Kid, Vigilante, "Hero of the People"(aka, the guy who get's in over his head sometimes)

Homepage URL

About Rameil

Power Points Left: 5/8
Money: 114.8

Lightning Strikes Twice:

Ramiel is a young man few people know much about, but the do know the rumors surrounding him. Ranging from a modern day Robin Hood made up by drug addicts and drunken gangsters to an Angel from on High sent to smite sinners, one thing is for certain.

Ramiel helps people.

In a place like New York where the corrupt have so much power, he will single out gangsters one by one and take them down hard. He will get clothes and blankets and clean water for homeless kids so they can be as healthy as their situation allows. He destroys any drug lab he can get it.

Of course, none of this would be possible if he hadn't been tossed out onto the streets as a kid himself. He doesn't really remember the details, but he does know someone said he was bad and he was suddenly struggling to survive on his own. Luckily, the boy found he had a talent picking pockets and 'street magic' early on, amazing people by plucking playing cards(and cash) from their pockets.

A couple years ago he added another trick to his repertoire: electrokinetics. Filled with power that made his hair stand on end, Ramiel began to fight back to help the lowest people of the city, earning the moniker "Sparky the Kid" from his face covering bandana and the fingergun gesture he used before lightning burst from his hand, always quick on the draw. More so if he uses his psionic skill to speed up his mind.

Link to Character Sheet.

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