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Argbadh Karambagya

Ramarren's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 398 posts (1,550 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 Pathfinder Society character. 9 aliases.


1 to 50 of 398 << first < prev | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | next > last >> is best viewed in Chrome these days, as it was made in a far older version of IE, and I haven't had reason to update it.

Those the site only deals with sessions up to the Varnhold Vanishing, the game was actually completed (just got too busy to keep updating it). I'm particularly proud of the Run Logs, Encyclopedia and Maps sections.

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Since this is Zoom's dungeon, and his other 'guests' are the Flash and 'Jessie Quick', maybe the masked man is Johnny Quick, and the mask is there to prevent him from reciting the Speed Formula.

Sugua Bran't wrote:
Corsario wrote:
DM Tuyena wrote:
Last time I looked at it, it was only level 2?
Well, yes... Besides that any other feedback?
Basically he is saying before he looks at it It Must first meet the given character creation guidelines. He doesnt want any surprises when you suddenly change up as a level 2 car is VASTLY different from a level 4 char.

Yah, I was afraid that would be the case. The other end of that is that I as a player am not going to be willing to fully create a character to 4th level and get everything settled without some indication of how viable/likely the concept is for acceptance.

I'm not saying others won't; they obviously will. I won't, however. C'est la vie; I'll wait for the next recruitment to roll around.

I can't speak for anyone else, but these are the parts that confuse me...
1 - PnP usually means 'Pen and Paper'. Is this a PbP recruitment?
2 - What game system?
3 - What is 'the Matthew Standley update'?

I was eventually able to hunt down the answers to these questions (go go gadget google), but the ad presumes an interest and knowledge of an incredibly obscure fan-built game system.

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The party is travelling down a hallway, and incised into the floor are three foot letters E R O S.

Vullen, the (astoundingly dumb) party fighter, looks at the letters, thinks for a moment, and finally says "Sore!".

The part wizard tries to explain that he's reading it backwards, so Vullen looks for a bit, mutters under his breath, and finally comes out with "E-Ross!", at which point the wizard loses it, saying "No, you idiot, it's obviously Eros"

...the word magically triggers a trap and approximately 2 dozen arrows fire at the wizard from nowhere, damaging him badly.

Vullen turns to the wizard, points, and says "Sore!".

Evan Tarlton wrote:
Ryuko wrote:

Did none of you catch that his entire speech there was utter b+#~*~++?!?
That's one of the most interesting things about this show. The Professor X figure is not always right. It's the same with Yrsa, who tried to help Riley and only succeeded in screwing with her head. It shows us that for all they can do, sensates are every bit as fallible as non-sensates.

It may be more than 'Professor X is wrong. It's quite possible 'Professor X is Lying'. Possibly to try and mold the cluster to his views, possibly because Whispers already has his hooks into him.

I sometimes get irritated at the pacing...but I can't stop watching, so they're doing something right (In the middle of Ep 10 now).

I wonder if 'Nomi' is a derivative of 'No Mike'.

LazarX wrote:
Ramarren wrote:

This seems more likely to me. Otherwise why taunt him with his lack of fame and loss of Iris?

Thawne/Wells has a lot of character defects, but petty spitefulness doesn't really seem to be among them.

Think again:

** spoiler omitted **

I'd rather think of that as Epic spitefulness :)

I don't see how any class that needs to choose spells each day can be unaware of it.

This seems more likely to me. Otherwise why taunt him with his lack of fame and loss of Iris?

Thawne/Wells has a lot of character defects, but petty spitefulness doesn't really seem to be among them.

Number of Feats is not an 'effect related to number of Hit Dice'; it is part of character progression. It is no more granted by this note than are HP, Saves or BAB (all of which are specifically called out as part of familiars).

Similarly, the familiar does not get the stat bump every 4 HD.

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'Humanoids' really fits. It's humano-centric, but I expect that's a matter of linguistics; I expect that the Dwarven translation of the term is 'Dwarfoids', the Elven 'Elfoids', etc.

Classically, the various Core races have been referred to as 'Humans' and 'Demi-humans', which really does sound racist.

'Sapients' sounds too modern to me.

Gaining class levels as a monster doesn't give you a bump in stats. Being designed as a monster intended to have class levels is what gets you the bump.

An awakened animal doesn't get anything beyond what is given by the spell. Note that there is no reason the former master couldn't spring for Ability Enhancement items...or that the animal couldn't try to earn the cash needed to get such enchantments.

Feral wrote:
Damon Griffin wrote:
Shadowborn wrote:
New timeline: They stop one villain, but three others are on the loose. The reporter, the one who probably had the most damning collection of evidence against Wells, is now dead and his information lost. "Turned out for the better?" That's pretty subjective.

I don't know what brought Cold/Glider/Heat Wave into the new timeline, but there isn't anything to suggest it was a consequence of Barry's actions. If for some reason they were waiting for the Mardon situation to be resolved before they struck, then they arrived earlier in the new timeline, but would have come in any case.

The reporter? Yeah, that's on Barry.

Barry indirectly saved Cisco. That made him available for kidnapping by the previously disarmed supervillains.

If the writers follow the logic of "The Flashpoint Paradox", changing the past sends ripples up and down the timestream, affecting even events that occurred before the altered event (Batman's origin, for instance). So you could blame *anything* on the change.

Note that at that scale, the face covering should be doable with paint...lay it on a little thick to simulate cloth obscuring the details.

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First, if you *really* want to appreciate the story, you want more than the Wikipedia article...The Full Story

Devilkiller wrote:
I think it might be amusing if the Head actually worked but basically just resulted in Vecna coming back to life using the PC's body.

This is the part that makes the whole story for me. At no point does it seem to occur to any on the PCs involved that even if the Head were real...Who do you think is going to be in charge when you put Vecna's head on your body??

Alas, Barbara (someday Gordon) is going nowhere...might as well have hoped for no Lois Lane in Smallville. Still, the writers had better give her a personality transplant if they are ever expecting the audience to accept her as Gordon's eventual wife.

And 1000% agree on shooting Fish Mooney in the prison scene. This 'manager' is an idiot, with idiot goons working for him.

Damon Griffin wrote:
The woman is so lame she finds juvenile delinquents crashing in her apartment, shrugs and takes fashion advice from them. WTF?

As much as I dislike the character, I'm comfortable with the actress, and to me it seemed like she was either drunk or a bit high when she walked in to her apartment, which could explain the bizarre 'ignore squatters in my apartment' behavior.

Aberzombie wrote:
And this dude at the end, I'm hoping he doesn't turn out to be another douchebag

Please. Of course he's a douchebag. Aside from Rick and crew (and sometimes including Rick and crew), there is no other kind of person left in the post-zombie south, it seems.

In the main, I like it, but sometimes I think the SSR agents all need to be slapped around until they become competent. I understand they need to be dim enough so that Carter outshines them, but I'd rather that be because she is extremely competent rather than because they are dim.

Roll20 or MapTool ( are both good, free options. Your face-to-face players will need laptops or access to all use the same computer/screen so that everyone is looking at the same maps.

Personally I prefer MapTool *if* you don't have network issues getting it to connect.

While I don't see it as workable for world domination (among other things, I don't think the changes to attitude would 'stack' as the source is the same), it's still a fairly powerful 1st level spell for someone willing to make use of it.

First, use Diplomacy to get someone's attitude as good as you can make it, then use this spell to modify attitude for whatever is appropriate for the person involved

-For a local merchant, "How about a discount?" is probably not beyond the pale, and if they are already helpful, or indebted to you, you can likely push whatever discount you would otherwise have gotten significantly higher.

-Similarly, getting an understanding of the local criminal goings on from a low level (or even mid-level) criminal who is now super-helpful, or an idea of what the city guard is up to from a super-helpful guard...these are not minor advantages.

The key I think is not to overreach, but to develop a significant network of 'enhanced friends'.

An all-powerful God may have the ability to *grant* all Domains, but imperfect mortals may not have the ability to comprehend more than a small subset.

Use the various gods in the Core rulebook, and mentally replace 'Diety' with 'Sect'. To use Catholic Christianity as an example, Jesuits have access to one set of Domains, Benedictines have access to a different (possibly overlapping) set, etc, each depending on the part of the mind of God that they each focus on understanding.

Some Domains would not be available to any sect, and only be available to whatever evil priesthoods exist in your campaign.

If you want to avoid sects, then each priest chooses 'x' Domains (you may have to weight their values), based on what he can comprehend of God.

A time travel AP would be appropriate if/when Pathfinder ever goes the 'Version 2.0' route. The AP would be written as the last v1.0 AP...

You go back in time to save the world/catch the villain/whatever, and when you come back you find out things have changed...the very universe seems to operate by different rules :)

Aaron Bitman wrote:
Xzaral wrote:
Right now we're discussing GURPs Traveller. At present I have my copy of the 3rd edition rules revised (well the books says Basic Set Third Edition Revised). I plan to pick up the main Traveller book PDF for GURPs this weekend. Other books I happen to own for GURPS include Psionics, Magic, Mecha, and Dragons (it's hardback). From those who've tried the system what other books would be good to pick up?
Assuming that you mean the 3rd-Edition version of GURPS Traveller, I believe that GURPS Space is an official prerequisite. (I heard that this is not true of the "Interstellar Wars" book, but that's for 4th Edition.)

GURPS Space is not a bad idea, but you can survive without it. Someone already mentioned First In. Of the non-Traveller GURPS Books, I'd suggest GURPS Hi-Tech and Ultra-Tech (for all of the hardware goodies), though be sure to read about the technical limitations in the Traveller setting.

Note that you *could* run a Traveller game with nothing but the Basic Set and GURPS Traveller.

Xzaral wrote:

Thanks for so many good suggestions! Been looking up the various systems to learn more about them and compiling a list for my group to go through.

A question on this Traveller game. I found some information on GURPS traveller but one thing I can't narrow down is how character creation works. Random systems like the one mongoose seems to have usually don't go over to well with my group. How does the GURPs one work?

GURPS is a point-based system. GURP Traveller is one of the worldbooks available for it. To get a quick and dirty feel for the GURPS Third Edition system, check out GURPS Lite.

I'll put a third in for Traveller, but would suggest GURPS Traveller, so you get a point-based system with the traveler universe. Also, since most of the GURPS Traveller supplements are out of print, you can get the PDFs relatively cheaply. (Note that you want GURPS 3rd Edition, not the current edition)

Regardless of what version of Traveller you might use, the web is awash with resources which can be adapted to your ruleset without too much difficulty (with the except of technical items such as ship designs).

I think you need to define your goals a bit.

Do you want this to be a story of Redemption? Betrayal? Do you want this person to be a campaign villain?

Once you know your preferred ending (taking your players into consideration), how to play her and what to do should fall into place.

I used CC3 for my Kingmaker campaign, and was very happy with the results. There is definitely a learning curve if you want your maps to look *good*...which is one of the whole points of mapping software.

I'm not particularly skilled (I've invested some time in learning it, however), and I was able to create this.

The 'zoomable' map is one of the output options from CC3, and the .PNG was also exported from there.

Event 1 - Slain Townsfolk. Have this occur just *before* they head out for the first trip. It will delay them a day or so, but that should be no issue.

Event 2 - The Rabble Rouser. This can occur when they return from their first trip. If you want the Cult of Gyronna to happen before the end of the module, then feel free to have one of Grigori's complaints be about the PCs "gallivanting about while babies are being snatched from people's homes", so that you can immediately hit them with Event 3 at the same time.

Event 3 - The Cult of Gyronna. If you don't have this happen concurrently with Grigori, I'd use Inneliese's suggestion, particularly if your players need a bit of an xp boost before Varnhold.

IMO, it's important not to punish your PCs for wanting to thoroughly explore their territory. Later on, you're going to wish they were interested in exploring.

My take...staying entirely within the Land of RAW:

1 - "Simulacrum creates an illusory duplicate of any creature." - so there is nothing to prevent duplicating a Solar (though the Solar migh get pretty irked)
2 - "Effect one duplicate creature" - So it can be affected by Magic Jar..I see nothing in Magic Jar that discusses type.

The creature will have "half of the real creature’s levels or HD and the appropriate hit points, feats, skill ranks, and special abilities for a creature of that level or HD)."...a lot of fudge factor here, as there is no discussion of Stats. Personally, I'd say Stats are the same, but the GM would be entirely within RAW to reduce stats by 1/4 HD lost...still, probably pretty good.

But there is where it gets significantly less cool. From Magic Jar:
"You can’t choose to activate the body’s extraordinary or supernatural abilities. The creature’s spells and spell-like abilities do not stay with the body."
So you'd get the STR/DEX/CON/Hit Points (modified by the level loss, possibly) but not much else, really.

It seems to me that there are other players involved here who need to step up.

If you want to make sure he has a chance to grow as a DM, and you want to avoid too much in the way of hard feelings, I would suggest to the group that *everyone* take some time in the big chair. Each person would be DM for one 'adventure' (which may be more than one session), and then the responsibility would shift.

The adventures need not (and I suggest should not) occur in the same game world, or even in the same game system. It exposes everyone to some different play styles and genres, gives each GM plenty of prep time, and gives some breathing room if someone isn't very good at it.

Eventually, people will likely develop favorite games, and some people will want to drop out of the DM rotation, so you'll likely eventually end up with 1 or 2 games, but in the meantime you've had a change of pace, and the less experienced DM has had time to season.

DM: "The attorney slaps you with a lawsuit. Take "<rattle>" 300gp in damages"

This also brings to mind something similar to Inevitables

Sera Bondesborn
Sera was born as the result of an illicit liason between Lady Irina Bondesborn and a travelling Elven Bard by the name of Urmiel. Sera was small, and Lady Irina carried her well, so the elongated pregnancy passed without notice, and no one realized the child's origins until Sera was born. Her father, Lord Denrim, was devastated by his wife's infidelity, but still considered the child his own, morally and legally, and he decided to be a father to her in truth. The Bondesborns repaired their marriage for Sera's sake, and raised her as best they could.

Her true nature, however, had to be concealed to prevent the political destruction of the family. Fron an early age, Sera's parents taught her how to disguise her heritage. They paid the midwife to continue as her nanny, and kept her away from other children with thie explanation that she was sickly. Once Sera was old enough to maintain the disguise on her own, they pensioned her off a comfortable woman.

Sera now lives a careful life, hiding her true origins so as not to damage her family, but trying to find her own way in the world. She has been sent by her mother as a possible match <one of the kingdom rulers>, but Sera is uncomfortable with having to lie to the man her mother hopes her to marry.

Jenica Ionescu
Jenica has no lands, and while she has the right to the title 'Lady', she is essentially a courtier, generally representing someone else's interests at court. Currently at loose ends, she would be interested in attaching herself to a household whose star is rising.

technically, a 4th level heightened Continual Flame should cost 330gp (plus the cost of a dead ioun stone).

As a GM, I'd add a premium, as it seems a cheesy way to neutralize most, if not all, magical darkness.

DR x/Silver and Magic means the weapon needs to be both Silver *and* Magic to bypass DR.

Compare the Vampire: DR 10/magic and silver
with the Kyton: DR 5/silver or good

Your players are wrong.

snickersimba wrote:

One idea:





This is multiple ideas...

Raging Barbarian Gnome with Cannon
Raging Barbarian with Gnome Cannon
Raging Barbarian with Cannon that shoots Gnomes
Very Angry Gnome Cannon with Class Levels (Barbarian)

My 3.5 Wizard enchanted his own gloves with the 'clean' function of Prestidigitation, and a set of long johns that could only perform the 'warm/cold' function of the same spell.

He was always immaculate and comfortable regards of the rigors of adventuring

This same wizard *always* carried Secure Shelter (later replaced by Magnificent Mansion) in his spell load. Creature comforts were critical to him (he was in the middle of designing a Baba Yaga-like secure shelter on legs in order to avoid all that tedious walking when the campaign ended).

You can import a .png into the software, and set it on the bottom layer. That's more or less what I did when making my maps; I then traced over the folio maps to create a completely CC3 version.

After getting it into the program and making sure the hexgrid matches with CC3's hex grid, you can drop icons, draw roads, add text, etc.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Campaign Cartographer *is* overwhelming, but the results are worth it.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I gave them free Cost of Living upgrades.

While they were just a Barony, each PC had an average lifestyle (normally 10gp/month). This increased to Wealthy (100gp/month) when Greenmarch became a Duchy, and Extravagant (1000gp/month) when they became a Kingdom.

While it is reasonable that the Council would be paid, it is equally reasonable that they would have to keep up a lifestyle that reflected their position or power. If they failed to do so (and took the money as cash instead), people would lose confidence in their rulers and in the Kingdom, which obvious could not support it's rulers...generating Unrest :)

It's a good deal all around. They get manors and servants and fancy clothes, but they don't break WBL when it comes to 'adventuring' gear. (This may play better to your group if you make use of their positions/servants/holdings during some of the RP portion of your game).

Rather than 'Evil Twins' (been done to death), have you considered shadow copies that followed 'the road not taken?'

The wizard who was tempted to become a blaster instead of a battlefield controller meets what he would have been like. The fighter that has been looking for his lost sister for the campaign meets the version of himself that gave up, became bitter and hit the bottle...still an effective warrior, but without honor...or on the other side who dedicated his life to Iomedae and became a Paladin

They don't necessarily even have to be Evil...these 'shadow duplicates' may consider themselves the originals, who have been supplanted in reality by imposters via some twist of fate (maybe they're right...).

The paladin version of yourself who is morally torn because he has no choice but to kill you in order to 'set things right' could be an interesting encounter, as could the Inquisitor version of the Cleric character...who finds the Cleric to be heretical by his (more dogmatic) understanding of the faith.

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DmRrostarr wrote:

From the FAQ:

"Acrobatics: What happens if I fail the check when using this skill to move through an enemy's square?
You lose the move action and provoke an AOO. (Note: This means you can attempt this up to two times in the same round, once as a move action and once as a standard action.)

Update: Page 88—In the Acrobatics skill, at the end of the third paragraph (which begins on page 87), add the following sentence: “If you attempt to move through an enemy’s space and fail the check, you lose the move action and provoke an attack of opportunity.”

—Sean K Reynolds, 08/30/11

The key phrase in both of those is "enemy's space", not "enemy's threatened area". The movement stoppage only occurs if you are trying to paas through a square actually occupied by an enemy.

My only suggestion is that we are already pretty fragmented and quarrelsome as a group, so something that people won't spend their time thinking "Why am I travelling with this person?" might be a good idea.

The Kingdom of Greenmarch, shortly after things have heated up in War of the River Kings.

We've converted over to the Ultimate Campaigns kingdom building rules, so the grey 'roads' are highways.

Having just completed Dragon's Demand as a player, my only caveat is to be aware that it seems the treasure is *way* out of whack. It seems like it is designed to pump up the PCs for the final fight, but I'm not sure how it will affect the rest of the campaign.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Technically, it is possible to mangle full-scale armies with one person. As your GM, I would have said "No", just as I did with my players when the possibility came breaks any reasonable immersion in the game.

As a side note, we've found the abstract combat system from Kingmaker (and Ultimate Campaigns) to be unsatisfying. For our next mass combat, we will be using a slightly modified version of the rules presented in Warpath (a product I highly recommend, and the only 3rd party product that's ever passed muster with our group). We've tried it before, and find that it gives more weight to the individual commanders' abilities, making for a more engaging battle.

First...'NPCs, NPCs, NPCs'. Create the local hunters/trappers that must be stopping in occasionally at Oleg's, set a few names/personalities for a few of the Lizardmen in the Lizardfolk village. Have some personalities of the roaming bandits ready toon go....everyone is ready for Happs to be questioned after the fight at Oleg's, but he is not likely to be the only survivor, so create a backstory or two, and paste it on to whichever bandits survive (same for the Thorn River camp).
IMC, the future Baron ended up marrying one of the trapper's the party met while holding a massive 'Tuskgutter BBQ' party, and she's turned out to be pretty interesting.

Second, let the players see the effects of what they do. Well before they defeat the Stag Lord, they should see increased traffic/trade around Oleg's, and perhaps meet a farming family that is striking south out of Brevoy after they've heard that it is getting safer.

Once Kingdom building starts, those effects include watching an area become more civilized...seeing traffic on the roads they've built, passing through the odd hamlet that has sprung up in one of the claimed/settled hexes, etc.

Kingmaker requires a lot more work to make it reach its potential, but the payoff is significant.

If he has been successfully scrying/spying on them, then it is perfectly reasonable that he prepares against the things he's seen, including Eidolons.

Note that his spellbooks are supposed to contain a selection of spells from every level in addition to what he has memorized, so determine what he has in his books by whatever means you feel fair, and go to town. As he regularly deals with extraplanar creatures, it seems reasonable that spells for dealing with such would be in his books.

The crack was sealed (in Big Bang 2, I believe), but left a weak point, and the Gallifreyans levered it back open.

So I assume the 'shaken' from 1/2 HP is effectively 'battered' (physically based, paladins not immune, stacks with fear effect, etc), just with the same mechanical effects as shaken?

(Makes sense, just want to get it right in my head)

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