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Argbadh Karambagya

Ramarren's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 432 posts (1,584 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 Pathfinder Society character. 9 aliases.


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MMCJawa wrote:

Actually are we so sure Barry is responsible for Stein's daughter? Stein starting getting the memory flashbacks IIRC AFTER the 80's trip where he yelled at his younger self for not valuing his wife enough.

Flashpoint divergence begins...what when Barry is 8 or so? Stein's daughter looks about the same age or maybe even older than Barry. That means she would have been born pre-flashpoint timeline reset. I think it's going to turn out in the LoT episode that Stein himself caused that ripple, not Barry.

I'm not sure if it ever explicitly came up in the Series, but in the comics, Flashpoint didn't just change things going forward, it rippled up and down the timestream, making alterations well before Barry was born.

I agree, Curtis may not be quite the 'quick-create gadgeteer' that Cisco is, but he's already shown that he has significant intellect and the ability to create practical applications of technology.

Luthor's mom as head of Cadmus popped up in a prior episode, so it was no surprise. Doesn't particularly bother me one way or the other.

My only real gripe was dumb Kara. "Nice cage you got here, Nth metal even (liked that). I wonder how well these gaps stop heat vision from melting all your guns? Not at all? So sad"

As for Hank being Cyborg had to be. If they do it up right, Project Medusa should end up referring to the Eradicator.

I think they are setting up Curtis/Mr. Terrific for a realization that he just can't cut it without some enhancement.

In this most recent episode, not only was he beaten up (again), He fails/stumbles/looks stupid multiple times in the training sequences. At some point, he's got to say "I need to start using my brainpower" to himself. The man who essentially cured paralysis can certainly come up with some toys.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'd love it if Superboy arrives with a Legionnaire, and makes sure to warn Kara not to tell her Kal-el about it, as he gets his mind wiped after every Legion trip.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

In this case, 'some other manner' means speech or some other means of communication

I expect there will actually be the occasional Legion easter egg/member on the show. I just don't expect it to be anything remotely like Legion Version n (pick one).

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Little did you know that when they said members of the Legion would make an appearance, they meant The Newsboy Legion :)

My only real "Doh!" moment for this is that all Aliens are going to become American Citizens. Not Refugees, not Resident Aliens, Citizens.

Bit of a slap in the face for all the human "illegal aliens" (the term is outdated these days, but appropriate to the discussion).

If you'd like an electronic copy that is Community Use compliant, I have here.

The page itself shows a Kingmaker map mid to late game, but there is a link to a baseline map.

It also includes a .FCW file if you use Campaign Cartographer.

Disguise Other (2nd Level, from Ultimate Magic) should be legal for Potions. It's the same as Disguise Self, but is a touch spell, which I believe makes it eligible.

Getting in is the easy part. That's a matter of the disguise skill, preferably with some prep time and a kit. He can enter the trading post as a trader. If there is not already a wagon (or even a horse-drawn cart) in the trading post, then he needs one as part of his disguise.

Not knowing how your game is going, I'm assuming that Oleg is alive, but is either not at the trading post, or can be lured out (possibly with a false message of some sort).

Late at night, the trader/bandit, disguises himself as Oleg using the disguise kit, and then downs a potion of Disguise Self for good measure. He then downs a potion of Eagle's Splendor, and convinces the guard that the other guards have been replaced or bought off by bandits.

"Wake Svetlana, let her know what is going on, and get her to come to the wagon, I'll be hiding under a tarp there. Don't let them see you with her. Get Svetlana under the tarp as well, and then you need to convince the others to open the gate, and get us out of here."

(take a second Disguise Self potion as Svetlana arrives so she sees Oleg under the tarp, holding his finger too his lips as an indicator to stay silent).

After the wagon/cart is away from the fort, it can be waylaid by other bandits to complete the snatch. From the point of view of the other guards, some trader arrived near dinner time, the suspicious guard left with his cart late at night, and when they checked in the morning, both the trader and Svetlana were gone.

This is hugely risky for a low-level character, but it's the best I can come up with on short notice.

Thomas Seitz wrote:

Having had time to digest this, I'm in a complaint mode.

IF Jay had been monitoring Barry like he said WHY THE HELL DID HE LET HIM DO IT THE FIRST TIME?!! I mean seriously. If it's that bad a thing and Jay seems to indicate that, I'd like to know how he let the FIRST Flashpoint happen in the first place. That really bugs me.

Joys of Time Travel...Jay wasn't monitoring Barry until after Flashpoint, at which point the timeline was change and Jay had now always been monitoring him (headspin).

To be fair, even in the pre-Flashpoint timeline, Jay was a prisoner of Zoom for quite a while, so any monitoring would have started after that, unless Flashpoint significantly changed Zoom's history as well.

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So, on a side note, it seems to me that John Diggle won't be returning to Arrow. Otherwise they'd have to explain to 'Arrow-but-not-Flash' fans why Diggle has a son instead of a daughter...

Also FWIW, even the 1st Season Flash timeline wasn't the original one, it was the timeline altered by Reverse Flash after he killed Barry's mother and then accelerated Flash's development by several years so he could gather the speedforce energy to go home. No clue at all what that timeline was like, though the pre-1st Season Flash was presumably more mature than current Barry.

Rysky wrote:

Ant-Man and The Wasp

Huh, so apparently with great shrinking power comes great disregard for one's spine -_-

*head* *desk*

With great shrinking power comes great disregard for physics.

Don't sweat the wings. They appear very similar to the comic, and I'm sure that's the intent.

I should have been more specific. You are correct that I can have a script that prompts me for a value, and will continue to re-use that value. It doesn't store it anywhere, however (for later use).

I don't have a pro subscription. I'd need a *lot* more functionality before I'd spring for an ongoing cost.

I have to say I still prefer MapTool with all its warts to Roll20.

Roll20 is definitely easier to get connected, but as far as I can tell macros cannot be used to manipulate any part of the character sheet and have no ability to make use of variables in any form.

For me, that's critically important. I also find the interface much clunkier than MapTool.

If you don't get good response here, try The Cartographer's Guild

Not sure about other software, but one option you have within MapTool is to create tokens for the various area of effect shapes. Use GIMP or other software to create translucent pictures of the appropriate shapes, and then create a library of tokens for them. As long as the players all have access and rights to the tokens, they can add/move/use them at need.

Deadman operates on the opposite axis from standard superheros. He can become alive for a while, be he's always going to 'come back from the life' and die again.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Aaron Bitman wrote:
Set wrote:
One of my favorite meta moments was when Siryn (Theresa Cassidy) was informed of the death of her father (Banshee, of the X-Men). She cracked up and said 'Whatever. It won't last. Call me when he comes back.'

I don't remember that (and it's very possible that I never saw it.) But I vaguely remember in the pages of The Incredible Hulk when the Hulk got killed in action, and a bunch of members of SHIELD, in their headquarters, were watching a live video of the battle. The Hulk's wife Betty was with them, and when everyone saw the Hulk die, all eyes turned to Betty. How would she react? For a moment, she looked shocked. Then, to everyone's surprise, she started laughing. Nick Fury muttered something like "Denial is an ugly thing."

In Incredible Hulk, there is a point at which Rick Jones' fiancée is murdered, and he goes to all the heroes he knows to see about getting her brought back.

This conversation with Dr. Strange is a good representation of 'death' in comics

phantom1592 wrote:

Her figuring out Barry was ridiculous. So in all of National City... he's the ONLY person who was new in town that day?

No, but he was the only new person who is hanging around Kara, and I'm fairly sure like many others that Cat knows Kara's identity.

meh, he made one mistake. It's not like he's a tactical genius on his own show. That he was a little off his game when he's accidentally thrown in to another world (and is a bit starstruck at working with his first alien) doesn't bother me.

CBDunkerson wrote:
I'm a bit surprised that they didn't have an explanation for how he gets to Supergirl's world at the end of the last episode of The Flash though. That suggests the scene of him departing 'Flashverse' will either be aired AFTER the scene of him arriving in 'Supergirlverse'... or not at all.

I suspect they want this crossover to be completely self-contained. If this becomes a regular thing (and *both* shows prove to have legs), they may open it up a bit in the future.

4 people marked this as a favorite.

Starship Troopers came out at the same time as Lost in Space.

Of the two, there were more powered battlesuits in Lost in Space. That's just criminal.

Of course Starship Troopers topped the charts in 'Giant Beetles Farting Plasma across Interstellar Distances'!?!?. I had to go manually roll Heinlein over in his grave.

I did allow Leadership within my campaign, but made it clear that only one character in the group could have it. Since only one player was particularly interested, it worked out. The player let me know he would be interested in have a wizard as a cohort, so I designed 3 of them, and added them to the game as NPCs...(Note the player was a Cavalier, and the entire party lacked a full arcane caster)

First one was Maximilian, who was the black sheep uncle of one of the other characters. Max was a randy old man with a thing for Orcish women who regularly made trips out to the Iobarian tribes to tomcat. Despite his odd personality, he was likable and tough. He was a pretty pure Evoker; he liked to 'bring the thunder'

Second was Kenya, a Cavalry-trained battle mage from Lastwall. She arrived with small contingent of Lastwall Riders (some of whom eventually became followers of the PC) looking to get established in their Kingdom. She was a Transmuter with a bit of a temper and a real chip on her shoulder about the Surtova family (long story).

Finally was a Dwarven Conjuror, Cade Whitelock, who was a 'utility mage'...enough combat to get along, but mostly invested in the side magics that could be useful. He had a level of Fighter, so he was a slightly less powerful Wizard (and he eventually went the Eldritch Knight route). Cade was a family retainer of the PC, his original tutor in a number of skills.

Cade is the cohort the player eventually chose, though 'Uncle Max' did continue to make social appearances in the game, and the Cavalier wooed and wed Kenya.

If you are willing to take the time, MapTool is free, and has all of the features you are looking for. You can use a much smaller set of the features to start, and add as you go.

My group did this for the entire Kingmaker AP, and it worked quite well for us. The players didn't use any of the macroing, since we were all at the same table, but I did so for my convenience, and the lighting and vision-blocking options made for interesting combats.

Krensky wrote:
I always thought Roland looked like a young Clint Eastwood.

As did I, but the only real issue with making Roland black is the interaction with Detta Walker..and considering she is completely around the bend and delusional at times, you could just replace him with a white actor when looking at him from her point of view.

The Fortress was chock full of Easter Eggs (Yay Legion Flight Ring). The only thing I didn't like was the Key.

While it was a nice reference to the old-school weighs "100 Million Tons?!?!?" Someone needs to be smacked around for that.

I just gave the characters free maintenance of their Cost of Living.

I granted them Average Lifestyle on founding the realm, Wealthy Lifestyle when it became a Duchy, and Extravagant Lifestyle when it became a Kingdom. They seemed happy enough with that, and any NNPC should be overjoyed.

You don't like the two most popular generators on the market, PCGen (Free) or Hero Lab (Pay). You don't want any one of the fairly decent spreadsheets out there, as they are all 'junk'.

Feel free to announce when you've written the 'perfect' character generator, and I'm sure no one will trash it over-generalized criticisms.

While the inside of a sufficiently large creature may qualify as 'space', I think it's safe to say that by most definitions it does not qualify as *open* space.

Your GM may say otherwise, but I think most people would say 'no'.

I don't know that I'd call the prior set of movies a 'shared universe' so much as a group of popular movies that someone decided to start making sequels with multiple characters.

To me, a shared universe implies intent even within the solo movies.

I really expect the Legion Flight Ring was more easter egg than plot point. is best viewed in Chrome these days, as it was made in a far older version of IE, and I haven't had reason to update it.

Those the site only deals with sessions up to the Varnhold Vanishing, the game was actually completed (just got too busy to keep updating it). I'm particularly proud of the Run Logs, Encyclopedia and Maps sections.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Since this is Zoom's dungeon, and his other 'guests' are the Flash and 'Jessie Quick', maybe the masked man is Johnny Quick, and the mask is there to prevent him from reciting the Speed Formula.

Sugua Bran't wrote:
Corsario wrote:
DM Tuyena wrote:
Last time I looked at it, it was only level 2?
Well, yes... Besides that any other feedback?
Basically he is saying before he looks at it It Must first meet the given character creation guidelines. He doesnt want any surprises when you suddenly change up as a level 2 car is VASTLY different from a level 4 char.

Yah, I was afraid that would be the case. The other end of that is that I as a player am not going to be willing to fully create a character to 4th level and get everything settled without some indication of how viable/likely the concept is for acceptance.

I'm not saying others won't; they obviously will. I won't, however. C'est la vie; I'll wait for the next recruitment to roll around.

I can't speak for anyone else, but these are the parts that confuse me...
1 - PnP usually means 'Pen and Paper'. Is this a PbP recruitment?
2 - What game system?
3 - What is 'the Matthew Standley update'?

I was eventually able to hunt down the answers to these questions (go go gadget google), but the ad presumes an interest and knowledge of an incredibly obscure fan-built game system.

18 people marked this as a favorite.

The party is travelling down a hallway, and incised into the floor are three foot letters E R O S.

Vullen, the (astoundingly dumb) party fighter, looks at the letters, thinks for a moment, and finally says "Sore!".

The part wizard tries to explain that he's reading it backwards, so Vullen looks for a bit, mutters under his breath, and finally comes out with "E-Ross!", at which point the wizard loses it, saying "No, you idiot, it's obviously Eros"

...the word magically triggers a trap and approximately 2 dozen arrows fire at the wizard from nowhere, damaging him badly.

Vullen turns to the wizard, points, and says "Sore!".

Evan Tarlton wrote:
Ryuko wrote:

Did none of you catch that his entire speech there was utter b+#~*~++?!?
That's one of the most interesting things about this show. The Professor X figure is not always right. It's the same with Yrsa, who tried to help Riley and only succeeded in screwing with her head. It shows us that for all they can do, sensates are every bit as fallible as non-sensates.

It may be more than 'Professor X is wrong. It's quite possible 'Professor X is Lying'. Possibly to try and mold the cluster to his views, possibly because Whispers already has his hooks into him.

I sometimes get irritated at the pacing...but I can't stop watching, so they're doing something right (In the middle of Ep 10 now).

I wonder if 'Nomi' is a derivative of 'No Mike'.

LazarX wrote:
Ramarren wrote:

This seems more likely to me. Otherwise why taunt him with his lack of fame and loss of Iris?

Thawne/Wells has a lot of character defects, but petty spitefulness doesn't really seem to be among them.

Think again:

** spoiler omitted **

I'd rather think of that as Epic spitefulness :)

I don't see how any class that needs to choose spells each day can be unaware of it.

This seems more likely to me. Otherwise why taunt him with his lack of fame and loss of Iris?

Thawne/Wells has a lot of character defects, but petty spitefulness doesn't really seem to be among them.

Number of Feats is not an 'effect related to number of Hit Dice'; it is part of character progression. It is no more granted by this note than are HP, Saves or BAB (all of which are specifically called out as part of familiars).

Similarly, the familiar does not get the stat bump every 4 HD.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

'Humanoids' really fits. It's humano-centric, but I expect that's a matter of linguistics; I expect that the Dwarven translation of the term is 'Dwarfoids', the Elven 'Elfoids', etc.

Classically, the various Core races have been referred to as 'Humans' and 'Demi-humans', which really does sound racist.

'Sapients' sounds too modern to me.

Gaining class levels as a monster doesn't give you a bump in stats. Being designed as a monster intended to have class levels is what gets you the bump.

An awakened animal doesn't get anything beyond what is given by the spell. Note that there is no reason the former master couldn't spring for Ability Enhancement items...or that the animal couldn't try to earn the cash needed to get such enchantments.

Feral wrote:
Damon Griffin wrote:
Shadowborn wrote:
New timeline: They stop one villain, but three others are on the loose. The reporter, the one who probably had the most damning collection of evidence against Wells, is now dead and his information lost. "Turned out for the better?" That's pretty subjective.

I don't know what brought Cold/Glider/Heat Wave into the new timeline, but there isn't anything to suggest it was a consequence of Barry's actions. If for some reason they were waiting for the Mardon situation to be resolved before they struck, then they arrived earlier in the new timeline, but would have come in any case.

The reporter? Yeah, that's on Barry.

Barry indirectly saved Cisco. That made him available for kidnapping by the previously disarmed supervillains.

If the writers follow the logic of "The Flashpoint Paradox", changing the past sends ripples up and down the timestream, affecting even events that occurred before the altered event (Batman's origin, for instance). So you could blame *anything* on the change.

Note that at that scale, the face covering should be doable with paint...lay it on a little thick to simulate cloth obscuring the details.

4 people marked this as a favorite.

First, if you *really* want to appreciate the story, you want more than the Wikipedia article...The Full Story

Devilkiller wrote:
I think it might be amusing if the Head actually worked but basically just resulted in Vecna coming back to life using the PC's body.

This is the part that makes the whole story for me. At no point does it seem to occur to any on the PCs involved that even if the Head were real...Who do you think is going to be in charge when you put Vecna's head on your body??

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