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Shadowcount Sial

Ramar's page

136 posts. Alias of Graynore.

I'm considering running SCAP using the rules from Monte Cook's CBEM. Has anyone else tried to run SCAP with CBEM?

If not, does anyone have any experience with doing conversions CBEM? For PCs it seems straight forward but monsters look like they are a bit of a pain (not sure if monsters get a feat for each HD).

Long have you lingered in this frontier outpost, forsaken
and forgotten. When at last you were summoned
before the Baroness, Lady Satha of Vothys, immediately
you knew it was a trap. But would you dare disobey her
summons? And so you put your head into the noose. At
least she was brief.

“I have an errand for you. The deep gnome quarrytown
of Fasturvalt has two things I desire – stone and
slaves. You will seize them for me. I have assembled an
army of a hundred fine warriors. I put them under your
command. That should be more than enough soldiers to
brush aside their pitiful defenses. Even better their ruler,
Lord Geirni, is a simpleton who believes he can placate
us with treaties and supplications.
“My generosity does not cease there. I have gifts. The
jewels summon forth minor fire elementals for about a
minute I’m told. You can either shatter them and command
the elementals directly or set them as traps. Amusing
little toys to be sure. Use them to burn the gnomish
armory. The potions will keep you in good health. See
how much I care for you, my honored subjects,”
she says
with a smirk. A pampered courtier presents you with
a small chest containing three jewels and three potions.
[NOTE: this chest contains three of Satha’s fire jewels
and three potions of cure light wounds]
“This errand should be simple enough even for you.
Do this and return to me. You are dismissed.”

Generosity. Hah! The Baroness plots against you even
if you do not yet understand her schemes. Still, it will be
good to escape from the cesspool that is Vothys. There
is even opportunity here if one is cunning. Enslave the
deep gnomes, yes, but they will be your slaves not servants
of the Baroness. Once Fasturvalt is yours, you can
return to this outpost and thank the Lady Satha properly
for her generosity. The time has come to be forsaken
no longer. Seize Fasturvalt! Through the labor of svirfneblin
slaves, you will build for yourself a Throne of Night.

Satha’s Fire Jewels


Aura moderate conjuration; CL 5th
Slot none; Price 1,500 gp; Weight --
These small brilliant reddish orange fire jewels pulsate with their
own inner flame. If smashed, broken or crushed a small fire elemental
appears under the control of whoever broke the jewel.
The small fire elemental operates exactly as if summoned by
an extended summon monster II and persists for ten rounds.
If given no orders, it attacks the nearest living thing. If there is
nothing living nearby, it spends its time setting all flammables it
can reach ablaze. The jewel can also be set as a trap. With a command
word, it activates an alarm. If any come into its proximity,
the elemental breaks free and attacks as if uncommanded.
Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, Extend Spell, alarm, summon
monster II or summon nature’s ally II; Cost 750 gp

Let's use this forum to finish the kinks in the character creation. If you all want to modify backstories to make them sync better, then go ahead.

Let's plan on giving everyone until Wednesday to get their characters finalized and then we will begin.

I haven't DM'd a PBP for a while, my current table top game is still in the middle of Kingmaker, and I really like the first book in the Throne of Night series. I'm a little scared that I wont see the 2nd book but I want to get rolling on this anyways. I want to see if there is any interest in this campaign with the understanding that if the books are never published, then it may not come to completion. Essentially, the campaign is an underdark kingmaker campaign.

Basics: I'm going to either do an all dwarven or all drow campaign using the Throne of Night adventure path. I would take seven characters using either
(1) the Seven Siblings & Lost House (drow) [quick version: you are septuplets and your drow house was destroyed] or
(2) We are Royalty (dwarf) [quick version: you are all that is left of the last royal dwarf bloodline and it is up to you to reclaim your homeland].

Acceptable resources would be anything from PRD with the following exceptions: gunslinger, firearms, ninja, samurai, and firearms.

Other particulars of character creation would be posted later once I determine which type of campaign I would be doing.

So, what I would like to know is if there are interested players. Please include whether you would want to play dwarves (good guys) or drow (bad guys) and why.

Looking to recruit a replacement for an on going pbp.
rules used: check my profile for rules used.
current characters: elven fighter 2, human bard 2, elven druid 2
campaign setting: the campaign is set in the Silver Marches of the Forgotten Realms campaign setting. The pcs are member of the Silver Legion (the army of the confederation of city states making up the Silver Marches).

Please post interest here along with character concept.

So, it took my gaming group over a year and a half but we finished it!
Now, I am faced with the difficult task of continuing the adventure. I am wondering if anyone has plotted out any campaigns in the post Savage Tide world.

One of my PCs has become the prince of demons; however, Orcus control's the city of Lemoriax and the towers of Abyssam have been stolen by another power. Book 12 mentions that invading Lemoriax is a campaign in and of itself so I'm thinking of making this the next step. Anyone do anything like this? The aura of demonic command will mess with things a bit but there should be plenty of undead from the legions to create some tension.

Any ideas are welcome and I would love some stats if you have them.

This is the campaign thread for the Knights of Luruar.

Before posting, please seek final approval in the discussion thread.

Male Human Ravenloft-hybrid infected werewolf Ftr 10

This is the discussion thread for the Knights of Luruar pbp campaign. Welcome all and let's make this fun. Also, if there are questions or dicussion on how certain rules work, let's keep them in this thread.

Would anyone be interested in a pbp set in the Silver Marches using Monte Cook's complete book of experimental might? This book has been sitting on my shelf for too long and would like to give it a try.

classes: barbarian, bard (complete book of eldritch might variant), cleric, druid, fighter, monk, ranger, rogue, & wizard.

races: stand PHB plus varients from Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting (no underdark races).

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I just started watching the anime and I'm wondering if anyone has done a conversion? Recommendation on systems and rules reflective of the anime? Thank you.

I'm going to be running a mass combat/war game in eberron soon and was wondering what rules systems have people been using. I'm familiar with 2nd ed Birthright mass combat, Kingmaker mass combat, and green ronin Trojan Wars systems.

What system do you use?
What systems have you used?
What system works best for character integration?
What system works best for high magic settings?
What system is easiest to teach players? (my players generally hate to read anything but a one page overview).

As you hang onto the drift wood in the cold water, your memory begins to return. You came to the Moonsea for adventuyre. You came for fame. You came for gold.

You should have known the price was too good to be true. The old boat seemed to be in good enough shape. The crew was either too old or too young. The captain had promised a quick ride into the north.

The passage was pleasant until the storm. It was a chilly summer night on the Moonsea, for even the summers do not have the heat of the south. The storm seemed to blow out of no where. By the time you made it above deck, the ship was already coming apart.

Now you drift in the chilly water with only your trousers to keep you warm. All of the gear that you had purchased is gone with the ship and probably your life.

It seems as if an eternity passes and the first pink rays of light begin to come over the horizen when a longship appears on the horizen.

State your actions. Equipment on your sheet will be obtained later. For now, all you have is pants on.

Attention: Answer Needed.

Male Human Ravenloft-hybrid infected werewolf Ftr 10

This is the game thread for the Order of Saint Mauventy pbp.
The night is dark with no moon. While you have no lanterns, the lightning from the sky and the glowing fire on the horizen light your way. As you come over a hill, you see a small farm community burning about 400 yards away. Several small forms are moving around near the homes. You hear a small child scream.

You may do introductions if you wish. I am assuming that you all know eachother to some extent.

What do you do?

Male Human Ravenloft-hybrid infected werewolf Ftr 10

This is the discussion thread for the 4E PBP FR campaign set in Impiltur.

I'm looking to guage interest in a 4E pbp campaign set in Impiltur. It would begin at 1st level with potential to go to 30. Campaign area would be the Demon Lands (Impiltur, Damara, Vaasa, Great Dale, and Narfell).
Sources - PHB, Dragon Magazine, FRCG, FRPG, and Adventurer's vault.
Alignments - no evil.
Regions - Demon Lands and Sea of Fallen Stars
Races - Dwarves, Eladrin, Elves, Half-Elves, Halflings, & Humans

I was wondering if anyone has done or knows of a Dune RPG conversion. d20 typed or other system.

I've been looking over the Pathfinder CS for a while and have come to love the country of Irrisen. I developed this bloodline to represent sorcerers from this country. Any feedback would be appreciated [including style].

Irrisenian Witch Bloodline
The Old Mother is coming. I feel Her calling in my blood. I will make ready for her return.
Class Skill: Know (nature)
Bonus Spells: Charm Person (3), Alter Self (5), Sleet Storm (7), Charm Monster (9), Baleful Polymorph (11), Eyebite (13), Control Weather (15), Polymorph Any Object (17), Dominate Monster (19)
Bonus Feats:Craft Wonderous Item, Heighten Spell, Improved Initiative, Iron Will, Lightning Reflexes, Skill Focus (Intimidate), Spell Focus, Toughness
Bloodline Powers:
1st - Cold Ray (Su): Fire 30' Ray as Standard Action. Ray deals 1d6 cold damage + 1 per 2 class levels.
3rd - Energy Resistance (Ex): Gain resist cold 10. Increase to resist cold 20 at 9th level.
9th - Cold Mastery (Su): The sorcerer can substitute the cold descriptor for the energy descriptor of any spell s/he casts; the spell now does cold damage instead of the specific type. At 17th level, the sorcerer reduces any cold resistance of a target of one of his/her spells by his/her class level (max 0); creatures with immunity to cold instead have cold resistance 30.
15th - Timeless Body (ex): as the druid ability.
20th - Scion of Babba Yagga (Su): the sorcerer gains immunity to cold, poison and polymorphing. S/he also gains DR: 10/cold iron.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

This was a bloodline I worked up for an NPC based on gaining the shade template from FRCS; however, for it to be balanced, not all abilities of the template are gained. I would appreciate any feedback.

Class Skill: Knowledge (Planes)
Bonus Spells: Ray of Enfeeblement (3), Mirrior Image (5), Deeper Darkness (7), Greater Invisibility (9), Lutzen's Frequent Jaunt [Magic of Faerun] (11), Shadow walk (13), Greater Teleport (15), Greater Shadow Evocation (17), Shades (19)
Bonus Feats: Spell Focus, Silent Spell, Great Fortitude, Skill Focus (Stealth) [in FR: shadow weave magic, insidious magic, pernicious magic, tenacious magic]
Bloodline Powers:
1 - Shadow Bolt (Su): 30' ray at will that does 1d6 +1 per 2 levels cold damage.
3 - Shadow Protection: +1 deflection to AC & +1 luck to saves. +2 @ 9L. +3 @ 15L, +4 @ 20L
5 - darkvision 30'
9 - Shadow shape: +2 stealth & +1 perception. +4 stealth/+2 perception @ 13L. +6/+3 @ 17L. +8/+4 @ 20L.
11 - Darvision 60'
15 - Shadow Resistance: spell resistance = sorcerer level + 10
17 - darvision 60' and can see through magical darkness
20 - Shadowed Soul: [incorporates bonuses listed above plus] a +2 competence bonus to attack and damage in less than daylight conditions. Change type to outsider.

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