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Ralmar's page

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Well my concern is that it seems pretty unfair to present the party with a bunch of social challenges that they have no chance of completing, and to put them in a situation where they're going to get poisoned with no chance to avoid it happening.

I really like the adventure, and I like the idea of an adventure that's centered around role-playing, but I think it was a bad idea to make the adventure so completely dependent on a single skill.

Maybe I'll just skip the banquet entirely and have them find Lashonna some other way.

So I'm running AoW and my group is about to get to "Prince of Redhand." However, there's a major problem: Nobody in the group has the Diplomacy skill. It seems like you need this skill to be able to do anything at the banquet, since the DCs are too high for anyone to make untrained. I don't want to skip the banquet entirely, but I doubt that a long series of failed checks and getting unavoidably poisoned will be much fun for the players.

Any suggestions? Did anyone else run into this problem?

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