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Rajuna Two-Fangs's page

689 posts. Alias of stormraven.

About Rajuna Two-Fangs


Character Level: 2


    STR 16
    DEX 18
    CON 14
    INT 12
    WIS 10
    CHA 8


    AC 16, Touch 14, FF 12 (+4 DEX, +2 Armor)

    CMD 18, FF 14

HP: 17


    Fort: +2
    Rflx: +7
    Will: +1

    Indomitable Faith: +1 Will (included)


    INIT: +6

    Fangs +3 1d4+3 (19-20/x2)
    Fangs +3 1d4+1 (19-20/x2)

    Fang +5 1d4+3 (19-20/x2)

    Shortbow +5 1d6 (20/x3, 60')

    Brass Knuckles +5 1d3+3 (20/x2)

    Sap +5 1d6+3 (20/x2/nonlethal)

    BAB: +1 CMB: +4


    @ Will - Swift INT Check (DC:15) to Cast Prestidigitation
    3/Day - Cast Light


  • +1 Rank/Level
  • +1 Feat (at Creation)

  • Sneak Attack +1D
  • Evasion
  • Rogue Talent - Minor Magic: Light (3xDay)

  • None Yet

  • Hidden Blade (+1)
  • Sneak Attack +1d8 (small blades) / +1d4 (other weapons)

  • Chance Savior - +2 Initiative
  • Indomitable Faith - +1 Will Saves


Traveler's Outfit
Leather Armor
Wooden Holy Symbol - Iomedae

(2) Fangs (Curved Daggers)
(2) Spring-loaded Wrist Sheaths (Daggers)
Brass Knuckles (2-Sided)
Magic Stone - courtesy of Lem


    (20) Arrows
    (2) Grappling Arrows
    (2) +1 Arrows


    Silk Rope 50'
    Grappling Hook

Adventurer's Sash

    MONEY: 0GP , 9SP , 8CP
    Flint & Steel
    (2) Sunrods
    Thieves' Tools
    MW Thieves' Tools
    (0) Flask of Holy Water
    (1) Alchemist's Fire
    (2) Magic Lollies - Cast Prestidigitation
    (1) Potion - Anti-plague
    (1) Potion - Anti-toxin
    (2) Potion - Sedative (Drow Poison)
    (1) Potion - Soothe Syrup
    (1) Potion - CLW

@ Lorrimor House

    Galdyce's Guest by Ailson Kindler
    The Sanguine-Stained Serviette by Ailson Kindler
    Ministers Sinister by Ailson Kindler

Capacity Light - 76 lbs; Medium - 153 lbs; Heavy - 230 lbs
All Gear: 48 lbs

0 GP

Petros 'Doc' Lorrimor

High in the forbidding Hungry Mountains nestled the village of Dragaswael. One night many years ago, out of the darkness and mist, nightmare creatures attacked the village. Their fangs and claws stained the land red. The village mounted a futile defense to allow some of their women and children a chance to escape. Sitta and her son Rajuna were among these lucky few. However, their escape wasn't without cost. The 5 year old boy and his mother were horribly mauled by the creatures - their faces and bodies layered in bloody slashes. They staggered painfully into the fog-bound night, trying to find their way safely down the mountains.

Despite her desire to save her child, Sitta's body wasn't up to the task. She died in the deep brambles of the strange forest-draped hills, orphaning the boy. Raj struggled on and survived despite his horrible wounds which, in the fullness of time, became heavy scars. (CHA 8) He journeyed slowly through the mountains fighting fatigue, injury, and grief. He did whatever it took to survive - becoming almost feral. Weeks later, he found his way down into the more civilized lowlands of Ulcazar. Traumatized by his experiences and distrustful of everyone, he began a life as a scarred scavenger on the fringes of society - living by nerve and blade. (Archetype: Knife Master)

Years passed and slowly Raj learned to interact with other people as something other than predator or prey. For the first time, he was considering his future. In the meantime, he needed food on the table. To that end, he was shadowing an old man with all sorts of interesting equipment that could be pawned to the right fence. His embryonic plans for a snatch & grab were ruined when a group of blade-wielding bravos set upon his mark. Normally, he would have shrugged and left the jackals to their sport. That day, for no reason he could explain, he decided to step in and make the fight a bit more even. In the end, the bravos were run off. (Trait: Chance Savior) And the Professor, Doc Lorr as Raj called him, proved grateful - just not grateful enough to part with his equipment, much to the young thief's chagrin. Instead, he gave Raj a shot at a future. He took the scarred and scrappy teen to Ardis, vouched for him, and turned him over to the care of the church of Iomedae. The church would feed, clothe, and educate the boy until he was ready to make his way in the world, hopefully as a contributing member of society in the service of Iomedae. The idea worked... mostly.

Raj would never, could never, be a completely upright citizen. Larceny was in his blood. But he could fight fire with fire to even the playing field and give those upright citizens a little help. As Raj saw it, the Church's one weakness was that it played by the rules against forces that didn't. Raj decided that gap was where a feral, enterprising, semi-reformed thief might meaningfully contribute to the fight. (Archetype: Sanctified)

With complete Faith in his mission (Trait: Indomitable Faith) and his Fangs, Raj set off to forward the goals of his Church by any means necessary. And it has been a brisk business over the last few years. But now the marker on an old debt has been called and Raj heads to Ravengro to pay it.

About the Attack...
The events of his youth has scarred Raj inside and out. He rarely shares the story behind his scars. He doesn't know what attacked his village - Dire Wolves, starving Bears, Lycanthropes, or something else. To all these possibilities, Raj can only shrug. His memories are hazy and distorted through the lens of having been so very young when the attacks happened. He remembers very little of that night.

On the job, Raj is a driven professional - fearless, decisive, cool in the clutch, and 'no drama'. In many social situations, he is out of his depth and it shows. He becomes shy, quiet, and introverted. While his social skills have improved greatly, he often feels out of place in polite society having spent a large portion of his life living more like an animal than a man.

    LN Male Human (Varisian)
    5'10" ; 175 lbs ; 23 years old
    Languages: Common, Varisian, Celestial
    Move: 30 ft.

Rajuna is an athletically built 23 year old Varisian man with dark hair and a swarthy complexion. He isn't attractive, a fact enhanced by the two parallel fang slashes running from his hairline diagonally across his face and down his neck to his shoulder. A small divot of flesh was taken from the bridge of his nose where a fang crossed it.

Raj uses a set of curved daggers in tandem - an homage to the creatures that destroyed and, in some ways, created his life. It is also his 'calling card' when killing people becomes necessary.

ADVANCEMENT (Feats & Abilities):
L01 - Rog 01: Level: Two Weapon Fighting, Human: Weapon Finesse
L02 - Rog 02: Rogue: Minor Magic, Evasion
L03 - Wiz 01: Level: Double Slice, Arcane Bond, Scribe Scroll
L04 - Rog 03:
L05 - Rog 04: Level: Combat Expertise, Rogue: Major Magic, Divine Purpose, [INT +1]
L06 - Rog 05:
L07 - Rog 06: Level: Two-Weapon Feint, Rogue: Canny Observer
L08 - Rog 07: [DEX +1]
L09 - Rog 08: Level: Improved 2-Weapon Fighting, Rogue: Combat Trick (Imp. Two-Weapon Feint), Divine Epiphany
L10 - Rog 09:
L11 - Rog 10: Level: Lunge, Rogue: Hunter's Surprise
L12 - Rog 11: [DEX +1]
L13 - Rog 12: Level: Improved Critical, Rogue: Opportunist
L14 - Rog 13:
L15 - Rog 14: Level: Toughness, Rogue: Unwitting Ally
L16 - Rog 15: [STAT +1]
L17 - Rog 16: Level: Greater 2-Weapon Fighting, Rogue: Feat (Skill Focus - Bluff)
L18 - Rog 17:
L19 - Rog 18: Level: Two-Weapon Rend, Rogue: Skill Mastery
L20 - Rog 19: [STAT +1]

Rules of a Still Breathing Thief:
The only blade you can trust is the one in your own hand.
A focused woman is a dangerous creature.
You never win a knife-fight, you just survive it.
More eyes are better.
Know your exits before you enter.
Research, research, research and when in doubt - research.
The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in battle.
Pair direction and misdirection.
A dishonorable win is better than an honorable death - mostly.
The best lies shade the truth.
In a grift, use what you can. The more that is true, the less that can be found false.
Know when to cut your losses.
Play the odds, not your hopes.
Sheep get fleeced... but wolves get skinned.
Maintain plausible deniability.
Never follow in the footsteps of a dead thief.
Don't follow the expected path.
Separate your opponents.

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