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RainyDayNinja's page

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Phoned it in

**( )( )( )

I ran this module for Free RPG Day, and it seemed there wasn't much interesting going on here except what the players come up with themselves.

I'll try to be vague here to avoid spoilers:

In the first act, the games and amusements seriously lack diversity and inventiveness. Three of them are little more than repeated attack rolls, and the fourth is repeated Ride checks. There wasn't even much room for creative solutions from the PCs.

Once the combat starts, the first three fights are straight out-of-the-box encounters. No terrain effects, no deeper plot, no unusual tactics. Just "Here's a monster/group of bad guys. Kill it."

The final fight was a lot better, and had a flavorful opponent with tricks up his sleeves, and a relevant backstory that provided a crucial weakness... which none of the PCs can discover because the pregens don't have the Knowledge skill to identify it. The GM is forced to invent new ways for the PCs to learn about what they are fighting and how to defeat it.

Overall, it was just poorly designed, especially with regards to how the included pregens were built.


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Temple of Doom

**( )( )( )

This module is a serious meat-grinder. As others have pointed out, there are two majorly deadly encounters, which 3rd-level PCs are probably ill-equipped to deal with. The final fight was deadlier than it should have been because the BBEG had

Mummy rot, which causes serious Con damage, cannot be healed naturally, and kills PCs beyond what a raise dead can fix. In addition, the several days of travel time between the temple and civilization means you can't get to town in time to have any remove spells cast (and PCs are too low a level to cast them themselves unless they thought to bring multiple scrolls).

So when I played, 3 of the 6 characters died because of the final fight, 2 of them beyond recovery. This probably should have been a level 4 or 5 module, especially for something to introduce new players to the game.

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