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Uzbin Parault

Raiderrpg's page

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I'm in love- Tale of a Bibliophile and Arcane Addict


My -one- disappointment, to get it out of the way, is all the Clockwork stuff being mixed up in the Time Magic. Really wish it had been seperate, I'll have to homebrew that a bit. Still, it does give me an idea or three involving a Pocket Watch arcane bond... so not all bad there.

But everything else? I'm in /love/ with it. Ioun Stone Magic is prolly my fave, but the Rune Magic is a very close second.

I've never been so happy with a group of non-core magic rules since the Tome of Magic, and if you knew how many Anima Mages, Binders, Incarnum-users, Bards and Wizards I've played- well, let's just say it's been a lot.

A slightly deeper review extends below-

1-Flavor) Story by Ed Greenwood? I like. While he isn't my favorite /author/, per se, he's definitely my favorite worldbuilder/designer and he just has this way of making magic MAGICAL. I can't find any shame with the rest of the flavor, though it's short and sweet in most areas. I wish they had room for more- but Five Staves nonetheless, they didn't skimp out on us.

2-Archetypes and Feats) Plenty to work with, and variety abounds. They knew when to be specific, and when to be vague- though I wish there was a little more development for such as Battle Magic, Abyssal Magic, and the sort. Four and a half out of Five Ioun Stones.

3-Spells) I have no words to describe the variety. While I can't say they're all perfectly balanced, nothing from my skim of the lists and descriptions stands out as more gamebreaking than the core itself gives. And I've found quite a few good, flavorful goodies with solid effects to add to my own arsenal. Five Rings.

4-Everything Else) The look and organization of the PDF is definitely solid, very nice artwork accompanies it, though I can't help but feel the pages are overly cramped; perhaps that's a matter of how much they fit in, but I can only give Four out of Five Wands on this one.

To sum up- GMs beware; my spellbook is loaded. ;3

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