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Jhofre Vascari

Ragnarok Aeon's page

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A Great Improv Tool


I've recently got a hold of this, and it's well worth the money. It draws from the logic of the players, percentile dice, and a chart to create improvisational events. It's amazing for giving you ideas when you draw blanks and has a system for tossing in surprises. It makes it possible to play without an overhead mastermind, but it really shines in alleviating the GM from a lot of the stress of random events. Much of the book is dedicated to explaining how to best utilize the tools that it gives you.

The key is that it's all about interpretation. If you don't like interpreting the charts to the context and drawing connection between events, than this might not be to your taste. Overall I feel that it does all that it sets out to do splendidly.

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