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Ragadolf's page

RPG Superstar 6 Season Star Voter. 4,843 posts (13,859 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 24 aliases.


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Amadeo Pontillix wrote:
I'm about. life is stressful. I do still want to play

Yay Stress!

Er, No, Wait,

I mean YAY Life!


oh you know what I mean.

Welcome back! :)

Yeah. Fun. :/

"I do not think that word means what you think it means."

Unless, you mean it as "Holy BatS#!^ crazy here come all the monstersohgodweregonnadie!"

Then yeah, were on the same page. :)

Now that is simply awesome Treppa.

(Me? I'd just go for the stereotype. But I'm cheesy that way!) :)

Seriously, I am enjoying everyone's characters very much. You all obviously put a lot of heart and thought into them. Love it!

Nice work all.
In typical Dresden-esque style, we got in way over our heads, figured it out anyway, (even if some of it after the fact) and lived to tell the tale. And the baddies didn't. We hope.

Ride on! :D

Scintillae wrote:
Drejk wrote:
Orthos wrote:
Self-checkout is one of those things I always wonder why it took us so long to create.
I'd say the issue were coin-counting machines. When the first self-checkouts appeared in supermarkets here some 6-8 years ago, they ended being removed after short time because of lots of issues with the coin-counters and the people being distrustful of them. I am still don't trust them.
Also shoplifting. Pretty sure that's one reason Target doesn't have self-check. Always have to tell the new hires to check all containers, bottom of the cart, etc. because there's always that one person trying to slip stuff by. Remove the barrier of a cashier...

Yes. This. Exactly. :)

I have never, not once, tried going through a self-check lane that did not require the attendant to come over and assist me. If I have to have the attendant, WHY is there a 'self check'???

And it always seems to take forever to self check. I thought it was supposed to be fast?

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Orthos wrote:
gran rey de los mono wrote:
I hate self-checkout.
May I ask why?

Because! EVIL!

Semi-seriously, I find that Self-Checkout embodies most of what is wrong with America today.

All of the jobs I have held in my lifetime have involved some sort of Customer Service. Your frikkin JOB is to provide a service to the customer.

Now comes Wally World, (infamous for their installation of 40 cash registers, but never opening more than 2!) And they now decide that in order to save money, they should do away with tellers and make the customer check themselves out.

Personally, I find this an offense to everything I believe in when it comes to customer service. :/

Yeah, Sorry. Not a fan of self-checkout.

Not. A. Fan.


And don't forget that Marching band! Down EVERY street!

Thank goodness for those convenient, heavy lead pipes!

Holy Dangling Plot Hooks Treppa! Your right!

My favorite OLD Batman quote?

"Some days you just can't get rid of a bomb!"


Ah, Ok then.

Yeah, I had not read the 2nd box cards yet, I figure no sense in getting TOO far ahead of myself! :)

SO I did not realize Iesha was a SUMMONED villain.

Thank you, I told you I was missing something simple. :)

Thanks Hawk, looking forward to it! :)


Ya think?!?! ;P

I'm presuming we are NOT going to the hospital with the injured?!? Back to the mansion? And I hope they can patch Sal up! ;P

OK, so I'll RP it out as much or little as you want, but my basic plan was to try and give Andrew a Fae-break by involving Laverna in some late-night human rituals. :)

First, Danny thought about showing her the 'party side', and take her to a rave. (or similar) Not a 'OMG what a drunken, noisy waste of space', but a 'real' party, people dancing because they have to get a release somehow or go insane from the pressures of school, work, family or life in general. :)

And afterwords, when the kids have worn themselves out. The REAL lesson and point of the evening. A Blues Club, with real musicians putting their heart and souls into the music, because they can't express themselves any other way.

I would have NO idea where to start, but as a Musician and performer and party-goer, I'm sure Danny will know where to go! :)

elcoderdude wrote:

Since Ayesha doesn't have a combat check to defeat, you can't use spells (or weapons) against her. You have to make a Charisma, Divine or Diplomacy check. You DO take damage if you fail this check: all monsters do Combat damage, unless otherwise specified, and Ayesha doesn't otherwise specify.
There's only one character in RotR who can defeat Ayesha: Kyra. Kyra adds a d8 and the Magic trait to ANY check she makes against Undead. There's no other way in RotR to add the Magic trait to the checks against Ayesha.* So everyone besides Kyra is just trying not to take damage when fighting Ayesha. (Of course, Merisiel can just evade her.) You don't have to defeat Ayesha to win the scenario.

*Seelah has a role card power which adds Magic to her checks against Undead, but she won't have this power when facing this scenario.

Forgive a resurrection of an old(er) thread, but I have another question.

Please forgive me if this has been clearly answered elsewhere. (I peruse the threads frequently, but I can NOT read ALL of the threads we generate!) :)

Regarding finishing an adventure/scenario,
I was under the impression that the ONLY way to win/close a scenario was to defeat the villain?
It is clearly stated on some adventures/scenarios that the winning condition is to defeat the villain. If that is NOT listed as a victory condition, then how can you win?

Specifically, How can you win in the scenario against Ayesha if you are NOT playing Kyra?
(I am starting AP1 this week with a friend, we are playing Ezren and Lem respectfully, and seeing this in my future makes me nervous!) :)

After reading the rules (several times) I'm still trying to figure this one out.
Scenario, playing the above, run into Ayesha, we find her, chase her down and close all other locations. Even if we make the required defeat roll, we cannot actually defeat her. How can we close the final location with Ayesha still undefeated?

Or am I missing something very simple? ;P

Thank you,

Ooo,... someone who talks (almost) as much as Slidell?

Challenge accepted! :D

Now,... how crazy is he gonna get today?

<rolls random dice, snorts, ignores rolls and starts writing anyway>


Even if you know you have a lot of stuff, when it's all on shelves or stored properly in boxes it just doesn't seem like too much.

Till you have to move it,... :P

I moved into my first (and only) purchased home 7 years ago now.

I STILL have not gotten around to unpacking all of the cr@p, I mean STUFF, that I refused to throw away that is still in boxes in the garage. ;P

On the other hand, moving multiple times after Katrina was a WONDERFUL motivator/assistant for getting rid of all of the cr@p that I DID get rid of! :)

Packrats should never marry packrats. It aint pretty.

NO ONE wants to be the one to throw anything away! ;P

3 people marked this as a favorite.
Drejk wrote:
I thought you are older... It must be that long white beard!

It aint the YEARS dragon,

It's the MILEAGE!


<Disclaimer: your wizard mileage may vary>

1 person marked this as a favorite.
David M Mallon wrote:
Tacticslion wrote:
his (un)life is basically this song

Now I'm having flashbacks to high school...

Tacticslion wrote:
which isn't bad at all...


Tacticslion wrote:
Let me just say that I remember being 16. Sixteen is awesome.
Man... I must have been doing something wrong when I was 16. 16 sucked. Of course, I was an a!~~$@* Straight Edge kid at that age, so what the f%@% do I know.

LOL, ok, now on THIS I am also guilty.

And so far, I'm ok with that. ;P

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Tacticslion wrote:
Drejk wrote:
Tacticslion wrote:
I, for one, am proud that I have leveled up enough that my Will save has enabled me to avoid clicking any of those links. :D
Visiting them all before gives a significant circumstance bonus.

Well yes. And visiting them multiple times befo-

Wait! I wasn't going to incriminate myself! Drreeeeeejjjjjkkk~!

I also managed to resist clicking any of the above links.

Mainly because I don't have time to click and see/watch any and all links that come my way! I don't have time to get all my work done as it is! :)

3 people marked this as a favorite.

AND did I mention that in MY day we didn't have no fancy-schmancy video games neither!

We used to have to go (gasp!) OUTSIDE and have actual face-to-face contact with other kids!

OUR MMO's were 'cops and Robbers' and 'Superheroes and villians' played by chasing each other around the neighborhood.

And in MY day,... We didn't have no fancy-pant cellphones neither!
We had PHONES! Wired to the wall! You know what they did?

They made PHONE CALLS! Can your fancy-pants I-thingy do THAT punk?!?


4 people marked this as a favorite.

Born,... In,... 85?!?!?!
I graduated HIGH SCHOOL in 84!

I was born in Feb 1966,... :P

Young punks don't know how good they have it.

In MY day we had to walk 5 miles to school.



Sounds good to me. After all, if there's one things that we've learned from the Dresden Files,...

It's 'No Good Deed Goes Unpunished!' ;)

Danny's just rambling, as usual, :)

But it makes sense (as much as ANYthing makes sense in this world!)
Danny just finally figured out that the Fae were already aware of everything, and just needed patsies, ... I mean,... 'non-involved, unaware emissaries' to figure it out PUBLICLY in order to prove that Winter had NO hand in it's setup or incumbent downfall.

At all. Whatsoever. Nope. Not a bit.



Nice work guys!
Helps me to remember how to get back into this thing here,... ;P

Thanks for the inspiration!

Hope to have something up by lunch-ish tomorrow.

Oh yeah, welcome back Treppa! :D

You mean I can still be all crazy and smart and mysteriously goofy?
With a brand new season of Dr Who for motivation?

Sure, count me in! :)

Good luck, I think the only thing I might hate more than house shopping might be house selling. :P

Just a guess, only bought one house, and have no intentions of selling anytime soon. :/

Good luck! :)

Good luck Pat,
Hope you get what it's worth! :) (Or more,...)

aeglos wrote:

dandelion wine o.O which part of it do you use to make that?..

my dads ladyfriend has an old orchad behind the house (old farming family) with 4 apple trees (3 where cut down this year, too old) a plum tree, cherry tree, appricot tree and dad planted 5 wine stocks around the old sheep stable

so, wine, applewine, applejuice and lots of homemade jam

Ooo, sounds yummy!

According to what I remember,.... (I heard the recipe once, almost 30 years ago now) :P

All I recall was that you used a gallon jar, (He said a Sun Tea jar would work fine) fill with dandelion flower petals, filled the remaining space with water, (and I presume some form of yeast) and sugar. You were to allow it ferment for a long time, (At least one month, maybe 2) adding another pound of sugar every week or so.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
The Doomkitten wrote:

My throat is sore on the day of the line drill for the play.


Sorry to hear that.

So,... I must have missed this memo. What play are you doing? :)

Interesting rules idea. I think I like it, especially for those early characters with great weapons but small hand sizes. ;P

Would this rule apply ONLY to armors? Or to anything that can be worn?
This is a potential can of worms if so, but some things are magic items not armor IIRC (Ezren's robes comes to mind)

But if you open it up to 'magic items' (that are not one-shot like potions) that makes it too powerful, (Sajan and his favorite amulets, I'm looking at you!) :)

Hm, I may try this rule with my solo game I'm playing with Seoni and Kyra (RotRL) The time I've had just getting them through the intro adventure, I should be able to tell if this is too much advantage or not.

I like Brother Tyler's addendum rules and will play it that way.

Question, is this power available to any character? Or only those that are 'proficient' with armor?

3 people marked this as a favorite.
LordSynos wrote:

Thank you, I will look in to getting the potty book, and will keep M&M's in mind. :) I already know he likes the crispy ones, so they'll definitely work as a reward. :)


And remember, the time/effort/energy/frustration is ALL worth it when you throw away that last empty diaper package, and realize you NEVER have to buy another bag of them again! :)

Good luck!

1 person marked this as a favorite.
LordSynos wrote:

Wait, so, the big companies don't even offer prepaid options? We have 3 big mobile phone operators here, and they all offer both contract and prepaid options. Prepaid...

They are JUST starting to get into it, I think because there has been a rise in pre-paid use lately. But in general, no, the big names offer contracts, and the independent 'little guys' offer pre-paid.

(Even though EVERYone uses all the same towers, no matter what the commercials say)

2 people marked this as a favorite.
LordSynos wrote:
She's apparently starting to try potty training him, any tips or advice from fellow FaWtL parents? A lot of pressure is falling to me to teach him, seeing as we have the same equipment, but I have no clue how to go about it. :P

Some Great advice above, take what works for you. :)

(I can attest to the kidlet becoming interested in peeing in bushes once he realized it was a thing.) ;P But anything that helps them learn control helps in my opinion.

There is an excellent kiddie book about learning to go potty. (two versions, one for boys and girls, otherwise the exact same book) EDIT- I think it's called 'The Potty Book') That is great in my opinion. It shows that learning to potty is a process and makes mistakes ok, but (read in a cool daddy-voice with excitement) makes succeeding something to really look forward to. I always loved to read to my kids, so these books fit right into our routine, and the kids never realized we were teaching them stuff. :)

An idea that I have had some minor success with,
After a good meal, take the kid and have him sit on the potty for a while. (and it might take a while, talk, read books, whatever) But when they go, (And eventually they will) you immediately reward them. All I used was one or two M&M's each time. My difficulty was separating potty time from candy time. :)

Good luck!

yeah I was just pondering that in the game thread. (I must remember to ponder aloud in THIS thread) ;P

I'm thinking I'm going to go ahead and take a minor BATTERED AND BRUISED, just because Danny has so FEW squares to start off with!

If he survives the next few seconds, he can always (try) to mitigate any tag on his condition with fast talking and singing! :)

So,... the last post I made was what I had been thinking of when we prepared for the meeting earlier. Is that ok? It is in line with what we discussed, is not too powerful, but is in character for Danny thinking he's always ready for those who could otherwise eat him for lunch. (Or dinner) And it sounds like something could 'realistically' (in a fantasy world anyway) be done. :)

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Sharoth wrote:
Aranna wrote:

Dragonball Z? Isn't that the anime where they spend half the episode groaning and moaning, most of the other half posturing and making grandiose declarations, and a couple minutes to throw a couple combat moves dragging a simple fight over multiple episodes?

~shocked look~ You mean to tell me that there is actual fighting going on in DBZ? Since when?

But,... But,...

IT'S OVER 9000!!!!!

TheIronGiant6 wrote:
But yeah, I may have the door lead into a nice lobby with an ornate door guarded by two clockwork soldiers. They won't attack unless the group does, but won't allow entry into the next room. If they kill off the guards, two symbols of scrying go off and I can see them inside. Opening the door leads to a room filled with various simulacrum. They kill them all off, and another door open to reveal an adamantine golem, and behind him, me. They still manage to kill the golem, and realize that I'm sitting nice and safe behind an invisible wall. They break it down and attack me, only to realize I am a permanent image, and several invisible symbols of death go off. I am inside a demiplane or inside my real base at this point, just sorta watching. Flaws?

NOW you've got it! :)

I think your plan is sound.

And each time 'they' track you to your 'real' base, it just turns out to be another, deadlier, version of the same scenario.

(And if they track you down more than once, then you aren't paranoid! Your right!) ;)

I think simple charms in each room allows you to scry it. Basically anything that you create, either make by hand or enchant with a simple Magic Aura cantrip, counts as 'very familiar with' for scrying purposes. simply place a small charm on the wall of each room, (hidden in the decorations so they can't spot it) and you can scry any room, at any time. Even wearing a necklace of non-detection only prevents you trying to scry on the person directly, not the room they are in. :)

For defenses, if 'they' are really this determined and well-prepared, then you should set up obstacles (as mentioned previously) to eat up their time and resources.

Also,. Perhaps some simple anti magic fields of your own, to interrupt any spells they might use to track you, or bypass your defenses. (I believe there are already spells that prevent teleporting, although those may not be mid-level, If not, research is a wonderful thing!)

Some symbols/sigils of dispel and major dispel to remove those pesky protections. :)

You have a basic plan. Everything else is simply details. I would like to know how it turns out. Please keep us posted here so we can follow the adventures of the paranoid mage!


THAT was so bad, it was good!

Leave the PUNS to the professionals! You can hurt yourself with those things!


Well deserved!

(Yes. I peeked. I always fail my will roll vs Hidden stuff. Sorry. ) :)

LazarX wrote:
Aren''t the words paranoid and wizard in the same sentence rather redundant?

Being redundant does not make them less true! :)

Treppa wrote:


Light bulb! :)

2 physical stress (unless there is some way to mitigate 1?)
And wimpy Danny nose-to-snout with a ghoul.

Now taking bets.

Any ideas??? o_O





And the number one rule for the paranoid wizard to remember,...

Just because your paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you!

So, Do unto others,... FIRST! :)

Wands are handy,

Maze spells and force hands for those persistent fighter types who try to invade your personal space..

Slapping hands and similar interrupting spells for those pesky casters who dare to try and invade your home.

A paranoid caster won't be making friends with the local magical folk to help him. But as a caster you can literally MAKE your own friends. (Golems, animated suits of armor, etc)

If your being invaded by persons who think they know you, they will know you are a conjurer of creatures. Take creation feats and make yourself a back-up cadre of un-dismissable animated furniture, golems, etc to protect you while you conjure more help.

I like the animated furniture myself. Very Beauty and the Beast meets House of Horror. :)

Annnnd, that's all I have for now. :/

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Those are excellent Guru,

Having spells/scrolls of wall spells (ice and stone make great barriers, force at higher levels) to give the trespassers something else to go around, or through. Or repair the walls they have destroyed. Make them destroy it again. All while your conjuring up more creatures for them to play with.

Actually, Wall of stone is a great quick/easy way to BUILD a fortress if the wizard is in a hurry. Once created it is a normal, mundane wall of stone. Not dispellable.

And stone shape allows you to fashion your new lair exactly how you want it. And don't forget the hidey-holes/peek holes.

Once you've made them break down several walls, and your out of spells/scrolls, then you use Illusions. No reason to disbelieve this wall isn't real if they've already had to deal with three before it.

(Same with conjured creatures. Conjure up a swarm of spiders, followed by illusions, or better yet Shadow-magic versions, How do they know which is which? Have to fight them all to be safe!)

Symbols and similar are perfect for the paranoid caster. Ensures that no uninvited guests go down hallways,... uninvited. :)

Stone to mud and then reverse it, and your very floor becomes a trap. That they cannot detect until you cast it. :) (Stone to mud on a wall instead, and the roof becomes a falling block trap)

Use a extend Feat on your invis (or a rod of extend spell) and your invis never falls, as it is only broken when you actually attack someone. And you have other worldly beings to do your fighting for you.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I've seen scenarios where even a low-level wizard was tough to beat. Just because he was tough to pin down. And this was WAY before 3.0 and Quicken spells. :)

A dimension step/phase door can allow a wizard to move to a hidey hole, (And if it's in the paranoid wizard's base, he should have several) where he can see and cast spells through a tiny chink in the wall, but the arrows and swords of the enemy cannot reach him! (Most spells only require line of sight, not direct access.)

Even a Blink spell is an effective (if unreliable) short range teleport/walk through walls spell.

By the time the enemy figures out where mr. paranoia is casting from, it should be too late. And if they do survive, by the time they figure out how to reach you, you have already left out of the BACK door to your hidey hole, and are flying away, (via Fly or magic carpet or broomstick), invisible, leaving a summoned swarm of nasties to say goodbye for you.

Just Because you paranoid doesn't mean you aren't thoughtful that way. :)

Edit- A wizard entering combat alone is asking to die.
A wizard entering a combat PREPARED, and with an escape plan, is another story. :)

aeglos wrote:

today we go to one of the local Oktoberfests

Dirndl and Lederhos'n are ready

yesterday we harvested Dad's grapes

we made grape juice instead of wine this year, 12 litres

Sounds like fun!

Grape juice, Not quite as much fun for the adults, but you get to share it with the kids! :)

Never known anyone who made their own grape juice. (Although I've met one or two who claimed to make their own wine. The oddest I've ever heard about was Dandelion wine.) :)

Patrick Curtin wrote:
It's all good. The universe has been kind to me these last few months. I am happy. Things are moving along in s positive fashion

Glad to hear it! :)

I've never seen Sanctuary, (The movie, I love the TV show!)

But Hitman & Priest, You mean those 2 movies that are basically interchangable? :)

Treppa wrote:
Tilnar wrote:
I loathe that ride. I did it my first time there, and then had to do it again when I went with my wife on our honeymoon -- she needed to experience it -- and we got stuck for an extra couple of minutes at the end.... I've never so wished to be deafened...
I can't believe you inflicted that on your new bride. Now that's confidence in a relationship!


I'm telling ya, when your on that or any similar ride as a honeymooner, You just don't remember the ride. :)

(Or maybe that was just me?) :)

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Wow. Time DOES fly! :)

Yeah, every once in a while I go back through old PbP threads looking for something, get involved in re-reading the story I had forgotten about, and end up (much) later having a enjoyed a great read, but completely forgetting why I was reading in the first place! ;P

The sign of a great PbP I tell you! :D

<Wide eyed innocent look from Justin>

"Who?,... US?!?!"

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Treppa wrote:

Why does Danny's post remind me of this?

Sorry Tilnar, kinda jammed Kenneth & Molly up with that shot. :(

LOL! I do not remember that one! Love it!

Yeah, Danny might have more in common with Elan than he wants to admit,...

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