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Ragadolf's page

RPG Superstar 6 Season Star Voter. 5,881 posts (15,243 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 25 aliases.


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Ben, on the other hand, would SERIOUSLY like to place a bomb in one of the wall openings. And then close it up with a crate or something.

N worries,
Sorry about my own lack of posts. Just,... busy.
So,... busy,.... :P

lucky7 wrote:

Forums Excellently Combine Extraneous Sojourns

Tee hee.


Madfartigan wrote:
Celestial Healer wrote:
Forums Are Really Too Short


Aranna wrote:
Patrick Curtin wrote:
Sharoth wrote:
Patrick Curtin wrote:
The stillness of a 3am watch. The hum of refigerators packed with deep-sea samples and the gentle patter of rain on the Seventies-style plate-glass windows.
You are a lot nicer than I am. I am usually cursing and wondering why the <blank> am I up at this ungodly hour. Then my wallet tells me to shut up and work.
Happiness can be achieved in any situation. I needed to be reminded of this earlier, as I lost my equilibrium. But, I am calm and centered once again. And 4 am isn't so bad. It has a certain quiet dignity that the daytime lacks.

Maybe not ANY situation. Back when I was between good jobs I took a job as a corporate cleaning crew... there was a lab on site... I am not sure WHAT they were researching but it was in bio hazard bags and smelled worse than anything I had ever smelled before. Puke was like flowers in comparison. And yes I had to clean that restroom after puking my first day on the job. The worst part was my boss told me to just toss those bio hazard bags into the dumpster, shouldn't there be a hazmat team disposing of that stuff?! Not some new hire being told to just toss it in the garbage with only rubber gloves between her and certain death.

Yeah I didn't stay at that job long. No happiness there.



A coworker at the old AV company once almost got fired, because he picked up an (empty & unused) Biohazard bag from a job site, deciding to use it to carry electrical cables in rather than lug them individually as the rest of us were doing. When we were unpacking cases at the wharehouse and that bag appeared, the bosses flipped out.

Turns out there are laws regarding the procedures for disposing of a biohazard bag. Even if supposedly unused. To 'protect us' from mistakenly presuming that an empty bag is harmless I suppose?

Having that reaction from a place with actual biohazard?!?!

Yeah,... new job time. Even if you adore the sweet smell of puke & biowaste. :P

Now THAT's a classic! ;)

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Kajehase wrote:
Nah, it's my brother who's the Swedish chef.

<Psuedo-Swedish Accent> Mmmm BORK! BORK! BORK!</Psuedo-Swedish Accent>


OK, am I really dating myself THAT much if I ask 'Does anyone else remember the 'Condorman' movie from Disney? :/


Probably. Yes. :/

(EDIT- DOn't judge me! It was a great/hysterical movie! Um, When I was 14 or so?) :P

Treppa wrote:
Celestial Healer wrote:
Treppa wrote:

Soon the East Coast will have a new superhero...

...Flounder Man!

Motto: Even worse than Aquaman!

Will his eyes shift so that they are both on the same side of his face?
That's his only superpower!


I dunno,... Sounds fishy to me,... ;P

Now CONDORMAN! THERE was a superhero! ;)

I don't suppose there's any chance the monkey can get nibbled on by a radioactive Condor of some type is there?!? :)


Trapped in my office, (Actually a utility closet for the water controls of the fire-suppression system. Because in 1960 they didn't think anyone would need an office backstage?!?) Because of work going on my new stage floor.

Lots of sanding, buffing, etc of the new floor (what they have done so far) so they can color it and seal it starting today. Vacuum -powered sanders are keeping the majority of the dust under control, but there is still plenty of the really fine stuff floating around making me sneeze.

And my 'office' has NO ventilation. Unless I open the door. None. Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada. :/

One the one hand, I am safe in case of zombie apocalypse. (Cinder block walls and a steel door from the 1960's)

On the other hand,... It is Louisiana, and it is getting hot outside.

At least I'm not bored! ;P

EDIT- At least I work at a university, so they don't block ANYthing over the interwebs. (Although going to certain types of sites will still get an employee fired,...) ;P
So at least I have Paizo and a treefort to visit! :D

Treppa wrote:

Junkie-monkey wrestling is a thing?

Ok,... NOW I have 'Junkie-Monkey-Wrestling' repeating in my head,

to the tune of the commercial 'Puppy-Monkey-Baby'.


1 person marked this as a favorite.
Freehold DM wrote:

In a hilariously related segue, I went to my second work orgy last night!

It was not as much fun as the first.


<Re-reads post>


If you are indeed working orgies, and can work two in a day,...

1- my respect for you just grew by leaps and bounds, and,...

2- I'M in the WRONG business! :/

Treppa wrote:

Junkie-monkey wrestling is a thing?

Just woke up and am not in pain. Afraid to move.

Apparently, yes. :/

I remember that from my surgery a couple of years ago. I was afraid to move too.

Just relax and enjoy the pain-free environment Treppa, just relax and enjoy,.... ;P

Patrick Curtin wrote:
I mean, absentminded? Or just terminally lazy?

Yes?!? ;P

Happy job-ing Monkey! More jobs = more money at least!

And hey, you said your not wrestling junkies, so, improvement! :)

Gotcha! ;P

Patrick Curtin wrote:

$56 dollars to my name. Every credit card maxed. Three jobs to manage.

Yet, I have never been happier. My heart soars like a Phoenix from the ashes of my past.


(Um, not the bills of course, but the happy part! THAT's Great!) ;)

That's OK Pat,
Honestly, I get confused remembering any post more than 2 days old! ;P

Meh. I'm getting old. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! >_<

I'm with Guy, no problemo. We'll just say Ghost to keep it straight from here on. :)

Set schedules are good.

Knowing where you are going to be working each day is always good.

Back in New Orleans, I worked for the local branch of a nationwide AV company. We worked in EVERY building in the city at one point or another. Multiple times. When we were busy, (Which was often) I would stumble out of bed each morning and have to check my calendar book to see where I was working that day. :P

<Sigh> I have to stop reminiscing now. I miss hourly/overtime. :(

So, where was I,...? Oh yeah!
Yay for set schedule!
So, did you narrow down the jobs yet? or are you still juggling three?

I've been so busy today, I completely forgot about the anniversary.
(And I knew about it yesterday!) :P

I'm with Aimless above.
Hoist your favorite beverage (alcoholic or non) in memory of those who were taken from us, and have a great day. Thus giving the virtual middle-finger salute to those who want us to live in fear!

Salute! <Drinks his Hard cider and grills dinner> ;)

Freehold DM wrote:
Patrick Curtin wrote:
Treppa wrote:

No cancer. Infection, but no cancer. Back on antibiotics and pain pills.


No cancer is good cancer. I hate cancer.
What he said.

Having literally been there, done that, Old Wizard completely agrees!


Oi yes,
ALWAYS go for blood work early!

If you do, you'll be in/out in no time,

If you don't,... I hope you brought a book? ;)

Aimless wrote:

Found Nationwide to be pretty reasonable pricing-wise, quite a bit better than GEICO, Progressive, Allstate and Liberty Mutual. No idea how they handle accidents/car wrecks, which is a trend I fervently hope continues until they pull my drivers license for being too old and crotchety.

Edit: Ragadolf, insurance companies are gonna bone us no matter what. Usually they're gentle about it, sometimes they're not... ;)

Sigh,... You have no idea,...


<Old wizard bends over as he fervently fills out Flood Insurance paperwork trying to get SOME of his belongings replaced>


1 person marked this as a favorite.
Kajehase wrote:
Been over a year, but I finally have proper broadband internet at home again. *quietly delighted "yay"*

YAY! <Cheers for the longship> ;)

State Farm here, my whole life I think. (I MAY have had a brief period of insanity when I was newly single again and trying to save $$, but otherwise,...)

I agree though, it DOES all depend upon your agent, not just the company. :)

We have had minimal 'incidents' vehicular wise (Praise Be) but our agent(s) were always helpful and nice.

AND we bundle our cars with house (Now that I am actually buying a house) to save money. We have had more claims on our renters and now Home Insurance than we have our cars, (Thanks again that my wife and I are intelligent drivers!) and again they always have been helpful and nice. They always give me as money as they can. (Or at least as much as they SAY they can) After my deductible, of course. ;P

Only complaint I have about State Farm is that they keep raising the cost of my home owners insurance every year, EVERY year, claiming that it is due to the rising costs of actually replacing the home if needed.

(But,... My home is only worth $X, your only going to GIVE me $X no matter what. So what does it matter if the cost to build the house again from scratch is now $Y ??????) :P

Drejk wrote:
I should probably open my laptop and clean it inside... *sigh*

I've,... never even thought about that. :P

On the other hand, I DO vacuum my desktop 'game' PC regularly. (And the family PC)
I only open it once a year or 2, but regularly vacuum all of the intake, fans, etc to keep them clear. Seems to be working, no heat-related problems that I am aware of. And I live in Lousy-anna! ;)

Aberzombie wrote:

I went to geek squad once, with my old netbook. It had picked up a virus that was really messing with it. They wiped the hard drive. I lost everything that was on there.

Soooo.....I've never gone back to them with anything.


Yeah I did have take them my laptop last year, for some reason (never found out why) my laptop stopped recognizing my login credentials. As if my user account didn't exist. But when I logged in with Safe Mode, I could dig through the hard drive and find everything. (?!?!?wtf?!?!)
Long story short, they did manage to get it back, but I made darn sure to download everything I didn't want to lose onto a large USB drive first. Just in case. :)

I seriously stopped trying to call/use Geek Squad when I called them with a problem, told them everything I had done to try and examine the situation, and the Geek Squad tech told me over the phone "Well, you've done everything that I could do." (Which wasn't much, apparently) ;P

Finally got one to admit that the 'techs' at the store didn't know much (I'm not saying that's ALL of them, just what this one person said about this store) but they all had a USB drive with various programs on it to fix problems. IF the USB couldn't fix it, then they had to ship it off to a center with 'techs' who actually knew what they were doing! :P

I am seriously in the wrong business. :/

Patrick Curtin wrote:

Get some sleep wave-beaten wizard! And stop frolicking with those water elementals! ;)

Early call to work. Time to drive some kidlings to school.

You too Monkey-man!

I want MY kids bus drivers to have good nights sleep in them before dealing with my little monsters,... erm, I mean,
Before driving my precious angels to school! (Yeah, that's it!) :)

Heal indeed Treppa!
And catch up on sleep Monkey!

I got sucked away (meaning we DID make it to the beach this weekend) into a torrential downpour. :(
(I distinctly remember ordering NO rain on my ONE day at the beach! The Condominium management shall hear of this!) :P

I think there was more seaweed than water, (Honestly, I've seen lees green in my salad!) And the wave was 1 red flag, (the lifeguard said it was barely red, but was fine to swim in, just dont head out for the sandbar) but the waves were fun to body surf. If you like being beaten like a pinata. ;P (Apparently my kids enjoy that kind of thing as much as I do)

Honestly, I think we spent more time driving to and from than we spent in the water. But we DID get in the water! And I don't get to visit with my family but a couple of times a year, so it was good. Great even. :)

Unfortunately, I didn't get to warn my friends before I had to bug out. Sorry all, I will catch up on Pbp's and such soon. Like tomorrow. Night.

I still have to prep a lesson and a script for a class of 11-14 year old theater students for tomorrow first. :P

And with that, wave-beaten Wizard go night.

Night! ;P

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Patrick Curtin wrote:
New job: Awesome!

Glad to hear it!

Um,... where can I get one of those?,... ;P

Glad your ok Ambrosia,

MY friend (WHo now lives in Tampa) says he doesn't understand what all the fuss was about.
But he was raised in Tulsa, OK (AKA= Tornado Alley)

I don't think he, quite, realizes how bad it is around him. ? ;P

Best wishes to all in FL and surrounding environs. :)

EDIT- In my friends defense, those of us raised in tornado alley tend to think that if it isn't roaring down on top of you, (literally, in the case of a tornado) then it isn't something to worry about. Flooding sometimes happens, but that's not our main concern.

I have lived 20(ish) years in LA. I now know better. :P

Patrick Curtin wrote:
Bitter Thorn wrote:
Howdy folks.
BT! Good to see you!

Hey Everyone! It's a dwarf!

Hi BT! <Waves> ;)

Aberzombie wrote:
Ragadolf wrote:
Aberzombie wrote:

So...I noticed the other day the Star Wars: The Old Republic online game can be downloaded for free and played. Or, at least part of it. I went ahead and downloaded it quickly enough. Then there was an update to download - that took about an hour. Then the update had to install - which also seemed on the path to taking an hour or more.

So I deleted all that s!%! and called it a day. Should have known - free ain't free.

OTOH, it CAN be purchased for a reasonable cost from GOG and then downloaded and played. I got one of 2 bundles when GOG got a lot of old Star Wars games for a great deal. And they are always having sales.

OR you you can be like me, and still have your old Original Xbox copy and an original Xbox to play it on. :)

You're thinking "Knights of" The Old Repbulic. I was talking about plain jane "the Old Republic" - the third game in the series, where they made it an MMORPG and moved the timeline forward a few hundred years from the first two games.

And, yes, I also have my original xbox, and recently played my way through KotOR and KotOR II. Now I'm working on Jade Empire. After that, I might follow it up with the original Fable. Not sure yet.

Ah hah! Know I know. Did NOT realize they came out with a third before the online game. :P

I have the original fable. The game itself is not too bad, I enjoyed it, (I never finished it) but those 'bonus' side things, (presenting the monsters head to X# of people in X# of seconds?) EGAD! :P

Aberzombie wrote:

So...I noticed the other day the Star Wars: The Old Republic online game can be downloaded for free and played. Or, at least part of it. I went ahead and downloaded it quickly enough. Then there was an update to download - that took about an hour. Then the update had to install - which also seemed on the path to taking an hour or more.

So I deleted all that s!%! and called it a day. Should have known - free ain't free.

OTOH, it CAN be purchased for a reasonable cost from GOG and then downloaded and played. I got one of 2 bundles when GOG got a lot of old Star Wars games for a great deal. And they are always having sales.

OR you you can be like me, and still have your old Original Xbox copy and an original Xbox to play it on. :)

Treppa wrote:

It lives.

It sleeps.

Oh, and "It's not a TOOMAH". I can actually say that legitimately. :)

Sleep? I had that. Once. It was wonderful. :)

Keep up the Governator Impersonations! :)

Seriously, sleep, rest, recuperate.

And come back ready to go all James Bond-Jaws on those who dare to oppose your cybernetic rule! ;P

<Snooty upper-crust accent>
"LAW SCHOOL?!? But Law School is for serious, boring, ugly people, and you pumpkin, are none of those things!"
</Snooty upper-crust accent>

Sorry, "Legally Blonde-The Musical" is a favorite soundtrack of ours! :)

Patrick Curtin wrote:
And get some washing done

A busy monkey is a happy monkey? :)

(Or, your like me, and just a glutton for punishment!) ;P

Happy 3-day weekend to (almost) all! :D

I was SUPPOSED to leave today to meet my family in Florida fr a Labor Day Weekend Vacate.
Yeah, the state that just got hurricane'd. :P

Fortunately (For us, not the poor people who live there, including one of my old college/gaming buddies) the storm passed to the East of where we are going in the panhandle. So we might still get most of our 3 day vacate. :)

I'm still trying to get in touch with my friend who lives in Tampa, make sure he's ok. :(

I lived in Sarasota for a year, supposedly it wasn't able to be flooded. (Like it just did)

Prayers for any and all who live there or have friends /family who do!

Treppa wrote:
Wherever there's a bed and painkillers!

And not necessarily in that order! :)

Hmm,... I suspect they only gave you coffee so yo would be able to get up and leave?
Just Sayin',...

Be careful and take care Treppa, get well quick!

(Shattered jaw? On PURPOSE?!?) <Shudder>

Tilnar wrote:
Sure hope so. Summer's been ... busy.

THIS, yes! :P

It's sad when your ready for the university semester to start so you can feel relaxed! :P

Ugh, 3 jobs?!?
I have never worked 3 jobs before.

Ive worked over 100 hours in a single 7 day week a few times, but that was all just the ONE job!

Power to the Monkey! :)

Snapdragon Lovely Nostrils wrote:
Why, Ragadolf? Why? Anything we can do to convince you otherwise?

Nope. Not today!

MEAT! It's what's for dinner! :D

GM Treppa wrote:

Sooooper excited. Yeah.

Thanks for the good wishes. :)


She said "Soup" ;P

get better faster Treppa! :)

Wow. Very cool Treppa!
Thanks, in advance! :)

You call that a snack?!?

I can't eat that all-natural junk. It aint healthy I tell ya!

My snacks?



Vegetable with dinner? Isn't meat a vegetable?
(I swear, My father in law said this once. I think he was serious.) :/

For dessert?
You got it,... LEFTOVER MEAT! :)

Which explains my not-shrinking waistline,... :P

Oi vay, not my recommended diet plan, but that'll do it!

Yeah, extra good luck with that! :)


that's ok, I find that every time we get in to a situation that actually requires us using 'the rules', I've forgotten them as well. :)

The good news is, we obviously have a lot of fun just RP-ing, because this ain't your usual D&D fight-every-5-minutes-game! :)

(But when we have them,... duck and cover!) ;P

Welcome to the party! :D

Patrick Curtin wrote:

Fair enough!

Justin Case wrote:

(Considering that in their last fight with the ghost demons he was almost turned into a marionette, he should be!)

Or were they demon ghosts?

[Homer] DOH! [/Homer]

Potato-Tomato,... ;P

Sold!! :)

Cool! Have fun Treppa!

Well, TRY to at least? :)

OKOK,... At least enjoy the anesthetic? ;P

Best wishes for speedy recovery, (This the other surgery thing you were posting about earlier, yes?) :/

Aberzombie wrote:

I need to learn programming so I can create a fighting game where you get to name all your opponents and even vary what they look like with tons of customizable facial features. Then you can make them look like, and name them after, people you don't like.

I've already got a few people (especially from my old job) in mind.....

I don't even like fighting games, (Mainly because I get to play them so little that I stinketh at them)

But THIS game, THIS game I would buy. AND learn to play. And become very, very good at. :D

Sorry, channeling a little rage-against-the-stupidity at work myself lately. :)

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