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Ragadolf's page

RPG Superstar 2013 Star Voter. Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber. 4,550 posts (13,413 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 24 aliases.


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Heh, Your setting info is awesome Pat.

It's my memory that's not so hot. ;P

But Guy makes palavering look easy. As usual. ;) (Jealous? Me? NOooo!)

Regarding this guard, do we leave him or 'take him out'?
And how do we do that without alerting the OTHER guards?

Can Kessel maybe Fascinate him?
Then Magnus could spell attack him with a DAZE, which would break the fascinate, but leave him unable to take actions for one round,
THEN the rest dog pile on him and try to silence him in one round?

I've always regretted lack of 'knock out' rules in RPG's. :)

Or is there a rule for sapping someone and knocking them out that I don't know about? ;P

NICE Kessel! I had to go and re-read it twice! :)

Bards should have a 'stun' bardic ability. ;P

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

My condolences to his friends and family.

The loss of anyone is devastating.

The loss of a good man is catastrophic. From all accounts Mike was a Good Man. My prayers are with his family.

Treppa, '
sounds like you and I play the Game of Life with the same GM! ;P

Ah, I found it!
I'm slow, but I CAN be taught! :)

I hope that last roll hits, I can only do that so many times per day, and my spells won't do much to skellies.
(Stupid mindless undead.)

Slow and steady wins the battle! :)

Lately the dice roller has disliked me intensely. Much more than my real dice ever have.

I guess it decided to have pity on my for one roll? :)

Maybe that means your turn is next Pat! :D

Hey Treppa, I don't get your reference, you said the MAP is now posted in the Gameplay tab. But the game thread IS the Gameplay tab???

Sorry, been sick for almost 2 weeks now, cannot convince my Doctors nurse who returns calls that I have a sinus infection, NOT allergies, and can't see the DR until my appointment on Tuesday. So if it something stupid simple I plead Drain Bamage. ;P

GM Treppa wrote:

Sorry, man. Lost the blood clot overnight, ended up with dry socket, spent the day in Urgent Care and afterwards in bed from the Percocet.

I'm now up and around and mostly over the sleepy/stupid head effects. I hope. And narcotics, ibuprofen, and ice are keeping the pain reasonable. So, on with the game!

Wow. That sounds,... Unpleasant.

I hope it isn't as bad as it sounds? When I first read 'Blood Clot' I thought you meant you were having a stroke!

<Wipes forehead in relief>

I'd settle for a tank right now!

And I'm not talking an armored warrior. I'm talking Sherman.


Yeah, sorry.

I tried to help, but just got Camris in over his head. ;P

I'll just sit here and throw my stick at the wall, apparently. :(

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'm just posting whatever pops into my head in the thread. (Sort of like how Magnus normally does) :)
If anyone has anything resembling an actual plan, please tell Magnus to stop talking.
He needs to be brought down a peg or two every once in a while. :)

Life is good!
(Unless your a halfling in the sewers, apparently.) ;P

I took a whack at it. (literally!) ;P

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Ah. Sorry to hear that.
But at least your in good company! :)
My finances are also the lowest they've ever been. And I went to Three colleges. ;P
(WHat can I say? I'm a glutton for punishment)

Right now, I don't even think bankruptcy can save me.

A better paying job is looking mighty tasty though,... :/

Ah yes, Spring! Hope 'springs' eternal! I join you in hoping for a better future as the weather slowly improves!

Best wishes to all! See you in the PbP as time and sanity allow!

Welcome back! (Just in time for an ABYSMAL dice roll. Yikes.) ;P

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

"murderously pathetic"? I love that. :D

Is all good Pat.

Your doing great. I promise to keep checking and update as often as I can!

I hope that 'hectic' does not mean 'bad', just 'busy', and that other than no free time all is as well as it can be.


Sympathies Lynora.
Too much of that going on in and around my family lately. I completely understand. My thoughts and prayers are with you and yours.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber
Tacticslion wrote:

Squee. Note the second definition.

"Man-squee" is like the second definition, but lacking the 14-year-old-girl part (so basically, just several octaves lower). :)

EDIT: So, some history, I guess, if you all care.

It should be noted that I believe the term "man-squee" is original to me. As far as I know, I came up with it while talking to my wife about something. I nerded out and went "Squee~!" (only I actually said the word "squee" out-loud, in part to create humorous effect, and in part because I turn sound effects into onomatopoeias sometimes).

Anyhoo, realizing how girly it sounded (and finding that hilarious, as well as trying to find something humorously "manly" to "offset it" but with clear jest in mind), I went something along the lines of, "Oh, er, uh, I mean, MAN SQUEE~!" much to our mutual bouts laughter. It's been a meme of ours since. :)

So, the 'Manly' version of the FGS then?

(FGS = Fan Girl Squeal)

Heh, I'll keep playing if you'll keep plugging! :)

Yeah, RL has gotten hectic for everyone lately. I myself am closer to bankruptcy than ever in my life. It is stressful, maddening, and totally non-conducive to writing chuckle-worthy posts as I am fond of (trying) to do. :)

The plus side is PbP is still the easiest,(cheapest) and funnest ways of dealing with those issues. Catch-22. ;P

Ok, please don't hurt me,... but I just do NOT get the popularity of Gaiman.
I'm not saying he isn't good, I just don't get into his stuff. ;P
To be fair, I haven't tried one of his novels yet, I couldn't enjoy his comics so I never tried his books.

I REALLY enjoyed the first couple of books of Simon Green's Nightside, and his other series as well, Really thought I had found my Dresden filler, but they started trailing off after a few books for me. Both series'. I enjoyed them for a while though, they just seemed to kind of derail themselves for me as they progressed, as opposed to how Dresden Files progresses and matures.
Still, I would recommend that they be given a fair shot. Try them for yourselves. :)

On Her Majesty's OCCULT Service

Found it! :)

I have the first book of that series. (MAybe a Sci-fi book club collection of the first 3? It looks real familiar. but I only remember reading the first one.) :P

It's good too.

I feel you Mark.
Just do your best! :)

I haven't been dedicating nearly enough time to my remaining games. I need to remedy that. ;P

Just so tired of being busy,... and tired,... ;)

I found a hardback collection (it is at home, I'll get the name of it for you) It is possibly my favorite waiting-for-Next-Dresden book hardback so far. I have to see if that author has written anything else,... :/

BAsically, in UK, a branch of a typical bureaucratically run government office dealing with the supernatural. (Which, it turns out, is just REALLY advanced math!)
So, when the poor genius kid figures out a super clever calculation and starts working it out loud, THESE are the men-in-black that show up at his door to stop him from accidentally summoning an other-dimensional-entity and destroying the city. Or the country. :)

It is really clever, I liked it a lot. It gives a very plausible (fantasy/government) explanation for ALL of the security cameras currently covering London. :)

Edit- I believe the hardback collection of stories is called 'On Her Majesty's Supernatural Service'. I still have to go look to see what the individual stories/novels in it are called.

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

Sorry to hear that David. MAybe you should start charging the school for your gas and time. THEY certainly don't have any trouble charging the students for anything they can! :)

As much as I enjoy seeing everyone pick on FH (Rightfully so!) because of their snow, I don't have any to complain about. :(
This far south in Lousy-Anna, we're lucky to get sleet, much less snow. Although they JUST decided to announce closing all the public schools tomorrow due to 'icy conditions'.

Please. These people don't know what icy conditions are.

Of course, since they ARE clueless, I wouldn't want to drive on the road with them in icy conditions either!

Better safe than sorry I guess. ;P

Hey Pat, no worries.
We've all been a little busy/stressed/something lately.
I mean, you know, even more than 'normal'. ;P

Jump back when you can, we'll meet you there! :)

And thanks, For everything. Again. ;)

Heh, Yeah, Isaac rally helped me to get into the game originally, being a very 'Down to Sigil' PC with the Cant and all. Made it very easy to play off of him. :)

And I add my own apologies. I started a few years ago being OVER aggressive with this new (to me) PbP'ing, and I alienated a couple of folks (Unintentionally I swear!) :)
I may have swung a bit too far the OTHER way now, making a couple of posts and waiting for the GM to tell me what to do next. ;P

I am busy (that and being burnt out in RL are my excuses) But I will try to do better at posting as well.
After all, it isn't like my PC's don't usually have SOMETHING to say. ;P

Thanks for all the fun James! Hope to see you back at some point. Best wishes to all!

Hey James,
I'm sorry to hear that.
It has been slow lately, seems everyone is crazy this year.

I'll be sorry to see you go. I wish you and yours the best in everything.

The good news? In our time together I've seen that we are a most re-welcome-you-back-people. :) I hope I get to play with you again sometime.

Hey all, Sorry, still busy.

On the plus side, I'm off TODAY at least.


<Beads to the face!>

Hey all, Sorry, still busy.

On the plus side, I'm off TODAY at least.


<Beads to the face!>

Hey all, Sorry, still busy.

On the plus side, I'm off TODAY at least.


<Beads to the face!>

Soory, Been busy, as usual,

On the plus side, I;m off today! :)

<Beads to the face>

This thread fell to my 'old' list! Sorry!

Happy Belated New year to you all!

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

The one with the Coy fish?

And,... is that a piranha?

WHERE did the alligator come from?!?

Nevermind. I'm not THAT hungry,....


All good Pat.
Not exactly burning up the interwebs with my wordy posts either lately. ;P

Just too busy during day, and too tired at night. :/

I dont face book, (I leave that insanity to my wife!) ;P But I hope that the changes are good! Or at least an improvement! :)

Take your time. I think we all agree it's been worth it! :)

All good Pat.
Not exactly burning up the interwebs with my wordy posts either lately. ;P

Just too busy during day, and too tired at night. :/

I dont face book, (I leave that insanity to my wife!) ;P But I hope that the changes are good! Or at least an improvement! :)

Take your time. I think we all agree it's been worth it! :)

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber
Tin Foil Yamakah wrote:
I do not do Facebook either my wife does. I find that I can get more accomplished in a five minute conversation then she can in an hour on Facebook

Yes. This. Me too. Ditto. ;P

I waste enough time on the PC. I do NOT need another time-sponge filling my already overburdened schedule with worthless stuff I don't need to know about.

Just as I have a hard time believing that anyone else would be that interested and waste their valuable time viewing MY personal stuff which would otherwise be worthless to them. ;P

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber
Freehold DM wrote:
David M Mallon wrote:
I am besieged by Facebook hipsters.

wearing Senator Palpatine getup Strike Facebook down with all your hatred, and your journey to the Freehold side will be complete!

Well said my master! Well said!

Did I mention I friggin' hate Facebook?!? ;P

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber
Rawr! wrote:
If only we could get clowns to do that...


Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber


I know I've been busy lately, but I feel like I'm missing something?

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber


Not all up on the New 52 myself.
Mainly because I just didn't like the first few issues of ANY of the ones I read. ;P

So, why am I still spending money collecting Justice League each month? Meh. Habit I guess. Have an almost complete collection started back in the late 80's. Plus a few years of the 70's.

I cringe to think how much money I could have saved if I had not bought the last few years of comics,... :(

I DO hope they use the 'Kneel before Grodd' line. Depending who is voicing it, it could be an awesome line!

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber
BluePigeon wrote:


Veering to the left sharply, a certain blue pigeon crashes into the thread

Staggering to his feet, he says...

I'm back. Miss me anybody?

Yes I did.But, My aim is getting better! :)

Welcome back BP!

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber
LordSynos wrote:
Belated happy birthday wishes to Lynora, and Happy Birthday to Ragadolf, hope ye both had enjoyable days. :)

Thanks Synos. No too bad, other than catching a cold on my bday of all days! ;P

Still , it wasn't the Flu, so that's something. ;)

Course name for PF/Roleplaying class?!? Cool!

Yeah,... I got nuthin'.
Good luck with that! And have fun! :)

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber
Rynjin wrote:

Yeah, by all rights nobody up to now should have stood a chance against him. Even Hartley/Piper when you think about the fact that Barry should be able to move faster than the sound wave that are bombarding him, or be able to vibratee at a frequency that cancels said vibrations, and so on.

Hopefully we'll get better fight scenes with more villains like Reverse-Flash and Grodd (who as I recall has some telepathic/telekinetic powers which could easily catch Barry off guard).

Do we know how they are re-writing Grodd's origin at this point?

In the original origin, he was from Gorilla City, and was a chief scientist and leader who was ousted for trying to take over. I presume that THIS version will be more 'Planet of the Apes' and less 'Gorilla City'.

Grodd did have telepathic powers in the comics. Usually enhanced by technology so he could affect Supers IIRC. He has never been one of my favorite villains, but I am looking forward to seeing what they do with him.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

Good points Lemmy.
And I confess that I agree with your logic.

In my comic collection from the 70's (Which is where I started collecting at) :) I do recall there being a lot of inconsistency regarding the Flash's (and Superman's as well) Super Speed powers. For the first encounter in the issue the villain would completely catch the Flash off guard, despite the fact that he was a primary 'Flash's Rogue Gallery' Villain and they had fought many times before. Then the Flash would come back and beat him with ease. Even as a kid I remember asking, 'Why didn't he do that the first time?' :P

I don't pretend it ever made any SENSE, it just made for a fun read. :)

Then again, I never really had any issue with accepting that Comic book reality was different from Real-reality. When they started trying to make the two merge, THAT is when they started having to come up with all these explanations for things that we as kids had simply accepted as Comic-fact for years. :)
(Eg-When Wally took over as Flash, they suddenly felt that they had to explain why the Flash didn't simply shred himself to ribbons on the dust in the air when he ran at super speed. They came up with a 'Friction Shield' or some such that he generated when he ran.)

Anyway, long-winded way of basically agreeing with you. :)

Just trying to say that while I understand why the disjointed 'Super-speed realisims' may bother some folks, it in no way has detracted from my enjoyment of the show.

Carry on! :D

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber
Lemmy wrote:
sunbeam wrote:
Sorry I missed your point about the comics, I didn't see you mentioned it.

Haha. No problem.

I know why they write it the way they do...

Problem is that they gradually took The Flash's (and Superman's) powers too far, so the only choices they have is to increase the power level of every enemy or give the hero the idiot ball... And since the less overpowered heroes have to be useful, they can't just make every enemy an overpowered monster... So idiot ball it is.

Good point, and to be honest i do not totally disagree.

Although I would also point out that if flash is running around me at superspeed i could hit him just by sticking out my arm. :)
(Granted, at that speed I would BREAK said arm, but still) ;P

Seriously, I think it is less 'idiotball' at this point in the show, as he is just starting out, and has not yet mastered his speed. (Although he is learning almost 1 new trick per episode now, so it won't take long.) :/

Without spoilers, it was recently pointed out in a recent flash comic, very painfully, that Barry's 'only' skill is superspeed. Yes, he can hit you 30 or 40 times before you can blink. But in all of the years of comics, he never actually learned to fight. (IE= Took lessons from a martial artist) Which is why TV Flash is at a disadvantage vs 'Reverse-Flash'.

I thought they pointed this out very well in the Flash/Arrow crossover. Barry says that Ollie is literally standing still when they fight. Yet Ollie is so skilled in fighting he still manages to land a few hits.

I don't know. I do see your point, but I like the way they are dealing with it too. And I like that when I watch it, I don't get a feeling of 'man this would be great if he wasn't such an idjit'. (Well, except about women, but that's ANOTHER story) :)

Personally, despite the fact that flash should be able to run up to Capt Cold and grab his gun, I am also willing to accept the fact that sometimes the bad guy gets lucky and aims at where flash is running to, instead of where he was. :)

ANYway, my 2 cents. I am really enjoying the Flash. More so than Arrow at this point. I'll wait til the rest of the shows this season before pronouncing my final verdict. :)

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber
El Luchador Topo wrote:
There's boggards in the bayou!


Taste like chicken.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber
El Luchador Topo wrote:
There's boggards in the bayou!


Iz Tahme teh make sum GUMBO Chere'!


Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber
Freehold DM wrote:
I am exhausted...I need a nap.

Stop wasting all your energy on those 'Snow Blessings'! :)

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