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Ragadolf's page

RPG Superstar 6 Season Star Voter. 5,198 posts (14,270 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 25 aliases.


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Patrick Curtin wrote:
Speaking of which, The Walking Dead is back tonight! \m/O.O\m/

Heh heh, indeed.


I myself do not really like Zombie movies. As a genre.
(OK, I confess to liking Zombieland, but I only watched it because Cousin Woody was in it!) ;P

However, From what little I have seen of Walking dead it is really well done, as the focus is on the characters and their individual growths (or lack of).

And I confess to being interested in seeing the upcoming PPZ
Pride, Prejudice, and Zombies. ;)

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Happy Valentines day to all!

Was too busy working, so haven't planned ahead for my wife today. Which is bad.

She (and Kids) went to visit her dad in New Orleans Sat while I was working, Which is good.

and she is driving home now. Which is bad,...

Time for my imagination to kick in and save me!

Anytime now,...


Our budget (nonexistent) doesn't allow for us to go out much. At all.
Especially as a dinner or movie as a family costs a small fortune. (To me anyway)

So that's probably what it will be. She does like to go out. :)


Nothing says 'ADVENTURE' like running for your life through an undead world!


Schwing! :)

Treppa, in looking to possibly move Ensis this round, what is the difficulty if any of moving around/through the fountain? Is it difficult terrain? (takes more movement) or can move normal (Walking on the edge of the fountain like a kid) if make dex check? etc?

Ugh, borked knee no fun. :(

Get better quick!

Tilnar, safe travels, have fun!

And don't worry about Ensis, he's in good hands. :)

<Rubs hands together with Jim Carrey/The Mask smile> ;)

I'm sure between the two of us, we wont get Ensis beat up.
TOO badly,...

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ME too!

Oh wait, That's Feb 14th.

Oh, not having something planned is baaaaad for the old wizard. :/

To the drawing board! :)

Whoops, you are correct! Ben is missing his speed stat.
I'll fix that.
Should also probably add a 'Mutagen+reduce person' stat block. :P

OK, I just discovered something.
I mean I knew about it, but still,...

I just did some math. And with his Dex Mutagen, AND the Reduce person spell/elixir, even with only an 'average' dex, and medium size, he's a dex monster!

I mean it's nothing to a few levels higher, but at first lvl?!?

No wonder Ben is giggling! ;P

Ah, good point! :P

So to clarify, (It's never been a problem before, but new PbP, just checking) we can POST in any order (IE=When we're available) and it's presumed that we went in initiative order? ;)

And well worth the wait I have no doubt! ;)

DSXMachina wrote:
Ragadolf wrote:

Danny's Down time:

** spoiler omitted **...

Whoops, that gives me alot to work with actually. :D

And a few nice twists for the next chapter.

Hmmm, Maybe I should have been a little LESS enthusiastic in my mental musings?!? ;P

Glad to help! :)

Wow. THAT car is so bad, it's rad!

I could see that. And if it's common, (more or less) then so much the better for when you don't want to stand out! :)

Patrick Curtin wrote:

The Rhine is another possible. I'd like to see the castles. Sadly with all my love of things medieval I have yet to set foot in one

My one trip across the pond, as it were, was a trip with my first college choir. We were supposed to do a famous/Capitol city tour of Europe, but we were the only ones signed up, so they moved us to the Rhine river tour. So instead of 3-4 days each in a famous city, we spent 2 weeks in a bus with barely a night in each town/city.

Despite that, we saw many, many countries, (including a couple the size of a postage stamp, still independent countries though. 1 was a mile square. It had a strip mall, and a castle.) :)

We saw beautiful countrysides, castles, (Neuswanstein!) vineyards, mountains, etc. It was great. Only would have been better if we had more time in each nice spot. ;P

I've seen the advertisements for those European river cruises. I have to admit it sounds like something that I would enjoy!

I say 'Go for eet'! :)

Patrick Curtin wrote:
Yeah, some folks may have wandered

But we always wander back! :)

I'm certainly fine with you rolling it, especially if waiting for me would otherwise hold things up.

It's not like the digital dice roller likes me very much,... ;P

Only SLIGHTLY off topic (but possibly relevant to Sal) were you aware that 4 cylinder rotary engines, like they use in small prop planes, theoretically have NO top speed?

And, were you aware that they put these same engines into cars like the Mazda RX series? :)

Just sayin',... ;P

I only know this because a guy I once worked with bought one, was reading the owners manual where it said 'for your safety please do not exceed 220+ MPH' Yes, a standard street car. SO he took it for a road test, Followed by hijinks and humor trying to explain to a cop why he was driving on the spillway road at 6am like a bat out of heck! :)

Magnus the magus, present! :)

I can vouch for the Old Mercedes Diesels never dying.

My X-Father in law had one. Correction, I recently found out STILL has his old one. (I think it might be as old as later 60's model?) It still runs solid. That car is his baby.

Mothman wrote:
Patrick Curtin wrote:
I don't know why I love minis so much. I don't even have a regular game to use them in. Still, they are fun to paint...
Me too. I buy way too many for way too little use, but they are fun I've recently gotten back into painting, though don't get as much done as I'd like.

Oi vay yes!

I'm firmly in the camp of having minis I've never used, and likely never will. But I love the things! That's why I liked it when they started coming out with the pre-painted ones. :)

I have not actually painted a mini in years. But I still have a collection that I hope to get to and finish. Someday. :/

Mothman wrote:
Ragadolf wrote:
Mothman wrote:
Genuine Mothman sighting this time Rags ...
Dude, Nice to see you again. I hope all is good? :)
Nice to see you too mate. For the most part, yes, all is good.

Glad to hear it.

Pretty much the same here. ;)

(I have decided that there is nothing wrong with my life. That a big-@$$ pile of money couldn't cure.) ;P

OK. THAT would be cool. :P

(Though speaking as a person who use to sell auto parts, and be a shade tree mechanic, The timing on that beast would BE a beast!) ;)

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Mothman wrote:
Genuine Mothman sighting this time Rags ...




Dude, Nice to see you again. I hope all is good? :)

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Mothman wrote:

Hey all, how have you been for the last 85,000 or so posts?

Apologies for my unexplained absence, thanks to those who tried to reach out.


Where's my bug-zapper?!?!?! ;P

Long time no see bug man! Hope all has been well? :)


I have only recently gotten into the Supernatural TV show. (Only 10 years after it started!) ;P

Saw a documentary on the making of it, The brother's muscle car is a big old land-yacht type of car. But still very cool. It is a 1967 Chevrolet Impala. (Which is a lot cooler looking than it sounds!)

I actually had a 72 Impala as my first car. (and the 67 is a lot cooler than that one too!)

From a website- "502-cubic-inch big-block V8. 18 feet of badass – a 1967 Chevy Impala hardtop."


And color the old mage blushing!

<Puts wizard robe back on!>

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Patrick Curtin wrote:

If I recall correctly the Nautiloid ships were simply built to resemble a nautilus, not actually a creature. However, it's funny you should mention that. I am in the rough stages of developing a Spelljammer-esque campaign based on Larry Niven's book The Integral Trees. One feature would be living spaceships bred to carry passengers. I was looking into nautiloid as the base creature. The ships are bred by a race of elephantine humanoids called the Yih that I once developed for a project that fizzled a while ago. I still liked the concept though.


A completely living-organism based technology? Like the now-defunct Yuuzahn Vong of Star Wars Expanded universe? Or simply using large creatures for their shells and turning them into spaceships?

Color the old mage curious. ;)

edit- Does anyone else feel a draft?!?

Patrick Curtin wrote:
It was just a minor inconvenience to Flamey McFireball, pyromancer at large ;)

<Best/worst western movie accent> "Aw shucks! Jes' doin' muh job!"


I aim to please. When Fireballing, please watch your aim too please! :)

One (Dozen) ID's coming up! :)

Patrick Curtin wrote:
Hell Krakeloid with shell of iridescent pearl, barbed tentacles laced with dream poison, and ink prized by wizards for spellcraft. Within its flesh pearls of magnificent purple hue are found, perfect for magic crafting ioun stones, pearls of power, or fireball necklaces.


I for one would like to see the stats for the creature that the Nautiloid ships come from in the original Spelljammer world! ;)

Or did they already have those? And I just missed it? :(

(Yes I have the original Spelljammer box set. I have a lot of old junk I refuse to toss.) :)

Danny's Down time:


Not sure why I bothered with a spoiler. Since I'm making this up as I go! ;)

Danny is conflicted.

His innate sense of responsibility (and a lil bit of stubbornness) makes him want to take his 'responsibilities' as Summer's Emissary to Winter seriously. Even if they were given to him in a way that he wasn't really allowed to refuse. A part of him thinks this might have been either a grand Fae joke, OR a grand Fae plan where they put him here because they thought he would be ineffectual and would not upset anyone's plans. THAT thought makes him want to be VERY effectual. (Did I mention stubbornness?) ;P

On the other hand, he really didn't ask for all of THIS. (Although his musical super-powers are pretty cool.) And a part of him would very much like to run away and pretend that none of it ever happened, and move on with his life. But even Danny realizes that he would never be able to un-see everything that he has seen. And he would always be checking shadows for boogie-men every time he hears of the least little thing on the news.

Danny would very much like to 'get closer' to the twins. (Either one, or both.) OR as he remembers thinking recently, find a 'real' girlfriend. Someone he can relieve some stress with OUTSIDE of blowing up Vamp's parties. Preferably in less dangerous, more enjoyable, ways. ;) But getting closer to the twins means getting them closer to whatever nightmare monster-of-the-week he's dealing with presently. And giving their father a chance to find out more about his more unorthodox activities. (Although his recent discovery that the twins dad is already involved with the Spooky Side of the street really threw him for a loop, and he feels like he should get more involved. To protect the twins of course.) :/
And finding another girl-friend? Well, there's another person that he would have to keep out of his other world. Or try making a relationship with someone who already IS walking the spooky side? Club-hopper and self-avowed ladies man that he is, he wouldn't know where to start.
(And he's pretty sure Sal would break him in half if he tried to kiss her. She is cute though, in a 'I can break you in half' kind of way.) :/

Trying to figure out how to do a minor skills swap/upgrade to reflect this, but Danny is now seriously trying to make more Spooky contacts, Fae and whatever he can get in friendly with. (Without risking his life and/or soul.) He figures if he's going to be involved, like it or not, then he'd best not be entirely reliant upon information given him by the Fae. As they are most likely to leave out a bit of information that he might wish he'd known BEFORE walking into Vamp Den A. :P

(Fuzzy on details, need to review his mom's situation)
Danny decides to (Carefully and quietly) begin researching how to rescue his mom. Last he recalled, she was technically OK, just trapped. Supposedly with no way out. (Without releasing some BIG BAD that he's pretty sure she doesn't want him to release just for her.??) IF he feels it's safe to do so, he will go and pay a polite visit to a certain handyman/mechanic and ask if he might be able to at least give him a clue or something.
And if he has any ideas how to tweak "Frankintaur' (Or was that 'Guitarstein'?) That would be a bonus. His harmonica trick worked once, but He'd rather have an actual steel-bodied steel guitar between him and a vamp or ghoul the NEXT time he's stupid enough to walk into a Vamp's party! Invited or otherwise. ;P

Any of those give you something to work with DSX? :)

GM Treppa wrote:
My apologies; I slept 11 hours last night and have to run to work without posting. Don't know why I'm suddenly sleeping 10-12 hours at a stretch if undisturbed. Will start setting alarms. :(

Because you deserve it?!? ;P

Heavens knows that I usually am lucky to get in a good 5-6 hours a night.
If I'm lucky.
On days like today when I can sleep in? I DO IT! :)

1 person marked this as a favorite.
captain yesterday wrote:
In my old campaign I had a city named Whalebones, that was built using the body of a colossal whale that had beached itself at some point in the distant past, in order to kind of expand the world outward I had it just recovering from an ice age, with Whalebones the port at the end of the Iron Road, or whatever it is I had called it.

In Pirate 101 PC online game (Same universe as Wizard 101) the starting area has a city in it that is built on the back of a giant whale.

(Oh yeah, and all ships, islands, etc are floating of course. You fly the 'skyways and spaceways' not the ocean) ;P

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Rawr! wrote:

How about a deceptively cute moth?

<Holds Magazine away from him, trying to see if he read something right.>

That is one skeery bug! Where did I put my 'Pest-shield' spell?

2 people marked this as a favorite.

<kicks back in rocking chair>

Maybe it's my old 1st ed habits kicking in, But dragon turtles always sceered me! o_O

Not because they were terrible awesome beings of destruction, (which I guess they could be) But because in the old days of 1st ed, they had a near-unassailable AC! (IIRC, They say the mind is the first to go.) ;)

<picks up national geographic magazines and begins reading>

I'm ok with our positions. :)

No fear, No time. :P

I'm more the 'Take the module and maybe tweak a couple of things' guy than the design from scratch person anyway. ;)

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Patrick Curtin wrote:

My other PbP is traipsing through an undead world (Ranäis for those with the D&D history chops). I have tossed some fun spooks and specters at them (the vampire clown and his animated puppet minions were fun-they nuked them from orbit, just to be certain ;)

I'm looking for sources of interesting undead. Any thoughts? They kill anything below CR8 with contentious ease.

No we don't! Well, Not on purpose! Well, yeah, the nuking was on purpose, but that was absolutely NOT my fault for the original fire! This time. It's not our fault that we're heck on Nuking, but not so good at the subtle stuff! :D (Fireballs are subtle, right?) ;)

Nice treefort! Do you happen to have a rocking chair for creaky old wizards to relax in? :)

I'm digging through my memories, I may have some older modules (Pre 3.x) that were desert themed. (I know I used to)

I recall a juggernaut/Ziggurat that was a giant animated mobile aztec pyramid on giant stone rollers. It just rolled right up to you, and then over you. Probably left-over from a centuries-old desert war, and is now just roaming the desert fulfilling it's last order.

I also recall a plant that was a giant flytrap (Or it may have been a sand-starfish?) that lay flat under the sand, lured you close with an illusion of water or person in distress, then closed up around you when you were standing in the middle of it.

Annnnd I should reeeely stop giving you ideas, shouldn't I? :)

OK, Ben votes for crowd watching, using bday bonus,... :)

Annnd, not too bad!

If anyone thinks that this is one of those 30DC to spots things, an aid another would put us over the top! ;)

Oo wait, am I mis-remembering the rules? (Again) ??
To aid another on a skill, you do not need to roll high on that exact skill?
Sigh, I really need to give myself a refresher course. I'm all over the place on a couple of different rules sets over here! ;P

Sceery lil' rogue, isn't he?!? ;)

And thenk yew too! ;)

Is funny, I don't FEEL any different than I did before Friday, but people keep looking at me differently, like I'm going to fall down and break a hip or something for some reason! ;P

I'd happily back up Valexia (Why didnt I think of that?!?) ;P
But Intimidate isn't exactly on my skill list. :)

Good question. I'd love to say heck yeah, but I only have vague ideas at this point. ;P

Let me percolate on that and get back to you tomorrow. ;)

Thenk yew sir.


I sympathize. Entirely too much! :)

I was just explaining to my student workers (One of whom just had a baby with his girlfriend) that there is a reason why our children come into this world small, cute, adorable and defenseless.

It is so we will become attached to them and want to protect them,...
So that when they grow up into teenagers, we don't K!LL them! :/

(Yeah, my latest batch is 12 & 16. We're,... exploring a whole new family dynamic.) :P

But yeah, at least I'm not still changing diapers! ;)

May I suggest area K/L 17/18?

Line of sight to the opera house,
Near cover (water fountain) trees for shade (and cover) and centrally located for us to be able to go anywhere we need to. Whether running away from trouble, or towards it. ;)

Well we may be able to do both? If you are watching the crowd (perception) to find your contact, we will (hopefully) spot trouble before it starts.

Although I doubt that the AP has a way to actually prevent what's coming next from happening, I'm sure we'll have opportunities to be very heroic!

Where do peeps think we should be standing around talking? (On the map)

Thenk Yew, Thenk Yew,

No applause, just throw steak! :)

(Or money, money is good too) :/


Yay gift cards!
Post-birthday lunch w/ entire family was at Outback! Mmmm,... Steak!

Thanks Hamar,

No, 23 was a good year.

Unfortunately, I am celebrating the 25th anniversary of my 25th birthday. So yeah,... :)

It's not the years, it;s the mileage. :P

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