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Ragadolf's page

RPG Superstar 2013 Star Voter. Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber. 4,184 posts (12,547 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 24 aliases.


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Yes, we tended to blatantly ignore weapon speeds back in my 1e days. The fact it was possible to get a bad initiative roll, and with a large weapon had to actually wait to attack until NEXT round was, an interesting mix of confusing and annoying. ;P

Although after many 'enthusiastic' discussions, (including gathering representations of what weapons we could collect and go out behind the dorms to beat on each other to prove that certain weapons were/were not faster than others) we did end up agreeing that the weapon speed system was based on realistic principles.

Principles which we all agreed were a pain in the @$$ to keep track of in the game, and promptly ignored. :D

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

I believe that it is ALMOST time for Spring Break.

I believe I am looking forward to it. A lot.

I believe this will be my last week off, (possibly DAY off) until after June.

I believe I should make the most of it then.

I believe I will participate in the swinging of steel weapons and consumption of alcohol to celebrate.
(I believe that doing those together might be a BAD idea!) >.<

I believe my choice of ingestible toxin is Hard Cider.

I believe I am running out of things to proclaim that I believe in at the moment.

I believe I shall return when I have have more to proclaim my belief in.

I believe that you are all quite capable of carrying on until I return!

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

You should have grabbed one on the way.
Then you could be waiting for fare at Bellagio, AND eating Einstein Bagels at the same time!

(Do they at least tip well? I bet not. Crazy rich people.) >.<

Oh, that's an actual rule-thingy?!?
Who knew?

Yeah, we used to figure out and 'justify' a LOT of things before we got to 3.x and they gave us actual action-economy rules to follow. ;P

I was just glad that in 2.0 they got rid of individual weapon speeds. THAT was a mathematical nightmare! :(

(You could be high enough level to have iterative attacks, but if you were swinging a large, heavy weapon [Say giant war hammer or large sword] it could only be swung every so many seconds/segments. Meaning it was possible to only be able to attack every other round!) ;P

Hooray for modern action-rules-technology! :D

Yep, I think your correct. No free action to draw rapier for me.

Unless, some do allow drawing as part of a move action, but I'm ok either way. (Way back in 1st ed we used to justify ALL sorts of things that we could do in a single 6 second round) ;P

That still allows me to take a AoO on them if they move too close. I hope. :D

Oh, I didn't remember details, just that the skin stealer was using a skin to impersonate Dobitoc. I thought it was just, you know, a suit. ;P

A nasty suit, but just a suit. :/

I thought I was supposed to be the clever one. ;P

That,... would actually work!

Wouldn't it? O.O

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

We work harder trying to AVOID work before 8am than most people actually spend doing work all day!

(Or, something like that?) ;P

Hrm,... MAtter of taste I suppose.

I've never read Game of Thrones, so cannot comment on the series. (Books or TV, I don't have HBO)

Yet I enjoy Pratchett and Anthony Immensely (Or used too when I was MUCH younger. I have admittedly cooled in my enthusiasm of their series, but still have them and re-read them sometimes)

I still enjoy Aspirin's MYTH series, and need to catch up on the newer ones. It's a fun romp. :)

Actually, I don't think I've ever read any GRRM. I DID read a novel based on his earlier ones of when some people got super-powers. ('Aces' maybe?) I'll have to check his sci-fi stuff.

(Man I need to go to the library.) :(

Obviously they did something right with the GoT show. It has WAY too big of a following to be complete crud.

After all, we ALL know that a million rabid viewers can't be wrong, right? ;P

Just had a thought, (I'm not cheating, I swear.) :)

1) I still think that the mastermind behind all this has the Effigy and plans to use it for some naughty-not-nice ritual of some kind. I still want to try to get off the Locate item spell to see if we can pick it up. (Maybe in the hallway once our meeting is done?) ;)

2) I just recalled (And would have to roll to see if Edwin remembers this lil tidbit of info) that Golems are usually made with a control amulet.(?) (I read that somewhere? probably pre-PFRPG) Which means that no one TRICKED Dobitoc into storming the library, they simply controlled him and made him do so. If that is true (BIG if I know) then they will still have the amulet to protect themselves against Dobitoc and possibly use him later. Dobitoc is not the most helpful of clients, but if he can describe his amulet, we could try to Locate Item on it, and THAT would also lead us to who is behind this!

Yes, I may not have much time on my hands, but I obviously still have WAY too much time to think! ;P

Yeah, good questions.

(Did we trace the knives? I think we got side-tracked) ;P

As Edwin pointed out in-thread, I think we're hosed pacifying the crowd no matter how much we convince the judges. They want a victim.

I would prefer to give them the guilty party. :P Not Dobitoc or one of us.

<Sigh> What are the odds of our culprit actually pulling a Perry Mason (and other shows) and actually being a high-ranker in the courtroom, AND tricking him into revealing himself? :)

I'm not convinced its NOT one of the judges even (other than the guy who hired us. Makes no sense to hire competent investigators to find you out.) But if we think the others are not part of it, maybe we can convince them to help us somehow? Make a big show out it? phrasing the dramatic release of Dobitoc in such a way that the guitly party fraks out and trips up?

<sigh,again> Wishful thinking I know. (It would be awesome if we could pull it off though!) :D

Well, that trial pause threw me for a loop! :)

Any ideas guys and gals?

Wait, before I type myself into a corner in thread,...

We DID find a 'Dobitoc suit', but that was at the Chymicule works, correct? Don't want to bring that up TOO early. :)

going to try and point out the (hopeful) lack of torch-burn-marks on Dobitoc, where Big Daddy plainly said they torched him.

Also, hoping to point out that Dobitoc tends towards more roaring when angry than cussing. His vocabulary isn't THAT good! :)

Let me try to get this posted,...

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber
Aberzombie wrote:
Ragadolf wrote:

I like the Agents of Shield show. Sadly I have missed more episodes than I have seen. I need to go back and watch them while they are still up on the station website!

(Same for Arrow) ;P
You come visit me in Houston. I've got every SHIELD episode saved on my DVR. We'll do a marathon.

THAT sounds like a plan! :)

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

I like the Agents of Shield show. Sadly I have missed more episodes than I have seen. I need to go back and watch them while they are still up on the station website!
(Same for Arrow) ;P

Hey no problem here!
I don't think Ive ever been in a game where we said,
"Man, I really wish we didn't have all these people who can heal us up."

Speaking of,... This is my first cleric since before 3.x, I completely forgot about channeling!
<blush> ;P

Oh I agree.

I still working on 'Plan B' in my head, but plan A for now is pretty much play it the way they want us to act.

And then (hopefully) pull the old courtroom switcheroo on them. :)

Willow's been doing all the healing so far.
Cernan better step up his game! ;P

I wonder what's next,.... after the spider-thing that is,...

(Man I hate spiders,...) ;P

Leik Fire wrote:
yeah hopefully they start something and i can gut them

While I confess that this would be a MOST satisfying course of action, (for both my PC and his player) I rather suspect that displaying our considerable talents at murder-hobo-ry IN the court room might not help our case as much as we might hope. :P

In other news, the outright warning against magic in the courtroom (while not entirely unexpected) is going to put a serious cramp in Mr Drood's fine plan. :/

THIS is where I wish I was nearly as clever as my favorite characters. (or at least nearly as clever as their authors) So I could have foreseen this and planned a suitably clever alternate plan. Or 5. :(

Aw, Mr Drood is glad to have been able to inspire proper fashion sense to the next generation.

Even if it is an insect generation. :)

Careful, Mr Drood does not need any (more) boosting of his ego. :)

So to sum up, Elgan will probably spend his 3 rounds converting spells for cures. But he is running out of spells REAL quick about now.

Not 'out of useful spells', just plain 'out of spells'. :(

(Because with Spontaneous conversion to both Summons and Cures there's NO such thing as a 'not useful spell'.) :D

So, my big question is, How is Altai holding out spell-wise?
Do I need to call in air support? or shall I just concentrate on keeping us alive?

I have some lower level spells I can convert to resist energy, (if we can figure out what kind is coming at us next) and 1 maybe 2 of each level for cures, then I'm out.

I need to peruse the Summon Natures Ally list for a flying creature that isn't a Roc. :/

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Patrick Curtin wrote:
I will need a stop at the MythicMart soon to reup my arrow supplies or I'll devolve into a cheerleading healerbot.

Hm,... Might still be good.

Will you be wearing a skirt?

And 'Go Pip Go!' :D

Aethorduil Faelaiien wrote:
Crap has hit the fan with work. Will post as best I can for the next 48-72 hours. Please bear with me.

Oh Good.

It's not JUST me then,...


Catching up best I can guys.
Sorry, but my aunt (who does my taxes cause she's a genius and she loves me) is currently calling me not-nice things because I still don't have my $#!^ together.

And being stuck at work 12-14 hours a day is NOT helping!

Just saying,

(Wouldn't be so bad if I weren't salary. But because I am, technically the longer I work, the LESS I actually make per hour!)


I'd be happy with being macho enough to move this stupid rock! :)


Yeah, I'm looking forward to the RP fun of turning Edwin loose in the courtroom.

Should be right up there with doing a production of 'Fiddler on the Roof' in WW2 Germany. :/

(Yeah I know. But I'm tired and just couldn't think of any other comparison that wasn't TERRIBLY inappropriate for a family web site)

Yeah. This'll be fun!

I promise to try to post around my work schedule during the courtroom postings. Would be bad for Ed to suddenly go mute for 2 days! ;P

I'll update soon as I can. (But I HAVE to work on my taxes tonight. Seriously.) :(

I'll try to get that done.
Erm,... soon. :(

(And I STILL have to start doing my taxes! Sheesh!)

I hope 'Alinya' is alright?

Ok, cool.
Have fun(?) :)

Hope all's well, and getting better!

'Have fun storming the castle!'


Yeah, but made for some great 'Ah-Ha!' moments. :)

Maybe we'll get lucky?


1 person marked this as a favorite.
Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber
Tordek Rumnaheim wrote:
Job interview this afternoon. Wish me luck.

G'Luck! :)

OK, Ed has a plan. ;)

Now if this were one of my favorite novels, it would work without a hitch. But even I know better than that. ;P

In short, Ed believes (hopes against hope) that the 'BBEG' or main villain behind everything we have found is still nearby. We just have to ID him.

Ed believes that anyone who goes to ALL the effort to pull off so many various schemes will not run off and hide now that he is done, but will want to savor his moment of triumph. Most likely he will be at the trial, to witness his crowning success before using the effigy for whatever nefarious & evil thing he plans to do with it. ;)

So, we need a couple of spells (scroll, prayers or memorized) of Locate object. Ideally we cast it and find the Effigy (we have a good drawing of it to go from) in the person's possession at the trial. If not, we use the same spell to locate all of the ancient gold coins present at the trial. (Looking for someone with them that is not us, obviously) Hopefully both locates lead us to the same person. We grab him/her and reveal they have the effigy, hopefully proving our case.

Otherwise, Ed fears that the trial will be very anti-climatic, with no 'big reveal' other than the sentencing of Dobitoc. :(

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber
Aberzombie wrote:
Although, really, when a schedule is tight there's never a good time for a major design decision to be made so that it can move forward.

Of course!

Never put off until tomorrow what you can delay til the day after!

Also known as; "There's no minute like the last minute!"

Well,... That's ONE of us,... ;P

(Sorry, Loooong week(s)) ;)

Tell me about it!

And thanks, :)

If I'm reading that right, it means things are looking up?

Take your time Pat. We're waiting, and we don't mind a bit. :)

Cernan is happy to demonstrate, just to help Kipka verify what she thinks she saw,...

SO sorry I'm behind guys. Just,...

Work,... home,... busy,... ARRRGH!

You know. The usual.

Yeah thanks for keeping us in the loop Patrick!

Glad to hear that things seem to be going well.

I eagerly await any and all updates, and wish you and yours the best!

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber
Ambrosia Slaad wrote:
Freehold DM wrote:
I, however, remain young and supple.
"It's not the years, honey, it's the mileage." [/Indy]


Oh wait. I'm hosed either way. :(

Tenro wrote:
dungeonmaster heathy wrote:
It's Leik!!! j/k
that reminds me of the roaches we have here in hawaii. A week or two ago, I threw a sandal at one at such an angle that the roach should have been squished and the sandle should have slid along the tile floor. Instead the shoe just stuck there, so plentiful were the guts within the creature.

Um,... ew?

To quote another PC in another Heathy PbP;

"Dat jes' ain't raight!"

dungeonmaster heathy wrote:
Ragadolf wrote:

Out of curiosity Heathy,
I own all of the AP's to date, but have not read even half of them, including this one. Was this series of encounters from the AP? Or was this another brilliant Heathy 'They're following this trail so lets give them an encounter that will eventually get them back on track' device?


This is all my madness, since the University.

I believe it. But I had to ask as you intertwined it with your usual smoothness, so I could not tell.

<_< >_>

So, which way back to the (Main) plot?!? :)

dungeonmaster heathy wrote:
It's Leik!!! j/k

OhMyFreakingGoshThatIsSoScary! O.O

Tenro wrote:
dungeonmaster heathy wrote:
Leik Fire wrote:

If the bug lives then he needs to.

Doesnt matter to me if you rescue him or not, neither option upsets me.

So did i succeed or fail in fulfilling the rquirement for pyrokineticist?

Yeah; you succeeded.
sweeeeeeeeeeet. well, they better plan for a fiery awakening!

Heheh,... That's how we find our buggly friend. Just look for the building spontaneously combusting. :)


Yes I need to update Ed. I also think we will soon need all of our respective skill points max'd out for this encounter. ;P

Hrm, must confess that I did not consider Locate Object as spell known. It is very limited in scope, but also very useful for a detective. Hrm.

Regarding 'Saving Pyro Bug guy' ;)
Edwin is certainly the most self-centered of any PC I have ever played. But i believe his personal honor requires him to at least try to rescue his odd companion.
I'm not saying he'd throw himself in front of a spell for the guy,... ;)

Out of curiosity Heathy,
I own all of the AP's to date, but have not read even half of them, including this one. Was this series of encounters from the AP? Or was this another brilliant Heathy 'They're following this trail so lets give them an encounter that will eventually get them back on track' device?


Sounds like we're all on the same page. Or at least the pages next to each other. :)
(I posted in thread before reading these comments) ;P

I'm good with all of the options. Either a straight-out follow and rescue mission, or trade (after finding out what info, if any, the interrogators got from him) but making sure to mark his stuff so we can follow it back to them laters for a 'redressing of wrongs' :)

Ed has gotten oddly comfortable around the strange pyro-bug-man. He would hate to lose such an unusual companion. At least until he has gleaned a wealth of buggly information from him! ;)

Delayed Congratz Helaman! :)

Hrm,... I hate to just turn Ant over. Even if we had him. ;P

But you may be correct, played out properly this could be an old-style Godfather-type pile of Liger-poo. We would never know if the bad guys are from the next chapter of the AP, or just another 'friendly visit' from our old pals. ;P

On the other hand, played out properly the OTHER way, and we turn it into a Mentalist/Patrick Jayne-Style coup! :)

Unfortunately, I must confess to not being quite as clever as Patrick Jayne, Sherlock or the Mentalist show writers. :(

Any other ideas? Besides the obvious 'Give them what they want' scenario?

I would love to figure out a way to turn this around.
('Around' = being where we find the culprit Ed is pulling his hair out over, and convince the Scarnzi that we are not worth the trouble of going after. Or that we could make MORE trouble for them if they did. At least create a 'not this time, but next time' situation.) :)

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

Well, We seem to be off to a chipper Monday.

I survived another Production, (This time the Opera Die Fledermaus set in 70's LA. Yes, it was great.) So I guess I'll jump on the 'Happy Monday' bandwagon.

Well,... More like crawl after and climb onto with assistance. I'm tired.

Thank God for Coffee. (Yes, those Both get capitalized.) :)

Another round of well-wishes & congratulations to all who need/deserve them!

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber
Celestial Healer wrote:
Tin Foil Yamakah wrote:
Time for some chicken picatta!

One of my favorite dishes!

I have an unhealthy love of capers.

I made picatta. Once. Having never had it before. The recipe looked good.

Never again.
Apparently I do NOT like capers. Who knew? ;P

Cool, thanks!

The whole point is to have fun, right? :)

Query, if Sal HAD dunked me, would I have gotten 2? ;P
(JK!) :)

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber
Drejk wrote:
Today idea for a monster not touched yet. Especially that I am torn between monstrous humanoid or undead...

Why choose? When both is twice the fun?!? :)

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