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Ragadolf's page

RPG Superstar 6 Season Star Voter. 5,378 posts (14,503 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 25 aliases.


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Must be tough being so popular.

I never had that problem,... :/

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Forget not your trip to the Big Easy!

Mardi Gras is a great time to get wasted,... erm,... see the sights! Yeah, That's it! ;P

IronGiant wrote:

1: I don't have time for this game right now, I'll wait a couple of months.

2: Ok, I'll just download the base game and check it out a little.
3: Fine, I'll spend the $24.99 but I won't stay up late.
4: Went to sleep at 2 am.... I am pathetic....

This, was also me. :(

I really need a life.

Soon as I finish another scenario. Or 3,...

Orthos wrote:
That can't end well with all the pointy bits.


<Winces in sympathetic pain, and agreement!>

Yeah I do luv my casters, Is why I was thinking Magus as an option. :)

Sadly, I am SLOW at actually generating the PC's. (And choosing them, it seems) :(

What?!? It's not my fault they ALL sound like fun!

Hrm, Ok, I'm going to try and narrow it down,...

My primary choices are (because they DO all sound like fun!)

-Magus (Could use suggestions for swashy feats, etc, Not required to have dex to dmg,) ;)

-Halfling/Swashbuckler/Mouser- (Cuz it sounds fun!) w/ possible dip to regular or Vivi Alchemist for cool/oddball additions. ;P

-Cleric of Cayden- a-la swash. :)

I am going to try and get a basic generation going on these choices, maybe help me choose. Any suggestions regarding feats et al greatly appreciated. I'm only close to memorizing the ones to do with wizards. :)

NyteJKL wrote:
Anyone happen to know how to not make an attempt to acquire a boon? Didn't see anything stand out for me to not make an attempt. Tried swiping the revealed boon every direction, which typically did nothing or it caused me to accidentally roll for it

I noticed this as well, a 'do not acquire' would be better than 'trying' and deliberately failing (by not adding anything to the roll) :)

I am playing right now! :)

So far have not run into any losing/regaining connection trouble like last night.\\I have high hopes!

Just not for poor Kyra and Meri,... :P

Hannibal_pjv wrote:
Bill Dunn wrote:

It's a bit crashy on my iPad 2, but it may be pushing the little thing pretty hard. Fortunately, I'll be upgrading soon.

I did find one possible bug in rule implementation. The reroll for Darts is supposed to let you discard to reroll the dice if you fail the combat check. When I used it, it just rerolled the d4 for the Dart card. That was a much worse result than I had initially gotten - I had missed the roll by only 1 or 2, after the reroll, I missed by 8. That simply can't be the card's intent.

If you reroll you take the new result, even it would be worse. So it does work like in real version.

Yes, But I think he meant that you are supposed to reroll ALL of the dice for the combat check? Not just the one d4 for the darts?

Treppa wrote:
Cayden is better for rapier proficiency (favored weapon). Swashbuckling with a starknife don't make it.

Word! ;)

WilliamD763 wrote:
Longshot11 wrote:
Johnico wrote:

Just played the tutorial adventure, liking it a lot so far. Keep getting disconnected and reconnected to the PlayFab while playing though.

I'm having the exact same issue, and I can confidently say the quality of my internet is not the problem.
Same here, I have a great internet connection, but I get disconnected and reconnected very often. So often that I never earn any gold. And then the purchase price for everything is -1 (negative 1) gold?

Ditto on this for me, kept losing/gaining 'PreFab' connection while playing. That was annoying. (Home Wi-Fi, very reliable) The GAME is beautiful, can't wait to play some scenarios, but am worried about what I'm reading with not earning gold/etc if we keep dropping connection?

Running it on my Samsung Galaxy Note 8, and it started great, THEN overheated for some reason, forcing all of my apps to shut down?!? (It's NEVER done that before??) Removing it from case seemed to help with that (It still felt warm to me) but the connection dropping was constant.

First impressions?
-Game is as beautiful as they promised!
-Game is fun, almost all the rules transferred through cleanly far as I can tell, (Figured out how to discard blessings for extra explores, etc, but could not seem to play blessings to aid anothers combat at same location?)
-Tutorial is a must to play for seeing where everything is located on the screen, (My only suggestion for a future update, perhaps an in-game 'hint' function that can be turned on/off to assist/remind us later? Could have used a hint about the dragging unlocked characters into the circles, But I admit I'm slow, and it was midnight, I was tired) :)
-I am in general NOT a fan of games that 'must' be connected to the Interwebs to play, I know you do not HAVE to be to play this game, BUT you must be if you want to collect gold and etc. Which limits my options for when/where I can play it.

Conclusion- Beautiful package, so far living up to most of the promise. A little buggy, but I'm certain that an update or two will solve most of those. A LITTLE discouraging for me who was hoping to dive right into the deep end of the pool, but very hopeful that this will soon become my all-time favorite time waster!

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So, I downloaded the new Pathfinder Adventure App from Google Play tonight
(The card game in APP form, for those who have been living under a rock for the past year, and might not have heard about it.) :)


It played well, although even as someone who has stumbled through the first couple of scenarios of the box set a couple of times, I already had an idea what was up.

Only reason I'm not giving it a GLOWING review right off the bat is;
-I'm tired and cranky, ;P
-My Tablet (Samsung Galaxy 8) overheated halfway through the tutorial, forcing me to remove it from it's case to continue (NEVER has happened before!) :(
-You MUST sign into the Google Game app if you wish to collect gold and such from playing the game, IE-must also be on interwebs WHILE playing the game, (You don't HAVE to be, but why play all that time and NOT get the rewards youve earned?!?) And I, generally, detest those games that require you to be online to play. :/
-So of course, my internet connection kept dropping out during play, and then reconnecting, and then dropping,... O_o

Despite all that, it is a BEAUTIFUL game, and I think, if I can get my buggy device to behave, I will really enjoy it!
Hoping that a little sleep, and a few actual scenarios, will help me get a better idea of how well it actually works. I REALLY want it to be as awesome as it looks, the story-line and character conversations/cut aways were really cool and (I think) added to the game.

Looking forward to wasting a few hours (and a few bucks) with this one!

Sorry, been stupid busy (OR just stupid, is also a possible thing) have not had time to make a PC.

Also,... having trouble deciding. They all sound like fun,

Although 'seriously' considering,...

-Swashbuckling cleric of Cayden (Have to check out Desna too)

-Swashbuckle-build Magus of some ilk

-Halfling Swashbuckler, possible Mouser archetype, or dip w/ Urban barbarian (suggested above) or something similar to give him a 'little' edge.
(See what I did there?) ;P
(My brain wanted to cross Mouser Swash w/ Alchemist, because I kept seeing a Halfling either shrinking to Tiny, or growing to Med using Mutagens and infusions. But I don't see how that would work long-term,)

The Minis Maniac wrote:
Patrick Curtin wrote:
The Minis Maniac wrote:
Patrick Curtin wrote:
Sharoth wrote:
The Early Middle Ages, 284--1000 with Paul Freedman - Yale Courses
This historical podcast is pretty darn good
Some people believe that AD 614 to 911 never happened. Just saying.
People believe a lot of damn fool things
You hurt my brain patrick. Why must you hurt my brain. *proceeds to have a brain haemorrhage*

OW,... Just,... OW. O_o

I deal with some fool people.
But THESE fools make MY fools look positively intelligent! ;P

Treppa wrote:
Freehold DM wrote:
Treppa wrote:
Freehold DM wrote:
Celestial Healer wrote:
Treppa wrote:
*whispers to CH "I don't think they know what a manhattan is."*
So this all started because there was a drink on the cocktail menu at Lovecraft with some fanciful name that was described as "whiskey, with sweet vermouth and a dash of bitters". I asked the waitress "So, what's the difference between that and a Manhattan" and she said "Yeah, it's a Manhattan, although I like that you know your cocktail recipes". So even the bar is betting we don't know what a Manhattan is :)
it's like someone telling me a two wheeled terrestrial vehicle operated by manual footpedals is a starhopper.
I have no idea what this sentence means. Are you sober yet?
I'm not drunk. You guys are drunk.
I wish.

Me Two! :)

Treppa wrote:
*whispers to CH "I don't think they know what a manhattan is."*

This statement,... MIGHT not be ENTIRELY untrue,... ;P

Tilnar wrote:

And that's the big issue -- rifling won't be invented for another 150 years or so -- it's all balls and smoothbore. Accuracy goes up with length of barrel, but then way, way down with range.

All that to say: Pistols were generally not considered reliably accurate until you were basically in dueling range anyway. Add to that the whole notion of honour (shooting a man, not so honourable -- but sometimes necessary) -- and so, yes, you fired your pistols as you closed and then drew your far more reliable, trusty rapier (especially if, like D'Artagnan, you were skilled with said blade).

Yeah, all true. I mean there were sharpshooters, even with the older, unrifled barrels, (So you know they were GOOD) but in general if you were within 'sure kill' range with a pistol, you were almost close enough to use your sword, or a thrown knife. ;P

My black powder revolver has a Semi-Rifled barrel, and I STILL can't hit squat with it over half the time! :(

Granted, I am not a black powder expert, I may have been putting too little or too much powder in the chamber? :/

They may be a LITTLE silly, but I enjoyed reading all of them! :)

I'm still toying with ideas, I try not to get too set on something too early, as I have a hard time changing my mind about later. :P

I'm also making a concerted effort to avoid the playing a straight spellcaster. (As another board member once noted, 'Rags has made more Wizard characters than JK Rowling') ;P

However I think that a Magus or Dueling Cleric of Cayden would fit in nicely with both the game and my play style. :)

I did try to think if I could make a decently capable 'dueling Sorcerer', PC, but Either I'm just too tired and stressed with all of work, home, etc,.. or I just don't know the right combo of feats to make it capable. :P

I should be able to make a rough-draft PC in the next day or so. Sorry for the delay, but I am behind at work, and I should actually do work during the day.. ;P

If no one else wants to, I am willing to play a swashbuckling cleric of Cayden, I think playing with firearms and pointy things would be irresponsible without a healer on deck! ;)


Glad to hear you Treeforters had a great time!

(And that I'm not the ONLY one who likes deh Cider!) ;P

Manhattans? Thhpppt! Speaking of lightweight,...

A (Properly Made) Long Island Ice Tea FTW! ;)

Ah, here we are, an article saying the same things as from WIKI, but with better details, and pictures!

Pepperbox Pistol History Website

So, there WERE pepperboxes in the 16th century, using the 'match-lock' technology (Putting a lit fuse in the hammer, where the Flint in a flintlock would later reside) So yes, they ha dthese during DUMAS 3M time.

Popularity? another question.

But this puts the ones that I was thinking about, (Flintlock or percussion cap, smaller and easily concealable for ladies and gentlemen's self-defense) past the time of the setting we are emulating.

And I STILL recall reading about all these early firearms, but especially the multiple-chamber ones, being as much of a hazard to the owner as to the target!

I myself own ONE firearm, a Navy Colt Firearms replica (functional) of a Civil War Cap & Ball revolver.

Yes I have fired it. It sucks. I literally cannot hit the broad side of a barn with it, and I am a decent shot. :P

And, when I fire it, I cap over the end of the chambers with Crisco. To prevent misfires/ignition of the next chamber.
Crisco also makes it easier to clean afterwords. BONUS! ;)

GM Treppa wrote:

We're going by the book, not the movies. Not the TV series. Not the cartoons. No airships!

That pepperbox pistol sounds like a menace to everyone, including the wielder! Let me know what you find out, Rags.

AT first glance:

Wikipedia said wrote:

The pepper-box revolver or simply pepperbox (also "pepper-pot", from its resemblance to the household pepper grinder) is a multiple-barrel repeating firearm that has three or more barrels grouped around a central axis. It mostly appears in the form of a multi-shot handheld firearm. Pepperboxes exist in all ammunition systems: matchlock, wheellock, flintlock, percussion, pinfire, rimfire and centerfire.

EARLY YEARS: This type of firearm was popular in North America from 1830 until the American Civil War, but the concept was introduced much earlier. In the 15th century, several single-shot barrels were attached to a stock, being fired individually by means of a match.

So at first glance, it seems that a rudimentary version of the pepperbox was invented as early as the 1500's, but according to WIKI (Which we ALL know is FLAWLESS) ;P They didn't actually see 'popularity' until 1830's.

Will continue digging,...

I've read the 3M, many times,. but the most recent was,... well, not recently. ;P

Going by all of the MOVIES, (and the excellent TV series) they used their firearms almost as much as their swords, however it IS still primarily 'point, shoot, drop, pick up after fight is over' style of fighting.

I can wax philosophic about reasons the Musketeers didn't/don't use their guns (often) in town,...
Just a few guesses,
-Against the law? They WERE the law, not counting the Cardinal's Guards, who basically got promoted ahead of the Musketeers on the legal-authority-food-chain. (And Musketeers were still expected to obey the law, hence the whole 'your under arrest for dueling' problem in the book) ;P

-Still mainly inaccurate weapons, more likely to hit a bystander in a crowd than the intended target,

-Goes against the Musketeers creedo and dueling code. They prefer to face their opponents man-to-man,

-Plus, in a swordfight they get to show off that whole Swashbuckle-thing they are all about. :)

-Musketeers didn't kill for fun, only when they had to. They would much rather beat your pants off in a swordfight and let you live if they could. Guns make that hard to do. ;)

Yeah I have a headache, that's all I got right now. :)

I'm good with 'common guns' Treppa, although I DO believe that the pepperbox pistol was 1600's as well. (I will be happy to research later tonight) As I recall, it worked, but like all the rest was prone to misfires, meaning you could very well blow your hand off if all the chambers went off at once. Plus they were much smaller bullets than the larger pistols and rifles, and had a much shorter (Accurate) range. It was an easily concealable, save-or die weapon, not a reliable six-shooter like in the old west. :)

Oooh,... A halfling Swashbuckling Magus,... <wait for it>,...

A STRENGTH build magus!

He'd be the Mini-Mi of Porthos! :)

OK, I'm tired,... that was way funnier than it had any right to be. :/

Ah who am I kidding? It's been a long week. And it's funny in my head. (The voices tell me so!) :)

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lynora wrote:

I made a thing!

A reversible thing!

And it should come as a shock to no one that after pulling my sewing machine out of storage the first thing I used it for was doctor who themed clothing. :)

As it should be!

(Wait! Is there ANOTHER reason to own a sewing machine?!?) O_o

Nice job! ;)

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Patrick Curtin wrote:

We'll have a fun week in 2017. I have visualized it!

<Bows to Sensei Monkey>

"SO it has Been Spoken. So Mote it Be!"


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Orthos wrote:
Treppa wrote:
Prince was 57. That's a bit too close for comfort!

Yikes, that makes him only a couple of years older than my parents =(

I thought he was older than that.

Just a guess, It wasn't his age, it was the drugs when he was younger?


Never was really a fan of Prince, but I have to admit he made some darn catchy songs. (And I confess to loving his songs in the Batman movie!)


Halfling Swashbuckler/Cavalier w/ riding dog?

On the plus side, Halflings look FABulous in wide brimmed, feathered hats! :)

On the minus, I DO hate that 'small' pointy weapons supposedly do less dmg than 'normal' sized ones. :(

(Have you ever been stabbed with a sword?!? I can promise you, large or small, it HURTS!) :/

Freehold wrote:
that's rather harmonious, but it still stings a bit. I'm glad you had the 1000 as opposed to not.

Me too! :)

Celestial Healer wrote:
On the bright side, look at all those nice new appliances!

Indeed! The kitchen is practically covered in (Most likely Faux) Stainless Steel! :)

(My wife insists that the OVEN needs to match. I insist that a working oven trumps a shiny one.) ;P

Patrick Curtin wrote:
I hope your turn of luck improves Rags

Thanks, At the risk of repeating myself, Me too! ;)

Sorry for the griping, I hope YOU enjoy your holiday weekend! :)

I just keep reminding myself.
<Jerry Clower voice impersonation>
"It could ALWAYS be wurse!"
</Jerry Clower Voice Impersonation>


Kajehase wrote:
Ouchies Ragadolf. Hope tomorrow is better. And that you find a discounted fridge.

LOL, Thank you Friendly Ship. That makes two of us! ;)

Actually, this has been quite the interesting 6 months or so. If it was happening to someone ELSE, it'd be funny.

It it was a sit-com, it'd be hysterical.

In the last 6 months, I have;

Replaced my microwave oven,

Replaced my Dishwasher,

Replaced my Washer and Dryer,

REPAIRED my oven, (Not forking out the cash for a new one of THOSE!)

REPAIRED my Home AC, just in time to prevent Compressor damage and having to replace that,

And NOW Catastrophic Fridge Failure.
(Actually I like that term. I'm Trademarking it.) ;)

The good news? I'm running out of things to repair! It HAS to slow down soon! ;P

Ah yes, There comes a time where you have to laugh. Or else start crying. I prefer to laugh.

<Over heard at the Wizard's House, 'Mommy? Why is Daddy laughing like a crazy villain person??'>

Leoian Mousekewitz wrote:
Still sort of leaning towards the Catfolk Daring Infiltrator, especially if Marhof is going to be a Ratfolk swashbuckler.

Ahhhh,.. I DO so enjoy working with professionals. ;)

This is starting to sound like quite the lineup of Characters and ne'er do-wells. I've seen blockbuster movies that didn't have this good of a cast. ;)

How to rise to the challenge? Now I HAVE to come up with something to fit in with this rag-tag band of ruffians.

<BAck to the drawing board> :)

pinvendor wrote:

Mostly, I just hope she's fun to roleplay and cause roleplay opportunities for everyone by basically being a nuisance and an inconvenience for those who actually are capable heroes. My goal is to have everyone playing enjoy her hijinks, sass, and foolish bravery without ruining things (well, not completely) or inducing rage from you all as players.

No rage. Sounds like fun to me! :)

She might frustrate my CHARACTER to no end. But I think I'd sit back and enjoy the show! ;)


So, while SOME of us get to plan and anticipate a Grand Adventure for this weekend,...
<What? ME? Jealous?!?> ;P

Some of us came home, after yet another late night at work, to discover that our Refrigerator (which has been getting slowly warmer) Had completely defrosted the freezer. And the Fridge was no longer cold.

So there was much swearing as I fetched bags of ice for our ice chests, and salvaged what little I could. (Did I mention that I HATE throwing things away?!?)

So, I'll be taking tomorrow morning off of work, and buying a new refrigerator. The cost? About $1,000.

My expected Federal Tax refund? About $1,000. o_O

It has just been One. Of. Those. Days. :/

On the PLUS side?
Looking forward to reading tales of adventures in far-off and foreign lands. (New York)
You know, AFTER the requisite recuperation time has elapsed. ;P

You gotta be like The Flash, and get some of those Speed-resistant underoos!

(Can you imagine what it would be like to get a wedgie at Flash-speeds?!?) O_o


Yeah, I weep at the thought of 2 Skill points/lvl too. :(

I dunno, ALL of the swashbuckly-stuff sounds fun to me! (It always has, ever since I first saw those old movies as a kid)

Hows a guy to choose?!?!? :P

Hm,... off the top though, I'd say I'm likely to go swashbuckly-Magus, Straight Swashbuckler (maybe with a few gun feats?), or Cleric Of Cayden.

(I might pick yer brain about that tumbly-cleric yer tawkin' 'bout) ;)

Tossing around ideas.

In my mind.

Cuz I likes all of mine, AND all of the above, so far. ;P

Hrm,... A variance on the Magus I'm playing in another PbP ?(oft delayed, but we refuse to quit!) ;)

Based on the idea that more blades is better, he specializes in ALL of the spells/powers that provide/create/animate/etc another blade. (My original used 3PP Arcana, Dancing Blade, to get that power before you can normally get it with the regular points/lvl) ;)

His ultimate goal, (Obviously a higher-lvl goal) is to swing into action, while wielding his rapier in one hand, have his 'Defending/Dancing' weapon beside him, animating yet another sword/weapon with arcane pool, while spells animating daggers/etc for defense and offense fly around him.

1st (Or 2nd?) thing I thought of was pretty much ANY worshiper of Cayden, yeah. :)

Yes there is an arcana (somewhat nerfed, at least for PFS as I vaguely recall) that allows Magus to become a jr-league Swashbuckler.

I wouldn't want to burn ALL of my Arcana on Swashbuckler tricks (IF I did that, I'd just play a Swash) But the first 1 or 2 looked good to very useful, and/or a couple of Swashbuckler-y feats.

OR gun feats, in this case,... ;)

<Large Splash>

<Bearded Old Wizard pops his head up.>

What?!? You SAID to jump in!


1 person marked this as a favorite.

ALWAYS interested Treppa! ;P

Swashbuckler/Musketeer/Magus anyone?


Aranna wrote:

Is it weird places we have slept today?

-Slept standing up at work (hey I was working like 80+ hours that week)
-Slept curled up in a cat bed... I must have been super tired when I went to pet my mom's cats.
-Slept on my computer keyboard... when I was too tired to realize I needed sleep not internet.
-Slept behind the wheel of my car... this doesn't end well when it happens.

I also fell asleep once standing up,... in High School. :/

I fall asleep at my keyboard all the time. I'm not too tired to realize that I needed sleep more than interwebs, I just don't care. :P

Sleeping behind the wheel? Yeah,... that never ends well. O_o

I get the feeling that this may be very similar to his Alera Setting in a way.

Meaning, when I read the first book of that series, I wasn't overly impressed. But I read it and enjoyed it for what it was, because I LIKE Butcher. Then I continued reading the series. And as He developed his over-arching plotline, and more importantly the characters, they got better, And I ended up loving the characters and the series. (If not necessarily the ending of it) ;P

Agree with your assessment of his description of combat scenes. Far better than most. (IMHO)

MOST (Not all) authors seem to fall into two extremes of writing action and/or fight scenes,
-Either they don't give you ANY descriptive images to work with, (I mean, I have an very active imagination, and I do a lot of stage combat and such, so it wouldn't take much to get me into it) and the fights end up seeming disconnected, or like Shakespeare, something that happens offstage and you never actually get to see how much of a bad@$$ the hero is,

-OR, they give you TOO MUCH description (I myself confess to falling prey to this way to much) And characters and plot and story and everything else just doesn't fit into the blow by blow description of the fight.

Butcher on the other hand (Again, IMHO) balances the two very well if not perfectly. At least with his well-developed characters. His actions are fast-paced, entertaining, clever, and flow with all the rapidity of a Bourne fight scene.

Man I have to learn how to do that,... ;P

Treppa wrote:
Beware the nuclear wessels.


OK, I keep streaming music from Itunes at work to keep my work internet connection open. (And to keep my sanity), usually Streaming Soundtracks . com.

And I kid you not. As I read this line, The closing theme from Star Trek IV, The Voyage Home started playing.

O_o <Mind. Blown.>

That's Cuz great minds think alike! ;)

Heh, Yeah, the cats were on and off for me. But overall I liked them.

They were a variety on of a character type for the story. (I guess?) Made it a little different.

All in all, a fun romp for a first book of a new series. I admit I'm looking forward to seeing where he's going with this one (after seeing what he did with his Codex Alera Series) I'll read the rest of them when they come out.

But I'll be eagerly anticipating the newest Dresden novel more! ;P

TOZ wrote:
This is the only power of positivity I pay attention to.


Just,... Wow.

That is wrong on SO many levels.

And yet, I cannot look away! O_o

GM Treppa wrote:

Some people get grumpy about GMPC's, so wanted to make this clear.

Heh, I'm obviously way too easy then. I hadn't even considered that there was difference. ?!? ;P

EDIT- oh, I see now, 'NPC' vs 'GM-PC' ;P

Yeah, still not worried. We're all good here. ;)

aeglos wrote:
one day, when the Dwarfling is bigger and money is available I would love to visit the south-east of the US. maybe go from Florida to Texas or something like that

Come on down!

The more the merrier!


Patrick Curtin wrote:
For me, I am thinking a more autumnal entrance. One, I don't like the thought of Louisiana in the summer. Two, assuming I have a new job it will be easier to get time off in an off-season time

Yes, Lousy-anna in the summertime is simply,... Lousy!

We have 100% humidity here. And THAT's on the GOOD days! ;P

Autumn works. Early semester the shows aren't all booked solid, as no one has started rehearsals yet! ;P So August, September, I can work with that.

Big Cemetery? Check.

D-Day Museum? Check.

May I suggest the Aquarium? Last I checked even after the Katrina debacle it was still considered one of the top 5 in the nation?

I shall do my research, (As I never really was a 'partyer' in my mis-spent youth) and make sure we end your trip with a proper visit to the French Quarter. LOTS of history, Hauntings, and drinking to be had!
Some places have all of the above! ;)

Example- The original Wooden structure that was both a blacksmith's shop, AND Jean Lafitte's hideout when he was in port? It somehow survived the major fire(s) that decimated the rest of the Quarter. Yep. It's a bar now. ;)

Patrick Curtin wrote:
When i come visit Rags, I'd love to visit the big cemetery there. The one with the above-ground mausoleums. Anything historical is good as well. The D-Day Museum is right up my alley.

There are several big cemeteries here (Although I know the one you and everyone else is thinking about) But some are much more impressive than others. And safer to visit, day or night. ;P

And even the 'small' ones are all technically 'above ground' mausoleums, as it is illegal to bury anyone below ground level here where the water table is frequently above street level! :)

My wife's family has a small plot, and it is open top (Looks like a plot of ground with a small wall around it) but it is actually a completely encased (sides and below) mausoleum. Just doesn't have the fancy top on it. ;)

Of course like 5 plots over is a one that looks like a small castle. ;P

The really big one your thinking of is very cool, like a miniature city.

Sharoth wrote:
Ragadolf wrote:
Sharoth wrote:
Ragadolf wrote:
Patrick Curtin wrote:
Ragadolf wrote:

One day I would like to go and hang out for a weekend with some of you guys, I think I would have a blast! (But as it is a VERY long drive from south Louisiana, it not happening anytime soon) ;P

Well, I'd love to visit Louisiana some day, so maybe you can take me around there!

Now see, THERE is a plan I can work with! ;)

New Orleans, Hereafter referred to as 'The Big Easy', (or as I prefer to pronounce it, 'The Big Sleazy') Does have some fun and interesting sites to visit, particularly if you have any interest in history. Or drinking. ;P

Don't forget to take him to the D-Day museum. I need to go back there sometime.


(My father-in-law likes that one too.)

Don't worry. When I go back to New Orleans, I will make sure you know in advance. After all, it will give you enough time to set the traps and claymore mines. I will be trying to head back during the summer of 2017.

edit - It would be no problem if it were just me, but with 2 dogs and 7 cats, someone has to stay here and hold down the fort. Plus the wife has the family there, so she gets first dibs on going down there.


Heheh, Sounds about right. ;)

My father-in-law still lives in Kenner. (Right in the landing path for the airport) My wife (and I, and our kids) still go visit him regularly. But after Katrina I wasn't moving back into the bowl surrounded by water. ;P

Sharoth wrote:
Ragadolf wrote:
Patrick Curtin wrote:
Ragadolf wrote:

One day I would like to go and hang out for a weekend with some of you guys, I think I would have a blast! (But as it is a VERY long drive from south Louisiana, it not happening anytime soon) ;P

Well, I'd love to visit Louisiana some day, so maybe you can take me around there!

Now see, THERE is a plan I can work with! ;)

New Orleans, Hereafter referred to as 'The Big Easy', (or as I prefer to pronounce it, 'The Big Sleazy') Does have some fun and interesting sites to visit, particularly if you have any interest in history. Or drinking. ;P

Don't forget to take him to the D-Day museum. I need to go back there sometime.


(My father-in-law likes that one too.)

Patrick Curtin wrote:
Ragadolf wrote:
Patrick Curtin wrote:
Ragadolf wrote:

One day I would like to go and hang out for a weekend with some of you guys, I think I would have a blast! (But as it is a VERY long drive from south Louisiana, it not happening anytime soon) ;P

Well, I'd love to visit Louisiana some day, so maybe you can take me around there!

Now see, THERE is a plan I can work with! ;)

New Orleans, Hereafter referred to as 'The Big Easy', (or as I prefer to pronounce it, 'The Big Sleazy') Does have some fun and interesting sites to visit, particularly if you have any interest in history. Or drinking. ;P

Strangely enough, I have an interest in both!

I have always wanted to visit New Orleans. So, new lifegoal. Big Easy in 2017

Deal! :)

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