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Ragadolf's page

RPG Superstar 6 Season Star Voter. 5,456 posts (14,598 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 25 aliases.


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Ah, now I know. :)

Yeah, the lack of pain was wonderful.
But I also do not understand how people get addicted to those things? As I did NOT like the way they made me not-think.

Argh, I can't explain it. I just did not enjoy the way (Other than the lack of pain) the pills made me feel. It was like my brain was swimming in jell-o. Backwards. Blindfolded. And I hated the flavor. :P

Yeah, get better soon. :)

Hey when I had kidney surgery, I hated what the painkillers they gave me did to my brain. I swear I could FEEL my synapses not firing right) So I weaned off of them asap and went to Tylenol/Ibuprofen quick as I could. :)

Course it was hydrocodone, I'm not sure I've ever had Percoset?

Well, have fun sleeping and drooling!
We'll see you (and your post) when you regain consciousness,... and coherence.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Forbidden Kingdom is an awesome movie.

I like it. :)

But, wizards are renown for their good taste,... Or is that dragons think they taste good???

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Just found this this week. Already read all, caught up, and waiting for the next chapter!


Very nice and well done. Truth be told, I'm a bit jealous! ;)

I easily enjoy this as much as many of my favored books on my shelves.

(And considerably more than several other books that also rest on my shelves. I'm looking at YOU 'Darksaber'!) ;P

Looking forward to the continued adventures!

OK, NOW I have to read about the Ghost-Rabbit,... O_o

That is funny!

And kind of cool, history wise. :)

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Happy Birthday CH!

May there be much merriment in your immediate future!

And I hope your a (At least part) druid, and immune to toxins, so you may enjoy inebriation properly! :)

<Reads post(s). Blinks. Re-reads.>

<Laughs out loud>

<Looks around to make sure no one is watching. Tries it.>

<Smiles and pretends to get back to work>

Celestial Healer wrote:

At least until they wise up and outfit school buses with cages, so each child can be in their own kennel.

Why are you all looking at me that way?

Because I can't believe they haven't implemented that system already!

Ninja'd by 12 minutes???? Man I'm getting old. And slow,... :P

A 'Get out of being eaten free' Card! ;)


1 person marked this as a favorite.
Patrick Curtin wrote:
Drejk wrote:
Patrick Curtin wrote:
Celestial Healer wrote:
I should be getting a jury summons in July. I deferred the one I got in February. I am neutral on the question. I just don't want to get tied up for a long time.
That was my concern as well. Fortunately my employment as a security guard seemed to be the thing they were squiffy about. Mayhap a bit too close to law enforcement? Who knows

Or being involved in possibility of use of some force in your work.

Or possible bias against certain types of crimes/infractions.

Weren't they concerned about you taking paralegal training?

Likely, likely, and no. In fact, the judge who was presiding said that he had served on several juries himself. Legal training is no longer an automatic disqualification


One High School teacher I knew about got called to Jury Duty.
During the Jury Interview the lawyer asked her what her job was. She replied "High School Speech Teacher'.
The lawyer laughed and said, "I suppose around you I had better watch my Grammar!"
She replied, "Actually, I teach Theater. Around me you'd better watch your acting."
She was dismissed.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Oi, Same thing happened to me a couple of years back.

It was so bad that everyone who went to this one chain restaurant Had their card info stolen. AND turned into fake cards that others were using.

Caught MY fake card because whoever handles my Credit Unions card management systems caught it being used in NYC, (I had only been there once, and it was 8 years prior). So they froze it until they contacted me.

They had tried to make a $2000 jewelry purchase on my card. But it was a BANK card, not a credit card. (And I never have $2000 in my account) ;P

By the time the bank and I contacted each other that day, they had already tried to purchase another insane amount of jewelry online as well.

Yet another time I had to cancel my card and get a new one. ;P (Wasn't the first time that happened)
It was SO bad that my credit union just cancelled and reissued the cards of anyone who had ever used their card at the restaurant. And they set it so that any card of theirs used at that place automatically declines.

Still tired,...

New day,
Different show,...

WHY do I continue to do SO much work for SO little pay?!?!? :/

Cuz I'm too darned nice, and a glutton for punishment is my usual response. :P

Aberzombie wrote:
Are blue jays on Golarion called blue jays? Or are they known by what should be their name: blue-feathered a~+##*$s of the sky?

This. Yes.

I was looking forward to 'Treppa on Anesthesia'.

Sad wizard is sad.

BUT he hopes that Treppa is feeling better? :D

1 person marked this as a favorite.
NobodysHome wrote:
TriOmegaZero wrote:

Do people just not understand what BCC is for?

Edit: Fav'd within 7 seconds. Now THAT is what I call a ninja.

BCC requires actual thought. "Reply All" is just a button.

THAT is the problem with the universe.

Or at least Microsoft Outlook. One or the other...

SO which it?

The Universe? Or Microsoft?

(HINT- The answer is 'YES')


Ah yes KS, yet ANOTHER thing I cannot afford to give any money too.
No matter how badly/much I may want to!

<Makes note to check out KS for DF card game>

And in my defense, the Spoiler has a TITLE, I mean c'mon! ;P

And I didn't spoil anything, just sort of,... geeked out a little.

(OK OK, ... a LOT,... But still)


<Read the above line in the voice of Rhino the Hamster from Bolt>



One- There is a Co-op Dresden Files Card Game?!? WHY haven't I heard of this!?!?!?!


Erm,.. <Cough> I mean, Thank you for sharing.

The killer is, Last night I did it to myself!

Was actually going to bed at 10pm. (Scandalous!)
I decided to take a quick look at the new Star Wars Game App I just downloaded the other day on a whim.

I went to bed at 12:30.

D@#$ F#$%&*^ addictive games!

Failed my Will save on THAT roll big time! ;P

Patrick Curtin wrote:

Another gorgeous day. It's a wonderful time to be alive. Joy fills my heart, and I am grateful for the many small delights life presents me daily. I hope you all experience joy and satisfaction this fine day.


I hope so too!

Erm, I mean,... You too monkey! :D

Oh yes, looking forward to that!

If 'Treppa on anesthesia' is anything like 'Rags on anesthesia' it should be VERY entertaining. :)

I feel you sir.
And JUST when you think you've found a few minutes, it's another one of a thousand minor emergencies that are not the end of the world, but have to be dealt with RIGHT THEN! ;P

I think Father Time is laughing his @$$ off at me (US?) watching us keep trying to catch up. <_< >_>

Yeah, I got tired of waiting. ;P

(Patience is a virtue. It's just not MY virtue.) -_-

Now somebody jump in and save me! I've been out of practice, my writing needs help! ;P

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Patrick Curtin wrote:

By the way



<Does Old Wizard Happy Dance>

Now, go forth and slay the Margarita!

They are cunning, and multiply quickly. You may have to slay several!

So you have fun with that! ;)

DSXMachina wrote:
** spoiler omitted **


[spoiler]Oh goodie. NOW Danny has to 'behave' himself (As much as he ever does) AND he'll likely need a cold shower later! ;P Oh yeah, This'll be fun. ;)[/ooc]

Dungeon Monkey wrote:
Sorry for the delay folks, free time is still elusive :(

'Free,... Time'?, I find this concept intriguing. Please explain. ;P

Happy Birthday Monkey!

Patrick wrote:
Eek! When did I get so gorram old?

Hm, shortly after I did, it would seem. ;P

Pass that Test! Pass that Test! Pass that Test!

(Me, playing cheerleader for my Teenage daughter) :)

But it goes for you too! Good luck Monkey!

THEN go and have a Happy Freakin Birthday party! You earned it! :D

Yippie! :)

Oi! Indeed! :/

Wow. O_o

I'm fairly 2-dimensional in PC creation it seems. ;)

In my defense, I got NO sleep last night. (Was trying to get Daughter to pass online Spanish test. it wasn't pretty.) :P

So I'm feeling really creative right now. At work. Again.

Lucky I can feel anything. So,... Tired,... -_-

Yay indeed!

Cheaper makes EVERYthing better.

(You don't believe me? Ask a College student how he feels about free food!) ;P

Hey all,
Sorry to hear about illness and injuries. Get better all!
(QUICKly!) ;)

I spent all last week teching/running a Beauty and the Beast show for CYT (100 kids ages 8-18 all on stage at the same time for the 'Be our Guest' and mob scenes) O_O

Then, was up till 3am with daughter trying to get her to pass an online Spanish test that she (supposedly) did well on all of the practice tests for. (She had 5 days to take this stupid test, and she waits til SUNDAY?!?!?!) :P

Yeah,.... I'm doubtful. And seriously f@#$%^& tired.

Fortunately, so many others also had problems with this test that teacher has given another three days to take it. And. She. Will. <-< >->

Yeah, I'm gonna go mainline coffee and work with my all-day client now.

Hope everyone else has a happy Monday! :)

Peace and stay dry! (Rainstorms on their way here. Again.) :)

Sorry all, been frikkin busy at work.
(Show of Beauty & Beast on stage right now)

I think I've narrowed my choices down to 2,
-The mouser (Who'll likely be an almost straight Alchemist after his dip into Swashbuckler/Mouser)

-A Magus who thinks hes a swashbuckler. :)

Either one will likely help us with our current (seeming) magical shortage. ;)

Hopefully I'll be able to get to it by early this next week. ;P

Treppa wrote:
Can't wait to see fisticuffs between Edwyn and Danny. They are the only ones with Fists skill.

That is funny.

Even more so when you know that I originally only took it for 'flavor', (he has been hanging around those bad-@$$ girls) ;)
And that I almost dropped it in this latest round of re-vamping Danny.
But I remembered Treppa's earlier comment, and decided to keep it.

Looking forward (hopefully?) to the scene when Danny gets tired of talking to Mr McBadGuy, and just punches him in the nose! :D

Character Concept-
Halfling Swashbuckler with Mouser Archetype. (Because it sounded fun when I read it) Take a level dip into Alchemist for the 1st level self-buffs
(Mutagen, plus Doses of Growth, Shrinking, Healing, Shield, etc every day) Plus daily doses of Bombs. Will never be powerful, but would be like getting a couple of 'free' ALchemist Fire each day? :)

Was thinking of making the Alchemist dip a Vivisectionist for sneak attack damage, but that would take 2 levels, and I don't really see that as helping as much as I was hoping? I really wanted this to be heavy on the 'little guy takes down the big guy' swashbuckler antics PC. Emphasis on the 'little' with Potions of Shrinking. :)

Thoughts? I'm not a rules expert, but it seems Mouser breaks a lot of typical 'rules' involving combat and the creating/avoiding of AoO's when moving in and out of others spaces. Does this work as well as it sounds? And what feats are required to make a mouser work well?

I'm not an uber-optimiser, just looking for ideas and things that work, not the most DPS etc swashbuckler ever. :)

Cool. :)

Yeah I can see you adding those Ectomancy abilities later, as he 'grows' into his newfound powers.

captain yesterday wrote:

Yeah, it's best in occasional small doses.

But that's true of any variation other then the original.


Agreement with you there.

Unless your REALLY in the mood for a Scooby Snack. ;)

2 people marked this as a favorite.
captain yesterday wrote:
A Pup Named Scooby Doo is my favorite.

You are dead to me sir.

(Just Kidding!) ;P

captain yesterday wrote:

From Fred constantly blaming Red Herring, to Velma's maniacally happy look as she blasts by on her rocket powered skateboard, to Daphne and her butler.

Funny stuff!

Yeah, OK, I'll give you those bits were amusing. But they were the same jokes every episode. As much as I love the Scoob, this was NOT on my list of top versions to watch.

Still better than anything containing Scrappy Doo, but only by a little.
(Except the first Live action movie. THAT plot twist was great!) :)

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Tacticslion wrote:
captain yesterday wrote:

Only place i could find it for free

Edit: it's okay, a bit heavy on the sexual awkwardness.

Ph-phrasing. Again. ;)

(It's "romantic awkwardness" I'd call it.)

It also has tight plotting, surprisingly well-fleshed characters, and unusually solid world-building.

I mean, it's goofy and almost entirely as "serious" as the old Scooby Doo, but people have more solid motivations and characterizations to go along with it. As well, it actually addresses a few (though not all) of the issues of (relatively) young kids going around doing mysteries and finding danger.

I've only been here for three episodes... but they're unusually solid episodes. And the animation is nice, too.

EDIT: To be sure, everyone is an exaggerated archetype. That's just kind of the whole Scooby Doo thing, though. It's a goofy show, and enjoys itself on that regard.

I enjoyed the series. (Can't recall if I ever got to finish it or not? It was getting good though!)

Fun if exaggerated exploration of the characters, with an interesting overarcing plot line that always made me want to see what happened next.

But, I like Scooby Doo, you'd have to try pretty hard to make me NOT like it! ;P

I'd be interested in the source(s) of your inspiration for the PC?
(Other than the name, obviously. Even I can figure THAT one out!) :)

I ask because for some reason the Movie 'Dylan Dog, Dad of Night' popped into my head.
Not a great movie, but it was fun to watch. (I generally don't like horror movies, but this wasn't scary, more of a comedic adaptation of the comic book I guess?) ;)

So, in/out of game-wise, How 'exactly' are you going to play the pocketwatch?

It is the source of your being able to stay and function on this mortal plane, obviously, but does that mean that you drop dead (again?) if you fall victim to a pickpocket?

Or (I'm guessing this is more likely) It is closer to the genie/lamp idea, you are autonomous from the watch, but if someone (Oh I don't know, BBEG?!?) manages to get a hold of it, they could use a ritual/something to control you?

Dabbling in Ectomancy is a great idea. (Actually, your already doing it) ;P
Maybe not a full-blown ecto, That would cost a lot more refresh than you have left I think? But something like Treppa suggested might be good?

Although I don't know what to add Ecto-wise that your PC can't already do? SHort of going full-caster?
You can 'see & talk to the dead' which means that you have another source of information that NO one else (of the PC's) has access to. That's a pretty good advantage that most BBEG's won't be expecting. :)

We sneaking into a well-guarded BBEG lair? Right before we step into the death-trap, the LAST guy it killed pops up and warns you? All for the low price of 'kick the BBEG's @$$ for me'? ;)

Yeah I'm gonna stop giving the GM ideas now. Again. :/

Cool concept.
Like the flavor.
You should be able to have some fun with that! :)


1 person marked this as a favorite.
Tacticslion wrote:

PM for EveryFaWtL!


Very Cool Tacticslion, thanks for the link.

And congrats to your dad! :)

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Patrick Curtin wrote:

Back at the parking lot guarding.

Hard to believe I've been gone since Monday. Good news is I should have some money coming in soon. I spent an awful lot getting supplies today.

Pesky Parking Lots aren't gonna guard themselves!

Silly blacktop, always trying to up and leave the minute no one is watching,...

Ah, then either I did my math wrong to start,... (Very possible)

OR he had an extra skill point from his previous (PbP) adventures before transferring across the pond. :) (Which is what I bet happened)

OK, I like Danny's Aspects. but I'm convinced that I can do better at naming some of them.

If you have any better ideas for Aspect names that reflect what I'm going for, but sound/phrase it better, I'm all ears! :)

Example- I Like 'Singing down the house' and 'All the worlds a stage' but they do not seem to be as user/gm Friendly (Tappable) as 'Fae Luck'.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Treppa wrote:
What was the audition for?

For a New musical called "Jambalaya". From what little I know, it is supposed to be a musical comedy about the older and newer generations of cajuns sort of vying for the title of 'Real Cajun'. :)

Basically, this will be the 'show-building, will it work as a Broadway show?' workshop and performance. If cast, we work on it for a month straight, and do the show. They bring in producers and say 'Hey look at our cool new show!' and hope the producers think it will make it big and pick it up.

Long shot for me, but it sounded fun, and I was looking for a show to do this summer-ish.
According to the people I know that invited me (IE-Texted me to come over immediately and didn't tell me why till I got there) I made a good impression on the lady who will be directing the show. So,...

Hopeful/wishful thinking FTW! :D

Freehold DM wrote:
Ragadolf wrote:

On an interesting note,

I got multiple texts from 3 people telling to come across the street asap.
I go over, and I get handed an audition form.

Turns out they are preparing to do a 'Workshop production' for a musical here, bringing in producers, etc from New York to help build it and watch it.

Heres the great part, not only does it actually fit my busy schedule, it is a PAID gig, and is possible (not likely, but possible) to get picked up and actually go do off-broadway or a tour with the show!

So,... I think I did OK for going in cold and unprepared.

Speaking of 'Positive thinking makes things happen!' :)

Well, that's some good news! Glad to hear things are going well for you, Rags.

Thenk yew sir.

Not a guaranteed thing by any means, But it is encouraging that 3 people involved told me I needed to audition. :)

5 people marked this as a favorite.

On an interesting note,
I got multiple texts from 3 people telling to come across the street asap.
I go over, and I get handed an audition form.

Turns out they are preparing to do a 'Workshop production' for a musical here, bringing in producers, etc from New York to help build it and watch it.

Heres the great part, not only does it actually fit my busy schedule, it is a PAID gig, and is possible (not likely, but possible) to get picked up and actually go do off-broadway or a tour with the show!

So,... I think I did OK for going in cold and unprepared.

Speaking of 'Positive thinking makes things happen!' :)

Patrick Curtin wrote:
Ragadolf wrote:

Such a long week.

Such a LONGER one starting tomorrow! :/

Good night, John Boy,...

(Oh I'm not showing my age with THAT one, at ALL.) ;P

Do they even play the Waltons on TV anymore?

Wait, of course they must, somewhere. There's still too much bandwidth to fill. Nothing ever goes entirely off the air these days.

THIS is true.

Good luck with the veggies!

Such a long week.

Such a LONGER one starting tomorrow! :/

Good night, John Boy,...

(Oh I'm not showing my age with THAT one, at ALL.) ;P

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