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Rabblewitz's page

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A Bit Disappointing

***( )( )

While not bad, I was a bit disappointed in this set. As others have mentioned, some of them are printed so dark that they can be hard to use. For example, I can see far more detail in the sample image of the Sitting Room above, than on the actual printed cards I received.

I also don't care for many of the broken "props" littered about on the floor ... that limits the map's usefulness somewhat, unless you simply tell your players to ignore what they see. And I would much rather add my own props, when needed.

The "Rickety Wooden Staircase" is 2 scale inches wide ... that's good for the grand stair in the entry hall, but huge for what it represents here.

The hedge maze is interesting, but I'd rather see that as it's own pack, covering a bit more area.

Note: In the samples shown above, the entry hall is not one card, as it appears, but four. This is a good thing. :-)

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