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Ra-thalun's page

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The half-elf saw Elana's furtive glance and looked away. Then he cursed himself for a fool and walked over to the noblewoman.

"My lady...we will not agree on this, and perhaps not on many other things as well...but that does not mean you don't have my sword, my friendship or my respect. And no matter what the result of this argument comes to be...I hope you know my words to be true."

With that, the half-elf went back to busying himself with covering Grunur's armor with as much mud and refuse as he could. Poor dwarf, he thought, looking at the pitiful man in rags. I've dragged him into a war and have forced his most prized possession to be stripped from him...some g&$#~%ned friend. It's a miracle he doesn't crush my skull with his bloody hammer and be done with it.

But if Grunur shared these feelings, he made no show of it. He was despondent and anxious, but he was not wroth. He just looked like he wanted to get this over with as quickly as possible; as it was, rags or no, he felt like a naked man being paraded through the streets. Neither beggar, nor soldier, nor Queen would appreciate such a feeling...

Caithas works with Langbard outside, nervously glancing back at the inn now and then.

Jules wouldn't be a fool here, he tells himself. He looks at Elana, whom he's had trouble meeting the gaze of in the last hour or so.

Dammit, the ranger thinks, as he straps on the make-shift disguise.

"Here, I'm dressed now...I'll do the best I can to hide Grunur's armor here. You all keeping working...maybe if I smear some more mud - sorry, old friend - it'll keep this out of an inspector's eyes..."

(OOC: Caithas +7 Stealth check for helping with the armor.)

Grunur, looking pitiful in rags and miserable without his suit of metal, a thin and sad looking man indeed, grunts to Langbard, "The more plausible's the truth, sir. If yer gonna get us out of this mess, might as well do it without having to remember too many lies. Tell 'em that we're not who we said we are. We're not Iron Domes dwarves at all, but rather Crags' born, come across the sea to spy on their precious colonies. The Empire can't invade The Crags anymore than I can fly to the damned moon, so you canna hurt 'em too much with your words, I pray."

(OOC: I have some friends in town for the weekend, so posting will be erratic; just a head's up!)

As Jules leaves to talk to Zaracas, Caithas says, "Remember the two hours we have, my friend. Time's running short. Learn what you can; my blade is ready."

Turning to Elana, the half-elf scowls.

"You mistake me then, my Lady. You think me a soldier? I'm no more a soldier than you are. I fight for what I believe in and I protect those I care about. And yes, I'm asking you to be sane. I'm asking you to set aside misguided honor and look at the fact that we have a beast of a man who wants to kill us captured. If he had died in battle, you would not have blinked a damn eye. But now? Now, you choose mercy? It is madness!"

I set up Sunken Stones on Mythweavers, and still retain that space as a backup, but the majority of my players wanted to move back to TTW, so that's what we did.

"Because he doesn't fight and kill just for coin! He does it for fun! He is sadistic, Lady, and your squeamishness over killing him will lead to more death, I promise you. He held your husband prisoner and would do so again if freed! Sir Amour, for the love of sanity, speak up and settle this! You're the leader and the tie-breaker. What do you say?"

Caithas returns Elana's look grimly. He forces his voice lower and speaks with as much respect for the noble woman as he can muster. His eyes dart to Jules, silently pleading with the nobleman to listen to reason and think like a man at war.

"Lady Elana...I understand you have a noble heart to go with a noble name, but please understand...we're at war here. You joined a rebellion; you knew the terms, as did I, as did we all. The man upstairs...he is the only one to see Grunur's or Ark's faces. He tried to kill us all. He's seen you. He's seen me, and Jules. He is the only link, besides the official, to all of this. The official only saw Jules clearly, and likely me as I pursued him. But this Zaracas has seen us all. You're right that he is a mercenary. That means he will sell us all to the highest bidder, make no mistake of that. His life is a compromise to our safety, if such a thing can ever be said to be had in this damned city. He cannot live. So whether I slit his throat or throw him in a barrel and toss him in a river, as you say, the end result must be the same: He must be dead before he leaves this building. I have done as you and sir Amour have said because you are my betters and my friends, but in this, I am adamant. Grunur risked his life and reputation to help me and us; I will not return the favor by sending a coin-hungry thug into the streets with his description, as well as ours. The man dies, Lady. If that means that you no longer wish me to accompany you, so be it; I'll go on my way, as it were, with a heavy heart and much regret. But I will not go before that sonofab*$%@ upstairs is dead. That much I promise you."

Grunur gulps and balks when he hears Langbard say what the disguises are, "Langbard, is it? I...I trust my friend, and he seems to trust you, so I would place my most sacred belongings with another for the first time, you see. armor, it is my body, you see. Sounds silly, I know...but it is. It is my honor. To trust it to another to complete this task will be hard, but to leave it behind, I'd rather die. Please, if I am to mime a weakling and a captive...swear one of your men can somehow smuggle it to the escape with me. If you can't, I'll go out, hammer in hand, and die facing them now..."

The dwarf sputters a little at the end, and his ruddy cheeks blaze a bit red, but his gaze is firm.

Caithas seems surprised by Grunur's words, but he makes no move to speak or intervene.

He does turn to Jules and Elana and say, "We have two hours. If either of you want anything out of that thug, make your plea and peace. Because I'm cutting his throat before we leave this building."

His hand drops to his blade.

He continues.

"We should inform those other two if they want out. The guard hasn't seen them, perhaps...with Zaracas dead, they both may escape if they wish. If not, they can watch the sonofab~%@* bleed and pay for what he did. And then they can come with us, yeah? Tough to be picky with this rebellion..."

Well, I vote we return to TTW but leave this open as a back-up. I like that we have an alternative space to play should TTW go on the fritz again, but honestly, I just like that site more, bugs and all :)

Still, I'm fine with either choice. As long as we all get to continue creating this crazy story together, I'm happy.

It would seem, according to a few other folks, that TTW has indeed come back online today. Are we planning on returning, Vlad, or shall we plan on making our new home here a permanent one?

"Let him go? Are you mad? We kill him, that's what we do. This is a bloody rebellion, not a carnival, my lady. The man tried to kill us. We captured him. He has seen our faces and knows our intent. Now we kill him. So it goes," Caithas finished with conviction in his voice.

Caithas spoke before Jules had the words out, "Grunur comes down with us, sir. I promise you that."

The dwarf said nothing, but he crossed his arms. He was insistent.

Caithas continued before heading down stairs, "Jules, you have trusted me before. Trust me on this one. I'll be your blade...but if he's here? He'll be the hammer. Besides, he's my friend."


(OOC: Assuming Grunur is allowed to join without a fuss, he will be down there with you guys when Caithas says...)

"Jules, I'll take care of the big thug. Just let me know when," the half-elf said with no cruelty in his voice.

Just honesty.

The dwarf continued to say nothing.

"Good point," Caithas says to Jules. "See? That's why you do the thinking and I do the cutting."

Grunur steps forward.

"I shall do it. The official never saw me; no dwarf has been sighted with your band."

The dwarf moves to open the door, blessing himself with his mother's gift as he does so, just in case trouble greeted him on the other side. Hammer in hand, armored as always, the dwarf moved to open the door, muttering in dwarven as he went.

1d8 + 1 ⇒ (1) + 1 = 2

(OOC: That's the 24-hour temp. HP for Grunur, of course.)

Of course, just as we settle in, TTW comes back online. So it goes :)

Grunur nods at the small woman's words. It was madness, but then, his choices had been mad since he'd used his hammer against an Andellian official. Who was he to judge?

"Very well, Eva. We shall see. If we ever escape this inn, this district, this city...this rebellion...perhaps we'll go pay mum a visit."

As to who this Langbard was that Caithas piped up about, he knew not. But the married noble couple seemed to take great interest in the half-breed's words.

If the bad words thing is an issue (and for us, it really might be, considering our story so far), I'd suggest Mythweavers. I switched The Sunken Stones over there yesterday, and it has been great so far.

Caithas felt good for the first time since....gods, since when? Before the boat ride...before that damned bar fight...hells, probably before he came to this bloody city.

Grunur woke refreshed and healed as well, though the continued presence of Eva worried him.

"Miss Eva, your healing greatly helped," the dwarf said the following morning, "but I must ask...what now? I am not coming with you; it looks like we're not going anywhere in fact. So I ask you: What now?"

Caithas wondered the same thing.


When the knock sounds and the voice calls, Caithas' normally hidden, tell-tale ears actually perked up.

"I know that voice," the ranger says to the group gathered, "it's Langbard!"

He looks to Jules, then Elana. "Guess we better let 'im in, yeah?"

(OOC: In case folks don't check the FAQ, here's how to roll dice, without spaces of course:

[ dice] normal dice format from TTW [/ dice]

Apparently, it's just like Mythweavers. As for colored text, that I don't know about. Vlad, how do you want to deal with that? Should we all just use black and white, should we bold speech, or is there a color function I'm missing?)

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