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Mayor Kendra Deverin

R. Drake's page

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I am interested, but unsure about time commitment issues. I will have little/limited internet from 7/28 - 8/9. So Ry, we shall have to talk about whether it makes sense for me to try playing anyway (with option for dramatic death if it doesn't work), not to play at all, or join the party later in the adventure, or what...

Briefly looking at possible classes/races left me with a couple ideas:
Monk (haven't decided race), Half-elven(?) bard, Human Dragon-blood sorcerer (maybe w the relevant prestige class eventually)BUT someone else already really wants to play a sorcerer so probably not that one... Might be easier not to play a spell caster the first time I play this system, and the monk is an intriguing class (different from other fantasy role playing classes I've played in the past) that seems like it ought to fit well into the milieu. So Monk is my top interest so far.

(now you've heard from me)

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