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R_Chance's page

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Full Name

Bruce F. Hubbell


Human. Mostly. Usually. Probably.


DM. That's right -- anything I need to be...




6', but not under. Yet.


58. Or "old geezer". Another year rolls by...

Special Abilities

42 years of playing / DMing. Woohoo. 42. And counting. Yes, I have seen, almost, all of it.




They worship me actually...


Bakersfield (CA). Yes, it's hot here...


English. Several dead languages.


History Teacher

Homepage URL


About R_Chance

I teach (college and high school at different times). I collect college degrees and credentials. I game; paper and pencil RPGs (pretty much DMing all the time), computer RPGs and shooters, and, once in a blue moon, miniatures. I read the usual, for these boards anyway, science fiction and fantasy. I spend most of my TV time, limited as it may be, on science fiction / fantasy and history. I am happily married to a non-gamer who tolerates my odd hobbies. I have three children (all in college now) who are stress testing me. Kids are expensive. Bloody college is *more* expensive. Still, 42 years playing RPGs. Life is good. Oh, brand new gaming rig too! If I find the time to play a game on it... *sigh*

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