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Great variation on the orignal Fluxx card-based game


If you are a fan of the original Fluxx, you'll probably really enjoy Stoner Fluxx. (Just keep in mind that it is intended for adults.) It's a non-threatening way to start people talking about the rights of pot-smokers, and is a lot of fun at the time. The game starts out like the original, and the basic game play is also similar, except in this version the marijuana theme runs throughout. Some cards can be insightful and thought-provoking about the legalization of marijuana, while many are simply quite hilarious. (Especially some of the new action cards!) Anyone from college age on up will really get a kick out of Stoner Fluxx. It may lead you to a discussion on drug legalization, and always makes for a fun evening with friends.

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So much fun!!!


This is perhaps my favorite card game of all time. It is quick and easy to learn, then as the game progresses and new rules get added, things can get a little crazy! I've seen a hand of Fluxx last anywhere from two minutes to about a half an hour. You never know what to expect! There is some strategy involved, but sometimes it just comes down to luck. I have played this game with friends, relatives, and even some random people at gaming conventions, and people really love it. They often end up buying their own copies! Fluxx really is a lot of fun. I HIGHLY recommend it.

Our Price: $3.00


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Quite useful; sight with ease!


Similar products have been used in games like Hero Clix (many players modified them by attatching the face of the ring used to turn the dials on the figures for 2-in-1 tool).

These are sized perfectly for standard figures and gaming mats for any game, and line of sight determinations are now a breeze. And at only $3, every gamer should definitely have one!

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