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It's a $20 dollar bag

****( )

I'm happy with this for a $20 bag. However, it's a $20 bag, the material around the velcro immediately started to wear from the "sand-paper" effect from the velcro. I've also noticed the material getting really frail around the top and inside liner of the bag. I've had this for about 6-mos and it's been my daily carry for my Kindle, pens, notepad, core rule book and some dice with other miscellany. I'm going to be getting a better quality bag here in the near future.

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Tiny Tiny TINY

Be careful on this one, the book is really small and easy to miss when you open the bag. I didn't realize that the book was in there and almost threw it away!. Other then that, I find the painting on this and the entire set, is not up to par to the previous releases. The painting is minimal and looks hurried as for example, the base looked to be just a coat of flat black... no shading or highlighting.