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Quijenoth's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Society Member. 591 posts (595 including aliases). 1 review. 1 list. No wishlists. 4 Pathfinder Society characters. 1 alias.


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Grand Lodge Goblin Squad Member

Without a doubt the biggest mistake happened on day 1 of the second kickstarter

The kickstarter goal should have been set at 3m not 1m and the MVP (minimum viable product) we have now should have been more complete. Its likely though, that at that price the game would never had been put into development.

Over the past 9 months the devs have been trying to follow a release goal but that has been hampered by the demands of the players already in the game.

The game will eventually feel like Pathfinder, it will have the lore and PVP will work alongside the non-PVP. But we have none of that now because its far too early in development.

I backed this game knowing this to be the case but even I was surprised by how early the games state was at the beginning of Early enrollment. They needed subs to finish what they started and this brings me back to the kickstarter - the budget and grandness of this project has been its downfall.

I do think Lisa is doing the right thing approaching some gaming publisher to take on PFO and I hope they get someone while the community is still behind this project. If they have to shut down for a year there will likely be nothing worth coming back to. Better just starting over with a new plan.

Grand Lodge Goblin Squad Member

Heralds of Callambea

Grand Lodge Goblin Squad Member

I'm having some real issues getting the website to load. I have tried chrome, IE and Firefox as well as clearing cookies and browser files.

IE went from low and unresponsive to cannot load message after clearing cashe,

chrome shows broken links to images and no map,

Firefox loaded 80% of the in game map before timing out and becoming unresponsive.

tried rebooting and still the same issues except chrome now displays no data received message.

Grand Lodge Goblin Squad Member

We have a new section under Player Groups on Goblinworks main Forums.

Grand Lodge Goblin Squad Member

Callambea is a crafting settlement focused on promoting open trade throughout the river kingdoms. Our two leading companies, Beyond the Grave and the River Kingdoms Trading Company, have made Callambea the number one place to buy and sell goods. Traders have come from as far south as Riverbank in hopes of earning more coin.

I would also like to take this opportunity to welcome our newest Company, Brimestone! to Callambea.

Callambea is proud to introduce its new Visitors Centre. The best place to stay informed of news regarding Callambea and to get in contact with its citizens. We also showcase AH requests and offer gathering services here.

It is also a great resource for tools and guides. Many members enjoy advanced previews and can work behind the scenes to make these utilities a must for any PFO character.

Link to Crafting Planner

Link to Freeholders Field Guide Preview

Callambea is Open for Business!

Grand Lodge Goblin Squad Member

Trading Post as featured in the recent Kickstarter Email

Grand Lodge Goblin Squad Member

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Here's some images and video of our recent holding and outpost placements.

Trading Post as featured in the recent Kickstarter Email

Lumberjack Outpost Sporting the Gold and Brown colors of the River Kingdoms Trading Company.

Sanctum Holding

Library Holding and a short Library Construction Video

I will be uploading more images into my websites gallery as we build them!

Beyond the Grave Gallery

Join us today and make full use of our new training facilities!

Grand Lodge Goblin Squad Member

AGC Ronyel wrote:
That was my concern.

If done right the DPS boost and HP boost will see 2 things - larger chucks taken away from yellows and reds and less 1 hit wonders from white mobs.

ranged should take 1 extra shot on most mobs while melees should need less hits to kill

Grand Lodge Goblin Squad Member

To melee you need to be able to take damage - its far easier to kite.

Kiting has been semi nerfed but with 2-3 shots at max range bow users are still abusing it to semi kite - the risk then is solely on the melee who actually has to get hit.

many creatures stun and thus those learning combat will find that if they melee they are going to die, if they range then they can run away.

end result- Melee sucks, range for the win.

Grand Lodge Goblin Squad Member

AGC Ronyel wrote:

As far as ranged attacks goes, I like the future plans for needing ammo, line of sight, and arcane spell failure; however, with the changes to the monster's hit points, wont the buff they give to melee attacks not truly be realized, and in fact, the pain will be worsened when they turn that buff off.

Example: To offset the fact that ammo, line of sight, and arcane spell failure wont be released for at least a couple more months, they are going to buff melee attacks; removing the melee attack buff in the future.

Ryan understands that there will certainly be pain felt to the melee attackers when the buff is removed, but I think that is fine, as the pain will be across the board because range attacks got more difficult at the same time.

However, they are also giving monsters more Hit Points. Now by increasing the amount of Hit Points for monsters, you are essentially negating the melee attack buff that you are giving, at least for PvE (depending, of course, on the amount of HP increase and the amount of melee attack buff given).

So once you remove that melee attack buff, wont it then be felt twice as hard?

The main advantage of range ATM is the ability to kill a mob before it reaches you - most T2 bow users can 1-shot bandit recruits omega wolves and goblins, thinning out camps to the few tougher mobs. higher T2 can 1 shot most whites.

Yellows and Reds are all killable in 2-3 shots with relative efficiency. Meaning you can kill at max range and still turn and leash the rest.

By increasing the HPs of mobs ranged will have a harder time clearing camps solo.

Melee right now have a hard time dealing with large groups. they need to use attacks like whirlwind to thin out the whites then tank the rest, running if they need to. often the presence of 2-3 reds can either stun lock or DPS a melee down too fast to take out larger camps.

The boost in DPS for melee should (in theory) enable melee to dispatch white and yellows much quicker and thus win over larger camps while still maintaining enough stamina to use combos and dispatching enough quickly to at least give them a chance to turn and run.

Grand Lodge Goblin Squad Member

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Saiph wrote:

How can anyone possibly take what Golgotha says seriously, they just mock and spout passive-aggressive comments to those that don't agree or debate with them. And then want others to take them serious when it's time to talk business. Yes, that is what you're doing...Nihimon and Decius post facts and recaps of actual situations; you all should try it.

lol. funniest thing I've read in ages. And I thought I was misinformed!

Thanks for the laugh.

Grand Lodge Goblin Squad Member

Gol Tigari wrote:
Hey Q, using the words "northern coalition " , when talking about agreements in the north is a bad idea, since THE Northern Coalition is the name for the NAP with EoX, Aragon and Freevale.

Thanks for the heads up Tig.

Grand Lodge Goblin Squad Member

Caldeathe Baequiannia wrote:
Quijenoth wrote:
Oh wait... are you starting a war with Phaeros too? seems the Button Makers have taken one of Phaeros's towers.
Apparently I should know who the Button Makers are?

Unlike so many in this thread I am willing to admit my mistakes. I incorrectly assumed Alderwag was a part of the northern coalition with Stoneroot and Talonguard. This probably comes to an older post I cant quite find right now.

Button Makers are a part of Alderwag and very recently took some Forgeholm under their wing. They seem to have no boundary limitations with their tower selection taking any they see fair game.

Grand Lodge Goblin Squad Member

Caldeathe Baequiannia wrote:
It's unfortunate my earlier communication did not reach you successfully.

I'm sorry cal but your memory and self belief is astounding.

You say you where unaware Callambea was active yet long before we started retaking towers you yourself decided to stamp over my "hay callambea is alive and recruiting" recruitment thread!

This was posted 7th March and your reply was the 20th.

Perhaps you should look at this whole Phaeros/Brighthaven/Golgotha thing as follows:
Phaeros = Callambea
Brighthaven = Golgotha
Golgotha = Stoneroot

The only difference is where phaeros went all out war on Golgotha Callambea have simply retaken what was rightfully theirs in the first place and left you in peace. As I mentioned to Jokken via email, I thank you for understanding our new position and hope our agreement to not take towers from you and for you to not take towers further east of guardheim will stand.


Oh wait... are you starting a war with Phaeros too? seems the Button Makers have taken one of Phaeros's towers. Looks like you have chosen a side - hope you are prepared for the consequences. Decius has made it perfectly clear where he stands on people who take their s**t.

Grand Lodge Goblin Squad Member

Please visit for more info.

Beyond the Grave has risen from the quiet streets of Callambea. We are now recruiting all players interested in crafting, gathering, refining and PvE. Our Goal is to create a thriving trade community where everyone can buy and sell goods.

Callambea is silent no more. Callambea is Open for Business and business is good!

Grand Lodge Goblin Squad Member

Today I am proud to announce that Golgotha and the Xeilias Empire are changing.

Frequent visitors may have noticed a little re-structuring going on with the websites and forums. Now the dust is settling I can officially announce that the Xeilias empire as you know it is no more.

All Hail the raise of 'The Empire Orderly's'.

Our Goal in PFO is one of Order and the dismemberment of civil unrest. Golgothans will be frequenting many settlements ensuring law an order is kept in all settlements across the river kingdoms.

Fairness of Tower distribution will be another priority. If another settlement claims one of your towers then contact a member of The Empire Orderly's and we will ensure the thieves are dealt with and your tower is re-claimed.

Find out more here

Grand Lodge Goblin Squad Member

3 people marked this as a favorite.

I would like to see some themed PvE events that happen either locally in a hex, spread over x number of hexes or even globally over the entire map.

kind of like the following.

Night of the full moon. During night hours certain hexes become infected with lycanthropy altering the mobs in those hexes.

Mists of Transference. A Magical mist descends over settlements leaving a settlement randomly transports you across the map to a random hex. ("I guess were not in Kansas anymore toto.")

These wouldn't be hard to implement I imagine and could be good or bad ideas.

However, I believe more static camps would degenerate too much into theme-park territory, something PFO isn't.

The escalations do need more variety though AND i feel they do need a few more base mechanics.

currently Escalations spawn, give mini quests and spread. some spawn bosses with loot.

Escalations need more monster types. New rewards (hopfully this will happen when enchantment comes in), wandering/patrolling mobs as well as camps, better AI (think this is a given), and something else. Structures.

When Holdings go in I hope we will soon see structures for the monsters too - a way to PvE bulk resources for your company/settlement. How effective these holdings are will hopefully grow in time. For now it would be nice for bandits to have hideouts, cultists to have shrines and goblins to have scrap piles. But wouldn't it be great if mordant spire was able to build large walls and gates similar to the gates of Mordor? with the only access to the core monster hex being to beat down those gates or wait for them to open (as the escalation spreads).

Grand Lodge Goblin Squad Member

Bluddwolf wrote:


will now only attack characters with low Reputation or the Attacker flag if they are not from the Settlement the Thornguard is spawned at. So if you have low Reputation, your Settlement’s Thornguards will not attack you, but Thornguards in other Settlements or in NPC settlements will.

Will this mean we can train and bank with low Reputation in our own settlement?

Its would sound like it - maybe something to test for those with test server access

I would also hope players test the bank functionality - especially where large numbers of resources or Abadar credit is stored. would hate to log in and find all my hard work for the past 2.5 months was gone.

Its a shame we only get 1 week to test now.

Grand Lodge Goblin Squad Member

2 people marked this as a favorite.

from the D&D Wiki

A Lawful Evil character sees a well-ordered system as being easier to exploit, and shows a combination of desirable and undesirable traits; while it usually obeys its superiors and keeps its word, it cares nothing for the rights and freedoms of other individuals and is not averse to twisting rules in its favor.[citation needed] Examples of this alignment include tyrants, devils, undiscriminating mercenary types who have a strict code of conduct, and loyal soldiers who enjoy the act of killing.[citation needed]

Like Lawful Good Paladins, Lawful Evil characters may sometimes find themselves faced with the dilemma of whether to obey law or evil when the two conflict. However, their issues with Law versus Evil are more concerned with "Will I get caught?" versus "How does this benefit me?".[citation needed]

Boba Fett of Star Wars, and X-Men's Magneto are cited examples of Lawful Evil characters in Complete Scoundrel (3.5e)


From the Pathfinder Wiki

Lawful evil is the realm of the individual who knows what they want and will manipulate the system (legal, cultural, and so forth) to achieve those ends, no matter the consequence. This can be for personal gain (for example, the traditional evil vizier who seeks to claim the kingdom for himself) or to better society at all costs - the "I know what's best for everyone else"-attitude without any of the compassionate limits to action found in lawful good (an excellant example is Cardinal Richelieu of Three Musketeers fame).

For me Golgotha is most definitely LE. but a rather proactive LE.

LE settlements in many instances (in games, film, literature, and history) work under a veil, they scheme and plot right under the noses of the good settlements around them. Jut like the dark lords of the Sith.
What evil banditry goes on around the good settlements is not connected to the LE settlement until THEY want it to be. So the banditry seems chaotic in nature.
Guurzak's plan to hold for the later game is perfectly reasonable and should be embraced by the good settlements to fully immerse into the world. Golgotha should be playing the sleeping dragon, dormant until it is big enough and strong enough to attack.

The thing is, Pathfinder Online is not ready to support LE. But those in Golgotha want to stick to their ideals now and not wait for the game to give them their ideal play experience.

The only settlements that should be being questioned on alignment right now is the few Good settlements that are actively aggressive, expansive and attack settlements (and not necessarily evil ones) without provocation. They have reacted to a label that is as far from roleplaying as anything else. Before I even got into PFO, there was threats at Golgotha to drive them out before the end of EE by these so called good settlements! Good is supposed to respect all life no matter how evil. Killing evil just because they are evil is more Chaotic Evil than Lawful Good!

Territorial Lines have been drawn on the map yet it seems that the Good settlements are the only ones trying to expand into neighboring territories. Stoneroot are expanding all the way to the east, TEO are pushing North, with no concern for the consequences. Rushing towers with large numbers, not engaging in PVP but simply sitting in a group around the tower spamming heals is not engaging the games mechanics, its exploiting.

War of Towers was meant as a way to define these boarders. Not a race to see who can hold them all first. IMHO It failed miserably and in the process has created some much unneeded bad publicity for the game and those playing it.

To TEO and SG, how much more enjoyable would this game become if the Empire was just another good settlement?

Grand Lodge Goblin Squad Member

[Slopes off somewhere quiet to "train" with the pattycake expert!]

"Curses! I got the XP but you won't train me past level 4? What sort of cartoon operation is this!!"

Grand Lodge Goblin Squad Member

Consider this...

How many players does a crafting settlement need?

How many players does a regular settlement need?

At first glance you may say that regular settlements need a lot less but in fact they require more.

Crafting settlements have 4 gathering, 7 refining, and 10 crafting feats. Assuming most crafters will take 1 of each or split 2 over their DT accounts. Thats about 10-12 members needed to cover Tier 2 crafting.

However, regular settlements are looking to gear their members as quickly as possible. Rather than rely on their neighboring crafting settlements they are doing it all in-house with extra accounts or DTs. They are also pushing to be the first to T2, or T3 a lot more aggressively than crafting settlements meaning they want single progression only characters. That means 17-21 characters all with DTs or second accounts.

DT Crafters are a serious problem for crafting settlements IMHO.

I'm sure this is not how GW envisioned the game to be but right now that's how its working. And, as has been addressed already in this post, it has a lot to do with the poor communication in this game.

I hope I'm wrong and some regular settlements are supporting their neighbors.

Grand Lodge Goblin Squad Member

2 people marked this as a favorite.

My Archer has

Bow Specialization 4 - 9,142 xp 0.391 dex
Bowyer 2 - 1,908 xp 0.085 dex
Leatherworker 2 - 1,908 xp 0.085 dex
Ranged Attack Bonus 4 - 3,620 xp 0.078 dex
Overdraw 3 - 2,602 xp 0.07 dex
Lightning Reflexes 2 - 488 xp 0.049 dex
Archer 6 - 4,331 xp 0.043 dex
Base Attack Bonus 4 - 8,558 xp 0.028 dex
Reflex Bonus 3 - 1,954 xp 0.026 dex
Followthrough Foresight 2 - 721 xp 0.025 dex
Half Draw 2 - 721 xp 0.025 dex
Impact Critical Shot 2 - 721 xp 0.025 dex
Parting Shot 2 - 721 xp 0.025 dex
Sorrow's Release 2 - 721 xp 0.025 dex
Power 9 - 2,140 xp 0.009 dex
Bow Weapon Proficiency 2 - 1,024 xp 0.009 dex
Deafening Critical 2 - 1,881 xp 0.008 dex
Sickening Critical 2 - 1,881 xp 0.008 dex
Medium Armor Proficiency 2 - 1,024 xp 0.0045 dex
Evasion 1 - 81 xp 0.004 dex
Bullseye Shot 1 - 81 xp 0.004 dex
Impaling Shot 1 - 81 xp 0.004 dex
Patient Anchor 1 - 81 xp 0.004 dex
Pinpoint Targeting 1 - 81 xp 0.004 dex
Scout 2 - 61 0.001
Swashbuckler 2 - 61 0.001

Thats 1.0405 total dex

I Took some of the rogue armor feats and implrement proficiency simply because they are so cheap. I also have light melee attack bonus and Light blade proficiency at higher ranks but thats not what your interested in and requires a bit more xp so I excluded them.

For the XP, Leatherworking 2 and Bowyer 2 are worth the investment to hit 11 Dex. However, you could go just Bowyer 3 to give yourself an extra .029 Dex but will cost 5342 xp instead of 3816. This is only viable if you intend to craft your own arrows and bows though.

My current in-game Dex is registered at 11.24 and these numbers above are from sspitfires lists so are a little off in some respects.

Note: Archer 5 Requires 11 Dex and Bow Spec 2 requires Level 8 Fighter which requires 11 str or dex, base attack bonus 4, hit points 8 and power 8.

Hope that helps you to hit 11.

as for what longbow skills to increase I currently run with Overdraw, Sorrows Release and Half-draw, Parting Shot, Followthrough Foresight and Patient Anchor. I also Have Resiliency (Per) and Evasion (Dex) as my utilities.

Grand Lodge Goblin Squad Member

I've experienced the chain interrupting since long before EE3. I haven't noticed any increase in its frequency since, but then I have altered my attacks, weapons, and tactics to counter it.

As Cal pointed out - backpedal (or turn and run a little) so they regenerate some stamina is the easiest solution.

Set up a quick attack as your secondary weapon (wand, battle focus, or shortbow work best) and switch to that to kill the archers.

Or simply kill the archers first...

Grand Lodge Goblin Squad Member

Teleportation is obviously another concern in PFO. As wizards reach the higher spells and summoning circles are an option, Trading between far off settlements may become almost instantaneous.

Grand Lodge Goblin Squad Member

Just a thought, but would base camps and holdings not be a good option for trading goods between characters on the same account?

for example, Say my DT is a pure gatherer and my Main a crafter, if I had a basecamp I could simply gather on my DT then move to Basecamp and empty my resources into the vault, then log on my Main and move to the camp to withdraw the resources so that I could work on them.

On another semi related point, how does base camps work with characters and accounts? would purchasing a base camp from the store grant all my characters a base camp or only one? can I switch ownership if it is just one?

Grand Lodge Goblin Squad Member

The problem as I see it is, if people keep looking at gathering as an easy way to make money, and the crafters continue to pay over the odds for their raw mats the economy will grind to a halt once these ammo's go live.

Crafters are the ones who need to unite and say NO to the ludicrous prices people think they can get from the raw mats.

Raw mats should be 1-10cp only and maybe 50% more if your paying for them after refining.

Grand Lodge Goblin Squad Member

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I have an idea for towers.
Firstly, when your PVP window first opens, a tower guard spawns on the tower. This is a red NPC mob that stands on the platform.

He does not attack anyone standing near the tower but if you climb the stairs in an attempt to claim the tower he attacks.

Once the NPC guard dies, a hex wide announcement (you could also have an announcement in the settlement or game wide) goes out informing all that the tower is under attack. At this time the tower can be captured like normal.

Instead of the PVP window opening for a specified time and then closing, this time instead indicates the duration before another tower guard spawns. the towers you have the less defenders you have to assign, this is indicated by a longer timer window.

The intent is to deter 1 player captures and actually promote team PVP. Your most likely going to need 2 people to deal with the NPC guard. Since his death gives out an announcement your less likely to leave 1 person holding it especially if the respawn window of the guard means another will spawn before the 80 mins is up.

This system could continue to be used for POIs in the future and improvements to defenders and announcements could be created at settlements "barracks".

I like the idea of additional defenses mentioned earlier and could see things like wizard portals linked to players. those with the teleport spell could jump to the portal. Summoning circles could be used from nearby settlements to instantly respond instead of running.

Second suggestion on the announcement - perhaps there could be some warning tied to the company window - how about listing a holding in red and flagging it as "under attack". to highlight this simply have the icon on the bar change to red (in a similar way your bag changes color when your encumbered)

Grand Lodge Goblin Squad Member

Kadere wrote:
DeciusBrutus wrote:
Kadere wrote:
As someone who uses three monitors, both for work and play, and I strongly recommend a 2+ monitor setup. It has pretty strong utility, regardless of what you are doing.
Actually, I'll probably just spread PFO across three monitors and forum on my tablet.
I have done this with EVE. It is very immersive.

+1 @Kadere

I would not recommend running PFO over 3 screens - 3 screen stretch is ideal for games like CoD, Dirt 3, F1 2015, Elite Dangerous and other first person simulators but in 3rd person like PFO it is very disorienting.

I had 2 screens for a year and upgraded to 3 this christmas. can only see me getting more :)

Grand Lodge Goblin Squad Member

Bluddwolf wrote:
Quijenoth wrote:

Had confirmation that the husk loot time will be 30 minutes per item.

So if you have a lot of different items it will be a while before a single person can loot everything.
This is assuming the timer is linked to one person and not just the husk.
Perhaps you meant 30 seconds per item. That should also be modified by skills that would reduce the time as well.

Nope, I asked Ryan in Help chat "How long before you can loot another item off a husk."

his reply was "30 minutes."

Ryan Dancey wrote:


The Husk will remain in game for 30 minutes regardless of the status of the account.

I can only assume he misread my question when I asked, thus the confusion was created.

Grand Lodge Goblin Squad Member

As much as I'd love to go to conception, my job will never allow it.
January 31 for an Accountant is not a nice thing to look forward to.

Grand Lodge Goblin Squad Member

Had confirmation that the husk loot time will be 30 minutes per item.
So if you have a lot of different items it will be a while before a single person can loot everything.
This is assuming the timer is linked to one person and not just the husk.

Grand Lodge

Thalassogen wrote:
@all: I am planning to branch into iOS development soon, any special apps you want to see there, too?

As a windows user, and a previous iOS user, my personal preference is that you continue producing apps for windows over iOS. The iOS market has a lot of apps already and some of them have had extensive development histories.

Windows phones are on the rise and their app support needs a boost. Id rather see you dominate the windows market.

Grand Lodge

basic advantage disadvantage mechanic...

DM decides if you have the advantage or disadvantage for a specific roll (be it attack roll skill roll etc). if you are awared an advantage you get to roll 2 dice and choose the highest result.

So on an attack roll you would roll 1d20 twice and pick the highest of the two rolls (2d20=17,14 = result 17.)

Disadvantage works exactly the same but you must choose the lower result. (2d20=17,14 = result 14.)

Grand Lodge

Slightly off topic.

I downloaded your simple dice roller and found it very useful.

However, it lacks the ability to roll X dice and drop highest or lowest roll (used a lot for stat generation) or the ability to differentiate high roll or low roll (which will probably become more common with D&D Next advantage/disadvantage system).

A roll history would also be nice.

keep up the good work.

Grand Lodge

Really like what your working on here - there is another spell search engine out there for windows called OGL Spells. Unfortunately it hasn't seen much action since july last year.

One thing it lacks (although promised in a future update) that yours masters is the ability to make custom spellbooks. One thing OGL does well however is its incorporation with the d20PFsrd csv files which takes all the time out of manually adding and updating new spells by allowing you to import them directly from d20PFsrd.

Perhaps you should collaborate with "Merlin" on this?

Grand Lodge

just another thought, if dirty trick is worth taking over feint which I think it is as it benefits my offence and others defence, would it be worth taking a level or 2 in Monk with the Maneuver master archtype instead of samurai?

Grand Lodge

On the Charisma front I would drop it to 13...

It saves you 2 build points allowing you to raise Wis to 12 or Str to 10.

My reasoning for this, 13 is often used as the exceptional stat requirement for feats: Power Attack, Combat Expertise, Two Weapon Fighting, all require 13 in a particular stat. So if you want to feel exceptionally charismatic without investing too much into the build go 13.

After your first few adventures see how your charisma skills are playing out in-game, do you use diplomacy, bluff or intimidate? which ever you see him using more then pick up the skill focus in that skill if you feel its warranted. You have a spare feat slot in your build anyway. Alternatively use your first or second stat increase to boost Charisma.

Grand Lodge

Ok so after mulling over this some more heres another build
This time its a Rogue with 3 level dip into Samurai for weapon expertise
The build only Feints with wave strike now and later attempts to blind opponents with dirty tricks.

Rogue (Swordmaster) /Samurai Dip Version
Two Handed Katana
Rogue (Swordmaster) 1
Tengu: +2 Dexterity, +2 Wisdom, –2 Constitution
Medium, Low-Light Vision (Ex)
Str 16
Dex 14
Con 12
Int 13
Wis 12
Cha 10
Feats: Combat Expertise
Traits: Swordsmans Page, Threatening Defender
Abilities: Sneak Attack 1d6, Trapfinding, Sneaky, Gifted Linguist, Swordtrained, Natural Weapon bite 1d3
Feat/Ability Progression:
2 (Sam 1) Challenge 1/day, Resolve, Order (of the Warrior), Iaijutsu Strike 1d6
3 (Rog 2) Evasion, Power Attack, Rogue Talent (Furious Focus)
4 (Sam 2) Honor in All Things
5 (Sam 3) Weapon Expertise (Katana), Brutal Slash, Iaijutsu Strike 2d6, Wave Strike
6 (Rog 3) Sneak Attack 2d6, Trance (Tiger)
7 (Rog 4) Uncanny Dodge, Major Magic (Vanish), Improved Dirty Trick
8 (Rog 5) Sneak Attack 3d6
9 (Rog 6) Rogue Talent (Offensive Defence), Trance (Monkey),Greater Dirty Trick
10 (Rog 7) Sneak Attack 4d6
11 (Rog 8) Improved uncanny dodge, Rogue Talent (Fast Getaway,)Tengu Wings
12 (Rog 9) Sneak Attack 5d6, Trance (Dragon)

Alternatively I’ve thought about replacing Power Attack and Furious Focus at 3rd with Improved Dirty Trick and Blind-Fight which would allow me to take Moonlight Stalker at 5th giving me a +2 attack and damage against anyone I blind with dirty trick or when I use vanish. This moves greater dirty trick to 7th.

You'll notice a lean towards the defensive abilities and feats on this build which I think may be more important than the extra damage capability. I looked at dodge/mobility/whirlwind attack route also but just found it too feat intensive.

I've also moved tiger trance to the first choice as the pounce like ability is too good to pass up when you have a bite as secondary attack.

Lastly now that Samurai is down to 3 levels its becoming increasingly likely that I may drop Samurai altogether for 2 levels fighter, but I still like the feel of this character squaring up to his challenge target, sword sheathed, then slicing them in two with his first attack.


Grand Lodge

Magda Luckbender wrote:
I don't believe the ACG is PFS legal yet. That's the point of a playtest. Please correct me if I am wrong.

PFS Document reads

All ten classes (Arcanist, Bloodrager, Brawler, Hunter, Investigator, Shaman, Skald, Slayer, Swashbuckler, and Warpriest), as they are released, are legal for play so long as you have a print or PDF version of the playtest document.

Interesting idea Matt, will take a look at it. thanks

Grand Lodge

Akerlof wrote:

Wait, why are you taking Combat Expertise as your first feat in both builds?

I agree with everyone else that Two Weapon Fighting on a rogue can be very frustrating. Your build exaggerates that: You don't have weapon finesse at level 1, and you aren't taking the TWF feat, so your attack sequence at level 1 is Wakisashi -3 (1d6+1 18/x2), Wakizashi -7 (1d6 18/x2).

You absolutely need the feat if you want to use Two Weapon Fighting.

Rogues tend to have a touch time with Two Weapon Fighting beyond once they start getting into the 4-5 level range because their attack bonuses just don't keep up with AC. I'm thinking Two Weapon Feint isn't going to help much because you're losing one of your highest bonus attacks and most of the time the flat-footedness isn't going to balance that out.

I would suggest going with the single weapon build: Feinting with a two-hander is pretty fun, and as a rogue you will not lose any iteratives by feinting as a move action until 8th level, which is the lion's share of your PFS career anyway.

Combat Expertise + Threatening Defender trait means that combat expertise is effectively Dodge once you have attacked in a given round. It is also prerequisite for improve feint and many other feats.

I agree I would like to take TWF earlier than planned but I don't intend to start TWF until I have that feat - single weapon (probably a katana) is how he will start until 3rd.

I have thought about going two hander rogue, that's where the samurai split came from but your right It might be worth re-examining the THF as a pure rogue.

Grand Lodge

Jon Otaguro 428 wrote:
Did pfs add tengu to free to play for all? Before you had to have some kind of certificate to play tengu.

according to the latest PFS rulebook v 5.0

Select your character’s class and race from the choices offered in the Core Rulebook. You may also select aasimar, tengu, or tiefling as your character’s race with access to the proper Additional Resources book. Other races are not legal unless the character’s Chronicle stack includes a race boon.

Grand Lodge

cnetarian wrote:
While dual classing to get the swordmaster trance sounds great in theory I do have to caveat that in practice I have found it underwhelming because of 1) full round to activate & 2) ends at inopportune times. With the dual class build and a 10 WIS you are looking at 6 rounds of trance at level 11 - you might find yourself activating it before the boss fight then becoming fatigued during that fight.

Your right Cnetarian and its why I'm leaning to the pure rogue option atm. He has more uses and a higher wisdom isn't out of the question by reducing cha to 10.

Having said that, the full round activate doesn't bother me because I'm the type to let others engage first (that's what meat shields are for :)) and the fatigue doesn't really affect the samurai either since you can use resolve to purge it.

Grand Lodge

Dennis Deadsky wrote:
That said, you can make either build work in PFS play. Just make sure you have an eclectic set of skills, that you role play well, and especially that you have fun and bring fun to your table.

This statement right there is what I was hoping. In the past I have only played in regular groups of local players. many min-max to the hilt and its the "utility" that always causes our groups to fail before the end of a campaign. That and many GMs I've played with don't use pre-written material and fall foul to adding too powerful a creature just because in the last 3 sessions the party has annihilated everything thrown at them.

I must admit that I do enjoy getting involved with the combat and while this guy isn't optimized I envision there being some situations where he will do pretty well.

AC/HP: The rogue build starts with 18 AC (lamellar, leather) and this will hopefully help with his 10 starting hit points.
The samurai version only has 16 AC but 12 hps and by second level DR 1/- vs his challenge target.
Once he's acted he gains +1 AC from combat expertise with no penalty to attack thanks to Threatening Defender.

Rogue: hopefully by utilizing positioning the rogue wont have to deal with feinting every round. I'm hoping to use my skills to put my opponents at a disadvantage. By 7th level two weapon faint will help get sneak attacks through minus 1 attack per round.
Samurai: This build does have the edge with the Katana over the rogue base weapon wise and thanks to Wave Strike by 7th level is feinting as a swift action.

Both builds will make use of the Tengu +1/2 confirm crit as well as swordsmans page giving me +5 to confirm crits - both katana and wakizashi will be 15-20 crit once improved critical is taken but if I can get a keen weapon earlier all the better.

Don't forget that the Tengu also has a bite as a secondary attack. it may be only 1d3 but once Greater Feint and Improved Two Weapon Feint (level 13 for rogue) are in that's another attack that is increased by sneak attack damage.

Other options I've also considered...
For the rogue, going with moonstalker feats and rogue talents to gain ninja talent Smoke Bomb use - dropping a smoke bomb to gain concealment. (also briefly considered going ninja but that loses me the swordmaster archtype and that was primarily the concept of the build in the first place.)

For the Samurai dropping feint altogether and going for more melee favourable feats to increase attack and AC.

Will definitely consider carrying a polearm type weapon though.

Thanks for your input Dennis.

Grand Lodge

Hi all I been mulling over my first ever PFS character and I have one main concept but cant choose between 2 builds.

The concept is a Swordmaster Tengu that uses feint.

I have come up with 2 concept builds the first is a pure rogue, the second is a 50/50 split rogue/samurai.

Any advise, comments, or complete reworks on the builds is much appreciated.

Rogue (Swordmaster) Version
Duel wield Wakizashi.
Rogue (Swordmaster) 1
Tengu: +2 Dexterity, +2 Wisdom, –2 Constitution
Medium, Low-Light Vision (Ex)
Str 12
Dex 18
Con 12
Int 13
Wis 10
Cha 12
Feats: Combat Expertise
Traits: Swordsmans Page, Threatening Defender
Abilities: Sneak Attack 1d6, Trapfinding, Sneaky, Gifted Linguist, Swordtrained, Natural Weapon bite 1d3
Feat/Ability Progression:
2 Evasion, Rogue Talent (Finesse Rogue)
3 Sneak Attack 2d6, Trance (Serpent), Two Weapon Fighting
4 Uncanny Dodge, Rogue Talent (Combat Trick: Improve Feint)
5 Sneak Attack 3d6, Piranha Strike
6 Trance (Tiger), Rogue Talent (Bleeding Attack)
7 Sneak Attack 4d6, Two Weapon Feint
8 Improved Uncanny Dodge, Rogue Talent (Honeyed Words)
9 Trance (Monkey), Sneak Attack 5d6, Improved Two Weapon Fighting
10 Advanced Rogue Talent (Deadly Sneak)
11 Sneak Attack 6d6, Improved Critical
12 Trance (Dragon), Advanced Rogue Talent (Crippling Strike)

Samurai (Sword Saint) /Rogue (Swordmaster) Version
2 Handed Katana
Rogue (Swordmaster) 1
Tengu: +2 Dexterity, +2 Wisdom, –2 Constitution
Medium, Low-Light Vision (Ex)
Str 16
Dex 14
Con 12
Int 13
Wis 10
Cha 12
Feats: Combat Expertise
Traits: Swordsmans Page, Threatening Defender
Abilities: Sneak Attack (1d6), Trapfinding, Sneaky, Gifted Linguist, Swordtrained, Natural Weapon bite (1d3)
Feat/Ability Progression:
2 (Sam 1) Challenge 1/day, Resolve, Order (of the Warrior), Iaijutsu Strike 1d6
3 (Rog 2) Evasion, Power Attack, Rogue Talent (Furious Focus)
4 (Sam 2) Honor in All Things
5 (Rog 3) Sneak Attack 2d6, Trance (Serpent), Improved Feint
6 (Sam 3) Weapon Expertise (Katana), Brutal Slash, Iaijutsu Strike 2d6
7 (Rog 4) Uncanny Dodge, Wave Strike, Rogue Talent (Bleeding Attack)
8 (Sam 4) Challenge 2/day
9 (Rogue 5) Sneak Attack 3d6, Greater Feint
10 (Sam 5) Terrifying Iaijutsu
11 (Rog 6) Trance (Tiger), Rogue Talent (Honeyed Words)
12 (Sam 6) Vital Strike, Bonus Feat (Long Nose Form)

Grand Lodge

Goning to chime in here and apologies if others have mentioned it before, I haven't read more than the first pages of replies...

After reading the Warpriest it does lack the uniqueness of the other class crossovers.

Its focus is very unclear. is it a fighter? a cleric? or even a Paladin?

What I think would help the warpriest is if you instead focused on the War aspect of the name.

I could imagine a warpriest tending to the wounded in battle, helping groups of people instead of just one, fighting alongside allies, bolstering them with blessings and divine power.

In essence I see a warpriest being more of a team player than a "look what I can do" one trip pony.

My mind flicks back to the Marshal from D&D and its use of abilities like , Battle Orders, Don't Die on Me!, and Stand your Ground, all of which would fit a warpriest IMHO and give the class a unique element beyond the fighter/cleric wannabe paladin stereotype its in now.

if your looking for ideas perhaps give them the share spell ability that casters have with familiars that functions on allies when casting spells from their spell list (1 per 5 levels),

Give them a unique spell list focused on the mass cure wounds with a tailored 6 level spell list, removing a lot of the cleric spells that focus on a single target.

Give them the ability enchant defences such as doors, walls, ballistas, and other war machines to help when the party must defend instead of going on the offence (perhaps conjure a few). I could see a warpriest blessing the water in a mote that repels undead or demons.

Give them a censer as a focus item maybe, or the ability to create and enchant then with spell effects.

Grand Lodge Goblin Squad Member

Ok so I looked at the new video today in my email and while overall it looked amazing, but one thing gave me the sad face :(

at 2:29 in the video you see a female character ascend some stairs to the wall, notice how her movement is never interrupted as she moves, she simply continues running up the stairs.

Now it may seem trivial but I noticed a few other Z-Axis type posts floating around discussing climbing, swimming, and even flying.

This is a big deal in the roleplaying element of the game and for immersion. The last thing I want is to feel like I'm running around on a flat surface that simply uses camouflaged ramps as stairs, hills, rocks and mountains.

I want to see characters pause when they approach a stairs, their hand reaching out for the handrail, and then ascending the stairs. If they choose to run up the stairs they would still use the handrail but leap 2 or 3 steps at a time. Fighting on stairs should be dangerous, risking falls as you move about on the uneven surface.

while we are at it what is the mechanics for falling damage? many games have superhuman abilities to jump and fall 100's of feet with minimal injury. I would prefer to see falling become lethal after 2 or 3 stories, making magic such as feather fall a valuable asset. likewise making jump a spell that allows quick traversing of large areas that would otherwise require a character to climb up/across.

Another thing is Ladders. Physically climbing a ladder (or rope, knotted rope, etc) to ascend a wall is one of the things I love about DDO. It makes the game feel like you are exploring.

Please Devs, get the immersion right on all levels and you will keep players like myself hooked for many, many years, knowing each new area provides new challenges, not just another pretty flat plain to run across at top speed.

Grand Lodge

Now I'm not affiliated with this in any way, shape or form but my god does this look good!

Tabletop Connect Kickstarter

Grand Lodge

Daniel Turner Zen Archer wrote:

Hmm... I'd consider adding a KI ability unique to this archetype you're building that allows the character to spend 1 ki point to allow his weapons from Sword-Trained do the same damage dice as his unarmed strike damage dice. The Zen Archer archetype fot fhe monk from APG already has this ki power, so having the Tengu have a specific training for this particular archetype would be useful. Keeping in mind that spending a Ki point from your Ki pool is generally a swift action (which you only have one per round of anyway), this is a decent ability to give your archetype.

I'd keep the racial feat that you created as a Monk-only feat if you're worried about it becoming broken, though myself I just think it'd be dandy to have a monk archetype that can flurry with a weapon while doing his unarmed damage dice just like a Zen Archer does to be quite useful for a melee focused monk.

I see where your going with the Ki arrows mimic but my concern for that would be sword choice - I'm envisioning Katanas and they already have a base damage equal to a 4th level monk meaning this ability wont be used till 8th. If you go with a two handed sword then your looking at 12th or even 16th level before this ability has any benefit to you. I would prefer to keep unarmed strike available for this build also, I could imagine a skilled katana user wielding a katana in one hand and using unarmed attacks in conjunction during a flurry to perform stunning fist attacks, trips or other combat maneuvers.

Daniel Turner Zen Archer wrote:
However, being a fan of the monk's AC bonuses, I'm leery of your Kata ability replacing the AC bonus that I so enjoy as a monk (envisions self as Agent Smith dodging bullets from Matrix when playing a monk). I'd probably replace the Stunning Fist, Evasion and/or Improved Evasion, Maneuver Training, or Still Mind for your Kata(EX) ability.

Giving Kendo Masters light and medium armor proficiency was the main reason for replacing monk AC. The Kata then concentrates on defecting blows instead of generating a fixed AC increase. Kendo is more about reaction and defense with the sword and I think combat reflexes mimics this perfectly. I probably need to look at either modifying or removing evasion (thinking they get evasion as a rogue and instead of improved evasion can use evasion in medium armor)

Daniel Turner Zen Archer wrote:
As to the One with the Sword (EX) ability, that DEFINITELY should replace and work as the Maneuver Training feature of the monk base class at the least, since your ability works very similarly to that EX ability.

I see what you mean about one with the sword and TBH I would prefer to keep maneuver training for this archtype (for reasons mentioned earlier). instead I have come up with an alternate to one with the sword...

Feat: One with the Sword (revised)

Requirements: Tengu, Swordtrained Racial Trait, BAB +1
This feat counts as the Improved Unarmed Strike for the purposes of feats and class abilities, including pre-requisites. You may substitute any unarmed strike with a melee attack with your sword (for example during a flurry of blows or making a stunning fist attack).

Special: If you have monk levels you also treat any sword as a monk special weapon.

Kendo Master Archtype (version 2)
Weapon and Armor Proficiency: You are proficient with all swords (including exotic weapons) and with Light and Medium armor.

*Revised* One with the Sword (Ex): You gain the feat One with the sword as a bonus feat at 1st level even if you do not meat the prerequisites. This ability replaces Unarmed Strikes.

*NEW* Sword Mastery (Ex): Your knowledge of the sword and its use for offence and defence grants you +1 to hit and +1 AC while you are wielding a sword. In addition at the beginning of every round you may apply your swords magical plus '+' to either your AC, CMD, CMB, to hit or damage. at 8th level you may add the swords bonus to any two (for example you can add the +3 bonus of your +3 sword to AC and CMD or CMB and damage), at 14th level you may apply it to any three. At 20th level your perfection of the sword applies to all of them. Since the draw of this ability is from the weapons magical enhancement if the item is rendered non-magical, or the kendo master is subject to a dispel or anti magic field this ability ceases to function, the Kendo master still retains the base +1 to hit and +1 AC from Sword Mastery however. This ability replaces Monk Unarmed Damage progression, a Kendo Masters unarmed damage does not improve like a regular monks.

*Unchanged* Kata (Ex): Kendo Masters learn patterns of movement that, unlike regular monks involve avoidance of the blows, instead rely on attacking and counterattacking with the sword. at 1st level a Kendo Master gains combat expertise but uses his wisdom modifier instead of his dexterity modifier to determine the number of attacks of opportunity he can make in a given round. at 4th level and every 4 levels thereafter a Kendo Master gains an additional attack of opportunity up to +5 at 20th level. This ability replaces a monks AC Bonus.

*New* Way of the Sword(Ex): At 2nd level, a Kendo Master gains Weapon Focus as a bonus feat with one type of Sword. At 6th level, the monk gains Weapon Specialization with the same weapon as a bonus feat, even if he does not meet the prerequisites. This ability replaces evasion.

*New* Evasion (Ex): At 4th level and higher, a Kendo Master can avoid even magical and unusual attacks with great agility. If she makes a successful Reflex saving throw against an attack that normally deals half damage on a successful save, she instead takes no damage. Evasion can be used only if the Kendo Master is wearing light armor or no armor. A helpless Kendo Master does not gain the benefit of evasion. This Ability replaces Slow Fall.

*New* Armored Evasion (Ex): at 9th level and higher, a kendo Masters training grants the use of Evasion while in Medium armor. This ability replaces Improved Evasion.

Grand Lodge

+5 Toaster wrote:
Why not both and say that the Kendo master gains One With the Sword as a bonus feat at first level, replacing unarmed strike.

The feat is more race specific making the option of using swords as monk weapons limited to Tengu's only.

The archtype opens up the idea to any race but in the process limits you to a monk class to obtain the full benefits.

The feat allows you to be a Tengu monk and take other monk archtypes, or you could be a Tengu rogue swordmaster and take monk feats that require unarmed strike (like the style feats) without actually having monk levels.

My preference is to keep such an ability very limited to avoid inadvertently breaking something hence posting it here to see if it could be broken.

Grand Lodge

I been considering a Tengu Monk build but have constantly fallen flat when trying to incorporate the Tengus swordmastery with monk levels.

So I though what about developing a Feat/Archtype that I could put towards my GM.

Before I do that however I have decided to post it here for some feedback and balancing.

Heres the ideas

Feat Version: One with the Sword

Requirements: Tengu, Swordtrained Racial Trait, BAB +1
Your Swordtrained Trait counts as Improved Unarmed Strike for the purposes of feats and class abilities, including pre-requisites. You may substitute any unarmed strike with a melee attack with your sword.

Special: If you have monk levels you also treat your sword as a monk special weapon.

Archtype Version: Kendo Master (monk)

Kendo Masters are proficient with light and medium armor.

Sword Mastery (Ex): You treat swords as monk special weapons and gain weapon focus in a sword of your choice. You are considered to have the Improved unarmed strike for the purpose of feats and class abilities, including pre-requisites and may substitute any unarmed strike with a melee attack with your sword. This ability replaces Unarmed Strikes.

Kata (Ex): Kendo Masters learn patterns of movement that, unlike regular monks involve avoidance of the blows, instead rely on attacking and counterattacking with the sword. at 1st level a Kendo Master gains combat expertise but uses his wisdom modifier instead of his dexterity modifier to determine the number of attacks of opportunity he can make in a given round. at 4th level and every 4 levels thereafter a Kendo Master gains an additional attack of opportunity up to +5 at 20th level. This ability replaces a monks AC Bonus.

One with the Sword (Ex): Starting at 5th level, Whenever a Kendo Master
attacks with a sword, he gains a +1 bonus on attack and damage rolls.
Every four levels thereafter (9th, 13th, and 17th), a Kendo Master becomes further trained in swords and increases this bonus by
+1 each. A Kendo Master also adds this bonus to any combat maneuver checks made with swords. This bonus also applies to the Kendo Master’s Combat Maneuver Defense when defending against disarm and sunder attempts made against swords. This ability replaces the monks unarmed damage increase.

Personally I'm leaning towards the Kendo Master over the feat but would appreciate peoples thoughts/input.

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