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Anthropomorphized Rabbit

QuidEst's page

Pathfinder Companion, Roleplaying Game Subscriber. 3,608 posts (3,792 including aliases). 13 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 9 aliases.

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When somebody says, "I want to play a poisoner," I can help them now.


I feel a little guilty handing out a five star review based largely on a single archetype, but you can now play an effective poisoner, and I feel like that's a pretty big deal. Not just "I have a special, unique poison I can apply to my blade", but whipping up a broad range of injury and ingested poisons with DCs that keep pace with 6/9 casters. There's a way to deal with immunities, and you can even customize your poisons with effects (either good or bad!) that apply even on a successful save. And it does it without hurting the effectiveness of the base class. This is a book that has accomplished its mission.

I feel less guilty about handing out that five star review since the book has some other cool stuff in it. Interesting poisons (need to fake being sick, or maybe just dissolve somebody?), awesome hexes, neat racial options, and some cool new spells.

Uh, don't expect much from the potions side of this thing, though. Potions are already kind of pricey for what they do; I don't want to spend feats to get effects that work when I spend even more making them.

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Lots of great stuff.


Dedicated shifter class. Even if you don't like the class, it still means there's now a class that will receive exclusively shifting-focused archetypes.

Feats. Dust the bad ones aside, and enjoy rage totem powers on non-Barbarians, wildblooded bloodlines on non-Sorcerers, some nice options for Shifter, and more.

Archetypes. So many great ones! Highlights include a venomous Brawler, a Monk with Kineticist powers, a Kineticist that uses all the elements based on their surroundings, and a Shifter that's an ooze. Animal companions and familiars get in on the action too!

Rules. Lots of cool foraging rules, and much more detailed weather rules. Plus, rules for salvaging magic items and the like when you're leagues from a handy marketplace.

Price. If you grab the PDF, it's just ten bucks. Seriously, go for it.

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Archetypes, curses, and more!


One of the big complaints with witches has been that the patrons are very bland and don't actually do much. This book tackles the problem head-on, allowing you to get more bang for your buck from various patrons. That's right, patron-specific mechanics are here at last! They're pretty well balanced to not add too much power to a full caster, while also not hurting too much to take.

Subraces are always awesome, even if the changeling subraces are a little clustered in their stats (which don't always match the flavor). The Awakened Hag Heritage feat is an excellent addition to Changelings, too; both flavorful and mechanically useful. Changeling covens are tricky to pull off in a party, but very rewarding.

More curse spells are fun, and Knell of the Depths is enough to justify a Skull & Shackles witch by itself. Curse of Dragonflies also gets a mention for allowing the caster to do something very helpful- force a flier to land in mid-combat. The fact that it's also a permanent curse is gravy on top! Pick it up, and your party's melee combatants will be grateful. In addition to the spells, there are occult rituals. Notably, a "you and your descendants" curse (with options that work even if you're pretty sure they won't have kids), and cursing somebody with a pugwampi.

The new archetypes for witch pair excellently with the new patron rules, and are quite flavorful, with useful tools. Other classes get nice archetypes as well, like a spiritualist bound to an evil and independent-thinking spirit, and a bloodrager that is a solid addition to many natural attack builds.

Every book has some things that don't shine as much. The Malice Binder is stretched too thin by using charisma for DCs on a martial class that uses Int for everything else. Curses and witches don't usually come up enough for me to take archetypes centered around them. (Then again, I didn't get very far in Reign of Winter.)

This book provides a solid improvement to a class usable across nearly any archetype, several good archetypes, good spells, and lots of expansion to an existing race. Well worth a purchase. While I loved the broad coverage of Blood of Beasts, Blood of the Coven shows that an in-depth treatment is good too!

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Good deal for lovers of demons, daemons, and devils.

****( )

It's nice to have the fiendish planes fleshed out in one handy book, and (if you're grabbing the PDF) for less than the cost of the much smaller source material books. There are a bunch of cool new things you can do, like become a true werewolf or a worm that walks!

The reason it's not five stars is because it's very heavily weighted towards (in order) demons, devils, and daemons. If you're interested in other fiends, there's not a lot of mechanics that work with them, and where they're specific, they're purposefully weaker.

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No First World problems here.


I think this is the most would-play archetypes (plus mysteries, bloodlines, etc.) I've seen in a player's companion. That's combined with good traits and interesting story feats! A few racial options are a bit much (elf getting constant detect magic or bonus AC versus chaotic creatures is a nuisance for the GM, and gathlain kineticists do half again as much damage as other kineticists), but other than that, things are very nice.

Traits! Two particularly notable ones, but all good. Intelligence has been stealing charisma's thunder thanks to traits, so grab one of these to make your sorcerer as good at identifying spells as a wizard- or go for something fun, like crafting. Retry a hex against somebody once per day? Don't mind if I do.

Archetypes! There's an alchemist that gets a pool of points to spend on random effects (or rerolls for bad results). Very nice for anybody who wants a character with some gambling built in. Two new oracle curses, a new mystery, and an archetype! The mystery is great, with very cool and useful abilities that don't rely on charisma-to-everything. Swift action invisibility! Rod of Wonder effects! Move-action teleportation! Speaking of invisibility, there's a nifty bard archetype that trades out the usual inspire courage for handing out some fey abilities. The rogue will love having swift-action invisibility handed out! It's a versatile list. Ankou's Shadow is the first archetype to really make me want to play a slayer. At-will modified Mirror Image using your shadow, and as you level up, your shadow-selves become more and more independent. Oh, and the swift-action See Invisibility is really nice to have available too. Rogue with built-in darkvision and short-range teleportation is nice. Seducer is a charisma-based witch (still prepared casting) with hexes that get bonuses against anybody attracted. Twinned Summoner is a really classy option to have your eidolon fake being you. Nice to have an unkillable body-double! There's a very serious chunk of material dedicated to making this work even better with an unchained summoner. Psychics get a sorrow discipline, complete with their own private demiplane of solitude. Chronomancer is a wizard that can get back some spell slots when enemies made that save to negate or had good spell resistance, along with options for save rerolls and eventually more flexibility on contingencies.

Shapechanger bloodline for sorcerer gets its own section. It starts off with the underwhelming arcana of +1 CL to personal transmutations, and moves on to what seems like a mildly spiced-up version of the boring and generally useless first level "grow claws" power. Third level, though, is where it really hits. Once per day, boost a minute-per-level personal polymorph to ten minutes per level. That pushes it up into useful for social encounters, or a couple of combat encounters! Then at ninth, it becomes an HOUR per level. Since that stacks with extend spell, by the time you get Form of Dragon I at 12th, you can live your life as a dragon. The other abilities are really cool, too- transmuting yourself into an instantaneous AoE of claws and teeth, modifying your polymorphs with different movement forms, and a solid capstone in the vein of aberration bloodline. New favorite bloodline.

Spells! I don't care if it's not terribly effective- turning somebody's skeleton into jagged cold iron is awesome. Always love getting more fungal spells. The chronomancy spells are the star of the show, though, providing balanced time magic spells for a range of levels.

Feats! Hate teamwork feats? Have the opposite! 0-level Selective Spell metamagic… that only excludes you. Increase your channel's healing… when you exclude everybody else. Spend rage for extra attacks… so long as allies keep their distance. They're pretty cool, actually.

TLDR: You can be a dragon 24/7 now.

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