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Quentin S. Jones's page

59 posts. Alias of Freddy Honeycutt.

About Quentin S. Jones

Name: Quentin S. Jones (S is for Smith)
Player: Kenderkin
Chronicle: Chicago Nights (V:tR)
Concept: mysterious stranger gunslinger hunter
Virtue: Faith
Vice: Wrath

Clan: Gangrel
Covenant: The Unaligned
Sire: Wild Eye Jack
Coertie: The Unaligned

Blood Pool 10/10 1 point/turn


Intelligence: **
Strength: ***
Presence: **

Wits: ***
Dexterity: ***
Manipulation: **

Resolve: **
Stamina: ***
Composure: **

Mental (-3 unskilled)
Investigation: **
Medicine: *
Occult: *

Physical (-1 unskilled)
Brawl: **
Firearms: ****
Stealth: ***
Survival: **

Social (-1 unskilled)
Animal Ken: *
Empathy: *
Streetwise: **
Subterfuge: ***

Ambidextreous ***
Quick draw *

Protean **

Variable Traits:
Health 7/7
Willpower: 4/4
Vitae: 10/10
Blood Potency: 1
Humanity: 7
Size: 5
Speed: 11
Defense: 3
Initiative Modifier: 6

Experience Total:
Experience Current:



Taurus Judge (3)
-Damage (.45 slug) Damage 3 ranges 35/70/140 shells 5 strength 3 size 1 cost ••
-Damage (.410 shotgun) Damage 4 ranges 20/40/80 shells 5 strength 3 size 1 cost ••
____Dex + firearms [dice]7d10[/dice]
Taurus Judge revolver speedloaders (12) see link
double speed-loader case/pouches (6)
Gunsmithing kit

Quinton began his existence as a monster hunter of the supernatural with his father, together they hunted many minor creatures while learning different legends and lore dealing with the supernatural. Often were able to catch monsters by surprise in having bullets that exploited weaknesses of the creatures in question.

Utilizing the 5 round revolver the Taurus Judge, Quinton and his father were able to use 45 slugs with loads such as cold iron and silver, then the .410 shotgun loaded with blessed rock salt.

In his early life Quinton learned about the supernatural world and experienced first-hand strange and terrifying creatures. Quinton’s father Jerome focused on dealing with ghosts, finding that Ghosts could be kept at bay with blessed Rock salt out of a shotgun until the problem could be solved in several ways: such as, severing anchors, finishing business, abjuration or exorcism. Jerome was a monster hunter specialized in ghosts, though Quinton saw abjuration and exorcism he has no direct ability to do either.

Quinton’s father Jerome died during their last investigation, it had begun with the gypsies who were running a carnival on the outskirts of Chicago. Amongst them were 5 vampires of an unaligned coterie. When the investigators showed up the vampires went into the city to avoid conflict with Quinton and his father. In a twist of irony Quinton was actually looking into reports that were related to werewolves, animals from nearby farms had went missing, as well as from the carnival itself, yet somehow the juxtaposition of events turned sour rather quickly.

Quinton and Jerome found their werewolves, and just as the war amongst the factions began, in a fight with the wolves, Quinton’s father perished, and nearly did Quinton. Yet a gangrel witnessed the event and fight within Quinton who in fact had slain the werewolves, but was dying of injuries, yet he still struggled to bind deep wounds and crawl to survive...

Quinton dragged himself towards his car, planning to get to the quickclot, bandages, and IV fluids within…

Wild eyed Jack turned the struggling man over like some sort of struggling insect, and found himself face to face with a .45 caliber revolver, memories of a whole different era and an entirely different type of man flooded into Jack’s mind.

Jack: “Need a hand?” smiles and asks sarcastically

Quinton: “No thanks I still have the one.” Moves the gun, indicating both the one hand and the remaining bullet in the revolver.

Jack: “I see…quit a battle there.”

Quinton begins using his elbows and legs to keep going in the direction of the car.

Jack: “You can’t possibly win”

Quinton: “I don’t have to…just survive.”

Jack had never met a mortal with so much grit and determination he had seen terror in the eyes of men uninjured, well armed, and in a group afraid of even the hint of shadows, here before him was a man who with nothing but grit and determination knew the goal that defined the essence of gangrel: survive when it is impossible to do so.

Jack: “Want a drink?”

Quinton: “Whiskey if you have it.”

Quinton reached his car at the edge of the parking the carnival had previously occupied. In an effort of will he got to his knees. Steadied himself and in a motion of quickness for a mortal near-death he holstered his gun, grabbed the door handle, heaved himself up and re-drew the weapon.

Quinton: “Raincheck?”

At that moment one of the vampires who had went into the city returned he misread the situation entirely and lunged for Quinton, that last bullet took him in mid leap between the eyes.

Jack fell upon Quinton who continued to fight and struggle up until the point of death, in that moment instead of final death Jack embraced Quinton changing him forever.

Quinton was able to escape that very evening leaving the area while the battle raged amongst the factions of Chicago. Quinton avoided anyone he had previously known and adapted over time to his abilities he retained his first name and continued to use the aliases Smith and Jones (that he and his father used as monster hunters). Quinton continued the fight continued the work he and his father had been engaged in, many met death at his hands even after the embrace. His thoughts always returned to the embrace and the interaction he had with the vampire who embraced him, there was something very familiar in the tone the under-currents of the event. Quinton finally realized the vampire was remarkably similar to his father.

Quinton returned to Chicago and sought the vampire through description alone, til someone said that sounds like Wild Eye Jack. It did not take long for Wild Eye Jack to hear that a stranger was asking about him and to hear who was doing the asking. Jack found Quinton in one of the local parks utilizing the gifts of his blood.

Jack approached Quinton turned drawing two revolvers quickly as ever.

Jack: “Didn’t we have a rain check?”

Quinton: “For a drink as I recall.”

Jack: “Is that why you have been asking around about me?”

Quinton: “Yes and I have some questions.”

Jack: “Drinking seems to imply a bit of comfort and a long over-due talk with an old friend.”

Quinton: “That a fact?”

Jack: “Yes it is, why do you think you are here, why weren’t you dead that night so long ago?”

Quinton: “That was one of my questions.”

Jack turns to leave “I have a haven near here come and we shall have that drink and that long over-due talk, about traditions among other things.”

The talk resulted in Quinton learning about the traditions and his own role in the firestorm that had swept through Chicago, though he believed it was a spark that the wind carried into a pile of tinder that was stacked well ahead of those events. Quinton eventually had the leave of his Sire to remain in Chicago.

The relationship between the two is strained for the time being.

Flaw (Right now embarrassing secret)
Embarrassing Secret: Your character has a secret about her past that she must hide or else suffer shame and ostracism from her peers. An experience point is awarded only if your character harms her other causes by working
to keep her secret. Perhaps she misses an important meeting with an ally so that she can distract a reporter from
looking into her past. Extra experience can be awarded if the secret gets out, at which point this Flaw might be exchanged for Notoriety at the Storyteller’s discretion.

Notoriety: Your character, like O.J. Simpson or Michael Jackson, is renowned for some heinous deed, regardless of whether he committed it or not. This Flaw could derive from his infamous family or from his association with a scandalous organization such as the Mob or a company known for environmental infractions. If recognized, he inspires a negative reaction in others. An experience point is awarded only if the negative reaction causes some harm to your character’s goals.

Basic Discipline Levels
• Aspect of the Predator
The first level of Protean allows a vampire to project a supernatural mien of savage predatory ferocity. The Kindred ignores the usual relationships of Blood Potency when meeting other Kindred for the first time. The Gangrel with this Discipline reacts as if she had equal Blood Potency to all others; thus, if she fails to keep control of her own Beast (due to the Predator's Taint), she will attack the one defying her. Her Beast will never drive her to flee such a meeting.
•• Haven of Soil
This power allows a vampire to blend with different substances. When activated, the vampire will be able to mingle with the ground under his feet, effectively protecting her from the sunlight or any physical attacks, as her corporeal form merges with that of the material around her.
••• Claws of the Wild
When a Kindred with this power activates Claws of the Wild, her nails grow into long, sharp talons. The claws inflict aggravated damage and offer a +1 bonus to attack pools in unarmed close combat. The vampire can also cause her toenails to grow, offering her climbing benefits.
•••• Shape of the Beast
The Kindred can take the shape of an ordinary animal, such as a wolf or a bat. She keeps her mind and temperament and gains animal abilities, but the shape-shifting does not keep her from sunlight affliction nor daytime slumber.
••••• Body of Spirit
A vampire can transfigure her entire body into fine mist. On her incorporeal form, she is not subject to physical attacks nor most mind attacks. The mist can float above the ground at the Kindred's normal speed, and can mold itself at the vampire's will.

1967 Impala in good condition

cell phone with camera

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