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Pygrado's page

241 posts. Alias of ajkkjjk52.

Full Name

Pygrado Gerbir


HP 42/43








Common, Elven, Halfling, Dwarven


Trainee Assassin

Strength 12
Dexterity 18
Constitution 14
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 8
Charisma 10

About Pygrado

The half-elf who bounds into the room might normally cut an imposing figure--his leather armor is died a sharp red, each stud resembling a crudely-worked skull, and from his back hangs a crossed pair of viciously serrated blades--were it not for his pubescent features and the almost goofy grin plastered on his face. He strides confidently across the room and extends a friendly hand. "Pygrado Gerbir, trainee assassin. How do you do?"

Half-Elf Fighter2/Rogue2

HP 44 AC 19 Touch 15 Flat Footed 14
Fort +6 Ref +8(evasion) Will +0
CMB +5 CMD 20 Initiative +6 Speed 30

+1 Leather Armor
+1 Dagger
+1 Sawtooth Sabre
MW Sawtooth Sabre
Belt of Dex +2
Vanisher Cloak

Shortsword +10 (1d6+2)
Shortsword and Dagger +8/+8 (1d6+2/1d4+1)
Thrown Dagger +10 (1d4+2)
Sabre +11 (1d8+2)
Two Sabres +9/+9 (1d8+2/1d8)

Acrobatics+12 Bluff+5
Climb+5 C(Carpentry)+6
DisableDevice+12 Disguise+4
EscapeArtist+10 Intimidate+8
K(Engineering)+6 K(Local)+7
Perception+11 P(Assassin)+4
Ride+9 SenseMotive+10
SleightOfHand+10 Stealth+13
Survival+3 UseMagicDevice+4

Feats and Abilities
Low-Light Vision
EWP(Sawtooth Sabre)
Elf Blood
Elven Reflexes
Two-Weapon Fighting
Two-Weapon Defense
Sneak Attack +2d6
Trapfinding, Trap Sense +1
Finesse Rogue
Quick Draw
WFo(Sawtooth Sabre)


The Ten-Minute Background
which is bulls**t because I spent way more than that on this

"Hello fellow tavern-goers, can I have your attention? My name is Pygrado Gerbir and I'm with the Red Mantis Assassin's Guild--you've probably heard of us. Anyway, if you need anyone killed, that's my job, so I'll be at that table over there in the shady corner and you can just swing by and we'll talk rates. Enjoy your drinks, people, and thank you for your time."

Concept Elements:
-Pygrado is, or at least thinks he is, a trainee in the dreaded Red Mantis Assassin's Guild. The Red Mantis is the most feared Assassin's Guild in the land, operating in the shadows of fear and mystery. Pygrado is a decent assassin, for being new at it, but completely missed the part about fear and mystery.

-Pygrado's mother was a wood elf from the North, his father was a artisan who sculpted jewelery and ornementation from wood. Pygrado was always a strange child; he was friendly enough but just a little detatched.

-The turning point came when, at the age of 12 an assassin (of unknown hiring) slipped in through the chimney and fired a poisoned blowgun dart into his father's back, killing him within minutes. Pygrado's mother wanted to leave Silverkeep immediately, but Pygrado had seen something that inspired him. An assassin: someone totally in control of their lives and the lives of others. Someone who demanded respect; someone whose every action was with purpose and clarity. He had found, he thought, his true path.

-When Pygrado's mother fled the city in grief, Pygrado slipped from her and sought a mentor. He found a member of the Red Mantis Guild, who was sufficiently impressed by the kid's tenacity to take him under his wing.

-Pygrado learned the skills of a Red Mantis Assassin, skill with lockpicks and a bow, skill with disguises, stealth, distractions, and skill with the signature dual sawtooth sabres of the Guild. What he never managed to learn, somehow, is that assassin's don't usually advertise, or that most folk dislike the idea of an assassin walking publicly. Somehow, he never got across the idea that introducing yourself as an assassin is a poor decision.

-Despairing of Pygrado's lack of subtlety, his mentor informed him that it was time to learn on his own no, preformed some bogus ceremony granting him the status of trainee, and cut him loose, expecting him to not last long on his own in the streets. So far, Pygrado has survived two years and 9 hits.

"Ever since I was just a little kid, an assassin's all I've ever wanted to be. And the Red Mantis Guild? They're the best there is."

There are two directions I can see Pygrado going:

-Either he gets burned by his guilelessness, learns his lesson, becomes a real Red Mantis Assassin (around level 6) and becomes a terrifying killer in the night.

-Or his kinder nature gets the better of him and he drops the assassin goal to become a good-guy adventurer.

Right now, he's true neutral, but he could go either LE or CG

"As a member of the Red Mantis Assassin Guild, secrets are my stock in trade."

Hey! I told you guys to stay out!

"The best thing about being an assassin is, the moment you walk into a tavern and they see who you are, everyone wants to be your friend. Or at least, no one wants you on their bad side."

-Pygrado's mother, Pelumara Gerbir (nee Lesenelle) is still alive and back with her tribe somewhere in the woods. She worries after her son every day, but has foresworn any association with humans or the trappings of "human" civilization.

-Madersk Laerer, a mid-level Red Mantis Assassin, was Pygrado's teacher, and since cutting him loose two years ago has avoided Pygrado, hoping a botched contract will take care of the loose end. Madersk's superior talents at evasion have thus far prevented Pygrado from finding him, though he might be willing to meet with a more competent and experienced assassin, and would likely even feel a measure of pride.

-Before his parents were killed, Pygrado was apprenticed to a homebuilder by the name of No-Thumb Hefferts. He hasn't talked to the old man since he took up as an assassin--in fact he's been conciously avoiding him--but could probably rely on him for a little support in a pinch.

"Who am I? Like I told you, I'm an assassin. That's all there is, through and through."

-Pygrado always has a trick up his sleeve for something or other. He's got a bag bursting to capacity--carrying capacity that is (and I can't wait till I can afford a handy haversack)--with all sorts of miscellany just waiting for the right use.

-Despite his generally kindly and open disposition, Pygrado has absolutely no respect for the value of life, or for loyalty, honor, or the like. There is literally no one he would not accept a contract on, or hesitate even a moment in carrying through on said contract.

-When infiltrating or preparing for combat, Pygrado tends to be overly cautious, almost-but-not-quite to the point of paranoia. He devises backup plans for the backup plans, and almost always prefers to gather as much information as possible before any risky situation.

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