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Bloodstone Swords

Purple Dragon Knight's page

FullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 2,835 posts (2,926 including aliases). 8 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 3 Pathfinder Society characters. 3 aliases.

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I just had the joy of experiencing the aftermath of a partially flooded basement in the last 10 days, and let me tell you: water, even pure rain water, once it gets into a house (especially furniture/carpets) is somewhat fiendish in nature.

Is there something in Pathfinder Rules that covers such silly, unexpected damage such as water spilling everywhere indoors?

Here's my take on it so far:

Water damage [(Ex + Sp) x (Su)]^2: worse than hit point damage... cannot be healed until you move all your basement furniture out (at least 900 move actions at an encumbered reduced speed of 5ft) followed by a casting of "Remove Carpet, Mass". Then you must succeed a caster level check against Drying Resistance AND meanwhile your fan/dehumidifier/crowbar_the_heck_out_OF_ALL_WET_CRAP spell level must exceed wet concrete/rotten baseboard spell level, like Daylight vs. Darkness kinda thing.

After all that, if successful, you can now heal damage normally (i.e. fork over 1200 bucks to the carpet wizards as they cast "Fabricate New Carpet" upon your basement...)

In a moment of desperation I went to a wetcarpetmancer and almost gave him 350 bucks for him to cast "Animate Dead Carpet" a.k.a. Just Change the Wet Carpet Padding Bud You'll be Awright if Ye Keep Dee Olde Carpette... but Batman slapped me across the face and yelled "Do It Right, Fatass!"


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From PRD:

"Swinging Reposition (Ex): At 2nd level, a pirate incorporates a ship's masts, rigging, ropes, sails, and other such structures into her combat style. Provided she is wearing light armor or no armor, when fighting in an environment where such structures exist, the rogue incorporates them into her movement, and does not have to move in a straight line when making either a charge attack or a bull rush combat maneuver. Once she completes her attack or maneuver, she can reposition herself. Immediately after making the charge or bull rush, she can move 5 feet as a free action, even if the charge ends her turn. This movement does not provoke attacks of opportunity. This ability replaces the 2nd-level rogue talent."

Q: Does a bull rush attempt made as part of a Swinging Reposition trigger an AoO?


Anyone else addicted to this game like a crack addict?


I'm really happy about the new god entry format and the exalted, evangelist and sentinel boons. Exalted boons you can get just by taking a feat but then you have to wait to level 12 for the first boon and level 16 for the second (the second boon is usually the "working boon" ie. the one most relevant to the god in question).

Exalted PrC allows for those boons to be taken much earlier, but you may need to sacrifice your domain power for it, if you're a cleric.

If you start off as an oracle, the Exalted class is a super tough sell, because you no longer get revelations from leveling up in that class. At least that's how I read it...

Paladins also get some neat abilities as they level up... I'm guessing a pally would run in the same problems taking Exalted levels (i.e. sacrificing additional smites per day, aura of justice, etc.)

Any thoughts on that class? am I missing something? I find the advantages of the Exalted boons are few and far between and unless you're a cleric, sorcerer or wizard, I'm not sure who this would benefit.


joining a new campaign this weekend... all roles have been filled except (drumrolls) cleric or rogue! :)

so essentially, I'm trying to stat up a cleric (I want the full spellcasting progression) that is kinda roguish (i.e. has trapfinding ability... or at least disable device, as I supposed I could cast find traps constantly...)

But a cleric with the trap spotter rogue talent would be preferable... as far as I know there's nothing that lets me be a cleric while being a half decent rogue, but I may have missed something (i.e. traits or feats) that would allow such a mobster type cleric to exist...


I shoot dragon pistol... 15 foot cone... roll attack vs. all enemies in cone at -2 to hit: check

now if I have rapid shot feat, with rapid reload and alchemical cartridges... roll 2 attacks vs. all enemies in cone at -4 to hit?

to the above: roll vs Touch AC AND add Dex to damage if you have Gun Training at 5th level, yes?


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This is not a thread to debate if the rogue is inferior or not. Please do not post DPR calculations and a point-by-point analysis on the viability of rogue vs. anything.

This is where you post your homebrew feats, magic items, traits that are meant to make rogues more powerful than they are. Forget balance. Just remember this basic assumption: no one wants to play a rogue (most of the time).

I'll start the ball rolling with Spider Sense, a homebrew feat I concocted in another thread.


Thanks. Question about Serpentine Owl.

The figurine of wondrous power item entry says:
-Unless stated otherwise, the creature understands Common but does not speak.

The specific owl wording says:
-The transformation can take place once per day, with a maximum duration of 8 continuous hours.
-The owl communicates with its owner by telepathic means, informing her of all it sees and hears.

1. Can I send that thing up in the air for scouting and control it to go wherever I want to?
2. Can I make it invisible or cast any buff on it that would also work on a regular animal of its kind?
3. Can I use it for guard duty when we sleep for 8 hours? With my knowledge of spellcraft and use magic device and knowledge arcana and knowledge nature would I be able to tell if this can serve as a reliable guard when we sleep? (if not, can its perception be enhanced so it becomes a better guard?)
4. Is it considered trained and can we assign tricks to it? (it understands common, which suggests an minimum intelligence of 6, but this is up to DM interpretation - if not sentient i.e. min 6 int it would be a good idea to assign tricks to it so it can perform simple tasks in my absence i.e. when flying alone)
5. Can you equip this owl with magic items? Can it use magic items? (i.e. via UMD or other means, assuming its intelligence is at least 6)
6. Is there a range limit to telepathy? if not, does it have to remain on the same plane for you to retain contact? can you extend communication/control across the planes?


my DM says all afflictions follow the same rule, so according to Core, apparently when you get poisoned, you have an initial save to make. If you make it, you're done, regardless of the poison being listed as "cure 2 saves" or not. If you don't make it, on your turn, you save again, and if you make it, you're done. So you always get two chances to save against poisons.

Is this right? this feels like poisons got gimped.


hey y'all! i'm back! :)

making a bard with DimAgility... what's the best way to cast DimDoor as free action other than quicken metamagic rod?


Anyone else here thinks this game is completely awesome???

Play the guitar, music skill levels up... cook on your bbq, cooking skill levels up... etc.


Is it just me or are there others out there who think the Pathfinder Adventure Paths are becoming victims of their own success?

The current format (6 chapters, one each month) has long become impossible to keep up with from a Pathfinder AP fan perspective (our group plays each week and we have not been able to keep up, and have skipped several APs)

From a nerd / fan perspective this is annoying as I'd like to play them all.

I also find that the quality of some APs have been questionable as of late (not from bad art / bad writing perspective, but from a format / overall plot perspective). It seems that the 6 chapter format is somewhat of a shackle that ends up generating some weirdness (i.e. CoT should have ended at the end of Chapter 5, when the BBEG vamp is defeated; Second Darkness should have been split in two: AP1: Intrigue in Riddleport (3 or 4 chapters dedicated to growing a crime syndicate); AP2: Second Darkness: the 4 or 5 chapters we all know and hate that dealt with that long winded drow doomsday hack and slash)

Taldor *

For ease of reference here is the ability in question:


Expert Trainer (Ex): At 4th level, a cavalier learns to

train mounts with speed and unsurpassed expertise.
The cavalier receives a bonus equal to 1/2 his cavalier
level whenever he uses Handle Animal on an animal that
serves as a mount. In addition, he can reduce the time
needed to teach a mount a new trick or train a mount for a
general purpose to 1 day per 1 week required by increasing
the DC by +5. He can also train more than one
mount at once, although each mount after the first adds
+2 to the DC.


1) Does this ability in effect remove the 1 trick per scenario cap? (I believe it should, as the ability lets you train a critter 7 times faster)

2) Can a cavalier that has this ability train mounts purchased by other players (i.e. make a plain old light horse bought for 75gp on page 159 of the Core rules into a combat trained mount worth 110gp) I could see this being done easily (3 additional mounts ups the DC by 6; if the cavalier rolls good then everybody's riding horse is now combat trained) The DM could just put a note on the Chronicle Sheet (Pathfinder Character, Faction, Character Number) that did the training... that would actually be a cool bragging right for cavaliers ("My steed has been trained by Chaine Alazario, Andoran Faction, # 4456-3")


Taldor *

Two questions for the Pathfinder Society staff:

1) When is Goblins of Golarion joining the list of campaign "additional resources"?; and

2) Are you guys going to revisit the "We Be Goblins" module instructions?

I ask because:

A) I would love it if we could have a goblin PC within Pathfinder Society (double agents / reincarnated Society agents / or any other reason is ok with me)

B) It would be cool if the "We Be Goblins" mod could be played with PFS characters (an all goblin party of legal PFS PCs... perhaps with additional plot instructions for the DM to explain such a Pathfinder Goblin Squad infiltration within the goblin tribe described in the mod...)

I know this can perhaps be a touchy subject for some, and this thread is not meant to debate if goblins should or should not be a playable race within Society play. I am merely seeking feedback from the campaign organizers as there is a sizable chunk of people who would find the idea fun. Remember it's about fun and potentially also for comic relief! I would imagine that not all Pathfinder Society expeditions are composed only of members from the core races - I could imagine a large expedition in the Mwangi jungles or far flung mountains could have a goblin or two in tow, perhaps even a few orcs. The Society is about the enlightenment of primitive races right? :)


Taldor *

I asked this question in the rules section and got no answer; since this is for a Pathfinder Society character, I'd like to get a ruling from the campaign chiefs:

Q: Does Buckler Catch provoke an AoO?

NOTE: in the meantime, until I hear from campaign management I have had my character take Improved Disarm to negate the AoOs; if it is not necessary I will switch with something cooler! (Corsair of Taldor feat I am looking at you, with my max ranks in Craft: Ships, and my intention to get a headband of Int keyed to Profession: Sailor)



I play in a local Kingmaker campaign and my perception so far is that wealth / gold / gear seems to be on the low side. Has anyone else noticed this in their respective games?


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can someone please explain what this feat is for? i'm trying to picture some useful use out of this (especially considering there's an add-on feat to this called improved sidestep...)




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Do the subject feats from "Halflings of Golarion" work with a halfling staff sling? reading the description of halfling staff sling in the Core rulebook, the reloading rules appear the same as the regular sling. Should these two feats also apply to it then?


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...from the Inner Sea Primer; Taldan Rondelero fighter archetype.

Q: does the disarm attempt, albeit at +4, still provoke an AoO?

(i.e. is this best if one has the Improved Disarm feat?)


...just watched the movie, and can't shake the idea that this could work in the Kingmaker campaign.

(in the movie, George the 6th, a rather low on charisma King, gets a speech therapist named Lionel to help him prepare a series of critical wartime addresses to Great Britain, and by extension, to all the nations of the Commonwealth)

I kept thinking, low Cha leader reading off a specially prepared sheet full of marks, margin notes, private punctuation/pronunciation aids....

we then have, using kingdom building rules:

Lionel: max Cha bard/pathfinder chronicler using Greater Epic Tales ability, creating "speeches" for the King (inspire courage sounds about right; soothing performance or whispering campaign work too...)

George the 6th: [insert any low cha character] in the ruler position, reading the written Greater Epic Tales scroll each month in front of a large gathering...

The only catch it seems is that Greater Epic Tales mentions you use the reader's Cha as appropriate, so to have a puppet king reading off a sheet, it seems the puppet king needs a high Cha... let me know if I'm getting this right; I'd love to be wrong and be able to have a low Cha king reading off a magic scroll each month to give directions to a kingdom... :)



Since you're not actually moving from the carpet, and the carpet is doin' the movin'.... does a returnin' weapon, after hittin' a target, follow you as your carpet cruises along? :)


As written, richochet hammer does not seem to put a limit on sneak attack; therefore, a rogue with BAB 11/6/1 can apply sneak damage on all three attacks if they all hit right?

Taldor *

Fellow Pathfinders,

I played in the society up to level 4 about two years ago then we took a break off the society to run SD, LoF, CoT and now we are at the beginning of KM.

What is the procedure to rejoin the society for someone that, hypothetically, would have lost his character sheet and Path Society documentation? :)

I can still see the games I played in the "session" section of my character, but no info on gold and gear.

I look forward to hearing your advice and in the meantime I will double the efforts to find my old documentation...

Best regards,

PDK a.k.a. Theodric de LaMontagne, Taldan male bard 4.


Herald's Tabard
Aura moderate transmutation; CL 10th
Slot body; Price 19,000 gp; Weight 1 lb.
This emblazoned tabard is often used by heralds, court officials and standard bearers when riding in battle or when traveling in less patrolled areas, and usually when accompanied by a sizable force. This exquisite vestment, when worn, greatly enhances a wearer's existing ability to inspire in combat, and provides limited mounted combat ability.
If the wearer has the bardic performance, tactician, banner or inspiring command class feature, she is treated as five levels higher in regards to any of these abilities. If the character does not have any of the above-listed class features, she gains a +2 competence bonus to all Perform skill checks.
If donned by a character with the Extra Performance, Harmonic Spell or Lingering Performance feat, the vestment lets her use bardic performance for 2 additional rounds per day. If donned by a character with the Practiced Tactician feat, the vestment lets her use her tactician ability to grant allies a teamwork feat one additional time per day.
In addition, twice per day, any wearer can act as if he had the Mounted Combat feat, even if he does not meet the prerequisites for the feat.
Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, command, greater or
heroism, greater, mount; Cost 9,500 gp


As usual, anything posted on the Paizo board is fair game for future Paizo products; full permission is granted to Paizo to utilize this in any future product or article.


A few comments / suggestion, based on recent playtests:

- dead shot should cost no grit if there is one grit point left; despite the touch AC feature of guns being somewhat an equalizer here, high level gunslingers will be bored to death due to the rapidly decreasing grit points --> SUGGESTION: if dead shot is not a "AS LONG AS YOU HAVE ONE GRIT POINT LEFT" type of deed, the grit point reserve should reset each hour, or likewise replenish at a rate of 1 every 10 minutes...

- it should be clear that you can add Dex bonus to damage, magical enhancement bonus, sneak damage, flaming-type energy bonus, etc. for each attack you roll as part of the dead shot... as it reads, it sounds like you do this only once (i.e. like one big vital strike), which appears underpowered based on the playtest (please clarify if the latter applies) Again, Touch AC is somewhat an equalizer, as the pickleshot playtest used full AC...

- pepperbox: I'm really curious as to how this new gun, and other guns presented in round 2, will play out in the new playtests... I think we should get clarifications as to which firearms are available in the Golarion world (i.e. Inner Sea has pepperbox, pistol and musket, but the playtest has a whole new bunch, and it is not clear as to which ones will be unlocked by Ultimate Combat, in regards to *Golarion*)



Q: how many creatures can be affected by this 7th level spell?


I hate pricing magic items (especially when they duplicate feats, as I don't see how it's done in the magic item creation rules...) so I've taken the "Gloves of Arrow Snaring" as a base to create the subject item, at the same 4,000gp price. Let me know what you think.

Gloves of Riding (same as Gloves of Arrow Snaring but Mounted Combat feat instead of Snatch Arrow feat)


I hate pricing magic items (especially when they duplicate feats, as I don't see how it's done in the magic item creation rules...) so I've taken the "Robe, Monk's" as a base to create the subject item, at the same 13,000gp price. Let me know what you think.

Robe, Monk's
This simple brown robe, when worn, confers great ability
in unarmed combat. If the wearer has levels in monk, her
AC and unarmed damage is treated as a monk of five levels
higher. If donned by a character with the Stunning Fist feat,
the robe lets her make one additional stunning attack per day.
If the character is not a monk, she gains the AC and unarmed
damage of a 5th-level monk (although she does not add her
Wisdom bonus to her AC). This AC bonus functions just like
the monk’s AC bonus.

Vestment, Bard's
This exquisite vestment, when worn, confers great ability
with bardic music. If the wearer has levels in bard, her
bardic performance class feature is treated as a bard of five levels
higher. If donned by a character with the Extra Performance feat,
the vestment lets her use bardic performance for 2 additional
rounds per day. If the character is not a bard, she gains a +2
competence bonus to all Perform skill checks.


The Pathfinder Chronicler PrC says that its class' Bardic Music stacks with other class with the same ability, minus 2 levels. Does that mean a bard5/pathchron10 act like a bard 13 for all intent and purposes of bardic performance, and can use Soothing Performance (normally gained by a bard 12?)

At first glance the class doesn't have good BAB and no spellcasting, so I would think that bardic music is the only thing going for this class... so my opinion is "sure, soothe away"

Let me know what you think!



Note: I'm not the DM on this one, so I'll only post IC material and PC backgrounds.


yeah, need a mounted mini for my Kingmaker cleric of Erastil with the Animal domain... but not a horse: a stag/deer/elk (GASP!!!)

So far my search has only yielded this.

Please let me know if you know anything else out there.




When they made the switch to 4E and nuked the Realms in a giant magical storm-apocalypse, and then fast forwarded the Realms one hundred year in the future, this is when I switched to Golarion/Paizo.

Now, out of curiosity, I followed one of our fellow Paizo board members' link to the dreaded WotC website, where things come and go daily, and saw this:

WANTED: Elminster Must DieWinner: Congrats to Robert Jazo, the winner of our Elminster Must Die contest! The winning tweet that earned he and a guest a trip to Gen Con Indy 2011:

@WotC_Novels #elminster must die! At 1267 winters old he is personally responsible for bankrupting Social Security in the Realms.

Way to go, Robert! And thanks to all who participated in the contest. The judges had a lot of fun poring through all the tweets that came in to make the case on whether Ed Greenwood's famed Elminster should live or die. If you missed them, search for #elminster.

Yes folks, they held an "Elminster must die" tweet contest. I don't know about Mr. Greenwood, but if this was me, I'd be royally pissed and flip that company the bird whenever I could. What an utter lack of respect for an iconic character that has sustained TSR, WotC, Hasbro, etc. in a number of ways over the last 20 years.

I know some of you don't share my previous love for the Realms so I'll leave it at that... but regardless of the character itself and what happens to it in canon, I find WotC's attitude, promotions and general attitude towards this long-standing hobby AND towards one of their long-standing author a bit appalling, as everyone knows that Ed had a lot of fun with El over the years. Shame on them.



Is there still time for random combat-oriented requests for Ultimate Combat?

If so, let me start with the first one, which is not page intensive (one paragraph only)

Could you add a ranger combat style for halfling slingers? (see this post for more details)

Basically, the idea would be to give an additional combat style option for halfling rangers with the ammo drop and juggle load feats...



Check this idea out: PG/ultimateCombatPlaytest/gunslinger/givingUpOnGunslinger&page=2#52

Let me know what you ladies and gentlemen think. Especially you, ladies.

Enjoy! :)


Dear Paizo/Gamemastery folks:

Could it be possible to come up with a line of "SMART" gargantuan and colossal minis? I think the large and huge mini market has already been saturated by the D&D mini series over the years, and most gamers have an abundance of these products already.

However, the concept of "smart" gargantuans and colossals have not been exploited yet. Here's my thoughts on what a "smart" oversized mini should be:

1. Proper square dimensions: 4 squares across for gargantuan, and 6 squares across for colossal. If a DM wants more than 6 squares for colossal they can use the D&D mini big red (8 squares across).

2. "Hollow" center: the gargantuan or colossal mini should either be properly "elevated" and the base marked with squares so as to allow easy placing of smaller minis underneath the behemoth... either that, or forego the base and support the mini by a 4 or 6 square wire on the perimeter only (for garg/coloss minis, respectively) The wire method would have the added advantage that existing minis on the battlefield would NOT need to be reshuffled when the gargantuan or colossal mini moves around. The current D&D mini gargantuans have a base so when they enter squares occupied by medium minis, EVERYTHING needs to be pickup up, and repositioned on top of the gargantuan base, and in some case, this is impossible because the gargantuan base has no room for them (i.e. the actual mini is quite voluminous/thick) This results in most DMs just keeping the mini stationary because they don't want to bother with the minutiae required by constantly moving the battlefield around every time the garg./coloss. mini moves... (i.e. less dynamic, more boring battle)

3. Going with the wire idea above: if a "smart" gargantuan/colossal mini line is not possible or not within the core competencies of Paizo/Gamemastery, then perhaps produce a "wire base" which would elevate a garg/coloss. mini above the battlefield so as not disturb the minis below. Many garg./coloss. creatures fly anyhow. Make the wire base a 4-square or 6-square perimeter so the user can easily tell which squares the creature is in.

This is it for now, but I'll keep adding to the thread if I have other ideas/wishes on the subject. Please do not hesitate to provide any other comments or personal experiences on the matter.



What do you guys think? checket out Soldier Zero and Traveler so far... Soldier Zero has potential but Traveler appears downright horrible. Haven't gotten around to Starborn yet.... appears lukewarm hence delay....

What do you guys think about these titles?


Purple Dragon Knight wrote:
Doc Strange, Luke Cage, Spidey, Wolverine, Iron Fist, Ms. Marvel, Squirrel Girl, Ben Grimm... what's not to like??? :) :) :)

Judging from the overwhelming answer I'm guessing people don't give a rat's.... which could mean the Avengers team will change again, and again, and again in the foreseeable future... sigh...


anyone picked these yet? i like 'em!


So far I had been under the assumption that a monk's robe granted the user full monk level 5 fighting capabilities to the user (i.e. including improved unarmed strikes). As it currently reads it looks like you get a boost on AC/CMD and on your unarmed damage, BUT would still suffer an AoO while attacking unarmed (unless the item implies that improved unarmed strike is also granted).

How do you adjudicate this item?


Male French Canadian Quebec Outsider

here be the dice rolls for our remote Tue nite games... the following is for the current disjuncted/debuffed status... (will be more if Divine Bond and Smite Evil are reactivated)

Here's Caladrel's current power attack FULL ROUND ACTION routine:

1d20 + 24 ⇒ (14) + 24 = 381d10 + 20 ⇒ (4) + 20 = 24
1d20 + 15 ⇒ (18) + 15 = 331d10 + 20 ⇒ (2) + 20 = 22
1d20 + 10 ⇒ (18) + 10 = 281d10 + 20 ⇒ (9) + 20 = 29

Here's Caladrel's current pwer attack + improved vital strike STANDARD ACTION routine:

1d20 + 24 ⇒ (13) + 24 = 373d10 + 20 ⇒ (1, 7, 4) + 20 = 32


1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

Shouldn't this community domain spell be the 2nd level community domain spell? status is a 2nd level cleric spell...


Elephant Stomp [Combat]
You deliver a crushing blow to downed enemies.
Prerequisites: Str 13, Power Attack, Improved Overrun,
base attack bonus +1.
Benef it: When you overrun an opponent and your
maneuver check exceeds your opponent’s CMD by 5
or more, instead of moving through your opponent’s
space and knocking her prone, you may stop in the
space directly in front of the opponent (or the nearest
adjacent space) and make one attack with an unarmed
strike or a natural weapon against that opponent as an
immediate action.
Normal: When your overrun maneuver check exceeds
your opponent’s CMD by 5 or more, you move through the
target’s space and she is knocked prone.

Question: does this feat enable someone to make an attack as an immediate action on an opponent BEFORE proceeding with overrunning the said opponent? This is how I read it, as the attack is an immediate action and in effect, this means the actual overrunning, which is a standard action, has not occurred yet or has not been completed yet... If this is not a feat that effectively allows a creature to make one attack while overrunning then I fail to see the usefulness of the feat.

Any help would be appreciated.


Anyone knows more than me on this, beyond the fact that the current X-Men Annual currently on sale at your FLGS/Comic Store has a bomb announcement in it saying Chris is back with the X-Men????

Which title(s)????

X-Men Annual Spoiler:
Jean Grey is back apparently (not sure if Claremont just brought her back or if that was done in the last few months...) and this time Wolverine and her no longer restrain their love. They are now together. Full bikini shots and all. They're fooling around constantly in that title. Lots of love. You get the picture. They get into some trouble and who rescues them? Nightcrawler, Kitty Pryde, Jubilee and Psylocke. Old 1975-1991 team back together? it seems to be the case! :) :) :) weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


Dear Paizo community:

Is there a thread somewhere that summarizes which books contain special rules that Paizo has come up with so far, such as the rules for Haunts, Chase, etc.?

I want to take advantage of the January 10% discount to stock up on PDFs especially for all the APs I do not own in print yet and which may contain such new rules.




Anyone else but me thought this issue (Hulk Gamma) was awesome? (with Blue Hulk // Rick Jones acting as Bruce Banner's bodyguard and telling the Avengers to "back off" and let Bruce say a few words?)

I think Marvel is doing really cool things these days. I'm starting to understand why I've always been more of a Marvel guy than a DC guy: the most powerful guy in DC universe (Superman) is perfect, loved by all; the most powerful guy in Marvel universe (Hulk) is hated by all the "beautiful, perfect" hero leagues... (yet without Hulk, all the main Marvel heroes would have died when Molecule Man materialized a mountain above their heads during the Secret Wars, for instance... and countless other rescues by Hulk)

Yes, the Hulk is utter destruction, but only when people make him angry. You'd think they'd have learned by now: give big green dude a wide berth and he goes back to Banner form after taking a few relaxing breaths... (hey, maybe one of the "heroes" should come up with a "relaxing scents" gun or "yoga pose" projector or "new age music" loudspeaker...)


Happy New Year to all fellow PRPG users out there!

Love and Happiness to all!



Comparing with all other Bestiary animal companion entries, the Bonus Bestiary Dragonne appears to be a special case with its own minisubset of rules. Can someone please clarify the official way this is supposed to work?

So far I have it down to the following:

1) It is a monster cohort like those described at the end of the Bestiary (pixie, satyr, unicorn, etc.) that a 10th level druid or 13th level ranger (or any other creature with an effective druid level 10 for the purposes of Animal Companions, such as a 10th level paladin) can have by taking the Leadership feat.

2) If requirements in para 1) are met, using a 10th level druid as an example, the druid uses the starting stats shown under the Dragonne entry (natural +7, STR 19, DEX 15) and modifies them with the 6th level entry of Table 3–8: Animal Companion Base Statistics (PRPG p.52). Because the Dragonne is a magical beast, the stats are built with d10 instead of d8. As per 6th level row, it also gains +4 natural armor and +2 STR/DEX (AC +11 natural, STR 21, DEX 17 thus far). Also as per Table 1-4 of the Bestiary, Magical Beasts use Fast BAB instead of the Animal's Medium BAB. So 6th level entry corresponds to 6HD Dragonne corresponds to BAB +6.

3) When the druid gains 4 more levels (effective druid 14, so we now use the 10th level entry of Table 3–8: Animal Companion Base Statistics (PRPG p.52). 9d10, BAB +9, AC +13 natural, STR 22, DEX 18 (and let's not forget share spells, evasion, two ability score increases so STR can be 24, and multiattack as per the Special column of Table 3-8). The Dragonne Bonus Bestiary entry also lets us know that at the 10th level advancement mark, we add +2 STR (STR 26), +2 CON (CON 19), and we add the Roar ability (DC 18 because it is Constitution based, and we just bumped the CON to 19...)

Do I have this right so far? this is for a cohort and NOT an animal companion right? because at druid level 14, if this was an animal companion, this animal companion would be a 9HD magical beast (CR 7) instead of the regular 12HD animal (CR 8) for a 14th level druid... and the druid normally gets the 12HD animal (CR 8) without the use of a feat...

This is leading me to think that this Dragonne is really a cohort with special advancement rules, and that a druid could also get an animal companion above and beyond that.

Let's see: at druid level 14, the maximum cohort effective level that can be gained is 12... fighter 12, wizard 12, etc. (12th level adventurers are CR 11) which is a long shot from our CR 7 dragonne, but superior to the Babau Demon (CR 6) listed in the Bestiary's Appendix 6: Monster Cohorts as a level 11 equivalent cohort (although the Dragonne maybe has a +4 Level Adjustment, for the lack of a better term). So the dragonne as a cohort is on par with a babau ftr1 cohort (both can roughly be taken at character level 14). It's just weird that the dragonne cohort is just for druids, rangers and paladins (i.e. because of the added requirement "must have a druid level equivalent of 10 to take" which is above and beyond the leadership feat). My CR 7 is not conservative though: the CR is probably CR 8 or 9 due to the Evasion, free Multiattack, higher Natural Armor, so overall a pretty good deal if this whole thing is describing a cohort (i.e. if the druid can have a separate, regular animal companion on top of that).

If the intent was to COMBINE a cohort AND an animal companion though, the results appear to be severely underpowered.



Just picked up the last few Incredible Hulk comics, and the red Hulk book where he assembles a team to go hunt Domino.

Red Hulk: what the heck? I thought he was dead months ago. When are they going to put that farce to rest?

Incredible Hulk: cool. Banner is not a moron/sociopath/passive-aggressive imbecile anymore. He actually carries gadgets and personal force fields that protects him against Hulk's son (or any other Gamma-powered creature). Wow. I like this new take on Banner. Someone finally got it right! However, where is the regular green Hulk? I missed a few months' worth of comics and as far as I understand, Banner/Hulk have separated?!? (and the tests made by Reed Richards indicate no trace of gamma radiation within Banner... I just hope it's the real Banner and not some skrull lookalike... :P)


My friend brought this proof-of-concept D&D program intended to be run using Microsoft's Surface technology to my attention.

Is anyone at Paizo aware of this? looking at the demo, it looks like it's been made to be compatible with 4E... Any plans to make a PRPG version of this???


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