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Sargava Vignette

Pulgoso's page

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Dark Archive

I am going to play my first glass cannon (Zen Archer, indeed) and I dont know to apply weapons blanch on my arrows.

These alchemical powders have a gritty consistency. When poured on a weapon and placed over a hot flame for a full round, they melt and form a temporary coating on the weapon. The blanching gives the weapon the ability to bypass one kind of material-based damage reduction, such as adamantine, cold iron, or silver. The blanching remains effective until the weapon makes a successful attack. Each dose of blanching can coat one weapon or up to 10 pieces of ammunition. Only one kind of weapon blanch can be on a weapon at one time, though a weapon made of one special material (such as adamantine) can have a different material blanch (such as silver), and counts as both materials for the first successful hit.

emphasys mine.

The question are
1. Do i need a forge or some special tipe of great fire? or I can apply the weapon blanch with a bonfire, torch or something similar
2. the statement says "temporary" How much time is it? until arrow is used? I guess the answer is yes and temporary only means that it is nos permanent, But i would like to have confirmation.

Thank in advance

Dark Archive

Nefreet wrote:
Also, for PFS, this isn't much of an issue, since Diplodocus isn't legal (most of the exceptional reach Companions are not), and you wouldn't want an Elasmosaurus because it's ill-suited as a land-based Companion.

Ok, Diplodocus is just an example. I really want the Elasmosaurus ( I´m playing the chain of modules about pirates in the shackles).

The issue is the Elasmosaurus and diplodoucs are quadruped, so:

pulgoso wrote:

In the CRB, table 8-4 states that large (tall) creatures have a reach of 10', while large (long) creatures have a range of only 5', with the footnote that:

* These values are typical for creatures of the indicated size. Some exceptions exist.

People thinks Elasmosaurus is long, so it has only 5´reach. My point is that Elasmosaurus (and diplodocus) have a long neck, and they use the bite attack, so from natural weapon point of of view both are tall. Therefore they should have reach. I can show the bestiary with their counterparts as proof....

Saddly, I dont have a statement saying "Elasmosaurus is tall..." and some GMs do not accept my point of view. Because of this, I am looking for a source clarifiying reach of companions

Dark Archive

I have a question regarding reach of quadruped animal companion when the base monster has reach.
I.e. Diplodocus monster is Colossal and it has reach 60. Elasmosaurus is huge and it has reach 20.
However it seems like Diplodocodus and Elasmosaurus companions has no reach beacause both of them are quadruped and quadruped has no rech.

In the CRB, table 8-4 states that large (tall) creatures have a reach of 10', while large (long) creatures have a range of only 5', with the footnote that:
* These values are typical for creatures of the indicated size. Some exceptions exist.

Seems clear that Diplodocus and Elasmosaurus are excepcion because of their large neck. Besides, we can reasonably base a creatures reach on the reach of the original creature, but from a PFS point of view tehere is nothing write thats support this statement.

Is there some errata or FAQ, or anything else to support the reach of these kind of companions?

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