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PsychoticWarrior's page

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Hoping it wasn't as bad as some say...

*( )( )( )( )

...but it is. Within 2 minutes of thumbing through the deck the top card already had a massive smug on it and most of the other cards have obvious wear signs on them. I shudder to think what this deck will look like after a year or two of use. But maybe that was the point? Get people to buy more decks as the card wear out? I trust that paizo will correct this problem and go back to the quality we saw in Friends & Foes and other GM decks.

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Perfect? No. Very Good? Oh yes.

****( )

While the haters toss around words like 'video gamey' and 'rollplaying' I actually read and played the new edition.

It definately plays better than it reads I'll give you that. Play is fast, intuitive and fun. I fully plan on playing and DMing 4E for quite some time. The biased reviews here notwithstanding 4E is not worthless and has many mechanics (skill challenges and minions being my 2 favourite) that could (and should) be incorporated into your 3E game.

It's too bad so many have let unreasoning hatred cloud their judgment to using the new edition.

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Ummm these aren't random

****( )

Just so you guys know the 54 card set shown here is not random. Not in the least. The cards are number 1-54 and those are the ones you get. The booster packs are random but not these packs.

I really love these things too. I have never used anything like them in the past but will always do so from now on.

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A beautiful product but.....

***( )( )

I do really like these map tiles but they were much flimsier than I was expecting. The artwork is excellent and they seem to be capable of creating many different encounter areas. I would love to see these on a heavier cardstock (WotC's new Dungeon Tiles line is perfect in this regard) and this would be an easy 5 star rating!

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An excellent product

****( )

I have bought quite a few of these now and I am very pleased. My players really like them so far and it is cool to have a physical representation of every item a charatcer could have. Since I have every character sheet in its own folder these cards were easy to keep. The art is first rate and the cards seem durable even after multiple writings and erasings. I random aspect is a little annoying but with the main 54 non-random card pack available I really don't seem the need for so much negativity against this product.

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