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PsychoticWarrior's page

792 posts. 3 reviews. No lists. No wishlists.


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DM Under The Bridge wrote:
Kobold Cleaver wrote:

But hey, it beats the Kobold Cleaver file.

Australia's not even a real country. It's, like, part of Germany, isn't it?

Ahh I miss the glory days of the Australian-Hungarian empire.

I don't care how Hungry you are allying with Australia is always a bad idea - they're all criminals (at least their grandparents are!)

I played a cleric of Kord who was way into physical fitness. SO much so he started a jogging club in the city of Cauldron. Every morning - 25 laps around the lake! He did have excellent physical stats but was only an OK cleric (16 Wis 12 Cha vs. 18 Str and 16 Con - all rolled 4d6 in order). He was a lot of fun.

Spanky the Leprechaun wrote:
Build a border to keep the snowbirds out

Do that and we unleash the most horrible thing ever conceived by man (or in this case Canadians) - the Justin Beiber/Celene Dion hybrid - Juslene Diber!

I have had good luck selling the harder to find items like boxed set (sold the Return to the Tomb of Horrors campaign box for something like $150 6-7 years ago) but things like the PHB, DMG, even Wilderness Survival Guides never seem to get much money. Magazines are even worse the best I've ever done on Dragon mags is about $1 per and that was really, really old issues in near mint condition. :(

so what's happened in the last 6 months? That article is from Sept of last year.


Here is an update. Hours long wait to get inside and people seem to be enjoying themselves. Even the protesters have smiles on their faces - must have gotten a McHappy Meal themselves!

yellowdingo wrote:
The possibility it was shot down to prevent a secret cargo from reaching china is the alteration on the theme. So we have a tie in with the theft of nasa secrets by an Iranian engineer working with nasa. While most of the documents were discovered in a storage facility in the USA accidentaly, more were shipped on to Iran. This ties in with the Iranians on the plane under stolen passports. They are shipping the documents to a Chinese buyer. The USA shoots down the plane to prevent the documents from going to China.

Until I know how this all fits into the Reverse Vampires' diabolical plot to eliminate dinner I cannot believe this is true.

Most of the 'All-New X-Men' as introduced in Giant-Sized XMen annual #1

Wolverine, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Storm, Marvel Girl/Phoenix and Cyclops. Years later Kitty Pryde was a welcome addition to the team but we lost Phoenix and Cyclops to get her :(

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Snorter wrote:

Lee: <roll> 15! plus....mmm
Me: Hit
Lee: No, let me work it out...
Me: Hit
Lee: I think I broke 40, but what did I actually get?
Me: Hit
Lee: 45, but did I get a +2 from your blessing...?
Me: Hit
Lee: What bonus type was it? Does it stack or not, with what I cast?
Me: Hit
Lee: You know, I think I might have actually broken 50 with that roll...
Freyja: ****in ell! Are you not listenin'? YOU. HIT.
Me: <eyeroll>

Years ago i had a player who did this nonsense all the time. Eventually I would, after he had totaled everything up (and being told right at the start that his nat 19 was a hit), declare it to be a miss as his PC was obviously so distracted that he couldn't possibly be swinging his sword right.

The best part the first few times the player believed me and just looked sad. The rest of the table gave him a few 'damn that's too bad!'. Eventually he got with the program and combats sped up remarkably.

Hama wrote:
If I am not going to go away for some personal time, because I made a commitment to my friends, neither shall they. Or they can not come that day.

Gaming before sex Hama? Seriously? You must just be a joy to hang around with. :D

Greil9 wrote:

Here unspoken rule refers to something that is not outright banned in the table, but everyone or at least most people have voiced a distaste to something and it's usually frowned upon. People might want to do it, but they usually don't to respect the rest of the table.

Ours is the use of "save or die" effects, both for players and GM. Only once can I remember them being used. Even then no one expected it to work when our Magus won initiative and used Phantasmal Killer on one of the bosses. The saves weren't too bad and this boss had good saves on both fort and will. And he rolled incredibly bad for both of them, dying instantly. That was the most anticlimactic fight we had, which really got us all to laugh.

I'd also say summoners are banned, but at least 2 GMs have outright banned them from their games (we tend to rotate who is the GM).

All of our rules are unspoken.

We communicate solely by smoke signal and interpretive dance.

LazarX wrote:
PsychoticWarrior wrote:

Clearly he's a fan of The Forever War!

The Forever War did use collapsars as FTL jump points.

But the time dilation was pretty extreme with centuries passing while one was using an FTL jump point.

yellowdingo wrote:

I didnt like the enterprise series because it had a spaceship that was too advanced. I liked the 'realistic' feel of the phoenix in first contact.

We need that. No gravity deckplating. Rather gravity is purely a thing that happens when the ship accelerates. That means the back wall should be the floor and the front window should be the ceiling. I want to see a crew who spend their time in ironman armor protecting them from gforces. If it takes four light years to get to the next starsystem then that is the basis for the next four years of the series. Not making it is what happens to them on the trip. Encountering a human colony in interstellar space who are doing a seventy five thousand year trip to proxima a year in would be awesome.
Crew going nuts with isolation in the long arc, even better.

So you want Big Brother in Space? Would the home audience get to vote on who gets to be Captain for the week? This is already being done with reality shows and the results are annoying and unwatchable. Having it more scripted isn't going to help much at all.

BigNorseWolf wrote:
PsychoticWarrior wrote:

Exactly my feelings. It may be cheaper to bundle the PHB and DNG into a single volume but the unwieldiness of that 500 page monstrosity (with its weak binding and easy separating cover!)
This is why gygax gave us ducttape.

And if I was talking about a WotC product you would likely not be nearly so flippant (or forgiving, apparently). Paizo, of course, gets the free pass on shoddy products because...well I don't really know why in this case.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Clearly he's a fan of The Forever War!

Patrik Ström wrote:
pres man wrote:
Paint the dwarf grey and use him as a dwarven statue.
That is a really good idea. To bad I've thrown all of mine away.

I sold mine for 9 cents each.

I made a killing off of the 27 of them I had ;-)

The Shining Fool wrote:

What I don't know

• How to discuss the family/extras issue while making clear that it's not the player's families I mind and without completely shutting the player off (the guy with the largest number of non-players at the sessions has an awesome family and I enjoy them all when I'm not gaming. His boys are hilarious.)

Just tell him that. Flat out - 'Your family is awesome and I enjoy spending time with them but game night just isn't the right setting.' Maybe you could work out some kind of 'family day' outside of game night for everyone to visit (if that becomes important)


• How to get a bunch of introverts to be honest and forthcoming with their desires for the game

Your game hater will likely try to talk over most of them. Don't let her. If she interrupts stop her cold and say "I'm sorry [name] but [other name] was speaking/had a point to make/wanted to add something. Thanks." Then look away from her and towards the person she interrupted.


• How to reach a compromise with the player who wants to play but despises everything my game represents

You likely can't and she will be a constant irritant. Just a prediction based on previous experience but one I would stand by.

Good luck Shining One - I don't envy this group you've found they seem like a lot more work than I would be willing to put in (especially for having just joined and they want you to DM). Please let us know how things work out tomorrow.

pres man wrote:
Healer class was weak at healing. A better choice, favored soul with healing/curing/removing spell selections and one level of dragon shaman for healing aura.

Exactly my experience when I wanted to make a party 'super buffer' and healer. Favoured Soul was awesome (never did the Dragon Shaman level but that was only b/c we already had a full on Dragon Shaman in the party!).

As for the OP - DMPCs aren't really something I've used long term. An NPC here and there that last a half dozen sessions before leaving or getting killed is about the most. I use that 'space' to try out character concepts of my own but they are almost always a couple of levels behind the party and they do what they are told (mostly) by the PCs.

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DungeonmasterCal wrote:
Good advice all around. But ohhhhh....the ridicule I'll be subject to! LOL

Rocks fall, everybody dies is still a valid option if it gets too bad!

Patrik Ström wrote:

I'm kind of the opposite side of this. While the DDM line did contain some really questionable miniatures I think the majority of the sculpts are quite good.

Oh come on! You didn't like Moe the Caravan Guard and Sgt Giantfist Bighead of the Dwarven Halls (of Huge Freaking Melons!)??!

I do agree with you in that there are a number of DDM sculpts that left a lot to be desired - and others that were just awesome (the Beholder from the Deathknell set, the Efreeti from Angelfire and the Behir from Giants of Legend were always favourites of mine)

DungeonmasterCal wrote:

I don't use dinosaurs in my current campaigns. Not because I don't like them (I have much love for the terrible lizards) but to me they seem so over used. I throw in a lot of other prehistoric beasts though, especially ancient mammals.

But lately I've been itchin' to run a campaign in Edgar Rice Burrough's inner world setting of Pellucidar, which abounds with dinosaurs (and other beasts and strange beings). I'm having a moral quandary over this, as my players would browbeat me to the ground for going back on my word to keep dinosaurs from the game. What do I do? What do I do? Woe.. oh woe...

There is a lot of evidence being found that dinosaurs most resembled birds rather than lizards. Have some giant 30' long chickens attack them with their razor tooth filled jaws.

Terquem wrote:

Second, I don’t think I made the negative aspects of the wishes harsh enough to motivate the players to really push for getting the wishes undone

I wonder why you felt the need to give the PCs something only to want to take it back? Was this planned right from the start (and if so why wouldn't the group already know each other well from having gone through the wish granting phase of it?)


And last, I think I should have included at least one NPC, to be a nagging voice, pushing the players onward and making decisions for the group when it became obvious that they did not feel motivated to make decisions of their own.

A terrible idea in almost every instance. You want creative control over the group now too? yeah this would have made a bad situation much, MUCH worse.


But mostly I feel terrible, and so I started this thread in the hopes of hearing stories from other players who have had similar experiences, and maybe share with me what you did to get over your failure and get back in the saddle.

Shrug my shoulders, say "Well, THAT sucked. Sorry guys. Give me a week or two and we can either start a new game or drop this crappy adventure and start a new one with the same PCs. Let me know over email. Lets go grab pizza - my treat!"

It's a game. There is no 'failure' there is just an end. Followed by a new beginning using the new knowledge you have to make an even better game!

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Headfirst wrote:

Because I'm sick of closeted power gamers trying to convince me that their paladin is only a suli because it's fun to role-play. That their 20 dexterity, 5 charisma tiefling is only a rogue because "it's his personality."

Shh, shh, shh... it's okay. Power gaming is okay. As I just pointed out in another thread: the granddaddy of all RPGs is a tabletop war game.

Just don't tell me you didn't roll up a strix archer ranger because it gives you "plenty of opportunities to explore the rich culture of the strix." You rolled that character so you could fly at 1st level and rain down arrows from above. It's okay to admit it.

Oh for frex's sake - you're just a troll! And I fell for it! That ain't happened 'round here since aught eight!

4E D&D.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Headfirst wrote:

Why is it so hard for people to admit they're power gamers? It's not a dirty word.

Some people are into gaming for the role-playing and some people are in it for the battles, tinkering with the rules to optimize their chances of success. That's perfectly fine.

So why is it that some people will bend over backwards to convince you that their crazy alternate race, 3rd party class, four archetype, min-maxed character with three 18s and three 7s for attributes was built that way for role-playing purposes?

Guys, it's okay. Power gaming is part of the game. We accept you for who you are; there's no reason to lie to us.

Why do gamers still insist on this false division between role playing and "power" gaming. I "power" game all the time. My PCs are built to be very effective at their chosen role be that healer, fighter, skill master, diplomatic face or whatever. I'm also (I kid you not - this came a surprise to me as well) considered the best role player in my group of 6. I formed the group originally out of those people I felt were the top rpers of my friends with another friend as a DM.

So where do I fall on the whole power/roleplay gamer spectrum? Who knows and more importantly - who cares? Frankly keep your nose out of my character sheet and play your own damned character.

MMCJawa wrote:

Wonder Woman isn't really that hard to get right. The basics of her origin story are not anymore complicated than Thor's. Warner Brothers just is very very paranoid about doing any movies that doesn't involve Batman or Superman, and The Dark Knight aside, has has very poor luck with good scripts

Ya know...I am pretty sure guys will go and see female superheroes...I don't see that as being too huge an issue. The fact that Catwoman and Electra bombed has more to do with a crappy script and poor acting than anything else.

Hell yes guys will go to a WW movie. They won't go to utter crap like Catwoman and Electra but then most people don't like awful movies.

It is interesting to me that the only real super-heroine movies we've really gotten have been about 2 borderline villain characters. There was Supergirl back in the 80s but the less said about that the better, imo.

Looking over the wikipedia entry as far as American superhero movies go those three are pretty much it. There was Tank Girl in '94 but she barely counts as 'super'. So yeah 3 attempts two of which grossed over $50 million each and those were 10 years ago (and released in the same year).

I think Warner/DC is honestly full of s~@& if they ever say there is no market for female superhero movies - there is a vast, untried and untested market out there to be taken!

Terquem wrote:
Personaly I'd like to see a break with tradition and not have a "Monster Manual" at all, but see releases of box sets with loose pages for monsters and their associated pawns (but what am I saying, only Paizo is smart enough to do something like this).

Huh? TSR tried this 20 years ago and it was a colossal failure. Boxes of loose pages? Is that what paizo is actually putting out? 4 Bestiaries seem to tell a different story (and I would bet any money they outsell any loose page filled box you care to mention).

Dazylar wrote:

It's very easy to bash DC for not being able to produce a WW movie when Marvel is doing stuff like this, but it doesn't really compare that well.

OK. Compare it to Iron Man then if that helps. Iron Man was always part of an ensemble (the Avengers) to many and Marvel making a stand alone movie series of him was pretty ballsy, imo. Also for the longest time I would never have considered Iron Man to be an A-List Marvel superhero. sure he hung out with A-listers (Captain America, Thor, Incredible Hulk) but he always seemed second string to me. The Iron Man movies changed all of that (hell they even made the comic book version of Tony Stark look like Robert Downey!) and they had to work a human hero into the real world. The confusing, mixed up mess that is Wonder Woman's origin (Greek-Amazon-made from clay???) could have been cleaned up at last and given a big screen debut. Instead we get...nothing.

Except talking racoons with machine guns!


Shia Lebooof is gone
Peter Cullen is still doing the voice of Optimus
Mark Wahlberg is fun to watch on screen
Dinobots are in (and recognizable as Dinobots)


*sigh* Bay... was really hoping he would finally step aside and give another director a shot at this. Especially since he did say the 3rd TF movie was to be his last one (honestly I don't have much against Bay - he makes what he makes and obviously there is an audience for it - and he consistently makes profitable movies - but I would love to see another director's take on TF)

No idea what the story is supposed to be about but there is yet another shot of Optimus gettin' himself killed again

SCREAMING!!! (as opposed to EXPLOSIONS! I guess)

Is that Megatron back again too?!

Are wrote:

Speaking only for myself, I seriously hope the book is much closer to 300 pages than 500. The PF Core Book is too large for convenient use at the table (and especially too large for reading in bed :P).

Exactly my feelings. It may be cheaper to bundle the PHB and DNG into a single volume but the unwieldiness of that 500 page monstrosity (with its weak binding and easy separating cover!) has convinced me I never want to own a book that big again. I'll take two 250pg books over that thing any day.

Hama wrote:
PsychoticWarrior wrote:
Adjule wrote:

But out of them all, it's gotta be the gelatinous cube. I don't know why, but I have a love of the oozes, and the cubes are just to funny looking not to love.

It was evolved to fit on graph paper! How could anyone dislike a G-Cube!

Owlbears are a close second though!

We use hexes, so my gelatinous cubes are hexagonal in base :D


That is just too far, man! Too far!! Complete nonsense!

I mean no one uses hexes! Phffft!

/end joke

Adjule wrote:

But out of them all, it's gotta be the gelatinous cube. I don't know why, but I have a love of the oozes, and the cubes are just to funny looking not to love.

It was evolved to fit on graph paper! How could anyone dislike a G-Cube!

Owlbears are a close second though!

Man the more I watch this the more I think it is going to be *the* superhero movie of 2014.

DC - "A Wonder Woman movie? How would that ever work? Too 'fringe' an audience."

Marvel - "We're putting millions behind goofy 90s joke characters like Rocket Raccoon, Starlord and Drax the Destroyer!!"

"Oh we also stuck an Ent in there because why not really?!"

Even my BiL a diehard DC fan said "Well that trailer was certainly good at its purpose - I now want to see GotG!!"

Aubrey the Malformed wrote:
The real problem with the independence campaign is that the Scottish Nationalists are trying to pretend there will be no real consequences coming from independence. There a (wrong-headed) dislike of the toffs down south but in reality the appetite for independence among the Scots is pretty shallow beyond that. They want their lives to continue as before with the relatively generous welfare spending, but the reality of independence won't really allow that. So Nationalists have tried to pretend that they can get away with independence lite - basically retaining all of the stuff of Britishness while somehow also being independent - hence the desire to retain the pound in a currency union, retain the Queen as head of state, even retain the BBC. Unfortunately, they assumed that the English would just fall in line with all of this as being "plainly" in our interests too, but it actually implies a cost upon the English taxpayer that we are pretty much unwilling to bear. Why should we? The Scots don't seem to like us and want independence. Fine, they have a strong national identity and history, I have no objection to their nationist desires if that is what they vote for. I object very strongly if I'm expected to pay for it all.

Wow. As a Canadian who has had to hear, for pretty much my whole life, how much the province of Quebec wants to separate and become its own nation, I can really sympathize with this.

I have seen 3 referendum votes on this issue alone in my lifetime (2 since I've been able to vote) and it just gets tiring. It erodes any sense of unity the country has when 20% of it wants to go its own way and yet keep all the perks the other 80% are paying for (in Canada's case it is mostly about language - 80% of the province of Quebec is french-speaking (while hold about 15% of the population) while that number drops to less than 20% across the rest of the country. Officially we are bilingual but in reality that only applies to a small portion of the population). We in Canada hear of violence towards and persecution of anglophones for something as meaningless as having the french and english wording of a shop sign being the same size (yes - this actually happened and the shop owner was fined) or Quebec's latest 'triumph' - banning "large" religious symbols from public workers (unless its a crucifix of course) this was mainly about persecution of Muslims, Hindi and Jews.

Sorry to ramble and thread jack I just thought some of the similarities in the 2 situations as noteworthy.

Matthew Downie wrote:
Opinion: It's a silly thing to argue about during a gaming session at any time.


Depends on where on the internet I am.

Facebook? I rarely say anything on it and now just use it to message family (especially my BiL who can't seem to be contacted through any other means up to and including carrier pigeons and telepathy)

Mini Painting sites? I'm the rapt student learning from the masters - occasionally offering what tiny bit of wisdom 20+ years of painting poorly have given me

Gaming Sites? I say whatever the hell I like and don't really care to argue about anything. Most gamers have vacuum sealed opinions that nothing can ever penetrate (myself included).

Work-related sites? Who ever goes to these? Unless I'm actually *at* work I ignore anything to do with work when I'm off the clock.

Other than online games and webcomics that's about it for internet surfing for me nowadays.

Matthew Morris wrote:
Ambrosia Slaad wrote:
Matthew Morris wrote:

Read this this morning and laughed.

Kristen Johnson's announcement.

As for Kristen Johnson, she publicly announced in December to her fans, and did the interview circuit, about how she is battling lupus myelitis. Page came out because of the harm she felt her silence was doing to her.

So Johnson's physical illness is OK for people to say she's "brave", but Page's depression and self-worth isn't?

W. T. F.

so you're equating sexual orientation with illness?

so you're saying depression isn't an illness?

yellowdingo wrote:
Meh, not concerned about mass extinction, rather concerned about shadowcat suffering emotional issues that might have removed her from the role of kitty pryde. If kitty is happy, yellowdingo is happy...and may yet see her in film version of xmen issue 143? Where kitty is home alone for Christmas when a giant monster breaks in to eat her.

God I would watch the crap out of that movie. One of my all-time favourite XMen stories. Only the Dark Phoenix Saga beats it imo.

BigNorseWolf wrote:
So.. Gay Pryde?

You should be banned from the internet for a day for that one.

Kahn Zordlon wrote:
we get to trade our cars in for snowmobiles!


KICK-ASS snowmobiles!

Don Juan de Doodlebug wrote:
Hmm, I think I saw that one in the theater. I don't remember anything about it, though. Apparently, you made the right choice.

Really? You don't remember her going up against the Juggernaut? She phased him into the floor and then you get the line "Don't you know who I am? I'm the Juggernaut, b+@$@!" That thing was played to death all over the internet for months.

Aranna wrote:

"Earth, man. What a $hit hole."

Heavy Metal?

9 people marked this as a favorite.

In a Shadowrun game a friend was running at a convention I was a witness (I was just killing time until my next Con event) to the following;

Phys Adept PC "I call the troll Street Samurai on his phone"

Troll: "Hello?"

PA "Don't leave I'm coming right now to pick you up!"

Troll (who just got finished leveling a bar over a $5 tip, he was the classic 'Big Dumb Guy') "No, I'd better leave right now. Cops r' comin'"

PA "Don't! I'll get there in a few minutes! Just sit tight!!"

This goes back and forth a few minutes - long enough that the GM hands the PA player a note saying he has arrived at the former bar and sees the Troll talking on his phone in the middle of wreckage.

PA (to Troll) "Good I'm glad you're still here! Lets get going!"

Troll (without a moments hesitation) "Quiet! Can't you see I'm talking to you on the phone?!?"

Still makes me grin to this day.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
John Kretzer wrote:


"Before I was the Thumbprint Killer, Mr. Smith, I killed a lot of people in a lot of different ways. "

Hint: One of the characters is just in the mind of the main character.


Just from the hint I would say Being John Malkovich although i have never actually seen the movie!


"After all your posturing, all your little speeches, you're nothing but a common thief"

"I am an exceptional thief!"

Die Hard

DonKeebals wrote:

and I'd love to buy my minis from them too because their customer service is outstanding. But if I can save $30 on a brick of minis, I will.

So their customer service, while 'outstanding' is effectively worthless to you. You won't pay for it and go to others for a cheaper price.

I'm not trying to single you out but it is a very common mindset to have - the 'other guy' could have lousy service but offers a deep discount so they get the business. Now ime Miniature Market is a rare entity in offering good service and a good price so we're all lucky there.

D'oh! How'd I forget Puerto Rico?! Great game that was a long time staple at our table - it has been supplanted by newer games but we do still return to it on occasion.

Also thanks for the recommendation on Timeline Mordo - we are always on the lookout for those quickie 'filler' games to play while the pizza is being eaten and the last players arrive. It sounds like just the ticket!

John Kretzer wrote:
John Kretzer wrote:

Here are some more...

"The ho train has left the station. "


"Its development was not handicapped by emotional or sexual factors."

So nobody got any guess atleast?

I'll give away hints...

1st one is a Ryan Reynolds movie...

2nd one is a sci-fi movie...

Wow - can't believe I didn't get this one on my first pass by it (I think the 1st quote was messing me up :D ) but the second quote is right from a towering classic in 50s sci-fi movies

The Thing from Another World (or just The Thing more commonly. Later remade in 1982 by John Carpenter of course). Truly a fantastic movie any fan of horror and sci-fi owes it to themselves to watch.

PsychoticWarrior wrote:

(Voiceover) "This great evil. Where does it come from? How'd it steal into the world? What seed, what root did it grow from? Who's doin' this?"

This one's still on the table but I'd like to offer another from a different movie;

Man: "Hey boss. Got a question for you. Why did you make so many suckers? You say, 'love never endeth.' I say love never started. You say 'the meek shall inherit the earth.' And I say all the meek can count on is getting the short end of the stick. You say, 'is there one among you who is pure of heart?' and I say not one."

These are two of my favourite non-nerd movies.

If you want a slightly heavy worker placement & area control game I cannot recommend Dominant Species highly enough. Players take the roles of various species (mammals, insects, amphibians, reptiles, birds or arachnids) at the dawn of an encroaching Ice Age and try to make sure they can survive, adapt and thrive in the ever changing world. You can evolve your species to survive off of a variety of resources and even have some control in how the board expands and changes throughout the game. Once you get over the initial learning curve (the best way to play 1 or 2 'walkthrough' games were you don't worry too much about score just try all of the options each turn) you'll find a huge variety of game play options as each species has it own quirks and abilities to make it seem a different game each time you play.

Other games that people have already mentioned that see regular play at our table are 7 Wonders, Carcassone, Shadows Over Camelot (which I would recommend over BSG myself) and Dominion.

(Voiceover) "This great evil. Where does it come from? How'd it steal into the world? What seed, what root did it grow from? Who's doin' this?"

1 person marked this as a favorite.
John Kretzer wrote:

So nobody got....

"What we got here is a failure to communicate"


" I call that bold talk for a one-eyed fat man! "

as of yet.


While I don't know the second one (although I think it is from a John Wayne movie for some reason) the first is definitely Cool Hand Luke.

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